D'Agostino (2012) - full transcript

Heading on a transatlantic voyage at sea from an Italian lab to America, D'Agostino is the story of a human clone left for dead at the shores of Santorini Greece. This lost cargo, commissioned by wealthy individuals for organ tranplants, is abandoned as the freight cannot be recovered. Allan Dawson has recently inherited his grandmother's island estate. He's in a loveless relationship with his common law spouse Sylvia. As he finds this interesting freight, what follows is a macabre tale of self realization as Allan proceeds to set himself out of his sedentary existence to mold his latest discovery into a new best friend with dire consequences.

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i hate people.

i think of them like pegs...

part of this never-ending board game.

constantly moving around in circles, but going


look how they talk.

i'm sure most of it's much about nothing.

they're always selling something. just look at them.

yeah, i know what you're thinking.

this guy's a narcissist.

i know that.

you're not the first one to open up to me there,

trust me.

i seek self gratification through dominance and ambition.

that's how i got to where i'm at today,

an executive at a fortune 500 company.


to some degree.

i am so bored.

so sick and tired of the same routine.

i'm pathetic,


it's taken me a while, but i finally fell into

that same abyss, just like the rest of them,

and i hate it.

look around. they're smiling.

they all seem so happy, but i know inside,

they're miserable.

strolling through life, because they know they have to.

they don't have a choice.

neither do i.

how pathetic.

how do fat people

carry themselves?

how do ugly people look in the mirror?

there's nothing worse than someone who's fat

and ugly.

anyone home?

i'm in the kitchen.

dinner's almost ready.

how is your mother?

she's fine.

uh... i hope i didn't

overcook the chicken too much.

what do you think?

it's fine.

what's wrong?

you know, it's funny...

you spend all day in the kitchen,

and then, when you sit down to eat,

you're no longer hungry.

i don't have that problem.

what's on your mind?

what do you mean?

i feel like i'm eating at a jail sentencing here.

why would you say that?

i don't know. you tell me.

why am i feeling like that?

well, maybe there's just a little something

eating away at your conscience.

look, things happen,

and sometimes we don't have any control over them,

but when we do, we have to take responsibility for them,


i didn't say anything.

you didn't have to.

you know what i want.

i'm done.

that was my child.

i want another one.

we can't afford it.

i'll get a job.

you already have a job.

two, three, it doesn't matter. i'll get another one.

is that why you made this special meal?

god, i can't remember

the last time i ate this well.

can we please just give it some time?

let's just give it a rest for now.

how was work?

same thing, different day.

you got mail.

uh, i hope you don't mind.

it seemed important, so i opened it.


it's from your grandma's estate.

what do they want?

well, it seems like your loving grandmother

has left you some property, in greece.



what is it?

well, it doesn't really say.

it just gives you an address to go to.

somewhere in greece, in santorini.

you know, allan, you should really, you should go there.

really go check it out and see what it's all about.

what do you think it is?

i don't know.

that's why i think

you need to go over there

and see what it's all about.

you're right.

i mean, you've got an open plane ticket in there.

you can take a couple of days off and go over there

and straighten things out with the property.

do you know what i'm thinking?

i know, you have to work, right?

it's not a good idea.

i think it's a terrific idea.

i mean, i've got all this vacation time accumulated.

and i've been meaning to take a couple days off anyway.

what do you think she left you?

i have no idea.

whatever it is, i'm gonna sell it.

yeah, but,

you don't even know what it is yet.

doesn't matter. we need the money.

if i go, will you come with me?

well, who's gonna stay home and pay the bills?

yeah, you're right.

it was just a thought.

i was thinking you've got a better head

for those kind of matters.

you'll be fine.

i'll have to pack.

i hate packing.

i'll pack for you. how's that?

you will?


well, how about this?

you pack my belongings for me,

and before i go, i'll take you out to a nice dinner.

ohh... i'd like that.

that sounds pretty good.

so, what do you think?


i was talking to a couple

earlier today, when i was picking up your dry cleaning.

and they said, the sunsets in santorini

are not to be missed.

great. i can't wait.

hey, did you hear anything from nico?

yeah, he's gonna be

waiting for you over there,

and when you get there, there will be a cab,

so, that's all taken care of.

thank you.

one of the girls at my office is on maternity leave.

so, it looks like i'm gonna be taking some of her work load.

after all, with you...

over there and me working overtime.

no vacation for me.

are you happy?


i'm not happy about that at all.

no, i meant...

are you happy with me?

of course i'm happy with you.

i was just wondering.

mr. dawson, how are you?

welcome to santorini,

and to cavilari properties.

i'm nico. i'm your property manager.

nice to meet you. wow! this is amazing.

you know, about 3,500 years back, santorini

witnessed an awesome volcanic eruption

which created the caldera. you're right.

this is, undoubtedly,

one of the best natural wonders

on this earth.

you know, what i find even more interesting is,

a growing number of archaeologists and scientists

link the santorini caldera to the myth of atlantis.

i thought you would have brought your fiance.

she had to work.

is she related to the actress?

she is. it's her father's cousin.

i really likedlady chatterley's lover.

have you seen it.

no, but i read about it.

where are you from, nico? sao paulo.

i heard brazil is beautiful.

it is. what brings you to santorini?

i came here to visit and never left.

you're probably wondering why you are here.

i am indeed.

your grandmother left you this property.

so, we just need to do a thorough inspection

and fill out some paper work.

how long has she had this place?

she's had it for quite a while now.

um, i don't know the details, because i'm new here,

but the management company usually rents it out.

and now that she's deceased,

it's up to you to decide what you'd like to do with it.

let me leave your bags here,

and let me know if there's anything else i can do

to make your stay here in santorini more enjoyable.

i'm available 24/7.

thank you for your hospitality.

sure. enjoy your stay.

do you know any place i can grab some lunch? i'm starving.

i do. there's a place right up the street called mama's house.

they have very tasty mediterranean food.

i highly recommend it.

thank you very much. sure.

this is amazing.

thank you, grandma.

i'll send you thanks in my prayers.

yes, it is

absolutely beautiful here.

no, i'm sure you'd love it.

you should bring your wife here at some point.

i bet she would.

yeah, i know.

i know. i'll let you know.


okay, yep.

well, listen, listen.

it's been a really long day.

i'm gonna get some rest.

i understand, okay.

i know. all right.

yes, all right. okay.

all right, i'll talk to you soon.


oof! ahh!

oh, hi, allan, how are you?

i'm fine. how are you doing? good, good.

i was just... around, and i thought

i'd stop by and say hello. hi.

did you go to the restaurant? i did.

yeah, thank you. good. how was it?

it was very tasty.

yeah, yeah, i just came

from there myself.

and everything is okay?

yeah. good.

oh, i see you did some

grocery shopping.

i just picked up a few things.

well, i'm gonna get going.

i just wanted to stop by and say hello.

okay. you have a good night.

good night. bye.

listen, i really don't think you understand

the scope of what's going on here.

there's all sorts of deeds and inspections,

and other stuff that she just left unattended that i have to deal with.

i know...

no, i think it would be great if you came,

just wait till i finish all this stuff.

'cause if you come now, listen,

you're just not gonna see much of me.

i think there's a lot of money to be made here.

i already talked to the airline. it's an open ticket.

i'm looking at it right now.

that's why i love you so much.

no. i love you more.

all right, well, listen, it's getting late.

i know...

hey, listen.

we're gonna make this happen, okay?

okay, good night. i love you.

so, your name is d'agostino?

from turin, italy.

you're italian.

well... do you speak?

i guess not.

code name comes from emperoraugustus taurinorum

of torino, italy.

and it says here...

you're a human clone.

according to this, you were on a transatlantic ship

headed from italy to the u.s.a.

and your crate went overboard in a storm.

well, that must be how your crate crashed

on this shore, huh, but how did you get up here?

it says here...

your organs were scheduled to be used by several patients

who paid a lot of money to have you made.

well, no wonder you escaped.

i would have done the same thing.

no. stop it.

this cube is yours.

there we go. it's all right.

it's all right, come on.

come on, d'agostino.

let's do it. let's go. come on.

come on, we gotta get you cleaned up. let's go!

come on!

i didn't mean to do that to you. i'm sorry.

you know, you seem like

a man of few words.

i'm a man of few words myself.

i try to keep my thoughts to myself, you know?

you fare better in this world like that.

i bet a lot of smart minds want

to learn what's going on inside that head of yours.

yeah, you're my new best friend.

just like a dog,


yeah, every man should have

a human pet as their best friend.

i'll tell you all my thoughts.

you won't judge me.

you just look at me and stare intently.

maybe even love me,

just because i'm here taking care of you.

no, no!

no! you hold it!

oh, no, no, no, no...

no, no, no! get back in.

get back in. get back in.


like this, like this.

now you-- look, look, look!


like this.

now you try.

no, no! not like that.

like this.

look, look, look...

people don't stand like that.

and if you want to start

to be treated like one, you need to act as such.

if you want to survive in this world, there's so much

that you need to start learning.

first of all, we don't go around urinating wherever we want to.

second of all, you never leave a bathtub while you're still wet.

do you even realize the amount of work

you caused for me or the mess that you made?

no, i guess you wouldn't, would you?

you know, you need to learn, d'agostino.

we always live by a set of rules.

we have to live by these rules and regulations. if we didn't--

no, no, no...

get back here!

you have to learn that we all live by a set of rules.

we can't just do whatever we want to do, okay?

if we could, don't you think i'd like to tell that boss of mine

what he can do with all his snide remarks and comments.

no, no, but i can't to that,

because then i'd be out of a job.

you can't do that. i can't do that.

none of us can. we all have to live by a set of rules.

otherwise, all we have is pure anarchy.

and the first word you need to learn for today is "no."

no, d'agostino! no, bad!

no, no, no, no, no, no...


hey, it's okay. it's okay.

it's okay. okay?

it's okay. it's okay.

some people would know better,

but i know that you don't.

i know. it's okay.

you may have been made in our image, to perfection,

but i know that you too have your faults.

and since you're living here on my property,

you're gonna live by my rules.

what do you think about that?

that's what i thought. no comment.

no comment.

ha, you remind me of my wife.

only, when she's silent, it usually means something.

it means something's wrong, and i ...

i should know what it is.

well, we're not formally married.

she's like my wife.


we live together.


why don't i marry her?

that's a good question.

well, i would never tell her this...

but if you already have the milk, why buy the cow?


plus... everybody i know,

says that once you get married, everything changes.

it's, like, you start to get comfortable with each other,

and you begin to tolerate each other.

you get lazy, and eventually, the love just fades away.

but, you see... when you're together,

but you're not married...

you always have that fear that the other person might leave you still.

and it keeps you on your toes.

thank you for not judging me.


i am trying to sleep!

what is this?

what is this!?

bad, no, no!

bad, bad, d'agostino!



there you go, there you go.

there you go. that's it. that's it. good, good.

good. it's okay. it's okay.

good, good. yes.

that's very good.


yes! good, good.

good is good.


good. good.

ha... good. good job, buddy.


hey, buddy.

oh, ho...

i know what you're doing.

i used to have a pet cat that would do the same thing.

this must be for me, huh?

that's a nice gesture.

d'ago, are you there?

are you playing hide and seek?

there's not too many places to hide in this little room.


d'ago, are you here?

* i should have took time just to realize *

* all of the treasures

* you hold inside

* was too young to see you, though *

* i know you're more

* than just a photograph

* i want to hear all about your past *

* sorry it took so long

* there nothing wrong with living my own life *

* i should come home

* maybe i should write

* 'cause there's something missing *

* and there's

* no time like the present

* but i spent too much

* on me today

* i want to make up now for wasted time *

* learn all your secrets

* and tell you mine

* if you want to know them

* i kind of feel like i have let you down *

* when my own weight never turned *

* around

* and there's no time

* like the present


how could i have been so stupid?

i hope he comes back.

oh, d'agostino!

where have you been?

i looked everywhere for you.

don't do that again. not again, okay?

okay? this is your home.

come on, come on.

come on, buddy, come on.

it's all right. you're home. come on.

come on. come on!

all right, let's go.

come on, come on.

hey, hey!

you know, when i was little,

i used to have a little cat named george.

she would do the exact same thing.

i didn't look down there.

you know what, she used to bring me these

little presents and leave them for me.

i would call them my offerings.

is this your present to me?

did you bring this

for me, d'ago?

hey, hey.

what do you think of that name -- d'ago?

d'ago. i like it.

i can't keep saying that name, d'agostino,

too many times or i'm gonna get tongue tied.

so, i think i'll call you d'ago.

yeah, like, "here, boy. come on, boy."

yeah, well, i gotta get some sleep,

because you tired me out today,

buddy boy.

get some sleep.

i'm gonna go out now. i m gonna check out some of the sights.

you stay here.

no, no, you stay.

you stay! stay here!


yes, yes! you stay right here, okay?

stay here.


i'm not gonna be out long.

stay right here.


that's a good boy.

ah! ah! ah! whoa...!

no! no!

you're a bad boy. bad boy!

good. no. not good.

no! bad. bad boy!

good. you're bad.

good... good.

no. i said bad. bad boy!

good. bad.

stay! stay!

good! no. you're bad!

you're a bad boy!

bad! you stay!

stay! you stay!

you stay. right there.

okay... okay.

stay. you stay.

that's it. that's it.

you stay. stay.



hi, honey.

no, no, i'm just watching some television.

what do you mean?

what do you mean?

i just told you. i'm watching television

i know. i know. i miss you too.

it's not too long now.

really? oh, man...

i know. i'm really in a hurry.

what? you-- really? you want to what?

right now?

um, well, i was just...

yeah, just hold on a second.


yeah, i love that.



ha, ha... you are a naughty girl, aren't you?

oh, i love it when you wear that.

my god, you look amazing in that.

you're a naughty girl, aren't you?

yeah, uh-huh...

oh, my god, you are so bad.


no, go on.


oh, shit.

hold on.

shit. i gotta call you back.

get down. get down.

this is amazing.

i can't believe we've come so far.

maybe in a few years we'll have

made to order human pets just like you.

come on.

imagine the possibilities.

you're made from flesh and blood.

to someone who orders you,

maybe just for sex...

or, who knows?

help a dying relative.

clones like you would have multiple purposes.

i guess the more immediate question is...

is what i do with you.

okay, okay, okay...

just lay down.

you stay.

just stay.

what are you doing?

you must be trying to mimic me, huh?

only problem is, you're not me.

you're not married.

don't worry, i'll teach you a little travel trick.

go ahead.

ah! ah!...

shh... yeah.

let go.

come on. it's quite a rush, isn't it?

yeah... how's that feel?

yeah, that's good.


oh, shit.

oh, shit. shit!

oh, shit. oh. i'm so sorry.

oh... i'm sorry. i'm sorry.

i'm sorry. hello? come on.

i am so sorry. hello?

okay, i i didn't mean to do that to you. i'm sorry.

okay, okay...

i'm sorry.

hey, hey...

come on, come on.

come on. that's okay.

good boy. it's okay. it's okay.

i'm sorry.

that's a television.

yeah, television.

you look like you could

use a walk.


okay, all right.

no, no. no!


no, no.

come on, come on.

whoa! no, no, no!

no, no, no, no, no, no...!

no, no, no...

come over here. stop it.

stop it. stop it. it's not for you.

stop, stop!

no, no!

come on!

go, go.

that's enough!

enough! stay!

i will get that belt again!



no, i know you do. i know you do.

you will.

i can't wait either.



oh, boy.

time for bed.

come on! come on now!

you know where you belong.

let's go. let's go.

on the floor. on the floor.

no! what did i say?

no! on the floor.


okay, but no funny business.

you stay there. you stay there.

hi. hey, hey...

no, you don't do that.

you don't do that. you know better.

here we go.

just bend here. it's okay.

you're okay. ah! ah!

it's okay. it's okay.

no, you're fine. it's okay.

yeah... see, see?

it's okay. that's it.

that's it.


now you're mine.

now you're mine.

all right, all right, come...

look at this, all right.

that's it. that's it, yeah.

there we are.

okay, come here.

hey, hey...

come on.

here we go.

come on. it's all right.

hey, hey, hey...

look at-- look at--

look at me. look at me, huh?


come here. come on.

no, no.

come on, come on.

come on.

shut up! shut up!

oh, hi, allan. hi, nico.

how are you?

i was just in the area,

and just wanted to say hello. hi.

make sure everything was okay. yeah,

i'm good. thank you.


so, um, allan...

we don't allow pets

on the premises.

oh... that.

it's a bowl. i got it for my pet back in london.

i see.

and what kind of pet do you have?

i have a dog--

i mean, i have a cat.

you got a dog bowl for a cat?

yeah... well, she's really pretty peculiar.

of course, of course.

yeah, i have a cat myself.

and cats are very funny creatures,

aren't they? yeah.

i mean, my cat thinks it's a dog.

but, anyway,

i was just stopping by, because i wanted to make sure

that you leave those inspection papers in my office.

oh, i know. i'm so sorry.

i've been really, really bad about that.

i'll get that to you in the next day or two.

i've just got a few more things to do with it.

but, actually, right now, i'm actually expecting somebody, so...

i should probably tend to... some stuff.

oh, would that be ms. crystal?

yes, yes it is. yeah, so...

so, i really-- i should be going.

of course, of course.

you know what? you're a very busy man.

i was just passing by to say hello,

and i'll talk to you soon, okay?

okay, soon enough.


i missed you.

i didn't realize how much,

until you left.

has anybody been here?

no, why?

i don't know.

it feels different.

i want to apologize.

for what?


i feel like i've been nagging you.

and every time we start to talk,

it always ends in an argument.

well, let's not argue any more then.

there's no need to apologize.

you're here and i'm here,

and we still love each other, right?

no, no, i feel like i need to apologize.

i really-- i feel i have to apologize.

listen, we'll be fine.

do you know what i think?

what are you thinking?

the last couple of days,

every time i try to talk to you,

you've been acting very, very strange.

i have?

yes, you have.

and how did you reach that conclusion?

ha... i'm not that naive.

i know what's going on.

you do?

yes, i do, and i know why.


tell me.

you've been hiding something from me.

sylvia, it's not what you think.

well, then tell me, tell me.

it's a bit hard to explain.

but, i'm a big girl.

i can take it.


but you can't tell anybody.


i want you to know how much i love you

and how important you are to me.

and nothing will make me happier than to see you happy;

because when you're happy, i'm happy.

and i've been giving it a lot of thought

and i've been very insensitive to your needs

and... it's time that i stepped up to the table.

let's just make this moment about you and me.

you mean...

do you really mean? do you mean...

oh, god. you really mean it, don't you?

i want to have a healthy baby boy.

well, how do you know it's gonna be a boy?

i don't know, but i know that's what you want.

so, i'm gonna wish for it and hopefully, it'll become reality.

but, what if

it's a girl?

well, i'll love her just the same.

let me know when you're close.


because i want you to thrust

as hard as you can inside of me.

and stay on top of me for several minutes,

so you can go deep, way down inside of me.

what are you doing?

my grandmother

used to say that, if you raise your legs during sex,

you have a better chance of...

of getting pregnant.

so your soldiers should go straight down there,

so just let me know, let me know.

shh, i can't concentrate.

did you hear that?

what was that? what was that?

did you see that?

no. you can't go over there.

i saw something-- calm down.

it could have been somebody's dog or something.

no, that was no fucking dog.

i heard, i heard chains.

i heard weird noises.

just calm down, stay here on the bed.

hold on. i'm gonna go check it out.

i'm gonna go check it out.

i don't want to stay here tonight.

just wait. hold on.

stay on the bed.

allan, psst!

what was that?

see, honey, it was nothing.

it was nothing. it must have been the wind that made those shadows.

we're not staying here tonight. we're not.

we're gonna leave tonight. we're not staying here.

honey-- we're not staying here.

you're overreacting. i'm not overreacting.

i know what i saw. whatever it is, it's gone now.

i saw something. i know i saw it.

we're gonna get out of here, tonight.

oh, god...


do you have any idea what time it is here?

it's very late, okay?

i have inspections to do tomorrow, too.

i know, i know, i know. i'm sorry.

how are you?


there's something i've been meaning to tell you.

never mind, it's...

it's, it's nothing.

you know me too well.

no, really, it's not important.

it's nothing.


i love you too.

i'll call you tomorrow.


good night.

oh, shit.

hey, buddy.

why are you so quiet?

you okay?

no, no, no, come on.

come on.

come on. you know you don't belong up here.

let's go.

all right, all right, it's okay.



it's okay, stop.

okay, okay.

it's all right.

it's okay.

okay, okay.

all right, all right.

all right, that's enough, that's enough.

come on, come on.

you stay.

okay, good boy.


stay right there. okay.

okay... good night, buddy.

good night.



are you ms. sylvia crystal?


do i know you?

that's allan's suit.

what are you doing in my fiance's suit?

good morning, allan.

i made you breakfast.

what have you...

what have you done with my girlfriend?

i hope you like stew.

you can walk and...


i thought you'd be delighted by my outfit.

wh...where is she? what did you do to her?

what's wrong, allan?

i did this to please you.

she's my latest offering.

would you like to see her?

* if i could sit back and take control *

* i'd find everything i need

* even more, i've got it all here *

* this i understand

* but how to let it out is not quite as simple *

* and i'm shaking like a little child *

* i try to calm down, but i can't *

* what's the matter?

* and i don't feel like i'm really here *

* i want to wake up from this sleep *

* it's a nightmare

* hey, it's all inside of me

* but it's lost on my enemies

* i have what it takes to find the way *

* but it's lost on my enemies

* i gotta make time and stop telling lies *

* to those close to me, i'll start with the closest one *

* i'll step out of the single line *

* i want to break out of this trap *

* i've discovered in my own head *

* is it's only life

* and now it's up to me

* to prevent any other from these false thoughts *

* and i'm gonna find

* the true part of me and then we'll move on *

* i said

* hey, it's all inside of me

* but it's lost on my enemies

* i have what it takes to find the way *

* but it's lost on my enemies

* and hey, it's all inside of me *

* but it's lost on my enemies

* i have what it takes to find the way *

* but it's lost on my enemies

* you lost it when you

* went away

* you lost it when you

* left me waiting

* you lost it when you

* went away

* you lost it when you

* left me waiting here

* hey, it's all inside of me

* but it's lost on my enemies

* i have what it takes to find the way *

* but it's lost on my enemies