D'Artacán y los tres Mosqueperros (2021) - full transcript

France, 17th century. D'Artacán is a brave and idealist but young and innocent swordsman who dreams of becoming a hero and joining the legendary King Luis XIII's Muskehounds to restore his father's honor after he was blamed by a crime he didn't committed, forcing him to leave Paris and his job as captain of the Muskehounds. When he arrive to the city, a series of unfortunate events cause not only that D'Artacán meets the beauty Juliette, Queen Ana's personal assistant, but greedy and money lover Pom so the most famous and skilled Muskehounds: Amis, Dogos and Ponthos, accepting a sword duel with all them one behind the other to solve their disagreements. Unaware for D'Artacán, he listened a talk in a tavern between evil Count Rochefort and Milady de Winter about topple Luis XIII as part of powerful and cruel Cardinal Richelieu's masterplan to unleash the war against England. Fearing that D'Artacán reports the king, Richelieu orders Rochefort and his particular guards to kill him, making that D'Artacán, Amis, Dogos and Ponthos leave his misunderstanding behind to fight together. When Amis, Dogos and Ponthos learn about Richelieu's plan the three joins D'Artacán to save France from the war helped by Juliette, but not knowing that Pom has been cheated by Richelieu to report him about D'Artacán actions for receiving much money. When Luis XIII organizes a royal ball as meeting with King of England, Richelieu manipulates the King Luis to force Queen Ana to carry on a special collar in the ball for that Milady steal it and King of England declares war against France by the missing collar. Realizing the Richelieu's plan, D'Artacán, Amis, Dogos and Ponthos turns in the only hope to save the country and stop Richelieu before he succeed in his ambition. Based on the beloved animated TV series originally created by Claudio Biern Boyd, and inspired by the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas.

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Come on, fight!


But how?

Master your emotions,
or they will master you!

You won't catch me!

En garde!

You can't!

Come on, faster!

But how...?


I did it!


Bravo, my son.

You have perfected my most difficult move,
"The Devil's Tooth."


You will not take your sword?

The family sword is yours now.

- I am honoured, Father. But...
- But?

But this sword is so heavy!

So? In the hands of a Dogtanian
it becomes an infallible weapon.

But, Father, I...

Dogtanian. This sword has been
in our family a hundred years.

It bears our family's symbol, the Omega.

It represents our family motto,
"Always, Until the End."

Would you disgrace this symbol?

No, Father.

Then take the sword.

There's nothing more I can teach you.

The time has come for you
to go to Paris...

- Huh?
- ...to become...

A Muskehound.

A Muskehound!

A Muskehound!


Son, you must be careful in Paris,
there are many dangers.

Father, I'm not afraid of anyone.

It is not an enemy you should fear,
it is the ambition of the court.

I myself was the victim of that ambition
when I was a Muskehound...

All my life, I fought bravely
as a Captain of the King's Muskehounds.

But I ran afoul of the most powerful man
in France...

Cardinal Richelieu.

He already had his own personal guard

but the Cardinal was jealous
of the King's Muskehounds.

He wanted to place one of his own men
as Captain of the Muskehounds.

With false evidence

I was accused of
accepting bribes by the Comte de Rochefort.

But a trial would have embarrassed the King.

So, I resigned.

It was my accuser's word against mine.

Thankfully, the Cardinal's ploy failed.

The King replaced me
with my good friend Monsieur de Treville.

The stain of that false accusation
haunts me still.

Father! I will go to Paris

become a Muskehound

and clear your name.

I swear this to you, on my hono...


My precious baby is leaving for Paris?


No, no, no, no!

No, my widdle baby is not going to Paris!

Stop it, Mum... ma!

My baby!

Oh, my poor sweet baby!
You can't leave me!

Now, there, there, my dear.
Let the boy go.

I send you to Paris with three gifts,
apart from my dear Sandy.

He's not a thoroughbred,
but he'll never let you down.


The first... part of my life's savings,
a precious gold coin.

The second,
this letter to Monsieur de Treville.

And the third, of course, is our Omega sword.

- Ah!
- Be a gentleman.

Fight with honour.

And help whoever needs it,
always, until the end!

I will do so.

Onward, Sandy! To Paris!

Giddy up, come on, hurry up.

Giddy up.

Come on, giddy up.
Come on, come on, come on!

Wash regularly.

Take a bath every month.

Don't eat junk food.

And... and don't burp.

Eat a lot of fruit.

And... don't go out at night.

And never, ever forget
your Mummy who loves you!

Oh, boy! This is gonna take a while.

We're finally off to Paris, Sandy.

Come on, let's go.

Come on!

Come on, Sandy, pleeease!

Come on.


Please! Keep moving.

Giddy up.

Sandy, look, Paris.

My life's dream, the capital of the world.

So many people.

I have always dreamed of seeing Paris.

- Experiencing Paris, feeling Paris...
- Huh?


Not that way!

OK, Sandy, I suppose you deserve a rest.

Wait here while I find
the Muskehounds' headquarters.

The best produce in all Paris!

- Enjoy the best produce in all Paris!
- I'll have a peck of potatoes.


I smell a gold coin.

Mm! And it's in that bag.

Come here, come on!


Excuse me, sir. Muskehound headquarters?

It's here. Follow this route.

I see. Thank you very much. OK.

This way?


Come to Papa!

Now I gotcha...

Well, I never.... You just wait!



Why don't you watch where you're going?


What a vision!

Oh, my good man.

I'm so sorry.

Please, accept my handkerchief
to clean yourself off.

I must be dreaming.

I don't understand you, monsieur.

Did you say your head is swimming?

Uh, you're... so...

Well, I hope you're alright.

Now please excuse me,
I'm in a dreadful hurry.

Again, my apologies.

- So... can't believe it.
- Hyah!


So... beautiful...

Oh, boy. This kid is falling hard.

Wait! Mademoiselle, wait.

- I cannot accept this beautiful handkerchief.
- Hey!

I want that gold coin!

Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle!


Anything else?

- Huh?
- Hey!

Forward, my faithful steed.

- We must find the lady.
- Yes?

Uh... Uh, a specific lady.


How rude.

Sandy, if we find her,
I'll give you extra oats.



- Hm!
- Wait a minute!


Mademoiselle, your handkerchief!

Faster, Sandy, we must find her.





I fear we have lost her.

Truly, she was the most beautiful woman
I have ever...

No, Sandy. Bad horse. Bad.

I know, you're hungry.


Perhaps that tavern has some oats.
I still have Father's coin.


My instinct hasn't failed.
I knew he had a gold coin.

And we even have spies
among the Queen's servants.

All of them but one, in fact.



Mon Dieu, is every woman
in Paris a great beauty?

You bet we are, handsome.

What is that?

Is it a horse or two men in a saggy costume?

And apparently it comes complete
with a country bumpkin.

He should return home,
where his smell will not offend.

Are you speaking to me, sir?

I would never stoop
to speaking with the likes of you.

You are speaking to me now, sir.

And if you know what's good for you,
your next words will be an apology.

Apologise? Me? To you? I would rather die.

Then let me oblige you. En garde, sir!

I think not. Guards, deal with this hooligan.


Thank you, sir. I could use a warm-up.

Fight, Omega!

Come on, you can do better than that.

Once more, with feeling.

Let's dance.

Two against one.

Oh, you're so slow.

Come on, let's go, come on, come on.

- Oops!
- Huh?

Better luck next time.

- Whoa!
- Come back here!


Well, gentlemen, this has been most amusing.

But all good things must come to an end.


Thank you for a pleasant diversion,
messieurs, but I must be off. And now, adieu.

Fear not.

The Queen's diamond necklace and her letter
of peace to the King of England

will be in my hands tomorrow night.

Very good, Milady.

Sir. I demand satisfaction! Yah!

My dear bumpkin, surely you can see
that I am your better?

- Good sir.
- Your pardon, madame.

I trust a gentleman such as yourself
would not duel in the presence of a lady.

But I must. He has insulted my honour
and that of my horse.

And when a man's honour has been sullied,
he is forced to...

He finally shut up.

I liked the boy.

What are you going to do with him?

Nothing. The wretch isn't worth the trouble
of cleaning my sword.

As you wish, Comte de Rochefort.

I bid you adieu.

I am certain you will find success
in your undertaking, Milady.

You are a clever woman indeed.

This world is full of intrigue
and we women are very clever.

We have our devices and there is nothing
we can't achieve with wits and cunning.

Driver, go!

Giddy up, horse!


Ah, here we go.

Since you're out of it, the coin is all mine.

♪ The coin's all mine
The coin's all mine ♪

♪ Money, money, money
The money is mine ♪


Oh, money, my friend, how I love you.

♪ Money is my buddy
Money is my buddy ♪

♪ Money is my pal ♪

Never lets you down. What a rush.

Got me!

Wait... what happened?

Where is that fellow
with the black moustache?

Uh, you don't remember anything?

I challenged the Black Moustache

then I spoke to that beautiful woman
he called Milady.

I will tell you what happened, good sir.

After you challenged him, he fled without
giving you the satisfaction of a duel.

The coward!

Yes, indeed.
And then you were attacked by some bandits.

What? Bandits!

Yes, there were two, no, four.

Twenty of them! I tried to protect you, sir.

Biff. Bam. Boom. Boppity-boppity-boppity.

I took down ten of them with my bare hands.

But, oh, sir. There were too many.

Before I fell senseless to the ground,
I saw them steal your gold coin.

Oh, no. I owe you one.

What? Oh, sir. To do good is its own reward.

I know. I'll hire you as my squire.

It's time to go see Monsieur de Treville
and begin my career as a Muskehound.

Well, why not?

I will be your squire, sir,
and you may pay me whenever you are able.

Excellent. Then come. So, what's your name?

Pip, sir.

And I am Dogtanian.

Come on, let's go, Sandy.

We're going to visit Monsieur de Treville
and join the Muskehounds.

Whatever you say.

"One for all and all for one."

Muskehound headquarters.

All my life I have dreamed of coming here.

Now, at last...

Pip, I will return presently.
Take good care of Sandy.

Indeed I will, sir.

Hey! What would you give me for this horse?

A slap.

Have you heard
the Captain's latest orders?



the sweet smell of gunpowder.

This was my father's house
and also his downfall.

I'll restore my father's honour, and...



Uh, I am here to see Monsieur de Treville.

And we're here to see that you do not.

Off with you, bumpkin,
while you still have your legs.

Huh? How dare you!
Nobody speaks to me like that.

What is all this racket?

Uh... Monsieur, I am Dogtanian of Tarbes.

My father is a friend of yours.
He sends you this letter.

Hm! Anyone can forge a letter.

How do I know you're not
a spy for the Cardinal?


Look, my sword.


I recognise this symbol. And I did know
your father. Come in, my boy.

Ah... Ah yes, your father.

Fine man, great friend, a great Muskehound.

Tell me, do you take after him

or are you a spy for the Cardinal?

No, I assure you. Hm!


As you know, my father was cruelly framed
by the lackeys of the Cardinal.

I've come to clear his name.

I can't trust anyone.

You have already mastered the Devil's Tooth?
At your age?

Yes, sir.

Hm. Mon Dieu.

I've been working on that move for 40 years

and I still lose a piece of ear
every single time I try it.

Hm. You are a very brave young man.

Exceptional, I would say.

So you'll accept me in the company
of the Muskehounds, then?

Hm? Oh, my dear Dogtanian...

Of course not.


One must spend years distinguishing oneself
before joining the King's Muskehounds.


Years, I tell you!

No, the best I can do is enrol you
in the Royal Academy.

If you do well there, perhaps...

Perhaps, you may one day become a Muskehound.

In say, five years.

Five years!

Maybe ten. Maybe never.

Hm. Who can say?
No one can see the future. Unless...

- you are...
- Huh?

...a spy for the Cardinal!

I am not a spy for the Cardinal!

Excellent. Go to the Director
of the Royal Academy.

- He will admit you at once.
- Hm?

Hey! Black Moustache. It's Black Moustache.

I beg your pardon?


I-I-It's the black-moustached man
who insulted me

I must teach him a lesson!


What an active youngster.

I wonder if this black-moustached man
of his is...

a spy for the Cardinal?

These days, you can't trust anyone.




You have interrupted my daily regimen, sir.

Uh, excuse me, sir.
Excuse me, but I'm in a hurry.

Wait. You say, "excuse me,"
and you think that is sufficient?

I have lost count of my flexions.

Uh, I repeat, I'm in great haste.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

You require a lesson in manners.
A lesson at the point of my sword.

Oh, yeah?

Not here. Duels are prohibited

and the Cardinal's guards
would see and arrest us both.

Name the time and place and I'll be there,
only let me go.

Noon, at the entrance to the cemetery.

I'll be there, you can be sure of that.

Do not be late, or I will make myself
a purse of your ears.

Why did I say that?
Who wants a purse made of ears?

Yuck! Bleurgh!

Oh, oh, oh, sir!

You have just agreed to a duel with Porthos

the greatest swordsman
of all the Muskehounds.

Huh. In that case,
I'll be careful not to hurt him too much.

Oh, boy, this guy's nuts.

But for now, I must find the Black Moustache.

If you say so.

But what...

I can't believe it.

Get out of there, villain.

Is this the cloak of an elephant?
I could set up a circus in here.

I don't have time for this.

You have ruined my finest cloak!

I beg your pardon, sir.

I do not grant it.

This cloak cost me 20 livres.

What? You could buy four cloaks for that.

I did. To have one large enough,
I must buy four cloaks

and have them sewn together.

I demand satisfaction, sir.

A duel.

Name the time and place.

Oh! What a disaster.

Today, at the entrance
to the cemetery at one.

I'll be there.

Sir! Now you‘ve sworn to a duel with Athos

the largest and strongest
of all the Muskehounds!

My sword will cut him down to size. This way.


My apologies, sir.


Your apologies don't matter.
Look, with filth I am bespattered.

I am mortified, I swear

before this lady sweet and fair.

Don't be embarrassed, dear Aramis.

I will meet you tonight, mud or no mud.

My good man, I am genuinely sorry.

Words shan't mend your deed most cruel,
the only redress is a duel.

Of course. Shall we say at two,
at the entrance of the cemetery?

He's mad!

At two, mon Dieu, I'll skewer you.

Well, until then, sir.

Sir. That was Aramis, the...

Yes, the most something-or-other
of the Muskehounds.

You don't have to keep telling me
they're Muskehounds, Pip.

They wear uniforms.

But you've just agreed to duel
the three finest swordsmen in all of France.

No, they have just agreed to duel
the single finest swordsman in all of France.

Dogtanian and his Omega sword.

That black-moustached fiend
has slipped away from me again.

But we'll keep looking
and soon we'll find him.

Come, Pip, it's nearly time
for the first of my duels.

Oh, I'm never gonna get paid
for this squire job.

The fool will never survive the day.
Oh, darn.

Oh, sir. How can you be so calm?

You face three Muskehounds, any one
of whom could turn you into hamburger.

Hm! Let them try, Pip.
I value my honour more than my life.

Fair enough, since right now your life
is worth less than my grandpa's underpants.


Sir! Here they come!

All three, there they are!

And if we skip out?

- Ah.
- Ah. There is my opponent now.

- Huh?
- Come.

- His opponent?
- Now I'm confused.

I'm out of here.

If you are not polite,
you are at least punctual.

I admire a man who is on time
to his own funeral.

I assume you know the rules,
the one who wounds first, wins.

Uh, Porthos? Is this the young man
with whom you are to duel?

None other.

But this cannot be,
for he is the rascal I am to fight.

Uh, not until one.

I too, forsooth, must duel this youth.

Uh-uh, not until two.


Gentlemen, I have
the utmost respect for you all.

I will try not to hurt you too badly.


My young rascal. An excellent jest.

To think you could defeat but one.

Suggesting three is overdone.

Yes, the fellow is quite amusing.

Let's hope they still recognise him
when he gets home.

Now come, sir. Let us commence at once.

I am delaying my lunchtime jog for this.

And I am delaying my lunchtime lunch.

Ha! Then let us begin.

Very well. En garde!

Oh! I can't watch.

What are you waiting for? Let's go.

What's all this, then?
Well, well, well...

The King's Muskehounds, duelling?

Yes, dear Captain Widimer.

Pray, leave us to our duel

you may even learn something.

And let you defy the law?

Never! Detain them at once.

Let's see. There are ten of them,
and we are but three.

We outnumber them, it's simple math.

Gentlemen. I may not have the uniform of
a Muskehound, but I have the heart of one.

Allow me to fight by your side.

- What?
- Fine.


What's your name, boy?

Dogtanian, monsieur.

I am Porthos.

I'm Aramis.

And I am Athos.


Oh, no, oh, no, this is gonna be messy.

Oh! There's too many! Oh, no!

After them!

- Hello.
- Hi.

Let's go.

You again?

It looks like they're retreating.

Come on, get over here.


Oh, mademoiselle. Glad to see you.

The young man I so rudely splashed.

Yes. I mean, uh...

Dogtanian, Mademoiselle.

And I, monsieur, am Juliette.

You seem rather busy...

What? This is nothing.

- Nonetheless, I'll not bother you.
- Huh?

- A pleasure, sir.
- But, I...

Good day to you, mademoiselle.

Oh! Your handkerchief. I forgot to return it.

But I swear that one day I will.



- You can't reach me...
- What?

- You can't reach me, you can't reach me.
- I don't have to. Watch.

Up you go!

Take that.

At your service, madame.

Another one.

Thanks, Omega.

Porthos! Do you require assistance?

Of course not. I was merely waiting
for the rest of you to finish.


Oh, no, no, don't hurt me, please.


Well done, young Dogtanian.

I am glad I did not slay you earlier.

Yes, I confess,
I do not regret missing our duel.

You fight with skill, you fight with style,
I'd sooner fight a crocodile.

We're not going to duel?

Never. You have aided the Muskehounds,
and are therefore our friend.

Hm. It seems my meal ticket
may yet live long enough to pay me.

But come. We must visit Monsieur de Treville
to tell him of our adventure.

All of us? Together?


For once you are a friend of the Muskehounds,
you are a friend forever.

Join us.

- Say it with us now.
- Incredible.

You know the words I mean.

One for all, and all for one.

I fancy Monsieur de Treville
will be quite pleased with us.

The King's Muskehounds

fighting with the Cardinal's guards?

It's outrageous! It's disgraceful!

It's terr...


...ific! Wonderful.


So, are you going be punish us, or...

Publicly I must criticise you,
but privately I am delighted.

And the King loves it.

- Hm.
- I do not.

Your Majesty. How kind of you
to grace us with your presence.

I must be heard to reprimand you all sternly.

But I am tremendously pleased.

How dare you quarrel with the guards

of my great friend the Cardinal Richelieu?

Never have I seen such
appalling behaviour from the Muskehounds.

I can't believe it!

Gentlemen, behave like this again

and I will have to have the lot of you
thrown into the Bastille.

Wow! Three golden coins each. I may faint.

With a sum this large
I could buy six horses...

...or a moderate lunch.

Thank you for contributing to
this victory, Dogtanian.

You'll be a Muskehound in no time.

Well, not no time.

No, not no time, definitely not no time.
Five years or so.

Perhaps ten. Or 20.

Or maybe never. I'm rather wondering now
why I said "in no time."

I will be a Muskehound in no time,
no matter what it takes.

And I will clear my father's good name.

Yes, that was a nasty business.

Hold on now.

was your father the Monsieur Dogtanian
of whom Treville has told us?

Ha. No Muskehound would ever take a bribe.

No man our ranks defame,
I'll help you clear his name.

- And I.
- Come on.

And I.

One for all, and all for one.

Oh, sir. Your new room
is the grandest I've ever seen.

And where shall I sleep, sir? In the stables?

Of course not.

You have your own bed right here

behind the screen, for privacy.

What? I... have a bed?

Oh, golly, oh, gosh!

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Sir, no one has ever been so good to me.

My own parents never even bought me a bed.

Although, to be fair, we lived in a sewer

so there would have been concerns
about how fresh the sheets would be.

Well, I hope you enjoy it.

You bet I will.

Go ahead and settle in.

En garde!


Now what?

- Hold still!
- Let go of me!


Unhand that lady!


You'll pay for this.

- I gotta help him.
- You can't beat me.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Yes, yes, yes.


Have mercy.

Woo-hah! We are the best!

I'm getting out of here.

Thank you so much, Mademoiselle Juliette.

Oh, how adorable.

I... I was wondering
if it was you, Dogtanian.

At your service.

Uh... And may I return
this handkerchief to you?

♪ Begone, you ♪

♪ Nightfall
A sunny dance ♪

♪ Here to stay ♪

♪ When I see your face ♪

♪ It comes right on cue ♪

♪ My heart can't keep pace ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪



I said, pray, keep my handkerchief.

It is the least I can do,
since you have likely saved my life.

Uh... Thank you, Mademoiselle.

And tell me, why is your life in danger?

- We cannot speak here, it is not safe.
- Huh? Oh, no?

Then come with me.

I should not tell you of this, sir.

But something... something in my heart
tells me I can trust you.

Oh. You may tell me anything,
on my honour as a gentleman.

The Queen and France are in danger.

- Oh. The Quee...
- Hush!

I am one of Queen Anne's ladies-in-waiting.

I am the only one she trusts, for all her
other servants are spies for the Cardinal.

So those men who accosted you...

Yes. They were sent to kidnap me.

On my life, they will never succeed.

But listen...

Everyone may think
that King Louis controls France.

But no, it is the Cardinal.

The King loves the Queen, yes...

but he trusts Richelieu.

And Richelieu wants a war
between France and England

so he can dominate all of Europe.

He is certain
he could seize control of England.

But Queen Anne wants peace.

She wishes to send
the King of England a letter

ensuring peace between the two countries.

As a guarantee and proof of good faith

she will also send a diamond necklace
that King Louis gave her.

It is of inestimable value

and would prove beyond a doubt
that the letter comes from Queen Anne.

That diamond necklace is the key.
If it were stolen, it could mean war.

Oh. Wow.


The Black Moustache!

I heard him discussing the Queen's diamonds
with a woman he called Milady.


She said she would have them tomorrow night.

This Milady must be an agent of the Cardinal.
He would do anything to get that necklace.

Ha! Let him try. I will not permit it.

Excellent. Perhaps together we can stop him.

For you, Juliette, for you I believe
I could stop the sun in the sky.


The Cardinal will not succeed.
So swears Dogtanian.

Let me see if I understand, my good Widimer.

A boy stopped you from capturing Juliette.

A boy? Say rather a demon.

A boy. A youth named Dogtanian

who has defeated you
and my guards three times.

All in one day.

But, my lord Cardinal, I bring you this.

How's it going?

What is this?

Let me explain. Dogtanian's squire.

They call him Pip.

I thought he might be of some interest
to Your Lordship.

- Huh?
- Hm.

Indeed he is, Widimer.

You are perhaps
not a complete waste of a pair of boots.

Well, that is the kindest thing

you've ever said to me, sir.


Oh, please, Your Lordship,
spare me, I beg of you.

Of course, my dear Pip.

You are going to be my friend.

You do want to be my friend, do you not?

Very much so, sir.

I feel your friends live much longer
than your enemies.

Pip, from now on you are going
to tell me everything Dogtanian does.

In exchange,
I will pay you 20 silver coins.

Twenty silver coins? Oh!

I didn't know there was that much money
in the world, sir.


You accept, then?

Will you spy on Dogtanian, and perhaps...

betray him?

Of course I will, sir. Oh, yes, sir.

Of course I will. Oh, yeah.


I'll just be going, then.


Ah, Rochefort.
Tell me of the famous necklace.

Milady assures me
she will obtain it tomorrow

before the Queen can send it to London.


And what will Your Lordship
do with that necklace?

I will send it, too.

But with Milady, who will pose
as one of Queen Anne's ladies-in-waiting.

And included with the necklace
will be a forged note from the Queen

stating that France plans
an imminent attack on England.

Ah, the necklace will convince them
that this is a true message from the Queen.

She will relay this message
to the King of England

who is certain to declare war
on France at once.

Once France defeats England,
King Louis will rule both countries.

But as the power behind the throne,
I will be the true ruler.

With the might of France and England,
soon I will control the whole world!

A magnificent plan.
And then will you be satisfied?

I? Satisfied? Never!

My ambition knows no limits.

Of course, your eminence.

I was set upon by bandits.

Oh, I was set upon by bandits.

Oh! I was set upon by bandits!

Oh. I was set upon by bandits.

Let's see how it goes.

- Ah, Pip.
- Hm?

I was sat upon by pandas!


Uh, that sounds very interesting,
but we're having breakfast right now.

Uh, of course, sir, of course you are.

Dogtanian. Why have you called us here
in such a hurry?

I am missing my second lunch for this.

Missing lunch? But you're eating.

This? A mere snack.
A true lunch has at least four courses.

How many lunches do you eat
to make your lunching day complete?

Usually four,
but lately I've been squeezing in a fifth

between third tea and first supper.

Gentlemen, we beg your assistance
with a most delicate situation.

We believe the Queen's necklace
is about to be stolen.

- What?
- That diamond necklace

is unique in the world.

It was given to her by the King.

Those gems of ice are without price.

Doubtless this is another ploy by Richelieu
to instigate war with England.

The necklace will be stolen tonight.

That's right.
I overheard the conversation myself.

The woman who intends
to steal them was called Milady.

This... Milady. Tell me, was she beautiful?

With fur the colour of smoke? Deep blue eyes?

- Yes.
- Ah.

It is her. There can be no doubt.

Who is this? Who, so feared by you?


Milady de Winter.

The most deadly woman in all of France.

A thousand men
have found their doom in her eyes.

Uh... Surely she cannot
be as bad as all that.

Worse. She is more skilled with a sword
than anyone I have ever known.

But, more than that,
she has strange powers of hypnosis.

Her piercing gaze can entrance anyone
and make them her slave.

Wait, how do you know so much
about Milady de Winter?

I had the great misfortune once...
to be her husband.

Holy cow.

The great and small alike, by love,
are brought down low from up above.

Yes, Mademoiselle. We are at your service.

Dear, lovely Juliette...

Fair, radiant Juliette...

Juliette, whose hands
flutter like doves upon...

Oh, boy.

Oh, sorry. I got distracted.

Oh, well, ain't that cute.

Uh, it seems to me
that it should be simple for us

to prevent Milady from stealing the diamonds.

When Milady is involved, nothing is simple.

Gentlemen, ahem,
thanks so much for your help.

While I stay with the Queen

you must watch for Milady
and guard the entrances to the palace.

An excellent plan.

Dogtanian will take the north, I the east,
Athos the south, and Aramis the west.


One for all, and all for one.

I'll take this.

Can't let 'em see me.


So Dogtanian will guard the north, eh?

Hm. You have done well, Pip.

Here are a few livres for your trouble.

Listen closely. Milady must succeed tonight.

I will tell her to enter the palace
by the north exactly at midnight.

And exactly at midnight
you will see that Dogtanian is distracted.

Do you understand?

- Yes.
- And do you further understand

that disobedience could cause you
great difficulty in future endeavours?

- Yes.
- Such as... breathing?


I understand, Your Lordship.
It will be done. I swear.

Yes, yes, just go.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Do you believe Milady will succeed, sir?

Oh yes, Rochefort. She doesn't like to lose.

I once saw her win
a staring contest with a statue.




Uh, it's, uh, nearly midnight, sir.

Yes. Why? Are you getting sleepy?

No, uh, just... It's nothing.


Uh... and now Juliette too.

It's a cold night, isn't it,
Monsieur Dogtanian?

I-I-It feels warmer now.


Oh, this pressure's gonna kill me.

I'm sorry, I know I should not
have left the Queen alone, but...

I wanted to make sure everything was alright,
and I hoped to see how you were.

I have been thinking of you as well.

I can think of nothing else.

Every beat of my heart murmurs,
"Juliette... Juliette..."

My very soul is consumed by thoughts of you.

At times I cannot breathe.

Sir! Hey, sir!

- Hello?
- This is not a good time, Pip.

How am I gonna distract you
if you're already so distracted?

Look over here. Hey, hello.

- Hey. Look over here.
- Distract me from what?

It's her!

Hey, over here!

Oh, I am terrible at intrigue.
What a disaster.

Oh! Pardon me, madame.

- Hey!
- Oops, pardon me, monsieur.

Oh, dear!

Ah! Pardon me, horse!





What? You would draw your sword
upon a woman?

No, uh, I, I...

There is but one word for a man
who would threaten a lady.

And that word is... idiot.

"Idiot" is the word.

Give me that necklace!

Step aside. You are unarmed...

and I am not.

Perhaps you offer
more amusement than I had thought.

- You won't get away with this.
- Clever girl.

But not clever eno...

Come on!

What have you done to the Queen?

A simple trance.
It will wear off in a few hours.

- Bye-hoo-wha!
- Hm?


She's awake!

Stop that woman!


Thank you for the pleasure of your company,
ladies. I bid you adieu.

I can't get loose.

What did I miss?

That way. Hurry!

How did I get into this mess?

I know you are in the pay of the Cardinal.

Delay Dogtanian.

Oh no, this is bad.

Oh, sir. Hey, sir!

What is it, Pip?

Uh, um, check out my moves.


- But, what nonsense is this?
- Pretty cool, eh?

Just hanging out, y'know.

Milady. Milady!

Come back here!

I've got you now.

Give up!

You can't get away!


You missed.

Shall we dance?

En garde!

You just wait. I'll teach you.

Now what, huh?

Give me the necklace.
Don't make me hurt you.

I assure you, you will not!


Farewell, Dogtanian. We will not meet again.

We'll see about that, Milady.

I have failed my Queen.

And I have failed Juliette.

I couldn't stop her.

Hm. It is done.

Milady has the Queen's necklace,
and the forged note.

She has just now left for Calais,
where a ship will take her to England.

Excellent. This war is assured,
and France will surely win.

Now is the time to execute
the remainder of the plan.

I must weaken
the King's confidence in the Queen.

As her influence wanes,
my own will grow stronger.

Come, Rochefort. I must see the King at once.


Richelieu. How happy it makes me
see you, my dear...


To what do I owe this...


How are the preparations going

for the grand Royal Ball
to celebrate your birthday?



It will be a party like France
has never seen before.

With rulers from all over the world,
an occasion...


Dubois. Any tighter
and there will be two of me.


My liege, I was thinking...

this would be the perfect moment
for the Queen

to debut the diamond necklace
Your Majesty gave her.

Brilliant idea, Richelieu. You are a genius.

Everyone will be so surprised.

The value of that necklace is incalculable.
Do you know how much it's worth?

I do not.

No one does. That's why it's incalculable.

Well then, Your Majesty
must insist that she wear it.

I will. Rest assured.

Since all goes well, I will trouble
Your Majesty no longer. Adieu.

Adieu, my friend. Adi...

Dubois. I believe you did that on purpose.


It is done. When the Queen
appears at the ball without her diamonds

the King will become suspicious.

And your power will no doubt increase.

Soon I will be the only one the King trusts.
My power will be absolute.

What could she have done
with the Queen's necklace?

We have to find out.

She must have given the diamonds
to the Cardinal, I'm certain of that.

Athos, thou art as thick and dense
as winter fog or elephants.

Thank you. Wait...


Richelieu does not plot and scheme
for wealth, but for much grander dreams.

Yes, perhaps.

That necklace will have left Paris.

Then we must learn where.
I would give my life to retrieve it.

Wait a moment. I found this note
on the floor of the Queen's bedroom.

I believe Milady dropped it.

Uh, let me see.

It says, "Calais, Lis d'Or."

I recognise the hand it's in.
This note is from the Cardinal's pen.

Calais is a port city.

And the Lis d'Or must be a ship.

We must go to Calais. Milady has
a head start, but we can catch her.

We must leave immediately.

Juliette. Never fear,
we'll get the necklace back.

One for all, and all for one!

Oh, boy.

I must tell the Cardinal. Of course I must.

And yet, I feel something towards Dogtanian
I've never felt before.


like a toothache in my chest.

Could it be... loyalty?

I cannot imagine
what would bring you here to me now.

Those who fail me, as you have,
live to regret it. Briefly.

But, sir, I come with important information.

- Hm.
- Dogtanian and the Muskehounds

are going go to Calais to catch Milady.


See that they do not reach Calais.
Take as many of my guards as you need.

Yes, Your Eminence.

And you, go with Dogtanian
and stick with him at all times.

Oh, sir. Please don't hurt them.

Fear not.

My guards will only detain them.

They will not be harmed in the slightest.


Now go, Pip.

Go and keep an eye on Dogtanian.

Uh, yes, sir. Yes, sir.


Uh, the exit, now, uh...

Where's the exit? Over here?

Just go already.

This way!

Fly. Take this message to Richelieu's men.

Oh, I am hungry enough to eat a horse.

And I am on a horse.

Uh-oh. This could end badly.

You'll have to wait, Athos.

There's no time to lo...

The Cardinal's men!


Whoa. You three continue.
I will handle this first attack.

Perhaps they will have food.

Have you any sausages?



We have just begun and are reduced by one.

Now, alas, no doubt, shall come a cry...

Look out!


- Whoa, boy!
- Let's go.

Now what do we do?

'Tis my turn to fight our foes.
Hurry on to Calais. Go.

Four to one. It seems most fair...

What are you waiting for?

...when one can fight with wit and flair.

Come on!

So now we are but two.

- Three.
- Uh, where did he come from?

Pip has been with us the whole time.

I have a talent for going unnoticed, sir.

Ah, to remain unnoticed is a useful skill,
especially for a...


Oh, no!

What is that?


Go, Sandy! Watch out!

I'll handle these knaves.
Go on, Dogtanian. Go on.

Alright. Hyah!

Have at you, scoundrels!

Leave me, all of you.

- Except Juliette.
- Hm!

- The nerve.
- Unbelievable.

Oh, Juliette.
You are the only one I can trust.

Majesty, we are surrounded by spies.

If my necklace is not returned immediately,
it will be a great tragedy.

Do not be afraid.

Dogtanian and his three companions
have sworn to return it

and I'm sure they will not fail you.

At last, Calais.
Now to find that Lis d'Or.


There isn't a soul in the streets.

Whoa, boy.

The Lis d'Or.

Where is she?

She's on her way to England.


We must follow her at once!

What? Impossible, sir.

The Lis d'Or's captain must be a lunatic.

No one who's right in the head
would set sail in this sea.

Then... we are lost.

We will not get the diamond necklace back.

And the Cardinal will use it for his own
nefarious purpose... war with England.

This is terrible. Thousands of people
may die. And it will all be my fault.

Oh sir, we've failed.
There's nothing we can possibly do.

Richelieu has what he wanted.
He is as powerful as my father said.

All over France,
he knows everything that happens.

I can't imagine how.

I can't go back to Juliette
without the necklace.

And my career as a Muskehound has ended.


I be the greatest!

No one can beat me at anything!

The strongest!

And here's the proof.


Why, if anyone could defeat me,
I would do whatever he wanted.

I can defeat you!


Down here.

You want to wrestle?

Ye be crazy.


Well, we'll fight then.

Oh no, sir, I'm talking about a duel.

What? He must be crazy.

Come on.

You're scared, huh?

If I win, your ship will be
at my service, Captain.

If I lose, three golden coins will be yours.

- Ah.
- He can't be serious.

Very well. We will duel, you fool.

But I warn ya...

The best!

...I be the finest swordsman in France.

And I warn you...

...you are mistaken.

Make room, mateys!

Hey, mateys, make room.

This is going to be painful to watch.

You're in for it now, lad!

Your time has come.



Take that!

Shall we continue?

No, blast ye.
It's clear that you're better than me.

I'm Captain Bloodhound.


♪ One for all and all for one... ♪

Me ship be called the Dumas.

She be at your command.

I need to catch a ship that left for England
an hour ago, the Lis d'Or.

That wallowing goose?

Me ship be five times faster.
We'll catch her easy. Come on.

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen.
We sail at once.

Pip, this is our last chance.

One of these smugglers here tried to eat me.

I may never sleep again.

If I do not recover the diamond necklace

the King will lose his trust in me and
he will only listen to Cardinal Richelieu.

Please have faith in Dogtanian.

It's going to be an unbearable wait.

There are only 24 hours until the Royal Ball.

What will we do?

Ship ahoy!


Even at full sail,
the Lis d'Or be too slow, Cap'n.

We'll be upon her in no time.

Awk. In no time. Awk.

It's inevitable, sir, they're catching us.

It's hopeless.
They'll board us in minutes.

Get below.

No. It's me they're after.
No need to prolong this.

So, are you going to surrender?

I am going to fight. But on my terms.

Let them board us. And get yourselves below.

Prepare to board the ship!

Whoa. Whoa.

The necklace, Milady.


Do not make this difficult, Milady.

I know all your tricks.

Are you certain of that, sir?

Are you absolutely,
positively certain of that?


Yes! We will solve this just between us two.

And our two swords!

It's going to be a fight to the death.

- Hm?
- Awk! Poor sails!

What? The sails? Why's that?

Whenever there's a sword fight on a ship,
at least one sail winds up slashed.

- Isn't that right?
- It be true, I've never seen it fail, sir.

You are on the wrong side.
You should join me.

Together we could accomplish much.

I imagine you once said the same to Porthos.

Porthos! My ex-husband?

I'll see you above.

Where did she go?

The Devil's Tooth. Extraordinary!

But you have not beaten me yet...

You are feeling weak...

weak and sleepy, so sleepy...

No! You will not enchant me, witch.

For I know the words that break the spell...

Oh, I don't remember.

That infernal cat...

She's trying to put him into a trance and
he's forgotten the words that can stop her.

Luckily, I have them right here.

But what can I do?

Maybe I should...

Hyah! Give it here.

- There it goes!
- There it goes!






Just in time.

- Ha-ha!
- You wretch!


Yeah! We're invincible!

There goes the sail!

It happens every time.

That sword is an antique.

But you fight very well with it.

The Omega has always belonged to my family

dedicated to the service of justice.


Finally. At last.

Give me the necklace!


You want it?

Take it!

If you can!



That was close.

I can't believe it.

And what will you do with me now?


That rotten Dogtanian!

Start rowing, Milady!

I will have my revenge!

This I swear!

How difficult it is to be Queen.
I have power but I depend on others.

Dogtanian must arrive with
the diamond necklace as soon as possible.

He will. I'm sure of it.

His majesty the King.

My Queen, just popping by to say

that you simply must wear
your diamond necklace to the Ball.

You must show it off.

It's spectacular.

Oh... y-yes, Juliette is going to clean it.

It will be such a huge surprise for everyone

since you've never worn it before.

It will be great, my love.


I am lost, I cannot appear at the ball
wi-without the necklace.


A fine adventure, Dogtanian.
It's been a real pleasure to help ya.

I won't forget it, Captain.

I hope I never catch sight of you

or the ocean ever again.


My friends!

At last. Do you have the necklace?

Yes. The case is punctured,
but the necklace is whole.

We have received word from Juliette.

The King has commanded that the Queen
wear the necklace to the Royal Ball tonight.

Sweet cheese and toast!

Tonight? Will we get there in time?

If we ride at once.


Hey, wait for me, sir!

Let's go, Pip.

Go, Sandy. Run like the wind!

Come on, come on.

Let's go.

Like the wind, I said!
Come on, come on, come on.

Alright, you.

Captain Bloodhound,
might I ask you for three things?

Of course you can, Dogtanian.

A stick, some string, and a carrot.


Dogtanian is crazy.

Hyah! Hyah!

What do you know? It works.

You know, Sandy is quite fast,
when properly motivated.

Thousands of lives depend on us
getting the diamonds to the Queen in time.

We can do it. Right, Pip?

By the great Gruyère cheese, surely we can.

Confess. Confess. Confess.

- Sir, I...
- Yes, Pip?

Sir, you've been so good to me,
so I have to confess, I have to confess.

I stole the gold coin you came to Paris with.
And... that's it.

Now I've said it. Here it is.
Please forgive me.

I already knew that, Pip. Consider it a gift.

You need it more than I do. Keep it.

Oh, sir... I can't... I can't even...

I have been informed that Dogtanian
may be returning with the diamonds.

I want all my guards surrounding the Palace.

They must ensure
that he cannot get in before the Ball.

The Queen must appear without her diamonds.

Once Louis doubts her,
I will have more power than ever.

Now go!

I want Dogtanian in prison. Is that clear?

- Of course, my lord Cardinal.
- Of course, my lord Cardinal.

Dogtanian, let's play a fun game, you and me.

But where is everyone?



The Cardinal's guards
have surrounded the Palace.

These guys again?

Excellent. Here is our plan:
We fight, and we win, then... dinner.

I like this plan, Athos.

To arms!

One for all, and all for one!

But none of them for me!

Excuse me. Bowling!

Unfinished verses I now quote.

Therefore, I'd like to hear your... notes.

"My heart with burning fire o'erflows..."

"Burning fire" is redundant.

And something, something... "heaven knows"?

I like it. I like it.

Thank you.

You Cardinalists lack upper-body strength.

Is that the best you can do?

You have to practice more.

And one, and two, and three...

and four!

Five and six and seven and eight.


Here we come! Take that!

I'll show you!

See how you like this.

- Take that. And that. And that.
- That's it, Pip!

Take that. And that. And that.


Enough of this.

- By the great Gruyère cheese!
- We cleaned up, Pip.

We are the best! They ate it.

- Take that, and that, we are the best.
- Come on, Pip!

Hey! Hey, wait for me!

The Cardinal's guards are everywhere.

But they haven't seen us.

Up we go.

Whoa! Pardon me, horse.


Done it.

Where's the Queen's room?

These hallways are all the same, Pip.

Yeah, it's a total maze. It's easier to get
lost here than in the sewers of Paris.

At last we meet.

Black Moustache.

I have been looking for you.

And I for you. You owe me a duel.

And you will have it.


Get to safety, Pip.

But, sir!

Yes, run along, Pip.
I am certain you have things to do.

En garde.

Oh, boy. This is bad!

I warn you, monsieur,
I am the finest swordsman in France.

Why does everyone keep saying that
when I am the best swordsman?

And I'm going to show you,
with my sword Omega.

Uh, so it's a small palace after all.

Ah, Pip. I trust you were looking for me?

Oh, I, sir...

Have you something to tell me?
Or have you grown tired...

...of living?

I have seen this sword before.

It belonged to my father.

Your father? Can it be...?

Are you the son of that fool

I sent away in disgrace so many years ago?

If you're not a noble,
you can't be Captain of the Muskehounds.

- You... you are the Comte de Rochefort?
- I am.

So it was you! You who framed my father
for a crime he did not commit.

You who soiled the good name of Dogtanian!

It was I.

Then you will pay for it!

Your anger makes you reckless.

Master your
emotions, or they will master you...

Enough talk.

It will be an unforgettable night.
The great Royal Ball.

What's this then? This is terrible!

A fight in the palace!

You're just like your father.

It's over!

Not so fast!


What? The Devil's Tooth.


Mercy, sir, mercy!

Wait... this is the best part.



Do not hurt me. I will do anything.

- Please...
- What is this scandal?

- A sword fight?
- Then confess, wretch!

In the presence of these witnesses!

Confess that it was you who framed my father
for a crime he did not commit.

Ah! Yes, I did it. I did it.

You did what, Rochefort?

I organised a plot to ruin your father.

He was innocent of everything.

You heard his confession. You are
honour-bound to inform the authorities.

This fiend will rot in the Bastille.

Something like this in the palace.



Your name is cleared at last, Father.

Ah! Poor Dogtanian.

To have come so close to achieving
your goal, only to meet your doom.

Thank you, Pip.

You will receive the 20 pistoles
I promised you.

Pip? Tell me you didn't.

Sir, I...

Now, be a good lad and give me the necklace.

You will have to finish me off to get them.

I would like nothing better.

- Widimer, if you please.
- Uh-huh, yes.





- No. No, no, don't do it. No, no.
- Murderer!

- What?
- You killed him!

And you, Cardinal,
is this what you were looking for?

No, no!


Pip? Say something. Please.

In the end you saved my life.

You died... for me.

Oh, sir. Did you say your life?


You're alive!

You see? I told you.
You needed it more than I did.

But in the end, you were right.

- Dogtanian!
- Huh?

- Dogtanian!
- Juliette!


The necklace. Throw it to me.

There's no time.

Did Monsieur Porthos not tell you...

...that I excel at mimicry?



No one imitates me!

Sleep well, Milady.


- Juliette!
- Dogtanian!

We did it!

Huh? Ah!

I must go, the Queen awaits me.

Oh! Of course, Juliette.

I always said this kid

was falling hard for her.

Where is her Majesty the Queen?

I do not like to be kept waiting.

I do hope nothing is wrong, Your Majesty.

Her Majesty the Queen.


But what is this?

Where is the famed diamond necklace?

My Queen, I specifically asked you
to wear the necklace I gave you.

I... I...

Begging your pardon. Your Majesty?

Here is the necklace
that you asked me to clean.


Thank you.

Ah. Ah. My Queen,
you have never looked lovelier.

Yes, she is radiant.

Come, my Queen.

Their Majesties, the King and Queen.

What shall we talk about?

Peace between nations.

Excellent idea.

Seeing you so lovely tonight,
there can be only one wish for all of France

peace and love.

My boy!

Long live my good sir!

Cadet Dogtanian, come forth.

Dogtanian, this isn't over yet.

Your Majesty, I am your humble servant.

Stand, my boy.

You have performed a great
and heroic service for the Queen.

On behalf of France,
I wish to thank you.

My life and Omega sword
are yours, Your Majesty.

Dogtanian, you have saved both the honour
of your family name and the future of France.

There, there.

You are the personification
of our best values...

- I can't even...
- Camaraderie

courage, audacity, and loyalty.

Dear Dogtanian, as a gesture of gratitude

I present you with this gold medallion
with the symbol of your family.

And also this sword

which is much lighter than yours.

A new Omega sword.

And I, for my part

charge that you, Dogtanian

shall without delay be accepted into the
company of my Muskehounds as an officer.

In the end, it was faster than we thought.

Your Majesty. I... don't know what to say.

I love you, Dogtanian!

And I love you, too, Juliette.

Come on, Dogtanian, bow to the people.

Three cheers for Dogtanian.

Hip, hip...


Hip, hip...


- Hip, hip...
- Hooray!


Hooray! Hooray!


One for all, and all for one!

Say goodbye, Pip.

Hoo! So long for now!

Yeah! Ah!

You see Pip? They do remember my song.

Yeah, that song was already famous.
So, where's my song then?

- And mine?
- And mine?

- And mine?
- And mine?

Uh... OK, guys, let's leave that
for the next film. OK?

♪ When I see your face ♪

♪ Caressed by the moon ♪

♪ My heart can't keep pace ♪

♪ I wonder if I'm in love with you ♪

♪ Yes, I do ♪

♪ When I hear you voice ♪

♪ That's my favourite sound ♪

♪ You leave me no choice ♪

♪ But ride this fine merry-go-round ♪

♪ Your hand fits in mine ♪

♪ You complete my dream ♪

♪ That's because inside ♪

♪ You're meant for me ♪

♪ So come on ♪

♪ Just fall ♪

♪ Cos love will scoop us up safely ♪

♪ Begone, you ♪

♪ Nightfall ♪

♪ A sunny dance ♪

♪ Here to stay ♪

♪ When I see your face ♪

♪ It comes right on cue ♪

♪ My heart can't give in ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪