Czarny mlyn (2020) - full transcript

Twelve year old Iwo lives in a small, post-communist town. with destroyed Black Mill - once a place of work for many parents. Breaking the promise to not approach the old mill - the children accidentally unleash its evil powers. From that moment nothing will ever be the same again. Objects and adults start to disappear.

Look! Quick! Make a wish.

I wish dad could read
me a bedtime story tonight.

Dad's on the night shift today.

By the time he's back from the mill,
you'll be fast asleep.


Help me out, guys!

Put him down!


Come on, come on!

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?!

Take the kid home. I'll be back soon.

Where are you going?

I'll make sure no one was left behind!

- Andrew!
- Come back!

Wait! Let me just check!

What's happening?

- I'm holding him!
- She's giving birth!

Somebody call a doctor!


Who's the boss?

Look at the boss!


- Stop it!
- OK, you win!

- Watch out!
- Hey, you!

Hold that dog, sir!

He knows what you kids are up to!
You brats!

- There you are!
- Hi!

- Hurry up!
- I know!

What's up, man?

Move it.

Gimme that.

Two cheesecakes and a yeast cake.



- Huh?
- My cash!

And a fiver.

There -

Give it to me!

Here you go.

Not so fast.

- OK.
- Alright?

See you tomorrow.

A little more.


Now we'll pull your leg back...

Ivo, put that back...

I have to buy Mela's medication.

That's right, lovely...

Could you come here?


Look! She's smiling at you.

- Yeah, right...
- What was that?

- I'm going out.
- Maybe you could read to her?

What for? She doesn't get anything.

If you spent some time with her,
you'd see that's not true.

Can I go now?

OK, go.


Hi. We're going to play at Max's.
Wanna come?

I don't really feel like it.

Oh, come on!

Come on, come on.

You got cash?


Thank you, please come in.

You're kidding, right?

Wait! I've also got some batteries!

I promised myself I'd take them out
of my alarm clock...

as soon as the holidays started!

Come in.

Max I'll owe you, OK?

- You know the rules.
- Come on.

- Get inside!
- Thanks.

It's a BMW.

My folks own one now.

How do you know?

Did they call you?

They e-mailed me a photo.

Is it remote-controlled?

In England, the roads are
as flat as a table.

You can put the pedal to the metal
all you want!

Give it back.

As soon as my folks get me out of here

I'll be speeding

200 km an hour.

Yeah, right.

What's up?

Did you come here to
play or to stare at me?

I was first in line!


Get him from behind!

Go there!

Hey, come on!

D'you want to?

It's over here!

- Ivo!
- Not again!

What now?

Come here!

I'd be pissed off if my mom tried
to keep me on a leash like that.

Nothing but strawberry jam? Again?

I don't want to stock up any more.

Who's going to buy all this?

Not much luck in her life.

Hadn't that kid been born early,
it would turn out normal.

It's all because of that mill.

Shh! Damned place.

Ivo, could you help me?

It's painful to watch her,
still mourning.

She'd feel better if she could
bury her husband.

Can't bury him with no body to be found.

That way, mourning never ends.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Look after her.

Let go!

Leave it!

What have you done?


And that paté on discount.

You know what? I'll take two.

And some flour, yes?


Jesus Christ...

Who's going to clean that up now?

You were to look after your sister!

I'd rather have a dog
than a sister like her!


At least dogs understand
what you're saying to them!

Those retards are like animals...

What are you up to?

The internet's out.

The antenna is too low.

Damn. I only have two wishes...

I know! A good internet connection

and pizza delivery.

Bull's eye!

What are you doing up there, you brat?

Uh, oh, trouble!

Wanna to break your neck?

Your parents haven't
visited you for so long

they wouldn't turn up for your funeral!

Get down from there!


Get off there, hear me?


Your parents will kill you
if you break it.

I need power.

Here's the deal:

I give you the battery,
but someone has to put it up there.


- Don't be silly.
- That's the Black Mill!

No one's allowed to go there.

D'you want lags or not?

The modem has to be fixed
to the highest point in the area.

You won't have to pay me for the game.

Need to ask your mom?

The planet of death...

Do you know that somewhere in space

there is an evil star which
wants to destroy life on Earth?

Which episode of Dumb-men
did you get that from?


- Get in there!
- I'm not going in there!

Don't piss me off.
You've got a debt to pay.

I'll get the money somehow.

Get in there or you'll have
to pay interest.

Go yourself.

You think I won't go in, huh?

I'll show you.

Gimme that. Give it to me!

I'm going home.



Well, look at that. Five bars.

Hurry up!

Come on!


Shhh... Mela, don't cry.

It's just a storm.


Where were you?

I've been waiting for the groceries
all evening!

It's all soaked.

Look what you've done!

I'll have to throw it all away,
do you understand?

It's all wasted.

I'm off. The guys are waiting.

You'll get me some cherries first.

But... why... What for?

Because I'm baking a fruit cake
to earn some money.

Because we have to live off something!

Can I count on you today, your Lordship?

Take the bucket and go.

Mela...! Oh God.

What's that for? Sandcastles?


Gimme that bucket.

First there wins!

I'll beat you!

Wait, my bike doesn't have gears!

And you're a boy!

What a hurricane.

- What?
- Looks like we had a tornado.

You're a zombie!

There are still some people left alive!

Hey, everyone get Peter!

You're messing with me?

You bet!

- You're dead!
- Gotcha!

Now everyone get Ivo!

You're all down!

Armageddon! The planet Earth
is about to fall apart!

Mela, what's wrong?

Honey, It's probably just another storm.

Oh, my! Come, come...

There, there... shh.


You want to drink?

I'll bring you something.

I'll just put the cake
in the oven, alright?

Just a minute.

- Have you seen Max today?
- He's probably gaming.

I wonder if the connection's better now.

- Shall we go and check?
- Count me out.

Do you think she likes me?

Asking her yourself, huh?
Hey, Natalka!

Shut up! I'll kill you if you tell!

Alright, relax!

I won't tell her, bro.

Come on.

Wait for us!

Watch out for the cherries!

I'm holding them.

Don't you understand?

It's gone! I left the kitchen for a second

and when I got back, the oven was gone!

I'm sorry.
I'll make something for tomorrow.

Tomorrow won't do.
Do you think I'm stupid?

You know how much this job
means to me!

Right, I'm sorry.

What's going on?

- Come here!
- Get out of the way!

Crazy lady!

- Our oven disappeared.
- What?

I'm calling the police.

What's going on?!

I'll try the land line in the shop.

Are you for real?

Karol, why are you so red?

You're all sweaty! Come inside,

the soup's ready.

See ya.

Don't worry.
All moms go crazy sometimes.

I don't know what's up with her.

What did the police say?



Mom, stop it!

Go to your room, Ivo.


You're a big boy now...

I have to find a new job,
otherwise we won't make it.

Mela's medicine alone is...

What about the oven?
Won't the police find it?

They didn't even take my report.

They have more important cases
to deal with.

But this is important!

It is to us...

To others, it's just an old piece of junk.

You've got to help me.

But how?

I can't make money without the oven.

Tomorrow morning,
I'm going to look for work.

And you will look after Mela.

No way!

I'm not staying alone with her!

It's all her fault.

What are you saying?

If Mela didn't exist,
you wouldn't have to work so much!

- I don't want to hear it!
- I want you to stay at home!

And I want you to stop
thinking about yourself all the time!


This is Mela's medicine.


Yeah, OK.

I set the alarm clock
so you wouldn't forget.

Wait, when are you coming home?


Ivo, go to Mela.



- What is it?
- Wanna go to embankment with us?

My rabbits haven't eaten yet!

Shut up!

You coming?

Shut up, you hear me?!


See you later, alligator!


I can't hear you!
I can't hear you!

Don't embarrass me, alright?

- I'm switching on my force field.
- It won't cover you, fatso!


You're not allowed to use that!

Oh, for the rabbits! Thanks.


Why did you bring her along?

My mom's searching for a job.
I have to look after her.

That sucks...

That was an earthquake!

We don't have earthquakes in Poland.

Spoken like a true nerd.

Did you guys hear that?

Yeah, I think we all did.

I meant: did you hear her?

- What?
- No.

She said 'poor rabbits'!

Rabbits? My rabbits?

Hearing voices... have you gone nuts?

You're nuts yourself.

You couldn't have heard her,
'cause she doesn't talk, dummy.

Never mind. Listen, I know
what happened to our oven.


Marian stole it!

Then he's already sold it for scrap.

I saw him leaving today.
It wasn't on his cart.

He's going to keep it in his flat
until the whole thing dies down.

Let's get the oven back from Marian!

Marian, defend yourself!

Are you crazy? Don't eat that!

Just one bite...

What about her?

We'll leave her by the rabbits.
She has to wait.

Pick one.

That's not fair!

Don't be a wimp,
you got the shortest stick!

You'll be fine!


Is that you?

Who else?

- Hands up! Police!
- Moron!

You were supposed to be
on the lookout, idiot!

- I got bored.
- Stay focused.

Look at all the stuff he's got!

Come here, you stupid mutt!

Come here!

Down! Leave him!

That's enough!

- Marian!
- Since when are we mates?

Mr. Marian!

What are you yammering for?
Let go.

Damn brats...!

Go home! now!

So? Did you find the oven?


- Natka
- Yes?

- Feed the rabbits and come have a bite.
- Sure.

When is your mom coming home?

In the evening.

Come and have some soup with us.

No, mom left us dinner.

If you change your mind, then come.

Hey, look.

Something's wrong with the rabbits.

- They don't even want to eat.
- Are they sick?

I don't know...

Look, it's shivering all over.

What are you scared of?

What are you doing?! Stop!

Stop It!

Let go. Let go!

Maybe Melka did something to them!

Mela...? Nah.

Get her out of here
and stay away from my rabbits.


Ivo, do you know where Max is?

- Pardon?
- Where is Max?

I dunno. Probably at home, gaming.

There's no one home.
I've got his postal order.

- I don't know where he is.
- Oh, boy.

His parents should take him with
them instead of sending him money.

It'll soon be a year since
they left him. He's going wild.

Open your mouth.

Eat it, please!

Come on. That's' good.

What's wrong?

You want this?

Is that better?

What the hell is going on?

What are you doing here, you brat?

Come on, talk!

I came to get our oven back.

Your oven...?

You stole it, mister!

Shut your mouth!

I don't have it!

You're lying! What's that?!

Is this yours?


Right, then.

When I get my hands on you...!

Let me go!

You'll stop sniffing around here.

I'll pull your legs out of your behind!

Damned brat.

I'm back.

Why so pale?

Have you eaten?

Look what I brought you.

Where did you get this?

I got a job at a restaurant.

And you know what?

They let me take the leftovers home.

When will we afford a new oven?

It's not that simple.

They don't pay much,

just enough to get by.

Come here.

I have no idea when I'll be
able to save some money.

Help me!


The rabbits! My rabbits! Help!

Help! Help!

You're lagging behind!

Quickly, come on!

My rabbits are running away!

Quick, before they all run away!

What's going on?

My rabbits are running away!
Catch them!

Come, bunnies...

Hey, Karol.

Karol, what happened?

The rabbits have gone crazy.

What do you mean?

Either someone let them out
or Natalka left the cages open.

No, man.

Look, the wires have been
pushed out from the inside.

They're running towards the highway!

They're almost on the road!

Don't look!


Come on, Bozhena.

- Maybe they made it safely?
- Don't speak to me.

- What did I do?
- I hate you!

And your dumb sister!

Can't you see it's all her fault?

Chicks are strange, man.

The lights are out at Maks'.

- Have you seen him today?
- No.

The postman was asking about him.

I wonder what's up with him.

Maybe he died?

What are you...?

What's going on here?


He's not there.

Maybe his parents came to get him.

Do you really believe that stuff?

They wanted to get rid of him.

That's why they left him.

That's what my mom says.

Maybe he was kidnapped?

For organs.

For meatballs, more likely!

What if he never came back
from the Black Mill?

Looks worse than after
a neutrinum bomb explosion...

Hey, Karol.

You're a psycho!

Is he there?


Looks like his parents took him.

Shame he didn't leave us his computer.

Guys, look!

At what?

Never mind.

I was seeing things.

OK, alright...

Come on.

What time will you be back?

Late, Ivo.

I got the job under the
condition that I would stay longer.

Great... And what about me?


I'm doing the best I can.


Just because
I sometimes do things a certain way

doesn't mean I don't love you.

Maybe I could help you out?

There's nothing you can do.

I have to go.

- No.
- I have to.

Good luck!


You again?

What do you want?

You want me to feed you to my dog?

I've got the money!

What money?

I want to buy that oven
you have in the basement.

The oven?

You want to buy it.

How much do you have?

Fifty zlotys.

That's not enough for the power cord.

The cages were locked.
She didn't touch them.

- She cursed them.
- Who?

Take her away!

- Why?
- She's a witch!

Are you nuts?

She made my rabbits run away!

She said "poor rabbits"
and then they ran away.

I don't get it.

Because you're as stupid
and retarded as your sister!


Did you hear that?
She said "water"!

Do you believe me now?

- She can talk!
- Take her away!

I was just about to do that.
Come on, guys.


There really is something
wrong with your sister.

There's something wrong with you!

You're in love and it's messed
your brain up.

What did you say?

I'll kill you!

Come on guys!

Chill out!

You've gone crazy.


Hold on to this, OK?

Hold that bucket tight.

Attention! Attention!

Delivery pick-up requested!

Catch, catch!
Can you catch them?

Well done, Mela.

Tree to bucket operator:

new reserves coming down!

Tree to Mela:
please do not waste the cargo!


How much for the cherries?

10 Zlotys per bag.

- Yeah?
- Yes.


Thanks, have a good one!

What are you doing? moron!

I've got cherries! Cherries!

I almost ran you over!

10 Zlotys, you want some?

Get off the road!

It's burnt...

It still smells.


No... no...

He couldn't have been electrocuted.

Birds can sit on power lines
because they don't ground the circuit.


I'll explain it all to you one day.

What's going on here?

No, Mela, You have to wait.

- Excuse me
- Oh God!

- You startled me!
- Hello.

I'm looking for my radio.

It was on all morning and then
it suddenly went silent.

And when I checked it was gone!

Gone? Just like that?

Believe it or not, yes!

You buying something?

No. I came to ask
what's going on in the Black Mill.

What do you mean?

There's electricity
in the old power lines.

What are you talking about?

And who you'd think turned it on?

The Black Mill is a cursed place.

Better stay away from it.

Thank you.


What's all this?

I thought it would be enough
for a new oven.

Don't worry, Ivo.

We'll collect the money sooner or later.

Did you pass the Black Mill today?

Yes... Why are you asking?

Something's going on there.

Ivo, you know you're not allowed
to go there.

Those ruins are falling apart.

- I don't go there.
- You're not allowed to play there!

But we don't play there!

Don't tempt evil.

Ivo, give me the hair dryer.

- What?
- Give me back the hair dryer.

The hair dryer?


- It ran away.
- That's not funny, Ivo.

Seriously, it jumped out the window!

I'm in a hurry. Where is it?

I swear it went out the window!

I know you want me to stay at home,

but hiding the hair dryer won't help.

Listen, I haven't got it.

It... Look, it went here...

It jumped out of the
window and crawled away!

Will you give it back or not?

But I haven't got it!

It crawled out the window. Believe me.

Hold on tight.

Where is my stuff, you brat?

In the basement?

Don't play dumb! It's empty!

Give back what you stole!

But it wasn't me!
Is the water on in your flat, sir?

I don't know, I've gotta check.

I was washing my dishes when
suddenly, the water just stopped

so I tried the tap...
I thought it was just in my flat.

No, I told you it wasn't working
in my flat either!

Hey, what's with the water?

The pump must have gone bust!

Like this whole place. Gone to waste.

I'll tell my husband to check
the pumping station.


You were supposed to stay away.

I know, but there's something
I've got to tell you.

Last night, I saw my mom's hair dryer
leave through the window.

Did it fly out or crawl out?

It was more like crawling.

Like a worm or like a snake?

That doesn't matter. The point is
that something strange is going on.

You're the strange one.

Well how about this: first my oven
disappeared, then the shop radio

and then all of Marian's stuff
from the basement?

No way.

He wouldn't steal from himself, would he?

People! The pump has disappeared!

That's what I'm talking about.

How will we manage without water?

I thought thieves were honorable
and didn't steal from their own folks.

Are you suggesting that I stole it?

Are you blind?

There was an explosion!

Don't listen to the thief!

Just because I was in prison
doesn't mean I'm a thief!

Never in my life have I stolen
from my neighbours!

Someone stole all the scrap
from my basement.

Alright, alright.

He's right. The whole wall's gone.

There's no point wasting time.
I'll let the police know.

- How about that.
- Yeah, 'Thief, thief!'

Alright, enough.

Karol, don't you go in there, OK?

Are you worried that mommy
won't be able to make soup for dinner?

Go slap yourself.

Remember when Mela said 'water'?

Maybe she knew what
was gonna happen.

Like she knew the rabbits
would run away.

Do you think she predicted it?

That's impossible.

Because they don't teach it at school?

No! Because she's stupid.


I see you haven't read
any Extra-men comics.

She might be a mutant. Predicting
the future could be her superpower..

Like the guy who took evacuated
a whole building

because he knew it was about
to be bombed.

He saved everyone.

So what? Mela didn't save the rabbits.

Maybe she wanted to warn us
that something bad was going to happen.


Let's see what's on the other side.

Did you really want to warn us?

Guys, look!

The pump left marks!

Mela showed us.


Who could have managed to pull it?

It went on its own. Like the hair dryer.

I'm telling you.

- Right. Let's follow the trail.
- I pity you guys.

Peter, help me.


Mom, I'm home!

Something's burning.

Couldn't you smell it, mom?


I wonder what her mutation is called?

She isn't a mutant.

But... she's not like us.

Just because she's different
doesn't make her worse.

Did I say she was worse?

I wish I were a mutant.

Mr. Marian...?


Mrs. Stefcia...?

Hello...? Anyone here...?

It went inside the Black Mill.

- Look!
- What?

Look, its wing has grown back!

We'll tell the shopkeeper!
She was gonna go to the police!

- Stay with Mela, alright?
- Right.

Excuse me?



Excuse me...!

Are you here...?

Ms. Danusia...?

What's going on...?

But that's... the Black Mill.

The window!

It won't move!

I'll try and open it.

Move away!

Watch out!

Come on.

We have to tell our parents.

What's going on?

Are you seeing this?


In July.

Let's go home! Run!

Something's happened! Something bad!

A lot of stuff has gone,
there's no one in the building.

They're all gone!

Girls are weird...

Why cry all of a sudden?

You know... the hormones.

Don't worry.

They've probably gone to town.

- But what for...
- To report this to the police.

All of them at once?

Yeah, 'cause everyone lost something.

They'll be back. You'll see.

Huh? What did she say?

I think it was 'frottex'.
Maybe she wants a towel.

That would be frotté.

No. It started with a 'v'.

Like 'vortex'.

There's no such word.

Just because you don't know
it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I know!

A vortex is a place where
strange things happen.

At least it was in Extra-men.

- An anomaly.
- Like what happened to us.

First the storm, then snow in July...

and your rabbits going crazy.

My mom's coming back!

What's she doing?




Evil mill...

What did you say?

Evil mill.

I'm going to get mom!


To the Black Mill!
We're coming with you.

What? We should wait for our parents.

What if they don't come back?

- Do you have a flashlight?
- In the kitchen.

The bottom drawer.

How about weapons?
Pistols? Grenades?



Great thinking with the shovel.

I've got brains.

- I could've thought of that, too.
- But you didn't!

But I could have.

The car!

Mom's car!

I'm sure it's hers!

The Black Mill took her.

Not here. We'll go round the back.

Help me.

OK, I got you.


- Natalka!
- Wait!

- Hold her!
- Help!

Hold on!

Where are you going?

Hold me!

Grab that!

Don't give up!


Thanks, man!

The bucket was Mela's idea.

You saved us.

Thank you.

Hey, Mela...

You rule!

Something's lurking in here.

These are my dad's glasses.

He doesn't leave home without them...

Hear that...?

That's my mom's phone.

They're all here...

In the Black Mill!

Are you alright?

My mom's oven.

It's going to squash us.

Squash us to a pulp!

We're all gonna die!

I can hug you if you want.

Are you crazy?

Are you alright?

Come on, think of something!

There's no way to stop it!

Do something, Ivo!

- Karol, hold this for me.
- OK.



Hurry up!

We're done for! This is the end!

I need something from you. May I?


What now?

- Will we make it?
- I can't see why not.

Move, Karol.

3,2,1... Go!

Now you, Karol! Go on!

Watch out, man...

You can do it!

121... 122...

123! Great!

Come on, Ivo. Take Mela.

Ivo, quick!

Watch out!

Now, quick!

Hold her head!

- Come on, Natalka.
- I can't do it.

You can. Just forget you're a girl.

- I'm going to punch you...!
- Come on, Natalka!


Watch out!

I didn't know the mill looked like this.

Because it doesn't.


Max?! What's he doing here?

Max! Stop!

We're over here! Max!

Come here!

Come here! Max, it's us!

Max, Max! We're looking for our parents!

Can you hear me? Max, stop!

Tell us where our parents are!

He's gone totally crazy!

My mom!

My dad!
My parents!

And my mom, too!

I looked everywhere for you!
I was so scared!


Stop, leave it!

Can you hear me?

Look, I'm here with Mela.



Mom, leave that.

Leave it.

Mom, it's us!

What's going on?

I haven't done anything!

Why aren't you saying anything?

Dad, please, let go of that!

- Something's wrong with her.
- Your mom, too?

What's up with you?

He's never hit me before...


Help us.

What should we do?

Stop, Mela...

What did she say?

It's that noise.

It's making them act strange.

It brought them here
and it enslaved them.

We have to turn the Mill off.

But how...?

When I was a kid, my dad
used to take me to work with him.

That's the steering room.

There's no way we'll get up there.

Let's go home!

Run! Run!

Don't you recognize me?



Are you alive? How?

Remember the fire?

A shower of stars fell on earth
that night. Among them was one...

The evil star...

Did it hurt you?

No... It gave me power.

Then we both waited for the signal.

One night, it finally came,

when the sky was torn
by a thousand bolts of lightning.

Thanks to you, they all
came back to the star.

Thanks to us?


- Max's device attracted the lightning.
- And woke the star.

Why does it need mom and the others?

It needed them...

Look at how it's grown thanks to them.

Make it stop!

There are people down there!

Their lives are worthless.

How can you say that!?

Are Mom's and Mela's lives
really worth nothing to you?

Don't you care about them?

I thought you'd understand.

What are you doing?


and destroying!

We don't need people anymore.

Get rid of them.

Go on!

Do it!

You're my son!

You're not my father!

My father would be saving those
people instead of trying to kill them!

You are right, I'm not your father.

You want to be a hero

just like he was.

You're Mela, is that right?

I can get rid of everything
that is holding you back.

And then you will help me

get rid of everything
that is holding me back.

Would you like that?

Answer me.

Your brother didn't accept my gift,
but you're not as stupid as he is.

Do you know the price
of your new power?

Mela, don't do it!
He wants to kill us all!

We don't need them.

People don't understand us,

they don't grasp our essence.

Get rid of them!

I won't let you hurt them! Run!

Mom! Mom, run!



My little girl

You've set me free.

Thank you.

I love you, dad.

I love you too, sunshine.

I wanted...

to see you all so much.

I didn't have the chance to say goodbye.

You don't have to.

You'll always be with us.

Look after each other.

I promise!


No, I'm not leaving you here!

You don't have time!

Mela, No!

Ivo, take mom
and the others and run away!

Mom, quick!

No, no!

Mela, my little girl!


Look up! It's Mela!

- Over there!
- Mela! Come back!

This way!

- Mela! My little girl!
- Mom, come on!

Hurry up!

Run away!

Close your eyes!

Watch out! It's burning!

Hold on, mom!

Watch out!

There's no way out!

Make way!

All of you, stand back!

Stand aside!

- Move away!
- Let him pass!


Come on, move!

Brutus! Brutus! Come here, boy!

Here you are.

Very nice! Good dog.

Come on, you oaf.

You'll go for a walk in the evening.

Of course he will!

- Bye!
- Bye bye!

It's Max!

Whoah, nice wheels!

- Hello, youngsters!
- Hey.

Hi, kids!


Thanks for leaving the computer!

Chill. I'm not taking
that piece of junk along.

- Hold on.
- Stay safe.

Hang in there, girl!

- Max, let's go!
- Sure, dad!

Well then...

- See you guys!
- Bye!

Shall we give it a try?

Come on, let's give it a try.

Help me, Karol.

There you are. Wait.

OK, alright. Ready?

Where's mom?

And one... and two... and three!