Cutie Honey: Live Action (2004) - full transcript

The adventure of Cutie Honey, a super heroine who can transform into anything using her necklace to switch on and say "Honey Flash!".

Bubble baths are the best.

They make me feel so good.

Hey, Uncle Uzuki's calling.

Hello? Uncle?

Hi Honey. I finally found what
I was telling you about.

Dr. Kisaragi had given it to me...

- It's you guys! What are you doing!?
- Uncle? Uncle!?

What's wrong?

I can't just sit here!

Honey Flash!

Oh nooo!

I don't have enough energy!

Darn it all, and I have nothing to wear!

Well, this'll have to do.

- What the...?
- A garbage bag?

Thank you very much.

All right! My tummy's all full!

So, here I go!

Honey Flash!

Emergency wide deployment,
communication completed.

Aqualine area blockade completed.

Approval from the MLIT and the
Tokyo governor received.

Central Government and the
Kanagawa troops are in position.

Perfect. Trapped like a rat.



Status report!

Yes ma'am!

For now, the professor is safe.

- What are the kidnappers' demands?
- Nothing so far.

They're nuts to do
this in broad daylight.

I'll talk directly to them.

Do you think you can get away
under these conditions?

We have you surrounded!

Hmph, boring. Don't waste my time.

What? I can't hear you!

You're naïve. NAÏVE, I tell you!

You'll never beat us
Panther Claw like this.

Panther Claw?

That's right.

I am Gold Claw, one of the Four Kings
of Panther Claw.

Just to kill time, I'll play with you!


A battle means numbers and power!


She's gone! What's wrong?

That was close. Are you all right?

Ah, thank God.


Hey, don't get in my way!

I can get out of this on my own!


They're persistent!

Gold Claw!

What is it?

The professor escaped!


See ya!

A traitor?

That minion hit me.

You idiot!

Follow them!

There he is!
He's over here!

Gold Claw, we've
captured the professor.

You've wasted our time!


Ahem. You armored woman
and suspicious gang!

We have the professor.

You've lost, so drop your
weapons and surrender!

Idiot! You're talking nonsense.

The Professor is...


That is indeed Professor Uzuki!
Which means...

You! You're not Professor
Uzuki, are you!?

You're a little too slow, Panther Claw!

Honey Flash!

You! Who are you?

I shall tell you, Panther Claw!

Sometimes, she's a speeding biker.

Other times, she's a
Kisarazu police officer,

a minion of Panther Claw,

and even professor
Uzuki's doppelganger.

But in reality, she's...

Soldier of Love, Cutie Honey!

She's that trendy girl

The one with the teeny butt

Look this way, Honey

Because, because... just because!

Please, pretty please

Don't hurt me

My heart is going "tingle tingle"

No, no no.
Please don't look at me like that!

Honey Flash!

I'm transforming...

Panther Claw, give it up now!

Foolish girl.
This will be fun!

Here I go!

She's that popular girl

The one with bouncy boobs

Look this way Honey

Because, because... Just because!

Please, pretty please

Don't come near me

My nose is going "twitch twitch"

No, no, no.
Please don't look at me like that!

Honey Flash!

You fight well, dearie.

I'm ready any time!

Gold Attack!

That hurt.

I did it!

Why you little...!
Playtime is over!

Gold Missile!

Stop messing with me!

Where's the professor?

I could have more fun,
but I have a human to deliver.

Goodbye, young girl!

Not so fast!

Honey Boomerang!


This isn't happening!


Don't worry. He's just unconscious.

Thank goodness.

I'm Chief Natsuko Aki
of the Eighth Division.

You're under arrest.

Arrested at 1122 hours.

Aren't you arresting
the wrong person?

- Who are you?
- I'm Seiji Hayami.

- Who?
- Reporter.

Why is a civilian,
let alone the media here?

I dunno.

He's also suspicious. Take him in.

Yes, ma'am.

I don't get any say?
That's not fair.

Both of you, come this way.


Are you trying to get away?

Yeah. I'm out of time. See ya!

Honey Flash!

Shoot. There goes our witness.

Happiness doesn't
come walking to you.

That's why we walk towards it.

Good morning!

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Not "good morning."
It's "good afternoon."

Okay. Good morning.

Good God. Why won't
they fire her already?

Young people are so out of it
these days. They have no energy.

No leads - police stumped!


Miss Kisaragi.

Yesh? Sorry! I'll choose
between singing or eating.

Don't do either. Please work. Work!


Get up and serve tea.

Yes! Right away.


Let's see... who's the most tired?

Here you go.


Here you go.

Here you go.

Here you go.

Here you go.



I'm done!

Jeez, you're a useless temp.

First you give it to the section manager.

Then the assistant manager, group
manager, and assistant group manager.

Then me, the chief.
Then everyone else by age.

When will you learn the basics?

I thought this would
make everyone happy.

Are you stupid? How old are you?

It's almost a year since I was re-born.

What does that mean?

Section manager, I think
you should fire her.


You think we're going to believe that!?

You think we're going to believe that!?

But it's the truth. Please approve that.

We understand the situation at hand.

The Tokyo Bay Aqualine was blown up,
we've no idea when it will be back up,

Serial Beauties Abduction Total of 10,000 Cases in Japan The Tokyo
Bay Aqualine was blown up, we've no idea when it will be back up,

Serial Beauties Abduction
Total of 10,000 Cases in Japan

and no idea who did it, and no leads!

A major blunder!

More Precious Metals Stolen
Something's Wrong With the Police!

With all this going on, the precious metal thievery, More
Precious Metals Stolen Something's Wrong With the Police!

Missing Girls Nationwide Reaches 10,000 Police Criticized For Lack of
Investigation With all this going on, the precious metal thievery,

Missing Girls Nationwide Reaches 10,000
Police Criticized For Lack of Investigation

Missing Girls Nationwide Reaches 10,000 Police Criticized For Lack of Investigation
and the serial abduction of young girls, the media's going to eat us alive!

Gone Without A Trace and the serial abduction of
young girls, the media's going to eat us alive!

And the serial abduction of young girls,
the media's going to eat us alive!

I have a headache thinking about it.


Chief, some coffee?

I don't need any.

What should we do now?

On call until further notice.

"Miss Kisaragi, I'll leave it to you!!
I'll give you 5 rice balls. Thanks."

Since when do people think I'll do their work for rice balls? "Miss
Kisaragi, I'll leave it to you!! I'll give you 5 rice balls. Thanks."

Since when do people think
I'll do their work for rice balls?

Since when do people think I'll do their work for
rice balls? "Please, I owe you 3 rice balls."

Since when do people think
I'll do their work for rice balls?

But I like rice balls, so I guess it's okay.

"I need it by tomorrow. I'll give you 7 rice balls.
Thanks." But I like rice balls, so I guess it's okay.

"I need it by tomorrow.
I'll give you 7 rice balls. Thanks."

- See you tomorrow.
- Good night everyone!

- Where should we go for dinner?
- Let's go to a movie and eat afterwards.

I'm so jealous of them.

I want to go out with them too.

But I have to finish today's work.

Are you working overtime again?

Yeah. I can't say no when
they give me rice balls.

Well, good luck.
Here's a pick-me-up.

Thank you, ma'am!

So good! Your homemade
rice balls are the best!

I can help if you want.

Oh, thanks.

Leave it to me.

Good morning, Mr. Cat.
You came again.

Hey. Are you listening?

Oh, I should call uncle.

Hello. Professor Utsugi now
belongs to us, Panther Claw.

If you need to get in touch with him,
please give up and hang up now.


Kidnapped again. This is why you
can't trust others to do your job!

Natsuko Aki.

I guess I should get
some leads from the lead!

Kisaragi? Where is Kisaragi?

She's not here.
She said she's running late.

Again? What the...
What is she doing?

Chief Natsuko Aki from the 8th division.

I'm not telling you anything.

I don't want the higher-ups
to hate me like they do you.

Oh, Chief!

Please sign last month's bill!

Good timing.
Can you give me a report?

Huh? You just...


- Proof?
- What are you asking me about?

- I'm not telling you anything.
- Cut it out already!

I thought the police
would have some leads.

You seem to be having
some trouble, young lady.

Oh, you're...

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Hayami Seiji, a reporter
for the Daily News.

Oh, thank you.

You're a lot cuter than the rumors say.

You are indeed qualified
to be called Cutie Honey.

- There's no need to use the I-system.
- How do you know?

That's part of my business.
My job is to investigate the truth.

What did you come here for?

To give you a lead.

Why to me?

Because I'm on your side.

On my side?

The reason why all the
minions disappeared...

and why the Four Gods have
super-human powers...

is because they have
nanomachines inside of them.

You should know all about that.

Hm. It's a system I've
heard about before.

Could it be...?

Right. The same
state-of-the-art technology...

your late father, Professor Kisaragi,
developed the I-System with.

Then the Panther Claw
must be after my...

Right. Prof. Kisaragi refused to give
them the info, and was murdered.

This time, Professor Uzuki, who took
over the experiment, was kidnapped.

That's why my father was killed?
And why Uncle was kidnapped?

So, you want to know more?

Yes, I do!

The rest is all for trade.

What was all that, then?

A thank-you, and a sign of goodwill.

What kind of trade?

An exclusive interview with you.
That's all I want.

That... I would like to be in on.

How did you know I can't refuse a
favor from a woman, Nat-chan?

- "Nat-chan!?"
- "Nat-chan!?"

Nat-chan. I see. Nat-chan.

The mastermind group, secret
organization Panther Claw. They are...

They won't stop at anything
to get what they want.

The ultimate egotists.

We don't know what they are,
but they're definitely not human.

They build weapons
into their own bodies.

So that's the secret
organization Panther Claw.

And their boss is?

She's called Sister Jill.

Sister Jill.

Sister Jill

Such a glorious beauty

We live to serve you

Panther Claw's ray of the new dawn

With faith in your desire

It's an honor to be your chosen one

As nothing holds a candle to you

You wish to fill the world with beauty

We will serve faithfully

Eternal Queen of Darkness

It's been a long time, Lady Sister Jill.

I am delighted that you have
returned from Panther Zara's side.

What!? You're gonna do it yourself?

Of course. This is a job for the police.

At least let us drive you
back to headquarters.

I'll walk. Footwork is
key to investigations.

Nat-chan, I'll help you.

- I don't need your help.
- I'm gonna help you!

- Stop annoying me!
- So stubborn.

Then, we'll see you later.

The only thing I can rely
on is my organization.

All right. Proceed as I instructed.

It's been a long time, Sister Jill.

I am extremely pleased that
your beauty is unchanged.

To celebrate your 2222nd awakening...

The four of us present to you...

...small tokens of our appreciation.

Black Claw.

Cobalt Claw.

Gold Claw!

Scarlet Claw.

First of all, we have 10,000 minions
who are loyal to you, Sister Jill.

For your dining pleasure this year,
we've collected fresh young women.

Behold, the beautiful and powerful
golden weaponry you adore.

And finally, a beautiful and massive
new Jill Tower, your new residence.

If there's anything you need,
please let us know.

We will prepare it for you
as quickly as possible.

Excuse us.


Nothing has changed.
It's still the same dull world.

Lord Jill, there is one thing
I would like you to know about.

Those damn Panther Claw! I can't
believe they got my father and uncle.

You won't forgive them?

Absolutely not!

Revenge will just leave you
feeling empty. You shouldn't do it.

What do you mean?

Hatred doesn't suit you.

If that's what you were fighting for,

your father probably
wouldn't be happy.

- Then what should I fight for?
- You should find that out yourself.


Anyway, they're going to start
attacking you directly.

You need to be careful.
They're a tough enemy.

There's someone following us already?

Sure is obvious, huh?

Yes, not a problem.
They haven't noticed us yet.

Oh, they put on their hazards.
Looks like they're stopping.

The woman got out.

- What should we do?
- See ya!

Follow her.

Yes, ma'am!
We're following her.

What should we do?

See ya!

Yikes! I'm late!

That light. It can't be!

Oh? An unknown woman who
calls herself Cutie Honey?

She was able to take on the Four Gods.

We believe she's related to the system.

Interesting. Find her.

As you wish.

This report's useless.

The professor's daughter died
in an accident over a year ago.

That's true.

But the key to the
I-System lies with that girl.

Keep in close contact with her.

I will soon enough.

So... What's my next move?

Good morning!

It's not morning anymore!
It's barely still afternoon!

Why are you barely ever here?

I'm sorry.

Don't just say "I'm sorry."
This is a company.

I'm Aki Natsuko. A police officer.

No mistake about it.

It's the female officer who was
there when Honey appeared.

It looks like she's up to something.

Talk about stating the obvious.

Oh well.

If we're wrong, we'll just kill her.

You had a rice ball yesterday.

I didn't!

You were.

Miss Kisaragi is staring at us
like she's jealous.

How scarry!

It's probably because she
has no friends to talk to.

You have a visitor.

This is a first, isn't it?


Oh! Nat-chan!

See ya!

Why are you running?
Are you hiding something?

No, not at all.

I have something I want to ask you.

I'm in the middle of work.

I guess this isn't a good place.
Come with me.


I'm glad you finally made a friend.

Here you go!

Sorry, I only drink
Blue Mountain coffee.

Wow, what a snob. Then I will...

What I wanted to ask you was...

Hey, shhh!

How pathetic.
I hate women who cw.

Stop it. Stop it.

Fine, then. Men just like
'em young, right?!

My mascara is running.

What are you doing? Get back to work.

Don't be messing around. Geez.

I'm sorry.

This place is no good. Come this way.

Uh, okay.

Damn it. I guess I have
to go look for another guy.

So back to the issue.

I tried to look you up in
the National Database,

but there was nothing about you.

Who are you?

What is your relationship
with Cutie Honey?

Who is that reporter?

Where are the Panther Claw?

You better tell me everything this time!

I'll do anything to get things done.

Cool motto, huh?

Who's calling me now?

Oh, it's me. Seiji Hayami.

Why do you know my
cell phone number?

Research is what I do!

Anyway, you shouldn't move
around too carelessly, Nat-chan.

The enemy has their eye on you too.

What do you mean?

They're there.
Panther Claw.


The door is closing.

Stop butting in. I can take care
of myself in times like these.


What was that anyway?
Someone you know?

I know her, but I don't.
Yeah, I don't know her...

It's just too suspicious!

I'll question you back at the station!

What is this? Who left this here?


Now you can't escape anymore.

Tell us about Honey. Or else...

So speak up.

I want to know about her!

Oh, I guess we were wrong?

Honey Flash!

Mmm, belle du jour!

Are you a Panther Claw?

That's correct.

One of the Panther Claw Four Gods,

Cobalt Claw! I'll take your mysterious
device... along with your head!

I will avenge my father, Panther Claw!
I won't give this to you.

This girl is Cutie Honey?

We take everything we want!

Our style is to go after anything
our hearts desire!

Screw style! Why don't you think
about other people's feelings for once?

I caught you.

That's a tres bien scream.
That's why I can't stop killing people.

You swine! Is this how you
killed my father a year ago?

I don't know. Do you remember
what you ate an year ago?

Panther Claw, I won't forgive you!

That doesn't hurt me one bit.

Oh no. I don't like hot things.

It's hot!!

How does it feel to
be the one screaming?

It hurts! It hurts!

- You're okay. I'm glad.
- I'm not okay at all! What's going on?

And Honey?

There's steam all over!

That's no good! We need to
hurry and get her out...

of her transformed shape!
Nat-chan, I'm counting on you!

Hey, wait!


What am I supposed to do?

Hey you! Stop being transformed!

No! If I stop now,
I can't avenge my father!

No! We must arrest criminals!
Don't do anymore than that!

Shut up! I won't forgive them!

Hot! Hot!

It seems that the anger and
hatred in Lady Honey's heart...

...burned Lady Cobalt's body.

I'm not interested in weak ones. But...

That light from Lady Honey...

There is no doubt Professor Kisaragi
successfully used nanomachines...

to dissolve and reform
on the quark level.

I can't believe a human found a way
to maintain my beauty eternally.

This world is one that can't be ignored.

It's the first time we've seen you smile.


That's of no concern to me.

That's about its limit, since it's
based on human cells.

It's Honey's only weakness.

Where am I?

You're awake?

Thank you. You saved me.

So it would seem.


I never bring people here.

Anyway, that thing...

I don't like to tell people about it.

It's a present from my father.

I lost my body a year
ago in an accident.

But I came back to life. All because
of the I-System my father invented.


Yeah. Imaginary Induction System.

This choker is the main piece.

So you're a robot? Or an android?

This is...?

I can't believe it.

Like I said, I'm no different
from a human.

This body is a copy of my old one.

But I don't remember much before that.

I only remember my
dad holding my hand.

But I can always create new memories.

The first outsider to learn the truth
about Honey. Oh well.

I'm sorry, Nat-chan.
For getting you involved.

Don't bother. It's part of my job.

I learned today that a heart
full of hatred is scam.

A heart loving another
person is just as scam.

Really? If it's the same,
I'd rather it be love.

I get it. So this is what
Seiji was talking about.

I'm going to sleep.


Good night.

It seems my body is deteriorating
faster than I thought.

We must get the I-System
as quickly as possible.

As you wish.

What the heck!?


Wow. How nice!
They're blooming nicely.

It's really beautiful, Nat-chan.

Mind your own business.


Hey. Hey.

Why? What's wrong
with them blooming?

You used the I-System power, right?

Yep. I-System increases life activity.

But it can't create new life.

That's why I like things that have life.

Then there's no point. You make
flowers bloom by caring for them.


If your wounds are healed,
can you leave?

Sweet sweet Honey...

Sweet sweet Honey...

Sweet sweet Honey...

Sweet sweet Honey...

Someone is calling for Honey

Coming through the night sky

When I turn around, I'm alone

All there is is darkness

When was it?

We looked up at the stars together.

It's okay

This is okay

That's right. I knew it'll be this way

Someone is calling for Honey

Honey Honey

I've heard that voice before

Sweet sweet honey...

If I stay here, I'll only
get these people involved too.

I can't stay here anymore.

Excuse me. Have we met before?

No, we haven't!

I put pressure on the Japanese
government and the Foreign Ministry...

Everything is going as you planned.

Thank you.

The report's due soon.
Maybe you should hurry it up a bit?

Don't worry. I will meet the deadline,
to the best of my ability.

Miss Natsuko Aki, sometimes organizations
aren't as reliable as you think.

Starting tomorrow, we are assigning
you to the serial abduction case.


The American Government
is getting impatient.

They're going to investigate
the Professor's case themselves.

And you want me to take
responsibility for that?

You were the person in charge,
so of course.

You did what you could.

Well, we aren't expecting much
from the younger ones on the force.

We'll inform you of
your discipline later.

Wait. Leave your weapon behind.

Natsuko Aki

Even if I try to attack,
I don't have any leads.

But I can't think of
anything on my own.

I guess I should go
depend on someone then.

C'mon in.

So? What do you want?

Let's not be too difficult.
Have some sake.


That's right.
I did some research on you.

Your favorite flower is the cosmos.

Your favorite word is "perfection."

Your favorite alcohol is sake.
Especially local sake from Yamaguchi.

You're missing one thing:

I don't like reporters.

And sorry, but I like to drink alone.

Just like your work.

I'm sad that you won't be nice to
someone so considerate of you.

Good morning!

Wh-Why are you here?

I called Seiji, and he
told me to come here.

Did I do something wrong?

Just the timing.

I don't get it, but I'm sorry, Nat-chan!

Whatever. I decided not to get
involved with you.

But we met again, like destiny.

Destiny? No!
It's all the plot of the reporter!

But we met again.

Be quiet!

Then I'll talk to myself.

Nat-chan should enjoy life more.

Especially since she's alive and all.

Oh, shut up!

Hey! Why are you drinking that!?

And drinking so fast!

Is this girl okay with alcohol?

We'll know soon enough.

Guess not.

Oh, how annoying!
I told you I hate women who cw!

Then Nat-chan, you should
smile more. C'mon!

Oh yeah!

For future reference, I should look
around a man's room some more!

No, you can't go in there, Honey.

Here I come!

You really were researching me, Seiji.

I wonder about those two.

She's downing it so fast.

She's downing it too.

Oh, dammit.
I can't stand it anymore.

I'm gonna sing!

Don't you have karaoke?

- Karaoke?
- Yeah!

It's a suite, isn't it?
At least have it ready.

Hey you! Make a karaoke machine with
your Honey Flash! Ka. Ra. O. Ke.

The winter scenery
of the Tsugaru Strait

Chu chu chu

Summer girl, the bikini looks very
good on you. It's too stimulating!

About this time tomorrow,
I'll be on the train!

All right, that should be enough.

I'm beat!

Lady Honey has a heart like a human's.

And she has some relationship
with Professor Uzuki.

It will be better to have her come to us.

With everything going on at the station,

I sleep in a man's room on my first visit
and wake up with a hangover.

I'm the worst.

Yeah, you're such a whore.

Stop adding to my monologue.

I know your pattern now, Nat-chan.

Shut up! Mind your own business!


What's wrong, Honey?
What happened to Nat-chan?

I wonder if Nat-chan hates me?

No, she's just hesitant.

She's always acted fierce to keep
others away from her.

So she doesn't know what to do when
someone like you keeps bothering her.

I see. Then what about me?

You're Honey!
You're just fine as you are.

It's this one.

Lady Honey Kisaragi.

We have a message from
our master, Sister Jill.

We'd like to invite you to Jill Tower.

Wait! Where's that?

The details are in the invitation.

Please come in formal
attire. Thank you.

Three invitations, huh?

Then the other person is?

If this will be of any help to you...

When you're on the force for so long,
you have connections. Remember that.

If they find out, you'd be disciplined.

The top only looks at the paperwork.
If the numbers are right, no problem.

- Remember that.
- Yes, sir.

Also, here's the background
on that reporter.

He really dug deep.

I'm only good at hacking.

I see. It all makes sense now.
Thank you, both of you.

"Thank you"?

First time I've gotten one.
I'll remember that.

I have some errands to run.
See you later.

All right. Take care, Seiji.

See ya!

Have a good one.

I guess I should get dressed too.

Nat-chan! You look great!

I knew you'd come here.

What's with your hair?
And the tag's still on!

Hmmm. It's no good?
I couldn't get it right myself.

I tried curling it with my fingers.

Why don't you take care
of it by Honey Flash?

Yeah, but I don't want
to cheat anymore.

I should do things on my own.

I guess I have to do it. Come here.


Nat-chan, you're good.

Of course. I try my best
to do everything on my own.

That's so you.

There, I'm done.

Thank you.
Your glasses are still broken!

That's fine.

- It's not fine!
- It's fine.

It is not!

Hey! These aren't prescription!
They're fake!

Shut up.

I'll fix it.

I thought you stopped cheating.

For myself.

But there's nothing I
won't do for others!

You look good in glasses, Nat-chan,

but you're cute without them too.

Mind your own business.


Anyway, I'm going to rescue
the professor myself.

We can go together.

I appreciate it, but
I want to go alone.


Okay. Then good luck,
Nat-chan! See ya!

Here I go.

Sister Jill.

I'll bring her to you this time.

Gold Claw.

Yes ma'am.

There is no need for you to go.

Please forgive me, Lady Sister Jill!

It was my error to lose to that girl once,
but please give me another chance!

How pathetic.

To end a career asking
for forgiveness. How ugly.

Then I will prepare a stage
to invite the young miss.

It's time.

The beautiful Tokyo Tower!

Who's there?

We've been waiting
for you, Lady Honey.

Panther Claw! Where is Uncle Uzuki?

What you seek is over there.



Do not worry. We just asked his head
about the I-System directly.

You mean, his memory?

We took it.

We thought it would be best
to get rid of his memories.

Uncle! Are you all right?
It's me! It's Honey Kisaragi!

That watch... it was my father's.


Oh, even though his
memories are gone,

he must have had some love left in him.

Of course!

Even if you take someone's life,

or their precious memories,

nothing... nothing can take away love!

Love, huh? Love is
unnecessary for Lady Jill.

All she needs is the
I-System, and nothing else.

Then I'll defeat you all!

But will you be able to,


I will have to!

Honey Flash!

Wonderful! This light must
be brought to Lady Jill!

Here I come, Panther Claw!

I have to hurry to the professor.

Hey you. I can't let you go any further.

This Scarlet Claw will take your head!

That surprised me.

What a view. Oh, what a view!

This can be done only with my
Scarlet Beam. Powerful as always.

If you avoid it again,
it'll create a better view.

It's time to get that head of yours.

Ow, that hurt.

I'm having a horrible time.

You little... you'll pay for this over there!

This is Jill's true form.

When you seek the perfect cell,
you end up with vegetable matter.

That's it for my work.

I feel bad for my client,
but I'll have to use it here.

Oh, help me, Black Claw!

If you have the strength to get back
here, why didn't you fight?

It's your turn.
Kill her, quick. Kill kill kill!

How ugly-

She doesn't know how inferior she is.

Ah, only when you
defeat the strong ones,

will you feel the ultimate
power within you.

Ah, for the sake of my own happiness,
please whither away beautifully, baby.

Ah, I am.. I am the most
powerful fighter, Black Claw!

I am now here!

I'll cut out the second verse.

Let's go, Honey!

Nat-chan, are you okay?

I took care of my other chores,
so I can join you soon.

I'm going first.
I have to save the professor.

What's that?

Those are the women
who were caught here.

The serial abduction was them too?

Yeah, I cut loose the ones that were
part of Jill's main body.

To break Jill's energy,
I used the anti-nanomachine.

Wonderful. Superb, Honey.

This fight, this pleasure.
I'm feeling it for the first time.

Add fuel to my burning desire. More!


Black Tornado!

You can't run away.

Panther Claw. Give back
Professor Utsugi at once!

That's fine.
But there's one condition.

Don't, Nat-chan!


Now, let's continue having fun.

Give me the pleasure of stopping
a life with my very own hands!

My energy is running low.

Honey. You did well. I praise you.

Please father...
Protect me.

Oh no! I'm getting dizzy!

In this world, what
creates power is desire!

Beauty... and darkness...

I've achieved enlightenment
and combined them.

That's why...

I'll never lose!


Honey Boomerang!

I have to continue.
I have to go save him.

I have to go on...

I'm here. Give me back my uncle!

Your wish is granted.


But this person is in his place.


Don't worry about me.
Get out of here!

You might be able to withstand it...

but will she be able to?

I think it would be smart
to hand over the I-System.

Hurry up and escape! Go now!

No, I won't go.
I have to save you.

Don't bother with me.

Is this love as well?


As you wish.

You've finally come, Cutie Honey.

You must be Sister Jill.

Yes, I am the one who holds
eternal life and beauty. I am...

Sister Jill.

Honey, the I-System
you hold is marvelous.

But what about you?

You, like me, live eternally.
Why don't you rise above humanity?

I don't need to.

A pity. But if you don't want to rise
above, then I will overtake your power.

That power is worthy of me,
who has risen above mankind.

Come. Come to my realm.

I had long lost my desire and jealousy.

I thank you for bringing those feelings
back into me, Cutie Honey.

I will allow you to become a part of
my body along with the I-System...

and live with me eternally.

Fine. But let go of Nat-chan.

As you wish.

Save Nat-chan...

Save Nat-chan...

Save Nat-chan...


Save... Save Nat-chan...

Please... Save Nat-chan...

Stop... Stop it!

Stop it! Honey!

Don't give up, Honey!

Use the I-System!

And believe!
Believe in Professor Kisaragi!

The love of your father!

No, it's too late. Honey has already
begun merging with Sister Jill.

She is being reborn as part
of Jill's origin, the tree of life.

It's wonderful.

Reporter! Do you have a gun?

- Here. There's only one bullet.
- That's enough.

Honey! I take back what I said!
We'll do it together!

Your choker!

Honey Flash!

I get it. This is my father's love.

I don't get it!

I had thrown away love,
that weak part of humans.

And I was trying to lead you to being
perfection, but why do you reject it?

What a comfortable feeling.
Is this your heart?

It's not only mine.
It's everyone's... the heart that loves.

Love, huh?
How do you attain that?

That's the feeling I don't understand.

It's easy. You must learn
to love something yourself.

Thanks, daddy. See ya!

Honey! Are you all right?

I'm glad you're safe.


You called my name for
the first time. I'm so happy.

No. I thought you don't
like women who cw.

You're going to live a boring
life that will last an eternity.

You will have to witness the
unchanging foolishness of humanity.

Lady Honey,

you will continue to live forever,

and will go through the same pain
that my lord has known.

Oh, that won't happen.

Because I love these
people and the world.

I see.

Please go, Lady Honey.
I will stay with Lord Jill for eternity.

It's all over.

No, we don't know your true identity.

That anti-nanomachine you mentioned.

You were going to use it
to capture Honey, weren't you?

That's correct.

Honey, be careful about this guy.
He's actually...

I know.

What was it...

An agent with the American NSA, right?

If you knew, why...

Because, he said he was on my side.

Thank you, Honey.




You saved me.

Thank you, Goki, Todoroki.

And I'd like to thank you, Honey.

Oh, I didn't do anything to
deserve your gratitude.

Nat-chan, you're cute when you smile.

I agree!

And what are you going to do now?

Right. Maybe I'll start a private
investigation office with Honey.

Of course! I'm all for it!

Thank you, Honey.

So please help us too.

Hmph. You'll just be investigating
cheating spouses.

But, if I have to...

Then we should get straight to work.

I'll introduce you. This is Goki.

Hello. This is my card.

Oh, thank you.

And this is Todoroki.

Nice to meet you!

- I'm opening a detective agency.
- Yes!

Honey, what are you doing?
We're going! Come on!