D'Ninang (2020) - full transcript

A criminal matriarch with a gang of thieves is reunited with her estranged daughter Mikai, a firm believer of the law and everything right.

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["Tong Ninang N'yo" by Bry Aquino
playing in Tagalog]

- [woman] My bag!
- [man] That kid's a thief!

Someone help her!

- [whistling]
- Give way!

- [old man] Hey, ouch!
- [woman] Excuse me. Help!

[man 1] Where is he?

- [man 1] He ran over there!
- [man 2] Over there!

- [man 3] Over there!
- [man 1] Over there!

- [man 2] Where's that kid?
- [man 1] He's gone.

[man 2] Let's go over there!

[policeman] Come back here!

- [policeman 1] Hey!
- [policeman 2] She's on the roof!

[policeman 2] She's on the roof!

- [policeman 2] Hey, stop!
- [policeman 1] Hey, get back here!

[policeman grunting] There she is!


[both] Come back here!

[in Taglish] You can have this bag.
We have another iPad.

[in Tagalog] A shirt?
Take it to the thrift store.


What's this?

Two fifties?

- You think it's a joke?
- [woman] What's going on?

That's enough.

[in Taglish] Thank you, Ninang.

[Ninang] God bless you!

[in Tagalog] Here you go.
Even if you're not my godchildren.

- [boy] You kids are annoying!
- [crowd chatter]

- How's it going?
- Ninang.

Prices of commodities keep going up,
just like my blood pressure.

Is that so? Here, for your medicine.

Thank you, Ninang.

[in Taglish] Ninang, my birthday is near.
Can I ask for an iPhone?

- Sure, on your birthday.
- [in Tagalog] Really?

[in Taglish] Thank you! Bye-bye!

Ninang, take a shot.

[in Tagalog] How's it hanging, guys?

Come back here!

- Madam.
- Wait, I have something for you.

High five!

- Thank you, Ninang!
- Go, get him!

Ninang, bless me.

- You look thirsty.
- Yes. Thanks, Ninang.

[in English] OK, fine.

- [chuckling]
- [Ninang] Lorena!

- [in Taglish] Can I get your number?
- [Ninang] Hey!


[in Tagalog] You! Go home!
What are you still doing here?

-Darl and I are still talking...
-Go home!

- I'll kick you! Live there if you like.
- OK, I'm going.

You're so annoying.
You're not even pretty.

[in English] Good morning!
Good morning! Good morning!

- Good morning!
- [in Taglish] Good morning!

What can we do for you, boss?

[in Tagalog] The robbery at the drugstore
on the other street.

Do you know anything about it?


[short laugh]

[in Taglish] Hi, beautiful.

[in Tagalog] Do you know anything?

You probably know a secret
I don't know. Spit it out.

I don't!

- Hmm?
- I said I know nothing.

- You smell good.
- Get off of me.

Hey, no one's looking.

- [in English] Boss! Good morning.
- Ninang! Ninang!

- Ninang!
- [in Tagalog] How are you doing?

[in Taglish] I missed you so much,
so I came to see you.

- Really?
- [in Taglish] Yeah, I missed you so much.

About the drugstore on the other street.

Mm. Oh, about that?

[both] Whoo!

- [in English] Magic!
- [in Tagalog] Perfect.

- I didn't know that was your work.
- Of course.

You should have given me a heads-up.

I would have cleared things out for you.

Don't worry about it.
We don't want to trouble you.

I didn't want you to be disgraced, Gracia.

[laughing loudly]

Funny, right?

Disgraced, Gracia. That's funny!

Are we good?


- There's a new chief.
- Really?

He wants to show off,
make his presence known.

It's summer. The heat is up.
We need to lie low for a while.

All right. Thanks, bro.

- Take care.
- OK.

[in English] Thank you.

- Yuck!
- [in Tagalog] What a jerk.

He walks in here like he's the boss.

Let it go.

Don't forget, we need one iPhone...

[in Taglish] rubber shoes for Caloy,
and hair dye for Aunt Sioneng.

[in Tagalog]
Why do you keep coddling Gracia?

Don't worry, he won't double-cross us.
He's a good friend of mine.

Are you going to wait until he does?

Then let's save up
and graduate from this side hustle.

But we're doing just fine.

That's right. Working makes me ugly.

Whether you work or not,
you'll still grow old.

Do you have any plans to quit?

No way. I'm old. This has become a habit.

Life's like that.

[Sol] You were there the whole day
and you got nothing?

- What can we do?
- Since when did you learn to talk back?

How about you?

[woman] Sol, cut it out!

They've been at the spot for a week.

And they never managed
to break into a car.

[in Taglish] There's a huge TV there
that shows warning about car thieves.

- [in Tagalog] So, we can't make a move.
- This kid is rude.

That's your fault, Sol.

What's wrong with you?

Listen to me.

Emily, Noy. It's simple.

Check out all the cars
while wiping the windows.

Then you simply make the move.

That's it. It's that simple.

Go ahead.

You shouldn't have scolded me
in front of the kids.

They'll lose all respect for me.

Did I ever hit you?

I don't think so.

Because I know
you'll just get scared of me.

I don't want them
to think too little of me.

Do you know why I ended up
with this kind of life?

Because Lady Luck never smiles on me.

But I fought hard the way I wanted to.

But fate always kicks us in the butt.

I just don't want us to keep fighting.

But that kid is such a wimp.

If they just worked hard,
we could double our income.

We shouldn't be greedy.
We should only take what's fair.

Then why bother stealing?

We're thieves, not politicians.

Let's end this discussion. Just eat up.

But you still shouldn't
have scolded me like that.

When did I ever hit you?
Are we doing this all over again?

Are you on drugs?


[suspenseful music]


Is that for me?

This is mine, right?

[shakily] Yes.

[nervous laugh]

What else?

[in Taglish] Thank you, babe.

["Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin"
by Brenan Espartinez playing in Tagalog]

[in Tagalog] Thank you.

[upbeat electronic music]

Hey, you!

Where's the money you owe me?
How could you disappear just like that?

You borrowed a big sum of money!

- I don't know who you are.
- What are you talking about?

I know you very well.
I know that piercing.

- You're probably mistaken.
- I'm not mistaken.

You owed me a big sum of money
and then you ran away!

I really don't know you.
You must be mistaken.

What are you talking about?
Now you don't know me?

- [old man] You owe me a big sum of money.
- [man] I really don't know you.

[old man] What are you saying?

[man] I just probably look like
the person you're looking for.

[old man] What? You took money from me.
I could never forget you!

- [old man] You're a cheat!
- [policeman whistles]

[man] That's not me, old man.

- What's going on here?
- Grandpa!

This is my grandfather.
He has Alzheimer's.

Let's get out of here.

- He's mistaken me for someone else.
- Who are you?

- I'm your granddaughter.
- I really don't know him.

- Where's my wallet?
- My phone's missing!

- My phone's missing!
- My wallet!

- My cellphone!
- [whistles]

[Ninang] Lord, here I am again.

I am once again asking for forgiveness.

I really want to stop,
but I don't know how.

Every time I try, temptation gets to me.

Dear Lord, I'm only human.
Weak, easily tempted.


Dear Lord, it's very hard
to turn down blessings.

There it is.

"Ditas, come and get me."

[in Taglish]
I'm sorry, but they keep tempting me.

So, I hope you give me a sign.

That my time is already up.

[in Tagalog] The truth is,
this kind of work is very exhausting.

But it's calling me again.

[in Taglish]
It says, "Ditas, there's more."


[in Tagalog] come and get me."

[in Taglish] Lord, please forgive me
for everything I've done.

[instrumental harp music]


["Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin"
by Brenan Espartinez playing in Tagalog]

[Ninang in Taglish]
Thank you for the blessings.

[in Tagalog]
This is for the electric bill.

This is for the water bill.

What about the Internet bill?

Internet? What a miserable life!

Why don't you just get a cheaper plan?

[in Taglish] Here's 150.

[in Tagalog] How can I help you, sir?

I just want to borrow money
to buy back my tricycle.

You keep spending your money
on off-track betting.

[in Taglish] You know the horse racing
program better than your kids' birthdays.

[in Tagalog] You spend all day at work
and all night gambling.

You really are going to destroy your life.

I'm sorry.

Here you go.

- Thank you so much!
- Go ahead.

- Pay it back right away.
- I will.

Who's next?

- Ninang.
- What?

I just need to buy
a new blood pressure machine.

- OK.
- I need it for my grandmother.

- OK. Come back later.
- Really? Thank you!

[in English] You're welcome.

[in Tagalog] You're going to run
charitable organizations out of business.

Why don't you try to be greedy for once?

It's better to help out.

- Who's next?
- [man] Me!

- [hip hop beat]
- [rapping]

Here comes your crap-faced suitor.
I thought it was someone important.

Good morning, Sol. Chocolates for you.

Butchoy, we've talked about this.
You're not my type. So give up.


♪ Here we go again ♪

♪ I know, but for you, I won't give up ♪

♪ Yo, do you understand? ♪

♪ Even if you make it hard for me, yo ♪

♪ Make me chop wood ♪

♪ I'll throw up, but I'll never give up ♪

♪ I'll throw up, but I'll never give up ♪

♪ You smell just like vomit ♪

Get your butt out of here! Take a cold
shower to knock some sense into you!

[in English] ♪ Break it down ♪

- [in Tagalog] I'll put a hit out on him.
- He's giving me a migraine.

♪ Don't, Ninang ♪

- He looks foolish.
- ♪ I still need to ask her out on a date ♪

♪ But I always come home empty-handed ♪

So annoying!

- Your suitor looks stupid!
- He really is stupid!

[woman on TV]
A police officer was slain by three men

in General Nakar, Quezon.

He was killed after giving a warning
to the suspects

[in Taglish]
for causing a disturbance at a bar.

[in Tagalog] PO2 Norberto Angeles
sustained five stab wounds

[ in Taglish]
and was declared dead on arrival.

Due to a lack of evidence and witnesses,
the suspects were released.

[in Tagalog] This is Mary Santa Romana,

- reporting for 2A News TV.
- [Ninang] Berto.

Is that my Berto?


[dramatic music]




[somber music]


[woman 1]
He was a lady's man back in the day.

- [woman 2] Is that true?
- [woman 1] Yes.

[woman 2] I knew this would happen.

- [crying]
- [indistinct chatter]

[woman 1] Looks like he had a mistress.

Since when were you having an affair
with my husband?

Believe me, I ended it a long time ago.

- My child...
- This is not your daughter!

What do you need? Money?

No, I just want to say goodbye to him.

That's as far as you go!
Don't come any closer!

- I loved him, too!
- I don't care! Get out!

I just want to say goodbye!

- Who's this?
- My husband. You?

Who are you?

Where's Norberto Angeles?

Across the street.


My deepest condolences.

My deepest condolences. I'm sorry.


[in English] I'm sorry.

[in Tagalog] Sorry.

Where is it?

I think this is it.


This is it.


I hope I got it right this time.

[melodramatic music]


[Ditas] Why is the place empty?

[in Taglish] Don't you have any friends?

[in Tagalog] My love, what happened?

Why do you look so horrible?


What now, Berto?

You went ahead of me.

Of course, I'm a bad person,
I won't die easily.


I hope you forgave me...

before you passed on.

I hope you have forgiven me, my love.


- Coffee?
- Thank you.

How do you know Dad?

I'm Ditas.

I'm your mother.

What did your dad say about me?

He doesn't like talking about you.

Is that so?

- Michaela?
- Mikhai.

[in Taglish] You're in college, right?

- How old are you? Eighteen?
- Seventeen.

[in Tagalog] What's your plan after this?

I can take care of myself. I'm fine.

[woman] Ditas, where are you staying now?

Cubao, near the bus terminal.

[in Taglish] Just text me your address
so I can bring...

- [in Tagalog] Don't bother, Aunt.
- But, Mikhai...


- I'll go ahead.
- Don't say that!

- Then you go ahead.
- No, what I mean is...

According to superstitions,
it's bad luck to say that.

- OK, bye, then.
- You can't say goodbye either.

Lots of rules here.

[melodramatic music]

[suppressed sob]

[Ditas] Did you have a hard time
finding the place?

- Did you see Ninang?
- No.

- Here's the money I owe you.
- Don't, it's yours, keep it.

- Really?
- Use it for hair treatment in a salon.

Ninang, I'm sorry.

- Here's what I owe you.
- Keep it. Pay me next time.

- Thank you.
- Ninang!

- Yes?
- Don't forget my request.


The noodles for your birthday, right?
I already made an order at the store.

- Don't worry about it.
- Noodles? I want a cellphone.

You have lots of godchildren.

They're like my children.

They're like family,
so they call me Ninang.

This will do.

[in Taglish] Look, we have a VIP.

- Hello! What can I do for you?
- [in Tagalog] Nothing.

-I was wondering if...
-No, no, here.

[in Taglish] Here are our new phones
and gadgets. We also have a smart TV.

This one already has phone credit.

- [in Tagalog] Come on, it's a good deal.
- Hey!


Come on, you'll like this.

[in Taglish] Here, it has a nice camera
and has phone credit.

[in Tagalog] This is Lorena,
our friendly parrot.

[groans] Hey!

She's not from Manila.

She doesn't know about our business
and she's not interested.

So, keep your mouth shut.

[in English] Mm...
First time customer, huh?

[in Taglish] I'll give it for 5,000 bucks!
This already has 500 phone credits...

- [in Tagalog] Stop it. Shut up.
- [mumbling]

I have my own.

- Let me see.
- She has a phone.

Old model!

This one's freshly snatched. Come on...

- What she means is... Give them to me.
- Your nose...

- What she means is, they are new arrivals.
- I'm all right!

I'm Grandpa Medi, by the way.

This one is Sol.

We're Ditas' employees.

What? Employee?

- Hi, I'm Sol. Ninang's daughter.
- Daughter?

Not like that. I take care of her.
She grew up in my care.

You're her daughter
but you call her godmother?

I'm like her daughter. Same thing.

Who are you anyway?

This is Mikhai...

my daughter.

[Lorena] Is that your daughter?
Why is she beautiful?

This will be your room.

You will share this room with Sol.

She's a little bit of a tomboy,
but she's actually girly.

Is she really your daughter?

Seems like she doesn't want to be.

I don't want you, too.
So get out of my face.

Fine, fine.

Let me...

It's OK.

- Let's fix your stuff.
- I can do it myself.

Do you have shampoo? Towel?

Oh, you brought your blanket.

What's this?


Have you lived with Grandpa Medi
for a long time?

Yeah, he's like my father.

How about Sol?

She was already with me when she was six.

Now she's 18. She's legally an adult.

I took care of her.

She's almost my age.


-If you need...
-I want to get some rest.

-If you need anything, let me...
-OK, Ditas.

[Ditas] Wow, Ditas?

I'm not "Mama"? Just Ditas?

You took us by surprise.
So, you have a daughter?

- She might drag us down.
- That will knock us out.

I'll knock you out.

One time in my life, I got pregnant.
I had Mikhai.

Who's the father? Is he handsome?

You don't look like her.

Her father is very kind.

So he's ugly then.

- A policeman.
- So he's ugly.


Is she going to stay for good?

I don't know.

But for now,
we can't tell her about our job.

Anyway, Gracia told us to lie low
for the time being.

[in Taglish] Other suppliers will cut in
in front of us.

[in Tagalog]
We might lose our connections.

[in Taglish] I will lose exercise.

That won't happen.

Talk to our agents.

If they resist, I'll talk to them myself.

[hip-hop music]

- Hi.
- Get out!


[Butchoy whispering]
Wow, she touched my face.

- What's wrong with him?
- Just ignore him.

Mikhai, what's your plan for college?
What are you taking up?

[in English] Law.

[in Tagalog] What's that?

[in Taglish] I mean,
I want to be a lawyer.

But I'll take up political science
as a pre-law course.

- [in Tagalog] Is that free?
- No.

- She's out of her mind.
- You're out of your mind.

Ninang, you have the same interests.

You're interested in law as well?

She's a person of interest.


What they mean is...

I like learning about the law.

That's how your father and I met.

- You were a police officer?
- No. I had a case...

No, I manage...

I meant I was manning...

[in Taglish]
the store near the police station.

[in Tagalog] That's how we met each other.

Why do you want to be a lawyer?

- Dad said all bad people are thieves.
- [Medi choking]

If you're a murderer, you stole a life.

If you're a liar, you stole the truth.

We should get rid of these criminals.

I will devote my life to doing that.

I want to eliminate
all of the criminals I see.

[Lorena coughing]

That will be the death of us. [Chuckles]

I'll take you out
before I kill Lorena myself.

- Why me?
- I will tour her around.

- Right, Grandpa?
- That's right.

We should take a break. Goodness.

- Right.
- That's right!


Bless you!
Here's the umbrella you've always wanted.

- Let's go.
- Umbrella?

[in Taglish] I'm asking for a cellphone.
What happened?

[in Tagalog] She's my goddaughter.

She always asks me for an umbrella

so I gave her mine.

Let's go.

Get inside.

[in Taglish]
Here's my fare, please. Thank you.

- [in Tagalog] How much is the fare?
- I got this.

- Here's our fare.
- Ninang.

- Why is this way more than your change?
- No, it's that...

Pay me some other time.

Is that not enough?
I have some extra cash.

I said, pay me some other time.

- Ninang, what did I ever do to you?
- Just pay me tomorrow.

Everybody out or there will be trouble!

- Take all my money.
- [crowd clamors]

What's going on?

Let's get off. He's a friend of mine.

He used to be a drug addict.

I thought he had turned his life around.

But I was wrong.

Let's go.

I feel sorry for him.

Take that over there. Take care.
I love you. You know that.

[in English] Bye, Sol.

- [in Tagalog] Sol, we'll head to our spot.
- OK. Take care.

- And you, watch over the store.
- Yes, Grandpa.

- Ninang.
- Go ahead, Grandpa.

I'll just get you some clothes
from my supplier.

Sol, order her blouses from our supplier.

- OK.
- [in English] Wow, VIP.

[in Tagalog] A personalized order.

I don't wear second-hand clothes.

[in Taglish] Oh, a very VIP!

She wants brand new clothes. Wonderful!

- [in Tagalog] Are you implying anything?
- Huh?

- Smells like trouble. There will be blood.
- Apol!

- Councilor!
- Councilor.

Here's the money I owe you.
I deducted the...

Sit down for a moment.

- I'll give the interest next time.
- Get out of here. Thank you!

- [man] Ninang!
- What?

Thanks for getting us this BP monitor.
I am with my grandmother.

-If not for this...
-It's all good, Grandma.

- Thank you.
- We're all good.

I'm sure whoever owned this
has hypertension too.

I'm sure out of happiness.
He's been healed.

We're all good.
Take your grandmother out of here.

Hold on, why is that?

Why do lots of people
give you so much money?

And others avoid you,
like the jeepney driver.

What's going on?

I have a money-lending business.

Some people want to pay right away.

While others hide from me
when I make collections.

- Right?
- Right!

Where's Hiyasmin?

With her boyfriend.
I think they have a problem.

It's hard to play charades
in front of Mikhai.

And it will only get harder and harder

and harder and harder.

So, let's quit.

You know, you're right.

Look, she's listening.

- Let's quit pretending.
- Let's quit this side hustle.


It's always the same thing.

It's getting exhausting.

What about all the effort
that went into putting this up?

It's not just about that.

You see how people fear me.

They've lost their respect for me.

I know that.

But things have changed.
Other people are involved.

Yes. Us.

I'm doing this for you, too.

Ditas, as long as I get to drink,
I'm fine.

So, you're all going to change? How?

We'll make all our dealings legally.

- Besides that, nothing will change.
- [thunder rumbling]


- Cheers!
- Cheers!

You guys were sleeping.

[Ditas in Taglish]
I've submitted your high school records.

[in Tagalog]
Classes have started but you can catch up.

[in Taglish] And don't forget
to have your picture taken for your ID.

- [cat meowing]
- [in Tagalog] I will pick up your books...


And your uniforms.

[in Taglish] I know the drill.
It's not my first time in school, Ditas.

Um... ah...

This is all new to me.

That was your choice.

- [metal clanking]
- [chair scraping]

[somber music]

- Hey, hey!
- What are you doing?

You're getting drunk? Are you depressed?

Me? No way!


Keep denying it, sister.

[in Taglish] You're bitter because you're
no longer Ninang's favorite.

[in Tagalog] That's not true. [Scoffs]
She's just a newcomer.

Ninang doesn't know her that well.

She trusts me very much.

[in Taglish] Don't you know the saying
"bloody waters is thicker than..."

[in Tagalog] What?

- Whatever that is!
- [scoffs]

Blood is thicker than water.

- Is that it?
- That's right!

[Lorena in Taglish] What's that again?
"Blood is thicker than somebody."

[in Tagalog] Miss, will it take long?

Ma'am, what's the holdup?

[in Taglish] Don't rush me.
I'm not the one who's late.

[in Tagalog] So, that will take longer?

- No, it's already done.
- Thank you.

We're finally done.

How about you, Sol?
Don't you go to school?

-I want to...
-She has no interest in school.

All she knows is how to place her bets.
She's not interested. Let's go.

[receptionist] Dulay, Denise?

- Sir, can you take a promissory note?
- [Ditas] Mikhai?

- I'll take you to your class.
- Don't bother, it's embarrassing.

It's not you.
It's just that I'm too old for that.

[in Taglish] Only preschool kids
are taken by their parents to classes.

[in Tagalog] I'll pick you up later.

- You don't have to.
- Let's eat together.

No need. I'm fine, Ditas.

[in Taglish] I appreciate your efforts,
but I can manage.

[Ditas] Buy as much as you want.
Everything's on sale.

- Boss!
- [in Tagalog] This is a blockbuster.

I've turned over a new leaf.
I want to be clean.

Planning to renovate your shop?

No. I'm going to make this legal.


Ninang, we talked about this.

[in Taglish] Lie low. Not let go.

Do you see the difference?
Lie low. Let go.

[in Tagalog] It's about time.
We're not getting any younger.

Ninang, don't you ever do that.

Think about all the people you're helping.

[in Taglish]
What about our business transactions?

[in Tagalog] I'll still share the income
of my shop with you.

Here. Sorry about that.

Is that enough?

Keep it.

Apol, put that in his tab.

- Going to Cubao?
- Yes.

You go first.

[barker shouting in the distance]

[indistinct chatter]

[breathes deeply]

All seats are taken.

- Just hang onto the railing.
- What?

[barker shouting in the distance]

- Such a slowpoke.
- How cocky.

I'm just being honest.

- Who are you calling cocky?
- You.

- Hi.
- Jerk!

- You're already hurting my feelings.
- You're full of hot air.

Can you feel it?

You called me a slowpoke.
I was just giving way to others.

- But look where that got you.
- I'm not complaining.

Let's see where your pride takes you.

You seem too comfortable.
Are we at that stage already?

Then let's get there.

Kali, by the way.

Mikhai, hi.

Hold on.

Hold on to my arm.

I almost fell...

for you.

[tentative romantic music]

[jeepney beeping]

[romantic music intensifies]

Where do you study?

- Central.
- That's where I go, too!

- [in English] Criminology.
- [in Taglish] I'm in political science.

[in Tagalog] We're meant to be.

[in Taglish] I mean, our courses
complement each other.

I'm the law enforcer
and you're the attorney.

I want to be a judge.


Go ahead, judge me.

[in Tagalog] I don't even know you. How?

- [in Taglish] Your first impression of me.
- Mm?

[in Tagalog] OK, I'll go first.

You're not from here. You have an accent.

[in Taglish]
You're Tagalog so I'm assuming from Luzon.

[in Tagalog]
You gave up your seat to others.

So, that makes you generous.

You're kind-hearted.

Which means you're easily deceived.

You're going straight home, not to work,

which means
you have no siblings to support.

You want to become a lawyer.

You strictly uphold your principles.


Your face looks angelic.


I bet you have many admirers.

But you're unassuming,
so you don't know how pretty you are.

You really are an investigator.
You've done a lot of guesswork.

Are any of them right?


And you seem like the right one for me.

[all passengers] Ooh!

What I mean is,
I've made the right guesses.

How embarrassing.

- I'll just hang back there.
- No.

[in English] Sorry.

[in Tagalog] Stay there.

- You might fall.
- What?

You might fall.

- I've already fallen.
- When?

I might fall if I hang back there.



[in Taglish] Didn't Mikhai text or call?

I don't have her number.

We're not close.
And I don't have any phone credit.

[in Tagalog]
♪ I do ♪

[hip-hop beat]

You're still here? Go home!

[hip-hop beat continues]

♪ I will love you always ♪

- ♪ Even if you make me suffer ♪
- Where could she be?


Thanks for keeping me company.
I almost got lost.

Don't worry about it.

- [in Taglish] Hand me your phone.
- [in Tagalog] Why?

In case you want a date...

- I mean, if you get lost...
- [laughs]

...just call me.


Why? Are you going to save me?

No. I'll just laugh at you.

You're nuts.

- This is my stop.
- Take care.

How will I get home from here?

Miss, do you know
how to get to Malolos, Bulacan?

[woman] Right over here.

- How do I get to Malolos?
- Straight ahead.

- Just right there.
- Thank you.


Where have you been?

What took you so long?


[in Taglish] Sorry, I'm just exhausted.

[in Tagalog]
I got lost taking the jeepney.

You should have asked for directions.

As Ninang used to say...

[both] As long as you know how to read and
ask for directions, you won't get lost.

- That's right! [Chuckles]
- You still got it.

Remember when I took the wrong bus?
I ended up in Batangas!

I just asked you to buy sugar
at the store.

And you brought home coffee beans.

- I know. But be honest, it was so good.
- But it was still bland.

Because I forgot to buy...

[both] ...sugar!


[Ditas] Mikhai, if you'd been with me,
you wouldn't have gotten lost.

But you weren't there,
so you have no right to scold me.

And you have no right
to speak to Ninang that way.

Sol, it's OK.

- She's right anyway.
- [Sol] Still.

Mikhai, don't be disrespectful.
Mind your manners.

Isn't abandoning your child
more disrespectful?

Stop it.

Growing up with an attitude like that,
you deserved it.

Sol, if you took after me,
you should know how to be humble.




[Ditas] Are you OK?

[in Taglish] Sorry for the things I said.

[in Tagalog]
I'm trying to be comfortable around you.

But I'm not used to someone
always hounding me.

You're not used to having a mother?

I'm also not used to having a daughter.

But we're together now.
We might as well get used to it.

Don't bother.
I'll only be here for a year.


[in Taglish]
After that, I'll be legally of age.

[in Tagalog]
Then I won't have to trouble you.

You're no trouble to me.

I'm not talking about you.

[in Taglish] I'm sorry.

[in Tagalog] I'll go to sleep.

[downbeat harp music]

Three houses in one night.


- we already have an inside man.
- [in Taglish] OK, I'll handle the guard.

- [in Tagalog] What if Ninang finds out?
- Right.

You two came to me first.
You're just thinking about that now?

You know I'm against Ninang's decision
to make things legal.

Why don't you ask him?

I know. That's why I'm here.

We'll push through with this.

[in English] Yes?

[both] Yes!

[in Taglish]
And we'll expand our operations. Yes?

[both in English] Yes!

[in Taglish]
New modus operandi. New areas. Yes?

[both in English] Yes!

- [in Taglish] Just have faith.
- [in Tagalog] Have faith.

[in English] Yes?

[both] Yes!

- [in Tagalog] We'll go ahead, Sol.
- Take care.

- Hurry up.
- I'm coming.

Since when did you become a turncoat?

That's not going to work.

Ninang is not in her right mind.
She doesn't know what she's doing anymore.

Since that Mikhai came,
she's completely changed.

You can't fool me. I know you very well.

If you want to get Ninang's attention,

do it some other way.

[in English] Yes?


[Kali] Hey.

[in Tagalog] That looks delicious.

You want some? You can have it.

You're the one I want.

I have my own lunch.

I'm sure whoever did that
put a lot of effort into it.

Did your mom make that?

Why are you making that face?
Are you mad at your mom?

I don't know. Maybe a little annoyed.


How come?

[in Taglish] Annoyed is a strong word.

[in Tagalog]
You sound as if your mother abandoned you.

[in English] Sorry.

[in Tagalog] Just think about it.

[in Taglish]
I'm sure your dad loved you twice as much.

-[in Tagalog] Like...
-He's dead.

[in Taglish] My condolences. Sorry.

[in Tagalog] Let's just have lunch.

[in English] Let's rest in peace...

Eat in peace.

- [both laugh]
- Sorry.

[in Tagalog] It's fine.

Not bad at all.

Maybe your mom
is trying to make it up to you.

Hmm, probably. But I'm still pissed.

You're just afraid
you might get comfortable.

Because you're afraid
she might leave you again.

And you're afraid
that you might get hurt again.

- Where did that come from?
- No.


All I'm saying is...

[in Taglish] maybe you're putting up walls
because you're afraid to get hurt again.

[in Tagalog]
Only stupid people want to get hurt.


Allowing yourself to get hurt
makes you brave.

You're only stupid
if you didn't take the risk.

[in Taglish] Got nothing to say, attorney?

Case closed! What?


[in Tagalog]
I don't want to be called stupid.

Because I want to take the risk.

I want to ask you out on a date.

Where did that come from?

In here.

[both chuckle]

If I say yes,
you'll think I already like you.

If I say no,
you'll think you have no chance.

What if I'm still on the fence?

Then we'll stay there.

In the maybe.

So, Mikhai, can I court you?




We'll see.

If we can be a couple?

[romantic instrumental music]

Our hands touched. [Both chuckle]


You're so funny.

I didn't even notice.

- [in English] Happy birthday.
- Ninang.

- [gasps]
- Happy birthday.

[in Tagalog] Thank you.

- [in English] Happy birthday.
- [in Tagalog] Thank you.

- [in English] Happy birthday.
- [man] Happy birthday, Ninang.

- [boy] Happy birthday.
- [in Tagalog] Thank you.

[in English] Happy birthday.

- [Ditas] Let me go!
- [upbeat music]

[Sol in disguised voice] Keep it down.
Just follow our instructions.

[Ditas] If I get out of here,
I will skin you all alive!

Hurry up!


[in disguised voice] Who's Mikhai?

[in disguised voice]
You have nowhere to run.

[in disguised voice] We have your mother.

I'm an orphan.

Let me out!

[in disguised voice]
Keep your mouth shut. You're our prisoner.


Where are you taking me?

- [all in English] Surprise!
- [laughter]

[in Taglish] Ninang, happy birthday.

[in Tagalog] Here's my gift.

[camera clicks]

You got this from my store.

[in Taglish] That's a new phone.

[in Tagalog] I know.
Where did you get this?

Here's my gift.

- That's another spoil.
- Spoil?

I mean...

That's the name of the brand.
Very expensive.

[in Taglish]
Ninang, this is the place in your picture.

This is our birthday treat for you.

[in Tagalog] Let's go home.

Why are you in such a hurry?

This is where Berto and I became a couple.


But this is also where we broke up.

[in Taglish] There's nothing happy
about this birthday.

[in Tagalog] Sucks!

- Who are you?
- Kalayaan Perez.

[in Taglish]
Kali, for short. I'm Mikhai's friend.

[in Taglish] I don't care.

- Let's go.
- Make her stay. I'm hungry.

- [Kali] Try this out. It's good.
- Thanks.

Bro, are you courting my daughter?

Ditas, please.

It's fine.

- Yes, I'm courting your daughter.
- What do you do?

What do your parents do?

[in Taglish] My father works at the post
office. My mother works in Oman.

I'm studying to become a police officer.

Sometimes I take part-time jobs
at restaurants.

I live in the province
of Bulacan, 18, Philippines!

Part-time job, huh?
So, you have financial responsibility.

- [in Tagalog] How many children?
- Ditas, cut it out.

- It's OK. It's all right.
- [in English] Kali, sorry.

[in Tagalog] I don't have any children.

I'm still very much single.

- [in Taglish] Number of past girlfriends?
- [in Tagalog] Stop it.

- Five.
- What?

Spill it!

I mean, just two.

[in Taglish] The rest were just flings.

[in Tagalog] Can you take care
of my daughter? She's very squeamish.

She doesn't like dirty or crowded places.

I can prepare for that, Aunt.

- Ditas.
- Just call me Ditas.

Do you love my daughter? How sure are you?
Are you ready to marry her?

- That's a lot of questions.
- Answer!

[in Taglish] Willing to wait?

What, like I'm ordering food
in a restaurant?

[in Tagalog] Eat up.

[upbeat music]

[engine revving]

[downbeat music]

[rickety engine noises]

[engine sputtering]

- [Ditas] What happened?
- Bad news.

- Huh?
- [Kali] The engine died.

[in Taglish] Overheated.

- [Medi in Tagalog] We're dead...
- [Sol] How unlucky.

- [Kali] Mikhai!
- [Ditas] Mikhai!


Hey! Mikhai!


Mikhai, you might get bitten by a snake.

Fine! At least
I can be done with all of this!

Why are you so angry? What's your problem?

You interrogated Kali like that,
acting as if you actually know me!

I'm like this, I'm like that.
Where did you get that idea?

[in Taglish]
I'm sorry, I was just protecting you.

And so you made all those assumptions?

[in Tagalog] You don't know me,
so don't act like you do.

And stop asking those questions.
You're getting on my nerves!


[frustrated screaming]

This means I need to sit down.

Even though it's hard to sit on.

[in English] Sorry.

[in Taglish] I'm sorry, too.

Sorry I keep talking back.

[in Tagalog] I'm not usually like this.

I know. Just with me.

I'm not happy with myself anymore.


we can stop this wild goose chase...

by being honest with each other.

Tell me how you really feel.

If you're angry with me...

if you're annoyed...

Just let me know.

It will only hurt your feelings.

It's fine. I can handle it.

[soft sob]

I'm angry with you because you left me.


You left us.

So, we're doing this now?

You're a nasty woman.
You only care about yourself.

I'm so mad that you waited for Dad to die

before you came back.


[in Taglish]
You were just left with no choice.

I'm not just a choice.

[in Tagalog] Not anymore.


Yeah, I'm serious!


How about you?

What makes you angry?

Everything you said.

It hurts.

[somber music]

[solemn piano music]

[Mikhai sniffles]

[music intensifies]

[crickets chirping]

Away with evil!


Kali, thank you for driving us.

- I will never forget you.
- No problem.

What's your name again?

- It's Kali.
- Kali. [Chuckles]

When I was younger,
my car also broke down.

So, I checked to see what the problem was.

I took off all the tires.

Turns out we just ran out of gas.

I forgot to gas up. [Chuckling]

- I'll go now.
- Where are you going?

I'm fine, I'm not yet drunk.
I can still walk straight.

Go ahead.



I'm just going to look for Ninang.


- Away with the second evil! [Chuckling]
- [in Taglish] Crazy!

[grunts softly]

- [in Tagalog] Are you OK?
- I'm fine.

[in Taglish] I should apologize to Sol.

[in Tagalog] Why?

[in Taglish] Because this is
a nice birthday treat.

This is a lovely view.

[in Tagalog]
I can't see it now, but it's beautiful.

Why did you and Dad break up?

[clears throat]

Because he couldn't accept who I am
and what I want.

That's it.

Why did you leave me?

I thought your life would turn out better
without me.

I still don't know
if I made the right decision.

Or if maybe I was just selfish.

Or maybe...

Or maybe both.


But whatever it is...

I'm still on the losing end.

Because whatever I have right now,
like this,

I let it go.

That's probably my punishment.


I know you're happy about that.

Revenge of the scorned.

[both chuckle]

[gentle harp music]

In fairness, we had a really long talk.



- What?
- Help me out here.

- What if someone out there hurt them?
- That's impossible.

She can get out of any situation.

- What?
- Nothing.

I can't see anything.

- Get that light off my face.
- [in Taglish] Sorry, Grandpa.


- Mikhai!
- [in Tagalog] Where have you been?

We just poured out our feelings.

[scoffs] I was worried sick about you,
and you're just laughing?

Sucks to be me!


Get that thing off my face.

[in Taglish] Stop being so dramatic.

- [in Tagalog] Let's just play cards...
- [in Taglish] I missed you.

- ...while this dork fixes the jeep.
- [in Tagalog] Already?

Come on!

[Ditas] My turn.

Good one.


My turn.

I win!

This game is rigged.

What? What are you talking about?

I'm about to win
but you're throwing me off my game.

- You're obviously letting her win.
- She's just lucky.

That's the point.

I do all the work, but she always wins.

- Take it easy. It's just a game.
- I play to win.

- It's not my fault you lost.
- I don't like being cheated, Mikhai.

[in Taglish] OK, I'll leave the game.
You two can play.

- [in Tagalog] Then I won't play anymore.
- Fine!

What's the matter with you?

[engine roars]

- Is it working?
- It's working.

- Let's get out of here.
- Let's go.

- Let's go home.
- Let's go.

- Oh, you.
- Sol.

Go home.

- You should have given it to me.
- It's your fault.

Let's have a drink.

- No, thanks.
- Ninang.

- What have you brought for me?
- Wait.

Grandpa, get some rest. You're drunk.

Who's drunk? I'm not drunk.

It's my birthday.
Why are you asking for a gift?

Make me some stir-fried noodles.


- Just leave it there.
- Let me.

[in English] Thank you.

[in Tagalog] Thank you.

You seem OK to me.

But just for now.


Is that yours?

[in Taglish]
Sorry, I stepped on it the other day.

[in Tagalog] It was on the floor.

You ruined everything!

[in Taglish] I will replace it, I promise.

[in Tagalog] Don't bother.

You can never return things
to the way they were.

You just destroy everything in your wake.
Our business. This house. Even Ninang.

- You destroyed everything.
- Hold on.

Ditas brought me here.
I didn't force her to.

It was still your choice.

You don't want to own up to your actions?

So that when things go south,
you can blame it on someone else?

Admit it. You forced yourself here!

Who do you think you are?
You're not part of the family! [Slaps]



Ninang, aren't you going to go after Sol?

[Lorena] Aren't you going to stop her?

[downbeat music]

Ninang, it's Sol!


[metal squeaks]

[downbeat music continues]

[Ditas sniffles]

[box lid closes]

Sol, come here.

Hurry, I haven't taken a bath yet.

Hey. Come here.

[with force] Sol!


I forgive you for your mistakes.

- I will bail you out.
- You don't have to.

No need.

I don't want to see you.

I was taken by surprise.

We promised never to hurt each other.

You took Mikhai's side.

And it will happen again
for your daughter.

- Sol, please.
- Leave.

[downbeat music]



She was caught
breaking and entering a house.

Gracia, do everything you can
to get her out.

- Are we good?
- It's taken care of.

- [indistinct chatter]
- [cellphone ringing]

- Hello, Grandpa?
- [Medi] Ditas, Mikhai is in the hospital.

- Mikhai?
- Yes.

Which hospital?

The one near our place.

OK, Grandpa.

What a miserable life!

[in Taglish] Every time this phone rings,
it only brings me bad luck. Crap!

[in Tagalog] What will I do with that?
It's already broken!

["Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin"
by Brenan Espartinez playing in Tagalog]

Thank you.

[in English]
Ma'am, it's a congenital heart disease.

[in Tagalog] In other words,

she's had a heart problem
since she was a child.

What can we do?

[in Taglish] We need to operate on her
as soon as possible.

It's going to be a big surgery.
There are lots of risks involved.

[in English] And even after that,

[in Taglish] there's still no assurance
that she will be cured.

[in English] Right now she's stable.

[in Tagalog] We can send her home.

[in Taglish] Let's schedule
the laboratory tests and the surgery.

[in Tagalog] And you need to know,

you will need a huge amount
to pay for the operation.

I'll leave you to it.

[downbeat music]

[Ditas] You've known for a long time?

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want to be a burden.

I will do everything
for you to have that surgery.

You need to get well.

If I don't make it...

you can move on.

You always said you were strong.

You're stronger.

[Mikhai sniffles]

[Ditas in Taglish]
Do you have extra money?

[in Tagalog]
I'm sorry, I have lots of bills to pay.

[in Taglish]
Do you have extra money I can borrow?

[in Tagalog] Sales are weak these days.
I don't have money to lend you.

[in Taglish] Can I borrow some money?

[in Tagalog] I'm sorry, I don't have money
right now. My grandson is sick.

How about you, Jerry?
Do you have extra money?

I'm sorry, I haven't got my paycheck yet.

[in Taglish] It got delayed, I'm sorry.

Maybe you can pawn your phone for me.

[in Tagalog] I just redeemed this
the other day. I'm really sorry.

- OK.
- Thanks, Ninang.

[indistinct chatter]


I know I said
we should quit this side hustle.

[in Taglish]
You've already adjusted to our new life.

[in Tagalog]
But we really need to get some money.

This will be our final act.
Are you OK with that?

OK! [Laughs]

How about you, guys?

This is great!

[in Taglish] I actually miss
our side hustle.

- [in Tagalog] So, what's our plan?
- This is a five-man operation.

Me, you, those two, and Hiyasmin.

By the way, where's Hiyasmin?

Hiyasmin? She eloped with his boyfriend.


What will we do?
We don't have Hiyasmin or Sol.

- We need another member.
- We need another girl.

You need another girl?

[upbeat music]

Me? Count me out. I can't.

Can you resist me?

[Ditas] This is it.
This is will be our final grand act.

This is the Express Pawnshop.

The store closes at 6:30.

There are only three people there.

[in Taglish]
Two clerks and a security guard.

[in Tagalog]
Lorena, take care of the guard.

You will inform us
once the coast is clear.

[cellphone chiming]

Apol, you will start the operation.

You need to create a smokescreen
to avoid suspicion, OK?

Lorena, you need to get out
before we arrive, OK?


Pedro, you need to park

in front of the CCTV camera's view.

And you have to be on your toes.

Grandpa. Grandpa!


We will go inside the pawnshop.

You will break the glass
and I will clear everything away.


- [glass breaking]
- [women screaming]

[women crying]

Grandpa, what happened to you?
Stand up. Hurry.

We need to do this in under one minute.

Do you understand?


- Sol is not here. Give me that.
- That's mine.

This is mine now. Go away!


What's this?

I made extra servings.


Mikhai, you have a checkup tomorrow.

But I can't come with you
because I have this thing.

Ask Kali to accompany you.

Wow! A stamp of approval!

[woman on TV]
A pawnshop was burglarized last night

in Barangay Quinto, Aurora, Quezon City.

The stolen jewelry items
are estimated to be worth 500,000 pesos.

The police are currently looking
for the suspects.

A CCTV camera inside the shop
caught this footage.

We are already looking into leads.

We're pretty confident
we can track down the suspects.

- These people are so crooked.
- Right. So heartless.

That means nothing to the rich.

You have a point.

That still does not make it right.

Stealing something small
never satisfies anyone.

In the end, you might even steal
another person's life.

[chokes and coughs]

I'll get a towel.

Are you pregnant?

Why me?

[dramatic music]


Let me do the dishes. Just rest up.
Do you have the fare for going to school?

[dramatic music]


Let me explain.

Was it you at the pawnshop?


Let me explain.

It was Grandpa, Lorena and me.

But I will change.
This will be the last time.

That's why Dad left you.

That's why the neighbors
keep giving you money.

That's why you left me! Because of this!


I will change for the better.
That was my last heist.

I just did that to pay for your surgery.

Don't use me as an excuse for this!

I can't do this anymore!
I almost believed you.

But I was mistaken.

I'd rather die than live a dishonest life.

Just when I got used
to having you in my life,

it feels like you've abandoned me again.

This is for your operation.

[Mikhai] I should have listened to my gut.

She said she stopped, right?

Don't take her side.

[in Taglish]
I'm just looking at both sides.

[in Tagalog] What's the point?

You're just saying that
because you're angry.

- Why are you meddling? What do you know?
- Nothing.

But I know you are broken inside.

And anyone who comes near you gets cut.

Because you don't want to ask for help.

It seems you keep nurturing
your broken self over other people.

Don't defend her.

She's the one at fault here, not me.

Let's say that's true.

But she's only a criminal at that moment,
not all the time.

Do you think she wasn't a good person
all those times you were together?

You never saw her that way?

You're fortunate
to have your mom by your side.




I know how it feels to be left hanging.

So, please don't do the same thing
to your mom.

I'm going home.

Let's go.

Let me take you home.

[vehicle approaching]

- Who are you? Mikhai!
- [Mikhai screams]

- Let go of her!
- Help!

- [Mikhai] Help me! Help! Kali, help me!
- [grunts]

- Let go of her!
- [groans]

Let me see how tough you are! Don't move!

- Mikhai!
- [engine sounds]

- Mikhai!
- [door closes]

- [Lorena] Ninang!
- Yes?

No one's seen Mikhai. I've already
informed the barangay officials.

Where did that kid go?

[cellphone ringing]

- Boss?
- [Gracia] Ninang, how are you?

Cut to the chase, Gracia.

I know you broke into the pawnshop.

Let's trade all the jewelry
for your daughter.

[in Taglish] Is this a joke?


- [in Tagalog] Talk to your mom.
- [sniffles]

[yelling] Ditas!



[suspenseful music]

- [crying]
- [laughing]



- A group of men took Mikhai!
- I know. It's Gracia.

- [Medi] I knew it.
- You know them?

- Let's report them to the authorities!
- We can't.

Let's put a hit out on them.
Where are they?

No. I have to do this alone.
I will go there by myself.

I know Gracia.
I don't want you to get involved.

Hey! Gracia!

Why did you double-cross me?

I've always been good to you.

Ninang, I didn't double-cross you.

It was your prodigal child. [Laughs]

[suspense music]




You left me to rot inside that jail.

- You told me to leave you alone.
- I didn't mean it.

I didn't abandon you.

- I paid for your bail, more than was owed.
- I don't believe you.

Gracia, tell her the truth!

I gave you the bail money.

That's the truth.

- You're just pulling my leg.
- I am not pulling your leg.

I'm telling the truth.


Fine. I pocketed your money.

Are you surprised?
You're all talk and no action!

- My men are getting impatient.
- You're an asshole!


OK. Let's get this over with.

Give this to that animal!

Here, boss.


- OK. [Laughs]
- [laughter]

[Gracia in Taglish] Nice!
One-six-six. Back up.

We've got Ninang cornered here. Copy?

[in Tagalog] Run!

- What's this?
- Let's go!

- What are you doing?
- [Ditas] Hurry!

- What are you doing?
- [Ditas] Faster!

- [Gracia] What nonsense is this?
- These assholes...

Are you high?


[Ditas] Hurry!

I'll kill you all and your families.

Put the gun down.

- Go after them!
- [dramatic music]

- What has gotten into you?
- I'm sorry.

- You want to double-cross me?
- Boss...


Who wants to die first?

Sol, wait.


- Ninang, they might catch us.
- They won't.

Run over there, I'll go over here.

Don't let go of Mikhai.
Get out of here! Hurry!

[man] Stop!


[man grunts]

- [man grunts]
- [Lorena] Hurry!

[man] Got you!

- [hits]
- [grunts]


[Gracia] Ninang!

[in English] Surprise!



[in Tagalog] Get her.


[suspenseful music]

I'm impressed.

You're good.

I'm really impressed.

Go ahead.

Shoot me here.

Go ahead! Go!

Come on!

Let's end this, Gracia.

Let's forgive each other.

I'm a thief, but I'm not a killer.

I'm a killer! [Gunshot]

- [gunshot]
- [grunts]

- Ninang!
- Ditas!

- Ditas!
- Ninang!

- Ninang!
- Ditas!


- Ditas!
- [sobs]


- Go. Get out of here.
- [Mikhai] We can't leave you here.

- [police sirens]
- Get out of here.

- The police!
- Let's go.

- We need to go.
- Just leave me.

[police sirens wailing, closer]

- [Medi] Hurry.
- [Lorena] Let's go.

- [Medi] The police are coming.
- [Kali] Let's go, Mikhai.

- [man 1] Come on.
- [man 2] We have to go.

- [sirens keep wailing]
- [Mikhai sobbing]

[policeman] Hands up. Don't move.
You're surrounded!

[female reporter] Police have caught the
Quezon City pawnshop burglary mastermind,

Merciditas Vicente, also known as Ninang.

Her accomplice, PO2 Ricardo Gracia,
has also been caught.

The suspects face the possibility
of life sentences.

[sentimental music]

[Ditas] Whoever said life was fair?

That's not true.

It's not only not fair,
but it's also mostly rigged and punishing.

But sometimes, life can be funny.

[in Taglish] Life is not fair...

- Excuse me.
- [in Tagalog] ...but it seeks balance.

[in Taglish] The patient is ready, Doctor.
Just to confirm,

are you going to waive
your professional fee?

- [in Tagalog] Yes, we'll do that to help.
- [in Taglish] Can you please sign this?

[Ditas] If you do something good...

it will come back to you.

You work hard to earn money.

But it's also the same thing with love.

You devote time and effort.

There's room for mistakes.

There's space for forgiveness.

And not just for oneself,
but also for others.

My life may not have turned out well,

but I am fortunate to have the chance

to do right by the people I love.

[inmates] Bye, Ninang!

- Look after yourselves.
- [inmates] Bye.

Turn your lives around.

Set your life straight.

Thank you very, very much.

- Welcome.
- Thank you very much.

And hold on to your phone.

Here's the person who got you free.

[in Taglish] Attorney, your client.

[in Tagalog] She's not my client.

She's my mother.

[upbeat music]

Thank you.

Let's go, Mama.

[upbeat music]



Good morning. Are you all open-minded?


Are you ready to get rich?






- One more.
- OK, hurry.

[both giggling and muttering]




Puke but don't surrender.


This is Grandpa Medi saying,

"It's OK to steal kisses.

Just not from someone who stinks."

A person who walks fast...

doesn't want to be stuck in a traffic jam.

Drug addicts...

You won't be able to close your eyes
even when you die.

If you are fond of knives...

you're a chef. [Chuckles]

Those who don't look back...


You know the rest.

["Tong Ninang N'yo" by Bry Aquino
playing in Tagalog]