D-Day (2019) - full transcript

When an elite group of American soldiers are ordered to take out a series of German machine gun nests, they find themselves blindly venturing into hostile territory.

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Four years we sat by

idly watching as Germany
made its second attempt to conquer Europe.

Millions suffered,
untold numbers murdered in cold blood

but enough was enough.

It was time to do something
to stop the evil.

It was time for the most
powerful country in the world

the United States of America,
to lead the invasion.

Normandy was where America
had elected to join the battle.

June 6th, 1944

the day few could live to recount
the experience to those eager to listen

for our soldiers could not have asked
for a more difficult and perilous task.

As their leader, I had a job to do

one I wouldn't wish on anyone.

These men, boys even

many had dropped whatever they were doing
in their life at the time

to enlist and fight these Nazis

coming from all walks of life.

Journalism student, farmhand,
hotel concierge

some who have never even held a rifle
in their hands before.

Others, seasoned veterans itching to fight.

No matter what walk of life
we came from

we were here for one purpose

to go to war.

War is not glorious, war is not romantic.

It's a monster

and it's capable of unimaginable
wrath and bloodshed.

And whatever fear I felt,
I had to bury it.

Go! Go! Go!

Whatever lay ahead of us,
I would have to contend with.

But whatever I had told myself...


...I never could have imagined
what was to unfold.

We were the boys of Pointe Du Hoc.

Lieutenant Colonel Rudder reporting,

Come in.

- Son.
- Colonel.

I want you to look at these maps.

Operation Overlord,
planned by General Eisenhower?

Yes, you're correct.

These beaches are vital
to winning this war, James.

You know the importance of securing
the beach landings in the coming days.

Now, this ridge along Pointe Du Hoc here

the Germans have artillery emplacements
covering Utah and Omaha beaches.

There are also likely machine gun nests

not to mention the tactical advantage
of rifle teams firing

from a superior position.

Yes, sir.

Now, we believe the ridge line is accessible

by scaling these 100-foot cliffs here.

The landing force would no doubt
take on heavy fire.

Once the ridge line is taken,
this highway must then be secured.

Here, there are six heavy artillery units

that must be neutralised
before the invasion forces land.

It is vitally important

these weapons are incapacitated.

Thousands of lives depend on it.

- That's a tough mission.
- It is, James.

That's why I'm asking you to lead it.

Thank you, General.

I am fully aware
of the importance of the mission

and I will gladly lead the 2nd Rangers
into battle with honour.

You'll do fine, son.

Thank you, sir.

- Give 'em hell.
- You have my word, sir.


Cleveland, is A-Team ready?

They are.

- Well, that didn't sound very confident.
- Well, I don't like it, James.

Well, none of us like it, Cleveland.
However, we have a job to do.

We need to secure the beaches
for our troops and the Allied forces

otherwise Operation Overlord
will be a failure

and it'll cost us lives, you know this.

The Free French Forces claim the artillery,
in fact, has not been removed.

To land at Pointe Du Hoc is pure insanity.

We are gonna get slaughtered!

I am very well aware of those claims,

However, they have been wrong
a substantial amount of times.

What if they're not wrong this time?

Risking lives is, is...

it's not worth it, in my opinion, sir.

I will admit the mission is dangerous

but we're gonna need to have to take risks
in order to be successful.

We have a ship full of kids out there!

They're gonna get slaughtered!

I regret having to ask you this, Major,
but have you been drinking?

I can smell it.

Oh, come on, James!

Don't come at me with this angle.

You know as well as I do

- that this is complete bullshit!
- They are...

our... our men are very well trained.

They are go-getters, trained by the British!

Don't insult me, sir! I did that training.

I led those Rangers on a previous mission.

This is a suicide mission!

Those cliffs will be lined
with artillery and machine gun nests.

They are gonna pick us off with ease.

You are in no state of mind
to be leading our troops.


More lives will be lost if we have you
leading our men in this state of mind.

You are relieved,
I will lead A-Team myself.

You are relieved!

Don't turn your back on me!

Why don't you take a look at what
you're doing right now, Cleveland?

Alcohol's doing more
to you than in this war.

You want to throw away your entire career?

Spend several weeks in the brig
until we're home stateside?

Good luck, Colonel Rudder.

God be with you.

God be with you all.

And here's to a clear conscience

not taking those kids
to their death unnecessarily.

You are dismissed.

You can speak honestly, Lieutenant Powers.
You think I did anything wrong there?

No, Colonel.

He is an otherwise fine man
when he is sober.

How's your wife, sir?

She's good. Pregnant.

Gonna give birth anytime soon.

Hopefully, we'll get you home in time
to see the birth of your newest.

One can certainly hope.

You're free to go.

- Thank you, Franklin.
- Yes, sir.

♪ Amazing Grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch like me... ♪

Aw, this is awesome.

Just like when we played Cowboys and Indians
with the kids back on the block.

Now do me.

Yeah, except you and your brother
never let me play the Indian.

That's cos we were Italian.

What the hell does that have to do
with anything, Carbone?

I don't know. Indian? Italian?

They both start with the letter "I".

Irish begins with an "I" too.

Yeah, it does, don't it?

You're stupid!

Right, hold still.

Second Battalion, on your feet!


Eyes forward!

Gentlemen, at ease!

Smoke one if you have one.

Once we hit shallow water at 06:30 hours

we will deploy in squads.

We will scale those cliffs
and we will take out any machine gun nests.

Then we will convene to clear out
a massive bunker on the ridge line.

After the hill is cleared out,
we will search for the six cannons

and we will destroy them.

The Navy is gonna begin
bombardment of the shoreline.

We will board the LCAs, we will have
a 60-minute traverse to the shore.

Plenty of time to think about
the greater good

and why you are here.

Let me get a hoo-ah!


The Nazi doesn't care about you!

They question your intelligence.

They think you are weak!

Do you remember your training?

Yes, sir!

As some of you may have heard

Major Lytle has been dismissed,
relieved of his duties.

He was not 100% behind this mission.

Therefore, I felt that
he would be a liability to you.

I need men who believe in this mission.

I need you to be 100%.

And I want nothing more than our success

and to return as many of you home
to your families as possible.

Therefore, I will lead us into battle.

Alright, get ready to board those LCAs!

- Let me get a hoo-ah!
- Hoo-ah!


Doesn't make any sense,
the major wouldn't be behind this mission.

Doesn't make any sense at all.
He ain't a coward.

There's gotta be a good reason behind it.

I heard some of the fellas say the Frenchies
say these guns don't even exist.

Germans are just using it as a trap
to pick us off, off those frickin' cliffs.

Well, we're gonna find out.

I'm gonna have a word with the colonel.

- Colonel, if I may?
- Lommell?

When did you dismiss the major, sir?

About an hour ago, Lommell.
I know that you were fond of him.

Is there an issue
that you'd like to discuss?

No, sir, um...

It's just strange that he wouldn't
follow through with the mission

without good reason, sir.

Are you aware that the major
is fond of Irish whiskey?

Yes, sir.

Well, there lies your answer.

- Thank you, sir.
- Colonel, can I have a word, sir?

Kuhn's got his head so far up
the lieutenant colonel's ass

he's gonna suffocate.

Lance, keep your voice down, man.

Wanna demote you back to a private?

Alright, 2nd Rangers, this is where
we're gonna go beyond ourselves.

We are 40 minutes behind schedule.

We're gonna be diverting
to the eastern side of the cliff.

- Lommell?
- Yes, sir!

You're gonna take A-Squad!

- Powers?
- Yes, sir.

You are gonna take B-Squad.

Let me get a hoo-ah!


Men, when that door opens,
you give 'em hell.

I'm scared.

Stay focused, Wiley.

When that door opens up,
you give 'em hell.

Fire on those ridges, boys.

Go, go, go, go!


A-Squad, shoot on that ridge!

On your feet, soldier!

Move forward!

Get those grapple hooks up there now!

Fire in the hole!

Move, move, move!

You're alright!

You're alright, come on!

All soldiers to the wall!

Return fire, to the top!


Return fire!

Come on!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Keep moving!

Get my leg!

- Wiley!
- My leg!

The... the leg's gone!

I'm sorry, Tech Sergeant,
this is my... my first deployment.

You better get used to it!

He's not gonna make it, I want you
to give him something for the pain.


Can't get up the ropes,
I can't get up the ropes, they're too wet!

Did you hear what I said?

I can take it back, please, I can save him!

Look around!
You can't make it back to the LCA!

Give him something for the pain.

No, all of it.

All of it!

You stay with him till he goes.


Fire up on top of that line!

Son of a bitch! This is a mess!

Yeah, that's why we gotta get to the top!

- Reloading!
- Climb up those ropes, boys!

Get up there!

Move! Get up there! Let's go!

Stabilise yourselves! Get up there!

Get up there, come on!


Get 'em up top, boys!
Hit 'em up top!



Sir! Sir!

Go, up, everybody, on your feet!

We've got to return fire!


I'm pretty sure I can take my squad.

We can scale up those rocks

and we can secure the ridge
while I take care of those Krauts!

You have my approval, First Sergeant. Move!

Alright, thank you.

Carbone! White! Hodges!

You're with me! Let's go!

Provide cover!

Soldiers, follow me up to the route!



That's another man down!
Four men down!

Fire! Cover fire!

Fire! Cover fire!
Fire! Cover fire!

Make it up the ledge here,
you give them hell!

Return fire!

On top of the ridge!

Hodges, use that BAR.
Put it to good use. Take 'em out.

You got it, boss.

On me!

On me!





Get back up the ropes!

Let's go, boys!
Your lives depend on it!

Go, go, get up the ropes, steady yourselves!

Steady yourselves! Get on the ropes!


Sniper. My one o'clock.

Take him out.

You got it.
That fathead Jerry's as good as dead, Sarge!

Get it done.

Target down.

I need to reload!

Come on, boys! Give 'em hell!


Hodges, spray into 'em.


- You get him?
- Think so.

We're good.

- Good job.
- Good job!

Let's get the rest of the platoon up here.


- Yeah, Sarge?
- Show the colours.

My pleasure, Sarge!

Ridge line secure on my position!

I say again,
ridge line secure on my position!


- Boys, let me get a hoo-ah!
- Hoo-ah!

The ridge line...

The ridge line has been secured.
Let's get a hoo-rah!


Get up those ropes!

These colours don't run! Ha-ha!

Keep your eyes open, boys.

Sleep tight, Jerry motherfuckers.

Red, white and blue.

Welcome to the ridge, sir.

Good job, First Sergeant!
Ridge line is secure.

that's where we'll find the guns.

That's what we need to take out.

Enemy fire!

- Got eyes on 'em!
- Nothing!

Twelve o'clock! Return fire!

Hodges, lay down some fire!

I got him!

Wiley, get it together! The colonel's hit!

Pull yourself together, Wiley.
It's not a big deal.

I still have to wrap it for infection.

Alright, just make it quick.
Time is of the essence, son.

Ninety seconds!

I'm counting.

Son of a bitch!

So they want to be savage.

Well, that just means, gentlemen

that we're gonna have to show them
the next evolution of savage!

- We get a hoo-ah?
- Hoo-ah!

This is nothing!

- Hurry up, Wiley.
- We're good.

Thank you, son.

- Sure you're alright, Colonel?
- I'll be alright.

Orders, sir?

We move to the bunkers.
Prepare for another engagement.

You heard the man, move out.

Yes, Sergeant.

We show them hell beyond the confines
of their imagination.

If we don't take these six guns

our entire mission will sink
to the bottom of that ocean

and 200,000 soldiers along with it.

Colonel, we're approaching our target.

OK, gentlemen.
Proceed with caution and purpose.

These aren't the guns.

- These are decoys.
- Jerries put telephone poles up.

Stay alert until we have swept the bunker!



There's no guns!

You gotta be kidding me.
We lost half the company for nothing!

- You alright, sir?
- Yes, I'm fine, thank you.

Form a defence around that perimeter
while we regroup!

Yes, sir.

Gentlemen, we need to find those guns.

Alright, gather around, men.

Alright, we're receiving fire
from the east-facing sea battery.

Over that hill,
the east and west emplacements.

We're divided in two teams.

One takes the east, one takes the west.

Lieutenant Powers and I
are gonna focus on the front.

There's been a lot of friendly fire
out there.

There have been a lot of casualties.

If you want to come home,
you defend your brother.

I want blood! Do you hear me?

Yes, sir!

Alright, there, you have your orders!

Alright, White, you're with me.

We hit the west.

Kuhn? You take Carbone and Hodges,
you hit the east.

- Got it.
- Let's move!

Yes, First Sergeant!

Twelve o'clock, Germans, left side!

Take my six. I'm gonna frag 'em.

Present from Uncle Sam!

Come on, we're clear!

- Clear.
- Clear.

We got a map.


Let's give these to Rudder.



Move, move, move, move!

Find cover! Take cover!

Get down!

Cover, cover!


- Wiley, go check on him!
- OK.



Powers! Grenade!



Go! Advance!

Carbone! Use your grenade, we'll cover you.


Fucking got 'em!

- Got 'em on the line yet, Robbins?
- No, sir, not yet, sir. I'm working on it.

Sir, I have the general.


This is Anvil.

Anvil, report.

The guns aren't here.

We're gonna need more time.

The ridge line is not secured.

I repeat, the ridge line's not secured.

Recommend Tilt.

Copy, Anvil.

General Bradley, we will find those guns.

Anvil out.

Get me Lieutenant Colonel Schneider.

This is General Bradley.

I need you to divert the 5th Ranger Battalion
to Omaha Beach. Affirmative.

Any word from Dog Company?

Sir, they're taking
substantial casualties, sir.

Colonel Rudder just called Tilt, sir.

Damn it.

This the intel for Operation Overlord?

Yes, sir.

We're gonna keep the same MO for the bunker.
Seemed to work well.

We're gonna traverse
down the terrain from the rear.

And Lieutenant Powers and I

will again lead the remaining company
on a full assault.

First Sergeant.

You and Mr White will flank to the left

and enter the east-side tunnel entrance.

- Yes, sir.
- Staff Sergeant?

You, Hodges and Carbone

enter the west-side tunnel entrance.

- You will flank to the right.
- Yes, sir.

Clear out the bunker.

Blow the ideology
out the back of their heads.

You guys keep yourselves together in there.

Now, if we are in fact
finished clearing off topside

we will come down to assist.

Everybody good with that plan?


- Let me hear that again!
- Hoo-ah!

You good with that plan,
Technical Sergeant White?

- Yes, sir.
- Well, good.

Back to battle then!

Cover me.

Check it out.



Toss a grenade in there.
Let's blow this equipment.


What the hell is that stacked up here?

- Flash!
- Thunder!

It's us, Lommell and White.

- You guys good on the east?
- Yeah, we're all clear.

Does the colonel's map show
these tunnels intersecting?

Not that I recall.

That's a lot of ammunition.

I think we should blow this joint.

Yeah. Let's bury it.

We need to give Rudder our support.

Let's continue forward, alright?

Let's keep moving, finish our sweep.
Alright, boys?

- Hell yeah.
- Let's go.

Drop your guns now!

Drop your weapons!

Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons!

Drop 'em!

Get down!

OK, OK, stop!

Drop your weapons.

Drop it.

Put it down!

Round 'em up. I want interrogations.

Everyone with a swastika
on their arm is to be on the ground.


Line 'em up in the middle! Come on, let's go!
This is America now, 2nd Battalion!

Check out his leg.

I said, check out his leg.

- Alright, alright, alright.
- He's not gonna bite ya, Wiley.

Hey, hey.

Hey, hey! Ha! Ha!

I'm Wiley, OK?

My name is Wiley.

Name? What's your name?

- Horst.
- Horst.

OK, Horst,
I'm gonna check out your leg, OK?

Do you hear that, boys?
What you think of that ideology?

I know you're loaded with some.

Lommell. Find anything of any significance,
First Sergeant?


Nothing of significance, sir.

Stockpiles of munitions,
radio room, rations, the lot.

We took care of the equipment room.

Nothing about the whereabouts
of the guns, though?

No intel, sir.


I thought we'd find something, myself

and we especially didn't come across
any resistance

with this division to be guarding something
like that artillery.


- Thoughts on the whereabouts of the guns?
- If they even exist.

They'd have to be somewhere in this area
if they wanna defend the beach with them.

Alright. Well, the answer probably lies
with one of them.

- Staff Sergeant!
- Yes, sir?

Your German's quite good.

Speak to the corporal in Deutsch!

Hey, look at me.

Where are the guns?


Look at me!

Technical Sergeant White!

That is a warning!

Somebody give me a canteen
and some food rations, now!

I'm out, Kuhn.

I'm out.

Keep doing what you're doing.

Robbins! Get Hammer on the line.

- Yes, sir.
- Need to relay some information.

- I have him ready, sir!
- Thank you, Robbins.

Hammer, this is Anvil.

We have secured the ridge line
and there are no guns.

I repeat, we have secured the ridge line.

There are no guns.

- We are conducting interrogations.
- Copy.

The ridge line has been secured.

Proceed with mission objective
based on new intel.

Look at me!

This isn't working.

Time for another tactic, Kuhn.

Listen to me, I'm the one dealing with this.
You got that?

Let me deal with it.


Keep me apprised, Anvil. Hammer out.

Anvil out.

Thank you, Robbins.

We weren't gonna hurt him!
Why'd he do that?

Why? Why?

Alright, right-right-right...



- What the hell are you doing?
- Get the rifle out of his goddamn face!

You've already been demoted
to a lesser rank!

You keep on running into situations
with misconduct!

Do not test me
or you will be in front of a court-martial!

Control yourself!

What is he saying?
Do you understand what he's saying?

Tell us where!

I don't know how long I can keep my men
from putting a bullet in your head!

- He says...
- Do you understand this?

Yeah, yeah. He's saying it's about
2.5 kilometres south of here in a barn.

OK, understood, Staff Sergeant.
Thank you, Staff Sergeant.

You say there are munitions?

Yes, sir, in the bunker.

Go rig some explosives.

I wanna blow this place. I don't like it.

- Can I get a hoo-rah?
- Hoo-ah!


I'm gonna let Lommell handle this.

Before this, I wanna tell you
I just spoke to Command.

There is yet again another German company
waiting for us on foot!

Do you understand that this means you need
to brace yourself for another engagement?


Rangers, lead the way!

Lommell, handle it. Blow it!

Alright, boys. You heard the man.

We're moving on to find those guns.

Obviously, they ain't here.

Check your magazines, make sure you got
fresh magazines for your rifles.

Carbone, Hodges?

- Sir!
- Sir.

You boys'll go back in the bunker,
you rig those munitions.

We're gonna blow this place to hell.

Be our pleasure, Sarge.

Alright, boys. Let's move out!

We did that right, huh, Hodges?

Yeah, we did.

We're gonna regroup for a bit, men.

Have some water, grab something to eat.

Wanna take a rest,
let the man next to you do so.

Just switch off, take ten minutes.

We're still at war. Stay alert.

- Can I get a hoo-ah?
- Hoo-ah!

Let's clear the area.



Sit down. On your asses.

I say we shoot these Jerries.

They're only gonna slow us down.

Now you're talking my language, huh?


- Who did that bandage for you?
- I did, sir.

Please have Wiley take a look at that
and get it redressed.

I'm fine, sir.

That was not a suggestion, soldier.

- Lommell?
- Yes, sir?

Something's wrong with your boy.
Keep him in check.

I'll have a word with him, thank you.

Man, White has lost it, First Sergeant.

Did you know he was capable
of doing something like that?

First Sergeant, did you know

that Technical Sergeant White
was capable of doing something like that?

War changes people.

What can I say?

Well, so, that's how you're gonna play it?

Tech Sergeant.

Just wanted to tell you,
for what it's worth...


Me and most of the fellas

- think you did the right thing.
- Wiley!

I mean, that fathead Kuhn
wasn't gonna get nowhere with that Nazi.

Bandage this for me.

They don't just roll over
and squeal just like that.

Nah. They're tough bastards.
I mean, if you had shot...

Just dress over it.

Sir, you've been shot by one
of those sons of bitches over there!

I gotta clean it, I gotta disinfect it.

- I gotta...
- Did you hear what I said?

Dress over it
and get the colonel off my ass.

You see, I think you knew.

You knew and you didn't do
anything about it

which makes you just as guilty.

That is enough, Staff Sergeant.

Sit down.


If you had shot that Jerry corporal

he would've just been a martyr,
dying for Deutschland.

But, nah, you shot his buddy,
and that was a smart thing to do.

Oh, he was scared as hell after that.


Ah! He couldn't help but spilling his guts
like there's no tomorrow.

But, um, uh...

You think the colonel was serious
about the court-martialling

- for sure...
- Carbone!

Get the hell away from me.



I'll be. Look at that.

Hodges, check this.

He looks just like the German Shepherd
I had when I was a kid.

That ain't your Shepherd, pal.

That looks like a Nazi dog to me.

Come here, boy.

You're asking to get your hand torn off.


He's a sweetheart. I can tell.

Ah, I hate dogs.

Oh, not this one.


He's gorgeous.


- Colonel?
- Robbins.

It's Wiley, sir. I think he's losing it.

I'll talk to him, son.

Thank you, Robbins.


- Yes, sir?
- What's going on with you, son?

It's come to my attention you're
no longer fit to be a part of this outfit.


Did I not dress Tech Sergeant's
wound correctly, sir?

No, you did a fine job with that, son.
It's more about the...

I understand your compassion.

Listen, son, I...

I remember my first day
of seeing combat like it was yesterday.

It's not easy.

Those images, the bad thoughts,
they'll never leave your mind.

You'll never be able to forget them,
but every soldier's like that, son.

Everybody's like that.

Yes, sir. I'm fine.

Son, you need to understand
that this is a part of it.

This is a part of it, son,
and you will learn to bury it

and turn it off

change your reaction to it

and disconnect...

in time.

And that really is the only way
you're gonna stay sane in war.

How do you do that, sir?

You focus on your job.

And know that if you don't

the very lives of the men around you
will be jeopardised.

Those boys that gave their lives today
on the beach?

Uh, that... that's on me, son, and, uh...

if I choose to dwell on that, how could I
possibly continue to lead all of you?

Right, son?

I know you're taking lives and saving them.

I understand you.

I need you...

to become a lion, yeah.

- Just know that you're doing the right thing.
- Yes, sir. I can do this.

Yes, you can.
You're trained for it too, son.

Good talk. You carry on.

Alright, men, let's move out!

That's the voice of God, boys. Let's go!

Hold your position, men!

Lommell and White,
check out that structure to the left.

Nothing here.

The fire's fresh.

Probably a refugee.

- Hey!
- Do not... do not shoot.

Come on out.

Clear. Move in, move in.

I am Nikolai.


Fighting with the French Resistance.

You are American, yes?

- That's right.
- We're Americans.

You say you're with the Resistance?
What're you doing out here?

Fighting Nazis. Same as you, no?

You are heading south?


Uh... you cannot go that way, my friends.

Nazis, they come this way.

They are... they are looking for me.

They come from, um...

headquarters, and just beyond...

is the guns.

What kind of guns?

Like you say in America... big guns.


How... how many Howitzers?

I did not see them with my eyes.


I met a man dying on a road

with a 10-year-old boy...

also killed by the Nazis.

He sees them loading the Howitzers

into a white plantation farmhouse.

I believe him because I go to see
with my own eyes, and...

there are many guards
all around the plantation.

They are guarding something big.

Sir, you're saying that this plantation
is in this direction over here?

The headquarters are there.

The plantation is around.

Well, that's certainly contrary
to what our...

Nazi corporal told us over here.

It's almost as if the Nazi corporal
wanted to lead us into some sort of trap.

- I'm gonna kill him.
- Hey, hey!

- Hey! Lance!
- Hey!

Do not kill him.
It's not gonna do a damn thing!

Well, we heard our friend here.
Let's move out.

Uh, Nikolai, was it?

Do you need any rations, water,
medical attention?

No. I could use a light.

Sir, he's been shot.

Alright. Wiley, please come over here
for a second and check out that wound?

- No, no...
- Sorry, sir, we...

Just go. Hurry.


You remember, you go east to avoid
the column of Nazis coming up this way.



Thank you, sir.

Alright, let's move.

Here you go, pal.

The Yankees. Are they still the champions?

Yeah, but the St. Louis Cardinals
are giving them a run for their money.

Hey, Joe DiMaggio,
he will take them to victory, no?

I hope so.

First Sergeant, we are waiting on you.

Thank you, Nikolai. You take care.

- How you doing, Lommell?
- Good, sir, thank you.


Yes, Staff Sergeant?

You know,
I think Nikolai was telling the truth.

Look how deep these tracks are.

Something heavy was trekked through here.

Well, at last something's in our favour.

Hoo-ah to that.

Focke Wulf! Hit the deck!

Oh, shit!

Move, move, move!

Making a pass.


I'll put you down, son. You halt.

A slight attitude adjustment.
Nothing over the top, son.

Not before you, Jerry.


Oh, Scheiße!

Besser, ja?

Ja, alles gut.

We can expect company.
You can trust me on that.

Keep your eyes peeled
and your weapons ready!

Open fire!

Fire at will! Fire at will!

Use your instincts! Move out!

Get down! Lay the Browning down!

Hodges, lay the Browning down!

Drop them down! End them!

Grenade! Move back!

White! No, no, no, no!

No, White!



- Stay with me, man.
- They got Tech Sarge!

They got Tech Sergeant!

- Hang in there.
- OK, OK...

Lance, just hang in there, OK?


Not for nothing.

- Lance, just hang in there, OK?
- Coming in with morphine.

Wiley, come on.

I got it, I got it, I got it.


He's gone. He's gone!

- No, no, White...
- He's gone!

Come on, come on.

Hodges! Carbone!
I need you inside the house!

Everybody else, set up a perimeter!

Yes, Colonel, sir!

Aw, Lance.

You idiot.

Rest in peace, my friend.



Even though I'll never agree
with what Tech Sergeant White did...

- Not now, Kuhn.
- No, listen.

I know he was your friend.

I'm sorry.

I'll always be honoured
to have served with him.

He was otherwise a fine soldier.

I served with him in another unit...

about a year and a half ago.

He was always kind of angry.

I could always trust him

always had my back
no matter what was going on around us.

After that, he went off on some mission
he couldn't talk about

with the British Commandos.

When he got back,
he definitely wasn't the same.

What happened? How'd he change?

Never asked.

Maybe I should have.


You never should pry.

If somebody wants to talk,
they'll say something one way or another.

White was never one
to talk much about anything.

Maybe I just couldn't tell...

too focused on my own thoughts.

Oh, hey, no, I think you're right.

He was never one
to open up much about anything.

You don't seem to have a problem
talking about stuff.


Or voicing your opinion, for that matter.

Is that a compliment or a criticism,
First Sergeant?

Neither. Just an observation, Kuhn.

You know, my old man,
he had this rule in the house. He, uh...

Well, he had a lot of rules.

But this one was like, you know,
you never went to bed angry.

You never left the house angry.

You always said
what you wanted to say cos...

Cos you never know
if you can see that person again?

Yeah, exactly.


My dad said the same thing.

- Maybe they knew each other.
- Well, maybe.

Bet you were the class president.

Something like that?

I got pretty good grades.

How about you, huh?

I bet you were a real ladies' man.

Yeah, it was a problem.
White knew about that.

Always chasing the girls.

What, you chasing them
or them chasing you? Huh?

The good ones always chased me,
so a little bit of both.

- Oh.
- Except I always chased the bad ones.


Well, I don't see how
that's much of a problem.

It is when one of them turns out
to be married

and her husband
comes after you with a shotgun.

Oh, wow, OK. For real?


What happened?

I joined the Army.

Alright, boys. Let's find those guns.

Colonel? Colonel!

- Yeah?
- Found it!

It looks like Nikolai wasn't lying.

There's a big map inside.

The guns are in a barn
about a half mile from here.


Prepare to move out.

The enemy!

Move to cover! Keep your heads down!

Engage the enemy!

- Staff Sergeant!
- Yes, sir?

I need you and Lommell to go find those guns.
We cannot fail this mission. Destroy them.

Yes, sir! Move!

It's not in there, that's for sure.

Alright, let's go look around back.




This way.

This looks like the place.

- Lay down fire!
- Reloading!


- Get Hammer on the line, son.
- Working on it, sir.



I've raised him, sir.

- Reloading!
- Good job.

Hammer, this is Anvil.

Anvil, copy.

Heavy reinforcements in superior numbers.

We are compromised.

I am requesting final protective fire
in our position.

Say again. You're requesting
final protective fire on your position?

Affirmative, Hammer!

Requesting final protective fire
in our position!

There's no other recourse?

Hammer, there is no other form of recourse!

We are Charlie Foxtrot up here.
We are Charlie Foxtrot.

Copy, Anvil.

Charlie Foxtrot, understood.

Confirming final protective fire
on your position.

Will comply.

Godspeed, Anvil.

Back at you, Hammer.

Alright, men.

I want you to listen to me very carefully.

I contacted Hammer.

We are gonna have final protective fire
sent to our position.

We will get through this.

You will see your wives again.

We will survive this!

You will be going home,
so long as you understand

that you must give them hell!


Alright, keep your heads down.
Lay suppressive fire!

Ben-My-Chree, this is Actual.

Stand by.

Hammer on the line for you, sir.

This is Major Lytle here, sir.

Final protective fire for Anvil's position.

Roger, sir. Wilco.

Prepare the forward batteries
for engagement.

Aye, aye, sir.

Forward battery, load your weapons
and prepare to engage.

I repeat, load your weapons
and prepare to engage.

How long until the artillery hits, sir?

Any second now, son.

- Carbone, cover me.
- Yes, sir, I got your back!


Go, engage up there! Get those rounds off!

Open fire!

- Where do you need me?
- Think you can sight it?

- Yeah, I can do that.
- OK.

Targeted! Ready to fire!





Move, move, move!
Come on in! Come on in!

- Is that for us?
- It's gotta be.

It's coming from offshore.

Sounds like
it's going to Colonel's position.

He's probably overrun.

Called in last protective fire.

Let's get this done,
so our boys didn't die for nothing.

Copy that.

There's two of them.


You get the one on the left

- I get the one on the right.
- Copy.

- There's two more!
- Down!

- Lay down some fire, I'll go round the side.
- Copy.

- Targeted! Ready to fire!
- Fire!

There's another one!

Targeted! Ready to fire!


Take that, Jerry!

Carbone, raise Hammer.

- Hammer.
- Hammer, this is Anvil.

I repeat, this is Anvil.
Cease loading and end mission.

I repeat, cease loading and end mission.

Aye, aye, Anvil.

Cease loading and end mission.

Good to hear your voice.


I will advise about the primary objective.

Secondary objective is complete.

I repeat, secondary mission is accomplished.

Copy, Anvil.

Good work. Keep us updated.

Will do. Anvil out.

When's it gonna end, sir?

It is a necessary thing, son.
It'll end when it ends.

Like blades of grass.
Don't be the fickle tree that snaps.

Go with it.


Major Lytle!

Hammer has commanded us to cease fire!

Cease fire! Cease fire!

The Germans are retreating!

They're on the retreat.

Returning fire!



I'm good! You good?


Could've just jumped over the fence, Kuhn.

Yeah, well... safety first.

Looks like we hit the jackpot.

It's about time.

I got the thermites in my pack.

You take those, I'll take these.


You OK?

Let's try...

I don't think I can walk.

Just stay put, OK?

Just stay put. Stay put, OK?
I'll take care of the cannons.

You just stay there.

Take the thermites.
Put 'em in the recoil mechanism.

Damn bastard.

How's it going, Kuhn?

Give me a minute!

That's all five. I got all five.

Come on. Help me up.

Yeah. You got an extra frag?

Yeah, why?

There's an ammo dump
over there I wanna blow.

No, the cannons are priority.

- Help me up.
- OK, OK.

Ah, easy...

Wait, wait, wait. Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Come on.

Come on.

I gotcha, I gotcha.

You know that black powder's
gonna blow like hell?


I'll be damned!

You think our boys got those cannons?

I don't know,
not unless there's an ammo dump.

Thermite wouldn't explode like that.

It sounds like Hammer's
coming through the radio, Colonel.


Thank you, Carbone.

Copy that, Firestone. Glad to hear.

What is it, sir?

There's a French company headed our way.

I have a big merci beaucoup to give them.

- Wiley?
- Yes, sir?

You did a good job today, son, really.

And a lot of those men out there,
they owe their lives to you.

Wish I could have saved more, sir.

You're doing it, son.

- Carry on.
- Yes, sir.

Ben-My-Chree, this is Actual.

Major Lytle?

I have Anvil on the line for you, sir.


James, you made it!

I apologise for the delay
in the artillery, sir.

I'm sorry, what're you talking about, Major?

We came under attack by enemy fire, sir.

Took out the turret crews.
That was me on the big guns.

Thank you, Major.

You saved us out there today.

Glad to have been able to help, sir.

You sure did, Cleveland.

And I'll see you soon,
I'm sure you'll tell me all about it.

Yes, sir.


It's Lommell and Kuhn!

Hey, never been so happy
to see your ugly faces!

Don't get all mushy on me, Carbone!

Just put me here.

Did you get the guns?

They won't be firing at us
any time soon, sir.

You got that right.

Raise Hammer, please.

Thank you, Carbone.

Hammer, this is Anvil.

Primary objective complete.

I repeat, the primary objective is complete.

Outstanding, Anvil. Outstanding!

Oh, and, General...

would it be possible for me
to get a word in with my wife?

Of course, Colonel.

Thank you, General. Anvil out.

- Wiley?
- Yes, sir?

- Go ahead and take care of Lommell, son.
- Yes, sir.

Come here, you gimp!

Starting to feel the glory.