Cut Throat City (2020) - full transcript

Set after Hurricane Katrina, four boyhood friends out of options reluctantly accept an offer to pull off a dangerous heist in the heart of New Orleans.

Let's get
right into the Gulf of Mexico

still tracking and monitoring
the path and the progress

and the strengthening
of Hurricane Katrina.

This is gonna
be one of the more powerful

hurricanes we've
ever seen.

the expectation of it

to become a category four
on Monday,

when it's expected
to come ashore.

So this is just quite a monster.

Now listen,
you niggas!

I will not waste my breath
on you

with a cleverly worded,
articulate warning.

You will come out...

or die!

And we will burn your ass
like we did Harley over here.

You have ten
seconds to live.












Burn them!

Burn them! Burn them!
Burn them! Burn them!

Burn them! Burn
them! Burn them!

And that's it.

Yo, that shit's fire,

You created a world
of your own, man.

- Yo! Hey!
- Damn!

It's cool and all, but it don't
really reflect the 5-4.

Not enough reality. I mean,
you gotta keep it real, dawg.

Yeah, they should have made your
ass stupider and uglier too.

- Fuck you.
- All right. Look.

Graphic novels are supposed
to be fictional, man.

You know,
it's a form of escapism, bro.

That's what the weed is for.

Yeah. Go ahead
and pass that while you at it.

But you can still
keep it real, even if it ain't.

Like The Godfather.

That shit fake, but you can feel
the realness in them

Mafia motherfuckers.

Everything don't have to be this
over-the-top Tarantino shit.

You crazy. Reservoir Dogs
was the shit.

Overrated. Plus, he say the word
"nigga" too much.

You say the word "nigga"
too much.

Wait, wait. What's too much?

Like, Lil' Wayne numbers?

I don't know. But there gotta
be, like, a...

a "nigga" threshold.

Especially if you white.

Nigga does have a point.

What the fuck does that make me,

I don't know, nigga,
we gotta figure you out.

You a watered-down Creole
right now.

- Fuck you.
- Right.

Give me my damn book, man.

Y'all niggas don't know art
when you see it.

This my art. Right here.

Nigga, you brought that on my
wedding day?

It's a bad neighborhood.

Nigga, put that shit away.

All right.

You giving up all the pussy
for one.

Just locked down.
I don't know how you do it.

I think it's love, man.

I need to get over there
to take these damn photos.

I'm getting married, huh?

- Ahhh, get it!
- Get it!

- Get it!
- Get it!

Get the fuck up!

I want you to listen
to something here.

You're not the reason
I'm marrying your mom.

You're the reason I'm gonna stay
with my baby.

- All right?
- Okay.

Ball 'em up, ball 'em up,
block, block, block.

Doo, doo, doo, block 'em up!
Okay, right hand.

Left hand. Right hand.

Look at you.

- How's that dress feel?
- Tight.

I wish your father was here.

Mom, were you happy
on your wedding day?

I'm gonna tell you something

that your grandmother
told me, D.

It's not always about happiness.

It's about meaning.

I'll take that as a nope.

Find the meaning.

Happiness will come later.

You look beautiful.

Thanks, Mom.

Hurricane Katrina

- may extend from southeast...
- Hurry up! We're late.

Louisiana, as we know,
all the way into Kentucky

and southern parts of
Illinois and Indiana.

We finally get a black
woman in office,

and she fuckin' giving
hurricanes black people names.

Shit, I wouldn't mind a piece
of Hurricane Fashawnya,

- you know what I'm saying?
- You right about that, son.

She can blow my way
any day, baby.

Man, they sent the motherfuckers
over here.

Man, got the technology
from the Russians.


Hurricanes and shit.

They been using them for years
to kill black people.

That and Viagra.

- Damn, boy.
- Laugh.

Oh, yeah.

- Want some Viagra right now?
- You using Viagra already?

I'm America's worst nightmare.

A nigga with a gun
and a hard-on.


He's my best friend, Mama.

And... I'm his best man, and I
don't even know what to say.

Hmm. You've known James
since kindergarten, yeah?

You ain't gotta say
anything, baby.

Blinky Blink! Yeah!

Shit! Look at that shit!

I don't really know what to say
in front of a big crowd.

But, uh...

to my best friend...

and his best lady

Storm's coming.

Katrina hit New Orleans
on August 29th, 2005.

The worst hurricane
to date.

The fact is, if there was evera
city not meant to take Katrina

that would be
New Orleans.

The governor
of Louisiana said today

that she is considering
the remarkable step

of evacuating the remaining
residents of New Orleans.

And with much of New Orleans
now underwater,

authorities are focused
on search and rescue.

If ever
the cavalry was needed,

it is now,
and it is in New Orleans.

The flooding here
is getting worse

after waters
from Lake Pontchartrain

broke through a levy.

And when you pull back
for a wide shot,

the scene is nothing short
of apocalyptic.

There you go, baby.

You look good. Wow.

I don't know about this shirt,
though, babe.

I know about that shirt.



Oy! When it get like this?

Babe, it's been like that.

That's three months.

Daddy gonna come take care
of this, huh?


- Hm?
- Baby, while you're out....

Go on, you're gonna be late.

Isaiah, take care of your mom,
all right?

- Go on, Dad.
- I'm getting.

Come on, woadie.
This ain't no dub.

This shit imported
from Cali, son.

Atomic Dog.

Well, give me somethin'
from closer.

This shit is small.

Let me get like two for 30
or something.

If you don't get the fuck
outta here

- before I bust yo' snot box...
- Beat it.

What's up, Woad?

See, I like that customer
service there, baby.

He trying to get a discount.

Katrina done wiped
all my shit away.

Shit. Not everything.

You got the stuff?

Cousin niggas doing
some bullshit.

Big fish, little fish.

Come on. Watch 'em! Watch 'em!

Watch 'em! Get 'em! Kill 'em!
All right, out! Out!

Come here.

- What's happenin'?
- What's up?

Oh, man. What's happening, bro?

What's up? Shit, what's up?
Get the big bro hands up.

Okay, all right.

- Ready to start, huh?
- Watch out. Watch out.

That's the best you got? That's
the best you got?

Oh, shit! Uh-oh.
I'm gonna come for you!

- Oh! Whoa! Oh! Oh! Oh!
- Do better than that.

All right. All right.

- Whoa. Whoa.
- Whoa. Whoa.

Yo, yo, Blink, Miracle.
You ready for this shit?

See him? Get him! Watch him!
Watch him! Get him!

Get him! Kill him, boy!

- Take that. Yeah, kill it.
- Damn!

The hell is that?

Oh, this be my big ticket, man.

- Band Dog.
- All right.

Half lover, half killer.

Half motherfuckin' ugly.

That's three halves,
Sesame Street.

Fuck you, Miracle.
This is a beautiful dog.

Very protective.
It's the shit overseas.

I start breedin' 'em,
puppies sell for 750 a pop.

- Shit.
- I can make that off a quarter.

Tsk. Man, if you ain't smoke it
all first.

I'm gonna get one
of them shirts off the line.

Yeah, get one
of my dad's shirts.

Once I get my shit up
and running, boom!

Buy me some hooks,
drop my album.

- Whoopdie-whoo! You know?
- Whoopdie-whoo!

But I ain't goin' by Miracle
no more.

I'm gonna go by Teasy.

As in "Tea-Z." You feel me?

I feel you. Wait, wait, wait.

- Tea-Z?
- What the fuck is Tea-Z, man?

- Tea-Z!
- Tea-Z!

Your real rap name, nigga,
should be Lay-Z.

That's what the fuck
it should be, man.

Fuck you.

Oh, man. I...

I didn't make shit
this morning, bro.

Damn, we all broke, man.

Blink, why don't we talk
to your cousin?

He ain't my cousin, Junior.
That's Demyra's people.

We don't need to be hittin' up
that trailer park-ass,

party-ass nigga, man.

He get us all killed.

They're FEMA trailers.

FEMA's a goddamn joke.

Hey, he turned that shit
into a fucking mansion.

Look, man, all right,
even if Blink's cousin

is cousin now, man,

still, that dude a gangsta,
and he make me nervous.

And what the hell are we?

We ain't no gangstas.

You sure as hell ain't a good
dope dealer, bro.

In fact, you about
the brokest-ass dope dealer

- I know on this block, man.
- Yeah, yeah.

We don't need FEMA, all right?

We sure as hell
don't need cousin, Junior.

We good. We gonna be all right.

Talk to a nigga.
What I'm looking like?

What the fit look like?

- White.
- Real white.


Come sit.

Let me see.




Have you been published?

At Tulane's school paper.

And you never graduated?

Just associate's.

Did you use a toothbrush
for this background?

Yes, sir.


I don't know, you know?

They... they need some time
to incubate, but James...

Just call me Blink.

Tell me, James, um,

who are your inspirations?

Charles Schulz.
I grew up on Peanuts.

Um, Gary Larson.


Uh, Yoshiaki Kawajiri.

Yeah, okay, yeah,
I meant in life.

Who do you want to see coming
to Cut Throat City, James?

I... I'm not sure. I never
really thought about it.

The first thing you think about
is your audience.

Well, if we only focus
on our market,

then a cartoon would never be
anything more than

a cheap, dim commodity,
that would never...

change, you know? It'll never...

Yeah. I don't know who's giving
you that advice, but it's...

Actually, I, I got it from you.

Um, an anime expo, 1990.

I got a transcript
from the library.

Fair enough.

Thanks for coming in.

Send the next one.

Baby, what you doing?

Puttin' this stuff up.

I'm gonna change this room
into a game room for Ike.

What's the plan, babe?

I'll figure it out.
Do what I gotta do.

Babe, we can still apply
for FEMA aid.

No, no, I don't wanna
do that. No.

No. They'll come here,
try to take the house. No.

It's they fault we in this mess
anyway. I'm handling it.

I ain't gonna play
the blame game, James.

We gotta take responsibility
for our actions.


This whole
goddamn situation is...

based on lack of responsibility,

The governor blame the mayor

and the mayor blame
the fucking president.

The president blame FEMA.

You talking to me
about fucking responsibility.

What you think? What you think,
I get to go downtown

and fill out a application,
salary desired,

and, what,
"Yeah, Blink, we just...

We looking for a nigga like you.

Yeah, we looking for a nigga
like you."

- Enough.
- "We out here. Come on in."

Enough with the Yat speak.

You got a name, James.
You got a name.

My pa gave me that nickname,
a'right? You hear me?

Yeah, your pop gave you
a nickname that stuck.

Too bad he didn't.

He left my mama, all right?
He ain't leave me.

Baby, you a talented,
educated black man.

You went to Tulane.

Well, none of that matter.

No, 'cause I'm still
in the Ninth Ward.

Yeah, we still here. But we can
go anywhere we want, baby.

- Anywhere we want.
- Oh, yeah?

No, we can't.
That's the whole issue.

It's my problem.

We was underwater
before Katrina, D.

And they rebuilding
all this shit. What about us?


What about the 5-4?

We the last goddamn ward to see
a fucking dime!

What the fuck is that about,

Goddamn ward!

We good, I got you.

Don't worry about nothin'.

You don't gotta worry
about nothin'.

I'm not worried.

What's happenin', wo?


I'm coming in.

There it is, bro.
What did he say?

He said nobody was gonna publishmy
strip calledCut Throat City.

Blink, come on, man.

You know you can't listen
to that bro.

I got D and Ike now.





James, get your ass down
off my counter.

- Sorry.
- Dre, how was your commute home?

Not too good.

Not much traffic.

You hear anything
from Second Line?

It's hard to make it out here
as a musician, Mama.

- Especially now.
- I love you, Dre.

But I can't afford to take care
of a grown man.

Mama, come on.

You need to stop worrying
about me, Mama.

Now you know I'm gonna be
a famous jazz musician

- just like Miles Davis.
- Hmm.

I'll buy you that big old house
you always wanted, right?

Go ahead and take care
of that album cover

and whatever, you hear it?

Well, Mr. Basquat
and Mr. Gillespie,

in the meanwhile, save some
of that baloney for your sister.


Remember, you boys can dream,

but best hope around here,
your money.

and pre-disaster address?

The same.


Total household income?

Thirty-two thousand.

I'll need copies
of your tax returns.


So, what, we... we eligible,
or what's up?

Well, it depends on what type
of assistance.

There's repair.
There's temp housing.

There's replacement housing.

What about replacement?

Well, this type of assistance
only happens in insular areas

or remote locations
specified by FEMA.

Unfortunately, the Ninth Ward
isn't covered.

Why am I not fucking surprised?

- Baby...
- Here's your own form.

We... We... um...

We got insurance,
so I don't understand why.

Y'all niggas just don't get it.

This happened
just how they want it.

Why you think the 17th Street
levy blew

on the black side of town
and not the white?


Ain't no gravity,
and ain't no conspiracy.

First, they flood us,
then they pushing us out,

then they buy all our land
with those bullshit FEMA checks.

Then they sellin' 'em to the
casinos. That's just a fact.

Man, Cousin's makin'
it rain out here.

With FEMA here and no cops,
like a goddamn candy store.

He gettin' his hustle on,
he gotta need some soldiers.

Me and June was hollering,
we was figuring

maybe we make a move with him.

We all need the money.


Let's holler at him.

That's it.

Come on! Come on!

Get his neck! Get his neck!

- Come on, come on!
- Get in there. Yeah!

- You like that, come on.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Get him up! Come on.
Get up! Get up!

- Get up! Get up!
- No, no, no!

Fred Sanford wins. Yeah.

That's some bullshit, yo!
That shit was amped!

Fuck you say?

I said the rat was amped.

Amped or not, you better have
my money, bitch.

Where my little niggas at?

Get your ass up here.

You being stupid? It was amped.

It was amped.

So, what brings you
motherfuckers to Oz?

You do know you in Oz,
don't you?


You got the Tin Man,

the Cowardly Lion,

the Scarecrow.

I guess that make you Dorothy.

Yeah, we got Toto in the car
too, Cousin.

You came all this way
to make me laugh?

Crazy-ass picture.

Hm. Well, as a matter
of fact, it is.

Did y'all know "Katrina"
means purification?

Yeah. It provided
the perfect opportunity

for the long-awaited pretext
for accelerated gentrification.

That's fucked up
how they did us.

Yeah, Uncle Sam
a motherfucker, huh, bro?

You could say what you want
about they methodology, but...

If you get at the personal shit,
study they motives,

you'll find that we ain't
that different.


There's one thing about us
that is very much the same.

We all some greedy-ass

Black or white. Rich or poor.

That's what make us American.

Now, if you gonna roll wit' me,
you better do just that

'cause I ain't got time
for no tourists.

I don't hold no niggas' hands.

And don't you think just 'cause
you married into my blood

that you mean somethin' to me.

I'm in it
for the money. That's it.

I ain't gonna let no nigga fuck
it up for me. Ya heard me?

Not you, or any of these little
goofy-looking motherfuckers

you brought in here with you.

Say, Cousin, this nigga ass-bet.

At my game?

That's ballsy.

Well, you guys are just in time
to be useful.

What should I do with him?

Come to my game,
he give his word,

he say he got money.

If he'd have won,
he'd have wanted to get paid,

and we'd have paid him.

But he betting on his ass.

He should walk the plank.

Come on, Cousin,
don't do me like that.

No, no, you do it
to yourself now.

Come on, man.

Nah, please, come on, man!

Don't be shy now.

Drop 'em.


You might want to look away
for this part.

Fuck, man. His dick!

Get his ass out of here.

Two things in the world
I sure can't stand.

That's a lying-ass woman,
and a crying-ass man.


Oh, well.

Come on! Come on!

Go, go, go, go!

- You like that?
- Come on.

But, Blink,
why the fuck I gotta drive?

Why white chocolate head ass
can't drive?

It's your fucking van.

I'm not trying to stay
in the van

with that dumbass dog, man.

I'm trying to get out there
and get active too.

Fine, I'll fucking drive then.

Bitch, you ain't driving my van.

What the fuck you want, then?

You want me to drive
your slow fucking van,

- I'll drive your slow fucking...
- I fucking just told you...

Yo, yo, yo, yo.

Shut the fuck up!
Both of you, yo!

You drivin', Miracle,
'cause it's your fucking ride!

It's an important-ass job, man!

We need you on point.

Let's do it exactly
like he said. All right?

New license plate.
Velcro, on and off.

Everybody cover up your tats.

Wear your gloves. And when you
waving your piece around,

none of that sideways shit,
nigga. Straight and tight.

Dre, keep your head down, man.

A'right? Don't look up.

I got you.

Here, man. Shit, you scary ass.

We wearing hoodies and jeans.

And don't bring your fucking
dog, Junior. All right?

It's one and done for us. Let's
go over it again from the top.

New license plate...

Dre, keep
your head down, man.

I got you.


You know how many beats
I could buy with that shit?

This is one and done
for us, you hear me?

Our Father who art in Heaven...

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come...

Thy will be done on Earth...

as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread...

Forgive our trespasses

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation.

Deliver us from evil.

Thine is the kingdom

and glory...



Put your hands on
the fucking counter.

Don't touch no buttons,
don't make no sounds. All right?

Nod if you understand.

I said nod if you fucking
understand me.

What he just fucking said.


Come on, we gotta go.

Come on, come on!

Fuck! Shit.

Come on! Get in the car!


Get in the car!

Come on! Missed them niggas.

- Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
- Shit! Come on. Go, go!

Oh, shit!

- Fuck, go, go!
- No way, we good.

- Good?
- Man! Oh, my God!

You was doing
drag racing shit there!

Hey, baby.

Baby, where you been at all day?

I just wanted to do something...

I just wanted to do something.

My pa used to say,
he used to tell me, you know,

"Gotta keep my eye on you,
'cause if I blink,

I'm gonna miss you."

I want to be messing
with my art, I want my...

my drawings, I want my thoughts,
I want them to be remembered,

I wanted...

I wanted to do something.

Baby, what happened?

He had the biggest smile
on his face, D.

Like he... He knew he made it,
we all made it, we was...

We was good. We...

- Yo!
- Holy shit, man!

Yo, how much we get?

Let's see, let's see.
A stack of cash and chips, man.

What you got?


Drive, nigga, drive!

Fuck! Shit!

- I got this! I got this!
- Go! Go!

I told y'all niggas, all you
gotta do is believe in Tea-Z!

- Tea-Z's gonna make it happen.
- We lose them?

Yeah, we got lost them niggas!

I don't feel right, man.


What's going on?
What's going on?

What's going on?
What's going on?

- Shit!
- Holy shit!

We gonna fix you. We...

Dre! Dre! Come on, man! No!
You're gonna be okay, Dre.

Hold it down
or something, Junior, come on!

He okay?

That's a gunshot wound.

Nah, it's a car accident.

Hit and run.


Did you file a police report?

This is a legitimate business
I run.

What are you boys
tryin' to pull?

Pastor, we ain't tryin' to pull
anything. This nigga got...

Do not use that word
in front of me!

- Uh-uh. Understand?
- Yo. Yo.

I don't know what you kids were
into, and I don't wanna know.

But unless you supply me with
a notarized death certificate,

not only can I cannot help you,

but I'm going to have to ask
y'all to leave.

And take him with you.

Give me the money.


Reverend Stewart.

That brother of ours,
he got a mama.

He got a family.

He got a brother and sister.

A'right. I'm begging you
to make it look right.

I know you can. All right?

I know it ain't a lot.

I got $4,000 right here. Okay?

Believe me when I tell you
this is all we got.

Please make this go away.

It's gonna cost me a thousand
just to get a death certificate.


You boys gonna have to dig

a whole lot deeper
in your pockets.

Four thousand will barely even
get you a cardboard box.

You hear me?

How's this for deep,


You're gonna give my nigga
the best casket you got

in this bitch, or you gonna be
in one beside him, motherfucker!

You got that?


You can barely afford to bury
one dead body.

How you gonna bury two?


We lost Andre.

He didn't even wanna be there.

Who is it?

It's Junior!

Oh, shit!

Open up!

Man, we got a problem.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You niggas
can't cut the fucking line.

We just coming in, we're gonna
get our friend Miracle, okay?

Oh, that crazy-ass nigga Tea-Z?
A'right, 25 and y'all good.

What you doing?
What you thinking, man?

- Let's go.
- Let's go outside, man.

Yo, you know how fucking
hot these chips are

right about now, nigga?

Nigga, these chips
are so fucking hot,

it could get all of us sent
straight to fucking jail.

Unless Cousin kills us first.

Dre just died, fool.

The very same night your stupid
ass is throwing money on hoes

like you fucking cash money
millionaire, nigga!

You ain't the only one hurtin'.

What the fuck does that mean?

You don't think I loved Dre too?

That was my dawg,
just like it was yours.

We all grew up together, nigga.

You don't think I'm hurt?

You mourn your way, nigga,
I mourn mine.

I know you mourn, bro.
It's just that if you do,

do you gotta go to strippers
and champagne and stolen money?

You wanna see all of us
in a pine box?

Fucked up, bro.

Fucked up.

- Hello?
- Good morning.

Is this Detective
Lucinda Valencia?

Who the hell is this?

This is city councilman
Jackson Simms.

I've been told that you are
newly in charge of Robbery.


So what?

Okay, you can
check the tone.

I wasn't always
a city councilman.

I'm a former deputy chief, NOPD.
You understand me?

I'll have your job
in one phone call.

So listen to me and the words
I say to you now.

The Fairgrounds Casino was hit.

That is in my district.

Apparently, four gang bangers
walked in

and got into a gunfight
with some of our city's finest.

Trouble is, I know
the first responding officer,

and he says by the time
he arrived...

the gun play was over.

That no NOPD officers
were involved.

That means somebody's playing
dress-up cop

and walking into a perfectly
good, taxpaying casino

and shooting up the place.
That can't happen. All right?

Especially after Katrina.

I'm trying to bring goodwill
back, you understand?

I'm trying to get investors
to come in.

And this kind of crime
scares money away.

And I want you to figure out
what the fuck is going on!

How much cash
we got left?

Twelve hundred.


Yo, Dwyer!

Damn, son.

There goes the Miracle Whip.

Shit was getting
too hot anyway, man.

Well, we broke again.

We still got those chips.

I don't know, Miracle.
It's a good trade-in.

It's all right, man.

All right. Let's be smart,
lay low.

Figure this shit out with Cousin
tomorrow, all right?

Shit ain't half bad.

Detective Valencia.

Yes, sir?

David Wyland,
casino day manager.

Welcome. Take a seat, please.

- Heck of a thing.
- Yeah.

Listen, I already spoke
to detectives,

gave my statement,
Miss Valencia.

I don't know exactly why I had
to come all the way down here.

I've got a ton of work to do.

I understand, sir.

But it's just a couple of
questions, if you may.

I mean, thankfully,
nobody got hurt.

Our pocketbooks did.

Don't know exactly how much,
but probably close to 150 grand.

Cash or chips?

Both. But either would do.

We can't do
a chip recall on that.

Too expensive.

But we will keep our eyes open.

Red flag any peculiar cash-ins,
case these kids come back.

They were kids?

Kids, the gunmen?

Listen, detective,
you know better than I.

Could you please have
your office

send me all your employees list,
former, present,

anyone you may have contracted
for security?

And duplicate your surveillance
tapes and send that on my way.

I'd really appreciate that.

Are we done here?

We're done here.

Mm. I'm impressed.

I send you in for 100...

you make out with 150.

But it ain't true, Cousin.

We left with about 25.

- Huh?
- You can't believe the papers.

Know what I mean? You know,
they inflating and get theirs.

You heard me? I'm just...

Now, forgive me if my sneaking
suspicions start kicking in,

but the first thing I think is

how I know you
ain't just deflating?

We ain't deflating, Cousin.
Our boy Dre got killed.

We had to pay for his funeral.

That's your business.

You fucked up. Where's my money?

We had about five.

We got your chips.

Hey, fuck these punk-ass
chips, man.

The paper say 150. You say 20.

We meet in the middle,
let's say 80.

Even if I include these
bitch-ass chips

you brought here,
that leaves 70.

Where's my money?

- We had the money.
- Came out of nowhere...

- We was good.
- Son, we was good.

We was on our way out.
Then Dre got killed.

We had to pay five grand
to get Dre buried.

Yo, stop talking to me about
this dead man. Listen, man.

Listen to me. You done spent
the Wizard money

on the Scarecrow funeral.

And you interrupted my business,
impeding on my profit.

You 'bout to get yourself
fucked up, right?

Cousin, but, we got away,

Shut your bitch-ass mouth,

or I'm gonna shut it for you,

We gonna get you your money,

A'right? We just need a little
moment, a little time.

We gonna get you your money,
big dog, with interest.

I get it. It's a negotiation.

We negotiating.

Fellas, let's show them
how we negotiate.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Whoa. Cousin, son.

- We ain't even got...
- Oh, yeah.

I'm sure you already know
how this works.

You ain't got my money,
you got to walk the plank.

We gonna get you your money.
With interest, ya heard me?

- No exceptions.
- We... we can all win here.

Tugging at my heartstrings now.

If I had one, you'd have it.

Afraid everybody can't win
on this one.

You done already lost me, boy.

Drop 'em. Drop 'em!

Come on, son, we gonna do this.

Get 'em, boy!

Jun, get the car!

Get the fuck out of here.

Let me catch you somewhere else
and kill you.

We gotta go.

You should have killed
his ass, man.

What the fuck we gonna do? Huh?

He killed my fucking dog, man.

- Hey, baby.
- Demyra.

A'right take Ike,
go to your mom's, all right?

- What?
- Go to your mom's. Right now.

What about
Andre's funeral?

Only funeral gonna be mines
right now if I don't skip town.

- I don't understand.
- Just do it!

Just do it.
Tell me when you get there.


We gotta figure some shit out,

We gotta figure
something out fast!

O'Malley. How many casings
did they find?


And nobody got hit?

Nah, come on.

Homeboys never learned how
to hold a gun straight.

They hit what they don't aim at.

Can you do me a favor?

Can you reach out to clinics,
hospitals, vets?

I don't give a shit
if they treat farm animals.

Can you just find if someone
got patched up somewhere?

Will do.

Good morning.

Peace, bro. All right, man.

What's up, girlfight?

You get lost looking
for a yoga studio?

No, I was just thinking more of
a, of a fade. Maybe a number 15.


Well, uh, the sign says
appointments only.

Oh, did someone read that
to you?

Hey, baby, go get you
some ice cream, okay?

Well? Cocaine's a hell
of a drug, Detective.

I know why you're here, a'right?

This shit came
with a tail, baby.

Who jacked them?

I don't know.

"Don't know" don't cut it,

Listen, Courtney.
You wanna keep on dancing,

you better play me some music.

You gonna have to be a cop
on this one.

You white folks don't like

when locals robbin' a casino,
you know what I mean?

The motherfuckers
fuckin' my money up.

So before that happen,
I let you know what I know.

And vice versa.

Good to see ya.

I got 12 reasons why

you might not wanna take
another step!

It's Blink. Your son, James.

What you doing here?

We need a place to stay
for a few.

You got trouble, boy?

Yes, sir.

Come on.

That trouble ain't gonna follow
you here, is it, boy?

- Huh?
- No.


Man, it's about
motherfucking time!

This nigga tight.

He needs some pussy.

- Do you want his number?
- Mm-hmm.

Ooh! Is that Louise's?

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Look. I had a client.

He came to the club
the other night.

He was in there
tossing around chips

that came from the casino
that got robbed.

But a couple of drinks later,
he started boasting and things,

talking about he knew the dudes
that did it.

Give me a name.

Said his name was Teasy,
something like that.



A guy named Teasy, Yolanda,
ain't a fucking lead.

You're making me waste my time.

Come on, Lucy, wait, look,
I just...

I figured maybe you might find
him at the funeral.


Look it, look it, look it.

Keep your hands up.

Everything changes
when you get hit.

This here is for your...
for your body.

Black strap molasses,

yohimbe, and sarsaparilla.

Get it up you, drink up.

Get the worms out you.

Mr. Stewart?
Lucinda Valencia, NOPD.

I got some questions for you.

So I hear I got a grandson, huh?

He look like you?


He's a good kid. He's a lefty.

Got a mama?

Demyra's a queen.

Oh, she a queen, huh?

Hmm. Then what you doing
out here?

I got hit.

It's tougher now.

Yeah, of course it's tough.

You black from the Lower Ninth.

What's new?

No, that's just an excuse.

Oh, no, that's a fact of life.

Look, I ain't here
for no lecture, or...

I just need a place to stay.

Don't be prideful, James.

You got a wife and a son now.

You don't recognize
what you up against.

Can't run away from it.
Ain't no ignoring it.

You gonna have to deal with it.

Pride is what do it to you.

What, it was pride
that make you not stay?

It was pride made you leave?

No. Kept me from coming back.

Word of advice, huh?

Don't leave your queen
out there by herself.

Somebody will come along,
take her.

Whoa, now.
What's happenin', fam?

Hey, Cousin.

Missed you at the funeral.

You for sure missed your husband
and his little homies, right?

What you lookin' for, huh?

There ain't nothing
for you here.


Well, that's simple.
I'm just lookin' for him.

Well, then that makes
three of us.

He left two days ago,
I ain't seen him since.

So, you telling me
you ain't got no idea?


After all these years,
you treat me like this?

I wouldn't even much
know we family, how you act.

Now you do know everybody
looking for him

ain't trying to help him now,

So tell me, where is he?

Where a man
from the Ninth Ward go

who leave their wife and baby?

To hell, mostly.

I done told you he ain't here.

We knee-deep in gasoline,

you killin' people over matches.

I ain't killed nobody yet,

you know how it is out here.

He who dies
with the most matches

wins the game, right?

And understand,
I don't much give no fuck

about your little husband.

But the little one's
still my family.

I feed my baby, Cousin.

Hey, Demyra.

Sometimes the devil you know
beat the one you don't.

We all know you, Cousin.

You don't know somebody wants
to snatch your little ass up.

I've been thinking.

That hit,

where them cops come from?

They just appear out of nowhere,

as soon as we step out?

They were dirty cops.

There ain't no other type
of cops.

- They all dirty.
- No, nigga.

We shot at them.

And the next day,
no one turns up

to turn anything out,
ask questions?

Come on, son, somebody leaked
that shit.

Ain't nobody from the Lower
Ninth Ward turn on Cousin, bro.

Maybe they ain't
from the Lower Ninth.

What are we gonna do?

Just stay on the run
till Cousin goes away?

I'm serious, man.

We survived more than Cousin
our whole lives.

Gettin' pushed out
of our own home?

Ain't nobody pushin' me out
of my home.

We gotta get him his money.

With Cousin,
it's all about that money.

Y'all heard him say it himself.

So what's to stop him
from takin' our money

and then killin' us afterwards?


Last time y'all talked to him
didn't go too good.

You almost lost your dick
and your life, nigga.

We gotta go over his head.


The Saint.

There ain't but one nigga
on this earth that scares me.

And that's The Saint.

That nigga fuck around
and kill all of us,

all of our family.


But we dead anyways.

Look, I don't know about y'all,

but I gotta see my family again.

So The Saint could be
our only option.

What's the plan?

Hands up! We want your
motherfucking money!

Get your fucking hands up now!

Get the fuck up!

Your fucking wallets, go!

Put it in this fucking bag,
let's go, let's go, let's go!

Get your dumb ass
to the fucking floor!

Come on!

The fuck in here!
Let's go! Whoo!

- Whoo! Yeah!
- Let's go!


Shut the fuck up and put your
hands on the fucking wall!

Right now! Go!

Turn around!

Give me the fucking money!

Didn't I tell you to go
over there! Huh? Huh?

Get your ass over there!
Hurry up!

Turn the fuck around!

We got it, we got it, we got it,
come on!


Go, go!

James was the closest.

I was sure they'd be
at the funeral.

But... you know how boys are.

Do you have any idea
where they might be, ma'am?

You have any kids, officer?

No, I don't.

Your kids come with
a special kind of GPS.

You don't always know
where they are,

but you know where they are.

And I know them boys
as well as I know my Dre.

And I think they in trouble.

I hope they're not,
Mrs. Hampton.

Could you tell me
where James lives?


You're under arrest.

Put his black ass in the cage!

Fuck you, white boy!

Fuck you, homeboy!

You heard me?

Fucking woadies.


I think I might have something
for you, Lucy.

I got a name
from the kid's

guest registry
you gave me.

The initial "C" Bass.

Mean anything?

Cousin Bass.
Lower Ninth career thug.

Gets rolled,
nothing ever sticks. Why?

Hmm. That's
what I thought.

'Cause there's a Lorenzo Bass

on the casino's payroll as well.

We're lookin' for kids, Irish.

Bass is almost 40.

Sometimes casinos tap a local

to check for its flaws
in security.

Now, if these flaws
were big enough,

maybe this guy Bass figured
he'd exploit 'em.

Sold them to these kids.

Can I help you?

Hi, councilman.

My name's Demyra.

I worked here
when your wife was sick.

Sent over by the hospice.

Ella was a strong woman.

Hey, Po'boy.

Even the strength of God
can't cure cancer.

Still doesn't tell me
why you're here.

Well, I don't know
where else to go.

I need your help,
something in the Ninth Ward.

Something that involves
my husband.

Mm-hm. Starting to sound
like something that...

you should call
the police about.

I can't trust the police, sir.

Here. Come on.

There's a lot of councilmen.
Why me?

You know what it's like
to lose a spouse.

My husband ain't no criminal.

He's in trouble.

Now I'm in trouble.
And so is our son.

I'm gonna do whatever I can
to protect them.

You know, Miss Simms...

Miss Simms always said
you was different.

Trying to be a better man.

Oh, boy.

You're about the same age
she was when we met.

She tell you how we met? No.

She was at an intersection,

and I did what you're not
supposed to do.

I... I gave her a ticket
for being pretty.

Thought I... thought I would
charm her, you know.

Well, I didn't know that she
just passed the bar.

And she's an attorney, right,

so I thought we could flirt
when she'd come to court,

but the truth is it was already
thrown out

before I even got back
to the precinct.

The captain's chewing me out
for abuse of power,

all the things they teach
in the academy.

But I got her number.

Now it's been two years.

You said you believe
in fresh starts.



I need your help.

Tell me what you know.

You remember
your lessons? Hm?

1927, Fordham, Mississippi?

They found 40 tons of dynamite

15 miles from
the French Quarter.

Right at the levy. Yeah. No.

What... what's the idea?
You know the idea.

The idea was to sacrifice
the poor districts

in the name of preserving
the more fair aspects

of our city.

Hm? Only... only one judge
was opposed to it.

He said, "Gentlemen,
what you have witnessed here

today is the public execution

of our fine parish."

Plaquemines, Saint Bernard,
completely decimated.

But don't... don't worry
about them anyway.

The mosquitoes down there,
they are so large,

they can stand flatfooted
and fuck a turkey.

Engineer Corps
covered it all up.

Some mythical barge
they talked about.

Like a barge wouldn't
go over the levy,

it's gonna go through it....

Now the same thing is happening.

2005, the exact same thing.

Different words, design flaw,
engineering failure.

None of it explains the dynamite
they found,

which they did find.

It's gonna take a hundred years

to find the proof.

I'll have 80 proof right now.

I know. Please stop, I know.

I'll stop.

Just not today.

I mean, think about it,

what were they gonna do, huh?
Give up on the Garden District?

Huh? Lose the French Quarter?

It's not gonna happen.

There's too much money.
There's too much power.

Yeah, right. Yeah. I wanna be
some rogue councilman.

Hm. Fighting corruption.


The same corruption that paid
for our house.

Paid for our... our kids
to go to private school.

Your medical bills.

I know.
I know it's our district.

I know people are crying.

What'd you say?

We can see further
through our tears

than through the lens
of a telescope?

I hear you.

All I see right now,
forgive the French,

but it's the same shit
in the same toilet

getting flushed the same way.

I'll come back tomorrow.

I love you, Ella.

Detective Valencia.

What do you have for me?

This turned
into a murder case.

- Uh-huh.
- Kid killed, Andre Hampton.

Yeah, trumpet player.

I'm not sure
how the pieces fit together.

But it seems that Courtney's
in bed with Cousin.

- Cowboy Courtney?
- Yeah.

All right.
Let me handle the big players.

Listen to me, okay?

What I need from you
is to help these kids.

Quite frankly,
they're getting played.

This is your chance, all right?

You wanna protect and serve?

Then protect and serve.

Fucking Courtney.

Ah! Damn! Nigga can't play
on no empty stomach!

Where's Boogie at with my order?

I'm in here starving and shit.

Oh, there goes my man.


It's adding up.

Nigga, I know you ain't eat some
of my chicken, man.

Man, this supposed
to be a 12-piece combo, nigga.

What the fuck,
you think I can't count?

Man, count this shit off, man.

Shit, nigga. One, two, three,
four... Oh!

Get the fuck out here, nigga!

Fucking with
my fried chicken, man!

Motherfucking crazy?

Hey, that's assault, and it'll
get you at least six months.

I wanna see you in my office,
Cowboy, right now.

Lorenzo Bass.


You could have told me
he was your CI.

I could if I thought you needed
to know.

Well, what else did you forget
to tell me? Hmm?

Hey, it ain't always pretty,

but it's always real, you dig?

Cousin owes somebody
a lot of money.

That somebody happens
to be The Saint.

There's a war goin' on
you don't know about.

What'd you think they did with
County before the storm? Huh?

They let 'em all go. Everyone.

Feds left.

Now we got more criminals,
more violence.

Less intel, less cops.

Now, we can deal with The Saint.

But this Cousin,
he outta control.

So why don't you do something
about it? Hmm?

Why? It's time, money,
and resources we don't have.

So you leaked that shit

and you got
one of them boys killed.

You rather I arrest him
so he could spend

the rest of his life in jail?

They're out on the lam
knocking off truck stops.

They got the cops and two
fucking warlords over them.

Don't be pious with me, girl.

Them niggas would shoot you
in a crack-cocaine heartbeat.

Man, get the fuck up on
outta here

and get back to your
smash 'n' grabs,

and let the real cops deal with
this shit here. A'right?

It's the real cops that make
this shit happen.

I'm bringing in the boys.

Hey. Where you going?

Now, who you think you are?

Where you going, Lolita? Huh?

You don't live around here.

You think that badge
protects you?

I protect you!

Any of those niggas
would put a bullet in your ass

if it wasn't for me!

Yo, Pop, we back.

This why you here?

This why
you came to see me?

- No. It ain't about...
- Oh, yes it is.

I don't want your dope money.

It ain't dope money.

Whatever kind of money it is,
I don't want it.

And I don't want it in here.

Why, 'cause it's more money than
you made in your whole life?

- Mmm. You fucking jealous.
- Jealous?

How many catfish you gotta catch
in order to make this, Pop?

This big boy money.
Maybe if you caught more fish,

you wouldn't have made
so many mistakes.

Maybe if you caught more fish,

me and Ma's wouldn't be stuck
in the Lower Ninth while you...

I've made mistakes! Yeah!

Uneducated! Prideful!

That's what I was!
You don't have to be that way!

You got a son now.
You got an opportunity!

Look, it's too late
for all that daddy talk,

you hear me?

You need to get out the house.

Get out of here!
Get outta my house!

Take Jodeci and get out of here!

You bringing trouble in my
threshold of my house!

Can someone tell Jackson I'm not
gonna make it to lunch today?

- Hello?
- James?

This is Lucinda Valencia, NOPD.

- James, you there?
- Yeah, I'm here.

I'd like to talk to you,
if that's okay.

I'm not, uh...
I'm not in town right now.

I... I'm not sure...

You'll meet me
at the IC tonight.

Dusk. Is that clear?

Sorry about your boy.

It wasn't us.

I know you?

You were a freshman at Tulane
when I was a senior.

I remember seeing your sketches
on the school paper.

I was an art minor myself.

Well, this isn't
a reunion, so...

You and your boys been busy.

My boys? Who you referring to?

I'm not sure
what you're talkin' about.

You don't know
what I'm talking about,

but I'm here to tell you
to stop.

You're in trouble, James.

On both sides of the line.

And the feds...

the feds want a new New Orleans.

Feds do.

Yeah, the feds do, and so do I.

And so should you.

A new New Orleans,
or a new Lower Ninth?


A place where everybody
can get jobs.

Homes with running water
and electricity.

Banks. Grocery stores.

Neighborhoods that's not ran
by criminals.

That's the New Orleans
you referring to?

You're a criminal, too, James.

You ain't taking what's yours.

What... what exactly
am I taking?

You're taking from the casinos.

That's what you think. Okay.

I'm caught up now.

The casinos have been taking
from us

since we've been here.

So you ask me,
the new New Orleans

is just like the old one.

That one sucked too.

I really loved your art, James.

I really did.

A pencil can take you

a hell of a lot further
than a gun.

Well, not in the Lower Ninth.


I'm working on a sketch
of my own.

And when I'm done with that...

you're gonna see me again.

Fuck you worried
about three little niggas

from the Ninth Ward for, huh?

We find a body in the river
every fucking week.

Them little niggas
fucking my business up.

Yeah, well, money's a funny
thing, right?

Make any man feel like a king.

Make a man feel like
a slave also.

What do I gotta do
to get these boys home?

Let me tell you.

In 1813, governor of Louisiana
offered a $500 reward

for the capture of a outlaw
pirate named Jean Lafitte.

He was thinking of New Orleans.

Now, Lafitte, the pirate,

countered with a $5,000 reward
for capture of the governor.

Ain't nothing new
about New Orleans, Jackson.

No. We don't have
to redefine New Orleans.

All we have to do is redefine
ourselves, which we can do.

Look at the way you dress,

look at the way you try
to work people.

Just remember I was there
for the original sin, and to me,

you are always gonna be
a two-bit dope dealer.

And you always gonna be
a little dirty street cop

who realize he can make more
money wearing a suit

than a uniform.

I'll double it.

Get those kids in.

Still skimping on your campaign
contributions, I see.


Let me ask you this.
That politician, that governor,

or the pirate. Who lived longer?

The pirate.

Hey, yo, baby girl.
Let me get two bottles

for them niggas over there.

Hey, yo, sweetheart,
give them four bottles.



Yeah, this all my money
right here.

I see you, man.
But this time brother gets what?

We gonna roll, and this time
we gonna really roll, bro.

Oh, shit!

Hope that don't break your
pockets, my nigga.

Yeah, son.

Oh, shit!

- Here! Yeah!
- Let's go!

Li'l bro, I hear you.

Shit's the killin' fields.
You know what I'm saying?

All the weed done
moved out to the suburbs.

Chalmette, Pointe à la Hache.

All you gotta do is pay out,

you can move all the rock
all you want.

Just gotta deal

with Talibans
and the Vietnamese.

Making it goddamn hard
for a nigga to stay alive.

Y'all Lower Ninth niggas lucky
y'all shit's still underwater.

What about The Saint?
You think he can help?

I don't know.

Ask for yourself.

Get up.

Let's take a ride, little nigga.

Do you boys know
where you're actually from?

This place...
this place was founded

by 800 of my ancestors.

Les femmes du roi,
the king's daughters.

Their sole purpose was
to attract male settlers,

make fertile this here land.

I left this place
when I was a young man

like yourselves.

Desperately in search

of the so-called American dream.

Yet I never realized

how much of a nightmare
that dream must have been

for most of you people.

Now, I understand that your
Ninth Ward privileges have...


Yes, sir.

And you come here
seeking asylum?

We... we wanna go back.


Back to where most of you
were born out of wedlock?

Back where...

half of you don't graduate
from high school.

And of that half...

the males...

are dead by the age of 20,
or in jail.

Have a seat.

My God!

You three little piggies
have been busy.

For your trouble.

Thank you.

Now please tell me,
what in God's name

has the Lower Ninth
ever done for you?

You've got a nice little chance
to move on.

You can move away.

You got money.

You got ambition.

You definitely got talent.

I know that
'cause y'all are survivors.

So just answer
one more question for me.

Why do you want to go back?

Because it's...

it's our home.

It was mine...

long before it was yours.

Would you mind if I...

shared a Scripture with you?

It's one
of my favorite Scriptures.

From the book of Ezekiel,
chapter 3, verse 18.

"If I say to the wicked,

'You shall surely die, '

and you give him no warning,

nor speak to warn the wicked
from his wicked way

in order for his life
to be saved,

that wicked man shall die
in his iniquity,

but his blood I will require
at your hand.

But if you warn the wicked

and he does turn away
from his wickedness,

or from his wicked way,
he shall die in his iniquity,

but you will have saved
your life."

Warning always comes
before destruction.

What was that?

Boys, repeat after me

Y'all know what that means?

Click your heels.

'Cause there's no place
like home.

Run along now.

There's no place like home.

This right here,
it's the church of my choice.

Holy communion.

Makes me remember
all I'm grateful for.

All the things you've taken.

We've taken more than our share,

that's true.

Nathaniel, it's good to see you.

They're calling you
The Saint now?

That makes me laugh.

I like it.

Just know your original sin,
'cause I was part of it.

Is this your penance?

I want it to be my absolution.

I want to start over.

I was hoping you could take
what Katrina couldn't wash away.

For every man...

there's an appointed time
to pay his debt.

And for our friends,
that time is now.

And for you, I will do this.

Do for your neighbor

as your neighbor
would do for you.

I miss jazz.

It's been gone away
from New Orleans

for quite some time now.

Way back when Louis Armstrong
moved to Queens, I guess.

Sound of trumpets
and trombones

have been replaced by

drum machines and turntables,

the art of crooning supplanted
by angry voices.

Shit really
makes sense, ya hear me?

You know why all of these

little niggas in the 3rd Ward
holler "Callio"?

I highly doubt they know.

Calliope was the goddess
of epic poetry.


we could've been great friends.

Katrina could have...

brought us together...

instead of tearing
our worlds apart.

As romantic as that may sound...

hell, no.

We too much alike.

Greedy-ass motherfuckers.

That's why they can take

all the opportunity
away from us.

They can flood us. Jail us.

Even try to kill us.

But they can never kill
our greed.

Oh, no.

That's why we'll pimp, rap,
sling dope,

cheat or steal,

even if it's from each other.

Have you seen my altar?

It'd be an honor.

Do you believe in the gods?

Well, I believe in God. A God.

Now, while there may be others

running round, tending the beat,

maybe even us,

there can only be one alpha dog.

You think so?

Is this the beautiful part
of the story

where you tell me that The Saint

is going to introduce the demon
to the god?

I don't think He'll be where
you're going.

Ah, just as...

Au revoir, my friend.

Sorry to get you up
at 5 a.m., ma'am.

Talk to me.

We got a call earlier,
shots fired.

Four bodies, no witnesses.

A ton of stuff inside.
Guns, casino chips.

That's why we called you.

Hey, yo, Perkins, you got that
house good list for me, man?


I told you it's a war going on
out here, girl,

and we treat it as such!

Welcome back.

I'm here to tell you
the investigation's over.

You're free to start again.

You're getting a second chance.

What do you think about that,


I wanna know
who broke this door.

I did.

That should cover it.

Be good, James.

You're home now, baby.

Buried our brother...

to get back to this?

That's what we wanted, right?

We wanted something more
out of life.

You know, I don't do this shit
just to survive.

I think we need to do
this shit again.

A'right, then.

We gotta do this shit again.

Shit, every fucking casino
in Louisiana be ready for us.

Nobody talkin' about
no fuckin' casino.

The money, it's in the back
to the left over there.

And we need to communicate...

it's Ace, Deuce, and Tres.

I need you ready to go.

Three minutes, bro.

Let's go.

Get down! Don't fucking move!

Put the fuckin' gun
on the ground!

- Get down! Hands up!
- Okay, okay!


Crawl over there!
Hurry up, bitch!

Put the fuckin' gun
on the ground! Slow!

Crawl, bitch! Crawl!

- Hurry up.
- Go!

This is a motherfucking robbery!

Don't make it a homicide!

- Open the fucking safe!
- I don't have the combination!

Open the fucking safe!

Now, motherfucker!

Yo, Ace!


Keep your fuckin' heads down!


How much we take?

All of it.

Grab all that shit, nigga.

Shit! Get down!

Get out! Everyone
get the fuck out now! Go!

Ace! Come on, nigga, come on!

- Fuck!
- Yes!

Yo, look!

- What the fuck?
- It's on now! It's on!

- Let's get the fuck out of here!
- I got the money. Let's go!

Fuck, man! Shit!

Fuck! Shit!

Fuck. What are we gonna do,

What the fuck do we do?

Come out
with your hands up!



Cover it up! Plug that shit up!


Junior! Don't fuckin' die on me!


Junior, come on.
Gotta get outta here.

Here's your money!

I'm unarmed!

Hold fire!

At least
three men attempted to rob

a 7th Ward office this evening.

Witnesses said a security guard
gave his life

while freeing
several dozen hostages.

The police and the perpetrators

exchanged heavy gunfire.

Two men are dead.

Police don't know
how many gunmen are left.

Stand down!

I said stand down!

Who do
you wanna see

coming to Cut Throat City,

You know,
a lot of people think

that Katrina was a disaster
sent by God...

to punish us
for our sins.

But if you ask me...

Katrina's always
been with us.

Just had a bunch
of different names.

Would you believe me
if I told you

this one was inspired by you?

It's beautiful.

Listen, I...

thank you for not finishing
that sketch

that you was working on.


you're the artist, not me.

I told you a pencil was gonna
take you

way further than a gun.

I'm really proud of you, Blink.


Yeah, can I help you?

I'm Demyra.

This your grandson.

Isaiah, say hi to your papa.



Wanna shake his hand?

Oh. Okay.

You got speed.
We gon' work on that.

All right. Mm-hmm.

You know,
water can give life,

and water can take life.

But all water
has perfect memory,

forever trying to return
from where it once came.

And that's home.


Hey. Councilor.

Looking sharp.

- You too, sir.
- 'Ey, thank you.

So, out of all the places
in the New Orleans, why here?

This family?

No. No, this young man here,

he got laid to rest thanks
to your...

Saint and Cousin rivalry.

That's a piece of work
right there.

Isn't always pretty,
but it's always real, ya hear?

Yeah, yeah.

Got my money?

Yeah, I got your money.

Count it up.

You know, I saw this young man
play no less than, uh...

no less than eight times.

Last time my wife saw him play,

it was Mother's Day.

- You know.
- Hmm.

She just started crying.

I gotta be honest with you,
though, man.

I ain't bring tissues with me
for your tears.

Yeah. Yeah.

I understand.

Do for your neighbor

as your neighbor
would do for you.

No, it's do unto...

All right, get over here.

Ah, Jesus.


'Kay. All right.


All right.

Hold this. Take the money.

Put the weapon back in here.

Yeah. Okay.

I'm very sorry
you had to see this,

but hopefully you will be a more
judicious overseer

of our precinct, hmm.

All right... then this man here.

Would you, uh, take that,
take that, take that.

Thank you, yeah.

Put it in the bag. All right.

You're a smart man.
You know what this is?

This... is your balls.

And my insurance.
You understand me?

The Saint doesn't think you have
the character

and the moral fortitude
to hold down the Lower Ninth.

Isn't that funny?

A saint who doesn't believe
in miracles?

I do. Okay?

I've been sleeping in my car
since Katrina.

You ain't gotta worry
about the Lower Ninth.

I'll hold it down real tight.

Get your white ass out of here.

That's for Dre.