Cuties (2020) - full transcript

Amy, an 11-year-old girl, joins a group of dancers named "the cuties" at school, and rapidly grows aware of her burgeoning femininity - upsetting her mother and her values in the process. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

What are you doing?

Stop it! This is for Mama. Get down!

Ismaël, careful.

Ismaël, careful with my things
from the market.


Go on, go to your room.


Go to your room.

That's not my room.

This is my room.

Not here!

No, that one is mine.

-Stop it!
-Calm down, you two.

Come out.

Ismaël, come on.

Stop it, please.

No, no.

I'm not kidding. I have a lot to do.

There. There you go.

Look here.

This room doesn't belong to anyone, okay?

Slow down.

You'll share this room.

No! I'm always with him.
Why can't I take this one?

Be quiet.

Ismaël, take this off your head.
It's for girls.

I don't care. Leave me alone.

Our soul dies. It loses some of its light.
How do we nourish it?

Dear sisters, you can't imagine how happy
the angels are to see us gathered here.

Because the angels have heard us
praise the name of Allah.

They came to us, coming down from the sky
to envelop us in their wings.

That is the reason
why women must be pious.

Because in hell, they will be
much more numerous than men will.

That is why we must follow
Allah's recommendations,

because we are precious
in the eyes of Allah.

Do you know where evil shows itself?

In these scantily clad women.

We must remain modest.

We must obey our husbands.

We almost must be fearful
as we educate our children.


Thank you, sisters.


Are you settling in?

Yes, Auntie. Thank you.

It's a good housing project.
Everyone gets along.

What about you, Amy?

Why, she's grown.

How are you, then?

Everything okay?


Study hard at school
so you can support your mother.

Work hard. Okay?

Do everything you can
to please your mother.

You see...

these are like ghosts:

only seen at night.

You hear this?

Listen, and they'll be nice to you.

I can't hear anything.

Well, I do.

They say you should sleep.

How many do I get?

I'll be right there.

One, two, three, four...



Over here!


Come on over!

Cuties, are you coming?

Amy Diop, I checked. You're in class 6-3.

Your homeroom teacher
is Mr. Charbonnier, your English teacher.

I'll give you your schedule.

Keep it somewhere safe. All right?

All right.

What is this?

What's going on?

Get going.

Come on, move!

Everyone in class!

Come on, girls.

Yasmine, I said move. Put your phone away.
You know it's not allowed.

That's enough!

Please stop!

-What's going on with these outfits?

We did nothing wrong!

In my office.

What about freedom of expression?


-That hurt!

Move. You're taking all the room.

No, you are.

When's Dad coming back?


When is soon?

I really want my presents.

I don't know. I'm waiting for his call.


Let the water run, honey.

It washes your sins away.

How are you? We're fine.

I miss you so much.

Of course I think of you.

And you?

How are the children?

I have something to tell you.

My husband has married another woman.

He's put another bed next to mine.

That's right.

He's taken a second wife.

Right now he's in Senegal.

He's coming back with her.

You know...

All I wish for them
is that they marry for love.


Call someone else.

No, I can't.

You have to.

It's your duty.


Be a real woman. That's all I'm asking.

Don't let people criticize you.


Yes? This is Mariam.

No. I just wanted to tell you that...

my husband...

he has taken a second wife.


Yes? Hello. I'm sorry.
It was the connection.

I'm sorry. The line was bad.

There's always bad reception.


May their union be blessed by God.

Full of love.

May he grant them many children.

Yes. Amen.

One, two, three, four...

Put that back.


-One. Only one.

Okay, just one.

-Come on, girls!
-To the checkout!

Tag, you're it!

Hurry up!

-Hi, sister!
-There's a dog, guys!

Down you go!

Girls, that's enough.

Stop it now!

Come! Come on!

Yasmine, get a move on!

Thanks, girls. Thanks a lot.


Come on, girls!

-Hold him.

He's too heavy.

-Hold him.
-No! He's too heavy!

I carry him. Here.

He's heavy, the baby.

Exactly! Like that.

-What is it? I want to see too.
-Stop it.

Come on. Let's go home.

-Let's go.
-Stop it.

Someone's watching us.

Someone's watching us!

Hey, you little shit!
Who do you think you are?

-Yeah! What a loser!
-I swear to God, I'm gonna nail her.

Move, you gonna run home to your mommy?
You'd better move!

You better get out of here, or else!

Let's get her!

Take the trolley.

Quick! She's getting away!

Get a move on!

Amy, that's mine.

But it's mine.

It's too big for you.


-Ismaël, please.

Close your eyes. I'll give you something.
Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

Don't move, okay?

It's too small for you. You'll ruin it.

Amy, come and help us.

Your cousin Samba
brought us things from Senegal.


There are presents from your dad.

Pass me that bag, please.

Thank you.

Mama, see how great I look?

You do look great.

I'll wear it at Papa's wedding.

Cousin Samba, see how great I look?

Close the door. Go away.

What's wrong, darling?

You don't like this dress?


It's beautiful.

Look how it suits you.

It's going to look great.

You'll wear it like this, see?
For your father's wedding.

Like this, see?

It fits so well. It does.

It fits so well.

You'll be so beautiful.

You're hiding something from us.

You don't need to know.

-Look who's here.

You who followed us to the station.

Why did you follow us?

Why did you spy on us?

-I can do what I want.
-No. The station's our spot.


-My God!
-You aimed super well.

She really got you.

-She got you good.
-Does it hurt much?

What were you doing?

-We dance.
-We're going to dance in a competition.

We're going to be the bomb!

-What about you, do you dance?

Can you dance?

Of course she can.

No, but I can learn.

First, learn to dress--

The kid's rebellious!

You think she looks good?

Let's go, girls.

-She looks like a homeless person.
-No, they dress better.

Come on, help me.

Go on. Pull it off her.

-Go on! Pick it up.
-Pick up.

Throw her the bag in the trash.

Go on. Put it in the trash.

Guys, leave her alone.

Come on!

There you go! Get out of here.

Come on, guys. Let's go.

Hey, we're just joking, okay?

See you next time!

Give me the money!

What money?

It's my money, not yours.

Just because I'm a girl,

you think I'm your maid. I did your wash.

Now pay or you won't get them back.

It's still all wet. Give it back!

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Give them back. I need them!

If I catch you, you're dead.

I'll be late for work because of you.

I've got to dry all this. Come on!

Tell him you live here and that
you'll call the cops unless he stops.

He saw you come in.

So what? Tell him anyway.

Open the door
and give me my shirt, damn it!

Angelica's not here.
If you carry on, I'll call the police.

I know she's here.

She's not here.

To hell with both of you.

You cleaned it?



Good, he's gone. See you.


Imagine if the guy peed in your mouth.

You dummy, that's nature.

Nature? You think
that's how babies are made?

That's gross.

-She's making a weird face.
-That means it's a rape.

A rape?

It can go through your whole body.

The boy gets inside you.

If it's a rape,
it can come out of your mouth.

No way. It's not long enough
to reach your mouth.

Depends on the boy.

I've seen my brother naked.
It wasn't big like this.

Maybe your brother's isn't done growing.

That's too much.

It's as big as his head.

Whoa, that's gross.

Can't see a thing on your crappy phone.

Do you have a brother?

Yes, two.

He's here! Quick!

-Hey, stop it.
-Come on. Toilet time.

-Come on, hurry.
-He's going to hear you.

What's wrong with you?

He stinks anyway, your guy.

-Why are you blushing?
-Yes, totally.

-I'm black.

You can't blush when you're black.

Go on, I dare you to go snap his thing.

Come on! It's going to be fun.

Go! Go on.

You crazy or what?

Are you filming me, you little--

Get the fuck out of here!

Is she crazy or what?

Are you filming me, you little--
Get the fuck out of here!

You can't see a thing.

You don't know how?

I'm big like my papa.

I'm the strongest.

Your little brother's so cute.

Forward march!

Here you go.




What are you doing?

It's okay. He's used to it.

You sleep on top?

On the bottom.

But... there's no handle. Can't we go in?


Oh, really?


This room's so beautiful.

It's like a princess' room.

That bed's insane.

So, whose room is it?

I don't know.

You're weird.

You live here and you don't know?

You're weird.

You want one?


I love this.

Come on now!


One, two, three...

Do the chicken!

I'm a rooster!

Your parents got it for you?


Don't tell me...

No. You stole it?

Whoa, thug life. I don't believe it.

I don't have a phone.
They're bugging me about good grades.

If I get good grades like my brother,
my dad will get me one. Great.


They've got lots of likes.

They're the Sweety-Swaggs.
They're bitches.

They think they'll win,
but we'll be better.

We just need to rehearse.

Where's the contest?

Amy, Amy! Look!



What the--?

What are you doing?

What the hell?

I just wanted to make a pool.

Don't do that. It's not lipstick.

Your crop top is so cool. I love it.

Take it off. It's better.

Your turn now.

-Do you like cereal?

You're a cereal killer!



Hey! No way.

She's here to film us. It's okay.

Why do you do this?

She'll film us.

You're kidding?

-Didn't she mess up Toilet's video?
-Don't shoot our feet.

They're cute, but you must film our faces.

Come on, then.

Here. It's on pause.

Places, girls.

I mean, look at her. Seriously?
She's going to film us?

One, two, three.

-Go, Coumba!

-Go, Coumba!
-Go, Coumba!

-Who's that?
-It's Coumba!

-Who's that?
-It's Coumba!

-The best?
-It's Coumba!

-Who's that?
-It's Coumba!

-Who's that?
-It's Coumba!

-The best?
-It's Coumba!

Go! Go!

-Who's that?
-It's Yasmine!

Go! Go! Go!

Who's that?

It's Jess!

-Who's that?
-It's Angie!

-Who's the best?
-It's Angie!

Okay. You got it?

I hope you did it right.

She screwed up that video.

No, she did fine. Don't worry.

Come on, guys.

Let's rank ourselves.

Pass me that, Amy.

-Amy, where are you?
-Get in line, homeless.

Check out her ass.

She's so flat!

You're flat as a board. I can't tell
if it's your front or your back.

She's so weird.

Nine, eight, seven, six...

Five, four, three, two, one... now!

Mom, I already sent you all my money.

What side, Mom?

I'm outside waiting.
I've got no money left.

I'm in debt, Mom.

Hey! Hey, come back!

Your nephew Samba came by.
He set up the furniture.

Your room is big.

It's ready. Don't worry.

The building's hall is spacious.

Guests will have plenty of room.

Me too. I can't wait to see you.

All right.

Here. It's your father.

Amy? Hello?


Amy, it's me.

Anybody there?

-Speak to him.
-It's Dad.

Amy? Hello?

Hi. Meet you downstairs?



Girls, look! It's us!

No, it's not.

But it's still us in a way.

"Contest open to all."

After we dance,

it won't be them anymore. It will be us.

The Cuties will show their stuff.

The Cuties, yeah.

-How's it going?
-Hi, girls.

-You chilling?

Yeah, we're good.

You come here often?


We've never seen you here.

We're there. You're over here.

How do you know that?

Because we saw you yesterday.

Oh, really?

How old are you?

-We're 11.
-No, 14.

They're 11.

-We're in 8th grade.

-In 9th grade!
-We're in high school.

We know all that Pythagoras stuff.

I can recite it.

-What's his name again?

They're little girls.

No! Do you have a cell number?

A home number? Or work number?

Come back!

I know my multiplication tables, I swear!

One times one equals one!

-Why did you say we're 11?

That's not very nice.

How old are we?

We're 11.


Definitely not Kim Kardashian, I think.

Yes, it's Kim Kardashian,
on my mother's head.


She's so hot!

I'll do a runway show.

You'd better go on a diet first.

There's something missing.

Go on, Yasmine. Do your runway show.

-Go, Yasmine!
-Go, Yasmine!

-Who's that?
-It's Yasmine!

-Who's the best?
-It's Yasmine!



Go ahead, have fun.

Look, a boob!

I've found a boob for Yasmine.

A big one. Yasmine, I'll put it on you.
Want milk?

It's a condom!

You're so stupid. It's pink.

-They come in every color.
-It's to make love when you have AIDS.

You might catch cancer or AIDS.

-It's disgusting!
-Drop it!

-You're going to die.
-I didn't know.

-Stop it!
-Don't come close.

I didn't know.

We're not kidding, Coumba.

You touched a condom. You're gross.

You're a giant bacteria.

You stink of death!

Calm down. I just didn't know.

Go on. Rub it in.

Is it going to work?

Totally. We're killing all the germs.

Carry on, then.

Hey, that's my toothbrush.

Give it back. It's all yucky now.

She's got soap all over.

Go! Go!

-Thank you.
-Thanks, Mom.

I'll leave this here.

Your mom's cool.


-Hurry up.
-Go ahead.

Oh, my God!

Look at his face.

-He just woke up.
-He's so handsome.

-Turn on your camera.

No way. Are you crazy?

Say it doesn't work.

No, it doesn't work. Tell him.

"Give me a clue."

I have an idea. Look...

"I have big...



-You're going too far.

"Do you want to... touch them?"

Look how he's blushing.

-He looks like a tomato.
-He's unsettled, poor thing.

Are you serious?

Go play with dolls. You're just a kid.

Who are you calling kids?
You're the kid, okay?

You panicked when we said big boobs.

You old lech!

Why did you touch it?

Are you nuts? Is your mom
going to pay for the computer?

Why turn on the camera?

-What's going on here?
-Get some help, okay?

At least she didn't kill you. Calm down.

She exposed me.

What about the pre-selection dance?

We'll dance with her,
but we just don't speak to her. Easy.

You don't care about Yasmine, us,
the routine, or getting pr-eselected.

You're overreacting. It wasn't mean.
She was just messing with you.

She turned the camera on.

Oh, come on.

Have you calmed down?

Fuck off, bitch.

Are you nuts? You're calling me a bitch?

What do you want, huh?
What is it you want?

You're going to get it!

-What do you want?
-Calm down.

What do you want?

-You're totally insane!
-What do you want?

-Calm down!
-What's wrong with you?

Calm down, stop it!

Calm down.

Whoa, Angelica, let her go!

Are you nuts? You, over there.

Yasmine, principal's office.


What did you call me?

What did you say?

You, go over there.

I said "Stupid--"

Go over there!

-I'll kill you!
-Stop talking.

Angelica, stop-- You, over there.

I'm dancing with you.

-I'll replace Yasmine.

You can't even dance.

There's no time to teach you.
The pre-selection's on Sunday.

Cool. You know the routine.

But I don't know if the girls
will be okay with it.

What are you doing?

You good, Amy?

What do you want?

Is Angelica here?


-What, dumbass?

Excuse me?

What are you doing? Stop it!

-Kids, I'm trying to sleep!

Angelica keeps bugging me.

Damn liar.

-Your friend's here.
-You're dead.

I've been dancing since I was little.

My mom would say
I was already dancing in her belly.

But now I never see my mom
or my dad anymore...

because of their work at the restaurant.

I hardly see them.

They say that...

I'm a bad daughter...

that I can't do anything.

But people like me.

Right, Amy? People like me?

Everyone says I'm crazy.

Even my mom and dad
don't know I have a gift.

I dreamed they came to see me dance
and said they liked it.

They say if you have the same dream
three times, it comes true.

It's two times so far.

Do you have dreams?

-What is it?

My father never coming back.



Amy, wake up.

Wake up, honey.

It's time.

Today I'll teach you how to be a woman.

We're going to cook
for your father's wedding.


You couldn't possibly do everything
in one day.

You're going to peel all these onions.

Hold this well.

And then chop them up
in very small pieces.

All by myself?

Of course, by yourself.

And then cut the tomatoes,

and crush the chilies.

I'll help you to make the fritters.

Amy, I'm ready!

I'll be right there.

Come on.

Amy, what are you doing?

Keep it on your head.

We're not in the village.

You talk back.

Amy, listen to me.


Amy, come back here!

Hey! Hey!



It's okay. Start over.

Thanks. That was great.
We'll let you know.

Thanks. Next!

It's your fault too.

Your stupid friend. I want to kill her.

Where were you?

Every child I've raised obeyed me,
except for you.

If I tell your mother,

what is she going to do?

What are we going to do with you?

You only do what you please.

That's nothing.

All women go through that.

When I was your age,

I was engaged.
I was barely taller than you.

A few years later,

they washed me, dressed me,
and covered me...

in a white cloth,

from my head down to my feet.

Then they took me to my husband
to get married.

When he lifted...

the white cloth covering me,

he presented me

to his friends, his guests, his family.

It was a grandiose wedding.

I wish that God...

grant you the same destiny.

Come. I'll show you what to do.

You're a woman now.

Where were you? You took off.


At home. My aunt locked me up.

-Your what?
-You were locked in a cellar?

I'll kill you if we lose.

She's such a liar.

I swear to you. The routine was great.

-You're a jerk.
-The judges loved it.

-Yeah? How do you know?
-But you didn't go.

Why do you say that? You're weird.

-I was late.

She just freaked out.

You don't take this seriously.

-I swear, the routine was--
-You're such a liar.

-I swear!
-Let go of her!

Let go! Fuck you, I'm not a liar.

-I swear to God!
-You're the biggest liar ever.

The door was locked. I did rehearse.

Look, the baby is crying.

Leave me alone!

-No way.
-I'm sorry.

The judges really liked it.

Why are we listening?
Let's get out of here.

Let go of me.

-I believe her.
-I'm out of here.


Still nothing.

No wonder. We messed up big time.

Okay. Let's go.

Get a move on.


-What is this thing?
-What's this?

Okay, girls. It's real simple.

You got in without paying.

Give me your parents' numbers
and I'll call them.

We didn't know we had to pay.
The door was open.

-Anyway, we don't have parents.

Right. We're just sisters.

We're orphans.

That's enough bullshit.

Have compassion. We're orphans.

Knock it off.

Okay, we're out of here.

Where are you going?

-Hey! Let go!
-Calm down.

Let go of me!

No, I won't.

Stop groping me, you child molester!

You're groping her, seriously?
We're children.

We're going to call our lawyers.

Give me your parents' numbers.

What's going on in here?

Your buddy's been groping us.

No, that's not what's going on.

These young ladies
came in through the back door.

Now I'm asking for their parents' numbers,

they're telling me tales and calling me
pedophile because I grabbed her arm.

Let's call the cops.

-We're selected!
-They're making fun of us. Call the cops.

We've been selected!

This is no laughing matter.

Please, sir. We're dancers and we're
going to a competition in the park.

If you call the police, we can't go.

But I'm a dancer too.

You should lose weight.

Honest, we're dancers. Look.

Go, go, go!

Go, Amy!

Go, Amy!

Go on, get out of here.

-I don't want to see you again. Get out!
-See you later!


We're in the finals!

You aced it with your dance.

We're going to hypnotize them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

How many do I get?

I don't know. You do it.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight...

nine, ten.


She's showing some cleavage.

You rock.

All right...


People flipped over you.
Did you see all the likes we got?

Insane! You rock, girl.

Who's a hit?

-It's Amy!
-Who is it?

Who is it?

It's Amy!

-Who is it?
-It's Amy!

Hey, calm down!

Little man's in a hurry.

Little man...

Snotty little dwarf.

Look who's there.

The Sweety-Swaggs.

And Toilet Time?

Forget about it.

I did nothing.

Whoa, what the--?

Let go of her!

Get off her!

Let her go now!

-Check out the panties!
-What are these raggedy undies?

Plays big,
but gets clothes from the trash.

Okay, that's enough.

Get off her!

Fuck off!

Give me that stupid phone!

Come on, girls! Quick, let's go!

They're crazy.

Come on.

Hey! Where did you get this toy?

-Where did you get this?
-Someone gave it to me in the park.

Look at me.

Darling. Where did you get the toy?
I'll give it back.

Tell me. Speak to me.

Where did you get it?

Tell the truth.

Amy bought stuff for me and her friends.

Stop lying.

Amy, will you tell the ghosts?

Will they kill me?



Mama. Mama.

You scared me.

I'm okay, darling.

I'm all right.

Let's go ahead and eat.

Amy, it can't go on like this.

Everybody's talking about this video.
Everybody's seen your undies.

They're saying we're kids.

They're all talking
about your damn undies.

We need to do something.

Your mother's resting.
She's better.

That's my phone.

You had it all along?

We looked for it together. You said--

-Please give it back! I need it.
-Why? It's my phone!

Enough! I won't give it back.

-Give it back!

What are you doing?

What's wrong with you?

Give it back!

-Let go of me!
-Give it back!

I said let go.

-Give it back!
-Let go of me!

Amy! My phone!

Open the door! Amy, my phone!

I'm not leaving here!

My phone!

Open the door!

Open up, I said!

Come on! I don't have time for this.



Listen to me!

Come on, open the door!

This is bullshit.

Using a compass, place N symmetrical to N
in relation to the straight line.

Is everyone good? Everyone's done?

Good. Amy, come up here, please.

Malcolm, what was that?
To the principal's!

She's the one
who posts nude pictures online.

-What's this garbage?
-You shut up!

-Shut your trap!
-Are you the slut or is it me?

Be quiet.

I'll call your parents, both of you.

That's enough.

I'm calling your parents.

She's the one...

What's wrong with you?

What game are you playing, Amy?

Where do you come from?

Who are you, Amy?

Aminata! You lie to me! You steal from me!

You attack your classmates
and behave like a whore!

What do you do in the neighborhood?
The things I've heard!

What are you playing at?
You want to humiliate me, your mother?


And your father
who blames me for everything!

-And who takes another wife!
-Leave her alone.

-Leave her alone.
-You want to make me suffer more?

Who are you, Amy?

-Give me that.
-You're not my daughter anymore!

-I'm going to kill you!
-Go get some water.

You haven't started?


What's going on?

You know very well.

Because of your stupid photo
we've got a bad reputation now.

-Frankly, you've gone too far.

If I'd done that, my mom would've
sent me back to the village.

Who cares?
We'll show them we're real women.

Now we're in the same boat as you.

Did you even see the comments
on your photo?

Did you know people are asking us
to pose like you?

We're not stripping. We're not you.

It doesn't matter.
What matters is that we win the contest.

Wake up. We have to rehearse.

I don't care. I'm dancing.

Come on! Have you gone nuts or what?

What are you doing? Come on.
Give me back the phone.

-Give it back!
-Get off me!

-Stop it!
-Let's go! Come on.

-Let go of me!
-Come dance, Coumba.

-Jess, come on.
-Let go of me!

-Come on! Do the steps!
-Stop it now!

Let go of her.

You're ruining everything!

Dance! Do something!

I'm sick of your moods.

-Come on.
-Get some help.

Let's go, girls.

How are you?

Let me do this.

I know what you're going through
with your husband...

is very difficult.

But God has never imposed on women
more than they could bear.

If your burden is too heavy,
you have the right to leave this marriage.

But know this:

There is no devil or evil spirit here.

I'm going to go now.

No, thank you.

Keep your money.

-Yasmine in da house!
-Oh, yeah!

Hey, how are you?

Hurry up over there or it's detention!

Amy, I want to stay friends with you
but, honestly, I can't in front of them.

And the contest?

Give it up. Stop now.

You don't dance with us anymore.

Enough. It's over.

Let go. You're hurting me.

You're hurting me.




Amy, aren't you getting ready
for the wedding?

Not even an answer.

Please make as much noise as you can
for the Sweety-Swaggs! If you please!

Thank you!

Now let's welcome not the Peaky Blinders,
not the Pink Ladies,

but we're welcoming four ladies...

Let's welcome Pinkies!

Why is she here?

You called her?

No, I didn't.

-Quick! Quick!
-Go on, girls. You stand here.

We'll call you, okay?

We'll wait for Yasmine. She'll be here.

There's no time left.
She has to dance with us.

She's actually better than Yasmine.

True. She's better.

Come on.

-All right.
-Let's hustle.

-Who's that?
-The Cuties!

-Who's that?
-The Cuties!

-Who's the best?
-The Cuties!

Let's have a big round of applause
for the Pinkies! Thank your audience.

Thank you.

And right now, we're going
to welcome the C. U. T. I. E. S...

They've got wings. They're going to soar
and make you shiver.

Give a thunderous round of applause for...

-The Cuties!
-Let's do it, guys.


Mama! Mama?

Where were you?

What do I see?

The clothes of a whore!

Who told you to wear this?


Leave her alone.

Why should I?

Look how she's dressed!

A respectable person's child
wouldn't wear this.

-Leave my daughter alone.
-I won't leave her alone.

Go and put on your dress...

for your father's wedding.

Leave my daughter alone now, Auntie!


Please don't go.

Come on, then.

You know...

you do not have to go.

Subtitle translation by Catherine Kelsey