Cut! (2014) - full transcript

Nothing is as it seems as an ex-con and aspirant filmmaker set out to manufacture a horror film by scaring real people; however, when it goes too far and someone actually dies, the pair decide that killing for real on film is the way to make a truly terrifying movie.

The average film
is always the same.

It's some exaggerated
catalyst which turns the
existing world completely
upside down

which in turn, forces our so
called hero, to enter into
this new world of the unknown.

He then predictably reaches
that infamous "all is lost"

where there's just no more

But it's how he deals with this
moment, that gives the audience
their emotional response.

This is not that
kind of film.


[Door slams shut]

At any given
time, there are over 300
active serial killers in
the united states alone.

Many walk among us with
complete anonymity.

Some of them may live
in your neighborhood.

Some of them, you
may even know.

And some of them,
may actually be justified.

"You stupid fuck!"

"You want a climax
to your film?"

"I'll give you a climax"

"And I'm gonna
get the fucking credit".

"Try to edit that!"

My name is Travis Simon.

This is my story...
Sort of.

[Rock and Roll music]

[phone rings]

"This is Lane, leave a message"

"Little turd! You're so dead
you don't even know it"

"C'mon boy, bring it! Bring it!"


"Ahh, what's up man?, it's Trav
with your wake-up call again"

"but you're not picking up so,
I don't know...

"guess I can see you when you
get into work"

Hey, good morning!

How are you doing?

Yea, yea last
night was awesome.

Hey Buddy!



Yes I gotta drop the
stuff at the film set later

and I'll give you a call after.

Yea, I'll try to
talk to him then.

All right.
Love you too.

See ya Jack!

[phone ringing]

"This is Lane, leave a message"

[Voice on machine]
"This is officer Jarvis from the
Dept or corrections, trying to
reach Lane Mitchell Hayes"

"You missed your last two
appointments with the department
and are required by law to
appear before the court"

"or you will be on violation of
your parolle"

"Please contact the department
within 48 hours or there will be
a warrant for your arrest.
Thank you."

Where the hell is it?


You think you
can take my coke?

Was it you plan?

Wait till I was asleep?

Where ya going?

Please, no!

I'm not done yet.


Leave me alone!

C'mon baby.

I know you'll like it...

Open the door.

Leave alone!

Open the door.

Open the door!

I need help!...Hello?

Yes, so you guys want
one sixty- millimeter
non-sync film camera,

two wide-angle, you want two?
two wide-angle adaptors?"

Hey it's Lane, sorry
I didn't call you back, uhh,
I was out...

Dude, are you kidding me?"

-Any change for food?
-No, just eat that! Jeez, man!

-Spare change?

Bless you.

Ah, yeah, everthing here looks your head guys!

OK, good.
So, everything is set.

We have the three-ton
grip package, four HMI's,
tripod, steady-cam dolly

which we'll give fifty feet of
track for it, ah, also a
twenty-two-inch HD Director's

Ok Great. What about power?

Ah, ah...Jake, we still
got that genny, right?

Ah, Richard found a
buyer for it, but we can
keep it till we close.

OK good. So, you will get power,
which is good. Ah, we're also
gonna give you...

-six long-range walkies, and
four private radios.
-Sounds good.

Dad, can we get some lunch?

Yes sweetheart, as soon as we're
done here.

-Hey Travis, Harry just dropped
this off for you.
-Oh, excellent.

-Is this it?
-This is it.

-Why didn't you call to wake me
-Yea, I tried calling.

Called at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30.

Alright, so this's it.
This is what you've been waiting
for. This is the vest.

What you can do in your film,
your actor can wear this.

Pay attention,
this is the rig.

This my partner, Harry
Hawke designed this.

This is the pack you
wear for the actors when
you do the stab scene.

Now what it does, it goes
over the shoulders, comes
around the waist,

Cool thing about this though
it's invincible. So if you stab
it with a knife, the blade can't
go through

your actor's always protected.
So now you can get the wide shot
of the knife going in and it's

Ah, when you're done,
reload your blood
pack, and, you guys
are ready to reshoot.

-Incredible. Let's do it.

Ok, so, here's
your list here. Go through the

make sure everything's on here,
we haven't missed anything.

You know what's
not written there?
Crazy hooker last night.

Also that your PO
called the office
again this morning?

Yeah, I know. Left a message.
I don't care. Whatever.

Sleep through that one?

That's funny. None of this
matters. You know why it doesn't

This place is going
under guys in 30 days.

And I've got 30 days
to find a new job.

And if I don't,
guess what happens?
I go back to jail.

That's where all the big
boys if we break the law. How's
that sound? Yea.

See, I got arrested
for beating the crap
out of a prostitute.
While dealing cocaine.

Well, it wasn't just
cocaine, it was the funner
stuff: meth, crystal,
crank, speed, glass.

Mr. Wolff, I'm sorry.
Dude, seriously? Really?
Is that what you want to do this

-Yea, I'm doing it.
Why not?
-That's ok.

I'm sorry. Wait. I don't want to

or offend and the Director here
is making a movie right?


-Let me tell'ya something.

I don't like the way you
talk around my daughter.

Do you understand that? Show
some respect.

-She's 15-years old.
-You know what? Touching.

You felt me. Right here. In fact
why don't you cry me some tears,
Mr. director?

why don't you go direct an
"After-School Special?"

Thanks a lot.

I'll have my
guys pick this...
Pick up the stuff afternoon.

-I appreciate it.
-I appreciate it. Thanks Mr.
Wolff. I am sorry

-C'mon, let's get
something to eat.
-Sorry about this.

We all appreciate it.
Everything you're doing out

-Dude, that's one of our
biggest clients here. Why are
you doing this?
-Oh well, oh well.

Dude, get me some food
I'm starving right now.
Seriously, that's why I act this

I had a bite of
a roll out there. Some Black
homeless guy,

-Candyman looking-guy scared the
crap out of me.
-Hola. Hola.

Hi, Pizza, can I get something
to go please?

No esta Travis. No? donde esta?
No No, no. Necesito, necesito

-What does that mean?
-Shut up.
[loud bell]

-Can you take this please?
-Yeah, I got it. I got it. ok
-No! Ahora, ahora.

Right, so we got the
chroma key for you, and
you wanted, was it, four,
four animation stands?

Yep. Just tell your guy to bring
his truck back. Pick it up.
Alright, thanks.

[phone beep]

-Hey buddy...
- Yea?
- Yeah, come to the front and
help me out for a minute?

-Travis, hey, this here is...
-Susan Lanier!

Ah, I actually studied
you in film school.

Excuse me?

I'm sorry, I didn't
study you, I studied
Hills Have Eyes.

We watched Hills Have Eyes.
You played Brenda in the movie.
This is...this is, wow!

You know, the first
film you did actually got
an X rating

when it first
came out, because of the scene
that you did,

they had to recut the entire
thing just to get an R

so it could be released in
I'm sorry.

You know we, I had a
meeting with Richard to go
over the inventory list.

Richard's out of town.
I'm Travis Simon. Hi.

-It's nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

I'm acting manager, so
whatever you guys need,
I can help you out with.

You know Suze is actually
directing a film called
Deadpan and, Gabby
Stone's gonna be starring in it.

-It's actually Gabrielle
-Yeah, whatever.

Um, are you in
any way related to
Dee Wallace Stone?

Yea, that's my mom.

-That's pretty cool.
-Who's Dee Wallace Stone?

Ah, Dee Wallace Stone,
played the mom in E.T.

I never saw that,
what is that?

Uh, what the fuck is
the matter with you?

Wow, really?

-So, Deadpan right?
Is that...
-Yes, uh huh.


Oh, ah...Oh wow! you guys are
actually shooting on 35 film.
That's, that's great.

Yeah, you know it's
really the only
way to do it right.

Do it right huh? Is that what
you're doing these days,
doing it right?

You still, active?


Like physically?

Well yeah, I do yoga, do

No I mean physically as in
sexually, like this shit.
You get that on?

-Hey, you know what
-No, It's fine.

To actually work in this
business, it pays to have
a little bit of class
and act professional.

Act professional?
Are you serious?

First of all that's bull-shit In
this business it pays to sleep
with someone higher on the food

-You know, it's really too bad
Thatabout the

generation of film-makers and
what they have become

You know, they have no
respect for the craft,
none whatsoever because
it's so easy to do this,

and any idiot with a
digital camera can call
themselves a film maker.

Wow, you know is this
lecture Lane day? That's great!

you guys are like part time
psychologists? I don't like

Ok, first of all I have a
nice tip for you: there's the
door, how's that sound, you like

Why don't you just
tell Richard that we
stopped by and uh,

have him call me, ok?

We'll tell good old
Dick you stopped by.

We'll tell everyone
here in the office you
stopped by for Dick.
How's that sound huh?

Let's get out of here.


Fucking asshole!

Oh yea,
"It's a walk off.

It's a walk off.
Remember that movie?



-You know I had
to beg Richard...
-Ah, da da da! I hate that
stupid story,

I know You had to beg him, you
thought I would be an assest

-Yea, I thought you
might be an asset.
-Yea, so? Doesn't matter.

In about three weeks
we're gonna be
jobless anyway.

-Why not go out in style?
-Yea, I think you'll go out
in style.

I know I will.
I just did. You won't. Pansy.

Hi. Grow some balls. I have
church bells, you have tic-
tacs. How's that feel? Great

-Yeah exactly. Oh by the way,
I saw you looking at Gabby.
You like her, don't you?


that's why I went
for the other one, give
you a chance for once.

Man up. How does it feel to not
be a man? Yeah, exactly.

-I like brunettes.
-Oh ok. Good excuse. I like red
heads too, but guess what?

Where's the light stand?

Going up!

I don't even know what I'm
supposed to be doing here.

With all these chicks
around, this director is
trying to make himself
a cameo

put himself in the movie.

I guess the
director can do whatever
he wants, right?

Yea, If you're
Alfred Hitchcock.

Sounds like something
Lane would do.

I don't know why you
keep that guy around.

Don't worry about me.

I've got him
under control.

Aren't you shooting video?
Richard wants to document
all this.

I'm taking stills.

Who's doing video?

-Hey ladies!

We're doing a little, kind of
behind the scenes DVD.

Kind of bonus footage, you get
bored one night, you wanna stick
something in, you know?


-Nice. You guys seem pretty
comfortable on camera.

-You guys ever work
together before?
-No, first time.
-first time.

-First time for everything
-I guess so.

Good attitude, I like it.
I love it. You guys look

OK, Swimsuit ladies, I'm gonna
need you. Now. Let's go.




No, no, no! What the hell are
you doing?

This is supposed to
be a professional set!

It's just a
camera setting. Look in your
monitor.It's fine! Jesus, I know
how to film.

What's wrong man?

Look at this guy...

this director. He knows nothing
about film making

Nothing. He can't set up a shot,
he can't direct an actor. He
doesn't know anything about it.

But someone gave him all
this money to make this
big hot-rod car movie,

and he hires these good looking
people with tits and ass, and he
thinks he's got something


Tits and
ass, that's kind of,
that's pretty special.

I'm just saying.

These girls let
me tape them.

Thought I was part
of the production.

Hey Lane.

How's it going?

You get some good
footage of the girls?

I thought you would be
shooting the guys with
your prison background
and everything.

But I guess
you didn't really see
that many guys, right?

In prison, face down
in the pillow,
teeth full of pillow.

Yea, nice head-lamp
fuck-stick. Who's taping girls?

I am.

Ooh, speaking of taping
girls, you gotta
see the prostitute
I taped last night.


[loud sex sounds]

[phone rings]

Hey, what's up?

Did you watch it?

Uh, yeah, I'm watching
it right now.

What did you think?
She's pretty hot, huh?

There is absolutely no cinematic
value in anything that
you shot, alright?

She doesn't even
stay in frame. This is
absolutely ridiculous.

Yeah, but she's hot right?

Ah, yeah. Yeah. I guess so.

What are you
doing right now?

I'm working on
a film project.


Yeah, after...

being on that set tonight,
I started thinking about it,
you know, and

and really, really reliving the
movies like Blair Witch or
Paranormal Activity

and how they made those movies
for absolutely nothing.

They shot them on
these cheap little video
cameras and I just

you knonw, thought
you know maybe I could do
something like that.

Where the hell you
gonna find actors?

You know, maybe, maybe
get real people and just
scare them or something.

I mean we have all the
equipment in our warehouse
to make whatever we want.

Why don't we just
borrow some of that
gear and do that.


Well, I could use
some help on this.

-I don't know.
- Look, with everybody Richard
knows in distribution around

I'm sure we could get this thing

and, you know, probably make
some pretty good money,
if that's

something you would be
interested in.

Yeah, I will take
the money wherever
I can find it.

-If you are down, man
let's just talk about
it in the morning.
- Cool.

-Alright, talk to you then.

Oh wow, you are
actually on time today.

Alright, I have
been giving this
a lot of thought.

I really think that our
idea of the movie can

but we gotta put a
little more thought into it.

We can't just run and scare
somebody, because that's not a

If we figure out a way to make
this come full circle, maybe
throw in a few twists, things
like that

That's what wins an audience,
that's what makes it marketable,
that's what we have to do,
I mean

if we had a girl in the middle
of a room and we run in with
a sheet on our head

or a knife, ohhhh, I mean,
that's not
going to work.

We need to get our angles
right so when the shoot
gets out of frame

then we can have our sound
effects of the screamming,

we can have the blood, the knife
coming through the frame,
whatever to make it look real.


I was thinking about it
last night, I wrote this
script, I think that...

OK, Hold on, stop, wait
just for a second.

Look I know you are thirty
steps ahead of everybody
at all times, I get that,

but this time...just stick a
camera in the corner somewhere
and capture it raw.

You can't go raw for this,
It's not going to work.

Hey girls

-How you doing?
-Did you get some coffee?

-Did you get some breakfast?

Yeah, because I
haven't had breakfast.
I have been here working, ok?

I got this whole list,
of things, I gotta do today

'Cause I am at work, that's what
I am doing, ok?

This isn't the parole board, OK?

It's not work furlough! We work
here. That's what we do. It's a

Alright, yeah OK. Got it.

And just 'cause you are the boss
here for the next couple
of weeks,...just joking

Just joking. But I'm serious.

We gotta lot
of stuff to do and I
need you helping me.

-I got it.
-And I'm doing it all by myself.
-Got it, yeah.

so, if you could help,
that would be great.

That's what you
are here for. Is to work.

Guess what, you said that.
Got it. Got it.

Alright, so I will see
you in about 10 seconds.

9, 8, 7, 6...

I fucking hate that guy.

Wow, step up from your place,

Figured I'd treat
my best girl right.


Ah! Same shit you had last time.

I got to introduce
you to my guy.


I'll be right out.

What are you doing?
She's gonna see you in here.

What the hell
you want me to do?

this isn't exactly a film set

You can't be in here.

Where am I supposed to go?

There's no place else to film.
I gotta hide behind a stupid

Are you kidding me?

How am I gonna make
a movie out of that?

Trust me, I know what I'm
getting with this girl.

You capture it on tape,
don't worry about what
the fuck I'm gonna do.

I know how to
scare a prostitute.

You get it on tape.

Now, get in there,
on tape now. Now!

What's wrong?

Dick not work today?

You are still dressed.

Yea, I know.

Usually you're like
ready to cum the second
I walk in the door.

I know, I just, today is
just a little different.

You know. I just...

You're gonna get
undressed or should
I just stand here?

No I'm good, I'm good.

I already got my money so
it's up to you sweetie.

-You ready?

-Yea, you sure?

[loud music playing nextdoor]

Hold on.


[loud music continues]

Sorry about that dude.


Can I help you?

You're loud.

Oh I'm sorry man,
we'll try and keep
it down a little.

Hey guys can we keep
it down a little?

We are working next
door, I may....

[music playing louder]

He's back. Shh!

guys, he's back.

[knock on door]

Roy, what are
you gonna do?

[in a girl's voice]
Who is it?

[all laughing]

Yes, can I help you?

We're working. I need you to
keep it down, understood?

-What? Hu?

-Hey, what the hell?
-One more step it's your last

We clear?

Yes sir. We'll keep it down.

Hey turn it off! Turn off the
music. Turn it off!

You are gonna fuckin' tape
me without telling me?

Is that your game
mother fucker?

You put this shit online so
you can make some money?

Is that your plan? Yeah, slut
cam A. That's really fuckin'

Really fuckin' cute!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

I'm not a God damn
fucking porn star.

I'm a professional
call girl.

Don't ever call me again!

and you know, if you
wanted to tape me, even
include him,

all you had to do was ask.

I'm not gonna talk
about this anymore.

Look, I know you are
good at running camera,
but we can't just run
around shooting stuff.

I will take care
of tomorrow night.

It's a little ghetto
around here, I know.

Why are we
coming this way?

Just. Listen,
just bear with me.

You're taping this, right?


At least now you know why we
can't get somebody that we
already know.

It's not going to work. I mean,

I don't have a problem getting
a prostitute or something.
That's fine, but...

At least that way, we
know we can scare her.

That's why we're here.

I thought we were
supposed to start
down on 17th street.

No, this place
is much better.

[smash on window]
Ah! Jesus!

Fuckin' relax!
We're locked in.

What do you expect?
Look where we're at.

Why are you turning down here,
man? Nobody's down here.

Yeah, there are. Just
gotta know where to look.

-What are you talking about?
-Just trust me.

I do this enough,
more than I should.

Ah, yes, yes, yes!
What did I say?

Roll the window down.
Roll it down.

Well, hey there cutie.

School get out
early today?


Hi. Can we...
can we have some sex?

-Dude, dude...

Hold on there sweetheart.

We're just out
looking for dates.

It's dates. It's code word.
Not sex, dumbass.

Which I never understood
why you call it dates. There's
no dating. No ones dating.

We're fucking. That's all we're
doing. You know that.

I'm Lolita and this here's

Shit. How old are you?

I'm 18.

Are you kidding me?

Are you guys ok
being videotaped?

Yeah, just extra
charge. Girl on girl.

-Whatever, yeah
-Watch out.

Do we have a problem
here, fellas?

Ah, no we don't.
We're good. We're sorry.

-We were just talking.
-You were just talking? Well
this shit ain't for free. You
understand me?

You know what? My bad.
We're out here.

-You do that.

-Go the other motherfucking way!
-I know. I know.

Move this piece of shit!

-What's the matter with you?
-Owww! Jamal, you're hurting me.

Pick up the camera.

Pick up the camera.

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Stop!

Ahhh! My leg.

My leg. I think you broke my
leg, man!

What are you...

ahhh! Come on man, just chill

Gonna point a gun at me? hu?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, man.
Come on man. Relax.

-Shut up!
-I'm sorry.

-Ahh come on, come on, come on!
-That's what I thought.



Punk ass, thinks he's tough.
Here, hold the gun.

Fuck! Where the fuck
are ya'll at?


Fucking bitches!

[dogs barking at a distance]

Well, that didn't go
according to plan.

Oh really. You think?

We gotta get out of
this fucking neighborhood.


Just calm down.

We didn't do
anything wrong.

You want to put
that under the seat.

Don't say a word.
Let me talk to the guy.

Would you roll your window
all the way down sir?

Let's see your license
and registration, please?

What is the nature
of your inquiry, Sir?

License and
registration, please.

Ah, no sir, we don't have to
show you license and

until you tell us
the nature of the inquiry.

Sir, I'm speaking with
this gentleman right here.

And I am very politely
speaking with you too
here, Officer, Underhill?

Sir, put the
video camera down.

It's actually my first
amendment constitutional
right, sir

to video tape you and all
interactions with you as it
is a form of free expression.


It's also CA state Civil

120477, which if you read your

and I believe at some point, you
were required to do that,

it is not required for a
citizen to show any form of
identification to any officer of
the law

unless first given that nature
of the inquiry and since
you have yet to provide us

with any significant
reason, you're acting
outside the Constitutional
fold of government.

Therefore Officer
Underhill, we do politely
decline to show you our
license and registration.


I pulled you
over because you're a
suspicious vehicle in a
known gang neighborhood.

Are we suspicious because
we're two caucasian
males driving in a non-
caucasian neighborhood?

No. Sir...

You have still yet to
provide us

with any reason
on the nature of inquiry
on why you have stopped us.

But if we are in a known
gang neighborhood as you
say we are,

then you may really wanna
rethink your next few moments.

Because as we're sitting
in this truck all safe
and sound,

here you are, an officer of the
law, standing out there

and there maybe someone around
here who just wants to take a
shot at you.

So, it's your call
Officer Underhill.

I want you two to
be on your way.

Yes sir.

Yes sir.

Oh shit!

Dude, that was awesome!

How do you know all
of that California
State Code shit?

I don't.
I just made it up.

Yeah, right!

Evidently, he doesn't
know it either.

Hey, don't worry.
That cop can't do shit.

He knows we have
him on film.

We can post it online.

You act like this
isn't even a big deal.

This is the fun part.

We have a cop, hookers...

a pimp getting run
over by a truck, what
more do you want?

I wanna direct!

let me be the one
to pick out the girl.

Let's do it!

[rock music playing]

Ooh, ooh, look
right there! Look, look.
Right there. Right there.
Right there!

Du bist spaet.

Wir ein...umm, uh..
wir habin ein problem gehabt.

What? what is that?
What'd she say?

I think...she asked
if we want dates?

OK, yeah, yeah.
We want dates.

OK, ask her, right now,
if she works alone...

or if she has some crazy-assed
pimp holding her chain.
Ask her. Say it.

I do work alone and
no, I don't have crazy
ass-pimp holding chain.


I like her. Umm...

How much for a date with
him for tomorrow night?

You mean how many roses
I like on first date?

Stupid code word
for.. yeah, yeah.

OK, 75 roses, ok,
tomorrow night?

ohh...You waste my time!

Hold on, ok,
Hold on.

-Dude, she's...
-I know that.
I know. Stop. Hold on

I know that. This is what I do.
Let me do my thing. I'll take
care of this.

Hey. Hey!
Don't walk away.
Come here.

Look, in America, this
is how we do things.

I give you an offer,
you give one back. It's called
negotiating sweetheart.

I don't play game.

Two hundred roses.
I do anything you want.

Two hundred

-I'll do it.
-You sure?
-I'll cover it.

Two hundred
"Roses" tomorrow.
Where do we meet you?

Tomorrow night,
come here.

Nine O'clock.

Bring cash.

We have a fun date.

Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Oh, I want to hit that.

I didn't know
you speak German.

A little.

You can't be seen
because she's expecting
to be with me.

Just let me...

think about this and
figure it all out.

What the hell are you
so nervous for?

She's a prostitute.

She's going to like you
regardless. You paid for her.

I just don't know
why I have to be
the one to do this.

Because I'm the one
doing the scaring.

Yeah! and we saw how well
that went last time.

Right, you didn't scare her.
I sure as hell didn't scare her.
She punched me in the face.

Every big horror movie
has got like a larger
than life bad guy.

You got like Freddie,
Jason, Leatherface.

You have these guys
that do the job.

I think we gotta find
somebody like that.

We gotta find some...

some big, dark, scary something
to come out and do this.

OK, where you going to find this
person now? We have 15 minutes
til you're meeting your girl.

I don't know. There's all kinds
of shady people walking around
the warehouse.

There's got to be
someone who can do it.

I got it.

I know just the guy.
I got it.

You sure about this?

Ah yeah. I'm the only one with
the keys so we should be OK.

What's with the plastic?

Oh! uh, they're going
to be painting in here,
so we should be alright.


So, its $200 for an hour?



Ah, here.

[music playing]


Is it OK
if I am filming you?

It's your hour baby.

Have you ever been
on camera before?


We're good, right?
You know what you're doing?

Hey! We're good,
right? Hey!


"Yeah" we're good
or "yeah" you don't know
what we're talking about?


Look, let's try this.
Look at me, I look at you.
We communicate...hey, Hi!

We look at each other.
We communicate. That's
what goes on here.

Take this.

I want you to
walk in there.

You're gonna waive it around.
You're gonna scare the shit out
of her, right?

-Like in the movies?
-Shhh!...What? What? What?

Are you hearing
anything I'm saying?
What did we agree on?

I'm gonna give you
one hundred dollars cash.

You're gonna be a big movie star
after this. Is that good?
Is that getting through?

OK, now look. I can't go in
there. I can't get in the shot.

But I'm going to watch right
here on that monitor.

Look scary, whatever.

You smell like shit!

Are you ready?

Go. Now, now, now. Go!


Are you kidding?

[screams continue]

I'm going to go
lock up in the back.

[Tap on window]

Excuse me sir,
can I help you?

Uh, no.

I work here.

I don't have anyone
scheduled here
for tonight.
What's your name?

Lane... Lane Hayes.
I work for Richard.

We're all done.
I'm just waiting
for my buddy to lock up.

We ran a little
behind, um, tonight...

Sir, it's 4:30 in the morning.
If you guys are going to be in
after hours

you need to fill out
a security work order

so we know you're here.
We don't want someone
accidentally getting shot.

Yes sir.

We're all cleaned up.
Let's go.

Mr. Simon...
Working late tonight?


[voice on walkie-talkie]
"All units, we have a
possible vagrant siting
outside Building 12"

I'm on it.

OK gentlemen, have
a nice evening.

OK, let's get out of here.

You want a hand with that?


I got it.

When the tide rolls
in, it should take
the body out with it.

We'll be alright.

If you think so.

This looks so real.

That's because
it was real.

What do you
want to do now?

I don't know.

I don't know, I mean...

I mean, we didn't do anything.


I mean we didn't do anything.
It was the guy. The guy came in

The guy came in there, with a
knife and slit her throat.

He came there man,
and slit her throat,
gosh, just...

God! why did you tell
him to come in there
and slit her throat?

I didn't tell him
to do anything!

I told him wave the knife
around and scare her.
That's what I said.

Yeah, he did.

He scared her...

and he killed her.

We didn't do anything.

We're ok.

We're ok.

We gotta call
the cops on this.

Ok, calm down.

Think this thing through.

I am thinking it through.

What are you going
to tell the cops?

We paid some deranged
homeless man...

to put a knife up to the neck
of some prostitute,

and then tape it for fun, and
then he slices her throat
and then you...

wanna drop the body off
into the ocean?

We dumped her body, ok?

We are accomplices
to murder.

I'm on probation.

If I even sneeze in the
wrong direction...

I go to jail for a long time.

That's not gonna happen.

We covered our tracks.

We're fine!

We're not gonna
to get caught.

Tell me you didn't feel that
rush? That adrenaline!

A dead body in the back
of a truck with a security
guard right there

and then us driving all over
town knowing that any second we
can get caught, but we didn't.

That's a fucking
rush and you know it!

No drug can fix that, no
high, no pill, no needle
can ever top that!

I know you
fucking felt that!

It's a prostitute.

She's a bad person.

Nobody's gonna miss
a bad person.

a diseased-filled hooker.

She's already dead
in the inside.

Hell, we did her a favor,
she'd probably thank us.

So, where do we
go from here?

We're in this now.

I say we finish the game.

Your directorial
debut has to be big.

We have big.

I'm going to say it
again: Finish the game.

[phone rings]

-"Five Star Releasing"
-Adam Phillips please.
- Just a moment.

-This is Adam
-Hey Adam, this Travis Simon.
I work with Richard over
at the film warehouse.

Hey, Hey Travis how
you ding he mentioned
you'd be calling. How are ya?

I'm doing well, ahh
I'm actually directing
a film right now...

and Richard thought it might be
a good idea if I get a hold of
you and...

maybe talk about some
distribution when we're all

No, absolutely, why don't you
tell me a little about the film.

Where's my plastic?

Who took my plastic down?

Todd, did you take
my plastic down?

I didn't touch
your shit man.

What's the matter
with you, bro?

Mike? Did you take it down?

I didn't take your shit man.

It was down when I got here this

Chill man!

It wasn't the fuckin
tooth-fairy was it?

Travis had me come in
here yesterday, clear
all this crap out of
here, and hang plastic.

It took me a hour and
forty five minutes.

We're supposed to be
painting in there today.

Dude go, go get it,
hang it back up then.

-Did you take my plastic down?

No, need some help
putting some up?

I guess.

Ahh, whatever.

Ok that sounds
really good.

Well, I'll tell you

when you are near
completion, why don't you give
me a call?

I'll have you come on in.
We'll sit down, we'll talk and
we'll take it from there

-Yeah that sounds good,
-Thank you.

You got it, I look
forward to meeting you.

You as well, ok bye.

Nobody wants to work
around here anymore!

Richard selling the business.
Nobody cares anymore.

I get it.

It's Stupid.

You know what? I also
wanna tell you, that...

if I've been a dick,
I just want to say I'm sorry.
because you know,

I'm just stressed out.

I don't, I don't know
what I'm going to do.
I don't have a job lined up.

I'm not sitting around
waiting to lose my job.

I have shit lined up.

Like what?

Travis and I,
shooting a movie.

What's so funny? Why wouldn't
we? Everything we need is right

Coming in late at
night, shooting scenes.


What's it about?

It's a horror thriller...

Travis wrote it.
It's actually bad ass.

Sucks though, our lead
actor bailed out last
minute, so we have
to find another actor.

Well, you know I'm
an actor, right?

Yeah, ok bro.
You and everybody else in LA.

No, I'm a real actor.

I've taken classes
and everything.

I did a movie like three
years ago with the Beav.

-With Jerry Mathers?
-Are you serious?

-Was he cool?
-Yeah, he was awesome.
-You got to meet him?

Yeah! I did a scene
with him and everything.


That's why, that's
why I got a job here.

'cause I thought, you
know, meet some people
in the business.

You any good?


I mean I can do the
full range of emotions.

I'll do it.

I mean I'll, I'll
even work for free.

I don't know. It's a serious,
it's a death scene.

Ok, look.

Why don't you
come in tonight?

We'll put you on camera
and see how it looks.

And I'll show it to Travis
and see what he thinks.



So, I'll meet you,
I'm gonna home and change now,
and I'll meet you here later.

Ok, whatever.

Are you fuckin kidding me?

Who the fuck are you bro!

-What the fuck is that?
-Stop! Just listen.
-Hold on Hold on!

-I don't care. I don't make
enough for this!
-You know I'm trying to...

I don't make enough for this!
I don't make enough for this,
you peeping-tom, dick-touching,
mother- fucker!

So, uh, you need
help with anything?

No, you're the talent. You just
need to worry about the acting.


I like your setup.

You got enough light in here?


So, how do we do this?
Do you have a script?

Yeah, I just figured we go ahead
and, you know, improv this and
see how that goes if that's ok?

Yeah sure.

Do you want me to slate?

Say my name and profiles?

Oh yeah, slate, yeah.


Hi. I'm Jake Anderson.

I'm auditioning...

ah, I don't
have an agent...

ah, I'm auditioning for,
what, what's the movie name?

-Ah, Cut.
-Ok, I'm auditioning for "Cut!"

In this scene, ah, your
character's actually tied
up so, I mean, if you want... add to the realism,
to be tied up.

-Yeah, ok. Sure.

-Why don't we, just use these?

You want me to
tie my feet?


I think I'm gonna need
help with, uh, this one.

-Oh!, that's kinda tight.
-Yeah. Be right back.

Yes, I'm bringing talent
to makeup right now.

And tell them to bring me
a quesadilla. I haven't eaten

-Watch it! What the hell
is your problem?
-Sorry bro.

Hey. Um, production wants to
know what happened to the other
1k light.

I don't know I thought
we got everything.
I'll check the truck.

[Text message]
"Where the hell are you?"
We only got four.

What's going on?

This is the killer.

Looks pretty good, right?

Who is that?

-Wait a second, that's that
homeless guy from out back!

It's a low budget film.
We have to get actors
that work for cheap.

-What's he gonna do!?
-He's gonna come at you,
so act natural, OK?


-Wait a second
-Get Him!
-Wait a second! I don't like

Wait! Hey! Hey!

Get in there right now!
You fucking slice his fucking

You're a movie star.

Aren't we supposed to go over
this? Go over like safety stuff?

You son-of-a-bitch!
I fucking paid you!

I don't fucking like this!
I don't fucking like this!

Let me the fuck outa here!
Let me out of this!

making a movie.

Hey! Let me the fuck outta here,

Let me outta the chair!

Oh, ohh...oh


You stabbed me!

Oh shit...

Oh, shit!

Let me out!

Let me out!

We're making a movie.

Oh, stop!




Aaugh, augh, aaugh...

That's it.


We're making a movie!

Hey, hey, hey! Want a treat?
Want a treat? Ready?

Ooh, where is it?
It's right here.

You want a treat? Come on, come
on, come on Jack!

[News on TV]
And now we have an update
on the disturbing news
in North Hollywood

where earlier today, a body
was found dumped inside
a large trash bin
of a local business

Police and crime scene
investigators have been
on the scene all morning

trying to make sense of
everything everything.

We now go live
on the scene to Christina
Calderon with the latest.

we are here live only a
few hours after a local
drifter discovered
a decapitated man's body

inside a large dumpster.
Earlier today, I spoke with the
man who only wanted to be
referred to as Terry.

I was cleaning up
the city getting cans and
bottles and get a little
bit a food, place to stay.

I went to that can over
there, opened it up and
I just...

There was this
person in there with his head
chopped off! It scared me man!
I gotta get outta here.

And Tracy, the most
disturbing part is that
the body was found several
blocks away

from Saint Paul's Elementary
School, which has many parents
very nervous.

I think everyone
that I've spoken to
were just shocked.

You just don't
expect this to happen
in your community.

I mean, I know there are
people out there that are
sick and they're crazy,

You don't expect them to be
right here.

I was walking
past this area this
morning when I took
my daughter to school.

It's just shocking.

At the moment police
have locked down the
scene and are still
looking for clues .

Residents, especially
those with small
children, are advised
to stay home after dark.

Back to you in the studio.

[On TV] Well folks, we do have
pretty severe weather moving in
as you can see here on our

Lots of heavy patches of
rain moving into the L.A. basin.

Some areas are gonna
see 2-3 inches of rain.

Mountains ah, looking at snow at
the very high elevations and

it's time to get out your

Ah, This's probably going to
last the next 18 to 24 hours

and then start
clearing up and we can get back
into our bathing suites.

Back to you Tracy.

Never been here before.

Jamal would kill me
if he knew I was here
with you right now.

He's not gonna find out.

I can't believe you hit
him with that truck!



No sugar, right?

What's the
matter with you?

Those flickering lights
were insane really.

I know they were
so bad on my eyes.

[music playing]

[singing country music]

[On the TV]
We're having some pretty strong
storm activity over greater
Los Angeles

We're gonna have
thunder and lighting.

Some possible showers here and

and it's gonna make
for some very interesting
weather and sometimes

dangerous in certain areas.
So be careful out there.

That's the weather
back to you Tracey.

[On the TV]
Two headless female bodies were
found early this morning and
police are now saying

this could be the work of a
possible serial killer.

There is however
speculation that today's
findings could be the result
of a possible copy-cat.

Police are urging anyone
with information to
contact the crime report
hot-line right away.


Help! Help me, please help me!

Hey Lane, what the hell
are you doing, man?

You wanted her in the film, I
got her in the film.

Help! please help me!

We don't have to pay her.

What are you saying? I can't
hear what your saying right now.
What is that?

Something about being
classy and professional,
is that what
your fucking saying?

Enunciate what the
fuck your saying!

-Go To Hell!
-Fuck yeah! I'll be first in
line you fucking bitch!

You wanted a legitimate
actress for this film to make it
work. That's what I got.

Please Travis!
Please help me!

This is insane! Man,
You can't do this.

I know I can't. That's why you
need to be here right now.
You nned to do this right now.

Do a cameo. Get in here right
now. Stephen King does it,
so why don't you do it?

Travis, please! You don't have
to do this. I'll do your movie!
I'll do whatever you want!

Please! just
get me down.

You have no fucking choice!
You've got a front row seat to
your own death-bed you fucking

You know what? I fucking like
that! Do it again, right in my

-I wanna see you make a fucking
death-film right now.

Get the fuck in here now!

You know what? That movie ET?
I rented that shit. I rented it.

Try phoning
home now bitch!


Help me!

Help me!

What do you think, huh?

Joe, What do you got?!

Oh, fuck!



[Dogs barking]

Yeah, everything's all set.

No, I agree, between the tripod
cam and the ones we got in the

I really think we've got
everything covered....

Yeah, no, the meeting with the
film office guy went really

In fact, he wants to meet again
next week.

Hopefully, we can go
ahead and finalize.

Yeah, I just picked
up the footage so that
I can finish the edit.

I'm just worried about
the ending though.

No, I'm gonna meet her as soon
as I leave here tonight.

[loud slam]

I don't know.
Let me call you back.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

You're going to close
the deal without me?

Is that your plan?

How you doing Lane?

You know, the first
time you kill someone,
it may not be as...

easy as you think to get over.

I still have
dreams about it.

You know, you do it
a couple more times, it
becomes a little easier.

That is true,
what they say.

Sit down.

Sit down, Travis.

You think you're a
pretty smart guy, huh?

You know, in the

we talked about
making a movie.

You know, scaring people.

Making it look real.

Things changed a
little bit, huh?

You know, in the end,
it kind of became real.


Then it became real
convenient for you.

Now I'm the one
taking the chances.

I'm the one making
shit happen.

Oh, and I love your whole...
surveillance camera thing.

That was genius.

You didn't think
I saw that, huh?

So, what? Are you just
gonna shoot me?

What? Cheat the audience?

No way.

So where do we
go from here?

You wanna burn me?

You think you can burn me?

Now, it's your
turn to burn.



Come on man, that's
the best you got?

Come on Lane, the
cameras are rolling, man!

Oh, I've got a lot
more than that, as
you've already seen.

Yeah, that's right.
I've seen it.

I couldn't have done
this without you.

You are my star.

What the hell you
talking about?

Come on Lane, you, you
really think it's a
coincidence, huh?

That you, an ex-con with a
prison record and a history
of violence towards women

would actually get hired here?

Or that you just happen
to meet these...

random people who could solve
all of your problems.

-Are you kidding me?
-Spare change for food?
-No! eat that!"

Harry Hawke. And this is my
assistant Chloe Jo.

She just finished making a film
in Germany.

Did you pick up any German
while you were there?

Du bist spaet.

Wir habin ein problem

-I saw you looking at Gabby.
You like her, don't you?
-I like brunettes.

I think she asked
if we want dates?

OK, yeah, yeah. We want dates.

You set me up.

I couldn't afford actors.

I couldn't afford some
elaborate production, but
I didn't have to because
you did that for me.

You were my prostitute.

You were my bitch.

And I didn't have
to pay you a dime.

And I didn't have
to pay you a dime!


bull shit! I saw her die?
Fuck you, man!

No. No, you didn't.

You saw what I
wanted you to see.

,You saw exactly what
I placed in front of
you, for you to think.

Camera off!

You alright?



Is this my first
time on camera?

-I think we both know the answer
to that one!
-Yea, I love you.

Let's get the scarf off.


That's what it does man!
What the eyes see and the ears
hear, the mind believes!

You want a hand with that?

I got it

You gave me everything I need
to get this film sold

and make me the best first time
director ever. I mean,
think of everything we got!

We just need the conclusion.
You're right. We're not gonna
cheat the audience.

You just take that knife.

You take that knife
right now, and just
stab me in the heart.

Think about it! We've got the
greatest ending ever right now.

We've got good versus
evil in the ultimate
head to head battle.

The villains gotta
die in every film and
that's what we have!

We got this moment
right now and we can
capture it on film!

You sick bastard!

Yeah! That's right!,
I am sick!

God, I thought you were the one
that was messed up? Jesus!
Look at me, huh?


I planned all this!


I got the church
bells now, baby!


Let's fucking
do it right now!

Let's fucking do this right now!

You stab me in the heart
and you fucking kill me.

Get it on film.

Think of the ending, man!

'Cause, you can kill

but I'm in the movie.

That means I live forever.

You stupid fuck.

You want a climax
to your film?

I'll give you a climax...

and I'm gonna get
the fucking credit!

Yeah, try to edit that!


[gun shot]

[Weather report]
A beautiful day in sunny Los
Angeles this afternoon

We have sunny skies, a light
breeze and warm temperatures.

Currently is 82 degrees here in

70's at the beaches, and we are
looking at the low 90's in the

The whole thing
just looked so real.

This is really gonna be fun.

I'm excited
to release it.

Well you know,
if it wasn't for

the effects of
my man Harry here,

none of that would
have been made possible.

Ha Ha Industries?

Yeah, I think that it kind
of laughs at ya.

[Everyone laughs]

When Travis first brought
me this idea,

I just
knew right away that it
was something special...

...But you had to have done just
right, otherwise, you couldn't
pull it off.

I stand behind my work.

So my partner Harry
Hawke designed this.

This is the pack you wear
for the actors when you're
doing the stab scene.

The cool thing
about though, is
that it's invincible.

So if you stab it with
a knife, the blade
can't go through.

Your actor's
always protected.


It's going to
revolutionize the
film industry.

So what do you
think Mr. Phillips.

we have a deal?

We have more than
a deal my friend.

As a matter of fact,
I'd like to green-light
the sequel

and we should discuss the
franchise rights as well.

Let's do the deal.

-Here we go.
-We got it! We got it! We got

Yes we did. We're gonna have a
lot of work to do if we plan to
do a next one.

-Well, hold on a
second guys...

We gotta talk about safety

before we talk about
another one 'cause I'm
not taking another...
crowbar to the skull!

[all laugh]

So what do you
think Mr. Hawke.

You, ah, ready
for a sequel?

I think I'm ready
to "shoot" again.

And I'm ready to
speak German again.

Beautiful weather for the next
few days...

and back to you, Tracey

These warm days have been nice,
but it does look like storms
are headed our way.

Switching gears: It
appears than an anonymous
source has lead police to
recover the gun used

in he shooting of Lane
Mitchell Hayes who was currently
out of jail on parole.

The gun belonged to
Francis Jamal Jefferson,
a known drug dealer and
prostitution ring-leader.

Police believe
that the death of Hayes
was most likely drug and
prostitution related

given his prior history.

Jefferson's currently being held
without bail.

Now we switch gears
to entertainment news,

where the question
still remains: where is
Gabrielle Stone?

Why don't you just let
me act in this and you
can focus on directing.

I already set up the cameras

You can't be seen
because shes expecting
to be with me.

But I get to act in
the next one, right?

Keep the vest tight.

Harry's gonna be in
a half an hour to put the
blood packs on you.

-You good?

Listen, aren't we supposed to go
this? Like go over safety stuff?

What's the
matter with you?

And people are wondering
if the disappearance is
part of a publicity stunt.

We'll have the answer
to that mystery at 11.