D2: Train to the End of the World (2020) - full transcript

Trans-Siberian Railway - a cruise destination of 4 people traveling through the longest railway in the world.

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Day one.

We will be on our way soon.

We'll spend the next
eight days on a train

traveling from Ostrava
through Moscow to Vladivostok.



Day one.
I'm getting used to the new camera.

We'll spend the next
eight days on a train

travelling from Ostrava
through Moscow to Vladivostok.

I hope four spare videotapes
will be enough.

We are waiting for Gábina now,
that's typical.

-Where is she?

Let me see…

Let's go!

She's not available.


What's the time?

The train leaves at 5 p.m.

It's almost 5…

She's always like that… Relax!


Hey, the lady's arrived!

…just arriving, so I'd rather finish.
Bye, take care!

Hello René!

Hey, you're late.

Not late, I'm right on time.

Hello, Martin.

Let's go!

No wait, one more selfie.
On the train station!

Heeey!!! Russiaaa!!

Russian is easy, you' ll get used to it.

Ok, let's see.
Yes and no is da, niet.

"How are you?"
I used to know that, but I forgot.

"Kak dela?"

No, I'm not sure it was
more like "How do you do?"

They say "How do you do" as well…

Yeah, but it was a different phrase.
I just forgot it.

"Kak dela" is all I know…

Anyway, there's Mausoleum

and if we walk this way,
around Saint Basil's Cathedral…

we'll reach Moskva River.

So how long will it takes
from Moscow to Vladivostok?

I guess about five and a half days.

Whole Russia seems
like the end of the world.

So I decided that Vladivostok
will be the end.

You can't go any further,
there's nothing but the ocean.

It's been a peaceful trip so far.

Im getting to know Hanka,
we don't even know each other that much.

After all, we did this trip
without much planning.

Are you sick?

No, I'm fine.

Just need some fresh air.

Travelling by train is not
your cup of tea?

It's fine now.

What do you think of Gábina?

She's specific.

Have you know each other for long?

For long.

I know what to expect.

Do you think she'll make it
all the way to Vladivostok?

I think she will.

Do you enjoy the filming?

Yeah, I do.

Hanka, my phone has no service!

Hang on, we're talking…

Can you check your phone please?
I need to send some messages.

No service.

Shit, I will die here
if I can't even use my phone…

I can't help you.

Have you checked?

There's no coverage, we're in taiga,
in the middle of nowhere.

Watch out!

I can't use my phone

Hush little one…

What can I do?

Rails, rails and more rails…

The train barely stops,
only about once every four to five hours.

And once we start our way from Moscow
to Vladivostok, it will get even worse.

Incidentally, our train is called "D2"…

the same name as the unfinished
hotel in Vladivostok

that will be inherited by René
in eight days.

Did you buy a Coke?

You really didn't buy a Coke?

I think he doesn't really want to buy you
a Coke here. Water is enough for you.

René, René, come back!

We love you!

Come back!

Come on, don't be mad.

Fuck off with the camera. Just fuck off!

Come on.

We didn't mean it.

Are you crazy or what?

Come on, so what?

Nothing happened.

I thought we had a deal… All good?

I was standing there for twenty minutes,
calling on you "What do you want?"

And you? You fucking leave
instead of saying a word…

Cigarettes, that's all
you can think about!

I just don't understand your logic.

If we're unable to communicate
with each other, we'd better go home.

At times we fight,
but we're getting to know each other.

Just give it time. After all, we only
met the girls a week ago at a bar.

Who would have thought
they'd agree to come with us!

You're a bit weird…

Martin thinks the water's fine.

He's a bit weird.

Come join us. Come.

She's really a nice girl.

That's right.
Hanka knows I'm a nice girl.

Yeah, she's just tough in the beginning.

And what about Martin?

Martin, come and have a drink.

Well, to Russia!

Wait, I'll pour the drink for you.

A good amount I hope.

Enough, right?

Jesus, be careful.

Jesus is always careful.

- Don't take the Lord's name in vain.
- Enough, enough!

Let's toast to…

What's he gonna say?

Let's toast to long journeys.

Let's toast to Vladivostok.

To everything that happens after…

and everything that happens before
we reach it… Don't expect any jokes.

Well I drink to love, sex,
success and adventure!

To health and happiness!


Getting ready for our first night.

Everything is shaking.

René and Hanka fell asleep

and I have an advice for you…

Don't drink too much Russian beer.
You will regret it in the morning!

Do you want some?

Yeah, thanks.

I also have nuts and blueberries.

Blueberries! Where did you get them?

A babushka was selling them
on the platform.

For how much?


That's how we call girls in Slovakia,

You two girls are "blueberries".

What about the "blueberry" up there?

Shh, she's asleep.

Well, I'm not surprised,
after what she drank yesterday.

Once she starts drinking, it's the end.

That's Gábina…

She's not such a cow as she seems.

I hope so, beause it's quite harsh here.

Well, the Russian girls are also…

but this is a different case.

Well, Gábina is a bit
like the Russian girls.

Visually, yes…

She just chose to look Eastern,
while the Russians want to look Western.

I'm also surprised she didn't prefer
a vacation on a yacht.

The Russians would choose the yacht.

Gábina chose the Trans-Siberian train.

Day two.

The train is not a hotel
and mornings are hard.

It keeps going "tdmtdm tdmtdm tdmtdm"
until you start dreaming about it.

Then you wake up and it's the same:
"tdmtdm tdmtdm tdmtdm…"

Shit, this is hell!

René, can I take a shower?

Not at this hour I guess.


you said there would be a shower
in every compartment.

I need a shower!

I didn't say there would be a shower
in every compartment.

So not in every compartment,
but there must to be a shower somewhere.

I haven't seen one.

Have you asked?

They said we can take a shower
tomorrow morning.

I'm all sweaty and clammy,
I can't wait for that long.

I also need a shower.

Don't touch me if you're clammy.

Shower! I need a shower!

Ask them, please.

-Want a shower?


Can we take a shower?

If - we - can - take a shower - now?

[in Russian]


A shovel or what?

No. Not a shovel.

What does it mean?

A shower.

Yes! Da. Shower, da…

[in Russian]

She asks if you want to take a shower.
Yes, a shower, not a shovel…

[in Russian]

[in Russian]

[in Russian]

Well, sorry about that.

What? I can take a shower?

You can take a shower
tomorrow morning.

That's too late. I need it today.
I'm so sweaty.


Tomorrow. I'll be dead by tomorrow!

[in Russian]

Já ne ponimayem. I don't understand

Are you stick?

I'm a stick. No, I'm not flat chested.

[in Russian]

She asks is you're sick?

No. Well, I'm sick from all the dirt.

Oh God…


Screw it, I don't understand a word
and you're not helping.

Sorry, I can't help.

We almost convinced her.

Well, maybe for tomorrow.


Where are we going?

I'll show you where to wash.

Like in the toilet?

Of course.

You're kidding me. I've been there.

I've seen the basin.

But how am I gonna wash my body
and feet and hair in this?

A hygiene is apparently not a thing here.

Do you think I'm dirty?

No, why?

I washed myself in this basin today.

Yeah, but I want a proper shower.

You said there would be a shower…

so I don't see why we couldn't ask
for a shower now.

They told us to wait until tomorrow.

I won't wash myself in this,
I just won't!

Sorry, but everyone in this train
has washed here…

so why would you be an exception?

After 24 hours on the train,
we finally reached Moscow.

At least we can stretch our legs.

It's time to see the Kremlin.

We have 12 hours before we board
our train to Vladivostok.


It's too heavy for me.

-Come on, push it!

Can you help me at all?

There you go.

Thanks guys.

Did you need to pack so many things?

What was I supposed to pack?

Bollocks, bollocks in this
fucking Moscow shithole!

What's up?

At a great height above the street,
we are tiny above your heads…

Look, the Kremlin!

I'll take you to Lenin.

Guys, I'm gonna buy some water.

Are you serious?

What's the problem?
There's no drinking water on the train.

But we're leaving soon.

Quick, quick!

You go get the backpacks.


Hang on, leave me now.

She just won't learn.

Everything has been alright so far.

What's up?

Just check if you can find
my green wallet.

Have you checked your pockets?

It's not there either.

Gábina? Have you lost your wallet?

Yeah, it appears so. It's not there.

Great. It's fine.

Wait, what? Are you ok with that?

Never happened to you?
I got robbed, that's it.

Didn't I tell you to be careful?

Hey, I still have a card
so I'm gonna get cash.

No no no, no time for that, honey.

No time for that, Gábina. Let's go!

We have about 5 minutes.

Can I borrow money?
I'll get some cash in Vladivostok, ok?

Let's go!

Just calm down, it's just money.

Shit. I'm sorry, ok? Shit happens…

Yeah, we'll see plenty of cash machines
on our way to Vladivostok.

We'll find one in Vladivostok, right?

Hana, can you lend me money?

Vladivostok is six days from here.

Just calm down, it's just money…

Day three.

In their minds,
the girls are still in Moscow.

As we're getting closer to the end,
René is more and more nervous.

After all, you don't take over
buildings in Russia every day.

I am quite surprised
that he asked the girls to join us…

when we met them
the other night at the bar.

What do you think of trip so far?

The trip is awesome.

I'm used to travelling…

I can live without shower,
I'm not like the girls

I know they are suffering,
but there's no way around it.

It was their choice to come.

Would you ask them to come again?

Only if you could cut
the head open and…

…replace the brain.

Hanka, what are you doing here?

I am breathing.

Good for you.

You can do at least something.

I'm counting.

What are you counting?
Fuck off with the camera, Martin!

I'm counting birch trees.

What fun. How many have you seen?

4 826…

Come, let me close the window.
My hair is all messy…

No, please, I need fresh air.

I'm leaving you alone then.

I'm fine alone.

I just need some fresh air.

Could you stop being so selfish?

And you can't close it just for a while?
You're selfish!

I am selfish?

Yeah, you're selfish.

So stay here, breathe and count trees.
That's fun for sure.

What else do you want to do?

You don't even talk to me,
we could do something fun together…

and instead, you just
stand here breathing

What do you see?
A birch, a beech, a flower, a birch…

and about a thousand other trees
in the distance.

René is a distant person, isn't he?

No, he's not.

He is. As cold as ice!

Is he nice to you?

I might not be his type.

I'm everybody's type.

He's just so cold and unresponsive.

He's weird, like a spider…

We need to warm his heart.

Can I close the window now?

No, not yet.

And you say I am selfish.

Fuck off, Martin!

René, could you tie this for me?

I can't reach it and I would tie it wrong.

Just tie the two strings together.

There you go.


More what?

Just touch me a bit more.

Here on the neck?

Jesus, this feels good.

Where did you learn that?

Intuition. I've given massages
to girls around me.

And on your travels,
have you given massages to girls?

Any black women?
Did they smell good?

I can't tell, really.

Just wondering if they smell
different to us, Europeans.

The smell is important for me.

What's your smell?

I'm a bit cold, excuse me.

Sorry, my turn now.

I'll make sure you're not cold.

Let me wipe the lipstick off you.

The dining car is our favourite
part of the train.

Vodka is good anywhere you go,
but it's expensive on the train…

same as the food.

So we don't eat much…

[sings in Russian]

[sings the Czech national anthem]

You're kidding!

Let's see if you can sing the whole song.

[sings the Czech national anthem]

[sings in Russian]

[sings in Russian]

[sings the Slovakian national anthem]

Sometimes we feel
like in a different world.

We try not to think about it.

René was showing off with all
the languages he can speak…

like Danish, Russian, French…

You are right, I talked to a Danish guy…

and René came to us to just
interrupt us with his Danish.

He wanted to show off.

Anyway, do you remember
when we were talking about him?

Whether or not he's cold and distant?

I think he likes me now.

Did you flirt with him?

A little bit.

I also smelled him…

because it is really important
to smell people.

Especially now,
after so many days on a train.

Without any soap,
deodorants, perfumes…

You have to smell them here.

You smell nice,
but you're wearing a perfume.

I know I smell nice,
but I'm not wearing a perfume.

I know, I really like you!

See what you learned from me.

Day five. Yesterday was a hell,
especially after the party night before.

But Gábina is unstoppable.

And we all thought she can't
survive the whole journey…

Hana, can you buy a vodka?

A large bottle, please.

Gábina, it's 11 a.m.

And where do you want to buy it?
It's expensive on the train.

We will drink it tonight.

But our train stops
at least four times a day.

It doesn't matter
if we buy it now or later.

I'll have a shot now and we'll
drink the rest of the bottle later.

You'll have more than one shot.

Don't be so negative, René!

I'll have pirogi. And you?

Dunno yet.

Will you buy the vodka for me?

God, it's morning.
We can buy it tonight

But you can buy it here and drink it
in the evening. What is the problem?

Let's buy one bottle of vodka.

I'll give you the money in Vladivostok.

I'm just dependent on…

It's eleven in the morning, Gábina.

What are you addicted to? To vodka?

I'm addicted to you and to life…

and since I'm bored here,
I'll have some vodka.

-It stinks here…
-Please Hana, please!

Alright then, I'll buy it for tonight.

Hello, do you have a vodka?

It costs 300.

Hanka, don't let them rob you.

One, two, three…

My best friend!

Yes, for your whole life.

Don't be such a pedant…

Look, let's do an exercise.

Say, "I'm happy to be alive!"

Kids, come and play with me.

The bottle is my doll.

Na zdarovje!

You said it was for the evening.

I'm not drinking it all.

You're a jerk.

What's the problem, Hana?

It's just one sip. What's the problem?

Is it the money or what?

I'll give everything back to you
as soon as we reach Vladivostok.

It's not a matter of money…

it's just that we agreed
not to drink it in the morning.

Have a sip, it goes well with the pirog.

I don't want to.

See, everybody is looking and waving.

See, these people are my real friends.

Come on!

Just a shot then.

Take it.

It's beautiful here, isn't it?

Like in the Russian movie,
but in the summer.

Unfortunately, also without
any beautiful heroes.

Look, can you see the lake?

Take a photo, quick! It's Baikal!

It's amazing!

The train stops! Let's see the lake.

Don't be stupid.

Gábina! Stop!

Where are you going?

René, Gábina has gone out,
for how long does it stop here?

For two minutes.

What should we do now?

Let's go!

Gábina, are you completely mad now?

Hana, come have a look. It's beautiful!

Shit, what should she look at?

René, calm down,
you can scold me later.

René, calm down
and look at all the beauty around!

I'm looking around,
it's beautiful, great…

Hello Baikal!

Twenty-three thousand cubis kilometres
of drinking water in one place.

Unexpected stop.

Despite the delay, we will enjoy the lake
and then board the morning train.

I must help René.

Look, you've set up a tent!

Where is René? Is he still mad?

Hello René.

Hello girls.
You are completely out of your mind.

The train stopped just
for a couple of minutes.

And you got off alone and left us
inside with all your belongings…

we had no choice but to grab
everything and follow you.

But I took at least my documents with me.

Are you sure?

Look at me, eating my humble pie.

Eat it, eat the whole pie please.
I won't carry your things anymore.

Don't be mad with me,
it won't happen again, ok?

Great, it won't happen again…
Just now we're stuck here at Baikal.

That's great, right?

No, it's not. You're alone here.

Not alone, you guys are here with me.

René, you're going out
with us tonight, right?

We're not going anywhere tonight,
we're all staying here!

René, come.

Martin, come on.

Just slow down.

See, René, I'm sorry.

I knew you wouldn't want
to get off the train…

that I couldn't convince you
to see this beautiful lake

Isn't it beautiful here?

It is…

Tell me you like it here.

Hana, take my bag please.

I'm little bit tired.

You're not serious!

My feet hurt. Thank you, you're sweet.

I think you're still drunk.

I'm not drunk any more.

Am I supposed to carry your bag now?

You have your stuff in my bag too,
so you can carry the bag for a while.

It's just my wallet.

Thank you.

And here's your hoof.

You're like my horse.

Yeah, I'm afraid I'm your horse now.

Stupid car!

Hana, say cheese.

Martin, aren't you warm in the jacket?

Can you take Martin's jacket, René?

How much is the entrance?

It's free, we can just walk in.

Look how big it is.

So much delicious food.

Can you buy something
tasty for me, Hana?

I'll buy a pirog for you.

A pirog, yes please.

René, I'm sure you don't regret.

What is this?

It looks great.

Come on, René.

Let's got to see the stage and then
we'll find something to eat.

All this food looks so tasty,
I can't decide what to eat first.

We might buy a beer
or vodka to get warm.

Nothing like that for you.

Let's eat something.

People are so drunk here.

I'm glad we found a quiet spot
here at the beach.

The Russians know how to party,
that's for sure.

Where is Martin and…


I don't know.

They must be dancing.

Look at this box…

it was a present from my grandfather.

He was 87 when I left for Russia.

And he had got this box from his father.

It's a family thing…

I promised my grandfather
I would go to Vladivostok…

and see where his father had lived.

I made one more promise to myself too.

This is a shaving razor.

I shaved my beard before we set off…

and I'll shave again
when we reach the end

What the hell are you filming?

I'll get some cool shots for you!

Extra cool shots.

I'll give the camera back later.


Leave me alone!

Isn't it Gábina?

René, come, quick!

René, help me! René!

There is Gábina!

You bastard! You fucking bastard!

Martin! Let's go!

Day six.

We are still thinking about
what happened at Baikal.

We were searching the camera recording
to figure out what happened last night.

Hanka doesn't talk to me,
she blames me for everything.

And the train seems to be so slow now…

Why did you leave her alone?

You know what she's like,
that she can get into trouble!

She took my camera and ran away.

We could expect that.

Gábina, do you want a tea?

Day seven.

Another long night ahead of us.

René had an argument with Hana,
he spent the evening in the dining car.

Gábina refuses to eat.

The sound of the train on the railway
reminds us of what happened yesterday.

Martin, wake up, it's dark here.

Martin, wake up please.


Come on, open the door!

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone, ok?

I'm not disabled,
you don't have to treat me like a child.

I'm fine!

Gábina, please, open the door.
Can you hear me?

Hana, leave me alone.

Just open the door for a minute.

I'm fine. Leave me alone!

Can I help you please?



Day eight.

We're coming closer to the end.

René is still avoiding us.

I hope he'll be fine soon.

I'll have a coffee.

Can I go with you?

No need. I'll just get
some fresh air and a coffee…

maybe a drink, and I'll be right back.

The trip is going slowly.

Our train is delayed for 12 hours.
We can only hope it doesn't get worse.

My videotapes are running out,
I had to delete a few shots.

I wish René had bought more tapes
and I could document the whole trip.

Have some, it's very good.

No, thanks.

Just a little.

No, thank you.

Everything is gonna be alright
when we get home, right?

What's up?

I'm a bit tired.

No, we have to party!

Party hard, come on!

Can I go to bed? Do you mind?

I do mind.

Do you mind?

I do mind!

Give me something in return.

A kiss.

You're really tired. Is it that bad?

It's bad…

Are you sick?

No, I'm fine.

Good night then.

Day ten.

We finally reached Vladivostok.
We made it!

All of us!


We left our stuff in a hotel and now
we're discovering the town.

René takes over the inherited
hotel tomorrow.

We're curious and so is he.

After he's done, we will buy
plane tickets and fly home.

Hana, come take a photo.

It's your first and last time you're here.


One more.

Look, that's nice photo, right?

Look at me.


Don't be affraid.

Jesus, why didn't you tell me I'm fat?

What an atmosphere.

Look at it, it's amazing!

Everything alright?

Come on! Follow me!

Let's try shrimps!

We are celebrating our last evening here.

It's also the last remaing piece
of my last videotape…

and I will need some free
space for tomorrow.

Can we come in?

Come in.

Careful with the door.

I'm glad you kept your promise.

Here are the shrimps.

The shrimps look like brains.

Let's toast to Vladivostok!

Have some, they are perfect.

Are you sick?

I can't believe he vomited out.

Let me have the camera.

I'll take some disco shots.

Neighbours complain about loud music,
we have to turn it down…

Are you kidding? It's not loud, René.

Look, you're behind the camera
all the time, Martin.

Let's have a good look at you.

Old childhood friends.

Do you look like your grandfather?


Do you have his nose? Eyes?


What did he look like?

Like me. Only his beard was different.

Did he have a beard?

He used a thing… a razor…

I have it with me now.

Where is it?

In the bathroom.

In your bathroom?

We'll be right back.

Where are you going?

René will just show me something
his grandfather owned…

Sorry, I didn't mean to laugh.

A box.

Martin, there's a beautiful woman
in your bed, make some effort.

Don't tell us what to do and go.

Show me what you have here…

Is this your treasure?

Wait, René, stop it. René…

Leave me alone, I mean it.
Please, don't…

Leave me alone, I want to have a look
at this treasure of yours.

Don't touch me with that hand.

No, stop. René, please don't!

Don't do it!


René, don't touch me! Stop!

The whole of Russia seems like
the end of the world.

So I decided that Vladivostok
will be the end.

There's nothing further but the ocean…

Day eleven.

Hanka and I will be on our way soon.

We'll spend the next eight
days on a train…

travelling from Vladivostok
through Moscow to Ostrava.