Cute Devil (2018) - full transcript

I've cut it. Miho!

I've cut it!

Cute Devil

The law school student Kazuki Tozuka
has been arrested as a suspect...

in the case of a 42-year-old male attorney
whose penis was cut off.

The suspect is suspected to have cut off
the attorney's genitals in a fit of rage...

after learning of an affair between
the male attorney and his wife.

Reportedly, the wife just stood there
and watched as her husband...

committed the heinous act,
without even trying to stop him.

Excuse me!

Are you Mrs. Miho Tozuka?

I am Noritsuki, a reportage writer.

Reportage Writer
Noritsuki Mamoru

I have some questions for you
regarding the incident.

It will take just a second!

Please! I want to save you!

You didn't do anything wrong.
I will prove that.

A little bit of time will do.
I will leave right away after some questions.

Please! Just a little bit!


What's up?

Nobody can hear us while
we are in here.

- But…
- I will be quick. Please.

First of all, what do you think
about the reports so far?

Do you have any argument against them
describing you as an evil woman?

It's all my fault.

There isn’t a more attractive career
than being an attorney.

Representing people who are criticized by society
or who get in trouble is an incredible thing.

People can finally become revitalized
and move on with their life.

That kind of thing makes me happy.
It is a very rewarding job.

Can I do it?

You'll do fine.

You studied law too,
so it's a piece of cake.

Please ask me anytime you have
any inquires.


What's up?

I think I'm nervous.
My hands are very sweaty.

See? It's a lot.

I hate it.

The boss at your law firm,
Shoichi Kuwata, harassed you sexually.

Am I right?

He was your boss.

You couldn't cut him off right away
and the relationship lingered.

Am I right?

In reality, you were the victim.

A Christmas present.

Thank you ver much.

- May I open it?
- Please do.

It's beautiful!

It looks good on you.

I'm happy.

But I can't accept this kind of thing.


I wouldn’t know what to say
to my husband.

You can tell him that your boss gave it to you.
There is nothing weird about it.

Do you think so?

It looks good on you.

You are pretty.


I can't.


You told your husband that your boss harassed
you sexually and raped you twice, right?

Mr. Kuwata told me something different.

It wasn't sexual harassment but
a romantic relationship.

Intercourse did not happen twize
but rather six times.

Who is telling me the truth?

Sorry, Kazuki.

I didn't know what to do.

Forgive me.

I have no one but you, Kazuki.

I don't want to leave you.

I don't want to leave you, either.


I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry

You used to come here
with Mr. Kuwata, didn’t you?

Even wearing anime cosplay costumes?

The two of you were enjoying an affair.

No other interpretation seems plausible.

Did you enjoy the affair?

You did, didn't you?
What is the truth?

Did Mr. Kuwata force you to wear
those costumes?

That's also a form of sexual harassment...

Do you remember me?

I know a lot about you.

I know your favorite songs, food and clothing.
I know everything.

I was born to save you.

Come in.

Excuse me.

- You must be Mrs. Miho Tozuka.
- That's correct.

I thought you went home already.

There's some extra work…

But I'm glad that you saved my day.

You work at the law firm upstairs,
don’t you?

You must be very clever!

- I'm just a part-timer.
- That doesn't change that you're clever!

Please take these cream puffs.

- Can I?
- You really saved me.

- Thank you very much.
- Then I'll accept them gladly!

Thank you for your work tonight.

Those cream puffs were so delicious.

You being a reportage writer was
a lie, right?

Sorry! I thought you wouldn't
meet with me without that title.

I'm leaving.

I want to save you!

Being criticized by other people
makes you angry, doesn’t it?

I want to prove your innocence.

I got fired after the incident.

I was told I neglected my job,
but I don't care what they say.

I'll become a reportage writer
for you, starting today.

I will find out what really happened
and save you.

The suspect, Tozuka, and his wife
have been married for 2 years.

Reportedly, the wife supported
him financially.

The neighbors told us that they
were very intimate with each other.

However, she kept the affair with her boss
secret from her husband.

Are you the landlord?


I'm Noritsuki, a reportage writer.

Can we talk?


Is your body okay?

I managed to start working again,
but as you can see…

I'm not a man anymore.

Mr. Kuwata, do you hate Mr. Tozuka?

I can't say I have no hateful feelings
for him, but I think I deserved it.

My stupidity caused this incident.

I got punished.

It's a high price.

I did a very stupid thing.

You have a decent career
as an attorney.

In addition, you have a wife
and three children.

You seem to have a fulfilling life.

Why did you get Mrs. Miho involved
in this?

You are lying.

You said that you never sexually harassed her
and that you had a romantic relationship.

But in reality, you used your status
as her boss to play her, didn’t you?

That's not true.

Is your reputation that important?

Don't you think that she must
be the one who is lying?

She lied to maintain the relationship
with her husband.

Mrs. Miho wouldn't do such a thing!


Did you get busted?

I'm sorry.

Your name came up at some point…

So I can't see you anymore.

No choice, then.

I've realyy enjoyed the time with you.

I will always remember it fondly.

This must be our last time together.

My hands are very sweaty…

One more time...

Once more, for the last time.

- No, I can't!
- Miho!

This is our last time together…

This is…




Have you been in contact with
Mrs. Miho since the incident?

Not at all. It's not possible.

Mr. Kuwata, you're lying again.

You are in contact with her,
aren’t you?

The apartment where Mrs. Miho lives…
Who is the owner of the property?

Mr. Kuwata, isn't it you?

Doesn't look good, does it?

This might affect you negatively
during the trial.

Don't you think you should
cut ties with Mrs. Miho?

Okinawa Pub and Club
1-Hour All-You-Can-Eat
3,000 Yen

Pub and Club


I'm Noritsuki. I called earlier.

- The reportage writer?
- That's right.

I can only talk until customers
come in.

I'm fine with that.
Just a little talk will do.

- Do you want something to drink?
- A beer, please.

What do you want to hear about Miho
after all these years?

Ms. Shirakawa, you were her classmate
during her middle school days.

She came here with the attorney.
That's when we reunited.

What kind of student was Mrs. Miho?

She was an earnest student.
She even became the class representative.

Was she an earnest and mature student?

Hmm… But she was popular
among boys.

I see…

I don't know if she realized it, but the boys
were very excited about her.

She had lots of trouble because of that.

I once heard a rumor that
she was mature yet horny.

She even cried once.

She seemed to have a strict family.
Even her father visited the school once.

Were you close with Mrs. Miho?

I guess so.

After our reunion, she sometimes
came here for a drink.

Of course that ended after the incident.

I'm drunk… I don't think I'll
ever become a good bar girl…

I don't flirt with customers enough, so the
owner might fire me for the low revenue.

Well, I have no choice.
The bar is totally empty, as you can see.

- Mr. Noritsuki?
- Yes?

Do you like Miho too?

Everybody likes Miho.


Kiss me!

You're cute.

You must be Mr. Nameoka.

I'm Noritsuki, a reportage writer.

Tozuka is an earnest and kind guy.

I think everything is his wife's fault.

Why is that?

I don't like saying this,
but his wife is very cruel.

She had an affair and lied to Tozuka.

I think Tozuka was played by her.
Nothing more.

Mr. Tozuka used violence
against her…

That must be incorrect.

I mean, he is deeply in love with her.

That's not possible.

He came to me once to talk
about his wife's affair.

He was pissed.

He told me that the guy
ass-fucked her.

I'd be angry as well.

Their pride as a couple was violated.

No way! I can't believe that.

I think she is very good at those things.

And I interpret this incident as
the result of his penis complex.

Penis complex?

Tozuka's penis is incredibly small.
I saw his once, in the shower room.

It's about the size of a pinky.

That's why he has an intense complex
about other people's penises.

His rage exploded and the incident
was the result.

That's my theory.

Is it really that simple?

What else could it be?

Mr. Tozuka, the suspect, said that he threw
the severed penis into this river.

The search for it has been ongoing
since the incident.

However, the thrown-away penis
has not yet been found.

Why can't I forget and move
on from this?

My hands are very sweaty.


I can't come here anymore.

The trial is still ongoing.

If they find out I'm still in contact
with you, it won't look good.

I see.

I'm the one who turned your body
into this.

I don't care about that anymore.

We have to think about ourselves
from now on.

How about selling this apartment
and going back to your hometown?


Money for you.

- That's not necessary.
- It's alright.

Sorry for the trouble.

I have a question.

What is it?

Did you send a letter to my
house before the incident?

A letter…

What kind of letter?

It contains a warning about
our affair.

Why would I send such a letter?

- In order to warn Kanae…
- I wouldn't do such a thing!

It's all over, anyway. My bad.

Okay. Bye.


Nobody ever tries to understand me.

They only think about themselves.


What do you want to hear
after all this?

Why are you still in contact
with Mr. Kuwata?

How was sex with Mr. Kuwata?

You can't stop even if you want to.

Was it really that good?

Does he satisfy you more than
your husband with his tiny penis?

Is it true that you had anal sex
with Mr. Kuwata?

I can't understand you anymore.

Were you not forced by Mr. Kuwata?


That tickles!


Give it back!

This is an erogenous zone.


Not there…

No! It's dirty! No! Not there!


Not there!

It's twitching.

You have no choice.

No… Not there…

You're still a virgin there, right?

I want to be the first to do you that way.

No way...

Assume the correct position
and raise your ass.

How is it? Does it hurt?

It feels weird.



I think Kanae is getting suspicious.

It's time for us to focus on our work.


I still don't want to leave you!

Be careful. We will be in trouble
if anybody sees us like this.


But I…

It's okay. Yes.

I'm going to save you.

Sorry. I've brought some work home.

I have to complete this document today.

What's up?

Is Kuwata still around?

It's my job. I have no choice.


But we don't do those things

Can’t you just quit your job?

How would we pay the bills then?

No other choice. Just wait for a bit.

Wait! Stop! Stop!

You must be still seeing him!

You're still fucking him and
I know it!

What are you talking about?

Miho! Miho! Tell me the truth!
The truth!

I will forgive anything! Okay?

If you don't, I might go crazy.

Nothing is going on with him anymore.

That's a lie!

You're fucking him!









What is this?

- Why do you have a scar here?
- Stop!

Did you get that scar from fucking Kuwata?

Stop it! You're wrong!

Then why do you have a scar here?

Miho! Please…

Tell me the truth!

Please… Miho!

I'm sorry.

He anally raped me.

He overpowered me.

There was nothing I could do.

Mrs. Miho!

What are you thinking?

You are seeing Kuwata again.

What do you like about him?

He lost his dick!
He isn't even a man anymore!

I'm disappointed!

The real Miho isn't like this.

You are cute.

There is nobody cuter than
you in this world.

Please show me your real self.

The kind and cute, earnest
and mature Miho.

That kind of woman does not
exist in this world.

Let's put an end to this.

I'm going to save you!

I will do it no matter what!


I will do anything for you!
I was born to save you!

I'm not the woman in your head.

- Please make this your last visit.
- Don't go!

Stop it! No!

I think about you all day!

You are with me, wherever I go!

When I get into a tub,
I see you in the water.

When I go to bed at the night,
I see you on the ceiling.

Even when I board a train, I see
your reflection in the window.

I have no one else but you!

Please! Mrs. Miho…

Please don't go!

You've wanted this, haven’t you?

Do as you like.

I will let you do it for this time only.

No! No!

You're wrong!

I don't want this!

This is not my intention!

I just want to have a proper conversation
with you this time. Just the two of us.

I want to know everything about you.

It's me! Ayaka! Are you there?

Please leave.

Miho! Let's drink!

I've brought you some booze.


Thank you for the other night.

We have some history together,
don’t we?

We kissed.

That’s not true!

Did I interrupt you?

Not really.

Actually, I've been worried about you.

But guys are still flocking to you.

Miho is as popular as always.


Marathon is a very intense exercise.

It is a game to challenge yourself.

I'm not really stoic,
so I can't compete well.

If I were an earnest guy like Tozuka,
I'd become better at marathons.

Was Mr. Tozuka good at marathons?

He has a weak heart.

He couldn't make it because
of his weakness.

He used to get a stomach ache and
diarrhea even after a short run.

Why are you here again?

There is nothing more to tell you.

I want to know more about Mr. Tozuka.

I want to understand why
he did that kind of thing.

As I said, I think it's because
of his penis complex.

Maybe you are right.

But nobody knows the real truth.

I just want to find out as much
as I can about him.

This is a secret.

Actually, I had sex with Tozuka's
wife once.

No way!

The three of us went back
to his house after drinking.


I've been in love with you!

Please keep this secret, okay?

- That's a lie!
- It's not a lie.

She was so horny that I couldn't
help it.

You've only given me false information!

What are you talking about?

Mrs. Miho wouldn't do such a thing!

Aren't you the one with the
penis complex?

You lying bastard!

What are you doing?

Are you sick in the head?

To Mr. Kazuki Tozuka
Honcho 1-13-13, Musashino, Tokyo

I will tell you everything about
the incident.

I will take the witness stand
at the trial.

Before that, I want to tell
you everything.

What are you doing?

I'm writing a script.

What is this?

I'm going to punish Kuwata.

Attorneys are good at talking.

If he logically argues with me,
I will never win.

I can't beat him with words.

So I'm making a decent plan.

A plan for what?

If he doesn't apologize,
I will chop off his penis.

Don't do it! What difference
would it make?

I can't let him go on with his life
without facing any consequences.


I'm going to save you.
I'm going to save you from hell.

You don't have to do such a thing.

I'm fine.

How can you be fine?

You always try to smile no matter what.

Miho, you are my angel.

If you don't smile from the bottom
of your heart, I can't live.


That guy committed a sin and should
be punished.

No matter what...

We can't let this matter linger
like this.

As long as I achieve that, I don't
care what happens to me.

If only you can smile…

That doesn't make sense.
You should think this through.

What do you think?

- Can you really cut with that?
- Well… I don't know.

It should work better than
a pair of scissors.

It cuts really well!

I still think we shouldn't do this.

I won't stop.

I will do it no matter what.

Please stop!

You will be in big trouble.

I'm kidding!

Did you really think I'd actually
do it?

It's kind of a lucky charm.
I'll only use it to threaten him.

Anyway, we have to strictly
follow our script.

You're right.

I don't think you can do anything
with this tiny cutter.

Mr. Kuwata!

You've repeatedly sexually harassed
my wife.

You used your status as her boss
to force her into something cruel.

Isn't that right?

I've never done such a thing.

My wife has told me that
you raped her twice.

Is rape not a sin?


Why did you lie to him?

We had a consensual relationship.

How can it be consensual?

Don't make things up!

I will never forgive you!

You have to be punished for
what you've done to Miho!

You even fucked her in the ass!

Miho! Say something!

Shut up!

Stop it!

Stop this man!

Stop him, please!

I've cut it…
Miho… Miho…

I've cut it!

It's over now.

That's all.

That's a lie.

The one who threw away
the penis was not your husband!

- It was you!
- You are wrong.

Why are you lying?

Why? Mrs. Miho!

Please tell me the truth!

The truth?

I did it.

I fucking did it!

It's over now.


Kazuki, tell people that he
threw away the penis.

So that's the truth.

That's a lie!

Mrs. Miho!
Why do you keep lying?

I've seen everything!

I've cut it!

So, tell me the truth!
At least tell me the truth!

You hated Kuwata to the extent
you wanted to kill him…

You're wrong.
I tried to stop Kazuki.

That's a lie!

I was watching you, only you.

That's the reason I know.

Why didn't you stop me
if you were watching me?


You trying to save me is a lie!

Everybody only thinks about themselves.

Why don't you tell me the truth first?


You wrote these, didn’t you?

Kazuki became suspicious of me
after reading these.

You even sent letters to Mr. Kuwata.

because of that, our lives
have become a mess.

It was all for you, Mrs. Miho…

- Stop it now!
- Everything was for you!

Go away, you liar!

Mrs. Miho!

Stop it now!

Why does everyone make me suffer?


Stop it now!

I've been watching you.

Coming to the workplace, working...

Walking with your husband...

Starting the affair with Mr. Kuwata...

I can't just forget all that.

I've tried to forget you several times.

I can't forget you, no matter what I try.

That's ridiculous.

I hate men! I hate them!

I hate them!


Show me your real self
one more time.

No! I don't want to!



No! No!



No! Don't!


I love you more than anyone.

This is the last time.

Please put an end to this.


We will be still together after death…

I thought I would die.

Are you done now?

It's not over yet.

I have to cut off your dick
because you've behaved badly.

What a good boy.

Nana Nanaumi

Yusuke Sugiyama

Keita Kanegae

Chihiro Goto / Tatsumi Shiga

Sayaka Shimura / Mana Minamihisamatsu
Akira Nishii

Takashi Hagino

Executive Producer:
Tsuyoshi Shimada

Planning: Junpei Tsuchida
Producers: Katsuhisa Akai & Hiroyuki Takase

Shinji Imaoka

Music: Daisuke Tadokoro
Art Director: Kunihiko Ugai
Director of Photography: Kazuhiro Suzuki
Lighting: Reiji Ookubo
Audio Recording: Ataru Ueda

Hair & Make-up: Beauty Saguchi
Special Effects: Yoshinari Dohi
Assistant Director: Yozo Tainaka

Directed by
Hisayasu Sato