Czule miejsca (1981) - full transcript

The year is 1998 and the world is in an ecological cataclysm: there is shortage of water, environment is polluted and being outside brings high risks. The main character is a tv technician, Jan, an individualist, who is harassed by the conformists. Jan loves Ewa, a ballet student, who in turn is in a liaison with Allan, a succesful and powerful man. His love not being returned Jan tries to commit suicide by electrocuting himself in the bathtub, but is saved by aliens.

Friday, 28 August 1998.
The name day of Jan and Sabina.

The News.

Vichy. The Organization
of the Water Exporting Countries

has increased the prices of drinking water
to 108 points per gallon.

London. EEC Council
has made a decision

concerning the compulsory
scrapping of cars

manufactured between
1980 and 1985.

It is estimated that
despite this decision

there are 98 million
useless cars in Europe.


The Ecological International
warns that

life on Earth may become impossible
in 10 years.

Weather forecast.

Air pollution – nine.

14:07 – 14:12 – rain.

Temperature – 12.

Stay at home.
Do not open the windows.

Travel by subway.
Do not leave your house.


- 13-13, come in.
- Hello?

There is a notification for you, 13-13.

I have no time,
I have an appointment.

With Ewa.


Good evening!


but cold, isn’t it?

Not really. I don’t know.

I don’t think so.
Get your hands off, please!

You are cold. Would you like a jacket?
I have one in my bag.

In my bag…

Would you like…

Buzz off, squirt…

Can you explain, citizen Zaleski,

for what purpose were you standing
for hours in front of the Ritz Hotel?


Yes, I was waiting…

- What were you doing in front of Ritz?
- A call for colonel Chałatek…

Wait a minute…

Are you not going with us?

I have urgent business!
What were you doing?

I was waiting…
for somebody.

Can you tell me something
about your specialty?

- Warranty services.
- And a real specialty?

I don’t understand…

05/03/1995 AND 12/07/1996


Who is this man?


Very good. What else?

He was asking about the best theatres.


He had drugs with him!

- You can check me!
- Stop acting like a child!


That girl…

What is her name?


Yes, she is
a frequent visitor of Ritz.

It's a big world, sir…

What does she do?

She is a dancer.

- In pub?
- No. She studies.

Where? In this place?

No, there are schools like that…

There are more modest places as well…
More appropriate for students…

Or maybe…

She likes less modest ones…

It is a matter of taste.

I am sure you make a lot of money…

No. I have the worst districts.

That’s why
I wasn’t waiting in a cafe.

Ewa has the money.

- Aren't you concerned?
- About what?

She’s a dancer
and she likes venues…

I don’t understand.

Neither do I. Decent girls
do not hang out in pubs.

A dancer…
You mean ballerina.

- What do you care?
- Right, not my business.

It’s just that male solidarity,

I don’t want you to
fuck yourself up.

You are free.

You may go…

To Ewa.

Somebody’s coming!
Can you hear that?

They took you in because
you’d been standing on the street.

- I had no money…
- Yeah…

I almost forgot…

I was waiting for two hours.

Waiting for two hours…
and being harassed by some Arabs

because my fiancé was taken in.

Because he had no money…

Get off!

Should I trade gold?
Or maybe drugs?

Are you crazy?

This is a man’s job…

Turn that transmitter off.

Who did you work for yesterday?

Poor district, poor jobs…


You will never get a good client…

I would go with you if you had one…

It may happen soon.

Yesterday I made them understand
that I’m interested in better districts.


I will be married.

Do you think
we are going to have a baby?

What are you thinking about,
you idiot?

Together we could have at most…

a kitten.

A tiny mechanic kitten.

Good, Teddy…


What happened?

I will install a small resistor…

And you’ll be fine…

- Jaœ?
- Yes?


I met a man.
A wonderful man.

I’d love you to help me…


You know…

I think I love him.


Will you help me?

- What?
- I’d love you to help me…

You are my only friend!

I am everyone's friend,
but nobody wants to be mine!

You are the only one I have…

How would I help you?
A wonderful man and the marriage?

Don't be silly, Ewa…

Do you know what he does?

Do you know what I do?

Everything will be depended
on me soon!

Only me!
I'm not interested in small careers!


I will able to make conditions…

any conditions…

Come in!

Good Afternoon.


Warranty services.

Thirteen again!

They sent me 13–11 two years ago…

a kinescope got broken!

Ex 13-11 is today’s boss
of this district.

Does each thirteen have to be a boss?

Everyone carries
a marshal's baton…



You are so muddy.

Do you walk like that all the time?

I like my job.

But this air pollution…

I haven’t left my house
for three years.

I’ve never seen a mechanic
working blindly…

The B-80 went off
as well as the tuning.

You can check.


Why do you carry that stuff
if you know everything?

I’m wondering myself…

We have to junk it.

You must be a student…

I don’t even know…

We need to stop lying.

Young people will rise and they
will stop cheating the social mirror.

Lying is easy, and that is why
they have to break up with it.

The game we're playing
is taking too long.

It’s time to start
taking life seriously.

We need to finish this theatre
in which we are playing different roles.

We are at risk
of confusing the concepts

and values.

We must stop this theatre
that mimics life.

We must stop this lie
that pretends to be the truth.

We need to break with acting
that we consider as ourselves.

I propose to say “No!”.

What a fag.
I can't listen to him.

Have you finished the repair?


We need to create a new morality,
a different sensitivity. Our life…

Is it okay?

He knows everything.


You too. Even better than him.

May the institutions stop.
Let’s stop the entire society!

Let us hide in ourselves.
Let us immerse into ourselves.

You are still very young.

I'm still very normal.

Watching our own gestures carefully…
Let us try everything afresh.

Let us try interpersonal contacts.

We need to create a new morality.

We need to change our lives completely.

...human relationships.

Maybe in a reborn shape…
new and fresh…

13-13, come in.

You shouldn't be so nervous.

What happened?

At first, they had placed other people
at my table.

And then they suggested that…

I’m sitting here
as some kind of…


That one from the bar…

And a waitress…

- Holy crap!
- The lady is oversensitive.

Take care of your own business!

You have to pay the bills.

Better do something with your haircut!

You have insulted…

the lady!

The lady is blocking the place
and she didn’t pay the bill.

Have you introduced
the time restrictions for the costumers?

- Consumers of what?
- You're stepping out of line!

Who do you compare this lady to?!

She has been coming here for weeks.

I would like to see the book…

- of complaints.
- Here you are.

Is it prohibited sit in cafes?

You have to stand?

Well, she is sitting.
It is not prohibited.

This lady is unregistered.

She is my girlfriend!

My fiancée!

This changes everything.
Forgive me, we have a lot of work…


But it’s better to be registered.



I bought this shoes
and I run out of money.

- So, why did you go in there?
- Where was I supposed to wait?

Look at you. Those shoes…

- What’s wrong?
- You know what…

The way those men
are looking at you…

- Are they looking?
- Ewa…

Don’t be angry.
There’s no point.

Don't follow me when I get off.

Think about it once again.
You made a mistake.

Is it better to vegetate
by your side?

They gave me better districts.
You know how much money that is?

All I have to do
is to take good jobs.

I could work at home as well.

One guy is seriously interested
in my offer.

He wants to start a mass production
of my robots.

- It means a lot of money…
- Good luck, then.

There is still some justice…

Of course…

That's why I'm getting married.

We have to change the apartment
to a bigger one.

After a month of good jobs,
everything will be possible.

Stop clowning.
You know that

you are the last one
I can consider.

What the fuck are talking about?!

Where's your manners?

Words like that don't fit you.

I'm surprised at you…

Who is he? I will fight him!

Who is he?!

Listen to me!

I can do anything!

I am strong!

Strong! I can do anything!

I can! Strong!


Cheerio! You look great!

Even you…

- What’s the matter?
- Don't you know?

I am going down…

They’re kicking me to the curb!

They’ve sent me to the fourth.

- They are picking on me.
- How?

I forgot my defect checker yesterday.
I was working in the dark.

After all those years,
I know everything by heart…

Damn it…

We used to work
without that shit…

And we didn’t have many problems!

Today they’ve reported
six complaints about my repairs.

- Is the first district free?
- I can forget about my annual bonus…

The worst district…

Want some tomatoes?

All natural.
The last kilogram.

- They say you trade…
- Oh yes… And they buy.

- You’ll be fine.
- Sure…

Good Afternoon, 13–13.
Stand in a circle. I’m out of focus.


I'm sick of those fucking districts!

I'm getting married.

All the best,13–13.

I need money more than wishes.

- Money…
- Repeat, please

Spell it.

I need better districts.

Otherwise, it’ over…

All right. The first one is yours.
Take the spare parts from 13–04.

Give me your parts, buddy.
I am replacing you.

- You?!
- Don’t pick on me.

I've had enough of
those fucking districts!

- You were making money…
- Yeah, money…

I don’t even have a girlfriend.

I can’t believe it conked out.

It was a fantastic series.

An exceptionally successful model.

Would you like a glass of cognac?

- Can I have a coffee?
- No.


Too bad…

We are enslaved by that ridiculous drive
for money and possessions.

We are gathering it
without any sense…

What a hypocrite.
He makes me sick.

You’re absolutely right.

C-15 and four fuses
have to be replaced.

You are very quick…

I work without
a defect checker.

Just like that…

All sorts of old mechanics came here…

That old folks
blindly trust the instruments.

You work in a different way…

I use my head.

It’s very simple.
Let me explain.

The entire TV system depends
on a central system.

Central system ends,
that are used to repair the television,

are called the defect checkers.

On their screens we can see
those damaged parts.

The repairer really
doesn’t have to think a lot.

He doesn’t need to know
how does the TV work.

I think it’s bad…
It is a delicate…

A system…

This is something misused today.

I like to think while making repairs.

And that’s why
they are kicking my ass…

- Am I boring you?
- Not at all…

Maybe one glass?


I better fix those fuses.

You meet new people all the time.
It must be interesting…

- Exhausting, I would say.
- And women…

There are loads of single women.

Yes, that’s right.

I mean, no…

I'm getting married.

I have to work a lot now.

You don’t have problems like that.

I’m starting from scratch.

You can have anything you like.


Yeah, maybe…

But I think it’s better
to start from scratch.

You don't have to owe anything
to anyone.

You have a clean sheet.

You are right.

Can you turn the light off?
I will adjust the contrast.

My eyelids are getting heavy.

Very heavy.

- I am thinking about something enjoyable.
- Touch me.

- My body…
- Why are you fooling around?

They are men too, like us!

I know…

You can’t follow them blindly!

You must save yourself!

We will be doing everything
on command soon.

What if there will be no commands?

It’s possible…

You should go out of your house!
Why are you sitting here all the time?

You should get some fresh air!


I don't think about anything…

Don’t turn this off!

I broke a mirror today.

I will be unhappy to the rest
of my life…

A mirror…

This is the worst omen…

Why are you laughing?


You’re really beautiful.

You husband will come back.
They always come back.

He would be stupid or blind
not to come back…

You will meet a handsome young man.

Do you want more fortune telling?

Maybe it’s your turn?

I am the hopeless case as well.

Very light…


I am happy…



- Haven't you had enough wandering?
- Where have you been? I love you.

- What about your classes?
- Where are we going now?

I'm done for today.

I am taking you to…
What would you like?

Asia, I have an appointment.

I'm going with you.
We work together.

Do you know what I saw today?

I'm already late.

There were those guys from UFO.

- Who?
- They asked about everything.

Mostly about your customs…

What customs?

I told them you have swell customs.

Ewa, guess what I want to tell you?

I would like…

to introduce you to my good friend.

Jan Zaleski.
Allan Kowalski.

Ewa told me a lot about you.

I'm glad we’ve finally met.

It’s my pleasure.

Allan is a director.

He got me involved
in his new program.

I know you are working on some kind
of new television technique.

Television can’t be changed.
It can only be liquidated.

I'd be glad to have you
in my technical team.

I don't think I would be useful.

Of course you would!
A fresh man…

natural, untouched by cliché…

- There aren't people like that anymore.
- Good to hear…

- But I don’t think…
- Anyway…

my offer still stands.

I called it "The Little Improvisation",
but it will be a great improvisation…

If you would make up your mind…

Excuse us…


We have a few more things
to discuss.

What do you mean by “excuse us”?!

We have an appointment!

- I have an appointment with Allan, sorry.
- You're kidding?

I think we can postpone it
until tomorrow.

I always keep to my agreements…
But this evening…

I am working with you.

You’re acting like child.

It is a Body Art show,
please remember.

Body Art…

I have nine additional
notifications for you…

I'll drop you off at the next stop!

I will check a newly opened
residential block tomorrow.

I you will get a few more
colour corrections.

You know how it goes…

Behave yourself!

I suppose you don’t care,

but I got this ball
from a black guy

who is juggling eight of them on TV.

It’s amazing.

You'll get off!

Do you want to know
where I met him?

Do you?

I think this guy is a common cheater.

Maybe, but not common.

You are the incarnation of ordinariness.

I should kill you.

Maybe so.
You would be on TV.

In the papers…

It could be some way out
of that greyness.

- Look…
- What?

The 20:10 flight to Manila…

Your UFO…

The New Grand Express.

And you are laying there…
wondering if you were honest today.

I did my job…

I fixed them all.

In two hours.

They are working…


Who drives the car today?
Thieves, prostitutes, money-changers…

and the emergency service.

Anyway, what the hell do you think

I do all day long?

You lie down.

You look at the sky.

You think about honesty.

Do you like freedom?

You're just a lazy boy.

Disgusting little sluggard!

You have to stay.

Call that little hussy!

This is your erotic and mental level.

Do you know what kind of clients
I have now?

Congratulations, maybe you will stand
on your feet.

I'm trying to be myself.

It’s hard…

I know your difficulties…

Everything is too hard.

That’s the only thing you can do!

You are waiting… But what for?

Will UFO help you?

You are a disgusting phenomenon.

Ewa, please…
I need to be very careful…

You only live once.

I don't want to be wrong.

I don’t do any harm.

I know I love you.

That’s all.

Please, don’t come to my rehearsals.


If you leave me…

I'll kill myself…

I’m very glad.

- I was a little worried.
- Pacta sunt servanda.

- Agreements must be kept.
- Once again…

It’s not “The Sorrows of Young Werther”.
It has to be a normal intercourse

between a man and a woman.
Today’s intercourse.

It will be perfectly emphasized
by your choreographic suggestion.

- Got any new ideas?
- Not anymore.

Anyway, if you get any new ideas,

sell it immediately,
even during the program.

- I absolutely trust you…
- That freezes me up.

Very talented young man.
Where did you get him?

You did it.
He is yours.

I thought you wanted him
to work here.

I made him a TV producer.

He works pro-forma.
This program is produced by people anyway.

The television people.
I invited a few outplayed stars.

It’s just a background.

You are insane!

Wait a minute, Ewa…

You are pathetic.

Pathetic and disgusting!

- What happened?
- Look at yourself. What’s that?

- Clown!
- I’m just working. It’s my profession.

I can work for any jerk.

You're making a fool out of yourself.

You are exposing your complexes…

We are both trying
to deal with our complexes.

He’s a nice man although I don’t like him.
“Allan”, what kind of name is that?

Great hat…

Yeah, he has a bent for advertising.

Ewa, it’s time!

You’re losing my respect
by this clowning.

My Janek, Jaś…


It’s all for you.

You wanted this to happen.


I’m ready.

You pigs…




- Do you remember his name?
- No.


Zaleski Jan…




What are you scared of?

Damn it…
You are avoiding me like plague.

This is nothing personal.

I wanted to give you a lift…

No, thanks.

Just as you like.


They are here, a UFO!

You can go in.

I'm telling you again…

I’m not asking…

for your forgiveness.


I feel guilty.

I know you are tired
of my visits.

Very well.

- This is the last one.
- You can come.

I'd love to help you.

- I really want to help you.
- Thank you.

Today's your birthday.

I will be really happy
if you…

accept that.


Do you think about you future job?

Yes, I do.

Allan would like to offer you
a permanent contract.

Thank him, but I must to say no.

I have other plans.

I hope…

you’ll be fine.

Please, forgive me…

Don’t be silly.
We're still together.

You know I’m with Allan.

You are with me…

What are you talking about?!

Why should I always be with you?!

Because I know what I want.
I love you.

So what?!

You are not even fit to…

I love you too!
I've always loved you!

But there are other people!
We are not alone!

I always wanted…

I always dreamt
that you were…


You know that…

I can' t even talk to you!

I love you, Ewa…

Why people…

Why everything…

And Allan…

I don’t understand!

I didn’t know

about the cameras
and that other stuff…

Don’t cry.

- The way the world turns…
- I know.

I want everything to be right.

Why am I so unhappy?

You are happy,
but please, don’t cry…

- Ewuńka…
- I…

- love you so much.
- Ewa, I love you with all my heart.


When are you coming?

I will always be with you.


You know I love you.

So, it doesn’t matter

if we will meet tomorrow.

I will always be with you.

What do you mean?



After tomorrow?

It’s impossible…

So go away…



Check, please!

- See you around…
- Bye.

Are you looking for Ewa, sir?

I don’t have to look for her.

Ewa is not here anymore.

That’s what I thought…

She came a few months ago
with her husband.

You know…

I love her too.

I feel sorry for you.

That must been painful.

All her performances are successful.

I guess…

I read that they will go to Japan…

if they find someone to play
Young Werther.

And how are you doing?

I don’t know yet.

I turned down Allan’s offer.

I’m not interested in acting.

I have more serious plans.

But Ewa…

She’s still a child.
I can't take her seriously.

I don’t even know…

Maybe we'll get married someday.

But she is with Allan.

She was!
Now she is with me.

We're keeping it a secret.

Show business.
Do you understand?


Amazing pair.


This is the only pair
I can watch.

They are the best at the moment.


I saw this movie
from the early 1980s.

My God, people were so happy
back then. So kind, so nice…

There were cars on the street…
That crowds, that happiness…

That fun…

- That shit will go down one day.
- You'll fix it.

- I don't think I will be in the mood.
- You mean television?

- I mean everything!
- What’s next?

I don’t know.

Do you think we will be able
to live on our own?

I don't know if we will learn.
It’ hard.

Will you come?

You don’t need me.
I specialize in failures.


People have gone completely wild.

They watch TV all days.

Once they go out,
they are at each other's throats.

Only a war can bring them closer.

They would have to be together then.

How do you know that?

Because I walk

All day long.

Good morning.

You always find something to do.

- That makes you nervous?
- No.

Did you sleep with that woman?

What have you done?
Give it to me.

You know that.

I know that in a few years
you won’t have to go anywhere.

That’s right.

You will always be by my side.


Only with you.

- 13–13, come in.
- Yes?

Would you take The Central Ball?

- I would take anything.
- We need a man without any tools.

Only now?

You have to take care of 14 monitors
and not to disturb The Central Bal.

Unless I'm drunk.
What are the stakes?

Special, according to the list.

Tell the boss that
it should be double.

Tell him yourself.

Can you hear me, boss?

I don't care.

The third packed up.
Can you hear me? The third one!

- I know.
- Why are you not repairing it?

And you should always be around!

Around what?

No discussions, please!
Fix that failure!

It doesn't make sense.
It will conk out again soon.

- Then you'll repair it again!
- I don't think so.

What'd you say?

You'd better go out!
Enough talking!

Jurek, repair the third, please…

Wait a second…

Are you okay?

Why don't you go home?
Why don't you start dancing?!

What’s going on?

The party is over…

Very funny.

I think you will go down
to a six-digit number soon!

You will be fixing
the loudspeakers at the train stations!

Don’t get so excited.
It’s an external failure.

The main system broke down,
maybe even the central one.

Don’t panic…

You won’t start a brawl here!

Get out now, please!

Check the fuses, please…

What’s that?

Who are those kids?!

Who are those bloody kids?!

Where did this kid come from?

Please, leave the ball now!

Easy, gentlemen…

Failures. Rome, Tokyo…
London is predicted in 20 minutes.

Why aren’t they using
protection systems?

The security circuits are dying…

- The main ones?
- They died yesterday.

Exceptionally happy Christmas.

What about us?

Hungary and Austria went down.
Czehia is about to crash.

- Yeah…
- They are already using our system.

- It's good that the backup is working.
- Bullshit.

The four national systems
will not supply the rest.

It would be better to disconnect.
But it’s impossible.

- The TV is working.
- Canned!

Don’t panic.
As far as I know

we will ring the new year
in two minutes.

Toast to the man who
is going to bring the new beginning!

- Who do you have in mind?
- Maybe those who won the Nobel Prize.

The English checked them.

We need somebody…


We all think for ourselves.

Of course.

But not independently.

Do you still love her?

Not anymore.

You are the king now.
You can do anything.

What the hell is going on?!
Calm down! I’m here.

Colonel, we fixed it,
everything works fine.

We are using the emergency system.

Colonel, I couldn’t…

- Where is 13–13?!
- Dismissed, reluctant at work…

- Did you dismiss Zaleski?!
- He was absolutely reluctant.

The computers showed…

that Zaleski is 0–1.

Do you know what is a failure
in the central system?

- What can we do about it?
- It’s possible…


A failure in the central system

can only be removed by
another independent central system.

- Do you know what does it mean?!
- Jesus Christ…

But they knew Zaleski was here…

They did not!

I'm telling you that we have
a failure inside the brain itself!

The failure makes it impossible
to locate Zaleski.

It makes everything impossible!

I have a very pleasant news.

Mr. Zaleski…

was appointed 0–1
with the power of the central system.

Mr. Zaleski, come up on stage, please!

Ladies and gentlemen…

We have a central system failure.
There is consolation in the knowledge

that our failure is the last one
after Rome, Tokyo,

London, Paris…

We are currently working
on the emergency system.

One more thing.

Ladies and gentlemen!

The new year
has started four hours ago.

On your screens you watched
a show recorded a few years ago.

We promise you one thing…

Is there anybody
who knows the whereabouts of 0-1,

that is to say Jan Zaleski?

- Do you think he'll agree?
- He has to. We have no choice.


We have to do it differently.

I hope he agrees.