Cyber Bully (2011) - full transcript

Teen girl Taylor Hillridge gets a a laptop for her birthday and signs up on a social networking site. She starts to feel alone as her friends ostracize her and she falls victim to cyberbullying.

Taylor have you had breakfast?

I'm not hungry.

Not acceptable!

Gotta go figure out what the latest
public relations crisis is today.

Who are you calling a brat?


What you do online isn't
exactly private.

Oh! I almost forgot.

It's your birthday!

Mmm! Don't forget
to get me a present!

I'm gonna tie a string
around my finger.



Don't you dare miss your bus again!

It wasn't my fault last time!

Hey did you see my bag?
I need my bag.

What you need is a brain.

You can't hit me on my birthday!

Why does everybody think
I should have a party?

Turning 17 doesn't mean anything.

You're crazy. A party means
presents money, bling.

If your dad have move out 3 months
ago you wouldn't want a party.

Hey you know that's not it.
I don't care about that.

I think we should do what you did
for your 11th birthday party.

We just got our nails done.

and the smell was so bad
we all got sick remember?

I'm pretty sure Julie bryson
even threw up.

Did you hear Julie's pregnant?

What? Wait, how would you know?
She moved to Florida.

Clicksters. Hello!

Oh of course.

...She was upset.

So, what did you say the other day in
health that got Lindsay so pissed off?

Nothing! I just said it's
better to wait until you're 18.

Before you go all the way.

She's been doing it since 9th grade.

You basically called her a slut.

- Yeah!
- I did not!

It was a class discussion.
I wasn't talking about her.

My brother wears shoes like that.

He's 10.

- Don't you love High School?
- So great.

Best years of our lives.

- Wonderful.
- Amazing.

Uh definition of "contrarian"?

Me. Definition of "lazy": You.

Do your own homework.

Look at you!

Taylor you're a "brainiac".
You should know.

Let's have it.

Oh the definition of "lust".

When I look at him my
throat swells up.

You do know that Scott
is just a dumb jock right?

- No he's not!
- Okay!

If you were on clicksters.

You could send him a hot metre
quiz and find out if he likes you.

That is so 6th grade.

Even if I wanted to I couldn't.

My mom like stands over my
shoulder the whole time.

She has computer-monitoring software.

She goes on all the
sites I've been on.

There's no way.
See you later.


Her mom is so backwards.

She can't even have
Internet on her phone.

Ah! How does she lived?

On this day in history the great
bard William Shakespeare

took his first breath in 1564.

The very first motion picture
was shown in 1896.

Theodore Roosevelt delivered his
man in the arena speech in 1910.

Also on this day in history.

Just a little closer to home

Taylor Hillridge was born.

Happy Birthday Taylor.

Happy Birthday.


Today's my dad's birthday too.


All right class.

If you would open your book
to unit 11 page 773,

we'll look at turbulent time.

I swear when he touched my shoulder.

There was like electricity.

Oh please.

No I'm serious!
I felt a tingle.

You think he'd ask me to the spring fling?

- No!
- Why?

Scott Ozsik is not the romantic type.

He's a basketball player on
the same team as Charlie.

Okay he's not like Charlie.

He is exactly like Charlie.

And I would know because
I hung out with them.

Yeah once.

Yeah. Charlie hooked
up with me.

He got what he wanted and he
never spoke to me ever again.

I know. I'm sorry. I know how
much that sucked.

He's not like Charlie.

He is exactly like Charlie and it's
stupid for you to lose your head.

Over something silly like this.

Okay, Remember it was your
dad who left you guys

for a 25-year-old girl.

If that doesn't tell you
how scummy guys are...

Hey leave my dad out of it okay?

It's so late.

Thank you.

My own computer?

Aw lucky!

Wait, hang on.

Though, there has to
be a catch like uh...

I can only use it in the kitchen

I can't use it after 1:00

Or you have to share it with me.

No stop. There's no catch.

It's all yours, private.

You can use it wherever you
want if you follow my rules.

No inappropriate sites and no
giving out personal information.

I know the rules but still, you're
trusting me? Are you feeling okay?

You're funny. Look I know you
think I'm overprotective.

But the word is "responsible".
Yeah, try "suffocating".

I'll let that one slide bithday girl.

Look, you wanna be a journalist,

and I want you to write
to your heart's content.

Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you!

I'm gonna go hook it up.

I'll come help!

You touch, you die.

Do you know if your father
called Taylor today?

Don't think so.

Well, she told him she didn't want to
speak to him ever again, so...


What is my favourite body part?

I have to answer these
questions on my profile?

Just say "eyes".
Everybody says "eyes".

I said "butt".

You can get away with
it because everybody

knows you are all
talk and no action.

I'm putting "eyes".

- Shut up!
- Stop!

Wait, hang on. What kind of
underwear am I wearing right now?

- Oh my God!
- Just say "pink".

Everybody says "pink".
I said "black".

- You don't own black underwear!
- Black?

Seriously, what's the point
of answering these questions,

if they're all untrue?

Fine! Tell everybody about
your virginal white undies.

They're not all white!

You're not gonna get
cute guys talking to you.

You'd be surprised how many guys
ask me about my black underwear.

- Oh What?
- Now do you get it?

- Okay all right.
- It makes sense?

- But I'm not putting "black".
- Or "white".

I'll put "blue". I'll put "blue".
That's good.

What was that?
It just beeped.

Friend request. Click there.

Okay... Oh!

- Ooh!
- It's Scott.

Okay now when you post your answer.

He'll be picturing you
in your underwear.

I'm friends with Scott!


Yeah, thanks for calling.

Listen I'm looking over the numbers.

and what you gave me on line 56...


Lindsay commented on our photo.

Oh Lindsay!

Hang on.

Oh that's not very nice.

I don't even know which one
I'm supposed to be,

Lardo or dogface?

I guess I'll be dogface.

What if I wanna be dogface?

Well fine.
Then I'm lardo.

I could always lose a little bit of weight.

You however will always
look like a dog.


Maybe it was a freudian slip.

You know, maybe you don't like history.

So you accidently dropped your book.

Get it?

I don't know. I like history.

Oh me too.


It's my favourite.

Caleb's kind of a weird dude huh?

Yeah a little bit.

So I saw you're on clicksters now.

I like it better than facebook.
A lot more raw you know?.

Yeah I noticed.

So maybe I'll talk to you
on there tonight?

Uh yeah. You mean like
instant message or something?

There's actually a chat
room just for the school.

I hang out there sometimes
when I'm bored.

People talk trash.
It's kind of funny so..

Ha! okay I'll look for it.

- Cool.
- Okay.

Oh what now? I'm a loser?

That's true.


Is that clicksters?

Can you make me an account?

- No!
- Please just don't... why?

No! Get out of my room,
you little worm! Go!

Aw! I hate you!

It has been decided.
I am officially Lardo.

All thanks to the queen
of mountain High School.

Why does she call herself
lindsayluv online?

It's such a contradiction.

Does she have bionic hearing or what?

Oh! Sorry!

- Taylor hey.
- Hi

Um I was actually reading
your page last night and...

- Oh!
- You're a really good writer.

Oh! Well, thank you.

But I do think you need
a few more pictures.

Maybe a bikini shot or something.

Okay I'll think about it.

- See you later.
- Bye.

A bikini shot? Come on!

- He was joking!
- You are so naive!

I can think of at least 2 girls he's
hooked up with in the past month.

If you count just kissing
then I can think of 3 girls.

What? He's popular!

Wait hang on. Don't turn.
Drop me off first.

Why? We always go
to the mall on Friday.

I wanna go home and see
if Scott goes online.

Okay you're now officially pathetic.

Come on. I think it's cute.
Let her be in love.

It's not love!

I'm sorry but waiting for a guy to type:

"hey baby.
Send me a bikini shot"

is not love!

Then what is, sleeping with a guy
the 2nd time you guys go out

and then wondering why he
never talks to you again?

Get out.


- You can't be serious?
- Out.

Samantha gets so intense.

Yeah I know. It's fine.

She'll be all right tomorrow.

Besides it was totally worth it.

Scott talked to me for like half an hour.

He sent me 13 messages.

Wow! You think he likes you?

I don't know. Probably not.

I know he talks to a lot of girls.

Oh hang on. Maybe this is him.

Huh! No, it's a friend request
from some guy named James.

Whoa Cheyenne this guy's
like totally gorgeous.

It says he's 17 and he
goes to ridgeway.

Oh my cousin goes there.

Whoa listen to this.

"read your poem about
hiking Mount Maynor,

was there last summer and felt like
the wind was talking to me too

heard its voice in my soul
just like you said,

made me wonder if talking to you
would be the same kind of thing."

- So he has a brain.
- Yeah and a soul!

- Should I write him back?
- Um if you don't, I will.

Eric, it's your turn.

What did you learn today?



Dad's in California.

You talked to him?

Yeah he called me.

Maybe he called me.

What is it?

Look! Somebody figured
out my password

and they hacked my profile!

How do you know?

Look what they wrote,
look at the status!

"I'm a naughty bad girl, someone
should spank me."

Well, someone has a
sick sense of humour,

you gotta change this, you should
change your password.

No one should look at this.

It's too late.

- You okay?
- No!

Who do you think changed your status?

Who knew your password?
I don't know! I don't know!

I made Samantha and Cheyenne
look away when I set it up.

Taylor, I looked around this website.

It's completely inappropriate for
someone your age.

There are no boundaries.

You need to shut
down your profile.

Come on!

Look at you!

You're in tears after one day!

Just shut it down.

It's not worth it.

Honey it's not worth it.



Hey are you still in a "pissy" mood?

Shut up and come over.

You can put what happened
in your status right?

And then you change
your password.

Not to something easy
like your birthday.

Yeah. It wasn't my birthday before.

Or like anything anyone could've guessed.

God all those things people
were saying about me.

How am I gonna face going
to school on Monday?

Don't be a wuss.

You can't take that stuff seriously.

Besides nobody's even gonna
remember it by Monday.

Hey one good thing happened
on clicksters today.

I talked to this guy named James.

What? You should've seen
what he wrote me.

It was like really smart and funny.

Oh! Let's not
talk about boys.

We can rent a movie,
you can sleep over.

Okay fine.


Good morning.

What's going on?


Tell her.

Me and my friend Cooper
were the ones

that changed the status
on your profile.


You used the old cat's
name for your password.

I'm gonna kill you!

Taylor come back here please.

- I can't believe he did that to me!
- Taylor!

Look, I am really upset with him too.

I've grounded him for a month.

But I'm really upset with you too.

What did I do?

I looked to see if you
took down your profile.

I never said I'd do that.

Well on your page you
posted a comment

and called someone a bitch.

Whoa! Now you're spying on me?

Taylor, when you put something online
it's no longer private.

Everyone can see it and
you know my rule.

You can't use the Internet to be
insulting or call anyone names.

- What about what they called me?
- I know it's terrible.

But that's no excuse to be ugly
to someone online or anywhere.

okay, fine. I'm sorry.
I won't do it again.

To make sure you won't do it again
I'm taking away your laptop.

Oh come on.

Going on the Internet means
responsibility and consequences.

You'll get it back in 3 days.



Taylor behave yourself!

I can't believe your own
brother did that to you.


It's disgusting. It's gross.
I'm never going to forgive him.

"I'm not going to your graduation.

"I'm not going to your wedding.

"I might go to your funeral."

Damn! Tayhill actually
came to school today.

I owe you 5 bucks.

What's your problem?

Oh I don't have a problem.

You do little miss

Such a hypocrite.

How many guys did you hooked
up with this weekend?

Ten? Twenty?

You should have
a drive-thru.

You said everyone was
gonna forget it by Monday.

Okay people have been posting really
stupid stuff On your page all weekend.


I mean they were just, they're
saying you sleep around.

Why didn't you tell me?

Well Samantha didn't want
to freak you out and...

I honestly thought it would
die down by now.

Well I have to see.
Give me your phone.

I have to see what's going on.

No. You don't have to
see it right now.

Yeah, I have to see it right now.

If everyone's seen it that
mean Scott has seen it.

Please, can I use your phone?

No Taylor, I'm not gonna
give you my phone.

I saw what people were
saying about you online.

I don't know why they have to do that.

It sucks.

How would you know?

You serious?

You've been called
a slut and a whore, really?

I guess you've never been on my page.

There's fairy...

fruit, homo.

Too gay to live.

Yeah but I mean it's not
really the same thing.

I mean you really are gay.

What they're saying about
me isn't true.

You really don't get how
messed up it is.

I sit behind you
in algebra. You smell weird.

That's what skanks smell like.

What like puke?

Jealous much?
She's smarter than you.

"then why doesn't she know
she's a loser?"

And then James wrote: "haters suck.
The girl is more cool than you."

He defended me.

He is a gentleman.

Ah I'm gonna write him
back And say thank you.

Ask him if he knows my cousin.

You all finished?

Then back to your room.

You're gonna keep me a
prisoner for a month?

Yeah she is.


Honey you really need to
go to your room.

Dad would've never let you ground
me for something this stupid!

I get my laptop back tomorrow right?

Yeah. You gonna take
your profile down?

Are you saying I have no choice?

No I'm saying I'm trusting
you to make the right choice.

Well who says that's the right choice?

You know everyone at
my school is on that site.

I was just having fun.

It was Eric who messed it all up for me.

You know I wish
you wouldn't fake-trust me.

I wish you would just actually do it.

It's the seedy underbelly
of the underworld.

Oh my God!

- I know! Look at her!
- Ah!

I'm not gonna let it bother me.

You know I don't care what they think.

That's what James told her.

I let her borrow my phone.

Look what he said.

"even though we've never met
I feel like I know you.

"you make me melt."

Is this guy for real?

I can't believe
I'm actually encouraging this.

Yeah why are you encouraging this?

I think it's good or you
to see the difference

between a guy that
is genuinely nice to you

and a guy that just wants
to hook up with you.

Whoa, wait, you don't like
Scott anymore?

Like that was ever gonna happen.

Why not? Thirteen messages.

That's a lot of messages.

Yeah, but Scott was this fantasy guy.

That might like me if I was different,

but James likes me for who I am.

Now I just need my computer back.

So I can write him back.

- See, that sounds like love.
- It might be.

Oh I need ketchup. Hang on.

- Oh! Sorry.
- Sorry.

I was just going to get ketchup.

Oh me too.

I was actually gonna come
look for you after lunch.

You were?

Yeah I heard somebody
hacked your profile.

It happened to me once.
Sucked really bad.

My brother did it.
That's what's even worse.

- Oh man your brother, really?
- Yeah.

You think I should have a chat
with him, straighten him out or?..

Please yes.

No but seriously I was gonna come find you.

I kinda wanted to see if you wanna go
to the spring fling dance with me.

You're asking me to the dance?

I mean if you're already going with
someone That's totally cool.

Oh no!

I mean yes!

I mean no I'm not going with anyone.

And yes I will go with you.


- Yeah.
- Okay cool.

Well, why don't you send me a
message give me your number.

- Okay sure.
- Okay.

Why did you tell him
you weren't going with anyone?

The 3 of us were gonna go together.

Why can't you be happy for her?

Yeah. I'd be happy for you if
someone you liked asked you.

A minute ago you liked James.

I don't know if I would
like him in real life.

You know, I've never met him.

- Ketchup?
- Oh yeah. Thank you.


You wanna know about Scott?

Charlie told him about
some stuff he and I did.

And you know what Scott did?

He laughed.

You're gonna get hurt Taylor.

I mean just 'cause you got
dumped doesn't mean I will.


Guess what!

Guess what guess what!

Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!

Your father called?

Uh no.

Sorry, bad question.

Why are you so excited?

Scott Ozsik asked me to
the spring fling.

That's wonderful sweetheart.

So can I have my laptop back now?

Okay fine.

What are you guys doing here?

Cheyenne made me drive her.

You haven't seen it yet?

- No. What?
- Your wall.

No I just got my computer back.
What did Lindsay post more stuff?

Um not Lindsay.

That James guy you thought was so nice.

He's saying he slept with you...

That you gave him an STD.

No big surprise, she's nasty!

Can smell clap on her

bet you big money, she has herpes too.

No wonder she reeks.

She's always made me want to throw up.

She's a loser.

I sit behind you in algebra.
You smell weird.

- The clap.
- Skanky whore.

Gross! Don't breathe
around her.

You'll get infected.

I don't get it

God why would he say that he slept
with me or got an STD from me?

I never even met him!

I'm so sorry.

I knew it.

I told my cousin to look at James's
profile and see if she recognized him.

She says there's no such guy at ridgeway.

Maybe she's just never met him.

There's 300 people in
that entire school.

She'd recognize him if he went there.

What so he's fake?

Well he's full of crap
so yeah he's fake.

I bet you 100 bucks someone
just put up that fake profile.

Oh Lindsay!

Yeah Lindsay would totally
do something like that.

Oh God! All the stuff
that I told him.

I told him my dad cheated on my mom!

Like all kinds of personal stuff.

What if he posts it?

Almost dinner.
Time to go soon girls okay?


No. No I'm not gonna tell her.

No I just got my laptop back.

Wanna try?

No, I might look slutty.

Is that why you're wearing
all those baggy clothes?

Did you see what people were
saying about me last night?

Taylor, you're not even in the
neighbourhood of being a slut,

and your status says that
you never slept with James.

I don't understand what I did wrong.

Should've brought the disinfectant.

Don't wanna use these sinks
after the skank patrol.


Calling me a skank now too?

Yeah I know. It sucks.

I've never been called
a name at school, ever.

Well you know what they say, sticks
and stones may break a bone...

Don't you dare make a joke
about this. Don't you dare!

Just stop following me okay?

She blames me for what Lindsay said?

I'll go talk to her.

Scott, hey.

Hey what's up?

Uh nothing.

Look, I know that a lot of people
are saying stuff about me online.

This stuff's totally not true

and I guess I just
want to make sure...

It's not a big deal.

Well it kind of is...

It's really gross stuff and...

Look, I haven't slept with
anybody or anything and...

I'll see you in history.

You can come in you know.

Just let me ask you one thing.

Are you still my friend?

Yeah I guess.

What does that mean, you're my friend
everywhere except school?

Look, I don't know what you expect.

None of this is my fault.

Well Samantha's standing by me.
Why can't you?

Why can't you not flirt
with people you don't know?

You didn't have to talk to that James guy.

You think all this is my fault?

You called Lindsay a bitch online.

Of course she was gonna
come after you.

I made spaghetti for dinner
if you'd like some.


Hi Kris? This is Darren
mortenson Cheyenne's father.

Oh hi Darren.
How have you been?

Kris I don't know...

Are you aware of what's
been happening with Taylor?

Show me your clicksters page now!

Why didn't you shut this down
when I asked you to?

And why would you subject
yourself to this?

Shut it down Taylor.
You have no choice anymore.

Oh look mom!
A new comment!

I'm so popular!

No this one's from lindsayluv.
She's my favourite.

Yeah she says that James told her

I took all my clothes off for 5 bucks.

Did you change your mind
about going to school?

You said I could have one
day to stay home.

I just don't want you to get in the
habit of avoiding your problems.

Sometimes the best thing is to face
things head on, don't you think?

Maybe you should just
walk into your school

with your head high and tell
those kids they shouldn't

believe everything they
see on the Internet.

That's gonna be a big help.

I'm gonna stop by your school
and talk to your principal.


Hi you've reached Brett.

I can't get to the phone right now.

Please leave a message.

Hey dad. It's me, Taylor.

I know you probably
didn't pick up because

you think I'm still
mad at you but um...

Okay, I take back what I said about
never wanting to speak to you again.

Uh... You...

I just feel so alone right now

and I don't know if you
care or not but um...

Just call me back.

You're preaching to the choir.

I know bullying over
the Internet is a problem.

It's given me a headache.

I still can't figure out
what to do about it.

Well why wouldn't you treat a
cyberbully like any other bully?

Well I can't control
the Internet

or what students do on their
own computers at home.

And this kind of bullying,

well it happens using
anonymous user names.

You can't tell who's who
and who started what.

But the kids know who's who.
They can tell you.

Well maybe but unless
I can get the school board

to give me some guidelines that
allows me to compel them to do so...

Well you must have some
kind of policy.

A vague one, created by
insurance companies

to protect the school
from liability.

Half the time I don't know
where I stand legally.

I keep asking the school board
to give me some policies

that has some teeth that I can use
to bite down on these kids but...


Look I promised my mom I wouldn't
go on clicksters on my computer.

Can I use yours?


Now they're saying I missed
school because I'm pregnant

and I'm some kind of prostitute.

Nobody believes that stuff.

Maybe Cheyenne was right.
I was asking for it.

Cheyenne's stupid.

No I told all that personal
stuff to James.

Ha! I didn't even know him.

Taylor this is really hard...

You know, Scott reads that stuff.

I mean what if he believes it?
What if he thinks I'm pregnant?

Wait that's what you're
worried about right now, Scott?

Yeah! Yeah, I'm worried about Scott.

Who cares what he thinks Taylor?

Where has Scott been?

You even said yourself,
he's been ignoring you!

Now all of a sudden you
care what he thinks?

Hey stop yelling at me!

I can't take it if you're against me too.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry Taylor.

None of this should've happened.

Maybe we should forget school today.

You wanna ditch?
I'll ditch with you?

No I wanna talk to Scott.

Of course.

Look, you should just get Scott
to give you a ride home too.

Because I'm done trying to
be your friend.

Have a nice life Taylor.

Hey Scott.


Hey I know I haven't
talked to you in a while.

Um I was just wondering, if we were
still going to the dance tonight?

Um listen Taylor.

My mom pissed me off last night and
said I have to go with Marnie Fox.

Her mom's best friends with
my mom and...


So you're taking Marnie?

I'm sorry. It's not exactly
my choice but...

I don't know what else to do.



Oh! She's crying.

She must've seen the video.

Everyone's seen it.

500 views last time I checked.

You guys have all seen it right?

Isn't it hysterical?

What video?

Just wait till you see it.

I'm Taylor Hillridge.
Wanna have a good time?

5 bucks all it takes!

You smell like a bit of a sewer.

You ever take shower?

How about 2 bucks...
Or $1? 50 cents?

How about I pay you to show
me a good time?

Ew! Gross!

I act like I'm the most holy
and pure thing at school.

But I'm really the dirtiest
little whore.

I'm the real Taylor Hillridge...

I'm the real Taylor Hillridge.

And I don't know why
everybody hates me so much!

But maybe I do.

Because now I hate me too.

And right now

I really don't see the reason
for trying...

...or for talking,

or for breathing.

I'm just done.

So that's it I guess.


Pick up the phone Taylor.

Pick up the phone Taylor!


This is Kris.

It's Samantha, I think there's
something's wrong with Taylor.

She posted a video online and
now she's not answering the phone.

And I'm really freaking out.

Samantha, slow down.
I can't understand you.

I think she's trying to kill herself.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!



Where's Taylor?

How should I know?
I'm grounded.


Taylor? Taylor!



I can't get the cap off!


Give it to me!
Give it to me!


Taylor, let go!

What did you do?

Sit down, sit down,
sit down. Back up.

It's okay.

I got you.

Baby it's okay.


I wanna die. No!

I wanna die!

You're awake. You okay?

Yeah. I feel funny.

I'm sleepy.

That's the sedative.
It's starting to wear off.

Hey Sammi.

I'm okay.

I don't understand how this happened.

Did she tell you she was so depressed?

Uh I don't know. Maybe.

Did this happen because some
James kid turned on her?

Do you know who he is?

Taylor found out that he wasn't real.

What does that mean?

Someone posed as James to torture her?

Um look I gotta go.

My mom's gonna be worried.

Just have Taylor call me whenever.

I've talked to Taylor and
I'd like to keep her overnight.

Make sure she's stable.

You can take her
home in the morning

but you'll have to keep
a sharp eye on her.

I'm keeping her out of
school for the next week.

And I'm taking a week off of work.

Good. If she starts talking about
harming herself again, call me.

This is an appointment card for her
next one-one-one session with me

and this is a teen support
group I run.

It's twice a week.

We talk about assertiveness,
bullying, other things.

I think it might help her,

and finally, I switch in
for a mild tranquilizer.

One tablet every 6 hours
for the next few days

or until you feel her mood
has evened out.

It'll make her want to sleep
but that's a good thing.

I'm doing such a great job on my own.

Taylor mentioned you were divorced.

I'm sure that's a factor
but being bullied online.

That can push a kid over the edge.

It's like a group assault very traumatic.

Anyone with a computer can see it.

It's always there 24/7.

Makes the victim feel even more trapped.

Unable to escape from it.

I almost lost her.

Check in on Taylor every 10 minutes,

and call me if she wakes up.


Eric, I'm serious.

I didn't un-ground you, so that you
could play video games all day.

You have to keep an eye on
your sister.

Mom, I don't want it to happen
to her either.

Thank you. Look,
I'll be back in an hour.

Oh and your dad might call.
He left a message on Taylor's cell.

Just don't say anything.

I haven't figured out
what I'm gonna tell him.


Where are you going?

I'm gonna find out who that James is.

You're such an ass Scott.

Such an ass.

Thank you for letting me come over.

I'm really sorry Taylor's
having such a hard time.

You know the way they're
all ganging up on her.

It's pretty rough stuff.

It's gone.

James's profile, it was here
yesterday and now it's deleted.

I should've printed it out
when I had the chance.

Does Taylor hate me?

Of course not Cheyenne.

Do you think that this James
person could be a fake?

Well his profile says that he
goes to ridgeway and he doesn't.

Do you have any idea who
could've created this profile?

Can I help you?

Uh Mr. Fordyce.

Lindsay's father?

Yes I am.
What's this about?

Well your daughter and my daughter,
they go to school together

and I was wondering if I could
speak to you and your wife

about some things that have
been happening.

My wife passed away a few years ago,

so you'll have to deal with me.

I heard my name.

I'm Taylor's mother and
I was just wondering

if you created a fake profile online?

- What? No!
- Lindsay, go back inside.

You and your friends have been
harassing my daughter for weeks now.

My daughter tried
to commit suicide

because your daughter
was bullying her.

You should know you're
speaking with an attorney,

before you slander my daughter.

It's not slander.
It's fact.

I have posts from lindsayluv
your daughter mocking Taylor.

If my daughter expressed
her opinion about anything...

Demeaning insulting opinions.

That's her right, at least according
to the constitution.

Excuse me? You're going
to defend her?

It's called freedom of speech.

It's the first amendment.

You might want to give it a read.

Why are you staring at me?

Mom said I have to call her
when you wake up.

No you don't have to call her.

But you do have to get me
that water over there.

Were you really gonna do it?

I would've been mad if you did.

No you would've loved being
an only child.

No I wouldn't!

If you hadn't put that video up

I could've been the one
finding you all...

dead in the bathroom you know?

God I bet they're saying
all kinds of things about me.

Eric go get the laptop. I have
to see what they're saying.

Fine I'll get it.

No it's fine. I got it I got it.

Do you really think that's
a good idea?

I don't know why you're
making me do this.

This isn't a punishment Taylor.

It's a support group
a place to help you

talk about what
you've been through.

I don't want to talk about it.

Then don't talk about it.
Just go and listen.

We can't pretend that this
didn't happen!

It happened and you need help!

And there's nothing wrong
with asking for help!

It's really hard to see you
in this much pain.

And I am scared that you're
gonna try this again!

You've put so much into your life.

Your life is so precious.


Fine. Okay I'm going.

Before we had to stop unfortunately.

We interrupted your story Kate,
then we're gonna talk...

Oh Taylor!

Glad you could make it.

Come, sit down.




I've printed out what these kids
are saying to my daughter,

they're calling her terrible names
and saying she has STDs.

Has she been physically threatened?

Physical threat I can do
something about.

They're calling her dirty

and saying that she's
sleeping with boys for money.

- Isn't that harassment?
- If they said it to her face, yes.

But online, there's no law
against that in this state.

Other States have laws
that are particular

to the Internet
but not this one.

But how can that be? I'm trying to
get help for my daughter.

I've gone to the school,
I've gone to school board,

and door after door keeps
getting slammed in my face.

It's not that I don't
want to help you,

but unless a law is broken...

I can only enforce the laws,
I can't write them.

In elementary school it was like:

"hey there goes jelly donut"
you know stuff like that.

And it sucked right?

But at least I could go home
to get some peace.

Now it's like I can't even post
pictures on my own profile

'cause people are gonna be telling me

how fat or disgusting I am.

This stuff follows me home.

I hate that.

But the worst is when people
resend stuff you said to them.

There was this guy I liked.

I thought he liked me.

He really didn't.

But I told him personal stuff and...

and he sent it to a bunch of people.

And now at school there's
this bunch of guys,

they act out the stuff I said
right in front of me.

They call it the gay-boy show.

No wait. That's not the worst.

You were right. The worst is
when it goes home with you

and they pile on and pile on,

and you think: "I don't even
know who that person is.

"How can he say that he
despises that I exist?"

Caleb, I'm really sorry.

That you told me people
were picking on you

and I didn't say anything
and I'm really sorry.

You should post crap about
those guys too.

You know that's what I'd do.

It's not about getting mad.
It's getting even.

Well that's one option,
become the bully yourself.

Right, how many of you have ever
decided to get even?

Posted mean comments
online about

someone you felt was
being mean to you?

No one else?

You never called someone
a name online,

or said they were stupid or ugly?

I called Lindsay Fordyce a bitch.

Thank you.

- Scott!
- Hey.

You must be feeling really
happy with yourself.

Is your ego all puffed up
and feeling good?

Excuse me?

I'm Taylor's best friend.

I was sitting there when you
invited her to the spring fling.

So you're gonna blame me because she
had some sort of mondo meltdown?

Like you even care about her?!

Wait. Wait.

So, she's doing okay?

- Give me a break Scott!
- I'm serious. I wanna know.

I actually really did like her.

- Right.
- You don't give a crap do you?

You just think I'm an ass which...

...Is probably true.

So why don't you tell me huh?

What's it like to be
so perfect that you

don't have to feel
bad about anything?

- Yeah, I got your message.
- Oh that's good.

I saved the one where
you said you started

to call like 50 times
on my birthday.

I should've just called.

You know I care about you a lot.


Yeah I know you care.

I do, really.

Well I'll see you in a few weeks then.

Okay honey.

Okay. Hey, dad wait.

Thanks for calling.

I'm really glad I did.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Here's your pill.

Do I have to take it?

You don't want it?

I don't know. They make me so sleepy.
I kind of want to wake up.

Dr. Rilke said you can stop
when you feel better.

You've been so nice to me.

I never used to think you were nice.


I don't know. I guess I just
always thought

you were so strict and
overprotective and mean.

And here I thought you adored me.

Well that too.

You're in a funny mood.

I don't know. I just
felt so alone you know?

When all those people
started saying

stuff about me I felt
like such a freak.

Like I was the only one.

Like there had to be something
wrong with me for them to do that.

But today I found out this
happens to a lot of people.

Like these really normal people.

I don't know. I wish I'd known that.

I wish I'd known you weren't
against me.

Oh Taylor!

I should've talked to you.
I don't know why I didn't.

I'm sorry. I should've talked to you.

I made it hard to talk to me.

I was so busy telling
you what to do

that I wasn't listening
to how you felt.

I'm sorry you thought
that I was against you.

I would never be against you.

I know.

- I love you so much.
- I love you too.

I'm glad I'm not dead.

Me too.

Was that my phone?

Oh it's in my purse.

Oh it's Samantha.




Come inside.

I can't.

Why not?

Because you're gonna hate me
after I tell you this.

You're scaring me.

I don't know how to tell you
this, so I'm just gonna say it.

I'm the one who created
the James profile...

I pretended to be him.
I talked to you,

told everybody you gave him an STD.

I know you're lying.

You wouldn't do that.

I did.

I really wish I hadn't but I did.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry Taylor.


What is it? What's going on?

I did something really bad mom.

and worse...

Now everybody knows.

Yeah I mean I guess I'm feeling better
but I haven't been going to school

and I know I'll eventually have
to go back and face everyone

and that scares me.

Hey if I can do it you can do it.

But I feel like I can't go
back until I go online

and I don't know if I can handle that.

I think it's gonna be bad.

It's okay. is gonna get better, okay?

I'm fine. Thank you.


Odd this seems like a good time to
talk about how to handle it.

When you run into unpleasant
comments about you online.

You mean besides getting
even going all bully on them?

Which only adds fuel to the
fire makes everything worse.

I don't know what to do when I read
that stuff. I just fall apart.

It's fine to fall apart
for a little while.

It's fine to acknowledge
that it hurts.

But there are things that you
can do that you should do.

- Like print out everything?
- Yes.

You see something negative
about you print it out.

Save the evidence. What else?

Block 'em. You know
block the sender.

You know you don't wanna see what
crap they're saying about you.

Took me for damn ever to
figure that out.

God I never thought of that.

Now there's one more thing you can do.

Probably the most important thing.


Speak up man. Tell someone.

- Exactly.
- Tell who? Your mom?

I mean, my mom kind of knew although
I did kind of hide it from her.

Well sure start with your parents
but don't stop there.

Your favourite teacher,
your principal. I don't know.

You can also report it to the bully's
Internet service provider

sometimes they'll shut down
the bully's account.

You're kidding.

Cyberbullies keep
going because they

think no one will do
anything about it.

But if you call attention to it,

there's a chance you can stop it
from spiraling out of control.

- Yeah, but you can't totally stop it.
- Don't know unless you try.

Don't hide behind your fear.

Do what it takes to stand
up for yourself

and for each other.

I've looked into it and most
States have passed laws

against harassment on the Internet.

Remember Tina Meier?
Her daughter committed suicide.

I remember that.
How tragic. Tragic.

After that Missouri passed a law.

I mean, do we have to wait
for somebody to die first?

Couldn't you introduce a bill?

I don't want to try to
legislate the Internet.

I don't go online myself if I can help it.

My staff does that for me.

But these kids are on
the Internet all the time

and they're vulnerable
to these bullies

that are hiding behind
anonymous usernames.

Yes, but no one's making them
go online are they?

Excuse me?

Well, they do have delete
buttons on computers.

I thought that too until
I almost lost my daughter.

You can't keep these kids off
the Internet. It's their world.

If you can't understand that.

Maybe somebody on your
staff who could help me.

I can't allocate man-hours to that

in a middle of a budget wrangle.

Why don't you try me again next session?

Thanks so much for coming in.

Take the fries off...

You good?

I hope you don't think it's
weird that I came here.

I don't know if it is or not.

Why are you here? Because
if it's about the dance...

No it's not about the dance.

Okay, well I'm sorry anyway
for ditching you like that.

It's okay. Thanks.

Look, I'm here because...

I just wanna know if...

Did you see the video that I posted?

Well yeah. Everyone saw it.

Yeah I just wanna make sure
you know that.

That was not because...

- Because of me?
- Yeah.

I mean yeah I thought that at first.

And it was like too much.

It freaked me out.

Oh my God! It was not
because of you.

I know. Even my mom was like:
"dude check your ego.

"there's a lot more going on here."

Yeah. There was a lot going on.

All that crap coming down
on you online.

Yeah it was really bad.

I see that kind of thing happen all
the time and I never say anything,

and then I saw it happen to you
and it made me feel sick...


I still didn't say anything and
I really wanted to. I just...

I don't know.

I'm really sorry that it got
so bad for you.

That's really nice to hear.
Thank you.

Yeah well it's wrong.

What Lindsay and her stupid
friends were doing to you.

It's not right that they get
away with it.


There you are. I was worried
about you.

You okay?

I don't want us to give up on
trying to get a law passed.

Well we can always try
and find a new senator.

No I wanna try something else.

Dr. Rilke says we have
to call attention to it.

So I wanna call attention to it.

Are you sure that's what you wanna do?

Someone's gotta do something
about this.

Yeah Jay P will do.


Yeah, just email it to me.

Okay, thanks.

Sorry. I spend more time chasing
photos than I do writing the story.

Okay. So where were we?

We were talking about how
um kids are getting hurt

and adults can't see it because
it's happening online

and the government isn't
doing anything about it,

so we need public pressure.

I won't argue that.

But as far as your story goes
well it's not news.

I doubt my editor will let
me run with it.


You said your friend Samantha
made a fake identity

and posted things about you
that weren't true?


See, now that could be an
interesting angle.

A join interview with
the bully and the bullied.

Think she'd talk to me?

Uh no. Why would she?

Lots of people don't wanna talk
to me but lots of people do.

Tell you what, why don't you
give me her number,

I'll give her a call invite her down.

She might just go for it.

Uh I don't think she'd wanna
talk about it.

Um here's her mother's number.

Um her name is Karen Caldone.

Samantha may be leaving for school.

Why did you do that?

I'm sorry. I should
have asked you first.

You know she's gonna think
I'm after her and I'm not.


It's not a bad idea for Samantha to
face the consequences of her actions.

Yeah but not like this.

Her mother said Samantha agreed to do it.

They'll be here in half an hour.

Go on in.


Samantha you can sit by Taylor.

We want you sitting
together so we can

take a few shots
while we talk, okay?

All right...Samantha.

Taylor told me a pretty wild
story, that you her best friend,

tricked her into believing you
were someone else online

and then as that alternate person,

you spread rumors about her
in an online community.

Is that true?


She didn't think you'd wanna admit it.

Yeah. Why are you doing this?

I hate what I did but...

I'm not gonna pretend I didn't do it.

Well why, you pretended
just fine before?

It sounds like you're
still pretty upset at her.

She has every right to still be mad.

What I did was horrible,

and I've never been more
sorry in my entire life.

Well why do it then?

I had reasons that made
sense at the time.

I thought I was protecting
her from a guy.

I was hurt, angry...

I don't know, jealous.

But the reasons didn't matter
once I'd realized I'd hurt her.

So what was going on
through your mind?

When you were doing it,
the cyberbullying?

It's hard to picture myself like that.

You know I'd always thought of bullies

as people at school who pick on you.

But when you do it online, you don't
even realize that you're doing it.

You can't see the other people

and... and you can do or say anything,

and it doesn't seem to matter.

It doesn't feel real.

But it's real when you're
the one getting bullied.

I know because everyone's
turned on me now

and Taylor I am so sorry that I
ever made you feel anything...


Lindsay and them they're after
you now? I didn't know that.

It doesn't matter.

I deserve it.

No you don't.


I hope this can be the first step
for you and Samantha to...

Mom please let's just go.

Hey Samantha, wait.

Thanks for doing this.

They... they wouldn't have run
the story unless you did it too.

It's fine.

If it's happening to you now.

They have support group
for that kind of thing

and it's actually really
been helping me.


I'll think about it.

I think that went really
well, don't you?

I'm ready to go back to school.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I wish I could go in.

Go to class with you,
go to lunch with you...

I'm gonna be fine.

All this group has been saying

is how I can't let them have
power over me anymore

so that's what I'm gonna do.

When did you get all grown-up?

Oh my God! Are you serious?

I better go.

- Bye.
- Bye.


I didn't know you'd be
coming back today.

Yeah, I didn't either.

Maybe we can sit together.

You really want to?

I don't know if we can ever
be friends in the same way

but I'm willing to try.

I've really missed you.

Well let's go in then.

Hey over here!

Oh look, it's the psycho twins.

Just ignore her.

No, I'm not gonna ignore it anymore.

Hey Lindsay?

Hey, I know you think
you're being funny.

But you should know
your words actually hurt

and I think you should stop
attacking people online.

Get her linds.

No, she's right. You guys should stop.

You're making everyone
around you miserable.

Aw the twins are
sticking up for each other.

How cute.

Yeah because that's what friends do.

Why you just stop attacking
people on Clicksters, okay?

You're making it so no one
wants to go on there anymore.

Yeah you seem to me
just like any other bully.

Spreading hate wherever you go.

- Oh!
- Yeah man.

I've gotta say the way that
you guys need to hurt people.

Maybe you need to talk
to someone and get some help.

Get out of my face losers.

Get out of here!

Okay, I've dreamed about something
like that only a hundred times.

Hope it was good for you Taylor
'cause it was awesome for me.


Well you finally stood up.

I'm sorry I took so long. I just...

You know things got so intense and...

It's okay. I know.

I'm sorry.

Well I am starving.
Let's go get some food.

- Hey.
- I'm sorry.

It's okay.

So you said something this time.

You were inspiring.
I was impressed.

Really? 'Cause I think
I'm still shaking.

I'm really glad you're back.

Me too.

So could I maybe sit
and eat lunch with you?

Maybe I can be the one
who gets the ketchup.

Yeah I think I'd like that.

This is Kris.

Hi. Terry dunley
down at the paper.

I just wanted to tell you that

I called Senator Evans to
get a comment from him

about shooting you down on
sponsoring the cyberbully bill.

- Oh really?
- Oh yes

and he said you misunderstood him.

He said his staff is already working
on a proposal to make a new law

that will make it illegal to harass
minors online in this state

and he's talking to the school
board to get their input.

That's terrific.