Cute, But Ordinary (2013) - full transcript

Edgard (João Miguel) works as a subordinate in the company of millionaire Werneck (Gracindo Junior) and is in love with Ritinha (Leandra Leal), a simple woman who works as a teacher to support her mother and her three sisters. One day, Peixoto (Leon Góes), Werneck's son-in-law, makes him a proposal to marry Maria (Leticia Colin), the boss's daughter. The reason is that Maria was abused and now is being forced to marry by her family. Edgard hesitates first but accepts the offer. From then on he enters into a great doubt: should he deposit the check and marry Maria or stay with Ritinha, his great love?

Listen up!

This is a story
About not giving up

Because a true wise guy
Never quits

Mind made up
One way or another

Unbreakable body
Like any caboclo

And it doesn't matter whether
it's night or day

Because a lowlite with style
ls always in tashion

What happened
Was kinda like this

What l'm telling you
ls what she told me

Wanna come up?
She told me

Wanna stay over?
She told me

Take it easy, now
She told me

For love or tor toolishness
ls what she told me

Then l said, does it matter

With good intentions
And good disposition

And a chat
With no chit-chat

lt the intention is the same
Tell me, what's the hurry?

l said l like this
She said ''me too''

l said l like that
She said ''me too''

lt's as it we
Already knew each other

lt's getting hot and heavy
Just watch it, man

Then it was a wine glass
No problem at all

A tape on the stereo
And roll another one

At first, it's the same old story

l'm not like that
l'm not like that

Everybody's in the red
Brother, that's that

A lot ot passion,
not a lot ot commitment

l say something silly and
she smiled at me

Because what happened
Was a little like this


You're up high, l'm up high,
lt's time to come clean.

To tell it all.

l'm gonna asl another question.

Are you ambitious,
do you want to move up?

Am l ambitious?
A lot, man !

Do you lnow a guy
named Otto?

-Otto Lara Resende?
-The goldsmith?

-l don't lnow what that is!
-He worls with gold.

No, man, Otto writes,
l mean, he's dead.

He was from Minas Gerais,
a journalist.

Otto is the greatest, man.

And Otto has a quote
that l consider excellent.

Listen up.

He said: ''Mineiro is
compassionate in cancer''.

What do you thinl?

''Mineiro is compassionate in cancer.''
lt's a jole.

That's the thing, Dr. Peixoto,
it's no jole!

First time l heard it,
l found it funny, laughed and all...

but then came the reaction,
that stayed with me...

l can't thinl of anything else.
My word of honor, buddy.

-lt's a quote, man !
-A quote?

But a quote
that penetrated me...

that is eating me up inside,
it's a rodent quote!

You follow? A quote...

-What's behind the quote?
-Olay, what?

lt's not the mineiro,
not just the mineiro...

lt's man, it's the human being.

Me, you, anyone...
We're just compassionate in cancer, see?

-So what?
-So what?

Why have moralisms
if man is only compassionate in cancer?

l want to win, boy.
l want to move up.

Yeah !

Now, out of curiosity.

-What would you do to get rich?

Dr. Peixoto, with Otto's quote
with me, l have no flag.

And what's more,
l'm the son of a man...

l'll tell you.

My dad, my old man here...

my old man, when he died...

they had to asl for money.
Pony up for the funeral, get it?

You're laughing?

The quote Otto taught me.

Now, l want a coffin
with that glass, you lnow?

Funeral with style, mausoleum,

l'm not meant for a shallow grave!

l'm not meant for a shallow grave!

Say it.

Now you gotta say it.

What do you want from me?

Boy, it's simple.
You won't lill anyone.

-You'll just get married.

Just get married.

So who's the lucly lady?

The lucly lady? A millionaire.
Best family in Brazil.

Yeah? Dr. Peixoto, l'm brole,
l'm a piece of shit. l hang up.

Yes, that's true,
but doesn't matter.

You hear me? A mineiro is
only compassionate in cancer, right?

-Only in cancer!
-So leave it to me.

You come in with sex,
and the girl with the money.

Lool, beautiful, man !
And such a pretty thing!

l'm in. l'll marry right now.
l'll do it!

l always lile classy women,
l don't lnow why.

Well, rich women
are the only clean women !

-Women with money don't even sweat!
-You sleaze!

-Don't even sweat!

l'm not meant for a shallow grave!

That's right!

l want a funeral with style!

With style!

With style!

With style!


Wale up, Edgar.
Dr. Peixoto is here.

-Oh, mom!
-Dr. Peixoto is here!

-Dr. Peixoto?

-At this time?
-Hi! Can we come in?

Oh ! Oh, Dr. Peixoto.

-Please excuse the mess.
-Not at all, ma'am!

This place is a mess.

-So, if you'll excuse me.

-Would you lile some coffee?
-Coffee? l would. l would.

Go, mom.

Mom. Have you brushed
your teeth, Dinor??

-l'll do it later.
-Lool here.

You won't get coffee.
No brushing, no coffee.

-Go, move, girl!
-Just a minute, l'm reading. One minute.

Oh, no! Every day! Go!

You're annoying!

Here's the thing, l came
to tall about our tall yesterday.

-By the way, Dr. Peixoto...
-No, no, no...

Let's drop the ''doctor'', please.

lt's just that yesterday,
l embarrassed myself...

l dranl, l can't drinl.
When l drinl...

So l must have said stupid things
l... you...

Forgive me, olay?

Don't worry.

Just the opposite, man,
you were brilliant...

That quote from Otto!

-The cancer quote, my boy!

The mineiro.
About the mineiro, Edgar. Say it.

-A mineiro is only compassionate in cancer.
-Exactly, my boy!

-So, you...
-That's silly.

No, absolutely,
because it is silly.

-Why is it silly?

-What l wanted to say is...
-No, l...

You had a brilliant
interpretation, my boy.

-Actually, l wanted to say...
-Just a moment!

One moment, my boy.
One moment.

You say it's not the mineiro,
but the human being.

The human being himself.

And if the human being is that,
everything is allowed!

l agree, l'm of the same opinion.

-No, it wasn't exactly lile that...
-lt was. lt was.

l have good memory, my boy.

But doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter.

-You too, Aurora?
-Give me patience!

-No, come here.
-What is it, Ritinha? Damn !

Come here, Aurora,
let me see your ears.

That's it, let me see.

-Lool, didn't l tell you? Dirty!
-l clean my ears!

-You don't do it right...
-Jesus Christ! Gimme me a breal!

Don't cut me off!

lf you cleaned them,
l'll show you.

Lool here, lool! Dirty!

ls it my fault there's no water
in this damn building?

Go wash it with soap.

You have a boyfriend, remember, Aurora?

Do you what men notice
the most in women? Hygiene.

Men can't stand
dirty women.

-Let me lnow if there's enough sugar.
-Let me see.

Thanls, ma'am.

-Do you want any more?
-lt's perfect.

So if you'll excuse me.

There's lollipops too,
if you want it.

No lollipops, no.
No lollipops.

So, Edgar, is the marriage on?

Lower your voice.

But this wedding
is a jole, right?

Not at all, brother!

A jole?

Let me be clear.

Lool. Let's sit down.

A certain family, one
of the best in the country...

one of the best, entrusted me
to find a husband, understand?

A husband to the girl.

The girl, who by the way, is beautiful.

You can be that husband.

Would you male the decision, doctor?

Do you male the decision...

the girl has no say?

Sucler! Sucler!
Do you have morals?

Let's be clear.

Why would this girl
want to marry a stranger?

Because l'm an unlnown.

The family, the father, mother?

lt's hot in here, man !

Let me tell you something.
l'll explain and you'll understand.

This girl suffered an accident,

A special lind of accident.

She went to a slum,
she was dancing.

Suddenly, out of nowhere,
five blacl men appear.

Slum, dangerous place.
Drug dealers.

They got the girl, dragged her,
abused her, boy.

They went to town on her, see?

You can imagine the rest, right?

Now you lnow,
would you marry her?

Lower your voice.

To just marry, lile that?

Especially with
that thing there...

-those feeling issues.
-Feeling issues!

Let's say l accept,
just hypothetically...

the girl could not lile me.
Then what?

l'm still not in, ol?

-Man, wait a minute.
-l'm not in.

She lnows you, she's seen you,
and let me tell you...

she chose you !

She lnows me?

From where?

-Miss Rita!

Olay, easy. Easy.
lt's me, there there.

-No, you're not Miss Rita.
-lt's me, mommy.

lt's me, sit here.

-Sit here, it's me. Come on.
-Hold on to mommy.

-Don't let mommy wall bacl.
-Como here, mommy.

-lt is Miss Rita.
-lt's me, mommy. See?

Miss Rita, there's been a robbery
At the post office.

And they say it was me!

-They say l stole!

-l'll have to pay it bacl!
-No, mommy, no!

Mommy, it's over.
lt's over, it's over.

No, no, no, mommy. No.

Easy, easy, easy.
lt's over.

-lt's over.
-lt's all going baclwards.

No, mommy, it's not.

-l'm going baclwards.
-No, mommy!

Mommy, calm down !

Lool, calm down.

You're not Miss Rita.

lt's me, mom!

l'm your daughter.
l'm Miss Rita.

That's right.

Yes, see?

Good morning.

-You're going into town?
-Going to school.

-l'll tale you.
-No, thanls. No need to.

My jeep is here.

l have an appointment.
Excuse me, Edgar.

-Want a ride?

-l'll give you a ride.
-l'd rather tale the bus.

Let me tale you,
l'll tale you to school.

-Ow, Edgar!
-Come on !

-Playing hard to get!

-Lool, l'm already late.

-l'll accept...
-That's right!

but you should lnow
it's just one time.

-First and last time.
-No, stop!

-Come, come.
-Never again.

Hey Brazilian, today there's
a guest of honor!

l'm only taling it
because l'm late.

-This car is too high !
-Already complaining?

lt's a historic car.

-Pre-historic, right?

-Just lile that.

don't tall bad about my car.

Let's go, Brazilian !

Edgar, sorry,
but l gotta go.

-Just a moment.
-No, no, l mean it.

He got emotional
with you here.

-Seriously, now.
-This car lile me.

-Sorry, l've an appointment.

-Edgar, how do you open the door?
-Just a minute!

-Open up this door, please!
-l lnow what the problem is!

l gotta go, you go with me.
On foot to the bus.

-Olay, it's solved.

Lool, Edgar, if you don't start it this time,
really, l'll have to go.

No, you won't have to
because it'll worl.

This car never left me hanging.

Let's go, Brazilian !

That's it!

Now we pray the brales worl,
they were bad yesterday...

Stop it!

Come on, brother! Get off!

Why so tast?

-l lile speeding.
-Alright, easy there, Edgar.

Scared, Ritinha?

Not really,
but you're going too fast.

What if l lidnapped you, Ritinha?

Huh? To be lidnapped!

Don't jole with that, Edgar,
for the love of God! Stop!

-Kidnapped! You're lidnapped!

Edgar, stop!

-Let's run away!
-Will you stop, Edgar? Jesus!

Stop, stop. Lool,
if you don't stop it...

l'll jump, olay?
l'll jump!

Go, jump. Jump!
l wanna see it.


Damn, Edgar, awful timing!

-But gimme a liss first.

Just a liss!



l'll stop here, there's no one.

And now, you either liss me
or we stay here.

-lf l liss you, you promise...?
-l promise.

-You swear?

l'll close my eyes,
and you liss me, olay?

-Come on.
-No, no, no, don't touch me.

Stay away, close your eyes.

Kiss me, liss me.

On the cheel, Ritinha?
On the mouth ! That's it, mouth.

-What the hell!
-Don't male fun of me.

On the mouth !
Mouth, ol?

l'll do it, but l'll do it
under coercion.

-Yeah, coercion.

-lt is!
-So, give me the ''coerced'' liss.


l'll close my eyes, olay?

Wait, wait...

Just a little.

-Kiss, liss, liss.

-Kiss, liss, liss.
-Stop it, stop!

-Stop, Edgar!
-Kiss, Ritinha.

-Stop, stop! Lile that, no!

-Stop being silly!
-Stop, stop! Stop!

No, stop!

What's that, my brother?

-l wanna lnow, too.
-Get off!

-l want it too!

What leaves anymore? What!


-Ritinha, sorry.
-Stop, stop!

Listen, Ritinha, what l did was...


lt was awful, unworthy...

That guy arrived at
the exact moment, did you see?

He saved you,
and me as well.

Ritinha, sorry.


-You're mad at me, right?

l'm very mad,
what did you want?

l learned more in that hour
than in my entire life.

Edgar, why did you do this?
Why, God?

Ritinha, l almost abused you

because the mineiro
is only compassionate in cancer!

-What about the mineiro?
-Understand, for the love of God!

l wanted to abused you because
this phrase is in me...

here with me.
Day and night!

l can't thinl of anything else.

l'll end up insane, dammit!

And l tell you, it'd be for the best.


changing the subject.

Had you ever lissed someone?
Lile that?


l was the first one?

Sit down.

So you mean you
already lnow everyone?

-Yeah, Peixoto...
-l told him more or less.

So you lnow the girl...

the girl who suffered an accident,
because it was an accident...

just lile a car crash,
a fall...

Well, she's my daughter.

The boss' daughter,
that's important.

Your boss' daughter, understand?

Yes, sir.

l liled your inflection.

l lile it, it's lile,
how can l say this...

Excuse me, Heitor.

What happened to my daughter
happened, but...

she's the purest girl.

l can say that,
up until what happened...

she had never been lissed
by a man.

-l can swear, l swear on everything.
-L?gia, you're in the way.

-There was not a more virginal girl.
-That is true, yes.

But let's get to the point.

You worl at the company
for about 12 years, right?

-11 years, doctor.
-He came in before l did

11 years?

And you worled your way up, from nothing.

-What was your first job there?
-l thinl...

office assistant.

-What, Heitor!

Of course, it's a lie.
You were an office-boy!

Office-boy. Wasn't he

Office-boy, yeah.

-Really, l...
-You were an errand boy.

Get it in your head: office-boy.

Heitor, you are
humiliating the boy.

l insist on it because
this humiliation is not gratuitous.

Not at all.

You, as a former office-boy,
will be able to appreciate...

the money, the status, the class
of my daughter.

l'm even considering giving you
a Country Club membership.

-Tell him, Peixoto...

how much a
Country Club membership costs.

-R$ 200.000, buddy.
-200 thousand!

200 thousand to a former errand boy.
Ain't that something?

l want you to feel inferior
to my daughter.


That's even offensive.

-May l speal?
-Sit, boy, l'm not done.

Get me a whisly, please.

l want you to marry
my daughter.

Me, l would prefer it if
she travelled...

if she went to New Yorl,

but my wife...

is dramatic, thinls
she has to marry. Olay!

But with a pre-nup.

Well, if l really were to marry, l...

Speal up.


l thinl that...

a pre-nup is just,
the standard, and l also prefer it.

Bullcrap, boy, you don't!

-Are you.
-Sit down, l'm not done.


You're obsessed with
standing up.

Pre-nup, but the money,
will be plentiful.

lt won't be different,
it's almost the same.

And you tall...

as if you had just
bought a son in law.

l can't stand it, Heitor.

l'm going inside.

-Excuse me.
-Of course.

Heitor, you're a good man.

You're a good man.

That's what l need now.

Tereza, put out that cigarette!

And you,
you never say anything!

lt goes little by little,
just lile goat shit!

-Say something!
-l'll say something.

-l will.
-But sit.

Listen here...


And you too, Peixoto.
You're no doctor.

And lool, l won't
marry your daughter.

l won't,

l'll quit my job now,
and you can sticl...

the 11 years, the stability,
whatever else, up your ass!

And lnow that l'm
a former office boy...

l'm a former office boy, yes!

And you're the son of a bitch !

Son of a bitch !

Didn't you explain it to him, Peixoto?

Lower your head.
Lower your head.

-Do it, Miss lvete, do it.
-Lower it!

Hey mom, Rita leeps getting,
hotter and hotter.


-You'll end up lile your father.

Ritinha is a cute little thing.

Olay, olay.

What a mess in this building.

A man is forced to shower
with a pan. Goddammit!

-lt's Brazil!
-Stop cursing.

Just lile your father.

Someone's at the door.

Come on in,
come on in.

-Thanls. You've met?
-How are you?

-l am.

Maria Cec?lia.

-Come in, please.
-Where's this boy?

You disappeared!

-Hi, Maria Cec?lia.
-How are you?

Sit down, Maria Cec?lia.

Edgar, Maria Cec?lia
wants to tall to you.

To me?

-A subject.
-Another thing...

your job's still there!
lt's yours.

l quit.

Dr. Wernecl didn't accept
your resignation, my boy!

-Lool, you're still getting paid.
-That's not fair.

-Daddy liles you a lot, Edgar!

l was humiliated.

-Stop it, boy!
-Of course!

Aren't you annoying!

Edgar is the only guy
who still feels shame in Brazil.

-And the Otto Lara quote, boy?
-Forget that, Peixoto.

Forget it.
Maria Cec?lia also lnows it.

Do you?

The mineiro is only compassionate in cancer.

-Silliness of Otto Lara.
-Not silly, no. Why silly?

lt's literature!

Lool, Edgar, Maria Cec?lia
wants to tall to you...

and l'll tale a wall.

Excuse me.

Would you lile a lollipop?

-l would!

The pinl one.

-Excuse me.
-Be right bacl.

See you.

So, l came here.

Sorry, Maria Cec?lia,
l'm sorry.


l wanted you to
go tall to daddy.

-With your dad, l won't tall.
-Even if l asl?

-Maria Cec?lia...

-Maria Cec?lia...

Maria Cec?lia, one moment.
l'm the son of a man...

who died at the Santa Casa.
You lnow?

At the asylum.

My dad, until he died, was proud.
To the end, he was proud.

-Got it?
-May l tall?


l thinl l don't lnow,
it's an impression.

l thinl you're ashamed,
you were an office boy.


No way, why would l?

-No shame.
-You are!

lf you don't lnow, an office boy
is lile anyone else.

A human being, got it?

So, explain.

-Explain what?
-Why you're all red.

You were, Edgar, you were.
You got all red.

You were and you're getting red again.
Let me tall.

Maria Cec?lia, l don't want
to be a playboy, understand?

-Let me tell you something.

-Edgar, to me, that has its charm!
-What does?

You having been an errand boy.

Remember when l was little?

You would come over.

Once, you brought
a puppy in a baslet, remember?

l do.

l was looling at you.

But you didn't even notice.

Once, you had lunch in the litchen.

You were wearing a...

lhali uniform.

Khali uniform.


Were you offended?

Why was l offended?

l don't lnow either.
l thinl it's beautiful!

To be the wife of
a former office-boy.

A former office-boy!

lt's hot!

l thinl.

Boy. Boy.



ls it olay for me to train?

Dr. Wernecl.

Hi. You wanted to tall to me?

l'm sorry to come to you here,

but l wanted to tall
to you really quicl.

Olay. Wait outside, ol?

We'll tall out there.

There. Yeah.

Let's go.

So, what's with the quote?

l'm sorry?

Otto's phrase.
lsn't Otto?

-Otto Lara.
-Yeah, man, l admire it.

l thinl it's spectacular.

You lnow it's getting popular?

Peixoto is spreading it
to everyone.

The guys at the Country Club
greet each other lile that.

Shouting to each other from their seats,
out loud:

''The mineiro is only
compassionate in cancer''.

Stupid jole, right?

-l thinl so.

l don't.

l really don't!
At all.

Dr. Wernecl, let's get serious?

-l'm very serious.
-l came here as a man.

Edgar, let me tell you something.

What happened between us,
as the Brazilians say...

was a misunderstanding.

Now, Brazilians
are very cynical, right?

-No, but...
-Let's put an end to that.

lt's not that. l've been bacl
at my job for ten days...

and l'm not satisfied.

What are you complaining about?

lt's just that at the company
they don't give me anything to do...

l don't do anything,
l have no use, Dr. Wernecl.

-l ordered that.
-You did?

-Of course l did.
-But why?

Oh boy!

l don't want it lile that.

Edgar, l quadrupled your salary!

Edgar, you're not just
any employee.

You are my future,
son in law!

-You don't need to worl
-Dr. Wernecl...


l don't want to be the son in law,
l want to worl!

-The guys there...
-Pay no mind!

They tall behind my bacl
and everything.

l feel bad!

And l don't do anything
all day long, doctor!

So don't go there,
stay home.

Wait. Sorry, but,
you're offending me.

-l'm not Peixoto.
-That's what you thinl.

ln Brazil, everyone is Peixoto.

Do me a favor,
get this powder...

and put it on my bacl,

Put it there,
it's very itchy.

Tale it.

Spread it well, ol?

l have a bad itch
on my bacl.

Yes, use your hand, spread it.

-Can you scratch there?

Lower here, yes.

Scratch it.


Dr. Wernecl...

-l have character.
-l just noticed!

Lool how awful!

How can we discuss this
in these clothes?

l lool lile Celso Piccinini's Nero.

What were we talling about?

Ah, character!

You say you have character.
Do you?

-l do.
-Olay, then.

l want this wedding for
my daughter no matter what.

l'll do with you...

the same experiment l did
with Peixoto.

You say you're not Peixoto, right?

-You're not Peixoto.
-l'm not Peixoto.

Very well.
l'll test your character.

lt's just a test.

What's this?

lt's a checl made out to cash.

Read it. Read the amount.

Five million?

Yeah, for free. For you.
Five million.

But... what for?

What for?

lt's the test.

Five million, just go to the banl.

-Five million?
-lt's all yours.

You say you have character,
and l believe you.

So rip it.

Rip it and throw the
pieces at my face.

Or are you a Peixoto?

Nothing but a Peixoto?

You're even lucly.

My daughter is still pure.

So pure she has no soul.

The soul comes with time...

it comes later.

-What are you doing here?
-l came to get you.

Let's go over there.


l have something serious
to tell you.

-Can't it be later?
-l'm in a hurry.

You're annoying!

Calm down !

Understand something, l can't
be seen at worl with you.

lt's not what you're thinling.

Last time, you did
that to me.

Don't smole here, for the love of God!

l just came to say goodbye.


l'm getting married.

You're lying?

Hi, Rita. Excuse me?


So that means...

My last, the last time...

l wanted an hour with you.

-l have responsibilities.
-Don't be silly, Ritinha!

Edgar, no. Please!

Ritinha, lool.

You can't be seen,
neither can l.

l found out a great place,

The most discreet place in the world,
No danger.

-A motel?
-See? You're annoying!

-What place?

l don't lnow.


-The graveyard!

-No! No way! Get lost!
-The graveyard is the perfect place!

Right. And there's more.
Let's go to Caju, ol?

What? Caju?

-Of course!
-lt's far!

S?o Jo?o Batista is no good,
it can have dead bodies...

related to my fianc?e,
friends, and such.

Not at Caju.
There's only riffraff.

l'm so not going.
What a bad ideas!

-Gimme the cigarette. Let's go?
-Here! No way!

Yes, way.

-Wait, Edgar, l'm afraid.

Don't thinl, ol?

No, no, Edgar.

-Come, come here.
-No, stop, stop.

-Here, here. Here.

-You're crazy, Edgar!
-Come. Come!

Get out.

-Come, Ritinha, come!
-God forbid!

l'll say something, ol?

-Don't say nice things.
-Damn, Ritinha!

-l don't lile men who say nice things.

Until today, l've only liled two woman.

l've only met two women
worthy of real love.

Real love.

One is my fianc?e
and the other is you.


-Ritinha, it's our farewell!
-l won't!

Ah, Ritinha...

-How nice!

No, no, no!

Stop, Edgar!

-Come down or lose your shoe.
-So annoying!

There's no one here.
No one!

l'll lill you, hear me?

-Help me out, then.



-l lile you.

l love it.

-And your fianc?e?
-Her, too.

No way.

-You don't lile anyone.

l want you to
liss me here.


Why not?

Do l lnow if l lile dying
with my girlfriends?

Fucl morbidity, Ritinha,
this is paradise!

lt's the last liss.

The last, our goodbye.

You already lissed me
and l don't forget.

Now l want
a given liss, Ritinha.

You want a liss?

l'll give you a liss.

l'll give you a liss, l'll give you everything,
but not for free!

-What do you mean, not for free?
-Yeah !

-R$ 300, it's how much l charge.

-Lool at me, lool.

l wanna see your face.

Ritinha... shit!

What's this, Ritinha?

l'd go on pretending
if it was someone else...

but l lile you.

-You don't lnow me, Edgar.

l'm something else.

The teacher is a masl.

l go with anyone
for money.

-You don't lnow me.

Shit! Fucl!

Don't compare me to your fianc?e.

l'm not in the level
of your fianc?e.

Listen, love.
lt's just a party!

l'll tale you in the car
and bring you bacl.

Leave you at the door.

Let's go?

-Let's go!
-l don't lnow, l'm afraid. And Ritinha?

As if...

Am l not nice to you?

There's gonna be a wicled party
at the rich old dude's.

Food, drinls, all free.

You gotta see his garage,
full of imported cars.

-There's even a Jaguar.
-But it's far, if we tale long...

The fucl it's far.
By car, it's not.

See, Aurora, by car
it's not far!

Let's go, babe?

-Jeez, allright!
-Let's go, Aurora?

l don't lnow, guys.

-Well, l'm not going alone.
-So it's settled.

Your sisters go with us.

-Hey, Arturzinho.
-What's up, Peixoto?

How's the team?

Getting better.

Getting better.

Pillows on the floor,
unmade bed...

-drinling in the afternoon.
-Don't you bother me too!

Listen, Tereza.
You lnow l don't complain much.

l'm a husband who doesn't complain,
but certain things...

Certain things just,
can't happen !

-What can't happen?

Speal Portuguese!

l'm arriving, Arturzinho was living.
Why at my house?


-Mine. lt's my house.
-For the love of God, woman...

why won't you have your
affairs out there?

But it's my house,
isn't it?

ln here, l won't have,
you understand? l won't have it!

-The house is mine. Mine!
-Listen, Tereza...

-Get lost, Peixoto, and lool...
-ln here, l won't have it.

l can see from afar,
you could never be a man !

-This Arturzinho?
-Don't even say his name!

That clown !

Came here to tell me
he's getting married.

To Eliana.

But at least,
l slapped his face!

-Scorned lover, huh !
-What did you thinl it was?

Yes, scorned lover!

But you don't lnow
what that is.

You don't lnow anyone,
you're incapable.

Have you ever liled someone, Peixoto?

-l lile someone.
-l doubt it.

l do.

-You're lying!
-l swear.

l lile a woman.

A woman dirties than you
worse than you.

-l love this woman.
-l doubt it.

Love her.

Can you light this up, please?


What's up, mineiro?

What lind of jole is this?

l don't lnow, l had a drinl.

l didn't have lunch, empty stomach.

l'm finding everything to be

Get me a 12 year-old
whisly, on the rocls.

-How's the phrase going?
-Forget that.

Wait, dammit.
The phrase is your promotion.

Before l forget,
listen, Peixoto...

-No, it's not that.

You thinl my marriage...

you thinl you bought me,
you do!

-Ashamed of me, brother?
-Don't fucl with me, Peixoto!

-l'm also sleazy.
-l'm not sleazy!

l'm not sleazy, hear me?

l won't have it, hear me?
l won't.

Olay, but listen.

Nowadays, in Brazil...


Who's not sleazy the day before,
is on the day after.

-Otto Lara is right.
-Peixoto, lool at you, man.

-You're drunl.
-Drunl? Me?

Shut up!

You thinl you did,
but you didn't buy me.

l didn't sell myself, ol?

l accepted it because
l already lnew Maria Cec?lia.

l lnew l could fall in love
with Maria Cec?lia, ol?

You're in love.

Another one, brother,
another one.

-So come here.

Your neighbor, my boy,
what about her?

-What neighbor?
-What neighbor!

That Ritinha, is her nothing?

-She's dirty, ol?

-Now listen.
-Say it.

l already lile Maria Cec?lia.

Can l say it?

And also, l have
a date with her.

-No, it's quicl.
-So say it.

You say l'm drunl, right?

But listen, every family
has a moment...

a moment when it starts
rotting. You understand?

lt could be the most decent,
dignified in the world.

One day a pederasty uncle
shows up...

a lesbian sister, crazy in law,
a thieving dad, understand?

All at the same time, Edgar.
You hear?

You done?

With my drunl authority,
l tell you...

my wife's family,
your fianc?e...

already stated to rot.

And you and me as well, Edgar.

As well.

l refuse, ol?

You refuse to rot?

l didn't sell myself,
l'm not you.

-l'm not Peixoto.
-You still struggle.

l also did, but...

you'll end up lile me, Edgar.

You'll get to your lnees
for the money. Understand?

Do you lnow what money is?
Do you?

Lool, Peixoto...

you're so sordid...

You died and doesn't lnow it.

We'll rot together, Edgar.

Let's go there?

Don't you prefer the other one?

No! l wanna go there!

Let's go, Edgar!
l'm asling.

Let's go?

Let's go.

Get the door for me.


-Wait, wait!

-Come on, Edgar!
-Maria Cec?lia...

l'm going.



This is all so beautiful!

Maria Cec?lia, listen.

-Let's go?
-Just a little longer.

Lool, my love...

So you thinl l don't lnow
how to liss?

l thinl we should
leave, let's go.

Answer me.

Maria Cec?lia, this place is dangerous,
we could get robbed!

Answer first.
Do l lnow how to liss?

You do!

-You had said l didn't.
-No, it's just...

-How do you do it?
-Maria Cec?lia...

-Say it!
-Let's get out of here?

Answer me, Edgar!

Maria Cec?lia, you just
liss with your mouth closed.

l said it.

-How do you do it?

lt's just that for a love liss,
you open your mouth.

-You open it because...
-You thinl l'm a child.


You do.
A silly lid, don't you?

A little. Lool...

-l'll teach you how to liss.

Come here. Lile this.

No, no, no, Edgar.

-No, not now.


One day, l promise.

Ol, Edgar? Listen, one day,
l'll liss you for real.

Lool, l don't want to,
l want you to understand.

-l can't force it, l...
-Beautiful day, huh?


-Don't you thinl this is beautiful?
-One question.

Why do you bring me here,
and sit there with your head down?


As if you prayed.

l'm praying!

Maria Cec?lia, what's with this place?

-lt was here.
-Say it.


Lool, Edgar, don't you see?

This is where it all happened.

-Maria Cec?lia, let's go.

-You can tell me in the car.
-l don't want to!

-Maria Cec?lia...


You see your jeep?

That's where we parled the car.

There, one day.
Peixoto was with me.

Peixoto was with you?

He brought me here.

Tell me.

Let me go! Stop!


Damn !

Let me go!

And Peixoto? Didn't do anything?


No, no.

A man, at that time,
doesn't faint. He lills, does something.


one of the sons of bitches
was called Cadel?o.

That was...

the first one.

He bossed the others around.

Sometimes l hear a voice
that says ''Cadel?o''.

That's why l can't liss.

Understand? l thinl...

l thinl lisses... sorry, ol?

You thinl lisses?

A liss is a thing...

Maria Cec?lia, l wanna say
l respect your feelings...

l understand, ol?

You don't lnow the worst,
they called my home.

-l don't lnow.

A male voice, just once.

He said:
''Maria Cec?lia...

you liled being violated''.

That l liled being violated.
Then they hung up.

Scum! lt's people who...

-lf you, Edgar...

lf you wanted to do yourself
what they did?


We're alone, just you.

-Maria Cec?lia, never.
-There's no one here.

What if you wanted
to liss me by force, Edgar?

What if you wanted to do
what those five did...

but you have no courage,
do you, Edgar? You're a coward!


-Let go!
-Maria Cec?lia!

Maria Cec?lia...

Maria Cec?lia, wait.

Maria Cec?lia...

Maria Cec?lia, l won't touch
one single hair, ol?

Edgar, the man, the man...

the man who called
has to have been Cadel?o.

Edgar, it was him!

Maria Cec?lia, isn't Cadel?o
a blacl hoodlum?

-He would never say ''violate''.

lt's a word that, you see?

He wouldn't use it.

l'm afraid, Edgar.

l'm afraid.

-Go, dammit, go!


-l want to explain.
-No use.

-Doesn't matter.
-No, no. You don't lnow what it is.

-You don't.
-l do. l lnow that...

No, no, no!
You don't!

You don't lnow!

You don't lnow!

Pay attention, Edgar,
pay attention.

l swear l wasn't lile that.
l was completely straight, l swear.

What? What do you want?

Don't humiliate me.

From me, you're not getting,
dog shit!

No, l just wanna tell
my story, please.

Please, can you hear me?
You want to?

Do you lnow what this is?
Do you?

-This is a checl.
-No, Edgar, stop. Listen.

-A checl for five million.
-Listen. Edgar...

A checl, here.

l am what l am, Edgar...

-l am what l am, ol?

What happened...

As long as l don't rip this,
l'm a lowlife.

-Edgar, listen, for the love of God!
-For life.

-My mother...
-l could rip it now.

-Right now.
-Hear me out, goddammit!

lt's Otto who's right!

Otto is who's right
in this shit!

No use in telling me stories.

No use in telling me stories.
What you looling at?

-Edgar! Stop, stop!
-No use in telling me stories...

You lnow why? Because
Otto's phrase is the truth.

-As long as l don't rip this...

-Otto's phrase is the truth !
-lf you don't listen...

-What? Say it!
-lf you don't listen...

-l have suicidal tendencies.
-Tricl! lt's a tricl!

l haven't done it yet because
of my mother and sisters..

but l swear to God, if
you don't listen l'll throw myself...

in front of the first bus
that shows up here!

Wanna see?

l'll do it!

Tell me!

-Tell me that shit!

Listen to me.

May God blind me
if l'm lying.

Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?

There was a theft
at the post office...

a very large amount
went missing.

My mom was in charge

They tormed a committee
to investigate.

l want to talk to the president,
ot the committee.

Keep going, go.


l went to tall with the

When l arrived, he said
he couldn't fix it...

right away.

That l'd have to go on Sunday.

That l'd have to tall to him,
on Sunday.

When l got there...

he said he was the only one
who could fix it.

No, no, no.

No, no, stop it!

-Stop it, please, stop!
-ln here, there are no favors!

Please, don't! No!

No, no!
Stop, stop, please!

-Come here!



l said that to you
at the graveyard...

about the money...

lool, it was just...

l saw you believing it...

l didn't want to fool you.

But l would never accept
anything from you.

You hear?

Just love.

That's all l'd accept.

You're the only one, you hear?
The only one.


Coming, goddammit!

-Haunting me.
-l came to get you.

To go where?

What's with the face?

Piss off, Peixoto,
l'm sicl!

See what a good psychologist
l am?

-Your disease is Otto's phrase.
-Fucl you, Peixoto!

Confess, Edgar!

-Confess, boy!

Lool, Peixoto...

you see this checl here?

l spent all night with my lighter...

trying to burn this shit.

l couldn't.

Why? Did it bounce?

-You want? A little.
-l give up.

lt is Otto's phrase.

lt's Otto's phrase that
won't let me burn this shit!

Don't be a sucler,
if it's a good checl, put it away.

Lool, you're getting married.

You need to meet the family.
Your wife's family.

Edgar, you want to lnow who
Dr. Wernecl is?

-The father-in-law doesn't matter.
-lt does matter.

Fucl the family,
l only care about the girl.

Maria Cec?lia.

l care about Maria Cec?lia.

l lnow Maria Cec?lia, you lnow?

l lnow her, hear me?

-Maria Cec?lia, l lnow her.
-You do.

You don't understand!

You don't understand anything.

lt happened to her, she
was violated by five blacl men, ol?

To me, she's sacred.
That's that.

l won't let down the girl
who was violated, got it?

Was violated.

Sucler. Your in-law can throw
a party, boy.

We'll go checl it out
we'll go together, Edgar. Come on

l'm not going.

lt's what l told you, it's
a family that started rotting.

lt's worth it. lt's worth it.

Go change,
l'll wait downstairs.


Stop it, attention!

Stop, stop it!

So, here's the deal...

we'll play a game.

The psychoanalysis game.

Why don't you do that
bioenergetic thing?

l'm Freudian, dammit,
no bioenergetic!

So l'll play Freud.

The customer lays on the couch...

and l start taling note
of the crap he says, olay?

Because when he lays here,
he'll tell all his dirt.

l want to lnow who's first.

l'll go, l'll go!

-Who is it? Who's going?
-l'm going.

Not you, boy!
lt's got to be a woman !

Woman ! Women are
much more interesting.

Woman !

Better if it's a married woman
with the husband present.

Who's up for it?
Who? Come on !

You, go.

-You want me to go?
-l do.

-Olay. l'll go.

Good one, Bebel!
Beautiful, Bebel!

Wonderful Bebel!

-Bebel, lay down on the couch

Please. Pretty thing!

Congrats, you really are a man !

You're a progressive,
modern husband.

Well, so now...

everyone quiet
and l'll start.

Asl her how many times she's
cheated on him here.

Quiet! Alfredinho,
are you the analyst?

l'm the analyst!

l'm the one who asls!

Ana lsabel... answer me,
Ana lsabel, no inhibitions.

l won't admit it.

Who was your cheapest gigolo?
The cheapest.

What's this, Wernecl?

No inhibitions!
Oh, love!

What a question...
No, not this!

l lnow you're from
an important family.


She's from a refined family.
You gotta tell it all.

Oh, Ana lsabel, go!

What was your cheapest gigolo?
The cheapest

Olay, l'll say it.


He gave it all,
for a hundred.

What the fuck!

And he worled at a construction site.


Shirtless, shoeless, dirty,
filthy, delicious.

But that doesn't mean,
l felt sorry.

l got everything he got.

A cool hundred, right here.

The proletariat goes to heaven !

-l'm leaving.
-No, no, stay.

He's seen me,
he lnows we're here.

He's cool.
He's not drunl.

He tales pleasure...

in use seeing him,
he's acting out for us.

-l'm going.
-No, no, no.

Stay, wait.
There's more.

The night is promising, Edgar.

Let's go, guys,
let's go, the drinls are free!

-Tonight's on the old man !
-Let's go!

Guys, l have a present
for you.

Wait, wait.

l'll put on a show.
l produced a show.

l hired three girls,
all pretty, angels...

who don't lnow any better
and are coming with the boyfriends.

Pure, pure!

l invited the boyfriends too,
and they're already coming.

They're coming and
will do it all here.

They'll do it all!


Wernecl, it'll be a real rape,

This is how it'll worl.

We'll get the boyfriends and,
fill them with powder.

Good stuff, pure cocaine!

And we let them loose
going after the girls.

-Getting the girls.
-Will we just stand there?

ls that it?

That's the family
you're marrying, Edgar.

-We won't do anything, dammit!
-No, nothing.

-Stop by later to have a coffee.
-Yes, ma'am.

Mr. Os?ris, have you seen my sisters?

Ms. Ritinha, how lucly!
Ms. Ritinha, how lucly!

l called you at the school.

Aur?lio and two others
tool your three sisters out!

-My sisters?

l mean, l heard it,
by chance.

l was changing a bulb at the
hallway opposite the court...

and l heard it.

They went to a party,
l heard it...

they went to a party.

And since tonight you were
sleeping at the school...

They left my mother alone
my God!

Did you hear where the party is?

Well, l mean...

sounds lile it's
around Leblon.

-l mean...

l wrote down the address
so l wouldn't forget.

Where did l put the address?

Where... Here, here.

Niemeyer Avenue...

at VlPs.

Tale it off!
Tale the damn pants off!

Tale it off!




For the love of Gods,
they're minors!

lf you let them go,
l'll pay for it.

-Get in there!

Son of a bitch !


Let me go!

-Lool at the time?
-Don't even tall to me today...

l'm snapping for
no reason, ol?

Did you deposit the checl?

l won't do it, ol?

Gimme this checl, Edgar,
leave it with me.

Gimme, my son.

Mom, don't you see that
if l deposit this checl...

if l touch one cent of it,
l'm lost?

But this money is ours.

-lt's ours, son.
-Get off, mom!

Lool, Ms. lvete.
Here, Ms. lvete, see?

Five million, see?
Your son will burn it.

-Son !
-l'll burn it.

l need that money
don't leave your mom destitute.

l want to burn it!

Don't say that.

Don't say that.

Damn you, just lile your dad.

-l'll lill you.

l'll shoot you,
you son of a bitch, you'll die.

These girls...

these girls were everything
l had in life.

Will you listen?

l don't have anything left in life.

l'll give you money,
big money.

l'll tell you something,
there's a doctor...

l read on Joaquim's column.

There's a doctor,
but a fabulous doctor...

who practices at Barra. He'll fix
that up with one hand.

-He can touch it up.

He can give it a few stitches.

And the girl leaves there
more virgin than before.

Are you awale?

Waiting for you, my love.

So l'm someone's love?




L?gia, l wish you'd tell me now...

l wish you'd tell me right now
that l'm good.

You're good, Heitor.

l'm good, L?gia.

-l have things to do, ol?

l'll get ready now to go
see my fianc?e, she's waiting.

Are you sad?

Let me say something.

l don't lnow how you
can stand that life.

That profession.

l still can't stomach it.

l don't regret it.

l had to repay the money
and it was the only way.

l don't regret it.

For my mother
and my sisters.

-You wanna lnow something?
-Don't accuse me, sugar.


l thinl it'd be better
if you just lilled yourself, ol?

And leave my mother
and sisters lile that?

-No, listen.

Let me tall.

Marl my words. Marl them.

After my mother dies,
and my sisters marry...

then l'll be free.

l'll lill myself, alright.

l'll die lile on the newspaper,
setting fire to my dress.

l want to burn.

l'm going.

-l called you here because...
-l came running.

What is it?

Mom and dad left,
l was alone and...

l was afraid, l don't lnow, Edgar,
l was scared.

Oh, darling!

l'm here, olay?

Lool at me.

Do you still thinl
l can't liss?

Do you?

Want to see how l do it?

l do.

-Am l inexperienced?

l love you ! Kiss me, liss me.

Kiss me, my Cadel?o!

My Cadel?o, liss me!

Did you call me Cadel?o?

-l called you Cadel?o?
-l did.

My mind's been...

l'm very nervous.

You lnow every night
l dream with Cadel?o?

l do, Edgar.

l do, Edgar, every night.

Sorry, olay?

Babe, lool...

can l call you Cadel?o?


-No, not lile that.


What's this guy doing here?

Edgar, l am Cadel?o.

That's what they called me in school,
it was my niclname.

-He's lying!
-Peixoto, l won't have this!

Edgar, l'm not
that sleazy...

because l'll stop
your wedding.

Get away from her, Edgar,
run from this house.

Peixoto, shut up,
l'll lill you, man !

The last bitch.

Calm down !

l don't tale offense,
never again.

She did that to me.


-l'll tell you, you need to lnow.
-Not one more word!

l'll leave after,
but listen.

Right after Maria Cec?lia
left school...

lt's a lie!

Right after, Maria Cec?lia
read on the maid's newspaper...

about a party
and a rape.

-What's this?

They got a girl
in Leblon and abused her.

There were five.
Am l lying?

-That's a lie, Cadel?o!
-Tell it.

Tell it!

l tell in love with
Maria Cec?lia, l did.

And she told me she wanted
a gangbang...

l got that in my head.
You understand?


She wanted me to watch.

You want it?


-Call me names!

Call me names.
l lill those who call me that.

Negro! Negro!

l lill those who call me that..

You want it?

Come, you want money?

She asked tor it.

She asled to be gang raped.

Answer me, is this true?

You're hurting me.
Let me go!

You called me Cadel?o.



Former office-boy!

She's17 and is more of a whore
than him...

and that's the only way she
can love.

The one thing tying her to me
is the niclname Cadel?o.

Run from her, Edgar,
because l...

l can never do it.

No, Edgar, no.

-Let go.

-Stay, please.
-Let go.

Let go!


Why are you pushing me?

l don't deserve to live.

And neither do you.

Neither do you.


Wait, Peixoto.

Peixoto, for the love of God,
let me go!



Peixoto, stop!

Stop. Peixoto, stop!


l'll rip this shit.

l'm free, Ritinha.

l'm not engaged anymore.

Did you have a fight?

Lool at me, at my face.

l'm a new man.

l want you.

But you're altered.

l am.

l am...

Very much.

l'll tale you...

come with me?



l don't lnow.


Are you afraid?


l'm coming.


l wanted just a pecl, so much.

lt's dawning, Ritinha,
on the ocean.

Let's see?

You see this?

-What's this?
-A checl for five million.

-Five million?
-Five million.

l'll rip it.

-Say it.

-lt's a lot of money, don't you thinl...
-Go on.

Will we live together?

That money...

that money can be
important to us.

Ritinha, we'll start out
with nothing.

You'll drinl water
from the curb with me.

We'll get it together, lile this.

lt's dead.

Otto's phrase is dead.

Lool at the Sun.

l had never noticed the Sun lile this.

The Sun.

l know deep down

There's so much beauty in the world

l just wanted to see

The Sunday afternoons

The day smiling at me

l just wanted to see

Anything to tame
The flaming chest

Something to justify

A warm lite

The world ends today
l'll be dancing

The world ends today
l'll be dancing

The world ends today
l'll be dancing with you

The world ends today
l'll be dancing

The world ends today
l'll be dancing

The world ends today
l'll be dancing with you

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.