Cut-Throats Nine (1972) - full transcript

A wagon load of convicts on their way to prison is being escorted through the mountains by a cavalry troop. They are attacked by a bandit gang, and only a sergeant, his beautiful young daughter and an assortment of seven sadistic, murderous prisoners survive, and they are left without horses or a wagon. The sergeant must find a way to get his prisoners to their destination while protecting his daughter, watching out for the still pursuing bandits and trying to determine which one of the prisoners was the man who raped and murdered his wife.

Many years have passed since my arrival in Golden Sands.

Lot of water under the bridge.

I remember leaving the mine looked like.

Four houses lost in a forgotten corner of the world.

I have no good memories of it, but one thing is certain.

I left there is an important part of myself behind. Buried.

I have often dreamed to leave the mine. I thought about it constantly.

Half an hour ago it was finally all over.

We're all like rats in a trap.

Maybe we can escape

but I doubt if we survive the 400 miles to Fort Green.

Dick Patterson.

Enough crimes to remain forever chained.

The doctor means a month or six.

Joe Farrow.

El Comanchero.
Hard, bloeddorstig en ijskoud.

He began scalping of Indians, but also killed his brothers

and others of his race. Chained for life.

Smart, a snake. A backstabbing traitor.

Received a life sentence for murder.

Ray Brewster.

The torch. Arsonist. Thief and murderer. Lifelong.

Thomas Lawrence. Dandy Tom.

Gambler, swindler, forger. And natural killer.

Hard labor for life.

John Weasel McFarland.

Lifelong chained for robbery, rape and murder.

Has one redeeming feature: he's probably disturbed.

Dean Marlowe.

No one knows his crimes, he was sentenced to life and hard labor.

If you ever stop? I have high distress.

Put it in your pants.

Command executed, soldier.

Whatever happens, do not shoot.

Think about your life, Patterson?

Your whole life flashes before your eyes just before you die.

You said so yourself? - What do you know?

You never died. - The rope was around my neck.

I've seen those flashes. As dirty as life.

Just as dirty as your life, Patterson.

At the last moment they condemned me to this life.

Pure accident.

Right. And this is the worst.

Hello there, friends.

We've been waiting a long time.

Silent now. Not a peep.

Where you were doing? Did you all my emptied?

Do not worry, soldier.

You must understand, we are only interested in gold.

Give it to me and your men can go.

Then there's more to me. Still, family?

Do not shoot children. It's good people.

Not shoot the bastards, you hear me?

Get off.


My youngest son.

Hands off, Dad.

You bring me in embarrassment. First check his teeth.


Who are they? - Inmates from the mine.

I take them to Fort Green.

And the gold? - We have no gold, mate.

You rob us too often. - Fucking liar ...

Son, look for that gold. Heard?

Okay, dogs. Where is the gold?

Come here.

Where is it? - Look at this.

Nothing to find.

We have been waiting here for months. With famine and cold.

Do you know why? Because I was going to steal your gold.

Now listen well: Go back to the mine.

Let your boss send the gold if I make everyone down here.

And then I fire you camp flat.

Let them leave.

Bon voyage, friends. Good luck and God bless you.

We gotta get outta here. Those horses are unstoppable.


Jump when I say it.


Cathy. Is everything alright? - Yes.

Come on.

My leg. It's broken.


What gets it from, Sergeant? This one survives.

The car was destroyed and Slim can not move.

Do us apart? - No, you go that way.

You also does not escape, Brown. I want to see you die soon.

Your daughter for you. - We need to Fort Green.

My orders are for the survivors.

Charge the stocks on the horses and make you ready.

Now. Forward. - And Slim?

We carry him in turn. - I have an idea, sergeant.

Forget it and do what you will dedicate. - And if I do not?

Then you get a bullet in your belly.

You're easy to separate the chain. - Just my idea.

Do it with Slim.

Make the car empty.

I'm scared, Dad. We'll never make it.


We spend the night here.


Will not you help me?

You can help us.

You just need to die.

Divide the stock.

It is for six days. - By then you'll burn.


Who did it?

The truth, please. Who did it?

He was still dying. Give the machete.

Who did it? - He was a heavy burden. Needless.

And he continues.

We take the body it speaks to one of you.

Cover it and continue.

Her leg is broken, Dad.

Once hunted bears?

You tie a cub on his leg until he yells.

Papa bear hears and comes close.

And then you take him to graze.

Dean, you can catch a bear if you will. No problem.

She trusts you probably.

My hands are frozen.

I give half my life for a barrel of whiskey.

Then you do not have time to drink it.

That was our stock, sergeant. - I was told it was for six days.

How far you want to drive us? - Up to Fort Green.

Sta right.

Wait a second.

Go all but.

That mare does not reach it.

Forward. Up.

Come on.

Never come so close. Heard?

Cathy, can you ever forgive me?

How so? There was no other way. We could not be separated.

I feel responsible. You are the victim of my mistakes.

It's not your fault. There is so much happened.

I was never allowed to take from Golden Sands.

I was glad to be with you, Dad. - She begged me so often.

To leave, but I never listened.

You know her last birthday yet?

She laughed so hard she could not blow out the candles.

I only know that she died too young.

And one of them killed her.

Get him out.

Go ahead.

It was an accident. - One little spark and ...

It's just ashes, sergeant. One blow with the machete and it's over.

Or should we wear that mess?

De machete.

Cut it a try.

Gold. It is gold. - Shows.

It is gold.

Is that true?



It is a gold chain. You knew it.

The situation remains unchanged.

You knew. You're a dirty snake Brown.

You should not take us.

You just wanted that gold transport without being robbed.

That had us head can cost.

I tear you in pieces before this is over, Sergeant.

I swear.

We must go. - And if we do not want?

Then I'll go alone. - Without the gold?

No. I'll take it.

You and your daughter can not wear this. Not even two miles.

Now all you have needed us, huh? - You are mistaken.

I can tell you all buried there and later come back.

You do not do that. - Who can stop me?

You would like to, huh?

You took us from the mine to murder us.

You still think that any of us killed your wife.

Forward. - I will not take one foot.


Come on, I said.

Another one is deleted from your list, Sergeant.

I could not have been better.

That was not necessary. - Are you coming along?

I had to do it, Cathy. Otherwise, we'll never make Fort Green.

To retaliate, you have to murder four innocent men.

They deserve one at the gallows.

Hopefully you do not see what happens if they catch me.

I've seen which you are capable.

I have a mission and I'm going to accomplish. - Do not lie mainly.

Now I know why you did it. - Who do you defend?

Them all or one specific?

Them all. Or one specific.

They do not last much longer.

Be careful.

This is our chance.

Stay alert.

Did you hear me? Be careful.

Hey, look.

It's enough like this.

You're making it too easy to die.

I want him to die slowly.

Yes. Just like all of us.

Leave her alone. - You take it to them?

Leave her alone, I said.

It is his daughter.



Cursed necklace. We never get lost.

Until now brings us happiness.

You've had enough to drink. - Leave me alone.

Look at me, sergeant Brown.

One of us has killed your wife.

We're gonna take care of you. Be sure of that.

A man like you deserves a punishment.

Want to know who killed your wife?

You're dead and buried without you ever knowing.

Even if it's gold, I want to give half of that necklace for a piece of bread.

Soon you give everything away for it not to have to bear.

The girl. What's wrong with her?

She seems crazy.

Let her go anyway. - Calm down.

Let me see. We're sitting here.

En daar de Salmon River Mountains.
Vlak achter Fort Green.

Quite risky. We may encounter a patrol.

And on the other side? Lewiston direction.

That's way too far. We did not have the strength for such a distance.

Near the fort is a farm. We go there at night to go.

We do the chain off and get some horses and guns.

At sunrise we're out of there. - Are you crazy?

There always sit boozing soldiers.

Too bad for those soldiers.

I should kill you but.

But with that chain our lives depends on the others.


You've never shot from a distance. The length of the poker table.

I remember one time in San Francisco.

I went to a restaurant with white tablecloths.

It smelled there to roasted chicken.

I took duck with orange and trout with rum.

Shut up or I'll do it for you.

Save your strength. We have still some way to go.

I always filthy rich to die.

That will now succeed. - No worries. I will close your eyes.

And deliver you from the weight you are dragging.

Try to sleep, guys.

I have three bullets.

Do not waste your time on her.

One more time and you're dead.

Stop. Let it be. - That dead weight we leave behind.

Yes, let her here. She has no use anymore.

I give the orders. - Since when?

That gun gives him the advantage.

Hou op.

You want to murder each other. Stop.

I'll kill you ...

Did you hear me?

Quit it. Are you nuts?

Keep your wits, you idiot. Or we all die.

If I get the chance, I kill him. He Weasel nevertheless caught?

There should be a railway. I think we're as lost as anything.

We have been going for a few hours in circles. - This is the only way.

If we do not die first, we arrive tomorrow.

How often does the train passes here? - Do not worry.

Surely more than once.

I can not make it.

The track there.

We must reach the tunnel for the train is passing.

I took the train when I was a free man.

Good idea. Soon we'll all be free.

If they see us, they stop the train. - No worries.

In that dark tunnel, no one sees us.

We will be separated. We will never be completely free.

I'm That plan. We go to the farm and that's it.

That gold suffocates us. We will always feel slave.

A rich slave.

There it will change, I think.

Wait here for us.

Hopefully the chain does not stick, then we will be swept away.


See the lovebirds once.

He never gets rid of her. - Until I pull his throat.

Cathy, we're all the same?

Why do you ask that?

Ray asked why you were following us.

For me, I thought.

I do not know why. Maybe for you.

Or because I hate the others.

Sometimes I think I can die better.

I am confused.

In moe.

That will change soon. It's almost over.

When it's over for you?

I am not sure.

That gold cost us nearly our lives.

But now it will take care of us. - I thought you were different, Dean.

That was me.

I was wrongly convicted for a robbery.

That gold is mine. I paid for it.

With my freedom.

That farm. How far is it? - Three days, when he's not working against us.

I think we should stay away from Fort Green.

Asked your opinion?

You remain best in us, Ray. Otherwise you will not survive it.

Shame to lose that gold.

Dirty rat.

He ran with our stock.

We have to catch him. - That never succeed.

He escaped while we were sleeping.

We better go on. - Without food?

That we will not. - Wait.

That prisoner was bitten. - He is crazy.

Gold, Dad. The sergeant was right. They had us nice bite.

Give me that.

No one takes me bite.

Sta right.

Boy, when I saw you in that car, my heart bled.

Where are your friends?


If you treat a husband, son.

Tell me.

They are on the farm at Fort Green.

You're lying. There are soldiers. Why would they go there?

They need a car. And take off their chains.

You are lucky. You do not have to go that far.

Dad, can I kill him?


Not until we know if he's telling the truth.

What would happen on that farm?

Dean can try to murder us, like Weasel.

Maybe. - Do I get him first.

If we kill each other for the gold.

Or we can use our minds and help each other to survive.

Yes. Whether we find something where nobody is looking.

Life is full of surprises.

Come sit by the fire.

We've all been through a lot.

Like it or not, life is the only thing we have left.

That is not much.

This morning I saw what you had planned.

You are mistaken.

I'll wait until you all die. - Do not say that.

You know how I feel. - You've done a lot, Dean.

But lying to yourself nothing. You saw in me a chance to escape.

Yes. In the beginning, though.

Now it's too late for all of us.

Come on, guys. We need to Fort Green.

So we will never get there.

Get out, you.

Faster, Dad. We have to tackle before they reach the farm.

We must not overload the horses.

There it is.

We wait until it's dark. - Will Calwell recognize us?

Your mother did not even recognize you.


A bottle of whiskey. - Cost you two dollars.

I did not ask.

Are you still playing with?

Calm, Calwell. We pay for everything.

Where do I know you from? - We have another long talk.

Long ago. Do not you remember?

Do you have what to eat? - No, it's too late.

Are you sure? Go and see.

Heb je geld?

Calwell wants to see you.

Is this enough?

Look closer. It is gold.

It is indeed gold, George. Pure gold.

Enough to pay for everything?

Another bottle. - Where did you get that?

None of your business. Calwell.

We want a strong car and six horses.

In exchange for a piece of this chain.

You do this?

You go to Fort Green.

And you're going to answer some questions.

Why, sergeant? We've been there.

It's a rotten cesspool.

Come on, Sergeant. Do not make it complicated.

Have a cigar.

My friend had no bottle to ask?

Do you have a car, Calwell? - No.

You're lying. - I swear. See for yourself.

Did you hear that?

Then we have to stay here.

Tomorrow morning, the car of Fort Green to store stock.

Nevertheless, Calwell?

Come on guys, drink with us.

Sergeant? - Yes please.

It's true. The stall is empty.

Then we wait.

Another two hours before sunrise.


And the soldiers? - Take them out of the way.

What else can we do?

As we cross the border will follow the army.

Bind ze vast in de stallen.

If they find them, we are all on the other side.

Okay soldiers, time for a nap.

There is still time.

The party starts but beware. - Did you hear me?

Get out.


Okay, I'm going.

Hurry up.

A toast? Our impending separation.

What are your plans?

Honestly, no idea.

Is she with you? - Yes.

You are mistaken.

None of your business.

You are attaching forget Calwell. We still have to count a lot.

Three years ago I ordered a bottle of gin here.

I put five dollars on the bar.

Let it rest.

I am bored. I can still talk with an old friend?

We're friends?

Nevertheless, Calwell? - What are you talking about?

You brought me to Fort Green. Do you remember?

You got five dollars and gave me a gin, friend.

Because I went to prison, I did not need it anyway.

Now I leveled five dollars.

Sergeant. Waking.

You should inform immediately Fort Green. Hurry up. There is no time.

Hurry up.

She tried to free the soldiers.


They are there. Get ready.