Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life (2005) - full transcript

When popular high school sophomore swimming champion Justin Peterson becomes addicted to on-line pornography, the erotic images infest his mind and poison his life, destroying his relationship with his parents, his friends, and his girlfriend.


Hey Amy, come here!

I love you.

I love you too.

OK, not bad.

I just got the official word.

We have two swimmers who
made the all-state team.

And they are? Nolan Mitchell,


And? Justin Peterson!

All-state, man!

You?re killing me!

You rock! You rock!

You know, I swear I thought
I lost in the first turn.

No, you really helped stroke and
that final kick was INCREDIBLE!


Stroke Man, I heard you made all-state!

That?s awesome, right Dooley?


What All-State team?

He?s a swimmer, butthead.

Best hundred freestyle
in the whole damn state.

Geez, don?t you listen to anybody else?

Yeah. When I?m in em!

I mean, it?s no big deal really.


Yeah, outta be a law against Monica!

Glad there isn?t.

Give me a call sometime, we
should hang out.

Yeah, sounds cool Timmy!

Come on, mom!

Come ooon!

We cannot afford this.

Yes we can!

Diane! Oh, thank God you?re still here.

Hey!... Wow! Look at you!

Exactly, look at me,
I look like Tammy Faye.

Um, I?m meeting Greg at the
Carlton for drinks at five,

is there any way you could please.

A twenty minute makeover?



You just drop the kids off and I?ll be at your
place around three forty-five, three-fifty.

God, I love you!

Thanks! Bye!

Mom, come on! It?ll be
like, ninety percent off!

I thought you had work today?

I took a sick day off today? I did hair and
makeup for the senior girls graduation pictures.

That?s nice.

Yeah, some real beauties! I got
a few phone numbers in my bag!


Face Boy?s saving his spit for Amy!

Yeah, well I?m saving my fist for you!

Hey, hey! Guys, STOP.

Good night, Justin!

Good night, Mrs. Huick.

Get some rest now!

Uh, I will now! Bye!

I have to go, I

No you don?t.



Not now, okay?


What are we, on a schedule for
this? It?s all you ever talk about!


well you?re right

I?m, being a total jerk, I?m sorry.

Come here.

I?ll see you in the pool, okay?

I gotta go!

No, I?ll see you in the pool okay?

Okay, in the pool!

So, how did it go? I
want all the details.

He practically jumped me
as soon as I walked in!

And that?s a good thing?

At my age it?s a miracle!

At your age? Hey? I?m your age!



Do we have any ice cream?

You had dessert!

But I?m still hungry!

Hey, hey!

So, what?s it feel like, huh?

Mr. ALL-STATE! High school hero!

I mean, you know, everyone?s
pretty stoked about it.

Well, you deserve it.

You worked your butt off!

I?m proud of you, pal.

Hey, dad?

You know what?s really cool, though?

They put my plaque next
to mom?s in the same case.

Right there in front of the gym.

Man, we RULE!

So, how was your day?

Half the customer service guys are out sick.

I guess they?re making
you earn that raise, huh.

Hardly qualifies as a raise.

So, what?s that?

Well, the, um, the B & B in San
Francisco, I just got their brochure.

Great romantic getaway
for our twentieth.

How much?

Look first, and then we?ll talk.

Ooh. Nice.

Looks? expensive.

I?ll make it worth your while.

I?m not just a nice lady who works here.

Hey , glad you could make it!

Hey dude great game
tonight you were awesome.

Yeah. Great run in the third quarter.

Thanks. Great fumble, in the forth

Everything cool?

Alright. Come on in guys.

You guys want a beer?

No thank you!

Yeah, me neither. Five-thirty workouts.

Right. Swim queens don?t drink!

Scuse ME!

Hey dude, type up ?Naked College Babes?

It?s just to see what comes up!

You guys are such losers. How?d you
like it if we watched naked guys?

This is hilarious! People are freaks!

Are you having fun?

Boring and boring. Boring!

Use your dad?s credit card.
You know, get to the prime meat!

Yeah, cuz I, I, I want my dad
knowing I look at this kind of crap.

Timmy, P-911!

Got it Tracker.

Hey guys!

Everybody okay?

Do you need uh, any more sodas?

I think we?re cool, dad.

God, I remember that game!


Uh, oh right!

Alright, you need anything, call.

Guys, have fun tonight.

Good night, Mr. Jenkins.

Can we go now?

I don?t get the whole porn thing.

I mean the way they? do
it, it?s so mechanical.

Animal Channel shows
better relationships

Wow, didn?t know you were
into watching animals do it.

Ow. Look,

I?m sorry I took you there.

Is that a turn-on for you?

N-not at all.

I mean, nothing compared to you

Look, for me having sex?

Has to come from our hearts, I know.

Wow, I really sound that uptight?

No, you don?t. I think it?s cool.

It?s not that I ever want
to make love with you.

Just that when we do it,
I-I want it to be, magical.


Trust me, it?ll be worth the wait.

I can believe it.

J-Justin. What are you doing?

Um, I?m going to bed
now, ok mom? Good night.


Steven, Steven wake up.

Uh? what?

Justin?s looking at porn.

Uh, okay, good night honey.

Steven, he?s looking at
naked girls on his computer.

And? ?

A-and you think that?s normal?

Well pretty much, that?s what teenage boys do,
they look at pictures of girls with big boobs.

Should we talk to him?

About what? Uh, naked women?

I don't want him seeing girls like that.

Ok hon, I-I'll talk to him, good night

I never said they had big boobs!

They always do?

Yeah, that is a sorry excuse
for swimming and you know it.

Just cuz you made All-State
doesn't mean you stop workin' hard!

Sorry, coach.

"The rest of you didn't perform any better"

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I-I'm just tired, okay?

Did you get to Kafka?

Yeah, some guy wakes up as
a cockroach. That would suck.

I feel like that sometimes.

A cockroach?

Like he was part of his family but
he was a different species from them?

Hello, am I boring you?

No, sorry.

Forget it.

I mean no, I feel like a cockroach too.

Em, is there a way to, check on,
which websites somebody's surfing?

Sure, check the history file.

Checkin' up on your kids?

I don't want to be
that kind of mom, but?

Thing is, any kid worth his mouse
knows how to clear the history.

What's that mean?

Well, they just

Erase their tracks.

OK, um? any way around that?

Well, it gets complicated, I mean, they've got
parental controls that block certain websites.

The Internet is getting scarier.

Honey, you have no idea.

What are you listening to?

Ugh, Switchfoot again?

Come on, it beats the
stuff you listen to.

W-well what do you
mean? Green Day rules.

H-hey guys what do you think?

Green Day or Switchfoot?

Switchfoot's for altar
boys. Gotta go with Green.

Maybe you'd rather have lunch with her.

H-hey, I'm just saying.

I know what you're saying.

Well here, let me listen
to it one more time, okay?

It's good!


Shut up.


Kill me now.

Why are you this late?

Well, if I'm gonna
make San Francisco work?

Oh, we're going?

Uhh, I'll be a bodybag.

Thank you! Thank you,
thank you, thank you!

Oh, ohhhh, that feels greeeat.

Ohhh, this is why I married you.

Not for love?

Oh, for the love of your backrubs!

No, please don't stop, I'll shut up,

So, where are the kids?

Well, Alex went to bed early, probably has homework
he didn't want to finish, and Justin's in his room?

you know, this would be a great time
to have that little talk with him.

What talk?

Ugh, about the stuff I saw on the computer?

Oh sweetheart, what am I
supposed to say about that?

You're the dad, I'm sure you'll think of something.



What's up?

I got a lot of math homework.




your uh, your mom was uh, up late couple of
nights ago and she saw some pictures on your computer.

U-uh, um, I'm real sorry about that.

It won't happen again, I promise.

I mean, it's normal to?


all guys want to look at pictures.

When I was your age,

we used to hide our
Playboys under the bed.


But uh, you know, relationship's
about more than just sex.

Your mom was, beautiful when I met her.

I mean she still is

but, w-w-what we share,
it's not just physical.

You know w-we uh

we just enjoy each other's company.

This make any sense to you?


Sounds like mom sent you in here.

No, it's, it's me too.

She's worried that
there might be a problem.

No, no, dad, geez, there's no problem.

I mean you said it
yourself. All guys do it.


Yeah, that's what I told her.

It's nothing to worry about?

so, how's practice anyway, huh?

It's great.


No problem.

What does that mean?

I told him there's more
to life than big boobs.

You're kidding, right!?

I said relationships are about more than sex.

I brought up how we share the joys and
heartaches that invariably come your way in life.

Should I be writing this down?

I, I know you're concerned
but he's a regular teenage boy.

He's got to look at this stuff,
then he moves on.

It's normal.


Alright everybody, listen up.

Listen up!

The meet is this weekend!

So you know the drill, right? Three R's!

Rest, relaxation, and restraint.

Alright, now. Who's the best?

We are!

That's right, yes we are.

Alright, get out of here!

Hey! Whatcha doin with my PDA?

Um, just, sending myself
an e-mail so I don't forget.

Forget what?

How beautiful you are.

Oh, that's so sweet! You
can use it for that anytime.


Even though that's a total lie.

OK you got me, I was
playing an online game.


Yeah, tell the girls less is?

Sophisticated, not slutty.

I'll bring you tons of magazines.


I'll talk to them.

When's dinner?

Hang on.

Five minutes. Go tell your brother!


Hey dork!

No, get out of here.

What's that? Let me see!

None of your business! Get out of here!

Let me see!

No! Get out of here!

Fine, I'm telling mom!

Ok, wait, nononono.

Can I see?

Close the door.

Let me see.

I said close the door!

Look, what I'm gonna show you you gotta
promise me that you won't tell mom or dad.

I promise!

Look, I swear I'll smash
all your video games. Got it?

Promise! C'mon, hurry up,
dinner's in five minutes.

So how's uh, the history
paper coming along?

Fine, I mean, I'm struggling a
little bit, but I-I'll nail it.

Thinking about going to Amy's
later, get a bit of work on it.

Nope, not on a school
night, not this late.

Mom, it's homework.

Call her on the phone. Sure
that'll work just as well.

Alex? what's going on?

Um, h-he's all pumped up. He just defeated
the drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto.


It's pretty cool.

The Founding Fathers didn't talk about
religion. But, they were men of faith.

Washington too?

Yep. He prayed.

"Oh most glorious God, may we each know
what is acceptable in thy holy word."

You know, I think it's tight that you're
not afraid to talk about your faith.

Yeah? Most kids don't think so.

Who cares? I respect it.

So, will I ever get you
to come to church with me?

You never know. What's it do for you?

I don't know. I guess it
puts things in perspective.

It comforts me.

Makes all that stupid stuff
we obsess about seem? stupid.

Yeah. It's cool.

You know you're alright, for a
scrawny righteous sophomore virgin.

Dude, I'm not scrawny.

Seriously dude, Angel Girl's nice and
everything, but datting, dude nobody dates!

You know what you need?

What every other slacker in his life needs.

A little bit of Monica.

Wow, heh, she definitely is hot.

Have you and Monica done it...
We, no

No, it'd be a little too weird
with Dooley, but you, you could.


Yeah, she's sick of him! And you're smart.

Now get educated.

Get Monica.

Yeah. Monica.


Hey. I just shot down
three more Nazi planes.

It's boring making these every day!

Yeah, I'm sick of that game too.

Wanna see something really gross?


Thomas, you've got to promise not to tell anyone,
because if my brother caught me he'd kill me.

What? I promise, I won't tell anyone.

Why don't you snipe him?

Can't, thing's not working.

Hey, I found this pretty
extreme website last night.

It's pretty extreme, dude.

Another multiplayer game?

No man, something a lot hotter.

Go for it.

Oh man, get that crap off my
computer, I'm gonna get spam forever!

But you've got to check
out this babe with the huge?

No, come on, dude,
no, I don't care, bro.

That stuff's way too twisted!

Sorry, man.

This is a nice surprise.

Wanna join me?

No, I just, um, got to, finish
my homework in Study Hall, so...

just came down to see if
you were still working out.

Would you hand me my towel?


So what's going on?

N-no, not much. That was
a pretty decent last fifty.

You should've seen me in college.

Did something happen today?

No. Why?

You seem upset about something.

No, I, just got a bad headache.
Prolly cuz I didn't eat lunch today.



I'm gonna go get changed and um...

Let's go pick up some
takeout food for dinner.

How's that sound?

Sounds good, yeah.


Thank you.

Yeah, right.

Where's Alex today?

Book report due.

Hasn't read the book.

Justin, your heat's up!

Justin, gimmie that,
c'mon! What are you doing?

Nothing, I'm just?

Great! Ugh!

What are you doing!?

Get it together!

I don't know what's he's doing
down there, he's goofing around.

Glad you could join us, Mister Peterson.

Swimmers to your blocks!

On your mark?

Come on, come on!

Watch out! You're almost
at the turn, go, go!

Don't you quit on me, Peterson, let's go.

Come on, you can do it, pick it up!

Coming in at third
place, Justin Peterson!

He ran out of gas!

He wasn't ready to race.

You know what guys?

Yeah, I'm really not that hungry, okay?

Come on, All-State, I mean cheeseburger,
vanilla shake, I mean that is true happiness!

I think Justin just blew the one-hundred cuz
he knew he'd be looking at my ass in the finals!


I'm gonna go snag a table.

We don't have to do this, we
can just go eat at my place.

N-no, I'm just, I'm gonna head home,
you hang out here with Nolan, alright?

I-I'll come with you!

N-n-no, hey, I'm really beat,
I'll call you later, okay?

He can't afford to screw up like this.

College coaches are aware of him, you know you
never know when one of em'll show up at a meet.

I know!

He's got one shot! One! Swimming.

C-college is, Justin's only chance
at a good college is in the pool.

You know, maybe we need to consider
the fact that he's not like you.

OK? He can't, under
pressure, respond like you?

Oh, he's better than I was,
he's faster, he's stronger.

T-there's something else going on
that I just, I can't talk to him.

Well, you want me to talk to him?

Didn't do much good the last time!


Well, huhuh?

You know what I think?


I think you're pushing him
way too hard to be like you.

Oh, I am not.

Let him be who he wants to be!
We can afford some college!

Some college?

Why not?

I'm working my butt off to make?
So am I?

? money so that both the boys will have opportunities?

But it's never gonna be
enough, for even some college.

Did you make those
reservations for San Francisco?



We can't afford it and, now's
not the time to go away, so?


Can I go to bed now?


But I have a geography test tomorrow.

You'll sit here until
your brother gets home.

And he better have an explanation.

Like what? "Virgin
Vaginas" are a new band?

What's going on?

Your mother found this in Alex's room.

What is it?

Porn! Did he get it off your computer?

Did he say that?

Doesn't matter what he said!
We're asking you!

There's a bunch of guys
at school rattling me...

I mean, you know, cuz me and Amy are so
conservative about having sex and stuff.

Yeah? So?

So they send me these pictures!

Which guys?

I don't know exactly.

It was a bunch of em, they
did it as kind of a joke.

A joke!? You think sending, porn is a JOKE!?

It's garbage Justin, and I don't want
it in my house, EVER, you understand!?


However you got it, either your brother
found it himself or you showed it to him,...

...which I hope to God, you didn't do?

I found it.

You found it?

On accident.

I'm sorry, mom.

Alright, go to bed.

Listen, these friends that send you
this crap? Those friendships are over!

Yes, dad. Look, I'm sorry. I really am.

What do you think?

Well, I don't think he's lying.

I believe him!

You don't believe him?

Oh, hi, huhuhuh, oh my God did we have a
lunch meet and I forgot to write it down?

Oh, no, no, I just thought
I'd give it a shot. You free?

Grading freshman book
reports is my lunch.

Well, another time I'd just um, I
needed some advice about something, so?

Well, I've got a sec. Um, what's up?

I don't really, remember the details, and,
and it's, it's none of my business, okay...

...but uh, um, didn't you break up with Tom
over something to do with uh, Internet porn?

Oh my God, is Steven?

No, no.

It's Justin.


My marriage was destroyed, because
of his addiction to Internet porn.

You gotta go!

I'm sure this is like, some silly teenage stuff

No, Di, we've got to
talk more about this.

And you have got to
monitor his computer.


Got it. Thanks, see you later.


Thanks, honey.

No problem.

Heh, yeah, not for you.


you know we can get
around the software, right?

What do you mean, does it work?

Oh no, it's fine, for some people, it's just
that me and Justin are good with computers.

Not that we would try and get it around
it or anything, I'm just saying that?

I-I'm sure you won't, especially if
we move the computer into the family room!

What about when you're not home?

Well, guess the power cord goes with me!


Hey, how are ya!


Sorry I took off last night.

Yeah. I was worried about you.

You know, a bunch of us are at
the diner if you wanna come over!

Um, can I call you later?

That's what you said last night.

Now's not a good time.

Why are you being so weird to me?

Look, I'll call you later.I promise.


That's cool.

Why don't we rent a movie tonight?
We haven't done that in ages.

Yeah. That sounds good.

That'd be great mom.

I can't

math test, I-I promised Amy I'd
come over tonight and do some work.

Do it over the phone.

Mom, it's equations, it's kind of
hard to do equations over the phone

It's.. like impossible.

What do you think?

OK, but you gotta be home by nine.

No problem. Nine o clock?

Two sodas please.

Should I pause it?

Uh no, keep watching.


Hi, Amy.

I uh, I-I thought he was with you.

Here you go.


No problem.

Hey, I'm glad we're
finally getting together.

M-me too!

You know I've been thinking about you.

Have you been thinking about me?

Oh yeah.

You're so cute.

You know I heard you're
quite the fish in the pool.

Um, I'm okay I guess.

If Dooley went All-State, he'd
walk around with a billboard.

You know I'd like to come
watch you swim sometime.

Uh yeah, sure, well, I should just,
t-the meets are usually on Saturday

There's a lot of kids who
come and stuff too, so?


I bet you look incredibly hot in
one of those tiny bathing suits.


pretty cool, huh?

A sophomore boy hooking
up with a senior girl.

It's pretty cool, yeah.


You should come to my place,
my parents aren't home.

Well, uh, I gotta get going actually.


I have this stupid history paper due.

I would really like to do something
with you tonight, but I can't.


So am I.

You know, um...

see you at school sometime then, huh?



Hey, Justin wassup?

Where were you?

I was studying.

Amy called.

You said you were going over there.

I was, then I realized I needed some reference
books for my history paper so I went to the library.

Let's see the books.

OK, fine.

OK, nevermind.

Justin, am I, going to have to start
checking up on you all the time now?


I-I tried calling. you, and Amy, it's just that.. phone didn't have any service in the library.

I apologize, about this and,
I'll go call Amy now.



Justin, wake up

Come on.

You're gonna be late for practice. Let's go.

W-where's my computer?

I moved it to the family room.

I'll be in the car.

I mean, I don't understand that, I don't
think we ever went over that chapter?

Amy, Amy wait, Amy

I'm sorry for being so random lately.

Yeah, so what's up with that?

I dunno, my mom's been on me a lot about becoming
a better swimmer so I'll go get a scholarship.

Look, I know you're under a lot of pressure?

why don't you talk to me anymore?

I want to?

I will, you're the best, you know that.

I don't feel that way.


Hey, come here!

You know I need a bit of math homework
help, so can I come over tonight?

You, need math homework help?

Come on, I know...

Oh just, looking for
an excuse to come over.

And you'll show up this time?

Oh, absolutely!

Hey. Last night was sweet.

Um, yeah, it was.

Soo, when do you wanna come over?

Can I e-mail you later?

Yeah, can't wait.

Hey, Leather Boy.

So what's sick, slick?

Timmy says you're the new king of porn.

Kinky, the Clown.

Yeah well you know

I mean, have to watch a bit of porn before swim
practice, it kind of jumps me up a bit, you know?

Hear you're a real freak though.
Into the real twisted stuff.

Come on you guys I'm just foolin'
around, this whole porn thing's a joke.

You're the joke, Leather Boy.

Hey dude

Hey freak.

I'm still getting perverted spam on account
of you. I oughta kick your warped ass.

Do it!

We stopped having sex.

You know, I thought it was getting routine so...

I? tried to spice it up, and, he went into the den.

The computer, is in the den.

Four in the morning I go in
there and he's, surfing porn, and?

W-what did you do?

I couldn't say anything.

I was too embarrassed, I was so hurt.

Just? turned around and went back to bed.

Well, I wanted us to do some therapy,
but he said there was no problem...

Said it was me, that I was overreacting?

He would stay up all
night and watch that stuff?

But he couldn't bear to touch me!

The real thing lying in the next room.

I don't want to scare you, I
mean this was a big thing for me

I'm sure? Justin's just
going through a phase.

Don't all teenage boys do this?

I don't know.

Am I gonna see you this weekend?

Yeah, if you still want to.

Yeah, I just thought,I dunno...

Maybe you'd be hanging out
with Timmy and his crew.

No I mean, Timmy's cool
and all but the rest of em?

I don't really

What about Monica?


You know I saw you talking to her.

Yeah, so she came and said
hi, it doesn't mean anything.

I mean, I can't diss her.

You seen her website?

No, I've heard rumors about it though

Everyone says she? takes off her clothes and...

Does things in front of the I-Cam for Dooley.

Are you serious?

I'd never heard anything
about that before.

I know she's interested in you.

I don't care who's interested in me

I'm only interested in you.

OK, I love you.


I missed you.



I can't.

What do you mean we can't?

Why not?

You know what, this is so stupid!

Why do we have to be the
last people to do everything!?

I don't care what other people do!

If all you want is a friend with benefits
then maybe you should find someone else!

Maybe I should!

Night, Justin.

Amy? Is everything alright?

Yeah, everything's fine!

A-a-and what do you think about getting some
sage and bezel plants, you know for cooking?

You guys like the way that tastes
in my spaghetti sauce, right?

Mom, you're trying too hard.


All this family time, we don't
need to bond mom, we're cool.

Hey, well, you know, we uh

We gotta replant the garden and I can't carry this stuff
all by myself and excuse me what's wrong with a little...

Family bonding?

I'm not complaining!




Hey, don't bug her let's just do
this and get out of here, okay?

But today I was going to go play with?

Just, chill, alright!?

Ok, I'm sorry

That was Thomas's mother.

Apparently one of his teachers caught Thomas
showing off a pornographic photo on his laptop.

Well, I didn't send it to him!

No, your brother did.

I did not..


It was sent from your e-mail. You're,
lucky you didn't get suspended.

Why are you looking at me?

Because you allowed this
pornography into our house.

Justin, I need you to look at me!

I mean it! LOOK at me!

You have a? problem with pornography.

No, Dr. Phil, I don't.

A-Alex, go get me a, a couple
of bags of plant growth.

Mom, I?


Beth went through this
with her husband Tom.

She gave me a lot of insight into this
kind of addiction, it ruined her life?

Y well, t-that' s nice mom.

This isn't like, some sneak-a-peek innocent kind of
guy stuff, you, t-this is different and you know it is?

Well I'm not Beth's husband, okay mom?

I know that. But, let me help you?

I don't have a problem with pornography!

I swear, I'm telling you the truth!

OK, I don't have a problem!


Because I'm shutting off Internet access.

Well no mom you can't do that, I have homework
assignments and class notes off the Web!

And what about e-mails?

Use the library computers at school.

You and I are gonna have a talk in the car.

Nice going you stupid dork!

Steven, d-do you...

Ever need to fantasize about?


Other women?

Honey, I'm one of the lucky
guys. I married my fantasy.

But every year I get a little, older, a little...

less sexy and, as a fantasy to you I'm sure?

Listen to me.

You fulfill all my fantasies.

Not just the sexual ones.

My problem is I don't tell you that enough.

N-no, but I think Tammy
Carson has a [???] somewhere.

Sorry, I'm still new at this thing.

Um, I can't find it I'm gonna have to call you back.


You forgot something on my PDA.

I don't know how that got there.


What's happened to you!?

What's going on, man?


Justin, that's no way to speak to your teammate.

Screw all you guys.


Peterson, GET BACK HERE!

Diane Peterson's line.

Yeah, hang on a second.


Hi, this is Diane.

Yes. I-I haven't...

I-I'll be right there.

Is everything okay?

Di, what is it, what's wrong?

Justin hacked through the library firewall.

Of course this means he won't be allowed to
use the school computers until further notice.

Why, are you suspending him?

No but, he's put on probation
for the rest of the school year.

And he has detention for the
next, four Saturday mornings.

Well I think that's, more than fair.

I have a, a copy of Justin's progress report.

Why didn't the school tell
us his grades were slipping?

We sent a copy of the report home, and we e-mailed it.

Look, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, have um..

...have either of you ever
caught Justin visiting porn sites?

No! I mean?

he's looked at some pictures?

Yes I've, I've, caught him
looking at um, porn sites at home.

Well Justin was visiting porn
sites on the library's computer.

Look he's, he's not the only
student with this type of problem.

Since all this new technology makes the Internet so incredibly
accessible, pornography addiction has become far more common

If you want some help I have a list of
therapists you might want to contact.

Thanks. I think we can take care of it.

Actually, I, I'd really appreciate that list

Let's go. Now.

Can't, I have practice.

No you don't, you've been
suspended from the team.

You gonna tell us what
you were looking at online?

Answer your mother.

You know, stuff. Websites, pictures?



I can't hear you!



I can stop.

Well, I don't think it's gonna be that easy, Justin.

But I know I can do it.

Justin, you're gonna need
professional help dealing with this.

Mom, no!

And, there are consequences
for what happened at school.

You're grounded for the rest of the semester.

I understand.


Who is it?

Uh, i-it's Justin! 'Swimmer'?

Come on in, I won't bite.

So do you want something to drink, or?

Oh no I'm fine, thanks.

Wow, this is nice.

Uh, don't sound so surprised, I
might get the wrong impression.

What do you mean?

That you think I'm a cheap
slut from a low-rent family.

Oh no no, I don't think that at all?

Relax. I'm just teasing you.

Let's go upstairs.

Wouldn't you um, rather be in your room?

No. This is exactly where I want to be.

I could tell you wanted to be
with me that first time we met.


Yeah but then you left me
so quickly the other night?

Oh no, no, it wasn't you, it
just, well, I had this paper due.

Well what about now?

Do you have to be anywhere else?


Show me how much you want me.

You know, I'm not like
Little Sweet What's-Her-Name?



That's her name. Amy.


You know what,
c-can we go a bit slower?


We can go as slow as you want.

No stop.

You know what? Hey, um...

I, I'm sorry, this isn't
how I pictured it would be.

You know what, I don't, I don't really?

I don't really feel like it anymore.

Are you kidding?

Are you turning me down!?

It's not that, i-it's just,

You're kidding me!

Get out.

Get the hell out of here!





Hi, this is Sylvia calling
from the First Monument Bank.

Could you please call us right away
regarding your credit card account?

Okay, I'm almost there.

Okay, and I, I see the folders.

Honey, what's the matter?

You're not gonna believe this.

Oh no.

Oh no. Please.

Gotta click out of here.

I'm trying! E-E-Emma?

T-they just keep coming,
we can't, we can't get out.

I'm trying, Emma I'm trying to get out, ...escape?

More and more of this
crap keeps coming up.

I dunno, eh

Emma, I'll call you back

We trusted you. And you lied, again.

Mom, I know. It was only
a couple of times, I swear.

It's been more than a
couple of times I just got...

...a call from the credit card company because
of some 'unusual activity' on my account...'ve been, BUYING

Mom, I'm gonna pay you back every penny!


I'm not addicted!

Stop lying!

I-I'm not!







Stop. My GOD!

You finished dad?


Thank you, honey.

Um, mom?

Mom, um...

...since it's Friday night, could we
all go out and see a movie together?

I don't think tonight's such a good idea.

Is it okay if I can, go over to Amy's?

You're grounded? remember?

I know, but I-I-I-I have to see her.


I have to talk to her. I have to apologize.


But I'm driving you.



I do have a problem.

And you're right.

I can't handle it alone.

You know what upsets me
the most about all this?

That I was always able to trust you.

I felt so fortunate as a
mom that I could trust my son.

I wanna get that feeling back, Justin.

How do I get that back?

I dunno.

I'm gonna work towards that.

I-I really am.

I love you. OK?

I love you so much.

Me too, mom.

So, give me a call when, when
you want me to pick you up, okay?

Thanks for seeing me.

You wanna go for a walk or something?

Uh, that's okay. Thanks anyway.

I have a problem.

I do and, I am gonna get help.

That's a start.



I-is there any, way, well, I mean...

Do you think we can see
each other sometime...

I mean not like a date or
anything but, you know just talk?

I don't think so.

I'm sorry. Not yet, anyway.

I was, actually thinking
about going to church with you.

Wow, that's pretty radical.

Yeah. I need to get radical.

You get that help, Justin.

And I'll be here for
you if you need to talk.

I'll always be there for you.


Guess who's come up the street?

Baby don't, baby.

Let go.

It's game time, boys.

What's up, Justin?


It's not like beating up
a girl, is it Swim Queen?

I didn't touch her, I swear.

Just like I'm not touching you.

Yo man, yo, don't go psycho on him!