Cyber Case (2015) - full transcript

While Isabel is babysitting her three-year-old half brother Tommy at the park, the unthinkable happens: she takes her eyes off of him for only a moment, and he vanishes. Losing Tommy creates a rift between Isabel and her parents, made worse with the revelation that the photos at the park that she posted led the kidnapper to him. Isabel launches her own investigation by tracking geo-tags, starting a game of virtual cat and mouse as Isabel tries desperately to save Tommy before he's lost forever.


Isabel, can you take
your eyes off the screen

for a minute
of your life?

Me? What about you?
He's asking for you.

Really, though,
please. Help.

I'm slammed with work,
and Daddy's just...


Matt, whatever.
For what it's worth,

you were calling him Dad
for a while.

Yeah, before he had
a real kid.

We just need a little help
this summer, Belle.


Mommy's coming.

Are we hearing
one another?

Sure thing, Mommy.

My charge
for nanny services

is 20 bucks an hour.

I was thinking more along
the lines of room and board

and fees waived for
bringing you into this world.

Go open a real book! Hmm?

Mommy's coming!

No, it's not
that one! This one?

Oh, look who's here,
it's Mommy! Give me that.

Hey, little monkey!
How was your nap?

Yes, my little boy.

Oh! Hey.

Go tell Belle to make you
some lunch, okay?


Go on.
Slow, slow, slow.


So, Joe threw two listings
on my lap today,

so I might be home
by dinner.

His new boyfriend
is whisking him off

to Santa Barbara
for the week.

Remember when I used to
be able to whisk you away?

You were an excellent

Mattie, I'm so sorry.
I know I promised you

time to work on getting
your client list back up.

I can tell him
to forget it.

No, no. The extra
money will be good.

Yeah. Well,
make Isabel help you.

She spends all day staring
at one screen or another.

I'm afraid she's going to
lose her ability to speak.

That's why I'm
reluctant to let her
watch our little monkey.

Mattie, she's 16.

She needs to learn
some responsibility.

OCD much, Mom?

Belle, there are
meals in the freezer

already prepared.
Just heat one up!


It's like I don't even
live here, or something.

Your mommy and my mommy
are very different people.

They're the same mommies.

You're biologically
correct, sir.

Be careful.
It's a little hot.


Did you get that
from the fishbowl?


You're seriously



I can't believe
you're into that kid.

He's a total damage.
I heard he robbed
the liquor store.

Okay, TMZer. Heard he
asked a guy out front
to buy him a 40.

Is that his InstaQuick?

Oh, my God.
You're a stalker!

Just go over there and
say, "Hi." How hard is that?

Because desperation
is so attractive.

Let's see
about that. Smile.

What are you doing?

I'm getting you
the attention you deserve.

Wait, stop that. No!
Send. There you go.

Oh, that's embarrassing.

You're welcome.

Seriously, what am I
supposed to say

when he comes
over here?
Just say hi.



Can I get you ladies a beer?


Was that so bad?

Oh, man!

Your pics
are pretty tight.


Who's the woman
with the kid?

Oh, it's my Mom
and my half-brother.

Half-brother, huh?

Oh, yeah. His dad
married my mom.

Life's never been
the same, you know?

Ah, your dad's a tool.

Uh, no, actually.
He's pretty cool.

We were really close
until Tommy was born.

So, the kid's a tool.



Oh, boy, okay.

Let me.


Ah! Okay.

So, this Tommy character.

Ha! Gotta break
his kneecaps?

Oh, did you actually
know that humans

really don't start
developing kneecaps

until they're about
two years old?

Well, you learn
a lot of random stuff

when you have a baby
brother in junior high.

Uh... the point is

his are probably
still developing, so.

You're my kind
of weird, Isabel.



I'm home.

Ten minutes early
for curfew,

thank you very much.

Hey, Mom.

Met a cute boy.

Sweet. Talk to you later.

Okay. One more bite
of yogurt, buddy.

Here it comes, all the way
from the North Pole!


All right. We're done.
You get to go do

whatever you want for,
like, 20 minutes okay? Go.

All right. Run along.
Go, buddy, go!

Where's Mom?

Ah, work.

Didn't she see
my note?

I left it right
on her teacup.

She was in a rush.

I don't even think she
made it into the kitchen.


Hey, hey. You know

she's not going to work
this much forever, right?

It's not that.
I just thought she would
at least say goodbye.

She totally bagged
on our tradition.

I didn't know
you guys had one.

You wouldn't.

Sorry. Never mind.

No, come on. I mean,
seriously. Is this the way

it's going to be
between you and me?

It's just when it was
the two of us,

and she got really
busy with work,

she would wake me up
and then hop in the shower,

and I would make the tea,
and then I would sit

in the bathroom with her,
while she got ready.

It was our only
time together.

It... it's stupid.

No, Belle. It's not
stupid. It's beautiful.

Blue eyes or brown?

Oh, my God.

What? I can dish.



Isabel has a boyfriend!

I'm only kidding.

I know that you're busy.

I can take Tommy
to the park.

I'm not gonna break him.

No, it's not that.
It's just...

I'm self-centered
and irresponsible.

Yeah, yeah.
Walls are super-thin.

Okay, cool.
I could use the hour.

Straight to the park, okay?

And keep the phone on you.
Is your phone on you?

Always is.

Keep it in your pocket.
Eyes on Tommy.

Yes, sir.

Aye aye. Have fun!

Tommy boy!

Tommy boy, let's go!


Next time we'll bring
some wax paper

and make it extra slippery.

How much
do you charge?

He's my little brother.

I know. I see your mom
here all the time.

That's my Andy.

Yeah, you look familiar.
This is Tommy.

I'm Isabel. I think
I've seen you here before.

Yeah, I'm kind of
a fixture around here.

And the mall, and
the farmers market,

just anything to get
out of the house, you know?

Got to burn off
that toddler energy.


You know,
I teach the story hour
at the rec center

on Wednesdays.
You should come by.


Oh, we've got a runner.

Nice meeting you.

Hey, buddy.

You can't run off like that.
It scares me, buddy, okay?

Playing in the sand?
You've got it all over you.


Oh, my gosh.
What are you doing here?

I thought I'd
come by and say hi.


Is this the little monster

who's causing you
so much trouble?


Hi, I'm Jeremy.
Nice to meet you.

Low five?

It's gravel
from the fish tank.

He's obsessed.
It's completely disgusting.

It's "a-lily" disgusting.

That's funny.

Thank you.

How'd you know
where to find me?

I stalked you.
Not really!

I saw the picture
you posted on InstaQuick.

Do you see this pin
right here?

That's you.

You totally stalked me!

No, I didn't. You have
very poor cyber security.

I know. I'm lazy.

Maybe you just
want to be found.

If you want me to
fix it for you, I can.

No, you're right.
I'm okay being found.

Try to get some of that
in your mouth, my love.

There we go. Huh?

See how good it is
when you actually
eat it?

Hey, Mom!

Aren't you late?

Yes, but I wanted
to see you guys.

Feels like
it's been days.

It's been one day.
We're fine, Mom.


Love you both.

Okay. We're fine.

Go before
you're even later.

Love you.

Love you both!

Seriously, dude?

All right. One more.
I'm watching.

Okay. Let's go.

All right, you ready?
Let's go.

All right!

Wow! Woo! Good kick, bud!

Okay, let's try this one
with your left foot.

This one?
That foot.
You ready?

That's okay.

Oh, that's okay.

Hey! No hands
on the soccer ball.

Hey, hands off
that soccer ball, mister.

Oh, you... what!

All right,
let's try it again.

I'm hungry.

You're hungry?

You're in luck.
I brought a picnic.


Okay, coming right up.
Stay close, okay?

Stay close.
Right there!

Tommy, stay close!

That's disgusting.

What's a sandwich
without sprinkles?





Excuse me, have you seen

a little blonde boy,
red shirt?






Have you seen
a little boy?



Excuse me, did you
see a little boy?




Does he know
his home address?

No. He's three.

And you said he
was wearing blue jeans

and a red shirt?

Yeah. Uh...


Can I send this
to my phone?

Hold it right there...

We're the parents,
we're the parents!
Go ahead.

What happened?

Mr. Fletcher,
I'm Detective Phillips.

I turned around
for a second,
and he was gone.

I just went to go
get him the picnic.

I knew I shouldn't
have let you watch him.
What was I thinking?

We'll continue to take
eyewitness accounts,

but no one that we interviewed
saw anyone or anything strange.

Our initial assessment
is that he wandered off.

Yes. He's a runner.
You have to keep
a close eye on him.

What can we do?

We have officers searching
the outlying area right now.

Oh, my God. The streets.

We have vehicles
searching all the streets
around the park.

If he doesn't turn up, we
have a canine unit to help.

Now, do you have any
clothing of Tommy's that
might have a scent on him?

Uh, yeah.

Here's his jacket.

So, look. I've seen cases
like this before.

A child gets distracted
by something he sees

and wanders off, gets lost.
Sometimes they hide

because they're afraid
they might get in trouble.

I want to help
with the search.

Of course.
I'll be right back.

Did he say anything to you
about wanting to go somewhere?


Well, was anyone flying
a kite? He loves kites.

I didn't see any, no.

I don't know why he
would've wandered off.

Oh, my God. My baby!

Were you on your phone,
ignoring him?

No, I wasn't
ignoring him.

Maybe you should've been
paying better attention!

Or maybe someone
took him!

Or maybe I actually
did everything right,

and it was just completely
out of my control

because someone took him!

Why is that so hard
for both of you to believe?

God, it's like I'm just
invisible to both of you!

Because he would've
screamed if he was grabbed!

He would bite
and kick and scream,

and someone
would've noticed!

Stop it, please,
both of you!


You're right.
He would've screamed.

Excuse me. Mrs. Fletcher,

maybe you should go home,
in case Tommy shows up there.

Someone he knows
might have picked him up.

Be on the move in five.

I love you.

He's okay.
Tommy's okay.

Get your stuff.


I'm so sorry, Mom.

God, you all hate me.

This isn't about you
right now, Belle.

I'm sorry. We don't
hate you, okay?

It's just, we have
to find Tommy.

I can't take thank you all
enough for coming out

to help us find
our baby boy, Tommy.

Again, he's three years old.

He's wearing a red shirt

and jeans, and red shoes.

He's a little guy, and
he's a very good hider.

Thank you. My wife and I
are forever grateful.

Slow and steady.
Heading out!


Mrs. Fletcher,
I'm Agent Willis

from the Child Abduction
Rapid Deployment Team.


It's merely procedure.

Can we talk, please?

Yeah, yes.
Yes, of course.

The police said
he probably wandered off.

He does that.

Mrs. Fletcher, I don't mean
to alarm you unnecessarily.

There's no evidence yet
that Tommy has been abducted.

The police are correct.
It's just that in cases

of missing children
as young as Tommy,

we're called out
to investigate any
and all possibility,

small as those chances
may be.

I'm simply here to evaluate
the circumstances.


I'm going to need a list
of names and numbers

of all family members, teachers
and workers within the home.

Yes, of course.
It's all in my contacts.

Uh, can I offer you
something to drink?

I'm fine, Ma'am.
Thank you.

I need some coffee.
Excuse me.

Isabel, are you on social
media, uh, Twitter...

Yeah, uh, all of it.

We could really use
your help right now.

Anything. Just tell me
what to do.

We could reach out
to everyone you know.

The more eyes
that we have out there

looking for Tommy,
the better.

Can you do that for me?




Tommy! Tommy,
it's Daddy!

Tommy, it's Daddy! It's
okay to come out, buddy!


Mommy and Belle
are waiting for you!



Come on, Tommy!

Got something.

This is Phillips.
Come back with that?

Blue jeans
seen in the park.

Mr. Fletcher!

What is it?

Let us through.

Mr. Fletcher, wait.

Is this his?
Is this Tommy's?

Uh, I don't know.
He's got a lot of clothes.

You know, it looks
like his size.

Wait, listen to me,
listen to me.

We've put his name on the tags
of all his jackets.

Check it, please. Please!

It's not his.

Bringing in the canine unit.

It's dark. He doesn't
always look both ways

when he crosses
the street. It's...

Matt, I'm a dad,
and I can only imagine

the world of pain you're
going through right now,

but it's extremely important
that you let law enforcement

direct the search.
We've got to make sure

that whatever evidence we find
is protected and preserved.

Finding Tommy is
our highest priority.



Look, you've had
a long day.

Go home. Be with your
wife and daughter.

I can't just do nothing.
It's my son!

Just continue
to get the word out

to as many people
as you can.

We're going to find
Tommy, I promise.

Okay. Uh, I appreciate
all you're doing.

We'll keep you updated.

I-I blasted out a tweet with
the hashtag "findtommynow."

I've already almost
got 100 retweets,

and I posted an announcement
on FaceChatter.

Excellent work. Good.
Now just keep an eye

on the comments
for any leads.

Also, I took about a dozen
photos on my phone today.

If Tommy was taken,
there could be a photo

of the person who
took him on my phone.

Please, Belle. Let's just
pray that he wasn't taken.

Mom, I was there.
I was right there.

Mother, please believe me.
I turned away for a second,

and he was gone.
It was that fast!

Why, well, why?
Why him?

It just doesn't make
any sense.

You're right, Jackie.
You're right.

Sometimes it doesn't
make any sense,

but we just have to
continue to have faith

that he's either going to
come wandering back here,

or one of our officers
will find him.

They've already talked to
and gotten photos

from everyone that was
at the park, not to mention

there are surveillance cameras
all the way around the park.

It's an extremely well-covered
area, so the best thing

that we can do right now is keep
an eye on your social media,

continue to get the
word out. The more eyes

that are out there looking
for Tommy, the better.

Okay. We will.

I'm going to get back
to the park for a few

and check in
with Phillips.

There will be an officer
parked outside, in front

of the house tonight
if you need anything.

And while I'm gone,
call me for any reason

if you need anything,
okay? We're going to do

everything we can to find
Tommy, and soon. Okay?

Thank you.

Oh, honey.


Oh, where is he?

He just be so scared.

It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.
Sh, sh, sh, sh.



Belle, I'm sorry.




Matt, have you seen her?


She's not here,
and her laptop is gone.

What do you mean
she's not here?

She's got to be.
Did you check
the shower?

No, Matt.
She's not home!

Where could she be?
It's the middle of the night.


Why is the bigger question.

I'll ask the officer
outside if he saw her.

The cops are all over this.

Why not just let them
do their job?

I know that he
was taken, Jeremy.

My parents are in denial,
but I was there.

It all happened way too fast.
Someone would've seen him.

I took 100 pics of him
on my phone that day,

so whoever took him has got
to be in the background
in one of them.

I just needed a bigger screen
to be able to see the detail.

Don't the police have
all of your photos?

Yeah, but who knows
what they'll do with it?

Whatever it is, I know that
we can do more from here.

I can't just
sit back and wait.

All right, police
are still treating this

as though Tommy wandered off,
but I know that he was taken.

So, I just really
need your help.

No one is moving fast
enough, so please help me.

Of course.

Yeah, okay.

Okay, Ben, I need you
to do a FaceChatter search

of anyone at Roosevelt Park
playground in the last week.

You got it.


That's awesome.

Yeah. I got the idea

from when you tracked me down
at the playground.

Okay. Allison, look
into those profiles.

I want you to scour their
timelines, activities,

groups, friends.
If the profile's private,

Google them like you would
a cheating boyfriend.

I want any and all info
on their day to day,

especially anything weird.

Uh, what kind of weird?

Legal trouble,
lack of activity...

Also places
that they shop, where
they regularly check in.

What are you looking for?

Tommy disappeared
too quickly

for it to be
a random abduction.

Whoever took him
probably cased the place

at least once or twice

Okay, Ben, I want you
to do a refined search,

anyone that was there from
the hours of noon to 2:00.

We'll see if there's any
crossover with Allison's list.


All right. Ready to take
your cyber-stalking
to the next level?

Okay. Sorry
for disturbing you.

Sure, that's fine. Okay.

They didn't see her.

She must've gone
over the back fence.

I just woke up the Kennedys.
Allison's at a sleepover.

Her mom's calling to check
if she's heard from Belle.

Damn it, Isabel.

It's Belle.
Leave a message.

Belle, call me back now.
We really need

the whole family
to be together right now.

Belle, come home, please.

She left without telling us.
She took her computer.

She's not going to answer
your calls, Jack.

What are you doing?

Taking care of it myself.

Okay, now what?

We need to go out to anyone
who frequents the park

and other places
the park goers hang

and get their
phone footage.

How did you go
from newbie

to full-blown stalker
in a week?

I kind of went
down a rabbit hole

looking for my birth dad.

Let's just say I learned
a lot in the process.

Did you find him?

Oh, yeah.


Like I said, I learned
a lot in the process.

I really don't want
to talk about it.

Could we just focus
on this?


We're going to find him.

So, what's the situation?

Got a number of jackets,
toys and food items

we picked up
around the perimeter.

Pictures of all of it
for the family to look at.

All right, so none
of the witness interviews

turned up anything
suspicious at the park

at the time
of the incident?

Couple of moms saw
the same guy with a dog.

Never seen the man
at the playground before.

We checked him against
the database, and he's clean.

Security footage is being
scanned as we speak.

Did you lift
any fingerprints?


Of course.

No reports of commotion.

Some people remember
seeing Tommy,

but it's like
he vanished into thin air.

We're doing background checks
of the family relations,

and I want you to check
this outlying area.

I want you to go door to door,
check every basement,

every abandoned refrigerator,
any place that you can think of

that Tommy may have
hidden in last night.

Julie Stark,
crazy dog lady. She posts

photos of them every day
in different outfits. No kids.

Good eye,
but there's no way

she could pull off
a kidnapping.

Elise Babcock.
She had a really strong

online presence
until yesterday.

Maybe she's out
looking for Tommy still.

No, no, no. She's cool,
but she knows everything

and everyone at the park,
so friend her for me

and keep an eye on her.
I want all of her footage
when she's back.

Copy that. Lastly,
we have Juliana Hargrove.

This one's on
the sex offender list.

What? Let me see.

Bury the lead much?

Has she been posting
since Tommy went missing?

Uh, I think so,
a little bit.

She commented
a couple of times.


I have that.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry.

I'm just really tired.

It's okay.
I know it's late.


Crap, that's my stepdad.



Get in the car.
You're coming home.

What are you doing here?

I've been driving around
for an hour, trying
to find this place.

Your mother's worried
to death. Do you really think
she needs this right now?

Sir, she's just
trying to help.

Say goodbye to my daughter.
This is the last time
you're going to see her.

That is completely
unfair! You come in here,
and you don't even ask.

You do not even know
what we...

I have a really good idea
what's been going on here.

Get in the car!


Let's go!

No, he wasn't
wearing a jacket.

It must've been
so cold last night.


Yes. That's his.


Hold on a second.

Do you have any kids,
Agent Willis?

I have two boys, six and ten.

My heart is breaking for you.

I remember when Isabel

was learning to ride
a two-wheeler, and, uh...

I was terrified of
something happening to her.

Belle, I know
you're trying to help,

but you're not
in charge here!

You're 16 years old!

Where did you go?

I was just trying
to find Tommy. He's not
even listening to me.

I can help.
I have a lead.
I can help.

It's your help
that got us in this mess
in the first place.

Hey, uh... I'm sorry
about that. It's just...

No, no. It's fine.

Belle, Matt didn't mean it.


We're just all really scared
and stressed out right now.

I thought that
if I could find Tommy,
Matt would forgive me.

I have something, I think.


There's a woman that's been
hanging out at the park

that's on the sex
offenders list.

The sex offenders
list, for what?

Lewd and lascivious acts

to a child
under 16 years of age.

Oh, my God.

I don't know
if she was at the park

the day that Tommy
disappeared, but she goes

to that park. She was there
just last week.

Why would she even be
allowed at the park, Belle?

Wouldn't there be
some sort of a court order?

Please, Mom.
Just let me show you.

I promise. Just give me
one chance. You'll see.


I have her address.

All right. Let's go.

Just you and me, Mom.

Matt, he does not understand,
or he's not listening,

but either way he's not
going to go along with this.

If I'm wrong, I'll stop
and do whatever you want.

Jesus. 403 comments,
and not one legitimate lead.

"Praying for your family."

That's great.
That's great. Thanks.

I know it doesn't
seem like much,

but the more eyes that
we have out there looking,

the better it is
for everyone.

You have to keep
this dialogue up.

"You shouldn't have left
your back door open."

I mean, what does that
even mean? He disappeared
from a park.

Internet trolls.
This happens all the time.

They're trying to make
themselves feel superior

by blaming it on the parents,
making them feel bad.

Yeah, well, it's cruel.

Yeah. Well, try not
to take it personally.

You guys are
fantastic parents,

and you're doing everything
that you can be doing right now.

Thank you.

Hey, where
are you guys going?

We just need
some fresh air

and some time
to talk. Alone.



Juliana Hargrove?

Yes. Come in.

Sorry. I'd invite you in,
but my toddler's sleeping.

Can I help you?

Yeah. Are you
Juliana Hargrove,

originally from Utah Springs,
Deerfield High School?

What's this about?

My little brother
went missing...

at Roosevelt Park.

Yes. I saw the posters.

I'm so terribly sorry.
Can I...

You found me on the registry.

I can explain.

When I was 15, I had
a boyfriend who was also 15.

Our parents wanted us to wait
until we were married.

When we didn't wait,

they brought up charges
on both of us.

Utah. Go figure.

I'm so, so sorry.

I've been praying
for your family.

Thank you.

I am so sorry, Mom. All
I've done is waste time.

No. It's okay.
You gave me hope

for a moment, honey.
This might not have been

the right lead, but
you have woken me up,

and now we just need
to find him.

So, you agree
that someone took him?

Belle, I trust your instincts.
You've been one step

ahead of the police
this whole time. Yeah?

And it just dawned on me
that if we were able

to find Juliana so easily
through a simple cyber search,

do you think whoever took Tommy
might have done the same thing?

You think they found him
through my posts.

I'm not blaming you,
sweetie. I'm just...

No, no, no, no. I get it.
You could be right.

I need to go to everywhere
that I've posted from

and see if anyone
has any leads.

Okay. Where next?
No, Mom.
You should go home.

I'm going to call Allison
to pick me up.

Do you trust me?

Of course, I do.

Keep your phone on.

You've got it.
Check in often.

Three hours, max.

You've got it,
all right?

Love you.
I love you.

No, you've done
a great job.

Now get some sleep.
All right. I've got to go.

Thanks, Mr. Fletcher.

Why don't you have a seat?

Look, our preliminary search
operation's been exhausted.

Now the probability
of Tommy being lost

is officially lower than
other possible conclusions.

Now you're saying
he was abducted?

It's a strong possibility.
Children taken by strangers

represent less than 1/100th
of 1% of all missing children.

This doesn't feel random.


'Cause it feels totally
frickin' random to me.

I've called a professional
profiler down to the house,

and she is amazing.

She'll help us get
to the bottom of this.

I hope so 'cause
we're running out of time.

He was taken, Matt.
I can feel it.

It's been 17 hours.
We've looked everywhere.

Somebody took our baby.

I know.

Isabel was right all along.

Get home as soon
as you can. I love you.

I love you, too.

Try to get some of that
in your mouth, my love.


Hey, what took you
so long?

I'm sorry. I got
caught up. I tried
to text you, though.

Yeah, my phone's dead.
You think you could take it

to the warehouse
and charge it for me?

Sure. Is she here yet?

Not yet. Story hour
starts in a few minutes.

Then what if
she doesn't show?

Figured I could talk
to the women,

see if any of them
were there, have footage...

Okay. Good idea.

If they do, I'm going to
have them text it to my phone.

I'll come by later, check
it out, so download everything.

Okay. Be careful.


Agent Radzicki,
this is Mr. Fletcher.

Hi, Mr. Fletcher.
How are you?

I'm here to help get
to the bottom of this.

I hope so. Come on in.

Is there anyone,
and I mean anyone:

new clients,
new friends?

No. Business has been
at a near halt.

Someone from your past
that might want

retribution for something,

someone new to your
social circle in any way?

No, no. I mean, Isabel
has a new boyfriend, Jeremy.

I don't know
what his last name is,

but what would a 17-year-old
kid want with my...

What do you know
about him?

Not a lot. He skates,
takes pictures.

He's a kid. I don't know.

Can you get her
on the phone?

Yeah. I'll try.

It's unlikely
that 17-year-old kid

would want anything to do
with taking a toddler.

Right, but he wasn't there
at the time of the incident,

so we should look into it.

Yeah, or any of his friends
or contacts the parents
don't know about.

It's Belle.
Leave a message.

Straight to voicemail.

Belle, I need to speak
to you immediately.

Call me as soon
as you get this.

She's 16, right?

Active on social media?

Only 24/7.

You got her passwords?

Mm-hmm. This way.

Okay. Password?


Thank you.


What do you mean
password encrypted?
That's her password!

Well, maybe
she changed it.

But it's okay. Passwords
aren't hard to figure out.

Nobody complicates them

Okay. Let's just
work off the original
password, Isabel98.

Let's expand on that.

Yeah, Isabel1998.


No. Uh, okay.
How about Belle1998?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Try it. Try it.

Excuse me.

That's your brother
on the posters, right,

the one who's missing?

Yeah. Yes. Were you there
at the park that day?

No, unfortunately.

Do you know anyone
that was?

No, I don't. I'm just
visiting family here.

I just want to tell you
I'm so sorry.

I just...
I can't even imagine.

It's gravel from
the fish tank. He's obsessed.

Now, all right.
Her middle name?



Nope. Gracebel98...


Try "Invisibel,"
like invisible.



Yeah, it's how she signed
her journal entries.

God, it's like I'm just
invisible to both of you!


- We're in.
- Matt!

What is it?

This is Tommy's.

He always brings that
to the park.

I'm going to need to
take that for evidence.

We're officially ruling this
an abduction. I'm sorry.

"You shouldn't have left
your back door open."

Someone wrote
the same thing
in the tweet.

What the hell
were they referring to?

Not a real back door.
I bet they mean
a cyber backdoor.

The kidnapper
must've been stalking you
through social media.


Isabel told me about this.

if you post a post a photo
or check-in somewhere,

then the link is embedded
in the coordinate information.

It's easily traceable
if anybody has the will.

This isn't just some random
person. This is deeply personal.

Here's what the tweet says.

What else was written?

"Sure is a nice day for a ride."
"What big eyes you have."

"What a beautiful day
in the playground."

"You shouldn't have left
your back door open."

This son of a bitch is
live-tweeting Tommy's abduction.

Can you trace the address?

Sorry, it's not that easy.
With emails, for instance,

it's one thing because
we can find the IP address.

People typically send those
from a home computer.

However, with mobile apps
like Twitter,

people host through those
apps with their phone.

That means that every time they
move, the IP address changes.

I wish I could give you some
pictures, like everyone else.

That's okay.

I'm praying for you.

Thank you.

That's my Andy.


Hi, Andy!
Do you remember me?

I'm friends with your mommy.
Do you know where she is?


What's going on here?

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean
to scare him off.

I didn't realize
Elise had a nanny.


Elise, Andy's mom.
Hey, Andy. Do you remember

playing with my little
brother Tommy at the park?


Andy's mom is deceased.

I'm his only caretaker
besides his father, so.


I... I don't understand.

You know the lady
that reads to the kids,

she has dirty blonde hair,
blue eyes, fair skin?

Oh, Miss Babcock?
Yeah, she's always here

reading to the kids,
but I...

She hasn't been here
in days.

Are you okay?

I don't know.

Who could've done this?

Is Isabel particularly close
to her biological father?

She's only met him
once or twice.

He's never really been
in the picture.

No? They've been
corresponding for months,

or at least according
to this, she has.


She asked to live with him,
and he said no?


Well, the divorce.
Was it messy?

Yeah, it was pretty ugly.
He still sends

a small child support check
every month, actually.

I just got it this morning.
It should be right there.

I think it's the second
or the third way down.

Yeah. It has
his address on it.

In all honesty, he's
never seemed concerned

about being her father.
I don't, it just...

It doesn't make any sense.

It's simple retribution.

The last time we spoke,
he was working in IT.

Wait. Hold on. Wait.
Isabel's father,

he works in computers?

It's not him.
It's definitely not him,
but I know who it is.

Her name is Elise Babcock.
She was so nice.

She gave me all this advice,
told me where to take Tommy

when it was raining, but
her son wasn't even her son.

She was pretending the
whole time. I'm so stupid.

Honey, stop.

All right, there's no
Elise Babcock in the area.

Must be using a fake name.

Yeah, fake name, fake kid.
God, I'm such an idiot!


She had a Twitter,
though. Maybe I can find
a photo of her.

Yeah, but think back.
Was there any personal

that she offered you
that could be true?

Where she lives,
where she's from,

her family members.
Anything, sweetie.

I can't remember.

I found this
in the parking lot
of the playground.

Oh, my God.

It's the fishbowl gravel
that Tommy hoards. It was
in the parking lot?

He must have dropped it
getting into someone's car.

That means
whoever took Tommy
was parked right there.

That whoever is Elise.

Are you kidding me?

Yeah, it was a fake name,

but I can't find
a photo of her anywhere.

Maybe we can find a photo
of the parking lot somewhere.


It's okay, Sir. Thanks
to Isabel, we got something.

When I found the gravel,
I did a quick sort,

but I haven't had a chance
to look through the photos.

He's got to be
in there somewhere.

how were you able to get
all of these photos?

I took your lead.
The gang and I tracked down

all the park goers
we found online,

and we got their photos
and videos from the day.

Oh, my gosh.
Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want
to get your hopes up.

Okay, so these
are photos from, wow,

all different angles
of the park.

We ordered them

by time stamp,
according to the area.

Okay, so we're getting
closer to the time, 1:14 PM.

There. I don't see
Tommy, but...

That's her. That's her!

That's Loraine.

You know this woman?

My ex-wife.

All right! We've got
an address on her.

She's 33 miles northeast
of here.

That's a long ways
away from Roosevelt Park.

We put a fast track
on a warrant for her,
and we've got our guys

on their way up there
right now. That could be
where she's holding Tommy.

We're going to put out
an Amber alert

as soon as we can get
the plate on her car.

Why didn't you
tell us about her?

Honestly, it never
crossed my mind.

We were married super young.
We were 19 years old.

I haven't heard
from her in years.

Look, they could be anywhere
right now.

Matt, do you have any other
photos of her?

Yeah. Let me take a look.

I get how she found me
through Matt's timeline,

but how did she know
where we lived?

I posted a photo of the front
of the home when we moved in.

The address is right there,
along with dozens of
photos of Tommy.

And I'm the one the posted
photos of the playground.

It's all my fault.

No! Sweetheart,
she targeted you.

Now we have no idea
what she's going to do
with him.

It's old.

The divorce, were you
the one that wanted out?

No, she did. There were
a number of miscarriages.

She had a stillborn
at 28 weeks.

She even named her Ashley.
She was devastated.

Ashley, you say?

Yeah. The marriage
didn't last after that.

She said being with her
was too painful a reminder.

When was the last time
you spoke to her?

Like, 18 years ago.
Look, she had her share

of family issues, but I
didn't think she was insane.

I found Loraine's

I scrolled all the way
down her profile

and look, these are all photos
that we posted of Tommy

that she reposted
as if he was her son.

She copied and pasted
our social media?

All the way back
to Tommy's birth.

Clearly, we're dealing with
an unstable personality here,

but the good news is
I think she's using Tommy

as a proxy
for her lost child.

I don't think
she's going to hurt him.

Is that true,


Oh, please
let it be true.

Hey, she tweeted again:
"Over the river."

Loraine Campbell!

Open up.
It's the police!

How can I help you,

Loraine Campbell?

No. She moved out
two months ago.

Can I see an ID, please?


Can we take
a look around, please?

Do you happen to know
where she moved to?

No, no. She needed cash,
was selling her car cheap.

Seemed like
a really nice lady.

The manager's never really
around. He may have more info,

if you could find him.
What did she do?

There's nothing here.

Uh, wait! Some mail
came in for her.

Uh, I don't think she had
a forwarding address.

Poor thing went
to go find her son.

Abusive husband
is looking for her.

I'm sorry,
I opened it by accident.

I didn't read
the name on it first.

From her mother, asking

when she's coming to visit
with the grandson.

If you do happen to hear
from her, by any chance,

here's my card.
Call before you open

the door to her.
She could be dangerous.

How much longer?

Not much longer.

One more wake,
and we'll be there.

And Mommy?

I'm going to be taking care
of you for a while now.

We're gonna go visit grandma!


Yes! Right, Nana.

She's been dying to see you.

Your daddy's going
to come visit us real soon.

I know he will.

Okay, so you mentioned
family issues.

Yeah. She was the black sheep.
She had a younger sister

who had a brood of kids
at a really young age.

She couldn't have one,
so she never fit in.

So, every pregnancy
brought her

closer and closer
to the breaking point.

"What big eyes you have."

"Over the river."

Over the river
and through the woods?

To grandmother's house.

Do you think she's going
to her mom's?

It looks like it. See, the
officers that were searching

her former apartment found
letters from the mother

detailing an imminent visit
from her and her grandson.

Her grandson? Her grandson?

Well, apparently
the mother's gravely ill,
and her dying wish

was to finally get to see
her only grandson.

Well, that explains a lot.
I mean, finding out

her mother was dying
must have been her stressor.

She's been cyber-stalking you
for years. I mean, that news

must have triggered
a psychotic break.

And we have an address
for the hospice facility

where the mother was being held,
and there's a warrant in place,

so as soon as Loraine arrives
she'll be arrested.

"Two-thirds of the puzzle
is together."

So, what's the other third?

If she's truly deluded
Tommy's her son,

it must be your stepdad.

I guess.

If she's convinced herself
that Tommy's hers,

she's not likely
to hurt him.

She needs her mom
to meet Tommy,

to complete the narrative
that she's created,

that she's a legitimate
member of her family.

Loraine's mother just
passed away this morning.

The nurse confirmed
that Loraine is on the way

to visit with the grandchild

Oh, my God.

If she finds out
her mother is gone,

her mission is over.
We don't know
what she'll do.

It is not enough anymore
to find out where she is going.

We need to find her
before she realizes
her mother's gone.

We blanketed every route
from here to there.

Rest stops,
we set up roadblocks.

Now, without
a cellphone signal,

there's little more
that we can do right now.

We just got another tweet.

"Mother and child
and child reunion."

She doesn't know yet.

Let's make sure
she doesn't find out.

All right. We still
need that cell signal.

I have an idea.

If the other piece
of the puzzle is Matt...

So, you do think it is Dad.

Let's assume it is.

Let's let them find me.


I think I know how
to make that happen.

Okay, I got the idea
from when Allison

flirted with Jeremy
through my InstaQuick account,

so, we pretend to be Dad,
and we tweet at Loraine,

try to get her to respond

and maybe even give us
her cell phone number.

Okay, let's go fishing.

"It's indeed
in times of crisis

that you know who you can

and can't count on."

"At lorainec4ever."

That's good, Mom.

"I've solved the puzzle,
my love.

Waiting for you to contact me.

Signed, the third piece.


At lorainec4ever."

From this point forward,
Belle, you and I

are the husband and father
this freak of nature

always wanted in her life.

All right, Matt.
Let's you and I get ready
to get on and move,

as soon as we get
a response from that.

Sounds good.

"Is it really you?"

It's her!
We've got her number.

Okay. I'm going to
triangulate that immediately.

Here. You keep her texting.
Every time she responds,

it's going to ding off
another tower. It'll
lead us right to her.

"Tell me where you are,
and I will come find you."

Honey! Daddy's going to
meet us at Nana's house.

Go get your shoes on,
okay? Time to go.

I want my Mommy.

Ooh, love. I am your Mommy.
I'm right here.

You are not my Mommy.
I want my Mommy!

That is enough!

She won't respond via text.
She just tweeted

and said she'll tweet again
when it's safe.

She knows we can't
trace her tweets.

Okay, that was one
of our phone technicians.

They were able to trace
that one text.


Well, good-ish.
See, it bounced off of
two towers here and here,

so it gives us
a rough approximation.

That's a huge area.

Yeah, and it's all wooded.
Lots of little cabin areas,

trailer parks.
She could be anywhere.

Now, the good news is, she's a
lot closer than what we thought,

so if we can just get her
to send us some texts,

we can zero in
on her location here.

So, how can we help?

Right now, all I need
is your husband, Jackie.

He's the one
that she wants.

No, no. We all go,
as a family.

Isabel and I
won't get in the way.
I have to be there.

Please, she has my baby.

All right. Belle, Jackie,
Matt, let's get going.

Jeremy, I want you to stay
here with Agent Radzicki.

Yes, Sir.

Yeah, go ahead. Okay.
What have you got?

Okay, we've honed in
on a small group of cabins

on the route
she'd likely take.

A car similar to hers was seen
entering the development.

How far away are we?

Well, that depends
on how fast I drive.

Okay. Come with me.

So, you're like a cop.

Kind of, yeah.

And you can arrest people
for doing illegal things?

What are you asking me?

Well, my friend from juvie,

uh, who was interested
in computer things,

things I don't know
anything about,

but Isabel's dad is good
with computers, right?

Yeah, I'm not going to arrest
you for helping to find Tommy.

Besides, I'm a profiler.

Then how can I get in touch
with Isabel's dad?

Okay. We're just going
to sit tight here for now.

They're canvassing the area.

There's no reports
of stolen vehicles,

but they're checking out
the rental car companies now.

So, we'll stand by
and wait to hear from them.

Any reports from the Twitter
feed or text messages?

What the...

Belle, what is it?

I just got an email
from Dad.

You what?

Yeah. He wants to help. He's got
some sort of malware program.

Uh, I guess it's
some sort of malware app.
Wow, this is intense.

It displays a PNG image,
but the app can also decrypt

the image with a particular
key in order to display

a second APK file
that it can then install.


Dad says he's heard of people
using it to send people a virus

that can completely
take over someone's phone.

I mean contacts,
photos, microphone.


Yup. I mean, even if she's
smart enough to not respond

to the texts, she's probably
opening them up

just out of curiosity,
at least.

So, all she has to do
is pick up one text.

Dad says not all phones
are susceptible,

but maybe we can get lucky,
for once.

Well, let's do it. I mean,
what have we got to lose?

Okay. I'm going to pretend
I never heard any of this.

Look, let's just
get your son back,

and we'll deal with the
legal repercussions later.

Okay, then. Uh, where's
that photo of her and Matt?

See, I've just got
to take a photo.

Should I say anything?

Oh, yeah. Let me do that.
I want to make sure
she responds.



It's too late, my love.
Mama is dead.

Malware activated.

Now, where are you?

Hold for position.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Got it. We got a lock
on her position.

Coordinates G, niner,
five, tango, seven,

niner, six, three, tango,
zebra, foxtrot, zero.

Dream team.

Belle, I'm sorry
we were so hard on you.

I am so, so sorry.

Please be okay. Please
be okay. Please be okay.

He will be, Mom.
He's strong and smart.

We're so close.
He's got to be okay.

Good work, Isabelle.

Yeah. Agent Willis.

Got it. Found the cabin.

Let's go. Let's go!

Okay, I'll be right back.
I need you to stay
with the car.

Under no circumstances
do you leave this vehicle.

Tommy! Tommy!

Mrs. Campbell!
My name is Agent Willis.

I can see you're upset
right now, but nobody
needs to get hurt.

Why don't you let Tommy
come down here and be with us?

Then, we can talk about it.

I want to talk
to my husband.

Hey, she's asking
to talk to you, Matt.

Okay, that's fine,
but I mean, what do I
say to her?

Well, you've got
to keep her calm.


Jeremy, put on
Agent Radzicki.

Okay. It's Isabel.


Radzicki, you're on speaker.
Loraine wants to talk to Matt.

Okay. Okay, well, she's
obviously coming to reality

with the situation.
He needs to play the role

that she sees him in.
It will bring her back

into the delusion
and will calm her down.

Give Matt the phone.
I'll talk him through it.

Okay, yeah.
It's Matt. Yeah.

Okay, just a second.


What's going on?

Okay, stay with the car.

Okay. Let's go get
our little boy back.

Love you.

Keep her calm. Remember,
you are still her husband.

Tommy is your son with her.

Loraine! Loraine, it's Matt,

your husband! I'm here!

Thank you for finding me.

I've waited so long
for this day.


Matt, they're trying to take
our baby. Just tell them

this is all a mistake.
Tell them to go away.


Hey, Tommy boy!
Hey, buddy!

It's okay. Daddy's here.
Just hang in there!

I tried to tell him, Matt.
I told him you were coming.

I'm here. I'm here now,

and everything's
going to be okay.

Matt, Mama died this morning.

She didn't get to meet
her grandson.

I know. I'm sorry.

But she's with us now.
She's watching him now.

No, don't dwell on the mom.
Bring her back.

Bring her back to you three
as a happy family.

I can't believe you found us

after all these years!
Loraine, you know

you're the only one I ever
wanted to have a child with,

even more than with Jackie.

No, do not bring up Jackie!

Jackie? You mean
that bitch that tried
to take our baby from me?

How could you let her do
that, Matt? How could you?



It's not fair. It's not fair.

She had two babies,
and I, I've got what?

Listen, we could
start over. We could
start again, and you...

No! It's too late.
Mama's already dead.

Mommy! Mommy!

Isabel, what are you doing?

Trust me.

Mommy, don't you
recognize me?

It's me, Ashley.

I always knew that Daddy
would bring me back to you.

I don't understand.

I never blamed you.

It was never your fault.

I've never stopped
loving you.

It's you.

Oh-oh, thank God!

Mommy, come here.


Come on, Tommy. Come on.


I'm so sorry for everything
you've been through,

and I hope you get
the help you deserve.

I got to ride
in a police car.

It was so fast!

Yeah? That's so cool!

Hey, dinner's ready.

I should get going.

I'm really glad
everything worked out.

Jeremy, please stay.
We're celebrating

our family
being together tonight,

and that couldn't have
happened without your help.

Okay. Thanks.

So, Agent Willis called.

Loraine's being put
under psych observation.

She should be locked up.

No, she should get
the help she needs,

I guess.

What's this?

This is the first camera
I ever shot with.

It's film, so it can't
be plugged in,

can't be downloaded,
and it can't be traced.

It shoots good
old-fashioned photos.

You have a real talent,
my baby girl.

Thanks, Dad.

You're welcome.


Selfies! Tommy!


Ah, oh, my God!


Room for one more?


Do me a favor?

Take the family
off the grid for me?

At least for a while.

Do it.

I love you, Belle.

I love you, too, Mom.