Cutting Class (1989) - full transcript

High school student Paula Carson's affections are being sought after by two of her classmates: Dwight, the "bad boy", and Brian, a disturbed young man who has just been released from a mental hospital where he was committed following the suspicious death of his father. Soon after being released, more murders start happening. Is Brian back to his old tricks, or is Dwight just trying to eliminate the competition?

J' One, two, three, four

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J' Get your hands on the wheel

J' I gotta open up a beer

J' Put your hands upon the wheel

J' You got to help me steer

J' It's getting nearer,
nearer to morning

J' Nearer, nearer to morning

J' Yeah, you're frightened

J' I can tell you are afraid

J' Don't you know we're all
frightened, babe

J' When we face the coming day

J' I know you're lonely

J' I can tell you are alone

J' Everybody's got to grab someone

J' When the night has gone

J' It's getting nearer,
nearer to morning

J' Nearer, nearer to morning and
the night has gone

J' It's getting nearer,
nearer to morning

J' Nearer, nearer to morning and
the night has gone

J' And the day has come

J' Come on, baby

J' Kiss me, baby

J' Kill me, baby

J' Yeah, hold me, baby

J' Let's go, baby

J' Take me out, baby


- Paula, for cryin' out loud,
you shouldn't-

- You look like the
mail-order outdoorsman.

Thank you. - Uh-uh!

You are supposed to be
taking the week off.

You're just gonna find
something in here

that's going to upset you.

You're right.

You're absolutely right.

Quite a girl.

Honey, this is the first time
I've left you alone

for any- - I should be worried.

Daddy, you are a great
district attorney,

but you're a lousy hunter.

- I've never left you alone
for a week, honey.

I just want you to
listen carefully,

and I want you to promise
me three things.

Number one-

Do my homework.

- Well, don't just do
your homework.

I want you to attack it
with a vengeance.

You know, the difference
between law school

and learning the locksmith trade

through the mail
could be something

as simple as one single
math assignment.

What's two?

- No boys in the house
while I'm away.

- We already had the
genetics talk, all right.

I have to say it. - I know.

- And number three and
most important,

no cutting class. - No
cutting class.

- Until then you're
daddy's little girl.

Bye bye.

Bye. - Be a good girl.

I Will be.

Have fun. - I will.

Welcome to The Kill Zone, pal.

- Hi, I heard the mallards run
about 15, 20 pounds.

You want to bag a mallard?

- Yeah, that's why I'm
out here camping.

Come on.


Ya smell like the city.

Now ya smell like the earth.

- Thanks, uh, it's just what
the doctor ordered.

You know, you ought to
bottle that stuff.


- Mr. District Attorney,
over here.

J' I know you're lonely

J' I can tell you are alone

J' Everybody's got to grab someone

J' When the night has gone

J' It's getting nearer,
nearer to morning

J' Nearer, nearer to morning

J' And the night is gone

Oh my God.

Let's do that again, Mommy.

Same time tomorrow?

And so minerals is a world

of immense complexity
and fascination.

Well, come in.

You're just about to see
the best part.

Oh, the excitement of chemistry.

Take a sodium and chlorine.

Together, they combine to give
us sodium chloride.

Can anyone name that?




Correct, common table salt.

But sodium and chlorine separately
are highly volatile.

Chlorine dropped into water
gives off a deadly gas.

- Didn't they use that
stuff in World War I?

Oh, it was outlawed,

even too horrible for warfare.

Breathing it, it caused the
lungs to burn then melt.


Watch what happens

when our friend Mr. Sodium goes
swimming in ordinary H20.

You do know what that is, Dwight?


It's water.

Shut up.

- Now that was just a small
piece of sodium.

Imagine what a lump like
this would do.

Keep it in your pants.

Get up the rope.

Come on, Brian, yeah!

All the way to the top, big guy!

Let's go, big guy, you can do it!


Brian Woods, what are you doing?

Okay, smart-ass, 30 push-ups!

Concentrate, Woods, concentrate.

J' In the city, guys dig girls

_ Hey, - Hi, Gary.

J' Guys did girls

Did you see that?

J' Now and ready, girls dig guys

J'At the Bates Motel

J' Girls dig guys

- By the way,
Frankenstein's staring at you.

J' Guys dig girls

J' To quote Mark Twain

J' That when they piece
it all together

What are you lookin' at?


Oh, I think Brian likes you.

Oh Brian, she likes you.


She's available, Friday night.

_ H?Y-

Let's go to your house, huh?


- Well, your father's
still hunting.

We can be alone.

What do you have in mind?

- I got my brother's ID,
grab some beers.

- But Dwight, Dwight, I can
see through you

like a piece of glass.


who asked ya, hmm?

But beer is low-rent in romance.

Paula's got class.

She deserves a hell of
a lot better.

Oh, like What?

Like your ring.

Your ring!

- I think it's about time she got
something for her pain.

Yeah, it would be nice.

- Yeah, well, I'm gonna get
something to eat.

You want anything?

Well, if I can't have your ring,

I have this craving

for a hot dog.

J' On a perfect world

J' The angels sing

Who's this for?


- How did you know that
I wanted one?

You had that look.

- You're not gonna eat that thing,
are you?

Why not?

I'm hUflQrY-

Brian beat ya to it.

Get in the car.

Dwight. - Get in the car!

J' That thing you told me

J' Girls like guys

J' Guys like girls

J' When they clash

J' Girls dig boys

Roll up the window.


we were friends once.

You know, we used to do
things together,

but that's not gonna
happen anymore.

I went to a hospital.

I'm better now.

You see, when I broke my leg,

uh, they took an X-ray, to
see if it was fixed.

When it was, they, uh,
took off the cast

and then sent me home.

But, you went to a mental hospital
with a broken mind.

Now there's no way they can
just take a picture

and see if that's okay.

They just have to guess.

What are you so afraid of?

I can forgive you.

Brian, old buddy, hmm,

let me make one thing clear.

Leave Paula and me alone, hmm?

Dwight, come on!



Check it out.

I'm the district attorney.


Take it off.

Oh he won't mind.

J' I love you, beyond that walk

J' And past the times
and all his talk

J' Lay your breast

- Your father, your father's a
little bigger than I am.

But of course, I'm much bigger

where it really counts.

No, no.

Not until your grades improve.

At that rate, we'll never do it.

J' Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Attention, faculty and students,

this is Mr. Dante.

I want to thank the
person responsible

for the obscene caricature of me

in the new wing lavatory.

You were very generous

with your portrayal, but
in the future,

I do wish that you would
restrict your talents

to the art class.

I don't,

I don't want you to do this.

Don't tell me yourjealous.

It's art.

Class is about to start.

Shouldn't you be bouncing a
ball somewhere.

You like boys, don't you?


Now get outta here.

I want you all to be
mature about this.

No laughing or snickering.

What are we gonna do today?

- Action poses, the
dynamics of muscle

in relation to the form.

For example, say Paula was
reaching for an apple.

What should I do?

Bend over and pick it up.

Stay in that position.

Do you see the different
muscle groups?

They enlarge to
facilitate the movement.

Can you see the stretching,

the definition?

What are you doing back there?

You, come here.

Oh, you want to be in
my art class?

I'll put you in my art class.

We can always use another model.

Here, hold it high, and Paula,

you reach for it.

Way UP!


Now, see how the
centerline is straight,

from head to toe?

The muscles are tense.

This is all here.

- This is your last
chance to purchase tickets

for tomorrow's basketball game.

- What if I come down with
rickets or lupus

or have a grand mal seizure,

is the ticket refundable?

It's only 50 cents.

It's not the 50 cents.

It's the principle.

- I am the principal, and I say
unless you buy a ticket,

you will be clapping erasers until
your hair turns gray.

I'll, uh, have two.

Thanks for the sale.

- Ooh, I'm just trying to drum up
a little school spirit.

That's all.

Well, you're doing great.

- You know, flattery will
get you everywhere.

Stop by my office, would you?


It's a surprise.


Uh, you scheduled to work in the
office, this week?

I'll be in, tomorrow.

- Well, I have an appointment
with the bunion doctor,

so I won't be here.

The files will be locked.

Oh, no problem, I have my key.

_ okay-

On the floor.

Try it on.

I'll turn around.

- Mr. Dante, you'll
see me tomorrow.

I can't wait.

Just sign this.

It says that you will take good
care of the uniforms.

Oh you know I will.

Oh thank you, Mr. Dante.

I'm never gonna forget this.

Neither will I.


Help, wait!



Love you!

Oh God.

What are you doing in my car?

Hmm, kissing you?

You should be home studying.


So what'd the principal want, hmm?

- He wanted to give me the new
cheerleading uniforms.

Cool, cool, let's drive.

Let's just get out of here, hmm?

I can't.

Why? - I got homework.

It's due tomorrow.

So you do it tomorrow.

We'll get a six-pack.

We'll celebrate.

I'm sorry.

It's, it's just that schoolwork's
more important, right now.

- Schoolwork is more important,
right now?

You know, that sounds like
something your father would say.

I'm out of here.

Dwight, come on, don't be mad.

Hey, I don't get mad.

I get even.

Yeah, he's up.

He scores!


Hey, Shultz.

Come here!

Come on, come on!

I need to get my math book.

You know, book, read, book.


The thing with pages?


Never saw one.

The school is closed.

Okay, Shultz, come on.

I have to get this book.

I will fail my class if I do
not get this book.


Shultz, come back!



- What's the matter, Shultz
won't let you in?


Here, give me that. - Fuck it.

Let's just get a beer.
- Let's do it.

Come on! - Ah, beer!


Where there's art,

there's dirt.

J' Oh, oh no

J' Oh, oh

J' Straight you carved into a crack

J' Initials knifed in a tabletop

J' But love, love, oh, oh

J' But love, oh, oh, oh

Paula, open up!

It's us.

Hello, yoo-hoo!

All right.

Oh beer and ice cream.

Ice cream and beer.

Hey, guys, I'm studying.

We want something.

- I will give you a kiss,
but then go.

Well, I'll take a kiss,

but what we really want is the key

to the school files.

- I can't, I can't
give this to you.

They, they gave me this key,
because I'm responsible.

- We just want to see what's in
Brian Wood's files.

Come on, aren't you curious, hmm?

Look, you have my solemn word.

We'll be in and out in 10 minutes.

No one will ever know.

Just be our little secret, hmm?

I don't know.

I really don't know.

- Hey, come on, Dwight, give
her some incentive.

Let her have your ring.

- Uh, nobody gets
my family ring.

- Is it worth seeing the file,

- Just give her the stupid ring,

J' Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh,

J' Oh, for love, oh, oh



Come with us. - No.

Come with us. - No way.

You sure now?

Yes. - Positive?

No - Huh?

Goodbye. - Bye.

I got shotgun. - Come on,

let's blow Dodge.

- Kind of hard to study
without these.

You are such a jerk.

All right, move it out.

Like some beer? - No.

Some ice cream? - No.

J' Girls dig guys

Aw, what a shame.

Shultz will have to fix it.


Boys locker room?

Smells like something
died in here.

Spot the enemy.

Take aim.

Squeeze the trigger.


Smoke a joint.

- They just put this
here to stop you.


- Get in there. - Pulled
off my eyebrow.

Ladies first.

Why, thank you.

No, I said ladies first.

' UP yours.


J' Duh, duh, duh, duh-duh-duh


Come on, let's go, let's go,

come on, come on.

- Wait, Dwight, what if
Shultz catches us?

Shh. - Shh.

He's trashed.

Uburov, Victor, Weldon, Woods.

All right. - Brian Woods.

I heard he was a cannibal.

- Oh how could he eat
another person?

With a knife and a fork, oh.

Student Brian Woods, age 17,

readmitted to school
September 5th, 1988,

dah-dah, dah-dah, dah-dah-dah-dah.

See medical report?

- You know, if Brian
is a cannibal,

what do you think his favorite
part of the body is?

- Breasts, he likes
that white meat.

- Might I add, yours
are big enough

to feed a family of four.

Reason for admittance,
violent schizophrenic.

electroconvulsive therapy.

- What's
electroconvulsive therapy?

Shock treatment, man.

We got to go.

No, we don't.

I have a lot more to find out
about Mr. Brian Woods.

Here's mine.

Gary, check this out.

Put it back, Dwight, come on.

- He got shocked every day he
was in the hospital.

Put it back.

Yeah, I'm gonna change my IQ.

Every single day.

How could they do that to him?

Is 300 too high?

- And then they
suddenly released him.

75 Watts?

Is that all they did to him?

My stereo gets more than 75 Watts.

This is the good stuff.


Good morning, class.

Today, we're going to study
the relationship

between time, distance and speed.

Space over time equals speed,

because time is space
divided by speed.

Do you understand?

Any questions?

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

Now, a train leaves Chicago

at seven, heading for Boston.

It goes 50 miles an hour.

How long does it take the train to
arrive at its destination

if Boston is hypothetically


Look at the answer on your paper?

Uh, 75 Watts, sir.

- What were you doing,
last night, Dwight,

while you were supposed to be
completing your homework?

Well, Mr. Glynn, you know,

I tried to get my book,
but that janitor-

- The janitor, ah, the
homework-eating dog.

That's another zero in
my grade book.

One more, you fail the class. -
Mr. Glynn, seriously,

I tried. - Save it!

Who has the answer?

Is it eight hours?

Eight, yes, very good.

Quiet, class!


There isn't a species of bird
or animal out here

that I can't identify.

Mother Nature talks to you.


- Sounds like Mother
Nature has cramps.

- That was the cry of a bullfrog
making a lonely cry

for its mate.

Ah, ah, ah!



J' Oh, oh, oh, oh

J' Oh, oh, oh, oh

What the hell do you want?

- I knew I'd find you guys doing
something like this.

Hey, Mr. lngalls,

they're over here. - No,
don't tell him.

Mr. Nicholson. - Hi, Dad.

This is my son.

Dwight, this is Mr. Nicholson.

He's from the university.

He's here to scout you for that
basketball scholarship.

I don't have to tell you it
took a lot of talking

to get him to come
down to see you.

- My men are on the
court for practice

at least one hour
before each game.

Seems like your son wants to
practice something else.

No, sir, no, sir.

Dwight was just going inside,
weren't you, son?

Yes, sir, yes, sir.

Why don't we go on in?





Paula, I've been
thinking about you.

Oh good luck.

Thank you, Mr. Dante.

Do a cheer for me.

I bet he kisses like a lizard.

Okay, girls, let's hurry up!

The stands are packed.

Come on, fvvit, fvvit.

- Our team isn't that great,


- This should give the fans
something better to cheer about.

You're unbelievable.

She isn't wearing panties.

Let's g0!


Over here!

How's business?

- The uniforms look great
from down here.

Thanks, Gary.

What is he doing down there?

- Oh he looks for change
that people drop out

of their pockets, and he looks
up girls' skirts.


Let's g0!

Go, Dwight, go!

G0, Dwight, go!

Give me the ball!

To me!


Go, Dwight, go!

G0, Dwight, go!

G0, Dwight, go!

Go, go, go!

GO, gQ!

Get him, get him!

No, wait. - Excuse me.

Excuse me, excuse me. - Wait,
wait, wait.

Mr. Nicholson, wait, wait, wait.

- Do you mind? - Give him
another chance.

What do you think you're doing?

You're supposed to use your
head not your fists,

you little idiot!

Your scholarship just
walked out the door.

Who's your mystery date?

Ooh, Gary's back.

Not so hard.

Eight, seven, six.

Ooh, I like that. - Five!





Hi, you.

_ H?Y-

Who won?

Didn't you watch?


I've been waitin' for ya.

Is your father still gone?


Why don't you just take me home?

I got to study.

_ okay-

What kind of depraved...

Okay, now we work on brakes.

Come on, okay.

- Don't touch a thing unless I'm
down here watching.

- Your brakes may need a
little adjustment.

So adjust them.

- So have you worked
on your car much?

- No, I haven't been underneath a
car in a long time.

How come?

Hey, I just polish the outside.

- Well, that's where
the problem is.

You know, I used to like workin'
on cars with you.


- Yeah, remember the time
under my dad's car?

We took that part out,
didn't put it back in.

- Well, we were just
fooling around.

I wasn't fooling around.

I never said a word about it.

- Well, that was, that was a
long time ago, Brian.

- I'll never forget what
you taught me.

When you use a screwdriver,
it's always

- righty tighty, lefty loosey. -
Right tighty, lefty loosey.

Jeez, you remember that?

I never forget.

- What time does the
train get there?

I called Colleen's mother.

They can't find them anywhere.


I'm sure it's nothing.

Then where are they?

- What time does the
train get there, Dwight?

- Mr. Glynn, can't you ever
give Dwight a break?

- Yeah, can ljust have
one private moment

about something very-

Get out, both of you!

Tell it to Mrs. Knocht.

Out, both of you!

Once friends, always friends?

Shut up.

Dwight lngalls?

Let's go.

- When you're in there with Mrs.

just think about her mustache,

and you'll be okay.

Asshole teachers.

Brian Woods!

Come on, let's go.

You know why you were sent
down here, don't you?

I was disrespectful.

- None of your teachers want you
in their classrooms.

Who doesn't want me?

- Oh I've got notes from
your gym teacher,

from your art teacher and now
from your math teacher,

saying you're uncooperative,

Those are lies.

You interrupted me.

But those are lies.

- Are you saying that your
teachers are liars?

What do you think?

- I think you're like
every other teenager

who's sat in that chair.

You believe that the adult
world has colluded

to cause you harm

when nothing could be
further from the truth.

We want to help you take your
mind and shape it.

We want to put our values and
virtues in your bodies

so that we the teachers can live
on in future generations.

Are you willing to accept what
we have to give you?

I'd rather suck donkey dick.

As of today,

you're suspended.

Scraping the scales off society.

Hey, hey, you!

You goddamned kids, you think
you own the place.

Get off of my floor
with those shoes.

I'm sorry.

We'll go around.

- Sorry doesn't get the
skid marks off.

Big deal.

You're bugs.

There is a time to be real and
a time for manners.

I'm gonna teach you to say
please and thank you

and how to survive in
this shithouse.

I'm the only teacher that
you'll remember.

I'm the custodian of your
fucking destiny.


That man is fried.

- So what are you gonna do
this afternoon?


You're gonna do homework?

- Well, I ain't got no
basketball scholarship.

So now I got to get in school
by using my brain.

Hey, what's going on?

What do you want?

What, what do you want?

Let go of me!

Mrs. Knocht.

Do something!

You did it.

He's the killer.

Paula, get the police!


Hold it!

Hold it!

What are you doing?

- Brian Woods, Brian
Woods, surrender.

We know you're in there,
Brian Woods.

Give yourself up.

Go ahead.

Positive ID.

10-fou r.

- If the kid's in here,
we'll bring him out.

Let 'em go.

Get help!

Get help!


Get help.



Do you understand English?




The principal Mr. Dante.

Take a look at this!

This is a disaster.

Please, everyone, stay calm.

The police are doing
everything they can.





Kids are missing.

A teacher's missing.

Mrs. Knocht is dead.

If we stay calm,
we'll all be dead.

We need action.


Let's hear what my son saw.

- Please. - Tell
everyone what you saw.

We all must remain calm.

What did you see?

There was blood everywhere!

There was blood on Brian Woods'

Stop it, Mr. lngalls.

Now you are creating a mob.


Hmm, hmm. -Animals.

" Bang!


I think you'd better go home.

- Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,

I will do everything in my power
to send Brian Woods away

where he can do more damage.

In light of his actions,

his worth as a human being has
been called into question.

For this human scum, no,

how 'bout plague, blight,


Vermin, I like vermin.

Okay, for this vermin, I
suggest nothing short

of permanent confinement in a
state mental hospital,

someplace where they can simply
throw away the key.

- Attention,
faculty and students.

To be or not to be.

This is Mr. Dante.

- What kind of lousy
answer's that, huh?

Forget it, Dwight.

I gotta get some grades somehow.

- You have all heard of
the tragic death

of our beloved vice principal Mrs.

As yet, the murderer has
not been captured.

The police are doing
everything in their power.

- Man, Brian is in
Missouri by now.

The police suck.

- Tomorrow, there will be a
memorial service

at Holy Baptist at El Conchaca,
to show our love

for Mrs. Knocht, who was cut down
in the line of duty.

What's this?

It's the truth.

- Chubby, let's have the
stage for a few.

No problem. - Okay?

Check out on 248.

- "The suspect was involved in an
early morning argument

"With his father."

Brian's father.

- "Got into his car and
started for work."


- "Woods Sr. applied his brakes,
but nothing happened.

"He pounded on the pedal, but his
foot went to the floor."

"Why, Officer?"

"His brake lines had been cut."

8:29 and 30 seconds?

- "Out of control,
Woods Sr. slams

"into the gas station."

8:30 exactly?

- "Woods Sr., Brian's father,
was dead."

"When you arrested the suspect,

"did he say who taught him to
cut brake lines?"

- Paula, I think
we've read enough.

- Who taught him to
cut brake lines?

"A friend.

"A friend taught him."

- "Did he say
specifically which friend?"

- "He said, 'You don't
betray a friend."'

What was that?

I'm scared.

To be or not to be.

Eat me, Dwight.


- Oh come on, you guys,
you know better.

I asked her if you did.

Tilt it a little bit.

Keep your elbow straight.

Oh shoot.

That's all right, just pull it

straight back, whoa!

Man, huh?

Just because some loon goes

around killing doesn't mean
you have the day off.

Where are your clothes?

I already put 'em in the car,

but it's just bows and arrows.

- You can't participate in
class without 'em.

All right, I don't mind.

Well, I do, Mister.

I want to see you here, tomorrow,

with your gym gear on.

We'll have a private little
gym class together,

just the two of us.

- Tomorrow is Mrs. Knocht's
memorial service.

I am 90mg-

Mrs. Knocht?

I wouldn't cross the street
for that old rag,

and you wouldn't either, Dwight.

You don't show tomorrow, you fail.

You fail gym class, you don't
get your diploma.

No diploma, no future, no nothin'!

Class, get your bows.



Help me.


Have you been drinking?

I don't now.

Can't remember that far back.

Fuckin' teachers, they want
to run my life.

It's in your imagination.

- Don't you think the two of us
make the perfect couple.

' Stop it!

I gotta go to school tomorrow.

First, sleep it off.


No, not here.

Go home.



I'm not gonna hurt you.

I promise, just don't scream.

Please don't kill me.

Kill you?

I'm not gonna kill you.

I need you to help me.

Help you do what?

Help me find the killer.


I didn't kill Mrs. Knocht.

I need you to help me
find whoever did.

I don't believe you.

Don't, please.


Is that what you really believe?

Come on, take 'em.

Go on!

Stab me, stab me if you
think I'm the killer.

Because if you don't,

it's my word against
everyone else's.

So go on, stab me, kill me.

Kill me if you think I did it.

Don't touch me.

You probably heard

that I killed my father.


I didn't love him.

But I didn't want to see him dead,

just hurt, badly hurt.

Considering how he treated
my mother and me,

that was generous.

When Mrs. Knocht was...

You ran.

- I'm strange, right, demented,

They'd love to hang me for
that woman's death.

- What about Colleen, Gary,
the art teacher?

What about them?

They're missing.


More people dead.

They'll blame those on me, too.

Are you telling me the truth?

I'm trying.



- You know what Coach Harris can
do with his gym class?

He can shove them so far
up they come out

of his fucking nose.

Dwight, you got to calm down.

I'm just gettin' started.



I found some clothes.

Dwight sounded crazy.

We got to help him.

And sacrifice myself for Dwight?

I already did that once.

Paula, look at this.

I can't.

It's a copy of the murder.

Look, you could even see
part of his hand.

Oh my God.


That ring belongs to the killer.

I know.

That ring belongs to Dwight.

We got to stop him.

We must help him.

I'll do it for you, Paula,

not Dwight.

Glad to see you made it, Dwight.

Go change.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

And fuck you!

Fuck you, too.

- You can't talk to
students like that.

Fuck you.

Now suit up.

I'll be back.


You're wrong!

Paula, let me in!


Brian, get out of the school!



This is a dangerous place for a
pretty girl like you.

It's Dwight.

He's after me.

- You two shouldn't be
playing games

in here. - No, you
don't understand.

Brian is not the killer.

It's Dwight.

Dwight is the killer.

He killed Mrs. Knocht. - What?

- He killed Colleen,
Colleen and Gary.

J' Oh, oh, oh

J' Man talk, give me that

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

He knows we're in here.

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk


J' All aboard, all aboard
for the party line

J' He knows the streets are bad

J' He's got an automatic

J' He ain't

J' He says you, yeah, you

J' I said you, I think you
better come, too

I think we're safe in here.

Which door?

Get it right or die.

A train leaves Chicago at eight,
heading east.

Another train leaves Boston
heading west, at eight.

At what time do the
trains collide?

X equals one or two?

- You know what it means,
don't you?

Oh my God.

The answer's in the problem.

Do it.

Hurry. - Yes, yes, set it up.

A train leaves Chicago.

Distance divided by speed.

- Hurry! - Distance
divided by speed.


Do it, hurry! - I can't think.

Carry, you add distance and-

- Are you sure that the- -
Don't talk to me.

I can't concentrate.

You're the math teacher.

Just do it!

I am not prepared.


Subtract, yes, yes, I've got it.

I've got it.

X equals one.

The trains will collide at 1 a.m.

That's the door over there,
on the one.

Are you sure?

Yes, of course I'm sure.

Now let's go.

There, you see?

I was able to figure it out.

Now aren't you glad I'm a teacher.

Wrong door!

He didn't account for the
difference in time zones.

Da-dun, dad-dun, da-dun, da-dun,

da-dun, da-dun, da-dun, da-dun,
da-dun, da-dun, da-dun!

He shoots, he scores, yeah!

I'm better than Dwight.

But you knew that already,
didn't you?

So how 'bout it?

Do you want to go out with me?


Leave me alone.


That's how I spent the last
five years of my life,

courtesy of your father.


- Do you know that your father
was the first person

to call me a murderer.

Me, a murderer?

Well, I thought about that.

I was a murderer.

It wasn't as prestigious as being
a doctor or a lawyer,

but the hours were good.

And so I thought, why not be the
best in my profession,

like your father was in his?

How could I perfect the art of
killing, or better yet,

take the ultimate
professional challenge

and kill beyond the
confinements of time or space?

How could I kill people in the
past, the future or

change the course of history


Why are you doing this?

I like you, Paula.

Really, I do.

So don't take it personally

when I kill you.

I'm just doing myjob,


J' I'm one hell of a guy

J' A Yankee doodle

J' Kill

J' Or die

Help, nap!


Help! - Help!


Wet the floor!

Why? - Just do it!

The sodium.

This is sodium.

Remember, sodium explodes in
contact with water.

Get back here!

When Brian comes in, we'll
blow him to pieces.

- You're a Yankee Doodle Dandy,

You, you too must kill or die.

Time to burn.

- You shouldn't have been so
late for class, Dwight.

That wasn't sodium.

It was just a rock.

Nice try, though.

Paula, get his plug!


- You guys make such
a good couple.

I'd like to see more of you over
there and over there.


Where are you?


Come on!

You taught me.

Now I'll teach you.

Teach me what?


You're just like me, Dwight.

You're a killer.

But you haven't had the
opportunity yet.

So what do you say, sport?

Now's a good time to start.

Kill her and you live.

I promise, one bro to another.

Do it!

Go on!

What a loser!

What a loser.

You decide Dwight's fate.

Righty tight)'

or lefty loosey. - No.

Which is it?

Let him out of that thing.

Let him out!

- One twist right and I
make it tight.

Twist it back, does it
make bones crack?

Let him out!

- Told you it was a
tight friendship.

Now I'm gonna make it
even tighter.

' Stop it!

I'll do whatever you want.

Let him out of that thing.

Of course you will.

" N0!

" N0!

- I thought it was gonna be more
romantic than this,

but I guess I can't
have everything.

Last night, I was a
perfect gentleman.

I minded my manners.

Now I don't know.

I have this strange tingle
all over my body.

Have you ever felt my tingle?


You better hurry,

for Dwight's sake.

I'll do whatever you want.

Brian, just, just do me a favor.


Just close your eyes.

Close my eyes?


I may like that.

I couldn't trust your father.

Can I trust you?

I would never hurt you.



- No more fucking around
with my emotions.

What is this?

Survival class?

Which, which way do I turn it?


- I won't mind cleaning up after
you, at all, Miss.

Correction, 5R-34,

Brian showed me this.

Dwight's ring is in the picture.

Dwight's hand was duplicated

when he discovered Mrs.
Knocht's body.

Told you he was a killer.

You didn't believe me.

We had to do yourjob for you.

- Why don't you make
yourself useful?

Give her a ride home.

- Mayday, 1197,
all units.



- Hey, uh, don't
forget to say hello

to your father for me,
when he gets back.

I won't.

I liked Brian.

S0 much for feminine intuition.

I want to go fast.

Brian said something about killing
beyond space and time,

about killing in the future.

God, he was crazy.

What's that?

Stop, help!

He's not getting out of the way.

No, no!

It's my father.

Stop! - smu

Brian! - What?

Brian cut my brakes!

He cut my brakes!




- I'm gonna kill that
goddamned Brian Woods.

Electric shock?

He should've gotten the
electric chair.

It's okay, Daddy.

We've taken care of him.

He's dead.

He is?


- What are you doing out here,

What do you mean?

Shouldn't you be in school?

You're not cutting class, I hope?

J' Hey, look at Caesar

J' Living an easy dream

J' He makes the promise

J' We'll all be on easy street

J' There's people out there saying

J' Who you kidding brother

J' We're living in boxes

J' Sleeping in our car for cover

J' He says he'll give you a break

J' For all your hard times

J' Shiny new nickles

J' For your sour old dimes

J' Look upon his work, you dogs,
and cry

J' 'Cause it's tough talk, man talk

J' He draws a hard line and says

J' You, yeah, you

J' He said you

J' I think you'd better come, too

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

J' Give me that

J' Man talk

J' Talk, talk, man talk

J' Great Caesar is going to
have a good time

J' All aboard, all aboard
the party line

J' He knows the streets are bad

J' He's got an automatic

J' He ain't alone

J' He's got his goons and he says