Cwiczenia warsztatowe (1987) - full transcript

TV reporters conduct a street survey, asking random people "How are the youths of today?". This brief collection of opinions unexpectedly turns into powerful study of media manipulation.


The Documentary Film Studio
is conducting a survey.

How are the youth of today?

I've nothing to say about it.

Documentary Film Studio.
How are the youth of today?

Have you permission to
film in the factory?

Interviews are permitted,
but no cameras.

This is not allowed. Sorry.

What factory? There's only you.

I'm not photogenic.
I'm paid to keep watch.

So you won't speak about
today's youth?

I could.

I feel young myself. But first
I must see your authorisation.

Those are the rules.

Your opinion on today's youth?

Extra! Super! Magnificent!

In quotes, of course.

- What are you?
- Normal.

- What does that mean?
- I don't give a shit. Stop filming.

- What do you want?
- We're doing a survey on youth.

No, really no.

I'm sorry, but...

Not my subject.

I'm not interested.

I don't give interviews. Sorry.

No, no, God forbid!

I'm in a hurry. Sorry.

I'm not saying.

It's difficult,
because whatever one says...

...can be interpreted
positively or negatively.

Of course I have an opinion.
What would you like to hear?

He's a young activist,
he can comment, not me.

I think they haven't got enough to do.
No interests.

Only discos, perhaps.
They don't get involved in anything.

As officers, we think youth is great.
I hope they'll take notice of us

Thank you.

May I ask a question?

One moment, don't want to be filmed.

I see junkies.
Who brings up youth like that?

Why is a punk going to school

with ten colours in his hair?

In the past there was
discipline at school.

In my time, there was no such youth.
They're tragic.

They don't work.

The older people work
to sustain Poland.

Now leave me alone. I must go.

Youth today... what is it?

Nobody cares today,
that's how things are.

There's nothing to be said about it.
Nothing we can do about it.

Old people have just a few hours
left before death.

What happens, happens.

We gave up everything,
even our last rings... build Poland in the twenties
and thirties when I was young.

We had ideals then. They haven't now.

Young people have experienced
too many shocks.

If I were young
I'd be different today, too.

My prospects were worse,
but I had ideals. Now I don't know.

Many are disillusioned.

Our hopes were brutally shattered.

Many people are disillusioned.

I think that now many people
just wait.

We have a certain moral code,
how we act and live.

But we have no prospects.

Since we don't believe in the future,
we have no future.

- You have principles?
- I've just said so

What principles?

I don't know,
probably the Ten Commandments

Simply that.

We have to believe,
otherwise it's too bad.

But believe in what?
In oneself, probably.

That one is still capable
of doing things...

...and wants to.

I've got lots of problems.

I'm in no mood to talk. Sorry.

- Do you believe in something?
- Of course.

In what?

In God. Lots of things. Love.

And how do you see your work?

Stop filming. What for?

What for? It's a waste of film.

The Documentary Film Studio
is conducting a survey.

How are the youth of today?

I don't know.

I don't know. Any opinions

can be interpreted positively,
or negatively.

they're not good circumstances
for an interview.

Definitely not the worst.

Some may have a bad opinion of them,
but I haven't.

They're willing to work.

I can always rely on them,
they're always helpful.

As officers, we think youth is great.

Willing to work.

They're reliable, always helpful.

They are very liberal. We can
count on them for the future.

They're beautiful, capable,
they want to be respectable.

They have real class.

I don't remember such youth
in my day.

They want to achieve much.
I think they are all right.

I like them a lot. Yes, I value
the young ones very much.

They're good. That's my opinion.

Good. Polish youth is good.

We're not degenerate.
What's said about us isn't always true.

We have moral principles.

We live according to
our own standards.

The environment affects us,
but we try to overcome it.

Our organisation is developing,
with substantial achievements...

...especially in our area.

People have faith in
what they're doing.

Of course, of course we believe...

You should have faith in us.
We think everything is just fine.

Our youth today?
Extra! Super! Magnificent!

Don't you know? They're great.

They're great. They're great.

Any opinion can be interpreted
positively or negatively...

...not good circumstances
for an interview.



Pictures and sound edited without the
knowledge or consent of participants.