Cutthroat Island (1995) - full transcript

Morgan Adams and her slave, William Shaw, are on a quest to recover the three portions of a treasure map. Unfortunately, the final portion is held by her murderous uncle, Dawg. Her crew is skeptical of her leadership abilities, so she must complete her quest before they mutiny against her. This is made yet more difficult by the efforts of the British crown to end her piratical raids.

You're leaving?

But I thought
you and I were forever, huh?

-I want you so badly.

But then,
so does the governor of Port Royal.

-And he will pay well...

...for the capture of Morgan Adams
the pirate.

-You knew who I was?
-All along.

Morgan! Where are you?

You are heartless, lieutenant.

My apologies, señorita.

But you are right.

I thought it was much more amusing
this way also...

...since I knew that you knew.

By the way, that won't work.

See? I took your balls.

-What happened?
-Your father sent for you two days ago.

I know. l was coming.

He did not know this.
He went looking for you.

And that's when Dawg grabbed him.
Lord knows what he does with him.

I took this from our brother Richard
last week...


That's his blood on the borders.

With your piece,
all l need is Mordachai's.

Well, you're out of luck.
I don't-- l don't have it.

Where is it? With Morgan?

I haven't seen her.

I think you lie, Harry.

-I hid it.


Up here.

I always thought
there was nothing in your head, Harry.

Come back onboard.
I'm gonna split you wide open.

Mr. Snelgrave.

I'll see you in hell.


-Father, I've got you.
-Let go. Let go.

-Hold onto me.
-Bring them in.

-Let go.


I got one.

No, Father!

Someone get a grappling hook.

Launch the cutter.


Oh, Lord, what did I do in my life
to get you?

-Dawg will pay for this, I swear.
-You leave Dawg be.

I will fly his bloody head
as my banner.

You'll leave Dawg well to leeward.

There'll be time for him.

Find your uncle Mordachai.
Take my crew. Make them yours.

Father, don't talk now.
I'll get you back to the ship.

I'll not see my ship again.
The Morning Star is yours.

No, don't say that.
I've patched you with worse.

Get your knife.

Shave my head.


Shave my head.

For once in your life, Morgan,
do as I tell you.


What is your name again?
Plopper? Squinter?

Trotter, Your Excellency.

Miss Mandy Rickets
is standing alone.

Her father brings a fortune
in investments to the colony.

Dance with her.

She's rather homely, sir.

And you are not?

There you are. You see? Too late.
Some fellow has taken the plunge.

There's every reason
why I should be alone tonight...

...being a stranger here.

But a woman with grace
such as yours...

...should never be unattended.

My name is Shaw. William Shaw.

But my friends call me Willy.

Do we know him, sir?

We do not.

Are you at leisure, Mr. Shaw?
Do you follow a profession?

A most serious one, ma'am.
I'm a medical man, a doctor.

Oh, my.

I studied at Leiden...

...then higher anatomy
with Dreyfuss at Leipzig.

With higher anatomy, you must know
a great deal about the human body.

Indeed, madame. Every bit of it.

All the ins and outs.

In medicine, it's our obligation
to probe to the very bottom of things.

We must, in fact,
explode ancient superstitions.

Shake truths violently from the body.

You, sir.

Forgive my rudeness.
Trotter's the name.

I'm with the regiment.

William Shaw. Dr. Shaw, in fact.

Most happy.

What ship did you come in on,

Was it the Bristol Packet?

Bristol packet, Bristol packet. I believe
that was it, although I can't be sure.

I'm all at sea
when it comes to things nautical.

Very good. No, the reason I asked... the Bristol Packet
don't arrive until a week Wednesday.

That's him.
That man stole my diamond comb.

My pearls. My pearl dangle.

-My ruby. My ruby necklace.
-Sergeant of the guards!


Sergeant of the guards.


Good night, ladies.

Excuse me. Pardon me.

His name's Shaw, sir.

I trust you'll enjoy life as a slave,
Mr. Shaw. Whoever you are.

That's good. Tie it off.

Morgan, think of the freedom.

You can do anything you want now.

Come to London with me.

There's dukes there.
There's earls and parties.

It'd be fun.
Think of how much fun it'd be.

Besides, these men
aren't gonna take orders from you.

They will. Watch.

You there.

Stand to. Hoist my pennant.

Bring it here.

Oh, mutiny, will you?


I was hoping to find you sober.

I was hoping to be passed out by now,
Mr. Glasspoole.

Important things go on overhead.

Morgan, you should be there.

Men, Black Harry is gone...

...and I'm not one
to speak ill of the dead.

But for months,
he brought us nothing.

So now we can either
sell this rotten bark and divvy up...

...or you can choose me captain.

I stand for captain.

My father wished it.

As he died, he gave me this.

He left it for all of you.

That's his bloody scalp.

It's a map to Cutthroat lsland.

The buried treasure
of a Spanish gold ship.

More gold, jewels and plunder
than you've ever dreamed of.

What does it say?


It says....

You read it.

-I can't.
-Why not?

It's Latin.

Then I will have it translated at once.

There must be someone
who knows Latin at Port Royal.

My uncle Mordachai
holds a second piece at Spittlefield.

There's more than one piece?

Actually, there are three.

Where's the third?

Dawg Brown has it.

Oh, well,
it's practically in our pocket.

We'll fight him for it.
We'll join with Mordachai.

Two ships against one.
You should like them odds.

Ask yourselves,
"What would Harry have done?"

This is our chance
to seek some real fortune...

...and to pay back Dawg
what we owe him.

What could be better than that?

Mr. Blair, you are quartermaster.

You decide.

Two days is all l need.
One to Port Royal, one to Spittlefield.

If Harry picked you,
I'll give you a chance.

Let any man who would challenge me
draw that.

I found him. He's a prisoner inside.
He speaks Latin.

Good, let's break him out.

Unfortunately, captain--
I mean, ma'am.

--he's about to be sold as a slave.

A slave?

They're hanging the pirates.
They're gonna find you out.

Oh, you worry too much.

-Don't I look right?
-You look beautiful.

It's just I'm the only person
who has the slightest inkling...

...of how to act like a gentleperson.

-So I have to go with you.
-Excellent. Then you shall come.

But unfortunately I can't.

I have some pressing business
with my bookseller.

-The fat man is right.
-I'll see you at Spittlefield.

You must be at your best behavior.

Then, gallant sir, escort me thither.

Come on, will you?

Turn around.

-You, on your feet.
-Ask me politely.

You anticipate too much.
It's more like a fencing move.

Any fool can do it.

I hope you enjoy pain, slave.

Because I intend to buy you.

Good morning, madame.

As you can see, I'm young,
in fine health.

I know horsemanship.
I write a fine hand.

I have it on authority
that you are fluent in Latin.

Latin, the romance language.

I can speak Latin
like I was born in the ancient senate.

A regular Cicero. Why, do you
have children who wish to learn?

I'd make a first-class teacher
in a tasteful house.

I can do most arithmetic, though I do
confess a weakness in long division.

Stop your chatter
and say something Latinish.

What did you say?

You're a very beautiful woman.

I'd like to wash your feet.

You like to wash things, do you?

Start with your mouth.

Ten pounds?

Five pounds? What, no offers at all?

Take him away and hang him.

No! No! Please, don't hang me!


Lot 22.

A colonist, a doctor.

Being of value,
I start the bidding at 5 pounds.

I bid 5 pounds.

Five pounds, sir.
Come on, any advance on 5 pounds?

As you can see,
he's of good physique.

-Ten pounds.
-Ten pounds. Ten pounds?

Any advance on 1 0 pounds?

-Fifteen pounds, sir.

-Twenty pounds.
-Twenty pounds.

-Twenty pounds is the bid.
-Sir, a word to the wise.

-Let the young lady win.
-You won't get one like this.

-Being a doctor, he's--
-Go away.

That one is mine.

-Twenty-five pounds.
-Twenty-five pounds, sir.

-Good teeth.
-Thirty pounds.

-Thirty pounds.

...I will have this man at any price.

If you are buying him
purely for pleasure...

...I will offer to do the same for you
at no cost.

-Thirty-five pounds.
-Thirty-five pounds, sir.

A sensible choice indeed.

-Come on.
-Captain, no.

Where's your sense of competition?

Come on,
someone will give me more than 35.

You, sir. You haven't bid.
Look at him. Look at the quality.

And you, madam, at the side here.
Another bid in the advance of 35?

I hope the lady is prepared
to be a good loser.

What gave you the idea
I was a lady?

Another bid, sir?

I see your lips moving. Yes?

-Are you trying to kill me?

That's why I'm aiming
where your brains are.

Now, leave this place
and go far away.

Don't retreat now, sir.
Where are you going?

-Don't surrender this opportunity.
-Forty pounds to end the bidding.

Sold to the lady with the monkey.

Take him away.

-Come on.

Of course, I'm grateful, madame,
but I must admit you picked a bargain.

I'm connected
to all the great families of Europe.

I have a natural pitch for music...

-...and a perfect taste in wine.

Enemy to leeward, captain.

-Starboard as well, captain.
-Keep moving.

Time to leave. You draw them away.
We'll meet at Dingley crossroads.

-Take King Charles.

Come on.

It's Morgan Adams.
She's at the auction.

Shoot to kill.

If I am in some way the cause
of all this, I apologize at once.

Here, come here.

Hold on there. Hold on tight.

And try to keep up with me.

I am not fond of heights.

Then let go.

Lieutenant Trotter.

What's going on?

Something with Mr. Shaw, I believe.

I'm in favor of exercise,
but you owe me an explanation.

Come here. Come on.
We have to climb down here.


-Where'd they go?
-Hurry up there.

Was that fast enough?

Come on.

Get the reins. Grab them.

Come on.

Mr. Trotter.

That's my bloody carriage.

I'll have it back, if you please.
You, off.

Yes, sir. Don't worry, sir.
It won't get far.


It's hard to imagine
what part of your life...

-...would require me to speak Latin.

-We've taken a passenger.

You're hitting a woman!

Captain Perkins, sir.

-Captain Perkins, sir.

It's her. Morgan Adams.

You're more active
than other women I've known.

Morgan! Watch your head!



Excuse me.

Stop them!

I must visit that shop again
when I have more time.

Master gunner, fire at will.

Run them up.


A ship. I find myself
being fired upon by an entire ship.

Oh, my God.

You certainly left your mark
on this town.

Hold on.

Trotter, do you want to spend the rest
of your days on this poxy island?

-Who was that woman?
-Morgan Adams, sir.

You've a hundred pounds
on her head.

Black Harry's girl.

Well, well.

Well, she's made a proper fool of me,
hasn't she?

Two hundred pounds and a captaincy
for you if you find her for me.


-Any difficulties?
-Nothing unusual.

Here, step down into the carriage.

Will you take the reins,
Mr. Glasspoole?

We should make Spittlefield
by dark.

What is your name anyway, slave?

Shaw. William Shaw.
Dr. Shaw, actually.

Slave, I'm about to show you

Reveal it to any other man and you will
wish you were back at Port Royal...

...with your head on the block
and the ax in the air.

Thank you, but I've seen one before.

What is this, a pigskin?

Translate what is written there.

Let's discuss terms first.
I do so and you set me free.

That's tender.

It's about to become more tender.

They're backwards.

I assure you,
they're normal in every respect.

No, the words.
They're written backwards.

Look. Can you see?

"Cliffs of blood."

Bless me. You're right.

No, no.

You tell Mr. Squeakums that l will
send him a new chapter every month.

-Now, what's this all about?
-He's a great admirer of your books.

That makes me happy.
Which books has he read?

Did he mention, or...?

His Excellency Governor Ainslee,
John Reed, the author.

-Currently the chronicler of piracy.
-Step up, sir.

Always a pleasure
to meet a literary man.

-Oh, l'd just as soon walk.
-Oh, l insist.

I can do that, you know.

"When the earth
and all its people quake...

...psalm number 75,
my bones suffer mortal agony...

-...number 42."

-That's all.
-No. No position? No parallel?

I swear it, ma'am.
That's all that's here.

Piracy, Mr. Reed,
is the scourge of these plantations.

I therefore give rather large rewards
for the capture of pirates...

...including Morgan Adams.

I don't know who she is.

Trotter tells me that you move
throughout the pirate world...

...collecting your little tales.


If by some chance
you come across her... might tell her on my behalf
that I offer her two alternatives.

One, an ignominious death
on the gallows... these poor fellows here.

Please bear in mind that I could
decide that you're a pirate as well.

And the alternative?

She might cut me in for a share
of her grandfather's treasure.

Or she ends up as dinner for crows.

Pull up.

Good day, Mr. Reed.
Do you understand me, sir?

Yeah. There's a good one.

You vagabond.

Could you spare a little, lady?

Mordachai's up there
scared as a goose.

He's surrounded by guards,
back to the wall, pistols out.

He's expecting Dawg.

If there are any of Dawg's men around,
they will see you.

Mordachai's guards
won't let you get close.

Wait a minute.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

-How much?

Come with me.

You stay put.

-Where do you think you're going?
-Tapster sent me.

Said the old turtle has his needs.

Shake her down.

Hey, sweetheart.
All that costs money.

-I have money.
-Well, I promise.

I will take care of you later.

Follow me.

You too.

Captain, you in the mood
for a whore?

Show her in.

Wait a minute.

I recognize you.

You're not a whore.

Call your men
and it's the last sound you make.

You're Harry's girl.


You always was trouble, blast you.

What do you want here, eh?

-I've brought my father's map.
-You have the map?

What about the Morning Star,
the ship?

She's mine. Here.

Look what I'm doing.

Holy virgin. Harry's blessed head.

See? Is that not fine?

That's handsome of you,
mighty handsome.

But with you here, you bet your life
Dawg's around somewhere.

I'm not afraid of Dawg, and I'm half
your age and nowhere near the sailor.

You shame me, lass.

-I don't like that.
-Then get up and fight.

-Prove me wrong.
-I've heard of Cutthroat Island.

I always thought
it was a sailor's yarn.

Piles of skulls,
reefs of sailors' drowned bones.

This treasure is ours.

Or would be...

...if you were an Adams.

There's no water in Adams' blood.

I'll do it. I'll join with you.

Just like Harry, mine's well hid.

Unfinished business
from the other night, Morgan.

Let her stand, Mr. Snelgrave.


What a woman you've become.

I knew you'd bring him here, Morgan.
Blast you.

Hello, brother Mordachai.

Morgan... sweet memory of bouncing you
on my knee as a little girl...

...I'm gonna ask you just once
for your daddy's piece of the map.

Would you settle
for the point of my cutlass?

Somehow I knew
you would say something like that.

And then we'd fall to oaths
and threats.

Well, let's cut through the talk,
shall we?

I have just the thing for you,
little niece.

This says it all, Morgan.

Pain, viciousness, mutilation.

All the good things in life.
My coat of arms.

Ugly, slippery and foul-smelling.
It does say it all.

-And it looks like you.

Thank you.

We stay close together.
We're family.

-Bowen, get back to the ship.

Bring the men.


Do you think you might unlock
these now? Given the circumstances.

-I don't have the key here.
-Where is it?

-They never gave me one.

The map. Tell me where it is
or I'll run you through.


You killed my brother.

I saw that, little niece.

I remember
when you were a little girl.

Always flinched when you saw
your uncle Douglas, didn't you?

Give me the map.
Give me the map.

Where's the map?
Give me the map!

I promised I'd take care of you.

-Very pretty, Mr. Shaw.
-Thank you, ma'am.

I had the good fortune to study
with a grand master in Vienna.


Now stop diddling and kill the man.

Kill him? Bless me.
We never got to that.

I see.

Come on.

I believe you have
something of mine.

Ma'am, I don't know
what you're talking about.

There she is.

-This way, Morgan.

This does you no good
on the ground, Mr. Bowen.

The numbers.

What were the numbers?

-What numbers?
-The psalms.

Eleven, 75 and 42.

I figured it out.

It's the longitude.

-We must leave now.
-It's the longitude.

-Back to the ship.


-Come along, men.
-Congratulations, madam.

There's another town
you've destroyed.

Get along lively.


You've been in a fight.
Are you all right?

It's just a scratch.
Somebody cut off his chains.

Nice ship.

Why aren't I moving?

Did you hear me, Mr. Bishop?
I said why aren't I moving?

-The anchor's fouled.
-Cut it loose.

-Aye, aye, sir.

We can't leave yet, captain.
We haven't put enough food onboard.

We need less mouths.

Does no one hear me on this ship?

I distinctly said...

...cut it loose!


Forty-two. Eleven.

Keep her full.

Let me show you the chart.

The line I plotted runs here...

...through Crooked Man Keys.

Cutthroat can't be far off.
Look at the chart.

"Reef and coral heads."

Dawg outguns us, yes.

He's bigger.
But that means he's heavier, don't it?

He draws more water.

We lure him into the keys and
run him aground on the coral heads.

-We'll kill him there and take his map.

She has a wound.

We must get her below to the cabin.

-It's festering, that's why.
-Can you take the ball out?

Hard to say.
Best I seal her side with this hot poker.

That's what we always do
in such cases.

No offense, gentlemen,
but given the circumstances...

...don't you think this calls
for a professional?

It's all right.

Let him go. He is a doctor.

I'll need surgeon's tools.
Hot water, sulfur and clean packing.

-Some rum might help her pain.

You as well, John.

-Clumsy swab.

I was supposed to torture you.

-Do you see it yet?

Close. Another minute.

Your father and two uncles.
Each had pieces of the map.

The treasure, it's large, I take it.

Largest ever taken.
Spanish gold ship.


And a third uncle, he chases you.

An unusual family.


I've treated you cruel, haven't I?

You've had a lot on your mind.

And you did help me at the prison.

The tavern.

Let's say, between us,
just for argument's sake...

...that you have Mordachai's map.

-But I don't.
-No, I know that.

But pretend that you do.

I was willing to go halves
with him and his.

I will do the same
with you and yours.

You're saying...

...that if I show you mine,
you'll share yours with me?

Give me the map.

Give me...

...a kiss first.


Map now.

You see, the thing is, I don't have it.

But that doesn't mean
we can't keep talking about it.

Mr. Blair's respects, captain.

Talk to yourself.

Yes, Mr. Bowen?

The Reaper's five miles off
and closing.

You should stay down.

Mr. Bowen, see that Mr. Shaw
gets a change of clothes.

-He's beginning to stink.
-Aye, captain.

He has it.

She makes
for Crooked Man's Passage.

Yes. She hopes
to tear up our bottom on the coral.

Looks like we're in for a blow.
Shall we attack her now?

No. We'll go around the islands
in the dark.

We'll ambush her on the other side
at daybreak.

You are clever, Morgan,
but I will catch you.

Uncle Dawg will have his day.

First Ainslee's chasing us,
now your uncle is chasing us.

Now, everybody's chasing us.
I'm not so happy about this.

I mean, I'm using this piratical stuff
to write a bestselling book.

I didn't wanna put myself
in any physical danger.

Put a stow on that sail, Mr. Blair.
We don't wanna lose her.

-Break fast the foresail.
-Aye, sir.

Morgan, I cannot see the horizon.

There is a storm headed our way
from the island.

-We'll hold this course.

Mr. Blair,
put an extra man on the helm.

Coxswain, up helm.

Clear the scuppers.

"May cruel death
leave victims immortal."



One, four, five, six.

Fourteen degrees latitude,
five minutes, six seconds north.

There's nothing there.

No, you were right.

It's not on any chart.

Where did you have it hidden?

In the boat. Under the seaty thing.

I knew you'd wind up here
at some point.

That being the cheese
and you being the rat.

Thing is, ma'am,
I'm basically a shallow man.

And no doctor. Am I wrong?

No, not really.

I'm surprised you let me fiddle
with your hip.

-And no gentleman either.
-I wanted to be.

The thing is, I was born poor.

My only choice
was to become a thief and a liar.

Then since you lie so easily,
and since you are so shallow...

...I shall lie you in a shallow grave.

-Mr. Blair.
-Have you no charity, ma'am?

I brim with charity, Mr. Shaw.

I am charity's very soul.

Success, Mr. Blair.
My slave has found Cutthroat lsland.

Mark it on the chart.

And since I am so charitable...

...I will maroon you on a rock
the size of this table...

...instead of splattering your brains
across my bulkhead, as you deserve.

Let's take him below.

Going up.

-Pull the front line, mate. Tie it down.
-Aye, aye, sir.

I found it, Mr. Glasspoole.
I've fixed the island.

I know where it is.
It lies through the storm.

-You risk the ship if you head for it.
-I risk Dawg if I turn back.

Shorten sail all you want, Mr. Blair.

We head straight through it.

Hold your course, men.

Have you ever seen
anything like this?

Not so I'd remember.

I won't run. Look how close we are.

The rig, Morgan. It can't take it.

It can.
We've been through worse with Harry.

Have faith, Mr. Blair,
and trust the ship.

We'll try it.

What is this?

I'll not die in this storm
for your pleasure, Morgan.

There are too many of them.

Tom Scully, there's no great love
between us, but don't do this.

Not this close. Look.
There's the island.

It can't be more
than two or three leagues off.

Away the longboat.

Clear the sweep!

At least give us a compass, Scully!

You'll have no need of a compass
where you're going!

You're going nowhere but down!

Put your backs into it!


Take up the stroke.

Somebody grab that bastard!

No! Get him! Stop him!

Row hard, men, it's our one hope.

Put your backs into it, men!



Row hard, men!

-Reef, men, reef.
-White water ahead.

Row, men, row.

Bowen. Bowen.

-Glasspoole, are you all right?
-Aye, Morgan.



We've lost Hewitt and Ames.

Morgan. Look.


The cliffs of blood.

It's Cutthroat. It must be.

We are truly blessed.

We made it, Scully!

-We found it.
-We made it!

We found it.
We found Cutthroat Island.

We need to find this trail.

-Can you tell where it begins?
-Not without the third piece.

We'll make for the high ground,
get our bearings.

Mr. Bowen, bring that lizard.
We'll have it for dinner.

Gentlemen, we must thank Mr. Scully
for bringing us the chart.

But this piece
is the only piece of the map...

...that shows the treasure site.

My piece.

-The Reaper.
-And the Morning Star.

She still swims.

Dawg must have caught Scully
when he bore up in the storm.

That scoundrel
must have made a deal with Dawg.

He betrayed my crew.

No sign of Shaw.

Spread out.
Search the whole island.

Find me this cove, these cliffs.

I'll wait ashore.


He makes to go ashore.

We'll follow him,
get the map and find the treasure.

Find me a suitable campsite.

-I'm grateful to you, Mr. Scully.
-My pleasure.

But if you ever are disloyal to me
the way you were to Morgan...'ll be my pleasure
to cook you alive and eat you.

Now, get out of my eyes.


Morgan's here!

Bitch stole my map!

Find her, or you're all dead!


Spread out.
If he makes it out, we'll grab him.


I know you're out there, Morgan.
I can smell you.


Shaw, where are you? Damn you.

Morgan. Morgan.


There he is.

Wait. You wanna be careful.
It's quicksand.

Did you get Dawg's map,
you bastard?


Hand it over or you're a dead man.

Did you think
I might have taken it to give to you?

Not for a second.

Sinking up to your waist,
and all you can do is lie.

Well, it's completely true. I could
no longer stand your opinion of me.

Then give it over.

I will, at once, with all my heart...

...if you'd be so kind
as to get me out first.

Do you think I was born
last Wednesday?

Give it here,
and then we will talk about rescue.

I of course see your point of view...

...but it works better for me
if I'm on the hard part of the land first.

You're up to your chest.

What if I give it to you
and you leave me here?

It wasn't long ago
you spoke of marooning me.

What if you swallow it or run away?
You're beyond trusting.

That's the problem
with being a thief.

Nobody knows
when you're telling the truth.

Give me the tip of your dagger.

-What for?
-Give it to me. Don't argue.


It's no valentine,
but it will have to do.

Now you have it all
and I have nothing.

I'm in your command, Morgan.

Do with me what you will.



...good luck.


Oh, fish him out.

Hold tight.

That was quite a storm,
wasn't it, boys?



We need to get around these hills...

...through this forest near the coast.

There... our treasure.

Well, shall we?

-What are the instructions from here?
-Seventy-five paces from this pillar.











-That's what the map says.

-Well, you misread it.
-No. It's very clear.

"Seventy-five paces
from the rock pillar."

Well, then the other 55
are out there.



That could be the other 55 paces.

We found a cave in the cliff.


If they catch us here,
they'll find Morgan.

We must leave.

Dead men tell no tales.

What does it say?

"Mouth of darkness, teeth of stone...

...down the throat
to the belly of gold...

...guarded by those
who never grew old."


Watch your head here.


Don't do that.

Let's try this way.


Down the throat
to the belly of gold.


Down the throat to the belly of gold.

Harry, l found it.

Guarded by those
who never grew old.

And your grandfather
was the only one that came back.

We're rich. Rich!

We'd best get these out.
Dawg can't be far behind.

Right. Fetch the others.

-I'll start hauling this to the entrance.


All right, I'm going. But no tricks.

And hurry.





Anybody up there?

Morgan. Lucky me.

We was looking all over for you.

That's your young friend
from Spittlefield.

What have you got there?

Treasure. Bags of it.

Be careful what you do.
You could lose a lot.

-Put a ball between his eyes.
-No. No.

Go ahead.
It's about 4 million pounds.

No, wait.

That's a guess, but I can't be off
by more than a million pounds or so.

Cut the rope, William. Get away.

William, let's make a deal.
I can be reasonable.

Send Morgan down.

I'll send the treasure up
and we'll both have what we want.

All right, William. We have a deal.

Here she comes.


I wish l'd never learned Latin.

Now we have both. Haul them in.

Don't watch me fall.

-I'm coming with you.
-Don't be mad. Why?

Don't argue.
Let's agree upon something for once.

All right, ready.
On the count of three then?

Come to me, Morgan.

-Hey, one more thing.

-Considering everything...

...I really think that from now on,
we should be partners.

Full partners. What do you say?


-Full partners.
-Very well.

They have a lot to say to each other,
don't they?

-Are you ready now?





Who can explain it?
Come on, heave.

This is your future, men. Heave.

Shaw. Shaw.


-Have you seen Morgan?
-Yes, I did. She helped me ashore.

-Then she sent me to find you.
-Thank God she's alive.

Where is she?

Where Dawg can't find her.
It's this way. Follow me.

-How'd you get off Morgan's ship?
-Same as you, I jumped.

I'm an excellent swimmer.

-This seems rather far.
-It's just a few more feet.

Raise muskets. Aim.

Mr. Shaw.


Before we hang you in Port Royal...'ve time to witness
an historic alliance.

Where's Morgan?

I don't think she made it.

Perhaps you were wondering
how I come to be here.

A little bird told me.

Plump pigeon, courtesy of Mr. Reed.

All right, get him up.

-Come on, you.
-Come on.

There, sir.



Discretion dictates
I should not load the treasure...

...onto the British man-of-war.

I shall go back to Port Royal
with Captain Dawg.

-But, sir--
-Trotter... don't have much feel
for these things.

-One day, perhaps.
-I hope so, sir.

-That's it.

Got it.

Take a few of the men
and follow in the other pirate ship.

I'll see you get a share of the money.
Little here, a little there. It all adds up.

Yes, sir.

Now, sir, I shall go presently
and write for your royal pardon.

Privateer for the Crown.

Sounds so much better than "pirate,"
don't you think?

Why do you let
that preening swab live?

I study him.

When l become governor of Jamaica,
I will need a certain style.


Lock them below with the others.
They hang at Port Royal.

With pleasure, Your Honor.

Welcome aboard my ship,

I trust you'll find your quarters
to my liking.

Come along now.

Hey, hey, hey.

-Come on.
-Below with you. Get down there.

We'll weigh anchor.
Rouse the watch forward.

There we go.

Square away the breakers.

Stand by.



-I thought I to never see you again.
-Yes, Mr. Glasspoole, it's me.

What do you say, men?
Shall we take back our ship?

On your word, captain.

-Tackle's all right.
-Cover it up.

Mr. Coller.

I believe we can ease the main sheet
a foot or two.

-Aye, captain.
-It'll draw better for it.

Are you a good swimmer,
Mr. Scully?

Let's find out, shall we?

-Do you wish a compass, Scully?
-Take your closest friends with you.

There are islands close by.

I believe you can make it
if you swim slowly.

I'll get you!

I'll be back, Morgan,
if it's the last thing I do!

King Charles?

Ease your topsail.

King Charles?

Are you in there?

Well, you've seen
what another captain's like.

Will you take my orders now?

Here you go.

Smile, Mr. Trotter.

Good, Trotter.


Give me some more shot here.

We'll edge towards them, Mr. Blair.

Not so fast to alarm him.

Two points to starboard,
and keep her steady.

Two points starboard.
Keep her steady.

Trotter's closing on us.

Is that so?

Doubtless wants advice.

Poor fool can't tie his shoelaces
without instruction.

Let's let him catch us.

I hope Mr. Shaw's still alive.

General quarters, Mr. Snelgrave.

Powder to the guns, but softly.

-What's going on?
-Do what I tell you.

Governor, oblige me.

Let me hang Mr. Shaw now
from my yardarm.

-This minute?

Might be rather amusing.

One doesn't often get the chance
to see a hanging at sea.

Come on, you.

Present arms.

It's a long drop.

-What is it?
-It's not good. You best take a look.

William Shaw,
you've been found guilty of piracy... the province of Jamaica.

By the authority of His Majesty
the King, the penalty is death.

Pray, hangman,
carry out the sentence.

He's testing us.

Prime your guns, men.

Are we prepared to fire,
Mr. Snelgrave?

-Bloody hell.
-I knew it.

On command!

-Up ports.
-Cannons forward!

-Cannons ready.
-Cannons ready.

-Guns forward.
-Guns forward.

-Open fire.


Hoist our colors.

Mr. Blair, close in quickly now.



Oh, my God.


Blast them from the sea!

They want your treasure!
Will you let them take it?


-On your way.

Knock them down!

Riflemen, prepare.

She means to board me.

Point her up.


Sling your hooks!

Boarders aboard!

I love this.

I love it!

Who wants to die first?

Come on.

Kill them! Kill them all!

Damn you.

They are so many, we are so few.

Keep fighting.
Hold them back as long as you can.

Where you go?

To blow out his bottom
and get what we came for.

Separate the ships when I do.


Die, Morgan, you sea witch!

Morgan has done it!

You, cut us loose!

I have no future in the army, sir.


-What are you doing here?
-Not what you think.

There you are, Morgan.

Come to seek my treasure,
have you?

Don't move.
I'll be right down to help you count it.

-Let's finish this.
-Come up! Come up to uncle!

Forgive me. I will come back.

-I promise.

The whole ship's going to blow.


That boy doesn't understand us,

But then, he's not family.

Come on.

-You cut me, niece.
-That was for Mordachai.

The next one is for Harry.

Be quick.

Undo my bonds.

Your father was nothing.

All my brothers were nothing.

You exceed them.

Think how far we could go together,

You and me against the world.
Join me.

You don't have to die.

You do.

You've run out of world, Morgan.


William, can you hear me?


I'm coming for you, William.

Can you please hurry?

I'll give you this much, Morgan.

You're harder to kill than your father.

The odd thing is, I enjoyed it.

I never gave up. Never gave in.

I regret it's finished.

Give my love to Harry
when you see him.

It's over, Morgan.

You planning to fight me
with that little stick?

No, uncle. With this.

Bad Dawg.


Quick, there's no time.
The ship's going to blow up.

Yes. Go ahead.


It's too bad
we'll have to leave all this behind.



-There's no time for the treasure.
-Yes, let's hurry.

Hurry. Quickly.

Here. Up here.

Quickly, give me your hand.



-They're alive.

-Are you all right?


Just a little poorer.

Yeah, Morgan!

Blair. Glasspoole!

Well, it doesn't matter.

I'm alive and you're alive and--

And we're alive together.

There'll be other treasures.

-Do you really feel that way?

Then I guess
you don't want your share.

-That's a barrel.
-On this end.

-"On this end"?
-Yes. A marker barrel.

But on the other....

This is yours, men.
Every last doubloon.

No one ever fought harder
for anything.

Mr. Glasspoole will divide it
into equal shares for us.

You're all rich men now.

And you're free to go
your separate ways.

You could buy a little cottage
in Bermuda...

...and drink chamomile tea
on the porch.

On the other hand,
we could do what we were born to do:

Stay together and ride the early trades
all the way to Madagascar...

...the best pirating waters
in the world.

Well, what do you say?

Shall we add to this pile
here on the deck?

Mr. Glasspoole? What say you?

It's just that
it is such a large decision to make... such a small amount of time.


Mr. Blair?

Well, I'd like to, Morgan,
but It's just....

I've always wanted
to do a bit of farming.


-To the captain!
-The captain!

-To the captain!
-To the captain!

-Where to, Morgan?
-I told you, Madagascar.

But that's in Africa.

Then we'd best get busy.

Mr. Trotter, take the crow's nest watch
for the next 1 2 hours.

Good as done, ma'am.

Mr. Blair, prepare to come about.

Steer south-southeast.

Onto your stations, men.

Prepare to come about

Rewire ship.

And Mr. Shaw,
I'd like to see you in my cabin...