Cut Bank (2014) - full transcript

Dwayne McLaren has been looking for a way out of his small town upbringing of CUT BANK, MT since he graduated high school several years earlier. When he finds himself in the wrong place at the right time, he jumps at a chance to pursue a better life in a bigger city with his girlfriend Cassandra. But luck doesn't exist in Cut Bank, and this perceived good fortune is quickly followed by a flood of bad karma.


Mrs. Margaret.

- Oh, look at that pretty broach.
- Aren't you so kind?

You have yourself a lovely day,
Mr. Georgie Wits.

Remember when we promised we'd wait
till you graduated to get out of here?


You been out...

three years now.

But the situation changed.

Got your daddy to take care of.


I wish I could put him
in one of them homes.

That ain't true.

I wish I could put him into one of them homes
and just make my peace with him.

There's what... 3,000 people live here?

I know 'em all. By face, at least.

They smile at me, caring for my dad.

They'll turn on me in a heartbeat,
they find out I wanna bail.

Everybody's in everybody's business.

Hey. Come on.

- You can be sad, Dwayne.
- I ain't sad.

I'm bothered.

Hey! Shit-heads.

Can't you see there's a whole big field
there to throw your ball around on?

Yeah, but ain't you pervin' right now?

Piss off, both of ya!

For me?

Thank you, ma'am.

- Come on. Give it another go. Video's on.
- I'm not ready, Dwayne. I need a rehearsal.

There's no time for a rehearsal.
Sun's fallin'.

I feel stupid, Dwayne.

Well, you look like a starlet.

- Really?
- Yeah. Just like Natalie Wood.

Think on it like it's just me and you
practicing in your room, okay?

I'll video the rehearsal.


Hi! Welcome to Cut Bank, Montana,
where the Rockies meet the Plains.

My name's Cassandra Steeley,

and I'd like to show you my town
full of cheer and wonted kindness.

Here we're surrounded by miles
and miles of wheat and canola fields

and soaring mountains.

There's a Blackfoot Indian reservation
close by that gives us

rich cultural diversity.

- Cut Bank's a treasure from a bygone ti...
- Get down!


Stay down.

Oh, shit.

...soaring mountains.

There's a Blackfoot Indian reservation
close by that gives us

rich cultural diversity.

Cut Bank's a treasure
from a bygone ti...

That ain't it. He shoots him again.

Imaginin' suits me.
Already more disappointin'

- than I'd like to think on.
- Dinner's ready!

- We should call Sheriff Vogel.
- Like this instant.

- We can drive down to see him.
- Dinner's ready.

All right. We're comin'.

Daddy, we just seen a manslaughter.

Go sit yourselves down to eat,
and I'll phone the sheriff.

- Thanks, Big Stan.
- Call me "sir."

And no mention of this
over the table, okay?

You and me and the sheriff
will talk it over when he comes.

- Big Stan.
- Roland.

Ought I insist once and again you call me
Sheriff Vogel? Or you old of the ear?

I see you're still fingerin'
that fairy furry thing.

'Bout time to let childhood
romances go, don't you think?

It's just my key chain, Stan. You sure
you still ain't hangin' on to somethin'?

- Hiya, Sheriff Vogel.
- Evenin', Barb.

- Can I get you men some pie?
- Won't be necessary.

I'd appreciate some.

- Dwayne?
- Thank you, ma'am.

Mr. Dwayne McClaren. How are you, son?

- Okay, sir.
- How's your daddy?

Same pretty much, but he's okay.

Ever tell you 'bout the time
that he saved me

from gettin' whooped by Fred
and George Little back in school?

Made me look like a champ
in front of Celine Towers.

Celine was very pretty.

Gave me the grit
to ask her out after that.

He's a good man.
Pass along my best to him, will you?

Yes, sir.

So, we got ourselves
a video of a murder?

Yes, sir.

All right then.

Hi! Welcome to Cut Bank, Montana,
where the Rockies meet the Plains.

My name's Cassandra Steeley,
and I'd like to show you my town

full of cheer and wonted kindness.

Here we're surrounded my miles
and miles of wheat and canola fields

and soaring mountains.

There's a Blackfoot Indian
reservation close by

that gives us a rich cultural diversity.

- Cut Bank's a treasure from a bygone ti...
- Get down!


That, indeed, is the taking
of a human life.

First murder this town has ever seen.

Excuse me just one second.

- You all right, Sheriff Vogel?
- Dinner ain't sittin' well is all.

That was Georgie Wits.

Mailman and beloved town acquaintance.

Hell, I never knew him.
Seemed awfully friendly though.

I'll have Mimi dub a copy
for Mrs. Margaret tomorrow first thing.

- Sorry.
- My shift ends at 9:00.

- Put us in for overtime.
- Any more of this, and I quit.

You're almost out.

Damn thing suits you better
than it does me.

Match, look at your face!

You're afraid.

Match, give it up!
It was a joke, okay? I'm sorry!

I didn't mean to burn you.
Does that hurt?

Jesus, practice a little self-control.
Get a grip.

We're 15 miles from town.
Nobody gonna see us.

Oh, nice. Well, let's just
read each other's minds.

Be pretty short for me to read yours.


Lookit. You want it now, you got it.
Five grand. It's all right here.

Truck make it back to the garage okay?

Very good. Anybody see you?

You cut up the truck pretty good.
Anything left?

Mail? No, no. You were supposed
to torch the mail. You know that.

That was part of the original deal.
I'm sorry, pal. You're not gettin' this.


It's yours, it's yours. I'm not one
to go back on a deal. You know that.

I like you. It's a joke.

God. Give me a hug.


Fuckin' Native.


Wait, Dwayne! Wait!

Wait up!

It true about your murder video?

Let me see that thing.

You ought to stop snacking on them Ho Hos,
you got a chance of makin' Pop Warner ball.

- Well, I'm faster than him.
- No, you aren't.

Well, let's see then.

Set. Hut!

I just received the video, and I alerted
Postal Inspection Services immediately.

While it don't feel fittin',
I was just about to watch this.

So if you'll excuse me just a second...

Now, why would someone
do something like that?

Georgie Wits was a nice man. Harmless.

Canadian, even.

What do I need to do?

Oh, I took care of it.

They told me that Postal Inspection Services
should be here before week's end.

This troubles my heart so deeply.
A woman my age ain't meant to carry that.

Okay. Thanks.

Derby Milton.

Your granddaughter ought to take that
insurance confirmation to the post office.

She can get reimbursed for it and make you
a new album at no extra cost.

- A sad condition here that we're wearin'.
- Yeah.

How now!

Derby Milton? That you?

I thought you was dead, son.

You oughta wash
that cabin boy costume more.

Smells like medicines and insects.

Well, Derby.
Ain't you become ever so handsome.

What can I do you for?


waiting on a parcel.

You ain't heard? They murdered the mailman.
Out there on Highway 358.

Where's the mail?

They kidnapped it. No sign of Georgie.
No mail. No truck.

It might come tomorrow. I'm sorry.

I promise he'll return
your call, Mrs. Margaret.

No need to keep callin'.

- Mornin', Mimi.
- Sheriff.

Killer is drivin' a dually, so let's run
a search through the D.M.V of the F-350s

and the Chevy and Dodge 3500s in Glacier
and the neighboring counties. What's this?

Department statement. News stations been
callin' all mornin'. Need you to sign it.

What on earth would possess a person
to put six tires on a truck that size?

I can't imagine.
Testosterone, I speculate.

I seen Derby Milton.

Derby Milton?
I didn't know he was still here.

Outside of the post office.

Stopping the mail chases
even the recluses out of the woodwork.

And let's rustle up a list
of the biggest men in the county.

Get a chance and call Mrs. Margaret.

She's been askin' on the progress
of the case all day.

Yeah. And call Mrs. Margaret.

Can't believe it happened on our spot.

Well, not much of a spot.

So you're really getting all that money?

Postal inspector's coming
from the nation's capital to give it to me.

Wow. How much?

A lifetime sum.


I signed up for the Miss Cut
Bank pageant.

- Right.
- Hey! I'm gonna win it.

And we're gonna need those $5,000
to make our new life in Butte.

- Butte?
- Yeah!

Don't sell yourself short, hummingbird.

The money I'm getting,
we're moving to California.

- California?
- Yeah. I'll start my own body shop.

Ain't like startin' a business
is easy, dummy.

Hey, I'm good for it. May not know
how they do in the city yet,

but I sure as hell know how to fix cars.

You want me workin' for your daddy
the rest of our lives?

No way.

You know I'll take care of you.

And do whatever it takes.


- I'm proud of you.
- I know.

Me and Miss Cut Bank, chasin' it.

You know my lot out there by the fill bins?
The old junk heap I keep for spare parts?

- Yes, sir.
- I'm sellin' it off to Marty Corcoran.

If I may, sir,
that place is a gold mine.

Neither me or you or Match or none
of us has been out there in years

for it to be worth the taxes I cough up.

Marty's priced it at a mean dollar.
Way more than it oughta get.

So I'm promoting you out there to forage
for the parts that we can clean up

and use it to shop till the deal's done.

So where the hell was Match today?

You know how unreliable Match is.

Well, you gotta learn to take responsibility
for your colleagues.

It's the first lesson of leadership.

What in fuckin' hell are you up to here?

Dwayne! I just had a heart attack.

- I thought you were the God-forbid.
- I am the God-forbid.

Big Stan's turning his head
to make a dollar off the lot.

He's gonna be passin' by
with Marty Corcoran.

And here you are off in the land of nod

with the jazzy playin'
and beer cans all about.

You gotta be the most fat-headed ass.

Whitefish Marty Corcoran? Huge prick.

What the fuck you doin'
loading live rounds?


Could you please not point
my own goddamn hand cannon at me?

I have heart problems, Dwayne.

Big Stan's got me foragin'
for parts in the mean.

Well, that's consolation.
We can play us off okay.

That ain't any consolation, Georgie.

That's a fuckin' monkey wrench
grabbin' ahold of my innards.

You gotta be on point.
Lock the damn gate. Stick to the plan.

Can we take a breath here? Just relax.

My plan, my rules.

You're not gonna fuck this up, Georgie.

Fair enough.

Did you see Mrs. Margaret?

- Yeah.
- And?

- Postal inspector should be here any day.
- That's good.

That gives us a week, tops.
I need you to relax.

Match did not torch the mail.

It's... I know.
It's still in the garage.

I can't do it. I need to be seen workin'.
That's on you, mailman. You're dead.

But you're alive,

and I can't afford to be seen
not dead. So you do it.

God to honest, Georgie.
You keep this place tidy.

No beer cans. No lights.

Am I still the only one
with the number to your prepaid?


I'll call you if whatever.

Hello. They got me in from Shelby
runnin' the routes.

Sure you ain't got a parcel for me?

Yep. Nothin'.

Good mornin', Mimi.

Give me five bills on Tom's Creek
within the spread.

And tell me how Lester's kid's
been pitching.

There's a postal inspector
from the capital here to visit with you.

Nation's capital? What's that?

A list of the county's largest men.

- Jesus Christ! Thirty-five already?
- Did he just take the Lord's name?

Depends on how fat he is.
I mean, really fat?



It's like baby Babe Ruth
kind of a thing?

Well, then I want a grand
on Lester's team.

What do you think this is,
arts and crafts?

It's Little League baseball, Oly.
Tell him to sack up!

So, I was told that this is
the coldest town in the nation,

and yet I'm sweating
like a whore in church.

Temperature moderates in summer.

- Have you had lunch yet?
- Forgot it again at home.

What is the best steakhouse you got?
I need a beer.

- There you go, fellas.
- Thank you, darlin'.

For you, and for you.

Yes. Thank you, darling.

United States Postal Inspector
Joe Barret. It's a pleasure.

Oh. It's a pleasure to meet ya.

Okay. Enjoy, Sheriff Vogel,
Inspector Joe.

Appreciate understated establishments.

Best meals always found
in the unlikeliest of places, right?

Best fuckin' steak I ever had?

This one.

Harvey's known to be a grill master.

I hear right, you're competin'
in this year's Miss Cut Bank pageant?

Bet you didn't know I was Miss Cut Bank.




And I'm telling you this 'cause...

well, between you and me,
you got real good chances of winnin'.


Be one of the most important days
you'll ever live.

Speaking of which,
I got this thing back home.

In our nation's capital?

Bethesda. It's the neighbor town.

Anyway, this thing...

- Do you have kids, Sheriff Vogel?
- No, sir.


Please. You're the sheriff,
I'm the inspector. We're two of the same.

You call me Joe, I call you...

Sheriff Vogel.

- That a first and last name?
- Just my name.

- Have I offended you somehow, Sheriff?
- No, sir... Joe.

If I seem wooden, it's only because
I'm havin' a little trouble

understanding what your purpose
is here, Joe.

I got a town full of concerned citizens

and a puzzle of a case that needs fittin'
the pieces together.

So, you know, I got big-time duties
I got to get back to.

I'll be brief.

I got this engagement back home top
of the week. Once-in-a-year kind of a thing.

- Sounds pressing.
- Indeed.

Service heard there's a videotape of one
of their employees getting murdered,

sent me out here to pass along
a large reward to the creator of said video.

My hope is that you and I
work together expeditiously,

get this deal done, so we can all get back
to our pressing matters. What sayest?

Reasonable man. I do like you,
Sheriff Vogel. Really, I do.

- Have you seen the video?
- Yes, sir... Joe.

Does your mailman get murdered in it?

Evidence for a court.

All I need is to see the mailman's
dead body, and we are set.

I'm at the Glacier Gateway Inn,
and this has been a pleasure.

Excuse me, Mr. Match.

We were wonderin' if you can be "it."

He's counting!

Say. Ain't you Derby Milton?

Ain't this somethin'?
I... I thought you was dead.

I can help you with that.

I remember. You was always quiet.

Really smart too.

Derby Milton.

Come to think,

I ain't seen you since you was workin'
at the national park.

You have these in a bigger size?

What do you need a bigger size for?
Say you're a... nine?

Besides, we don't carry
anything above a 14.

Anybody buy a bigger size of these?

That's an odd thing to ask.
Why are you askin'?

We'd have to special order a shoe
of that size in from the manufacturer.

Well... we haven't.

Well, let me check
with our sister store in Browning.

Native on the reservation ordered
a size 16 'bout seven months ago.

Thank you.

So... taking you don't
need the nines, or...

Perhaps you can show me the mail truck.

Parcel in there belongs to me.

Perhaps you saw it.

Perhaps your... accomplices may know
where I can find my parcel.

I would appreciate if you told me...

where I can find my parcel.

Hi. My name is Cassandra Steely,

and I think I'd make a great
Miss Cut Bank because...

Ain't no mountain high,
ain't no valley low

Ain't no river wide enough, baby

If you need me call me
no matter where you are

No matter how far, don't worry baby

Just call my name...


- I keep running into you, Sheriff Vogel.
- Don't it seem? Pretty good.

Oh, thanks. Only space
that's wide enough like a stage,

so I've been practicing my dance.

Well, the bit I saw looked
blue ribbon to me. Your daddy in?

- No, he's not. You try his cell?
- Ain't pickin' up.

Oh. Must be with a client.
He never picks up when he's with clients.

Yeah. Just wanted to inquire about a truck.
I'll see him when I do.

You know, Dwayne's out back.
Maybe he can help ya.

Okay. Well... keep doin'
what you're doin'.

- How's the investigation?
- Oh, comin' along.

I sure feel okay with you on it.

And Dwayne...
he thinks of you like a daddy, so...

Just thanks for what you're doin'.

Good luck with your dancin'.

Hiya, Dwayne.

Sheriff Vogel.

Pretty slow business today.

We're closed. Steeley's got me
at the junk lot foragin' for usable parts.

- Fixin' to sell the lot to Marty Corcoran.
- Whitefish Marty Corcoran. Good fella.

Had a question for your boss.
Maybe you can help me with it.


Do you remember seein' around here
a dually 'bout the size of an F-350?

Used to have a truck like that back
when we towed, but that was...

five, six years ago.

- Steeley gave it away.
- You know who he gave it to?

No. Sorry.

- You work here alone?
- Me and the Native.

The Native... What's his name?

- Match.
- Match. Match what?


Match Tasunke.

Where is he today?

Ain't seen him since a few days back.

By the way, I had lunch today
with that postal inspector from D.C.,

and he wants to meet you,
but I gotta find the body first.

Then you'll be set.

The body?

Match Tasunke?

Mr. Tasunke? Police.

Hello. No one is available
to take your call.

Please leave a message after the tone.

It's a swell property.

Let's deal inside.

Step right in, Marty.

Jesus H.

Oh, come on. Kid doesn't appreciate
vintage when he sees it.

Certainly appreciates that funny nectar.

I'm sorry about the state
around here, Marty.

It's all about the structure, you know?
The property.

- That's the important thing.
- Jesus.


- Get back to ya.
- Right.

It's good seein' you.

- Dwayne.
- Mr. Corcoran.

- Well, give my best to Sherry, will you?
- Bet ya.

What the hell's going on here?

I come with my prospective buyer,
and you make me out to be an imbecile.

All the blinds are shut, there's enough
beer cans over there for a three-day binge,

phonograph turnin'.
Looks like a hobo camp in here.

- Won't happen again, sir.
- You're damn right!

Give thanks I don't
turn you to unemployment, kid.

- Is your brow sweatin'?
- No, sir.

Look me in the eye
when I'm talkin' to you.

I've been cleaning them parts
like you said.

I'm sorry about the beer.

I'm on to you.

What are you talking about?

Of all the places
you can point a camera,

you point it at a money-makin' crime.
Now, that's downright lucky,

and lucky don't run in your blood.
You and me both know that.

It'd take perfect execution to pull off
that kinda ploy, and I ain't smart for that.

Your squirrelly ass don't wanna know
what'll happen if you stick around.

You abused my trust.
I thought better of you.

Now get outta here.

- Big Stan...
- Get!

I'm pretty goddamned
disappointed in you!

You stay out of my face!
Don't make me tell you again.

Now who do we have here?

What, are you tweeked
on some drugs or something?

Get out of there!

- Come on! Get out!
- Oh, geez.

Get out of there!

Georgie Wits?


You mind givin' us a minute?

I'm done here at 9:00.

I got events under way
that are makin' my time difficult.

I'd appreciate if you'd draw your line
in the sand some other time.

I need privacy.

I got somethin' on my chest,
and I'm just gonna say it, if it's okay.

I know how hard this will be on you.

That business you seen on the news
about the mailman...

I set everyone up on that.

I did it.

And I'm sorry.

I never wanted to let you down,
but I wanted you to know in honest.

I ruined everything.

I ruined everything, and I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Thought you was dead.

I'm looking for my parcel.

Figure you stoled it.

It was addressed to...

4 Woolly Walnut Trail.

I deliver a package there
every year in June.

You know how many flats I've had
trying to get to you?

I know where your package is.

You operate on one really
weird mail cycle.


- I ain't got patience.
- Patience?

Well, that's a fuckin' virtue.
You ought to get it.

Gonna give me hitches like the Indian?

You threatened the Native?

Oh, I'm sure you got a lot out of him.

You know, I... I don't like your tone.

That's... That shit you're doing
with the... crowbar there...

and your tone, I don't like it.

And you think you're gonna come threaten me
and pry your package out of me?

Well, that's real fuckin' clever.

You know what? I'm starting to think
that you might be an asshole.

It doesn't have to be like that.

You can talk to me like a civilized
fucking human being.

Just want my parcel.

Well, you know what? Fuck you.

I got news for you.
Your way ain't the way shit works.

You can't just come up here and prance in
anytime you want and knock me around

on your own agenda.

I got my own agenda.

But does anybody respect it?

No way, José.

You're the virus of my job.

A forest-child fuckin' mongoloid.

What? You want me to smile at you...

like a happy fucking mailman?

Oh, creepy fuck nuts,

thank you so much
for showing me your shiny lever.

Well, for me, all day long it's... "Howdy,
ma'am. How are you? Here's your mail.

Say hi to the kids for me."

I got pleasantries demanded of me,

I say fuck it.

And fuck them.

And fuck you!

I'm sorry. I was kidding.

It was a joke.

I mean, I don't know much.
It was the other guy all the way.

It was his plan, not mine. Come on,
we're friends, man. We're friends.

I mean, it was... it was Dwayne.
Come on, it's... We're... we're friends.

- Sheriff Vogel?
- Just the man I needed to see.

- I need to talk to you.
- Did you see Big Stan?

- Yeah.
- Did you tell him I needed a word with him?

- I didn't get a chance to get a word...
- When did you see him?

Midday. He was... transacting a deal
with Marty Corcoran at the junk lot.

I figured. I couldn't
get ahold of him at all.

- Sir, I...
- You know what I seen today?

Match Tasunke murdered in his own home.

This must be the most disappointing
day of my entire life.

Match is dead?

Murdered. Second murder on this case.

First murder I seen in person.

I'm sorry, son. I should have delivered
that news more kindly.

And Mrs. Steeley calls.
She's worried stiff

'cause she hasn't heard from her husband
all day, and he didn't come home tonight.

Don't mention that to Cassandra,

'cause these things tend
to turn out quiet more often than not.

Listen, I want you to take Cassandra
out tonight, show her a good time...

with her mother's blessing.

- Okay? Can I trust you?
- No, sir. I can't.

Take it. You're good for it.

And if you're not, I know
where to find you. Go on, son.

I'm gonna go off to have a poke
around Big Stan's junk lot.

Hello. This is Jorry's.


Next time you want to do double
or nothin', Kenny, I am right here.

We were born before the wind

Also younger than the sun

Ere the bonnie boat was won
as we sailed into the mystic

Hark, now hear the sailors cry

Smell the sea and feel the sky

Looks like the fella pried
at the collarbone. Used some sort of jimmy.

Wasn't enough just to shoot him?

What'd they torture Georgie for?

My little hustler.

And when that fog horn blows

I will be coming home

I gotta sit.


- You good?
- Yeah. What's happened? Turn that up.

Georgie Wits has indeed
been confirmed dead.

His body was discovered
at a derelict junk lot...

- ...on the outskirts of Cut Bank.
- Y'all remember?

- We've yet to receive an official statement.
- I love you.

But what I can tell you is
that the mood here is certainly somber.

- Thank you for that special report.
- Well, I'll be damned.

- They found Georgie Wits.
- We got to go.

Come on.

He'll be in the freezer till the medical
examiner gets back from Great Falls.

- When the fuck's that happening?
- Figure on Monday.

Goddamn it.

So... So I get my death
certificate then?

Georgie Wits appears tortured and dead
right here on Big Stan's plot

while Big Stan up and disappears.

And that ain't a puzzle to you?

Who the fuck's Big Stan?

Sheriff Vogel, I got somethin'.

Who's that?

That's Big Stan.

We got to leave town tonight.

There's a man on a rampage
huntin' people.

He killed Georgie. He killed Match.
Now he's comin' after me.

Now or never, no lookin' back.
Can you do that?

Baby, he's gonna kill me.

- I been callin' and callin'! We gotta go!
- What?

He ain't woke up yet,
but he's alive. Come on.

What, you make a habit
out of cowin' girls like that?

Now, Milton boy.


Derby Milton.

I should see the other hombre, right?

- Dwayne McClaren here?
- Took off with his girlie.

God knows what they're doin'
and where they're doin' it.

You know she's competin'
in the Miss Cut Bank pageant tomorrow?

You remember me
when I was Miss Cut Bank?

I remember you sitting up there
in the third row

watchin' me with those cute
little pencil-head eyes.

I bet you were undressin' me
in your head.


We're closed.

Hey, aren't you
that twitchy fuckin' recluse?

Easy, Harvey. Derby Milton
ain't nothin' but gentlemanly.

I asked you a question, boy.

Hey, where are you goin'?

So, the Dwayne McClaren.

Got you a piece of peach cobbler.

Little known fact...

the best cobblers in the world
are found in hospital food courts.

You're not gonna eat all that, are you?

U.S.P.I. Joe Barret.

Congratulations, kid.

I send you your check as soon as
the sheriff does his paperwork.

Shouldn't be more
than a few months or so.

- I thought it was immediate.
- Nothing's immediate in this life...

except self-stimulation,

and even that sometimes,
you know, takes a little patience.

Damn. This is the best
fucking cobbler I ever had.

Can I give you a forwarding address?

I don't see why not.

What's the capital like?

Dirty, stressful, angry,

lonely, corrupt and expensive.

- And you like it?
- I love it.

Thank you, sir.

I'll be in touch.

He's still unconscious.

We're not getting the money.


Not for a few months.

I have to win the pageant then.

Dwayne, we can't leave till after.

We'll stay here
with Big Steeley tonight.

Harvey called in
from Jorry's late night.

Drunk brawl's his problem.

He's saying Derby Milton come in
after closing lookin' to whoop.

Harvey wants his due redressal.

Derby Milton?

I'll see to it before I come in today.
Thanks much, Mimi.

We, the people, in order to form
a more perfect union...

Dry them tears.

Look at me.


you're ready.

It just don't feel right
with everything and whatnot.

We just seen him.

Nurse said he'll wake up soon enough
and he'll be A-plus.


Derby Milton, Sheriff Vogel.
Just need a word.

Derby Milton?

Hi. My name's Cassandra Steeley.

And I think I'd make a great
Miss Cut Bank because...

Listen, baby

Ain't no mountain high,
ain't no valley low

Ain't no river wide enough, baby

If you need me call me
no matter where you are

No matter how far...

So, what's this secret business
you got with Derby Milton?

He stopped by Jorry's after hours
last night askin' about you.

Whooped up on Harvey real good.

Freeze! On the ground!

On the ground!

Your daddy used to carry
that rifle with him every day.

You look like him.

Chamber's empty.

This six-shooter familiar to you?

Why are you huntin' me now?

Huntin' for my parcel.

Spent last night sittin' right here.

Orson and me

used to be colleagues.

Oh, yeah?

Both us worked at the national park.

- Never knew he left town.
- He did.

Two summers.

That rifle got me thinkin'
on a time then.

And then one mornin',

Orson here finds
the lodge kitchen a mess.

Seems a mama bear
broke in lookin' for supper.

Same night...

her two babies find the dumpster...

and climb on in for a feast.

I remember that mornin' clearly.

Ranger decided
mama had crossed the line.

Become a threat to public safety.

Ranger and me and Orson picked 'em up,

take 'em into the woods
like normal. But this time, the...

ranger tells Orson
to get his Winchester.

Orson says... he can't do it.

Ranger hands it to me.

Says, "Babies first."

Like I was sacrificing a lamb...

so people could smile on and...


snap their photos.

I ain't been able to see
folks for nothin' but...

talkin' bobbleheads since.

And... animals?

Been keepin' 'em safe from people.

Preservin' their honesty.

Started that fall.

Poacher stumbled upon my place.

Perturbed me.

So I snatched his neck.

I need that parcel.


Are you here? Baby?

Here you are.

Where were you? I won!

Close your eyes.

You don't see me,

I don't see you.

This calms the nerves.

That'll kill ya.

You mind if I... out the window?

You a litterbug?

She ain't got nothin' to do with this.
She don't know nothin'.

No more talking.

Get down. Stay low.

- We're closed.
- Just need to grab somethin' from 224.

If you don't mind.

I'm right here. We're gonna be fine.

It's okay. It's okay.

What's inside?


I'm here. We're gonna be fine.

We're gonna be fine. Okay?
We're gonna be fine.

You been...

decent with me.

I was gonna be... decent back.

What are you doin'?

- Hey, you don't have to do that.
- Please.

Please, please, don't do that.
Don't do that.

Come on, please. Don't do that.
Don't do that. Please.

Come on, man. Come on. Come on.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

Slow breaths, babe. Slow breaths.
Slow breaths, okay?

I'm right here. We're gonna be fine.
We're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine.

Derby Milton, freeze right there.

Step out of the car, Derby Milton.
Show me your hands.

I had a curious dream while I was under.

I was at our old fishin' hole
from when we were kids.

It's true about flashing visions
of your life and the pearly gates?

It wasn't like that.

I saw that damn rabbit's foot
you're twirlin' around your finger there.

Could have been any rabbit foot.

Celine Towers gave you that damn thing
the day she left town for good.

And she wanted you to go with her,
and you didn't.

I never could understand why myself.

I wanted that gesture so bad.

I wanted Celine to swoop back
into town and take me away.

And now I'm...

married with family for nearly 27 years.

You had your chance.

I'm figurin' I can't control
the way things change.

I ought to stop tryin'.

It seems for the best.

We got some quick formalities
we need to see to.

I ain't been down here but twice
in my life. Takes a mean gut.

There's something I want you to see.

Nothin' this past week made any sense.

And then last night,
I woke up with the dumbest epiphany.

There's your slap-dash video

of Georgie gettin' two in the chest.

So if my imagination wanders,
I could piece together a situation

where this is all part of a ruse gone bad,
what with the reward money and all.

And folks with that kind
of imagination, I bet,

could fair well if they stayed honest.

Slide this under his back.

I know that I ain't very clever.
My expertise is in the simple.

And that ain't for everybody either.
Sometimes in life,

the truth...

is more than I prefer.

This is one of those times.

If you need to leave,
you ought to have left already.

Waitin' around for lucky money,

that's for sallies and lazies.

The price for this, you gonna
be passing on that reward money.

And I'm firin' you.

Severance will keep you
afloat for a spell.

- I'll pay you back, sir.
- You're damn right.

Me and Roland,
we'll take care of your daddy.

It's about time you had some family
around here helpin' you out.

Reckon you wouldn't get this kind
of pass in the big city,

and you best not ever need it again.

And not a word to Cassandra about this.

First time I ever used my vest.

Overwhelmingly glad to see you.
Oh, there he is.

- You go ahead, sir.
- Thank you, Sheriff Vogel.