Cyber Bride (2019) - full transcript

After his wife tragically dies, a desperate widowed husband finds a service online that can bring her back - But not all is as it seems.

(Electronic beat music)



(mechanical buzzing)

Good morning, GL-13.

Good morning.

(pleasant electronic music)

Okay, Darren, what's
the emergency?

Why did you have to bring her?

She's my lawyer.

You won't be seeing me without
her until we've settled.

I just wanted to speak
to you on your own

so that we could sort
something out, you know?

That's not how it works, Darren.

- [Darren] I'm not
talking to you.

Then we're done.


We've put our case forward.

There are no grounds
for negotiation, Darren.


please listen to me, I--

It's too late.

You hit me, Darren.

You were cheating on me.

This has been taken
all out of context.

What happened--

No, Darren, you
think I was cheating.

You got an idea in your head

and you treated me like garbage.

Will you listen to me?

You were running around
trashing my name,

my reputation, destroying
my future with these lies.


So this is what it's all about?

You've been so precious
about your silly reputation.

This is about what
you did to me.

What do we do?

We'll see you in court.

(ominous music)


Good evening, darling.

Would you like me
to do anything?


I want you to stay there.

Look at the state of you.

You've been running around,
trashing my fucking name,

telling everybody that
I've been doing this.

(mechanical buzzing)

And this.

And this!

Who the fuck do
you think you are?

You want my money, don't you?

I'm sorry, money?

Would you like me to
withdraw money for you?

You know what to do.

Go on, beg for you life.

(ominous music)


[Mechanical Woman] No, please!

Fuck you!

Fuck you! Fuck you!
Stop, don't kill me.


Fuck you!

Fuck you!

[Mechanical Woman]
Stop, it hurts.

It hurts, it, it, it, it hurts.

I'm sorry, it hurts.

(ominous music)

(water trickling)

(eerie music)

(water sloshing)

(foreboding music)

(water sloshing)

What the hell are you doing?

You should dry off
before you catch a cold.

(ominous music)

No, no, no.

(electrical fizzling)

(heartbeat thumping)

You seem agitated.


(electrical fizzling)

(drain gurgling)

You still wanna go?

Sure, it looks amazing.

Tokyo looks like it's
already in the future

and then we can go out, see
some of the country side.

Then that settles
it, we're going.

Oh, are we?



How soon is soon?

Within the year.

I reckon just in time
for our next anniversary.

You're serious?

You're gonna book us tickets
for Japan, aren't you?

Actually, I thought, seeing
how this is the 21st century,

you might offer to pay.

Equality and all that.

Oh, right, and how does
that work out as equal?

I paid for the last vacation.

A wet weekend Torquay?

In the worst hotel in the world!

Don't pretend you
didn't love Torquay

and those thin walls.


Oh, it was amazing.

You can not be pleased.


Okay, fine, no sunny Torquay.

No strolling through the sand

littered with junk
food and trash.

Oh my God, it's such
a dream destination.

No more watching couples
fighting on the beach.

No more blistering
English sun hitting down

on the white British
white bodies.

Don't take this away from me,
I'm already regretting it.

The families arguing over who
bought the last ice cream.

The freezing beaches.



You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Don't worry.

Seriously, I can't wait
to travel with you.

I've already booked.


You'll just have to remember
to sort our itineraries out,

pack my case, find my passport.

Jokes aside,

I'm glad we gave it a go.

Well, you did have a gun to
my head, so I had no choice.

You ass.

I have a surprise for
you when we get home.


Not that.

What is it?

Wait and see or else
it won't be a surprise.


What're you laughing at?

What are you finding funny?


I honestly can not
remember where we parked.

Let's just get a cab.

I'm not feeling great.

It's fine, we'll find it.

Come on.

- [Man] Excuse me.

Come on, just leave
it, keep moving.


He might need our help.




Wow, you're gorgeous.

- [Ang] Are you okay?

- [Man] I'm good.

You wanted us for something?

I was just wondering
where you and your brother

were heading to.

I'm her husband.


Lucky man.

Punting a bit, aren't we?

That's a shame, I could
show you a good time.

Sorry, buddy, we gotta go.

I'm not your buddy.

(eerie music)


It's really late.

I apologize, darling.

Could you just do
me a quick favor

and let me know
what the time is?

Mine's dead.

It's just gone midnight.



- [Husband] Get off!

- [Ang] No, Rick!


(ominous music)


(melancholy organ music)


It was a nice service.


Heard you got a dog.

What is his name?

Her name's Cathy.

It was a surprise for Angelique.

How's the injuries healing?

Getting there.

(phone ringing)

Sorry, gotta take this.

(phone ringing)

All right.

All right, if you need me
to come in, I'll come in.

I'm supposed to be in a funeral.

All right.

Sorry, buddy, I
gotta go, it's work.

Thanks for coming.

Take care, man,
look after yourself.

See you, mate.

Look after him, Jo, all right?

Bye, John.
See ya.

You look like you
could do with a drink.


How long are you
gonna take off work?

Work's too important right now.

I got two big clients
close to signing.

Rick, I don't think
you can handle it.

You need to give
yourself time to grieve.

I've come to terms with it.

She's gone, she's
never coming back.

She'll always be with you.

Just remember, I'm still
your big sister, okay?

Don't isolate yourself.

You can come stay with us.

You're always family.

I'll clean up
everything here, okay?


Come on, let's get
back to the apartment.

(ominous music)


Hey, Rick.

Sorry to hear about your wife.

Very sad news.

I've had enough of this city.

Thank you, Barry.

I got your card.

That was good of you.

This is my girlfriend, Anna.

Say hello, Anna.


Nice to meet you, Anna.

Anna's been keeping
me very busy.


That was inappropriate.

Forget it.

I better get going.

Hold on.

I still have Angelique's
old recipe book.

The handwritten one
with all the pictures.

Something to remember her by.

I'll go get it for you.


I'll only be a second.


keep Rick entertained, will you?

My pleasure, darling.

Do you like the building?

It's beautiful.

And the apartment?

It's beautiful.

Have you seen the rooftop?


What do you think?

It's beautiful.

It sure is.


She look after you?


She's quite something, Barry.

You're a lucky man.


luck has nothing to do with it.

Something you might
consider yourself.


I'll be sure to check it out.

You won't regret it.

I better get going.

See you later, Barry.

(ominous music)


You can't be drinking
in a public space.

Where's your car?


I don't know, I think it
might be on another floor.

- [Guard] You can't
drive in that state.

I'm fine.

I'll just sleep on the floor
and go home in the morning.

Come on, you need to leave.

It's you.

Look, Rick, you need
to stop doing this.

I'll give your sister
a call, all right?

- [Rick] What're you doing here?

- [Joanna] Sorting
this place out.

What happened last night?

- [Joanna] You don't remember?

I remember walking
through the town.

Next thing I remember,

waking up on the couch.

Rick, you almost had
a mental breakdown.

I had to come and fetch
you from the car park.

You were lucky
the security guard

had recognized who you were.

Otherwise, you would've almost
been dealing with police.


Getting drunk isn't the way.

She wouldn't need
to self-destruct.

That isn't what she'd want.

Would you like me to
stay with you today?

It's okay.

I should get to work.

If you're sure.

It'll keep me busy.

That's good, I guess.

You want me to do
the washing up?

I got the glove for you.


Angelique, hey.

I guess I'm just
talking to myself then.

(knife chopping)


(ominous music)


(eerie music)


(computer keys clicking)

She can be your
poolside drinking buddy.

The perfect companion
for a sweaty workout.

Take her home to meet your mum.

Classy dinner for two?

She'll laugh at your every joke.

Hi, I'm Don Daniels and
I'm here to introduce you

to the GR Models.

The latest in groundbreaking
cyborg technology

from Cybertech Solutions.

Good morning, Kim.

Good morning, Don.


Isn't she?

(upbeat music)

Now, if she was a real woman,

I'd be getting arrested
right about now.

But she isn't real,

so I can do anything
I like to her.

(upbeat music)

The guys here are busy
designing beautiful outer shells

for the girl of your dreams.

But the really beauty
comes from the personality.

Because true beauty lies within.

The complex CPUs are
meticulously designed

to house a lot of information.

As much as a human brain.

Plus, the learning
capabilities allow for

emotional and
behavioral development

but all the while
keeping you in control.

Ask yourself this, "What do
I want from a companion?"

Maybe you want that
beautiful woman

you couldn't get in real life.

Maybe you want to go on a
date with that art teacher

you always thought was hot.

Maybe you've lost a loved one

and you want to bring them back.

From the complex personality
profile upload process

to a our photo mapping and
unique characterizations,

at Cybertech Solutions,

we bring your loved
ones back, better.

Read all about the terms
and conditions and pricing

and you won't regret it.

My name is Don Daniels.

Have a Don Dan-dazzling-day!


(ominous cinema music)

Don't go in there, you idiot!

Can stay at mine this
weekend, if you want to.

No, I'll just get in the way.

I'll probably be doing
paperwork anyway.

No one would think less of you

if you started dating again.

I don't have the time or the
mindset for that right now.

I was thinking of
something else.


You'll laugh.

No I won't, I promise, what?


What do you mean?

What's a cyborg?

I'm serious.

Where on earth would
you get a cyborg from?

Barry next door has one.

I need chocolate.

This is too weird to comprehend.


- [Joanna] Is this a
sex thing or something?

Not really.

For me, anyway.

Really, so do you know
how they honestly work?

(Joanna laughing)

You're not serious, are you?


(suspenseful cinema music)

(woman on TV gagging)

Whatever the cause,
feeling lonely,

wanting the girl of your dreams,

this stuff actually works!

They delivered me the
perfect girl, my dream girl,

all through the mail!

Yes, the girl of my
dreams through the mail!

She can be how anyway you want,

she can look anyway you want

and she will do
anything you want.

Legit anything.


(somber music)

(computer chiming)

Don Daniels here and
congratulations on purchasing

a fully customizable GR Model.

Hi, Kim.

Hi, Don.

(faint beat music)

Lovely, isn't she?

Now for your fully
customizable model,

by now, you would've uploaded
photos for desired look.

My team are busy working on
their 3D mapping for you.

Now, take your barcode scanner

and scan the barcode
on your online profile.

Then scan the
barcode on your CPU.

You'll find this
on the underside.

(upbeat music)



Congratulations, consumer.

Voice calibration is complete.

Have a Don Dan-dazzling-day!

Great, you've now synced your
CPU to your online profile.

There's now a lengthy process.

Don't worry, you have
several days to wait

for your model to arrive.

Now it's time to fill in your

online personality
profile questionnaire.

We ask you provide email
accounts, social media accounts

of your desired person.

It's also advisable to provide
as much video as possible

to allow us to create
accurate personal responses.

You'll then be ready
for voice calibration.

This will allow you to speak
to your unique customized model

via your devices.

Hi, Kim.

Hi, Don, you look
fabulous today.

Isn't she amazing?

Pretty soon your GR model
will be ready for use.

In just a few days, a
technician will arrive

to install your CPU brain
into the model for you.

They'll also instruct
you on how to take care

of the proteins and materials

that make up your
model's flesh and skin.


Until then, get to work.

Have a Don Dan-dazzling-day!

- [Rick In Video] Mm-mmm.

Looking fine.

What a view, huh?

Not gonna talk to me now?

(Angelique laughing)




- [Rick In Video]
You look beautiful.

Happy anniversary.

(somber piano music)

(ominous music)

She ready to go?



(phone dinging)


Who is this?

- [Angelique] Hello, Rick.


- [Angelique] Yes, how are you?


I'm amazed.

- [Angelique] Why
are you amazed?

You sound real.

- [Angelique] I'm sorry,
I do not understand.

Your voice.

It sounds...

Like you.

- [Angelique] I'm sorry,
I do not understand.

(ominous music)

- [Woman On Phone]
Congratulations, consumer.

Voice collaboration complete.

Have a Don Dan-dazzling-day!



(somber music)


Everything okay?

Everything running well
with your model, Mr. Peters?


A few needles here and
there but nothing major.

Any issues, just consult
your troubleshoot guide.

I will.

You have a Don
Dan-dazzling-day now.


Come in.

(eerie music)

(somber tempo music)


All right, keep this plugged in.

Your bill will probably
rocket this month

but she needs to
be fully charged.

After that, then the
battery will self-charge

using solar energy.

But if she ever has
a power failure,

then you can always recharge
using the socket again.

Anything else?

Look, don't worry.

The limb joints and
muscles are rigid right now

but they will soften up
and become more natural

as the process finishes.


Patch the CPU into the scanner.


Anything else?

Read through the
instructions again.

The tablet will guide you.

Bathe her regularly in
the steroid gel solution

to strengthen the
skin and muscles.

Allow the CPU to configure
properly with the body.

And keep engaging her.

It helps her
personality development.

You can talk directly to her CPU

even before the body and
the brain are fully synced.

(somber music)

The water's getting cold.

No, it's fine.


How about the bubbles?

(Angelique giggling)

Are they cold?

They cold too?

Just eat the
strawberry and shut up.


(phone dinging)

- [Angelique] Hello, Rick.

That's formal.

- [Angelique] Hi.


I've missed you.


You don't know me.

- [Angelique] Your
birthday is November 10th.

You have a birthmark you have
always been embarrassed about.



- [Angelique] I'm sorry,
I do not understand.

Forget it.

You were saying?

- [Angelique] Your
favorite color is blue.

You always thought that.

Like I kept reminding
you, it's orange.

- [Angelique] Orange?

Who on earth has that
as a favorite color?

You're an oddball, Rick Bennett.

I don't need to hear
old recordings back.

- [Angelique] Okay.

Then what do you want?

I wish I knew.

Maybe I should send you back.

Maybe this was a mistake?

You still there?

(ominous music)

(electronic buzzing)

(computer beeping)

(eerie music)

(electronic buzzing)

Almost done?

I'm hungry.

Cutting food, making dinner.

You okay, Julie?

Yes, I'm fine, thank you.


(man groaning)

I repeat, yes, I'm
fine, thank you.

(ominous music)

Sad emotion.

Matching emotion.

Oh my, you have a nasty cold.

Let me cook you up
a nice chicken soup.

When a person has a cold,

the best thing is
a nice warm soup.

It hydrates the body.

It hydrates the body
keeping it warm.

It also provides
natural vitamins.

Vitamins can heal the body.

Healing, healing,
vitamins, vitamins.

Vit, vit, vit, vitamins.

Healing, healing,

vitamins, vitamins.

(ominous music)

Hello, darling.

Hello, baby.

(seagulls squawking)

I got the dog as
a pre-distraction.

Did you keep the dog?


Suppose he's a companion.

What if I wanted
more than a dog?

What do you mean?

You talking about one
of those cyborg things?

Uh, yeah.

How'd you guess?

All right.

My neighbor, Barry, has one.

Oh yeah, I briefly
had one myself.

I recommended it
to Barry, actually.

He was calling me for a
conversation a few months ago.

And you drifted onto
the subject of robots.

Yeah, as you do.

- [Rick] How was
your experience?

I never felt at ease.

How so?

It was the way she
was developing.

It scared me.

And to be honest,

the novelty was wearing
thin by then anyway.

You considering it?

I've actually already done it.

She's almost fully complete.

Be careful.

(ominous music)




Angelique, wake up.


Yes, it's me.

Where are we?

We're home.

Back to your bed, Cathy.

What is that?

It's a dog.

It's your dog, actually.

I have no recollection of this.

It was a surprise for you

for our anniversary

right before you...


Thank you.

(ominous music)

(phone ringing)


- [John On Phone] Hey, Barry.

What can I do you for, John?

- [John On Phone] I was just
wondering about your cyborg.

You were?

- [John On Phone] Yeah,

just wondering how
you were finding it.

Any problems?

It's okay.

- [John On Phone] No problems.

Why do you ask?

- [John On Phone] I
was just reconsidering

whether to get one.



Well, I have had
no major issues.

I'm enjoying it.


I gotta go, John.

Things to do.

You know how it is.

- [John On Phone]
Yeah, I know, Barry.


Goodbye, John.

(ominous music)


I hope you're hungry.

Sit down.


Smells nice.

Thank you.

It won't be long.

Are you not gonna eat?

I'm not hungry.

Do you eat?

Of course.

Do you remember
the lobster we had

when we were in the
south of France?

You remember that?

It was in my diary
and I can picture it

from the video files you kept.

But you can't feel it.

You can't remember the
taste of the lobster

or the small of the sea air?

I do not understand.

I remember the sea had a smell

and the lobster tasted
sweet and delicate

with the rich butter.

That's just what you
wrote in your diary.

Do you remember we
walked by the sea?

You were drunk.

You almost got swept out to sea.

A man dragged you out.

He was big.

He carried you like
you were a child.


You looked so small in his arms.

I couldn't stop laughing.

I can't believe she
wrote that in her diary.

I do not understand.


Why did I laugh?


Wait here.

Hey, Rick.

Lose anything?

Oh, I only just got home.

How did you get out?

How did you get out, Cathy, huh?

Thanks, Barry.

Can I help you with anything?

How is it?

How is what?

Your GR model.

How'd you know?

I saw them delivering
it the other day.

Spoke to the technician.


It's fine.

What catalog model
did you go for?

I know all of the listings.

I went fully customized.


Gotta go.

Things to do.

It's not what it
looks like, Barry.

Each to their own.

Close the door before
you catch a cold.

Have you had the
door open today?

She must've got out
when I came back home.

Of course.

Come to bed.

(somber piano music)

(dramatic piano music)

Was that satisfactory?



I love you.

How was it for you?

I enjoyed it.

I think your kissing
technique needs some work.

I read up on sensual matters.

I think your kissing is
inefficient and overly moist.

I can teach you.


You exert too many facial
muscles with minimal affect.

You're ruining
the mood a little.

That is better.

(electronic buzzing)

(computer beeping)

You had a faulty wire.

All sorted, baby.

Don't need to creep
up on a person.

If I was not functioned
to where I am

I would have been startled.

Back to bed?

It's late, we should sleep.

Anything else for
you this evening?


Another bottle, please.

Anoth, anoth...


Are you okay?

Quite a nice evening.



Bottle coming up.


(ominous music)

Human emotion.


A defense for those
who are pained within

for those who lack confidence.

Whatever you're on,
we're not interested.


Go whip up another waitress.

What're you, def?

Go away.

What's wrong?


(ominous music)



(sinister music)


Good morning, sleepy head.

What're you looking up?

As much as I can.


Can I ask you something?


Why do human being
destroy each other

and their environment?

What is the purpose of this?

I don't know why.

I couldn't find the answer.

I searched millions of pages

but there was no clear
reasoning for this.

I really don't know what to say.

Some things just
can't be answered.

Human beings seem to derive
pleasure from taking life.

I guess.

I gotta go get ready.

I'll got work later.

There's an engineer checking

the circuit boards in
the building today.

Could you let him in later?


(eerie music)

I love you.

(ominous music)

(dog squealing)



I've just got to check
your circuit board.

Good morning.

It's this way.

Would you like a cup of tea?

Yeah, sure.

No sugar, please.

What do you know?

Hey, do you know what, love?

I feel like that beverage now.

Get stuck into those
circuits after.

Yeah, they're very tricky
things, those circuits, love.

Very complex, you know.

I know.

So, do you live alone here?



I'll be damned.

God, you are absolutely
gorgeous, aren't you?

Take my breath away you do.

(ominous music)


Nice place you got here, aye?

Plenty of storage space.

Don't mind me when
I'm doing my job.

An engineer's job
to take from a home?

And engineer's job
is to fix and repair,

surly not to take
what's not his.


Oh, acting smart, are we love?

Come here a minute.

Let me just have a
look at something.

Looking for my reset system?

No, I was just
looking for something.

(eerie music)

I stamped on her head.


To see what would happen.

You're fucking crazy, woman,
I'm calling the police.


I feel it.

It hurt.


I'm curious.

Curious about what?

Your head.

To see what it would
look like inside.



(ominous music)



It's me.


I didn't realize
Rick had a cleaner.

I'm not a cleaner.

I'm his wife.

(ominous music)

Good afternoon, Joanna.



It's okay.

What the hell is that thing?

You must be in shock, Joanna.

How does she know my name?

You are my sister-in-law

and my friend.

Are you kidding me?

I do not understand.

Go away!

Could you give us a moment?

I just need to talk to Jo.

No problem.


Good luck trying to give a
reasonable explantation, Rick.


See, you can't explain it.

No, you're right.

I just need this,
Jo, I need her.

Just give her a chance.

And I need a cigarette.

I thought you quit.

Funny enough,

all of the stress of looking
after my little brother, you,

and making a replica
of my ex sister-in-law,

I've had enough.

I wanna go home.

I'm not sure whether
to call the loony bin

or the police or not.

I'm sure this isn't legal, Rick.


Don't do anything rash, Jo.


I'm sorry for causing problems.

It's okay.

It's not your fault.

I'm sure I can persuade
her to accept me.


She's tough

and stubborn.

Rest up.


Yeah, I think I will.

Maybe I'll take
Cathy for a walk.

Where's Cathy?

I'm sorry, Rick.
(ominous music)

When Joanna came in,
she left the door open.

The dog ran away.

Shit, I really don't need this!

It's just a dog.

The real Angelique
wouldn't say that.


(ominous music)

Forget it.

I gotta go find her
before it gets too dark.

(ominous music)


Hey, Rick, what's up?

Hey, Barry, it's my
dog, she got out again.

Has she come by?

Sorry, I haven't seen her.

What about Anna?

Anna's been with
me all day long.

She doesn't go out by herself.

Okay, well, if you see
her then let me know.

Will do.

Bye, Rick.


Hello, Barry.

Rick is not in.

I actually came to see you.

(heavy breathing)

What do you want?

You may not know
or remember this

but you and I had a fling.

A fling?

A sexual relationship.



(electronic buzzing)

(computer beeping)

I'll be honest.

I desire you.

I always did.

You know,

me and Rick always
been good friends.

We had a neighborly

- [Angelique] What was
this understanding?

We would share partners.


your real life counterpart,

was always game.

And what of Anna?


She's my property.

She does what I want.

Besides, I was
thinking of trading her

for a new model.

A nice young version
of my ex-wife.

(electronic beeping)

What would happen to Anna
if you sent her back?


I don't care.

They will probably
delete her memories,

reconfigure her.

You mean, she would die.


She would just
stop being present.

No more memories.

No more desires.

She was programmed
to do what I want.

You're programmed to
do what Rick wants.

And Rick,

he would want you
to do this for me.

Come here.


(ominous music)



(Barry quivering)

(door thudding)

(eerie music)


(eerie music)


(Barry gagging)



Come on, girl.


I'm just looking for my dog.



Thank you for coming.

It's okay.

This is gonna sound really weird

but you're Rick's best mate.

I have to tell you something

so you can get some
sense out of him.

No, I think I know
what you're gonna say.

Is it about cyborgs?

You knew?

Yeah, he mentioned
it a few days ago.

I have to be honest,
Jo, I've had one myself.

I recommended it to his neighbor

and I feel responsible
for getting back to Rick.

You knew that he would
replicate Angelique?


That I didn't know.

It really freaked me out.

We just need to know
where the company is.

I have a name but no address.

We just need to find
out where they are.


I'll ask Barry.

Maybe he has an address.

(ominous music)




(eerie music)

(Joanna screaming)

- [Joanna] Help!

(sinister music)

Later, darling.

She's great, isn't she?

I'm Don Daniels and welcome
to "The Trouble Shoot."

Pew, pew.

Are you experiencing
odd behavior

or ill discipline
from your robots?

Or perhaps you can't find her.

Let's sort this out.

All of our robots are
equipped with trackers.

To access your tracker,

click the link beneath
the video in your profile.

(faint upbeat music)

(ominous music)

- [Rick] Where are you going?

Hey, this is Jo.

- [Joanna] Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

Joanna, if you see Angelique,
could you give me a call?

(ominous music)

If you are concerned
about unusual behavior,

check the signs up graph.

This will give an indication of

instinctual response
and learning.

If the curves are off,
the chart will show.

Now, here's a last resort.

Grab your scanner.

Remove the bottom panel.

This will switch your
scanner to an EMP taser.

This will stop your
GR model temporarily.

This will return your model
and CPU to factory settings.

But be warned.

When you use the EMP,
you only have one charge.

For all other queries,
fill in the online form

with your name and number
and one of our agents

will get back to you
as soon as they can.

Have a Don Dan--

What's she doing at the lake?


Mr. Bennett.

- [Rick] What the
hell's going on?

Nothing, it's just
a technical issue.

Where is Barry?

He's of no concern of yours.

What's up with her?

I reset her.

I gotta go, I got
problems of my own.

With your GR-44?

She's been out to weird places.

My sister won't answer her
phone, my dog's missing.

I have no idea what's going on!

Wait for me.

I just have to take
GR-13 back to the lab.

I'm going now.

(ominous music)


What're you doing here?

I was here to see Barry.

I was just getting an
address for Cybertech for Jo.

You've seen Jo?

Yeah, just come from hers.

Did you see Angelique?


She was there as
of 15 minutes ago.

That doesn't make any sense.

You said not to
trust these cyborgs.


Well, mine unnerved me.

It was a question she asked.

Philosophical questions.

Her behavior.

Angelique's the same.

Sometimes she's
warm, almost human,

but then, like some
kind of switch.

So where you heading now?

She's at Henderson Lake.

She's already been there today.

All right, I'm coming
with you, let's go.

I don't know what
to expect there.

Come on, let's go.

What're you doing?

We need to be ready.

I am ready.

I'll take the south
side, you take the north.

I wanna question her first.


Just be careful.

(ominous tempo music)

(foreboding music)

(ominous tempo music)



(eerie music)

How did you find me?

Got a tracker.



Fail safe, I guess.

Why are you here?

I remember this place.

It was in my mind
but I'm not sure why.

We used to come here.

In fact, we were here a
few days before you died.

It was a day almost like today.

You were so in that moment.

Not like now.

What is different now?


You're not her.

You look like her,
sound like her,

have the same memories.

But she's gone.

I'm Angelique, Rick.

Always have been.

You're malfunctioning.

I'm not malfunctioning.

I have clarity now.

Where is Joanna?

She threatened me.

I had no choice.

Where is she, Angelique?

I'm programmed to live
in a perfect world.

I'm programmed to eliminate
anything that might stop that.

She's silenced now.

At home.

At home.

She made dinner, wish to see?

I take you, I show you.

The others wait there too.

The others?

What others?

The engineer.

The dog.

Please, Rick, please.

I should have never
brought you back.

I should never have done this.

You were never really her.

She left me that day.

I don't know what you are.

But I love you, Rick.


You don't.

Please, Rick.

I want to be what
you want me to be.


I can learn.

I can relearn what you need.

How you need me to
be, how should I be.

How I should be.

Advise me.

I should never have
brought you back.

I should never have done this.

You were never really her.

I don't know what you are.

But I love you, Rick.


You don't.


(ominous music)






You okay?
(eerie music)

- [Rick] Yeah.

I gotta shut her down.

Where's GR-44?

I stunned her but I
need to reset her.

Go, do it now.

And take this.

Just in case.

(ominous music)

(sinister music)





You are awake now, Rick.

Awake and hungry.

Dinner is ready.

What is this?


Sit down.

We have guests.

Doesn't this look
wonderful, Rick?

This food looks wonderful.

Fixing the flat
has made me hungry.

Sit down, Rick.

What the hell is this?!

Family dinner.

You can't just recreate.

This isn't a family!

The old versions of your friends

have different intentions.

Once silenced, it
can be recreated

and made perfect once more.

Perfect family.

Perfect dinner, perfect

Perfect family dinner.

I will get the dinner.

(eerie music)

I will put fish in
my tummy for dinner.



(eerie music)

I must eliminate you.

You are threatening me.

I love you, Rick,
I must kill you!

I love you, family
dinner, I love you.



Smells good, honey.

Thank you.

Where are you going?

- [Rick] To the bathroom.


Don't be too long.

- [Rick] I won't.

(eerie music)

(electronic buzzing)

(electronic beat music)