D-Day (2000) - full transcript

Four people plan to rob a bank on new years eve, where no one will notice because of the celebration.

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Directed by Dogma 95 director Søren Krag-Jacobsen,
Christian Leving, Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier

decided at the end of 1999 to implement a project
during the coming millennium.

Don't forget your pen.

The idea was to use reality

on New Year's Eve in Copenhagen

as an interactive project.

Take it easy, don't give him any books yet.

It's really hard.

I forgot my pills.

Each director had to direct an actor

by means of a walkie-talkie.

Each actor was followed by cameras,

broadcasting a picture on their own channel.

The directors were able to switch the picture around

with the remote control and create your own version of the story.

You have to grab it.

Things are starting to go wrong.

Karl has to go.

Give him that thing.

Like a fucking B-movie.

New Year's Eve between control and chaos.

Four and a half minutes to go...

Jesper walks very quietly...

My boyfriend is on the phone and doesn't know what to do.

Will you send your girlfriend?

Let Karl come back and help her.

Bjørn has to wait for Boris.

Dejan, hurry. Take him away.

This version was created from sources,
that the audience had,

and assembled according to the creators' idea.

Time: New Year's Day, 2000,

between 23:30 and 20 minutes

until the year 2000.

Project title:


What is it?

I think you need to get out.

Like hell I will.


We're going to my mum's house for a drink in honour of Christ!

Yes, yes, but I'm not going,

I'm just asking you to get out of the car.

- What are you doing?
- It's all right...

- Just go, now!
- Okay.

But will you come later?

Yes, I'll see you there.

Happy New Year. See you around.

Hello, Ulf.

Isn't it exciting?

Dear Eva, this is Boris.

You know, we have a great life, a nice car...

But you know about my financial situation.

So I took one job...

The kind of thing you would never

didn't think to take...

I'm at Juska Bank.

I'm coming...

To the head office.

There's a suitcase in an empty room.

The room number...


They reconstruct the bank and the police

busy with our bait.

- At midnight we can blow anything up.
- Everything will be as it should be.

I don't doubt it.
Will this Boris do the right thing?

You must,

he has nerves of steel.

Get it together!

I hope there's plenty of cash there.
OK, I've got to go.

It's going to be fucking awesome.

Fucking great.

What are you doing here?

I've been waiting for ages.

I thought you went to the toilet.

Hello, sweetheart. Here's the key.

Who were you talking to?

The phone must be switched off.

I'm making a film for you, Ulf,

on this extremely strange evening.

I know you are now

at the celebration.


I'm not there.

Which means I lied to you.

But it doesn't make me cringe,

Because I've never done that before.

It would be worth a try, though,

if I knew how good it felt to lie.


Hi, Mum.

Yes, everything is fine.

It's a great atmosphere.

No mum, it's not...

It's not good to talk like that today,

but I don't feel comfortable talking about it over the phone.

But I'm in for the night.

Yes, yes.

What's that?

It can't be.
I forgot my pills.

I was not allowed to forget about them!

Bloody hell!

Iron your shirt

and take the tablets.

No, no.

You know, when I get nervous...

My whole body feels like it's blocking me.

And that's too bad.

Can you not call me again, please?

35 minutes, mate!

35 minutes.

Then it's all over.

I need to talk to you.

- 1933, Germany.
- Yes.

- You have emigrated.
- Yes.

I don't have the time.
Happy Holidays.


Bronshoi School, 1982.

I remember that!

I remember everything.

What luck, Boris!


Jørgen Jutlander.

So... I'm not Boris, I'm Ib.
And I'm in a big hurry.

I don't have the time.

Happy New Year, okay?

Boris! Tell me the year!

We must remember each other!

Listen to me!


Leave me alone!

I don't have the time.




Niels-Henning here.

Mum, I told you not to call me.

You know what can happen.

I'm terribly sorry...
Oh, no...

Who only thinks of themselves?
That's right, hang up

and reward me with guilt!

My eyes are getting dark and all this crap

comes back again.

You can't do this to me!


- Cars like this can't be good.
- Yep.

Even a convertible would be better.

One day we will be able to afford it.

I don't think so.

We will have to boost sales.

Let's see.

Dear Ulf...

I think it's important to tell you a few things.

I care for you very much.

I think you know that.

You mean a lot to me.

This may sound silly, but...

I love you, asshole.

Happy Holidays.


Good evening. Is there anything I can do to help?

No, you can't.

I need to get stuff out of a friend's room,

he is registered here.

Come on, come with me

- at reception.
- Yes, of course.

What is your friend's name?

Tommy Petersen.


Sorry, we don't have Tommy Peterson.

Maybe he's somewhere else?



He could... could have registered...


under his father's name.

- What is his name?
- I don't remember.

Here's what we'll do:

I'll call him.

I'll go to the restroom and make a call.

I'm sorry, I can't let you in there.

Can't use the toilet?

Well... you know...

Do you want me to urinate in the street?

Please leave the room.

This is ridiculous!

Where is the toilet?

- I almost wet my trousers.
- It's that way.

That way.

That way.

You are a wonderful person.

Happy New Year.

Oh man...

There you go.

Let's see...

Oh, shit!

What the hell...

what are you doing here?

Why don't you acknowledge

your classmates?

Listen to me.

My name is Ib and I'm busy here,

so would you please get out of here?

Boris, we're classmates!


Leave me alone, I'm working!

Get out of here!


Take it easy...

How do you think I remember that we
studied together?


What is your name?


Good for you.

Now listen.

Who sat...

in front of the board...

in the middle row?

What was her name?


All right, Boris.

Next question.

Who was teased the most in class?




Michael? You've been teased!

That's right!
What was my favourite subject?


I need your help.


I have to remember everything,

because in 20 minutes

it will all come to an end.

I promise.

If you help me too.

The gun...

Put it down.

I can't do that.

- No tricks!
- I promise!

Put the gun down.

- But we agreed.
- Yes.

Go out and check to see if anyone is out there.

Then it's settled.

Strange noises from the car.

Stop here.


There seems to be something wrong with her.

- What?
- I'll have a look.

Can I wind it up?


She broke down, my love.


He gave us a pile of old rubbish!

There's nothing you can do about it.

- You can go to your father's house.
- No, we can't leave her here.

You go to your father and I'll stay here

- wait for the emergency service.
- I'll wait too.

I'm not going without you!

- Your father will be upset.
- I don't care what he says...

I'll try to get there soon.

- Carl, for God's sake...
- I know.

- I know.
- I'm going to kill him!


The idiot gave me the car,

which turned out to be...

a load of crap.

- Get on the first train.
- Right.

Don't go anywhere else...

Or with some stranger...

I'll be there as soon as I can.

I will now call the emergency services.

- All right?
- Good.

See you around, honey.

- I love you!
- And I love you more!

Here it is.

Damn it, Niels-Henning!

She's ovulating, so...

What the hell are you doing here?

Can you get out?

What do you mean, get out?

Where is the suitcase?

She's ovulating...

Oh, no, no, no...

He's over there.

Right there.

What else? I can't see!


Two minutes, Niels-Henning!

No, no. That's enough.

Calm down.


I'm going to go to the toilet.

No, don't go there!

Don't go!

Tommy... Britta?


Come here.

I have trials there.

Don't go there!

What kind of trials?

Small challenges.

I hope that nothing will work.

What if it goes out altogether?
Are you crazy?

I have a meeting here at 11:31!

I'll wrap it up now.

Don't go there.

That shit won't work now.

It will work!

It's all right, I'll wrap it up.

- Is there a wire?
- Yes.

I have a detonator here, but I can't read anything.

What type of detonator?

It's all in Japanese...

Japanese detonator?

Are you out of your mind?

Here, now...

Look, there it is.

You have a minute to pull yourself together.

Fine, Jørgen.


That's good.

Now tell me the year.

Name some year.

We need to make sure that everything works.

Go to that door,

and knock on it.

Tell him I fixed the phone.
Then you pick up the phone,

if there are any beeps, come back.

Do we have a deal?

But you will wait, won't you?

You promised me.

I'll wait.

Sure I will.

Excuse me, could you help me?

- What needs to be done?
- Tell the camera:


you're a total asshole."

Ulf, you're a total asshole.

Thank you. Happy New Year!

Is that what people think of you, Ulf?

At least they decided to say so.

We cannot have children,

have been trying to get them for years.

All to no avail.

But I have faith that we will make it work.

I need more champagne...

Look, it worked.

And how it worked!

You fucking idiot, you've ruined everything!

But it worked!

I asked for champagne!

That's because I've tweaked it...

To make sure it works.

Can you not smoke in here?

You can't smoke in here?

No, you can't.


is not going.

I'm sorry. I...

heard a loud noise.

It's no big deal.

- Just fireworks.
- But there's smoke.

Don't worry, it was fireworks.

It's New Year's Eve.

Isn't it?

You set off the fireworks...

right in the room?

I think you should be angry

on us, but we have an egg here,

who wants to become impregnated.

We paid for this room, so get out!

No need to swear, please.

I just need to check the bathroom.

Peter Wolf...

Listen to this,

We must not forget that today is the day,

when swearing and arguing is no good.

What brand is it?


I smoke them too.

Would you like some?

You can always quit

in the new year.

Stop! Stop! Bastard!

You bastard, Boris!

You didn't want to help me!

I just wanted to buy us a beer!

Buy us a beer.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot...

- Is this true?
- Yes, just get a beer.

Boris... Do you remember...

Do you remember...

Stop it now!

Let me tell you something.


We had a class meeting.

Twenty years after graduation.

And do you know why you weren't there?

Because you're crazy!

You've been in the loony bin more than once!
So leave me alone!

No, I'm not crazy.

I had deliberate disruptions and all that.

But it's all right now.

It's all right!
I'm not crazy!

Listen, Jørgen.

I don't have any time at all.

You can visit me

have a coffee sometime.

All right?

Now I have to go.

I'm sorry I called you crazy.

Boris! Don't disappear!

You have to help me!

Don't go there!
I can't go there,

I can't go there.

You're not allowed in there?

I'm not allowed to talk there because the acoustics

too good.

So you're not going in there...

And I can.

Boris, we have a deal!


This is all a big mistake.

But it's all over now.


Where are we going?

We need to go up to the roof.

Sorry, Ulf, had to step back to...

to make a phone call.

I need to talk to the police.

Thank you.

I'm calling because I was walking past parliament.

There was a car parked there

in a strange place, next to the stairs.

There were canisters and wires in it,

and there were also some lights on.

Can I talk to the police?

A bomb has been planted.

It's in the van

under the number "NX 97105".

Boris, Happy New Year!


What are you doing?

OK, bye, Eva...

Was it Eve?

You know she's already

crying your eyes out at your daddy?

And you're walking around here, wandering around,

pretending to be James Bond.

And if you want to stay with her,

you will have to work hard!

Boris, it's crazy...

Look, Leane, hurry up,

dinner is coming up.

And I will be very soon, really.

Give my regards to Carl.

Prepare a speech for him.

If you show up even a minute later than midnight,
I'll fuck you up.

Give my regards to Carl.

I have to run.

- Happy Holidays!
- To hell with this job!

You are making a big mistake.

Hey, you!

I have a bad feeling about this.

I'll jump off.

- What?
- I'll jump off at twelve.

I'll jump off at twelve o'clock.

Will you jump?

- Why?
- I can't go on like this.

I have never had a woman.

No woman?

How old are you?

- 52.
- So why don't you jump already?

Do you have a pencil?

- No pencil.
- But a good memory.

Tell him the number.


- 20... and how? I forgot.
- Tell him again.


Are you sure? Are you sure?

I'll get you a woman, but don't jump

until a quarter past one.

I'm almost there.


It's your little bank.

I'm here.

Here are the doors.

I need...

stop our film

literally for a little while.

The people I will see here,

are unlikely to want to

to end up on this tape.


To hell with it.

That's it.

I don't remember the last four digits.

You don't want to help me!

Stop it, Jørgen!

Piss off!

Leave me alone!
Don't you see,

how tense am I?

- I don't like these stairs.
- Yeah, like climbing a haystack.

And I didn't bring my pills with me.

You'd better think...

about the haystack.

- Not now, Jørgen!
- You have to help!

Gotta help me!

It will be over in 20 minutes!

Come with me.

You have four minutes,

to tell you what you need.

After 20 minutes, everything will be ruined,

will fade into darkness.

Do you understand me?

You have to guide me.

I need to remember as much as possible.

Name the year.

Just tell me the year.

Let it be 1916.

1916, excellent.

Carl, I can't.

I can't!

Let's go already.

No, I can't.

- No!
- Niels-Henning?

Calm down.

Sing a song, Carl.

Sing, Carl...

The sun is so red, Mum....

No, not about my mother.

Sing something else...

The little butterfly...

And beneath my mum, everything would have fallen through...

Oh, no, no, no...

Sing, Carl!

Flying from flower to flower...

I'm coming...

- No!
- Caught.

World War II!
The Battle of Stalingrad!

Zhukov was surrounded by...

the entire German army.

And why were we

on the fucking eastern front?

The little butterfly...

Remember B&Q?

You sang "My way".

Ten whole minutes!

Meet me at the bus stop.

Bus number 8.

Before Tingberg.

You get off at the penultimate stop.

And I'm at the end of the line.

Are you getting off at the terminus?

I'll pick you up in the car.

Okay. And it's all anonymous.
On the bus we are like strangers.

- All right?
- It's a deal.

What if things go wrong?

Then let's go...

- in Tivoli.
- Yeah, in Tivoli.

"Flower power", Jørgen!

1969, Flower power.

Now let's blow, Boris.

"Red Lebanon is called.


Let's go!

Come on...

Come on, come on...

11, 10...

7, 6, 5...

Take it easy...

- Hi, Lisa.
- Hi.


- All done?
- Yes.

- Have you got everything you need?
- Yes. Do you have my money?

You have to do everything first.

You need to switch things up first.


- Line...
- What did she say?

I'm in.

I'm here!

What a mess.
Thank you, Tommy.

Why is everything ringing?

No one will hear anything.

Hello, Tommy.

You asshole!
Gave me something I didn't understand!

Why the hell is it still ringing?

I'm hanging up, Tommy.

Fuck you.

Go to the roof of the Grand Hotel, there's a man there.

He will jump if he doesn't get a woman.


OK, Ulla, 10,000.

Look, Tommy, you're in,

because you know all about it.

But you've made a mess of everything,

so go to hell.


Tell her I said hello.

And my apologies.

You didn't call on your mobile, did you?

- No.
- Where then?

From the phone box at the station.

OK, and you know,

exactly how much money is there?

Are you sure you don't know?

But 10 million, right?

Did you do it?

Yes. Give me the money.

You'll get it when we get it.

We still need to do the last one.

So go for it!

Come on, Boris.

Hurry up!


Stop and wait, damn it!

- Yeah, sorry.
- Stay with me.

Yes, yes...

It's not a fucking game.

Stay there.

Here's our money!

Boris, kill the alarm!



It's me, Jørgen.

Take a puff.

I can't now!

Well, then...

then name the year.


Why is it still ringing?

Hang on, I've got the key.

Do you have the key?

- It fits, give it a try.
- Where did you get it?

Just open it.

Where did you get it?

Come on in.

The train's first automatic door...

On the London Underground.

- Name another year!
- 1922!


In 1922, water skiing.
Name another year!


OK, 1944.


Tommy, you're an asshole.

Fucking amateur.


- Take it easy...
- Give me the money.

Not so loud.

Is it OK if I sit here?

- What?
- I'll just sit here.

Do you want a cigarette?

It will relax you.

I quit smoking.

But you can have one.

You're married to a burglar.

That's cool, isn't it?

And now this.

Tommy, asshole.

I'll give you the ovulation.

Come on... That's it!

- Did you say something to Leena?
- No.

- What the hell is this?
- What's going on there?

I don't know, we'll fix it now.

Someone is setting off fireworks.
How did he get here?

That's enough, Jørgen.

Lisa, I thought no one lived here.

What's the matter?

What the hell...

I thought you were professionals.

What the hell is going on?

Get a couple of chairs!

We need something to jump on.

A bloody New Year's Eve.



- What are you doing?
- 4:10 before the explosion.

Are the chairs ready?

What is going on?

What do you think?
Blow up the safe, all the money's in there.

You'll get it right away.

Don't tell me what you're doing!

Idiot, do you think we have keys or something?

We have to blow it up!

I don't want to hear it, Karl!

The detonator, it's Japanese.

We hope for the best!

You can't set off a bomb here.

You'll have to.



- I hate them.
- Niels-Henning, hurry up.

There's no time, come here.

Think champagne...

- What the hell are you doing?
- Boris...

- Stop.
- What are you doing with a gun?

This is ridiculous...

Put it away and check to see if there is anyone outside.

It's like a fucking B-movie!



- Trust me.
- It's watery.

What a bastard!

Why do that?

No need to set off a bomb.

Trust me, Boris.

You get 50,000 on top.

Just calm down.

- Everything will be fine.
- Okay.

Who was outside?

Eh, Boris?

Just a jerk with fireworks.

Everything is blurry...

I can't read Japanese.


I have a problem.

It should switch off at 1:15.

There are wires A, B, C, D.

I haven't tried this kind of detonator before.

I don't know what will happen.

You can insert it anywhere you like,

but I think...

Watch this.

I think it's a B.

Such is always B.

But it's a D.

I see you didn't put glue in it.

Let's have a look.

There are thousands of people outside.

They're all going to explode!


Get ready!

15 seconds.


7, 6, 5...

4, 3...

2, 1, blast!

30 seconds to go.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Don't touch me.

I don't want to just stand here.

Shall we go in?
There's my booty.

It's like hell in here.

Happy New Year!

Leave me alone, will you?

Fucking explosives expert.

Happy New Year!

Show me where to go.

Come this way.

To the old registration office.

And where's the money, sweetheart?

Is that it?

- Is that it?
- Open that one.

It's all here, you have to look it up.

I don't see a lot of money.

I don't see it at all.

Where's the fucking money?

- Where have they gone?
- It must have been rearranged.

Eva, my love, I hope it all works out.

Because it's totally insane.

- Of course they're here!
- So show me where they are!

Let's have a look here.



Got the money?

My 50,000?

There's no fucking money here!


They won't do any good!

Bloody hell!

Stop it, you lunatic!

Get the fuck off me!

Let me out of here quickly!

It's your fault, you tricked me!


I'm an idiot, there's no money here!

Come back here!


Come back and help me!

Help her.

Don't you get it? I'm stuck!

Come back!

Did she turn out to be a rat?

- And I won't get any money?
- Help her.

Go on, Boris. But there's no money!
Not 50,000, nothing!

You're going to write me a bill!

Do you understand?

See you around.

I'll send you the bill.


- What, are you nuts in there?
- It wasn't me!

I'll have you all locked up!

Take it easy, Karl...

Oh shit...

You need a push.

It's not my fault.


Don't leave me.

I didn't know.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year!


Has something happened to you?

I can't find my bag.

We need to get out of here and fast.

Mum, can you hear me?

I'm going through a red light!

Here it is.

Come on, Carl.

Let's go.

We're not taking the bus?


I'm not even angry,

that everything here is anonymous.

The bus is leaving! Carl!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

We're going to Tivoli if everything fails.

- What are you doing?
- Come in.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute...

Shut your mouth.

Stay there.

Why is the bag empty?

Because there is no money in it!

2,800 was all there was to it.

She's got us fooled.

She picked up some books.

There was no money and she knew it.

What the hell are you doing?


Why was there no money there on New Year's Eve?

If I had known,

I wouldn't make such a big hole in the wall.

Here come the fireworks.

Maybe you can see better from there?

Don't you dare.

I'm not going in there!

Come on, let's go.

We will see our whole city.

- The city from above.
- I can't see anything.

Let's go!

What is it, Jørgen?

And you have...

Was there anything...

With this Pernille...

From class?


It was.

She has...

were big tits.

She had...

Beautiful ears.

And a beautiful collarbone.

Let's go, Jorgen.

Did you know...

That I was married to her...

- Seven whole years?
- No, I didn't.

7 years.

I have two daughters.

Happy New Year.

Jørgen! Will you have a drink with me?

Let's have some champagne.

Shall I take your jacket?

Your jacket?

Take a seat in this chair.

Do you have any champagne left?

Where did you put the last bag?

Put it there.

I'll take two glasses.

Found it, Boris.

I guess you have something to wish for?


Yes, there is.

I want to,

so that there would be more peace.

Peace of mind or something...?

In my head.

Peace in my mind.

What about you?

You know what?

I have a New Year's wish.

I'm starting to smoke again.

If I had 50,000...

Don't, Jørgen!

Don't throw it on the floor.


This is for you.

I don't know how many there are...

Where did you get this?

I was looking for something,

to ignite my fireworks.

And there was a whole pile of it in the cupboard.

I think you are quite

you can have them for yourself.

Hello, Johan.

Happy New Year!

Come on in!

Can we talk?

2 minutes.

Happy New Year!

Can I see the anonymous letters?

I said I hadn't seen the woman that day.

I told you that I don't have a mistress.

They're just notebooks!
Just records of business meetings.

Am I so stupid as to

to write about the mistress there, if there was one?

23 February 1998.

23 February 1998.

February 23, you say?

Did you find it?

It says: "Andersen from Odense, meeting at 10:00".

What's this one?

This is a D.

I don't know what that means.

Maybe a name?

What if D stands on other days?

Interesting question.
That doesn't sound like me,

isn't it?

You can study all the books and all the dates,

and calm down.

Just understand.

If D stands for each date,
you will be sure of your guesses.

And you will lose

all respect for me.

But if there is no D,

then your respect for me is at stake.

Do you understand me?

The trust between us is over.

At all.

You can forbid me to take

these books in their hands?

No, you have to look.
Don't you get it?

If you don't believe me,
you should look in them.

When you open it, it doesn't even matter,
what you will find.

After you open these books,

our relationship will no longer be the same.

- Hi.
- Hello, Dorte. Happy New Year!

You know...

Lisa received anonymous letters...

They describe my nasty deeds,

that I can't refute.

The police are here.
The bank was robbed.

This is the bank manager.

Wait outside, I'll be there in a minute.

Love you, damn it.

Are you sure? Are you sure?

Do you have any tango music?

For the tango?

- Yes, because...
- Tango?

- Yes, the tango...
- Of course there is!

Of course I have!

It's amazing.

I'm so glad to meet you.

I'm happy for you too, because it's been so long.

Six whole years.

But I saw you.

Is this what you wanted, Jørgen?

I would like to be a butterfly...
How are you?

Happy New Year to you.


Could you sing it again?

The little butterfly,
The little butterfly

Flies from flower to flower,

From tree to tree.

The little butterfly,
The little butterfly

I would like to be a butterfly...

Good. Go on.

The little butterfly,
The little butterfly

I would like to be a butterfly...

Translation: daft_digger.