Cypher (2002) - full transcript

Hoping for a more exciting life than the suburban drawl he currently inhabits, nerdy salary man Morgan Sullivan takes a job as an industrial spy at Digicorp, a global computer corporation. Digicorp assigns him the duty of flying to various conventions around America, recording the speeches that are made. But when Sullivan meets a mysterious woman he begins to realize that his job may not be what it seems, as he descends into a dark underworld of brainwashing and struggles to maintain his own identity.

Planning a vacation,
Mr Sullivan?


No, just... just some reading
to pass the time.

Step ahead, Mr Sullivan.

You're expected in room 102...
down the hall and to the right.

Thank you.

What is your name?

Um... Morgan Sullivan.

Where were you born?

Madison, Wisconsin.

Are you a spy?


Are you an undercover operative
for Sunways Systems?


Were you paid
by Sunways Systems

to steal data
from Digicorp Technologies?


Have you ever worked in any capacity
at Sunways Systems?


This is a technology firm,
Mr Sullivan.

If we choose to employ you
as an agent of Digicorp,

you will spy on other corporations,

inform us of their business plans,
research programs

and counterintelligence operations.

Thus far, your determination
has been very impressive.

Well, if there is anything more
I can tell you about myself...

...anything that has not already
been checked by Digicorp.

Your personal records are fine.

You've passed our neuro-graph
five times.

I'd take the test again
if you'd like me to.

You've been married four years.

You live in
a respectable neighbourhood.

You've always had stable jobs.

You have an excellent
credit history.

No drug habits,
no drinking problems.

You don't smoke?

No other vices to speak of?

Is there anything else
we should know about you?


it might have taken me quite a while
to get to this point, Mr Finster,

but now that I'm here,
I'm gonna make the most of it.

This is who I am.

And this is what I want to do.

The stakes in this
line of work are very high.

Yes, I understand.

It'll be like nothing
you've ever done before.

Oh, I'm prepared for that.

You will be sent to conventions
across the country.

You will record the speeches.

That's been made very clear.

You'll have to deceive other people
about what you do for a living.


Even your own wife.


You don't mind lying to your wife?


No, I don't mind.

That was a good one.
Move on ahead to the next station.

Hello, Mr Sullivan.

Keep it out of view until
the convention speeches actually start.

Press the back notch.

You see the flash? It's now on.

Press again, it's now off.

Easy, isn't it?

And the transmissions
are really clear?

Within 50 yards. Just keep it
up front for good reception.

Where do the signals go?

Up to our satellite systems,
then back down to our data banks.

I guess the speeches
must be pretty important.

The speeches are not
your concern, Mr Sullivan.

Just do your job... follow
our instructions, nothing else.

Do you understand?

Yes, Mr Finster.


Jack Thursby?

That's what
you'll be called from now on.

As far as Digicorp's concerned,
Morgan Sullivan doesn't exist.

We never met him, we never will.

What's he like?

What's his personality?

He's whoever you want him to be.

Buffalo? Why do they need you
to go all the way to Buffalo?

They want me to tutor them

on that spreadsheet software
I was using at my last job.

And you'll be paid freelance
for this?


Independent contractor.

You know, if things work out,
there could be more trips down the road.

I thought we agreed
you weren't going back to work yet.

Not until that position
at my father's firm opened up.

I can do this in the meantime,
can't I?

I really need you
at home right now, Morgan,

with me being so busy
with the Williams case.

It's only temporary, honey.

I won't be gone for long.

All connecting
passengers on Airbus flight 426...


After the convention,
you will confirm the transmission

on your returning flight.


Do you remember the location
of the briefcase?

Uh, yes.

Good luck, Mr Thursby.
We're counting on you.

Thank you.

I left it in the stall.

Something to drink, sir?

I'll have a ginger ale.

Actually, I'll have a Scotch.


Single malt.

On the rocks.
Yes, sir.

Welcome to Buffalo,
Mr Thursby.

Yeah, this is
our new mascara line.

It doesn't clump, it's hypo-allergenic
and it's vitamin-enriched.

Really? Mr...?
Fred Garfield.

Hi. Hi.

Jack Thursby.

Fairway Fragrances.
Where are they located exactly?

Uh... Tulsa.

Tulsa, Oklahoma.

You don't say?
I got family from Tulsa.

You don't have much of an accent.

I didn't grow up there.

Oh. Where'd you grow up?

I said, "Where'd you grow up?"
South Pacific.

I'm sorry, where?

The South Pacific islands.

The Tuamotu Archipelago...
French Polynesia, Tahiti, Papeete.

Wow. That's pretty unusual.

Yeah, I plan to go back there
some day.

When I retire.

Water, sir?


Well, see you around, Jack.

Sure thing, Fred.

The conference room
will be open in five minutes.

Good morning, everyone.
My name is Robert Tuttle.

I'll be your first speaker.

I will first discuss
shaving cream distribution outlets

in North American markets.

Let me begin by acknowledging
what has become axiomatic

in the field
of shaving cream distribution.

Mainly that shaving cream,

indeed almost all personal hygiene
products for men,

are what we call fashion-resistant.

The overwhelming majority
of shaving cream users

will adopt a brand
and remain loyal to it.

...especially interesting to note

is the difference in methods used
to penetrate that market.

Because these two methods employed
by the respective companies

really illustrates the essential
strategic choice that faces...

The Mediterranean is...

The Mediterranean is beautiful.

But if it's real sailing you want,

I recommend the Sunda islands
in the Banda Sea.

Never heard of it.
I was there on a trip last spring.

Your cigarettes, sir.
Thank you very much.


Cohibas, my favourite brand.

Thank you. Oh, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Would you excuse me a moment?
Sure thing, Jack.

Good evening, sir.
What'll it be?

Give me a Scotch... single malt.

On the rocks.
You got it.

Haven't we
seen each other before?

You'll have to come up with
something more original than that.

I'm here for the convention.

That's fascinating.

You're in marketing, right?


Is there a difference?

What about you?

I do health inspections
of hotel restaurants.

That sounds interesting.
No, it doesn't.

Do you have an answer
for everything?


Rita Foster.

Jack Thursby.

So, what do you do
besides travel to dull cities

and talk to women in hotel bars?

I, uh... play golf.

Are you any good?


Honesty. I like that.

What else do you like?

No commitments.

No bullshit.


And no rings.

No rings?

You might want to
take yours off.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll leave you alone now.

Your transmission
came through, Mr Thursby.

The signal was clear.

Perhaps I could do something else
on my next trip.

I think I'm ready to handle
a bigger assignment.

We'll be sending you
to Omaha next Wednesday.


You'll perform the same job
that you did in Buffalo.

Omaha? Why can't they
find someone in Omaha?

...position the ball
a little more towards...

Why do they need to fly you
all the way out there?

It doesn't make sense.


Morgan, are you listening to me?

This will allow the club
to get down...

Since when did you
ever care about golf?

You're not going
on this trip, Morgan.

I'm sorry.

What do you mean,
I'm not going?

My father wants you
to come to his office tomorrow.

Getting a position
with his company

is more important
than a silly freelance job.

I said I'd go.

You're not going, Morgan.
End of discussion.

You're staying here.

I'll call my father tonight
and we'll...

Tell your father to go fuck himself.

What did you just say?

Say you're sorry, Morgan.


If you don't apologise,
I want you out of this house.

Morgan! Are you listening to me?

What in God's name
has gotten into you?

Since when did you start smoking?


What's going on?

I think I deserve an explanation.

Are you losing your mind?
Is this some kind of breakdown?

Your Scotch, Mr Thursby.

Would you like a beverage?

Would you like ice?

Would you like
another gin and tonic?


Turn around slowly, please.

What is your transmission device?

I thought you were
a health inspector.


I'll ask you again.

What is your transmission device?

The pen, in my jacket pocket.

Do not turn the pen on.

When you're inside the convention room,
keep the pen turned off.

Do not send the transmission
to Digicorp.

If you tell Digicorp you met me,
they'll kill you.

Take two every six hours.

It'll get rid of the nightmares
you've been having.

Your headaches will go away too,
and the pain in the back of your neck.

How do you know
I'm having nightmares?

We'll be in touch in Boise.

What'll they do
if I don't turn on my pen?

Just remember who you are.

You are Morgan Sullivan.

You are not Jack Thursby.


Good morning, everyone.
I'm Alex Chen.

I'll be your first speaker.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm here to address the controversy

that's been raging
around new techniques

in the preparation
of processed cheese.

Now, at the risk of oversimplifying,

the question facing the average
manufacturer of processed cheese

is this...

given increased consumer prejudice
against chemical additives,

how do we stem the tide away
from natural or organic-based products

and instil in the cheese buyer...

I'm glad to hear
that there were no problems

at the convention, Mr Thursby.

I'll call down to the lab to make sure
the transmission went through.

Excellent work, Mr Thursby.

Thank you.

Your transmission
came through perfectly,

just as clear as the last time.

I want you to take another trip.

Boise, Idaho.


We've scheduled a connecting flight
for you to board once you've landed.

You won't have time to go home.
That's not a problem, is it?

No. No problem.

Room 1493, Mr Thursby.

The convention room
will be open in an hour.

Thank you.

Mr Thursby, one last thing.

The first letter from each word
is the phone number to call her.

Hello, Mr Sullivan.

You've dialled a special number
that cannot be traced or monitored.

Now, listen carefully.

Take the service elevator
at the end of the hall

down to the basement level.

You'll be clear
for the next five minutes.

Wait a minute. Wait...

Keep moving.

Roll up your sleeve, please.

We don't have much time.

Are you insane?
You're not sticking that into me!

He has medical training,
Mr Sullivan.

I don't care
if he's a fucking brain surgeon!

You're not gonna drug me.
We're undrugging you.

The shot will block out
the Digicorp narcotic.


The chemical they're putting
in your bloodstream

at every convention.

Do you normally drink something
inside the convention room?

Mineral water.

The drug is tasteless and odourless.
You wouldn't have known.

Did you take the pills I gave you?

Have the noises in your head
started to go away?

And the recurring dreams?

Jesus, what is this?

Why didn't Digicorp check
my transmission in Omaha?

There was no transmission
in Omaha.

Or in Buffalo. Or anywhere else.

Why are they sending me
to these conventions?

The conventions are charades.

You and the other convention guests
all work for Digicorp.

You're all spies.

You're given phoney assignments,
phoney identities.

You think your pen
is a transmitting device.

Another guest thinks
it's his tie clip or her watch.

The whole thing is just a ploy
to keep you all distracted,

to not realise
what's really going on.

What is really going on?

If you want answers, take the shot.

When you're inside the room,
act as you always act.

Order the mineral water. Drink it.
Don't make them suspicious.

The shot we gave you
should protect you.

Should protect me?!

What do you mean?
What if it doesn't?

Listen to me carefully.

Whatever happens in that room,

show no reaction,
no emotion, no surprise.

No matter what you see,
do not move.

What will I see?

Who sent you?

A friend.

I don't have any friends.

When will I see you again?


I promise.

There are several
points of interest here.

First of all, the fact that
by an impressive margin,

new home purchases took
most of the brunt of that decline.

By this, I mean that sales of older homes
are done on an individual basis

where there's considerably
more room for negotiation.

Therefore, in those sales,

we're more likely to find
that the official rise in mortgage rates

has been offset somewhat by the...

...respective rates of return
on high-tech investments,

which led to a surge
in business capital spending

and significantly increased

the underlying growth rate
of productivity.

The capitalisation of these
higher-than-expected returns

boosted equity prices
generally beyond

even that expected by
the enhanced rise in real incomes.

The elevated level
of light-vehicle sales, for example,

has put more vehicles on the road
than the industry could sustain.

And even though demand
for a number of high-tech products

was doubling or tripling annually,

in many cases, new supply
was coming on even faster.

Overall, capacity in high-tech
manufacturing industries

rose nearly 50% last year,

well in excess
of its rapid rate of increase.

the slowdown in the economy

that began
in the middle of last year


perhaps even to the point
of growth stalling out

around the turn of the year.

As the economy slowed,
equity prices fell,

especially in the high-tech sector,

where previous high evaluations
were being re-evaluated,

resulting in significant losses
in some investors.

Clearly, some slowing
in the pace of spending was necessary

if the economy was to progress...

and sustainable growth...

...with the process likely intensified
by the rise in the cost of energy

that has strained business
and household purchasing power.

Purchases of durable goods
and investment in capital equipment

declined in the fourth quarter.

Because the extent of the slowdown
was not anticipated by businesses,

it induced some backup
in inventories,

despite the more advanced

...adjust production levels
more rapidly...

inventory sales ratios
rose only moderately.

And even after the policy actions
taken in January,

the risks continue skewed towards
the economies remaining on a path

inconsistent with
satisfactory economic performance.

Crucial to the assessment
of the outlook and the understanding

of recent policy options

is the role of the
technological change in productivity

in shaping near-term
cyclical forces

as well as long-term
sustainable growth perceptible...

Moreover, although recent
short-term business profits

have softened considerably,

most corporate managers
appear not to have altered...

...long-standing optimism
about the future returns.

A recent survey
of purchasing managers...

Just a reflex.

...the wave of new online business
activities was far from impressive.

Corporate managers
appear to be remarkably sanguine

about the potential for innovation.

You are not
Morgan Sullivan. You are...

You are not married to Amy Sullivan.

Your wife is Diane Thursby
in San Jose...

Your wife is Diane Thursby.

Your home...
You are Jack Thursby.

You are Jack Thursby.

Your wife is Diane Thursby.

You live in Redmond, Washington. express concern about...

...encouraged declines
in market interest rates.

The FOMC reduced
its targeted federal funds rate

by one-half a percentage point
to its current level of 5.5%.

Accordingly, to foster
financial conditions,

the Federal Reserve has quickened
the pace of adjustment for its policy.

In conclusion, a cautious approach
is always the best strategy.

Thank you for your attention.

Excuse me.
Do you have the time?

The time? Your watch?

Yeah, it's 3:30.

Already? Gosh, that last speech
just flew by.


Did you enjoy it?

Oh, yeah. Very much.


It's for you.

Digicorp will approach you
at the airport.

Tell them you are Jack Thursby.

Tell them you've never heard
of Morgan Sullivan.

Make them think
you're brainwashed.

If you're exposed, they'll kill you.

What happened back there?

You're feeling the side effects
of the neutralising agent in your system.

Don't worry. You'll be fine.

He's travelling.
He's travelling. We've located...

Mr Sullivan?

There's been
a change of plans, Mr Sullivan.

You need to come to
Digicorp's local office right away.

Mr Sullivan?

Are you alright?

I think you're mistaken.

My name isn't Sullivan.

You're not Morgan Sullivan?

You don't work for Digicorp?

No, my name is Thursby.
Jack Thursby.

I think you're looking
for somebody else.

I'm sorry... Mr Thursby.

My mistake.

Oh, that's OK.

Hello, sir.
How are you?

I just need to see
your boarding pass, please.


Thank you.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Excuse me.

No problem.


Your turn. There's not much
hot water left. Sorry.

Could you make dinner
a half-hour earlier tonight?


I wrote down a list of errands
I need you to do today.


Your car keys are in the foyer
next to your briefcase,

right where you left them.

Planning a trip?

Just some reading to pass the time.

You're expected in reception,
Mr Thursby.

Down the hall and to the left.

What is your name?

Jack Thursby.

My name's Frank Callaway.

I'm head of security
for Sunways Systems.

According to your neuro-graph,
you're lying.

You're lying when you say
that your name is Jack Thursby.

You're lying when you say

that you are not
an undercover agent.

You are lying when you say that
you do not work for Digicorp.

And I cannot tell you
how happy that makes us.

No way. I am not going back
to that house.

You are in a unique position
here, Morgan.

Digicorp thinks that you're
brainwashed as Jack Thursby.

They think that you've passed
our neuro-graph,

and they want us to hire you
as one of our agents.

I don't care what they want.

Your counterintelligence work
for Sunways will be very simple.

Digicorp will never suspect
that you're working for us,

so they won't watch you too closely
while you're in the house.

All you have to do
is place one bug in each room.

You don't fucking understand.
I'm going home.

I'm going to my real home.

Your real home is gone, Morgan.
What are you talking about?

Your wife put your house up
for sale.

Her lawyer has been trying to
contact you for the last few days.

She filed for divorce
three days ago.

I'm sorry, Morgan.

Look, Morgan, I know this is hard.

I want to see Rita.

Rita Foster.

She pulled me out
of the brainwashing.

No, Morgan.
You cannot see her.

Why not?
She works for you.

She does not work for us.

But you sent her to find me
at the hotels, right?


But you know who she works for.

Who does she work for?

She works for Sebastian Rooks.

Who's Sebastian Rooks?

Sebastian Rooks is
a freelance operative who we hired

to find out how Digicorp was getting
their agents past our neuro-graph.

Then we asked him to send us
an agent who wasn't brainwashed.

He delivered you.

He's the best in the business,

but he's also very dangerous
and very ruthless.

I advise you
to stay away from him.

Stay away from him and her.


...we are offering you
a very good deal here.

When your work for us is finished...

...we will give you a new identity
and a new home.

Somewhere very far away
and safe from Digicorp.

I'm sorry, Mr Callaway.

You have to find someone else
for your job.

You won't last long out there.

Anywhere you go
outside this complex,

Digicorp will have agents
watching you.

If you try to run,

if you behave like Morgan Sullivan
instead of Jack Thursby,

they will eliminate you.




You're fortunate, Morgan.

If we hadn't interrupted
the brainwashing process,

you'd be like
the other convention guests,

programmed with a new identity,
sent to companies across the globe...

...disposed of when you'd outlived
your usefulness to Digicorp.

You have a chance to fight back.


...are you ready
to be a spy, Morgan?

Gonna get some more broccoli.

Phone lines are tapped.

We've got visual in all the rooms.

Subject frequently retreated
into a fantasy world.

There they are, in the dining room.

That salt shaker gives us
a nice angle, doesn't it?

...very well.

He believes he's Jack Thursby,
and he believes I'm his wife.

He's adjusted to this house.

Who's she talking to?
Digicorp agents.

She's giving them a report on you.

He spends much of his time indoors.

Of course, he has no friends,

and he has little contact
with the outside world.

We've got the internet lines
tapped too.

Excellent work, Morgan. Excellent.

My God.

My God, my life is the same
as it ever was.

Well, that's because Digicorp
monitored your old life

and then duplicated it.

Helps ease the transition
of becoming another person.

That's not who I am anymore.


I smoke cigarettes.

I like to drink Scotch.
I play golf.

I'm not supposed to live
in the suburbs.

I'm not supposed
to be like that.

Well, I'm sorry
if you're disappointed, Morgan,

but that is your vision
of Jack Thursby.

It is not Digicorp's.

Can you guys clean up
the camera reception in that hallway?

Yes, Jamison?

This isn't Jamison.
It's Morgan Sullivan.


What do you want, Mr Sullivan?
I need your help.

I want to hire Sebastian Rooks.

You still there?

Goodbye, Mr Sullivan.

I'll pay for his service.
He doesn't work for individuals.

Tell him to make an exception.

I'll do whatever it takes.
You're on your own. I'm sorry.

No. No!

Listen, you've gotta help me.

There's nothing I can...
You've gotta help me, please.

You said I could trust you.
I believed you when you said that.

Meet me at the car wash at
Fourth and Jefferson in three hours.


Be sending you on
your first assignment next week.

Our surveillance of your house
has already paid off.

We know exactly what sort of data
Digicorp is trying to steal from us.

So, tonight, you will say that you're
going out of town on a business trip.

Now, you know
how to tell her that, right?


You will stick to the script, Morgan.

You won't try anything risky,
you understand me?

Sebastian Rooks
has agreed to help you.

When does he want to meet me?
Not yet. He's in the car behind us.

How much money does Rooks want?
He's not interested in your money.

It's your situation. He thinks
he can use it to his advantage.


I'll be in touch with you
in Wichita.


That's where Sunways will be
sending you on your last assignment.

How do you know that?

They haven't even told me.
Rooks knows.

He knows everything.

Can I trust Rooks?

I can't give you guarantees.

But he has the resources to provide you
with a new life, a new identity.

It's your choice, Mr Sullivan.

What do I have to do?

Sunways will send you
on a series of assignments.

You'll receive a courier disk
on each trip.

Digicorp agents will be following you
wherever you go.

Let them.
That's what Sunways wants.

At each destination,
you'll be met by a Sunways contact.

They'll download data
onto your disk.

Digicorp's agents will assume
you're receiving valuable information.

As you travel to more cities,
collect more data

and complete more assignments,
your agent status will rise.

Digicorp will then assume

you have become
one of Sunways's top company men.


Each disk you bring home
will seem more important than the last.

As they copy the Sunways files,

Digicorp will think
they have won a major victory

against their greatest rival.

In reality, Digicorp is the loser.

Sunways is feeding them corrupt data
that will sabotage their operations.

But make no mistake, Mr Sullivan.
Sunways is just as ruthless as Digicorp.

Once this operation is complete,
they will eliminate you.

Rooks will protect you.

Please. You can trust me.

We're sending you
to Kansas... Wichita.

It's almost over, Morgan.

After this trip to the vault,
your work for us will be finished.

The vault?
It's our data warehouse.

It's completely insulated
from the outside world,

but we send in agent couriers
if we need to retrieve or add a file.

You... will be our next courier.

And Digicorp will think
they have hit the mother lode.


We need to keep our voices down.

Switch this disk
with the one in your briefcase...

...before you go to the vault.

Take off your ring.


Your ring.

This is a tracking device.

It'll give us your precise location
at all times.

Does this mean
we can see each other again?

I'll pick you up after you
leave the vault, deliver you to Rooks.

I meant after that.

We can never
see each other again.

It would compromise
your new identity.

I'm never
getting out of this, am I?

500 Horse Creek Road, please.

I know where to go.

Settle down, Mr Sullivan.
We have a long ride ahead of us.

You don't have to pretend
to be Thursby.

I know you're not brainwashed.

I know that Sunways
has been using you

as a double agent
against Digicorp.

Are you going to kill me?

Not if you return
your loyalties to me...

...instead of Sebastian Rooks.

Oh, yeah.
I know that you work for him.

As a matter of fact, we both do.

I'm Rooks's inside source
at Digicorp.

His what?

He paid me to hire you

so you could be his pawn
once you were sent off to Sunways.

You didn't think I hired you because
I was impressed by you, did you?

It's a good plan, really.

Rooks knew that you'd end up
here in Kansas

on the way to the Sunways vault.

He knew he could convince you
to switch their disk with his.

That was his scheme
from the very start.

It's not possible.

Rooks's disk contains
a search program.

It will penetrate
the vault's secure network

and quietly steal a data file
without triggering any alarms.

What data file?

Who knows?

But if Rooks has gone
to all this trouble to get it,

it must be extremely valuable.

The plan was foolproof.

Except for one factor
he failed to consider.


What do you want?

When you come out of the vault,
deliver the disk to me, not Rooks.

I've been loyal to Digicorp
all along.

Why should I trust you?
Or Digicorp?

Because we'll let you live and
Rooks won't. It's as simple as that.

No-one sees his face
and lives to tell about it.

No-one sees his face?

He's a deep-cover operative.
A Yuri in cyberspace.

He's a phantom.

Companies hire him
without actually knowing who he is.

If they did, they'd kill him.

The moment you give
that disk to Rooks

is the moment
he eliminates you.

There's only one person
Rooks trusts with his identity.

Rita Foster, his lover.

She's completely loyal to him.
No-one else.

I'm the only person
you can trust now.

I'll be nearby
when you come out.

Just in case we get separated.

No charge for the ride.

Good evening, Mr Thursby.

My name's Virgil Dunn.

Welcome to the vault.

First time?

Hope you didn't have a big dinner.

Step ahead, please.

Now that we know
you are bug-free,

I can call you
by your real name, Morgan.

Dunn, Virgil C.

Need your disk now, please.

Good, good.

Digicorp will cream in their pants

when they copy the bogus data
that I've just cooked up for them.

You wouldn't believe
the number of times

they've tried to jack into
the systems down here.

Have they ever succeeded?
Hell, no.

This place... is tighter
than a nun's asshole.


...snort while we wait?

Oh... Sure.

I distil it myself down here.

It's one of my little hobbies,
pass the time.


Here's to the information age.

I used to be
an agent like you once.

I was the best mole spotter
in the business.

You put me in a room
with a possible double agent,

let me ask him
a couple of questions,

and I could tell you right there
whether he was a spy or not.

That was before Sunways
put me down here.

That was three years ago.

What happened?

Those fucking machines
is what happened.

They said the neuro-graphs
were 100% accurate but I wasn't,

that a really good spy,
a really good liar,

could trick me every time.

It's bullshit, I told them.

They didn't listen.

You see... there are things
that only a person can know

about another person, Mr Sullivan,

things that a machine
could never pick up.

For example, let me ask you
a couple of questions.

Excuse me?

What is your favourite drink?

Go ahead. Answer.
I just want to prove my point.

What is your favourite drink?

Er, Scotch, single malt.

On the rocks.

You're telling the truth.

Are you married?

Yes, I am.

Truth again.

See, you're very...
very easy to read.

Now... are you in love
with your wife?


There. You just lied.
Am I right?

Yes, I lied.


It's more than just questions,

For instance...

...I'm sensing
a kind of tension in you.

It's been evident ever since
I put your disk in my computer.

Now, why would that be?

We both know the disk
is from Sunways.

There's nothing on it
that should make you uneasy.

One last question, alright?


Are you a double agent?


Where's Mr Dunn?

He decided to stay in his office.


You can go ahead, Mr Sullivan.
Thank you.

Don't let him go!


Emergency crews are on their way.

For your safety,
please remain inside the elevator.

Emergency crews are on their way.

For your safety,
please remain inside the elevator.

Emergency crews are on their way.

For your safety,
please remain inside the elevator.

Emergency crews are on their way.



I told you
I'd know where you'd be.

I can take the disk now.

Is this Rooks?

Jamison, one of our operatives.

Rooks is back at the hotel.

He's looking forward to seeing you.

The car is waiting downstairs.
Call me when you get to the lab.

This is where Rooks lives?

For now. He moves around a lot.

But you know where he is
at all times?

We have a special relationship.

Your assignment is
nearly finished, Mr Sullivan.

I'll be back in a moment.


It's Morgan Sullivan.
Sullivan. What happened to you?

I'm in the penthouse suite of
an old building. I don't know where it is.

We're tracing the call.
We'll be there shortly.

Where's Rooks?
I'm just about to meet him.

Get off the phone
before he sees you.

He will kill you, understand?

Hold onto the disk.
We're on our way.

Don't come any closer.

Put the gun down, Mr Sullivan.

I'll break it.

If you come any further, I'll break it.

I gave you the Sunways disk.
This one is yours, the one Rooks wants.


You really don't want to do that.

You used me.

You and Rooks.

You used me from the very start.

Wait, let me explain.

Finster already explained everything.

When did you talk to Finster?

He's on his way.
I just called him.

If Rooks wants this disk
before Finster arrives,

you better unlock that door
and let me go.

Listen to me. Sebastian Rooks
is not the person you think he is.

Sebastian Rooks is a ruthless spy,
and so are you.

No, you're wrong. He's...
l know about you.

I know about the two of you.

I know about
your special relationship.

Please, just hear me out. I...

I don't want to hear any more lies.
I don't want to hear any more lies!


I can't believe I thought
you actually cared about me.

I can't believe I was such a fool.

I do care about you.

Ahh! Ugh!

No. No.

Just go see Rooks.

It'll be OK.


Find him.

Sebastian Rooks!

I tried stopping you.

But you insisted.

You said it was the only way
to steal the data from the vault.

Welcome home, Mr Rooks.

Come on.
Finster will be here any minute.


No more lies.

You can't trick me anymore.

Listen to me.
You are not Morgan Sullivan.

You created him
out of your own imagination.

Your life in the suburbs,
your miserable marriage.

Your wife, Amy,
was one of your own operatives

playing a part you assigned her.

The more you fight the truth,
the more it'll hurt.

It's not possible.

You used the same
brainwashing technique Digicorp uses.

You were the one who sold them
the technology to begin with.

It makes no sense!
It makes perfect sense!

Turning yourself
into Morgan Sullivan

was the only way you could pass
Digicorp's neuro-graph.

It was the only way
you could get hired to be their spy

and get sent to Sunways.

Why would anyone do this?

For this.
What's on it?

I was hoping you could tell me.

You don't know?

I've put a lot of faith
into this assignment.




Sunways Security!
Identify yourselves!

Digicorp Security!

Are you following me, Callaway?
I'm here for Rooks, not you.

That's who I'm here for.

You've flown this before?
No, never.

You know how to fly it.

You designed it.

I don't know what to do.
Sebastian Rooks knows.

I can't remember Sebastian Rooks!

You remembered
that you loved me.

Go! Go! Go!

Just think.

We're out.

Alright, hold your fire!

Did you get a look at him?

Did you see Rooks's face?

Just Morgan Sullivan, our pawn.

Jesus! He's Rooks.

Is it what you wanted?


It's you.

The file in the vault was erased.

And this is the only copy.

Now there's no copy at all.