Cut Shoot Kill (2017) - full transcript

Serena Brooks, an ambitious young actress, signs on as the star of a horror film with a crew of backwoods filmmakers that have worked together for years. When the cast starts disappearing, ...

Can't we just have some fun?

Why does everything
have to be so serious?

Maybe coming here was a mistake.

Don't say that.

Did you see that?


I saw someone
over by the window.

They were looking at us.

Must've been Greg.

I don't think so.

Can you see anything?



I saw someone out there.

- They were watching us.
- I'm going out there.


Jack please, don't.

- Thank you, Serena.
- Hm-hm.

Are you still at Paradigm?

Uh no, actually I just changed

to Shelley Drucker at ADA.

- Oh, he's great.
- Hm-hm.

- That's a nice step up for you.
- Hm-hm.

- He's a sweetheart.
- Thank you.

Hi Shelley, I'm just calling

to check on what happened
to that Will Smith movie.

Right, they
went with Shaylene Woodley.

Are you kidding?

I mean, I'm never gonna have
a chance with someone like her.

Well that's who
you're gonna be up against

if you want to be
a leading lady,

which brings me
to the horror movie.

I don't know, a-a slasher movie?

It-it's just not
my kind of thing.

Okay, do me a favor,

watch the short film,
think about it.

You bitch.

No! Bitch!

Alabama Chapman?

That can't be his real name.

Who was the girl?

- Hm?
- The star.

It doesn't say.

I'm just gonna look her up.

All right, here she is.

Nicole Healy.

She was in six of his movies.

She died.

She was murdered.

She does have
some fan pages, though.

Are you Alabama?


You're late.


People are tired
of being lied to.

What they want
is something real.

They'd rather sit at home
and watch YouTube videos

of people falling on their asses

than go to some crap movie
they know is fake.

You know, they get lied to
by the government,

by the news, by their jobs.

What they want is the one thing
they are not being given,

the truth.

I saw one of your short films,
and it looked...

it looked very real to me.

I've been working with the
same crew since I was a kid,

and we all grew up
in North Carolina together.

How many of these shorts
have you done?


We need to make a feature...

...and we're ready.

He's smart and
he's really passionate.

Not at all what I expected.

Well, I'll
have them send over a deal.

Serena, this'll be great
for you.

These guys have a million
Twitter followers,

they're financed,
they're paying you.

You're the star.
You'll be great.

The future is yours.

- All right, thank you, Shelley.
- Mm-hmm.

- I'll talk to you later.
- Okay, bye, babe.

You know, I'm trying
to get excited about this.

You should be.


Four weeks in the woods

surrounded by a bunch
of hot actors and crew?

Well, there's also hot guys
in New York too,

and somehow I manage
to control myself here.


Anyway, that's not
what you're jealous about.


You're just jealous I
got a juicy part in a film.

Oh yeah, probably.

- Listen.
- Hmm?

Uh, I don't want you
to take this the wrong way,

but I want to do this by myself.

I don't want you to visit me.

Are you serious?

As much as I love you,

with the way things have
been going between us lately...

you're a distraction,
and I need to focus.

You know what, how about this?
Fuck you.

All right?
And just have fun, you know,

fucking all those guys
up there...

- Excuse me?
- ...or whatever you do.

When you did
that summer stock last year,

I stayed out of your way.
- Okay.

And who knows who
you were fucking up there.

I was fucking no one and you
could have come, right?

No one told you not to.

I didn't want
to get in your way.

Okay, well I guess
we saw that differently.

Fuck this, I'm gonna stay
at my brother's tonight.

And you know...
call me when you're back.

Whatever, I don't know,

maybe you'll figure
something out by then, okay?

Miss Brooks?

Miss Brooks?

That's me.

Uh, I figured that was you

'cause you look
like a movie star.

I was real excited when I heard
you got the part.

Uh, I seen
your Law and Order episode

like five times.

What's your name?


Uh, my-my real name's Raymond,

but uh, everyone calls me IBall,

like iPhone or iMac.

I'm IBall.

Probably on account
of my lazy eye.

But I-I don't mind.

Nice to meet you.

You're the last pickup.

It's a long drive up there.

But you can sit
wherever you want,

you's being the star, and all.

I-I'd be happy to teach you.

Watch your step.

You're doing fine.

Hi, I'm Candice.

Gordon E. Runte.


He's from England.
He's Shakespearian trained.

Yes, it's true.

I, um, graduated
from the Royal Academy.

Just finished a touring show
of Hamlet

in which I play the Dane

to a bunch of blue-hairs
from Shropshire.

Looking forward to this,
I can tell you.

Aren't you playing an American
in the film?

Well, fuck yeah.

I play Greg from Kansas City,

a horny little fellow with a
fetish for romantic paperbacks.

I die on page 61.

You don't sound European at all.

You's all are so talented.

Yes we are, IBall.

Yes we are.

This is gonna be
the best movie ever.

I was in a beauty pageant,

and I got seen
by a casting agent,

and he got me
to take acting lessons,

but I started having an affair
with our teacher.

And then
I got a job on a TV pilot,

but the director
wanted to sleep with me.

I think I only got this job

because I agreed
to take my top off.

That's not true.

There's a lot of actresses
who would agree to do that.

Did you?


But I'm just saying that
you must've done something

really great in your audition
to get the part.

It's not just that you're
gonna show your tits.

You're really nice.

You know, I once did
three performances of Macbeth

with nothing but
the cool fog of Glasgow

to cover my little Gordon.

I just don't see why Americans
make such a big fuss over it.

Because we don't
want to be exploited.

Right, Candice?
- Right.

But they can't exploit you
if you're doing what you love.

He's right, I guess.

Look, you make up
your own mind about it,

but just because
you signed something

it doesn't mean that you have to do
things that you don't want to do.

I'm-I'm pretty sure
nudity's important to Alabama.

He's a real artist, though.

He-he won't exploit you's.

Hi, it's me.

I really wish you would
pick up your phone.

Look, I hate that we got
into that fight last night.

All right, um... love you.


Did you hear that
they cast Blake Stone

I thought he stopped
acting after his breakdown.

Sure uh, I mean I bet he's
been in a ton of stuff

you never saw.

He plays my boyfriend.

Hope he's not an asshole.

What's that mark on your hand?

Oh, that-that-that's our logo.

Everyone on the crew has 'em.

I don't know why it came out
so shitty.

I-I-I thought
it would be better.

I'm just really honored

that they're letting me
work on this.

Serena Brooks, I'm guessing.

Uh, yeah, that's me.

- Here let me get that for you.
- Oh, thanks.

I'm Walter Sax, I play Harper.

Oh, the bad guy.

That's not for me to judge.

So have you been in many films,

Oh, I mean I've known
these guys forever,

so I've been in a lot
of their films.

But I did do a Dunkin' Donuts
commercial down in Nashville.

Hi, I'm Jason.
I'm producing this little epic.

Oh hi, nice to meet you.

You're in cabin number four.

We're using cabins seven,
eight, and nine for shootin'.

There's no cell service up here.

No, but if you need to, IBall
will give you a ride into town.

I can't get the internet
to work, either.

The cable company's coming out
tomorrow to take a look.

How are you going to
make a movie

without a phone or internet?

We're used to roughing it.

We got our grip truck up that
road, that's all we need.

It's all right if
he doesn't want beans.

That's fine.
- There's a bean in the green.

- Ah, that's just fine.
- That's fine.

Oh, hello.
Here you are, sweetheart.

Hi, oh, uh, actually
I don't want that much.

Where I come from we accept
hospitality when it's offered.

Well where I come from its rude
to take more than you can eat.

Well, bless your heart.

You must be Serena.

Is that right?

I'm Molly Beale.

I've been babysitting
some of these little devils

since they were kids. Right?

Hi. Do you-

Listen up!

My people were Ulster Scots,

so it's become a habit of mine

to invoke one of their blessings

at the start of every one
of our films.

Mìle fàilte.

1,000 welcomes.

Mìle fàilte.

Damn, it feels good
to be making a movie again!

And our first feature, no less.

We got some real talent
in this room here.

Serena Brooks.

Blake Stone.

You are all fine
and committed artists,

and we are honored--

Stand back, people!

He had this comin' to him!

Excuse the boys, Serena.

It's just our makeup guys
showin' off.

Fuck, that scared the shit
out of me.

Stone cold shit right there.

Mìle fàilte.

- Hell, yeah!
- Mìle fàilte!

Maybe just-just a little bit,

and it'll-it'll fall...

- All right.
- ...I think.

It's better now
- That's better.


Is you ready, Miss Brooks?

Okay, she not ready yet.

What you doing there?

Oh um, I brought this from home.

It's cute, right?
- It's real cute.

I-I don't know if Alabama's
gonna go for it.

Just let me talk to him
about it.

What do we need for a shot?

Is there a big lighting change
for this?

Hey, everything all right?
You got everything you need?

Uh, yeah, everyone's
been very nice.

Axe the scarf.

Actually I brought this myself.

It's a little much.

We had discussed
that my character

was from around Allentown,

So I did some research
and looked at some photos

and this feels right to me.

I want it to be as real
as you do, okay?

So we can do it your way
and I don't have to wear it

if that's what you want,
but I feel very strongly

that this is the right choice,
if you want it to be real.

You're full of shit.

You didn't look that up.

Had you going though, right?

All right,
whatever she wants from now on.


All right, let's get ready
for rehearsal, everybody.

Why does everything
have to be so serious?

Maybe coming up here
was a mistake.

Don't say that, please.

Did you see that?

See what?

I saw someone by the window.

They were looking at us.

That's probably just Greg.

I don't think so.

Can you see anything?



There was someone out there.

Are you sure?

They were watching us.


- All right, I'll go outside.
- What?

No, Jack, don't, please.

It'll be fine.
Just relax.


- Aah!


That is not funny.

I think it's hysterical.

Cut. Excellent.

That was great work, everybody.
Good night.

I'm gonna go talk to Blake.

How was that?

That was as good a first day
as I've ever had.

Wasn't Blake great?

All right, let's wrap it up,

- Thank you very much.
- That-that was very good, Miss Brooks.

Oh, thank you.

The idea was that
with only one hour's notice

we could put on
any of 13 classics.

I just finished a run of
Merchant of Venice

in San Francisco.

Hm, you were Portia?

For the intent
and purpose of the law

hath full relation
to the penalty,

which here appeareth due
upon the bond.

'Tis very true.

A wise and upright judge.

How much more elder art thou
than thee looks?

Therefor laid bare your bosom.

Aye, his breast.

So says the bond.
Doth it not, noble judge?

"Nearest his heart."
Those are the very words.

It is so.

Are the balance here
to weigh the flesh?

Have by some surgeon, Shylock,
on your charge,

to stop his wounds lest he
do bleed to death.

Maybe we can read some lines

from our scenes
that we have to shoot tomorrow.

Relax Francis, we're bonding.

It's all part of the process.

No, he's worried he
won't remember his lines.

Some of us aren't great
at memorizing lines.

The lines mean nothin'.

Fuckin' lines.

We're out in the woods here.

Rules are different.

One bad choice...

Life is fragile.

You be aware of it.

If you're not...'re a sittin' duck.


Worry about your fucking lives.

What's this?

This is the guy who's gonna fix
our internet.

Fuck that.

Well, we talked about this.

No, we got everything we need
to make this movie right here.

Thanks, but you can go.
- No, he can't go, hold on.

- He goes or I go.
- Don't give me that shit.

Alabama, a lot of people here
have phone calls to make.

Whoa, what the fuck
are you doing?


What? Oh my--

- Hold up. Don't go.

He just fucking
broke the router.

You don't have another one?

Not in the truck.

Wait, let me explain.

What the hell?

I have a life, Alabama.

I have a relationship back home.

You need to focus.

That is my job.

If you can't trust me
to do my job...

...then you need to find
someone else.

I don't trust anybody.

Cell phones, internet, that's
the plague of the movie shoot.

Well my life is important to me.

And is this the most important
thing in your life, this movie?

That is not a fair question.

What's more important, huh?
Your boyfriend?

What, he can't wait three weeks?

Focus on our movie.

It makes a whole world
of difference, trust me.

You'll see.

It's so pretty out here.

I love it up here.

I grew up around here,
just a few towns over.

We used to come up here
on the weekends,

get stoned or drunk,

smoke cigarettes
if that's all we could get.

Maybe go skinny dipping.

I never did anything like that.

My mother would have killed me
if I went skinny dipping.

No you definitely
would have done it

because everybody would have
made fun of you if you didn't.

Everyone made fun of me anyway.

Um, are you sure you know
your way back from here?


We're not that far.
What, you wanna go back?

Uh yeah, it's starting to rain.
You don't mind, do you?

No, we got all weekend.

Saw a cabin up here.

We can sit on the porch
until this passes.

I think it's this way.

Is anyone here?

I don't know.
I doubt it.

These are just weekend cabins.

It looks nice in there.

Looks like we can just go in.

I don't think so.

We'll just go to dry off.
We won't touch anything.


Anybody here?

Looks like nobody's here.

There's a dryer in here.

We could dry our clothes...
wait out the storm.

You mean get naked?

Here's a blanket.
You can wrap yourself in that.

If my mother could see me now...

That is better.

What happened?

We gotta get outta here.
There's some weird shit here.

We just gotta go.

Are those fingers?

Ah! Fuck!

Oh, no.

Just run, okay?
I'll catch up.

Run where?!

Go and get help.


Who's here?

How was that?

- Chloe, that was good work.
- Phew.

It's creepy down here.


There's someone
I'd like you meet.

Who is it?


Mr. Eddie Shipman.
He's our executive producer.

It's because of his,
uh, goodwill

that we're able to make
our pictures, this one included.

So you want me to put on
a pretty face and be nice?

Here she is.
Here is our star.

Look at the way she
lights up a room.

It's like the sun came up,
isn't it?

Hi. Serena Brooks.

Eddie Shipman.
Very happy to meet you.

I must confess,
I'm your number one fan.

Thank you.

Oh and I have a welcoming
present for you as well.

Didn't have to do that.

Oh, wow.

Yes, my family runs a glass
factory in the Pamunkey River.

We make fine tableware.

It's beautiful.
Thank you so much.


Jason and I, we met in the army
several years ago,

and we bonded over movies,

over horror movies
in particular.

And when he told me
about The Collective...

...I was just like "Sign me up."

Well I'm always a fan of
someone who supports the arts.

Well I haven't
made a dime off of it,

but I wouldn't trade it
for anything.

Now, I love to be involved.

Now when the boys told me
they stepped up

to make a feature,
I was incredibly happy,

and I've been overjoyed
by everything I've seen.

It's all beautiful.

Another beer for you, Mr.

I don't really know why you
keep that halfwit around.

Look at this,
this can's all covered in crud.

I'll get you another one.

Now, I came down here
for a reason.

Alabama is
a brilliant filmmaker,

but his people skills
are lacking.

And Jason is crankier
than a bag of weasels.

If this film goes well
I want you to be excited

about the prospect of working
with us in the future.

I'm gonna be honest,
Mr. Shipman...

...I'm having
a really great time here...


...I don't want my career
to be a bunch of horror films.

That's just snobbery.

I don't think you will find
film fans or filmmakers

more passionate about
the art of film

than those
that make horror movies.

I guess I just don't share
your passion for the genre.


Well, there's time.
There is time to work on you.

And Nicole wasn't exactly crazy
about making horror films

until we started making 'hem.

You knew Nicole?

I financed all her films.

I don't think she had even
seen a horror movie

until we started
working together.

I mean, she was raised Lutheran
and I'm Baptist myself, so...

We were just talking
about Nicole.

I saw that she died.
I'm so sorry.

- She was murdered--
- We don't talk about that.

I was about to say
it was a tragedy.

We all loved Nicole.

Well she was great in the films
that I saw her in.

I mean, she could've gone out
to LA.

Yeah, she talked about it.

Still it's hard to imagine her
outside of Albemarle County.

Anyway, she didn't really
get the chance.

Uh, A-Alabama, they's calling
for you on set.

- I'm coming.
- I'm coming too.

It's a closed set.

Not to me.

Lovely to meet you.

Thank you for saying hi...
- Yeah.

...and think about what I said.

That's a good girl.

I'm coming.

So we're gonna take care
of a few things up here, Chloe.

Just take a couple minutes.


- Hello?
- Action.

Wait, hello?
I-I-I need a minute!

- Just one minute!
- Action!



What... What's happening?

What are you doing down here?


Who else knows about this?

I don't-I don't--
Are-are we-are we still doing the scene?

We're still doing the scene.
Who else knows about this?

Can we just cut?

I don't understand
what's going on right now.

Oh... I think
you understand everything.

No. I really don't understand
what's going on.

Please tell me.

Please don't.

No. No, no-

Don't worry.

I'll draw you up
with your boyfriend...

...and put your eyes together

so you can stare
at each other forever.

What are you's doing down here?

Who else knows about this?

I don't understand.

Oh... I think
you understand everything.

No, no, I really don't
understand what's going on.

Please just tell me.
No, please.

Please don't.

No. No, no!

Now that's just rough,
but it totally works.

It was a good kill.

You see her face
when the knife went in?

That's why we do this.

That was gold.
You can't fake that.

Honestly Al...

...that's one of
your best kills yet.

Play it again.
- Yes, sir.

Please don't. No.

Cannot wait to see it all done.

Heh, keep working on Serena.

I want her around
for the next one.

She'll come around.

What choice does she have?

What choice did Nicole have?

Oh and hey, uh,

bring me back a present.

You know how much
I like Barbie dolls.

Don't you fuck it up.

Hey, have you guys seen Chloe?

She finished
shooting her scenes.

The shoot went late last night,

so her and Francis went
straight from set to the train.

I drove 'em.

She's real good in the scenes...
that I saw.

Any chance I could
get a ride to town?

I need to make
a few phone calls.

You'll have to talk
to Alabama about that.

He gave us orders
not to do that.

That smells good.

Can I pour you a cup?

Thanks, I'd love some.

I get these tea leaves
from a friend of mine in China.

He's a private grower.

They're pretty special.

I can't believe they expect us
to go three weeks up here

without a phone call
or an email.

I like the quiet.

You were a child actor?


I know you're trying
to be nice but...

...I don't really like
making friends on set.

It never works out.

I don't mean to sound cold
or anything.

I'm just...

...trying to protect myself.

Uh, Mr. Stone.

Uh, they-they need you on set.


Just so you know...

I'll be there for you
on the day.


What is up with that guy?

Yeah, he's an odd character,
that's for sure.

You's actors.

You all have
your idio-synchronicities.

I don't need you
to know where it's going

or why you're doing the things
you're doing.

I want it to be instinctual.

I would never kill anyone
in real life,

so I have to try to imagine
the kinds of things

that would bring my character
to a place where I would.

Okay, I picked you for this part

because I think
that you are a survivor.

Given the opportunity you would
do whatever it took to survive.

You might even relish
the opportunity to prove it.

I think you're confusing
me with my character.

What is this story about?

It's about a bunch of people

who go to the woods
and get killed.

No, it is never about the victims.
Victims die.

They don't even make it through
the whole fucking thing.

The hero is the one who makes
it to the end of the movie.

But it's not even clear
that I do that.

What do people want more than
anything else on this Earth,

more than even sex?

They want to survive.

Haven't you ever
had to defend yourself?

I'm not sure I'm ready
to share that.

Is that Nicole from your films?

Yeah, that's our Nicole.

You remind me of her.

I mean she wasn't
the actor you are,

she wasn't trained
or nothing, but uh...

...she was fierce like you.

Always up for a challenge.

In the real world,
she was a high school dropout

who worked at a strip club...

...but in our movies...
she was a star.

What's the other one?

"My secret admirer."

That was the last movie
we worked on,

The Secret Admirer.

Died before we could finish it.

You loved her.

I don't like to talk about that.

Cowboy says the-the stuff
is ready for Miss Brooks

to do the mold of her head.

You don't get claustrophobic,
do you?

Is that a warning?

I'm gonna leave some space
under your nose

so you can breathe, but you
won't be able to breathe

out of your mouth.

I've done it a ton of times.

It's fine.

- Cowboy, something's wrong.
- She needs to stop moving.

Yeah, get her out of there.

Hold still sweetie,
now we're gonna cut you out.

Hold on, all right?
- Alabama, it's not set yet.

If we cut her out she's just gonna
have to do it all over again.

Serena, listen,

if I cut you out of there
right now

we're just gonna have
to do this again.

Can you hold on
for just a minute longer?

You were asking me
about Nicole before.

Well, all right.

The first time I met Nicole

was at the Pussy Cat
Topless Bar and Lounge.

I was there with my girlfriend

she just walks right up to me and
starts shaking her wares in my face.

And my girlfriend,
she wasn't such a good sport.

She tossed her Malibu and Coke
in Nicole's face,

and before you could blink,

Nicole, she picked that glass up

and she slammed it down
on the back of her hand.

There was blood everywhere,
it was a fucking shit show.

And that was Nicole Healy.

You know,
she had a snake inside of her

always ready to strike if you
came up on her the wrong way.

All right.

We're gonna
cut you out now, okay?

Have you out in just a second.
- You hear that?

- Just keep breathin'.
- You're doing real nice.

Here we go Serena,
all right, on three, ready?

One, two, and...

There she is.

I'm sorry, can we cut?

Keep rollin'.

I'm just having kind of
a hard time about this.

What's wrong?

Can I talk to you for a minute?

What's wrong, Candice?
That was so great.

Thank you. I'm just-

I'm really uncomfortable about
taking my bra off in this scene.

We talked about this in New York,
you said you were fine with it.

I know, I guess
I thought I could.

You like what I'm doing, right?
I mean, is my acting okay?

Your acting is great.

Then why do I have to
take my bra off?

In this scene
you're taking a shower.

It would be kinda stupid if you
had your bra on in the shower.

Couldn't we shoot
from the shoulders up?

You signed a contract, right?

In the contract it says
you take your bra off.

It explicitly says--
- I'm dealing with this.

Maybe if I could speak to my agent
he could straighten this out.

We're set up to shoot now.

Everyone is waiting for you

to do what you told us you
would have no problem doing.

I know, I'm sorry, everyone.

Can I talk to you for a second?


I heard about what you did.

I am so proud of you.

I feel really bad about it.

Everything was going so well
and I screwed it all up.

No, no, no, no, no,
don't say that, okay?

You shouldn't do anything
that you don't want to do.

They all hate me now.

They're just mad
they didn't get their way.

They said they're
gonna drive me into town

so I could call my agent.

That's perfect.

He's the one who should be
dealing with this, not you.

You shouldn't have to
fight with these guys.

You're so good to me.

I hope we can be friends
when we get back to the city.


Yeah, I don't know man.

Hold on, shut the fuck up
for a second.

You said you were gonna give me
a ride into town tonight?

It's getting late.
- Oh right.


Are you serious?

I can't spare anyone right now.

You guys are too much.

Help me!


Help! Oh, thank God.

Thank God.

Thank God.

There's someone in the trunk!

Okay ma'am, calm down,
calm down.

Call an ambulance!

- Dispatch, this is unit 114.
- Come on.

Looks like we're gonna need
a meat wagon out on highway 34,

two clicks north
of Station Road.


Holy shit.


I need you to put your hands
on the roof of the car.


No I'm-I'm just working
on a film shoot.

Ma'am, please put your hands on
the hood of the car right now.

It isn't my car!

I was just driving it
and it broke down!

Put your hands on the car
right now!

Well hey there, cutie!

Looks like you're havin'
a little police trouble.

But you-you didn't think
he was gonna help you, did you?

Police ain't good for nothing.

They're just out
to cut your tail!

Oh, my God.

I heard someone was
having a little problem

doing what they said
they were gonna do.

Let's see if you can
follow my instructions

a little better, huh?

See, I caught your friend there

peekin' on you
when you was in the shower.

And I kept him alive
'cause he's a sicko.

You don't want to end up
like him, do you?

So, why don't you just...

...shoot yourself with that... I don't have to cut you
with this.

What is it?

My little recipe.

You won't feel a thing.

But this...

Well this, you will.


I'll do it.


Well go on.

You and me gonna be friends
for a long... long time.

Come on.

Let go of me!
Let go of me!

Let go of me!

- Soundie! Shit!
- You fucking bastards!


What the fuck, Walter?

What the fuck man?

What the fuck, indeed.

Who would've thought
that little British guy

could pull off
a stunt like that.

It was a great performance.

He even kept his American accent
the whole time.

He was a real professional.

I've known Soundie
since first grade.

And you too, right Alabama?

Shit, we all knew him...

You remember
the time the cops...

...took our film away and...

...Soundie broke into the
station and stole it back?

He was a ballsy little fuck,

that's for sure.

To Soundie.

He died doing what he loved.

I seen him with his dick
in the mouth of one lady,

and his balls in the ass
of another, but...

...I never saw him happier
than when he had

a pair of cans on his head
and a boom in his hands.

Hey, hey y'all, uh,


our dear friend and sound man,

he's had to return home
on a family emergency.

How'd he find out
about it, carrier pigeon?


I know condition's been rough,

but we're making something
real special here.

I thought in honor of Soundie
we would, uh,

show one of our shorts.

We made this in a cold April
down in Sawahanna,

South Carolina.

It stars the great Nicole Healy
in one of her later roles.

Did she refuse
to take her clothes off too?

She was a stripper, so no,
that was never an issue.

There's also a cameo

You all enjoy.

By Soundie.

- Woo!
- Woo.

You know I didn't
mean nothing by it, right?

Don't get all fucking weepy
on me, I gotta go to work.

I'm not gonna be here
when you get back.

Where the fuck are you gonna go?

Something's changed,
don't you think?

Can you feel it? Everyone's
acting really strange.

We have been
in the woods a while.

Don't you think it's weird
that the actors

just sort of disappear
when they're done shooting?

That's what happens
on film sets.

When you're done
they ship you out

so the producers...
don't have to pay extra days.


What did you think was going on?

I don't know.

But I'm worried about Candice.

She wouldn't have left
without saying goodbye to me.

Did you talk to her at all?

She left me a note.

You two hooked up?

You didn't know?

I guess you weren't as close
as you thought.

I guess not.

I told you
about these film sets.

I told you not to get attached.

I know, I know,
you're protecting yourself.

She's a grown-up.

We both knew what we wanted
from each other.

Contrary to what
you might think of me,

I'm not an asshole.

She's a nice girl.

She's one of these girls
that lives in a bubble,

in this dream.

She's like a puppy who's trying
to get at a bone

and she keeps
getting kicked back.

But no matter how many times
she gets kicked back...

...she keeps getting up
with this sweet smile...

...and asks for more.

This world can be tough
on people like that, you know?




I don't get you.

If you think
something's weird or bad...

...then why don't you just quit?

I'm an actress.

Oh, Jesus.

The show must go on, right?

I could just be paranoid.


No! No!


Fuckin' shoot me.

Fuckin' shoot me.



It's never about the victim.

IBall, IBall,

are you going to town?

Oh... please, Miss Brooks,

Jason's thinking of giving me
a promotion

so I-I can't really risk
fuckin' up like that now.

I understand.


I'm worried about them.

There's one path
leading from the camp

and this is where it goes.

And what do you think
happened to 'em?

Maybe they got lost.


Serena, that was great.
You're wrapped for the night.

We just need Blake
for a couple more shots.

Thanks, everybody.

Hey, did you know Nicole, IBall?

I-I knew her a little, you know,

just from hanging around
with these guys.

Did you ever see any of her
last film, The Secret Admirer?

I-I've seen a few bits of it.

It looked good, but...

Well, hey-hey-hey...

...but what?

Uh, well, uh, Mr. Shipman
wrote the script on that

and I-I-I don't think Alabama
thought too much of it.

There was some disagreement
between them

that I wasn't privy to.

They still get angry about it
when they get drunk.

But let's go to your room,
Miss Brooks.

Oh, I almost forgot, um,

Alabama says that he
needs Cutter on set.

Oh, okay.
Uh, uh, I'll go get him.

Where they at?

I'll take you.


- Actors are ready.
- Alabama, look at me, come on, please.

Soundie, you're in frame.


What's that 150
doing there, Shooter?

Come on Shooter,
we gotta get this shot.

Just get that light
out of there.

- Is camera rolling?
- Alabama, look at me!

- It's been running.
- Look at me.

Come on, fucker, look at me!

Soundie, get out of the frame.

Alabama! I'm sorry!

Jesus Christ!

- Action.
- No I-No.

Walter don't do-you
come near me with that thing,

I fucking swear! Fuck off!

Say the fucking lines!

Fuck you!

Say the fucking lines!

I didn't do anything!
I wouldn't--

Al, I love you, come on.

You're breaking my heart.

Okay, I'll say the lines.

Get that fucker back to one.

Get back to one, Walter.


I'll give you anything
if you untie me.

I already have what I need.

Not me. Not me for real.

Oh, I don't want your love.

I love you, Alabama.

Sorry I fucked up your film.


Shit, fuck no.

Fuck no.



No! No!

Oh, my God.


I want Blake.

I wan-I want-
I want to see-I want to see...



Oh, uh, can I help you?
Who are you?

I'm a friend of Serena Brooks.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, uh, do you know
where I can find her?

She's on set.
She's shooting up by the lake.

You her boyfriend?

That's right.

- Brian?
- Uh-huh.

Yeah, she told me about you.

Yeah, she uh,
invited me up, so...

Oh really?

I wonder how she did that.

So, um, can I--

Can I go to where
she's shooting or is-

Oh you know no
one is allowed on set

because the director
doesn't like distractions.


But I just made
a fresh pot of coffee.

Would you like to sit down
and have a cup?

They'll be done in just
a short while, I'm sure.

Hey you want to take
a look at this next scene?

What do you mean?

Well, have you ever
done a fight scene before?

I've done a few, but uh,
Alabama usually directs that,

so maybe go
ask him your questions.

Well, why don't
we just go through

and see what we
can come up with.

All right.

Now I just gotta go out to the
fridge and get some milk, okay?

Oh, please. Yeah. Thank you.

All right.


Bless your heart.

If you're coming up like this,

and you wanna come--
- Like this?

Yeah, and then you wanna
come down like that...

- All right.
- I can get some separation, right?

And I'll have you there,

I figure I'll get a hit in there

and I'll just bring this right
around, how does that work?

If you bring that knife
that close to me another day,

I'll cut your balls off.

- Yeah, we'll see about that.
- What the hell is this?

- Yeah?
- We're fine. Cool.

Trying to get a handle
on this next scene

and wonder boy Walter over here

don't know dick
about stage fighting.

- Oh, fuck you, you're just--
- Oh, fuck you.

Walter can handle himself
just fine.

Look, I know
you're cutting corners

in order to complete
your picture,

but I'm noticing a severe lack
of respect

for the safety of these actors.

All right.

Blake, why don't you take 10?


What the hell you doing here?

IBall said you wanted to see me.

I didn't say-- IBall!

- Action.
- Please don't.

No. No!

What the fuck, Walter?

I thought so.


You won't do anything to me
without Alabama here.

Try that again and I will.

He's on his way.

Alabama ain't gonna be too happy

when he finds out
you've been watching this.

Aah! Aah!

Now I'm gonna have to cut you.


They're gonna kill us.
We get outta here.

We gotta find some car keys,

or some bus keys,
or whatever the fuck.

They all panicked when you
sent Cutter up to set

and they're all looking for you
and we're fucked.

There's nothing here.

Wait, you came back for me?

I told you I wasn't an asshole.

Come on. This way.


Aren't you supposed to be
on set?


Hey Blake, don't fuck around
with that.

Are there blanks in here?

Are these real shells?

Why would I put real shells
in there?

That's what I was wondering.

- I just don't know.
- Cowboy--


Fuck! Come on!

Don't fucking touch it!

- I-I can't leave you.
- Just go!

- Just fucking run!
- Okay!


- Shooter, roll it!
- Speed.

I want it tighter on him.

- Walter, are you ready?
- I'm ready.

IBall, get the
fuck outta the shot!

Action. Go on!

Stupid fucking hicks.

Well, it's about goddamn time
one of you pussies

put up a fight.

I'll bet you're as shitty at
killing as you are at acting.

Fuck you.
What sort of fuck are you now?

Quit fucking around, Walter.

Get in there and kill him.



Camera up.
Keep the camera up.

Keep rolling.

That's... fucking... acting!







Kill me.

Kill me.


Oh, God!

Miss Brooks!

You shouldn't be down there!

IBall, please, please...

Please, you have to help me.
I need the keys to that truck.

Those are back in the office.

Fuck! Fuck!


Please... please.

Take this. You have to run.

- Okay.
- If they find out they'll kill me!

Thank you. Thank you!


Get those lights on!
She's in there!


I know you're in there, Serena.

Come on...
let's work this scene out.

You won't kill me.

You won't kill me.
I'm the star of your movie.

But you have to earn that title,

just like Nicole did.

I'm not Nicole.

I can't kill anyone.

You'll do what you have to do
to stay alive.

What kinda hero would you be
if you didn't do that?

The kind that dies at the end.


Oh, shit.

I can't let you
just walk outta there.

She's got some fight in her!


Don't give up.

We gotta see this movie
through to the end.

Now Nicole, she didn't get it
at first either.

Pretty soon she was down for
everything we threw at her.

Why did she kill herself
like that?

Shipman killed her.

And he was crazy about her.

She didn't want to have
anything to do with him.

He was jealous of me.

It was a big mess.

Then he wrote
the Secret Admirer.

It was scene after scene

of Nicole
just getting beat to hell.

He wouldn't let up
until he had her.

And then when he did have her...

...he broke her... she struck back
the only way she knew how.

She ruined his movie.

Why'd you let him
get away with that?

There wasn't much I could
do if I wanted to stay outta jail.

He owns the police down there.
He owns half the state.

He's a money man.

When I couldn't get a film made,

Shipman made things happen.

If you make a deal
with the devil,

then the devil takes your soul!



Are you all right ma'am?

Y-yeah, yeah.

- You can't park here.
- Okay.

- Police cars only.
- Okay, okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Would you like some coffee?

Yeah, thank you.

You're welcome.


How are you going to get away
with all of this?

Who says we're
getting away with anything?

Then why?

The movie.

That's all that matters now.

Get away with it while we can.

No one's caught us so far.

Once they realize
that Blake is missing--

He'll get more publicity
than he ever got before.

He's a great actor
and he's great in this.

You ought to come down
to Yancey County with us.

We can protect you.

That your boyfriend's car
you're driving?

You might want to ditch it
before you head home.

Thinking I'm gonna take
my chances with the police.

What are they gonna do?

Send the FBI to arrest us?
That'll be the day.

There'd be some killing
on both sides, that's for sure.

Ain't gonna work out the way
you want it to.

Might make a pretty good movie.

Candice won't make it,
that's for sure.


Shipman has her.

He's got her drugged up and he's
keeping her locked in his house.

Look by your TV.

You wanted to be a star.

Look at what we did together.

You know how special that is?

I know you feel it,
'cause I feel it too.

You can't turn your back
on that.

I'm not ending up like Nicole.

Come down to Yancey County
with us.

We've got one more scene
we need to shoot.

The crew came up
to this abandoned camping lodge

to begin shooting their
latest film, The Collector.

The last form of communication
was from a cellphone

of the film's star,
Serena Brooks.

Now she is missing, along with
everyone else involved with the film.

Police are asking
anyone with any information

to contact them.

What the Sam
Hill's going on here...


What the hell are you doing
down here?

Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck. Ah! Ah, stop!

Stop it!
Stop it, damnit, you pig!

How dare you come in my fuckin'-


God damnit! Ah!

You fucking pig! You pig! Fuck!

Fuck you. God damn!

Ah! Ow! Fuck! Ugh.

Fuck you!

You won't make it
outta the goddamned state.

Come on, honey.
You're gon' wake up now.


I have a message from Nicole.


You think you got a piece of me?

I'm gonna fuckin' kill you,

and I'm gonna film
the whole fuckin' thing.

You fuckin' hear me?

I'm gonna slice
your fuckin' throat.


Alabama, you can't do this.


Shipman, I'm gonna fuck you up
for what you did to me.

You hear me?
You fuckin' hear me?



Runnin', Shooter?



You better remember,
you fuckin' asshole.


Fuck you.