Cutterhead (2018) - full transcript

Rie visits a tunnel-boring machine being used to construct the Copenhagen Metro. When an accident occurs, she must survive the claustrophobic conditions of an airlock with Ivo and Bharan whilst reconsidering their lives.

This is a rescue mask.
It is a chemical oxygen system.

With it you can survive in an environment,
where there are fire or toxic gases.

To use it
just open it.

You take it in your mouth
and breathe in through the nose.

After three breaths
is the rescue mask ready for use.

And then you have 30 minutes
to escape

- or an hour more
waiting for the rescuers.

Good morning.

- Hey guys. Good day.
- Hi.

Do you want some pastry?
It's for you. See.

My name is Rie. I'm here
to document the intervention.

You have to translate her.

She's here for
to document the intervention.

It is also me who does
the portraits on the green walls.

- Have you seen them?
- No.

It's portraits of people like you,
working here.

- Does any of you speak English?
- Slightly.

Thank you very much.

Hey you. Coffee?

Coffee? Came.

Thanks. Bowl.

It is good. Strong.

- Can I ask you some questions?
- Yes.

What is the best thing about your job?

What do you like best?
It can be the friendships-

- to meet other people
from all over the world or the machine?

- Yes.
- Yes? Okay.

Are you proud of
to be part of a project

-What's going to last for hundreds of years?

- Yes.
- You are.

Can you say,
that this is a mini version of the European

- who cooperates
to build something fantastic?

- Yes.
- Yes. Thanks.

So it's always the same piss.

I spoke to my wife on Skype
last night.

It was as if she were looking straight
through the screen and did not listen.

- Maybe she was tired.
- No, she's just ungrateful.

- She needed more money.
- Maybe she needs the money?

I told you
that you should hold the pipe!

Hold it.
Well, then you finish it.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Hey. What are you doing?

We just repaired a leak
in the air line before the intervention.

Stand for
the hyperbaric intervention?

Yes. I stand for maintenance
of the drill head.

So you have to be Ivo.
And who are you?

- Bharan.
- May I ask you some questions?

Just go down and change clothes.

What would you like to know?

- What is the best thing about your job?
- The money.

Okay. And what's the worst?

- Being away from home.
- Do you have a family home in Italy?

- No, in Rijeka. I'm from Croatia.
- Sorry.

- Do you have any kids?
- Thaw.

My daughter, Frida, is 16 years old.
No, 17 now.

- And my son, Toma, is 21 years old.
- How is it to be away from them?

It is okay. I'm going home
for a week every three months.

- It must be tough.
- Hard...

- You must have butter on the bread.
- Yes.

Do you want to write it on the walls up there?

- "Ivo misses his children and the sunlight"?
- No, that's not what I'm looking for.

Listen up.

My wife and I have a simple appointment.

She takes care of the kids.
I'll take care of the money.

And we are both very happy.
Write it down.

May I be allowed to see the pressure chamber?

Yes. Just go down and wait for me.
I'll come in a moment.

Can I take a picture of you?

No, will you set yourself as before?
With the helmet off. Yes.

Okay. Cool.

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Eritrea.

- Do you have a family in Eritrea?
- Yes.

Children or wife or ...?

- No. I have a nephew, who is four years old.
- Okay.

- And I miss him a lot.
- I believe so.

- So how often do you visit him?
- I can't visit him right now.

- We have...
- Why not?

We have a political problem in our country.

Yes. I am sorry.
Are you a refugee?

I'm down here to do some
portraits of you who work here.

So I'm just looking for stories
with a human angle.

A positive story like yours?

A young guy,

who comes here to work on
a huge European project

-and creates a good life.

- Hey, Ivo.
- Adrian.

Let me go down. Okay?

- Welcome to my office.
- Thanks.

And what are you doing exactly?

Today, before we break through
to the next station

- We inspect the drill head.
It is here.

The big things here are our vivid.

- How far are we from the next station?
- Not far. The concrete is so thick.

The engineers do a good job
with their computers and lasers.

But they still need me
crawls into the drill head under pressure

- and replace the cutters,
closest to my bare fists.

- Few can do my job.
- Without you no Metro?

No then. All jobs on the team are important.

Do I have to take pictures during surgery?

Go inside? No,
You have to have a permit.

- I'm allowed to be anywhere.
- Yes, but here's not nice to be.

So, it feels like diving.

Pressure. It is with all due respect
not a job for a ...

- For an office worker.
- It does not matter. I've dived before.

Well ... Today we actually inspect
only things, so it's pretty simple.

There is room for you to take
some photos and make me famous.

- Of course.
- Okay. Stay where you are.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- I have to participate in the intervention.
- Yeah?

- Yes. Should I be scared?
- No no. It is not dangerous.

- Need help with something?
- No thanks.

You and Ivo are good friends.

He taught me to do the intervention.

It is better paid
than ordinary work.

Excuse me.

We may all well use it
a little extra money.

What is the best thing about working here?

Okay, okay. Let's get started!

- Are you ready?
- Yes definitely.

Can I take a picture of you? Okay.

- Now it's your turn. Your trip.
- My turn? Okay.

Do it, baby. Come on!

- Yes, it looks great.
- Alright thanks.

Well. So...

Here you go. It is important,
that you do not become dehydrated.

And remember to equalize all the time.

When Adrian gives us green light

- I open the door, check on there
is gas, performs the work and crawls out.

You must never enter the drill head.
This chamber must never be empty.

- Adrian, we're ready!
- Okay.

- Well. Are you coming out?
- No, I stay and take pictures.

- Is that a joke, Ivo?
- No, she'll make me famous.

- But I only have two oxygen bottles.
- Do you need oxygen in here?

No, it is for the pressure equalization when
we are done. Well, you know that.

Has she got a doctor's check at all?

I've dived in Thailand before, and
I am allowed to be anywhere.

I can't accept myself
no responsibility for tourists. Get out now.

- Sorry.
- It's unacceptable, Ivo! Come on.

What the hell have I done?
She comes from the office.

- Okay, Ivo?
- Okay.

Increases pressure now.

- Can I look into the window?
- Yes. Just a moment.

Okay. Here you go. Look.

Ivo, we are at 1.9 bar. Can you check
the air line to the gas detector?

- Okay. I introduce the cord.
- Be prepared. We check the gas.

Let me. Came.
Come on, man.

- Okay, Ivo. Just get started.
- Okay.

Okay, finish!

- I open the door.
- Okay, received. Opens the door.

The door is open.

Can we change places?
I need to keep an eye on the control panel.

Yes. Yes. Excellent. Such.

- Adrian! Cut number three is hijacked.
- Okay.

We must arrange an intervention
next time with full staffing.

We can do it.
She must have something to write about.

- Ivo, stop now.
- I've already taken it out.

But we really need to hurry, Ivo.

Let's do it.

- TBM leader. Adrian.
- Yes, it's the TBM leader.

TBM leader, we replace cutting number three.


- How does it feel out there in ...?
- Inside the drill head?

There is no wonder. I am happy for,
that they are in there and I am outside.

- Okay?
- Yes.

Okay. It is enough.

- Ivo, is everything okay in there?
- Everything is fine. Why?

- We have a CO alarm outside. Be prepared.
- What?

You may have to come in.

We stay clear.

What kind of alarm is that?


- Luca!
- What happens?

A CO alarm. I do not know why.

Ivo, Ivo. Disconnect, interrupt!
Get into the chamber.

- I can't just leave it.
- In. Close the door for hell!

- I'm closing the door.
- Is it serious?


See! Down there.

Luca, Luca!
What's going on? Why is there smoke?

Lots of smoke behind the machine.
What's going on? It burns!

Take it here
and go over to the shelter.

Go down to the rear of the machine.

- You gotta show me that.
- I can't go anywhere.

Just go down behind TBM ...

- I don't know where it is!
- Okay, come with me.

Go inside.

Close the door. I turn on the air.
It will be OK. Just close the door for me.



- Hey, can you hear me?
- Okay.


Hey, can you hear me?

- There's someone here.
- Hey!

- What the hell are you doing in there?
- I do not know.

- Where's Adrian? What happened?
- I do not know.

- Try to relax.
- Hey!

Stay where you are.
You are safe now. Look at me.

They'll probably get the fire on. The
get us out. Just breathe normally.

- I'll be back.
- Okay.

Okay, it's gonna go.

Okay, it's gonna go.

Hey. Hey!

- It's getting hotter in here.
- Do not worry. It's normal.

So it stands at over 50!

It's over ...

Will air enter the chamber from the outside?
Close it.

The fire heats the air.
Over there. Close the valve.

- I'm going to you.
- It is impossible.

I can't do that because of the pressure.

The pressure!
We need time to settle.

We need time to settle.

- Press release!
- Okay.

My ear!

- Open the door!
- You have to open it. Open it!

It is stuck!

Come on!


Help her.
Come here.

Are you okay?

Did you see anything? Any?

- What did Adrian say?
- Nothing. He closed me in the chamber.

- Tell me everything you know.
- I know nothing.

- Why would you go into that chamber?
- He just pushed me in.

- Can we use that phone?
- It doesn't.

All the cables are definitely melted.

You had a walkie.

There is no power, no phone,
no radio. Everything is burned. Okay?

- We have power then.
- Emergency batteries.

Should we die here?

- There are security measures.
- Are we going to die here?

They get the fire under control and get us out.

- But if they are all dead ...
- They are not. Trust me.

- We can't know.
- Now fall down, both.

There is nothing we can do!
We can only wait.

We must share the oxygen in here,
and right now you're using two too much

- Now take it for hell with peace
and sit down.

Try to relax. Come on.

You too. Sit.

- They're coming, right?
- Yeah.

Please stop.

- Don't drink that much.
- I'm not even thirsty.

We can get petrol in the water.

- Why?
- Then we drink less.

- But then we have a lot of water.
- No, not a lot of water.

When I traveled from Sudan to Libya,
I was in the desert.

I sat in a pickup with a lot
people and there was no room.

So they threw away all the water
and poured some gas into the rest.

- Who did it?
- The drivers.

- Why?
- For us to drink less.

- How ... How does it feel?
- It feels terrible.

It makes you hate drinking water.
You force yourself to be calm.

If you're worried, you drink water,
And then you hurt yourself.

So if you want to stop ...

- Take it!
- Do you have a signal?

No it is...

I'll get my daughter
in the kindergarten in half an hour.

Do you have a daughter?

How long do we have enough oxygen?

- You should not think about.
- How long?

I do not know. Two hours. Ten.
I'm not a dive technician.

Hov, court. Please sit down.
Now sit down.

- Don't touch it.
- We can't just sit here.

Hands off.
It is too risky to go outside.

- Why?
- The fire might sleep, okay?

What do you mean by that?

If it has exhausted the oxygen out there,
it sleeps.

And if we close air out of here, then
we may nourish the fire and awaken it.

- Are you sure?
- No, I'm just a mechanic.

Maybe they think we're dead.
Have you considered it?

- Maybe they don't know we're in here.
- They come to save us, right?

- No, they don't!
- Here's most safe, right?

Well, here's most safe, so far.

Even if they want to save us,
then they may be late.

Have you considered it?
We have to think about this.

I know. I know!
Relax. Save on oxygen, okay?

- We have to do something...
- Nice enough, but now take it easy.

Let me think.

Well, that's what it looks like. Such.

This is the drill head.
Here is the airlock. We're in here.

So let's assume
that it doesn't burn anymore.

One of us...

Yes, one of us has to equalize
in the chamber next to

- go out, climb down the ladders
and past the pistons under the crane.

And here is a fireproof box
with rescue equipment.

- You mean the rescue masks, right?
- You know what it is.

So if one of us could get through
smoke and breathe all the way

- Maybe he could
a rescue mask on-

- Take a few with them
and then come back.

- What about pressure drops?
- Yes, it has to go fast.

- That's the problem.
- What's the problem?

Bubbles occur when the pressure drops rapidly
in the blood. It's a real shit.

And it is impossible to come back.
You must be back in the chamber

- increase the pressure again
and then lower the pressure.

- It's suicide.
- Okay. Then we go all three.

Even if we reach,
the rescue masks may be gone.

The crew took them safely.

- So we stay here.
- Yes.

That's our best bet. Okay?

We stay here.

I forgot her.

I was not thinking of her at all,
before the alarm went off.

It was as if she was not at all
existed in my thoughts.

One would think,

that I am under these circumstances
just wanted to think of her.

- Is it her?
- Yes.

- She is beautiful.
- Yes.

My sister also has a child.
Same age.

Maybe they meet one day ...


You also have children, not Ivo?
Two kids, right?

That is strange.
I just don't understand.

I think,
How can you forget your own child?

My kids are always in my head.
Always in my back.

What are you for a human being?

What are you doing?

Maybe we should close
some of the oxygen in here.

Good idea.

I have to pee.

- May I ask for some privacy?
- Yes.


- Is everything okay in there?
- Yes, I just move some things.


What the hell are you doing?
What kind of piss is that?

Out. Out.

- Out.
- Do not touch me!

- Ivo, stop.
- You tried to steal my oxygen.

- My oxygen!
- Ivo, stop.


Take her hand. You have to go in there again.
Back with you!

Here. Tie her to the cutting edge.

- So do it!
- What?

Do it. Tie her.

No, you mustn't.

You may not...

Why didn't you tell us
about the rescue mask?

I do not know...

- Would you just leave us?
- Pardon.

- My daughter only has me.
- Shut up.

We should just kill her.
Save on oxygen.

- She needs me.
- And my kids need me!

They need me.
They need me, Bharan.

They need...

I'm fucking down here,
so they can feel good.

We die if we stay. One of us should
put on the rescue mask and go from here.

- And come back?
- Yes. I can do it.

- You said it was impossible.
- Just flip in. Fuck in!

- I can get to the box.
- What?

Speak English!
He leaves us, Bharan.

- Let's stay. They can still come.
- If we stay, we all die!

- I can do it, Bharan.
- You can not leave me.

Just wait.

I ask you, Ivo ...


My family also needs me.
You know, I owe them a lot of money.

I'll be back. Okay?

Ivo, you said it was impossible.
You said...

- Don't leave us, Ivo!
- Listen. Listen!

- Light.
- Hey!

Hey Hey. Hey!

They have arrived. We are rescued!

- Take it easy. How many are you?
- Three!

- Does everyone have a good time?
- Yes!

Everyone is fine!

Has anyone been injured?
Has anyone been injured?

- The oxygen is coming up!
- Relax. We will open the door.

- We must lower the pressure!
- You have to do it from there.

You need to lower the pressure quickly.
You understand?

- Lower the pressure.
- Okay, okay.

Let's sit down, everyone.

Stretch out.

Why do you owe your family money?

When I traveled ...

... I was kidnapped.

My family got the money
to get me liberated.

Now they have nothing because of me.

- How much money?
- Too many.


I can pay that.

I'll give you the money,
when we get out.





I do not understand it.

The drill head.
Light. Give me light!

Hurry up!

Come on. Come on!


- Help!
- Ivo?

Hey. Hey, Ivo!

Hey Hey.

You have to tell them ...

Do you understand?
You have to tell them ...

What? What?
Ivo, what?

Tell them everything I did
was for their sake.

I do not understand. I do not understand!

No. No.

Ivo. Ivo!



Bharan! Bharan. We are close to the station.

Aren't we close to the station?

We can dig into the mud.
Can you...?

If we found a way ...

Bharan! Bharan, there's a hole.
I found a hole. Came.

Bharan, let go of him now. Okay?

Came. Yes.
Let go of him, okay?

Can you see the hole?
Can you squeeze in there?

I'm sorry.

Bharan ...



I am stuck.

HIV in me!

Come on. Come on.

Are you okay? Bharan. Hey!

Here. Look at me.




Bharan? Bharan?

Hey, Bharan.

You're cold. You're cold.

You must ... Bharan.

We'll probably get out.
We're waiting here, and then they'll find us, okay?

You have to do what I say.
Then set yourself up

- And get close to me.
We warm each other, okay?


For your family.

The money...

I ask you ... For your family.

I'll give them the money.


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