Custody of the Heart (2000) - full transcript

A successful businesswoman is suddenly sued for custody of her children by her stay-at-home husband.


BOY: Yes!

DENNIS: Let's move
the ball around.

Keep your eye on the ball!
That's okay!

We're just starting!

All right, get back,
get back, get back, get back!

Get back, get back!

Come on, sweet Johnny!

DENNIS: Okay, Johnny!
Okay, Johnny!


Don't be over-manned.


That's it!Come on!

[RINGING CONTINUES]Come on, heads up!

Come on, try again! That's it!

That's okay! Go!


Mom, get your phone.

Armed robbery!
Catch that thief!

Hey. Hey, Brody.


I won what?
Are you serious?

No, I don't believe it.

They never give it
to anybody in retail.

The keynote, too?


Brody, this is great for us.

Johnny's got the ball.
I gotta go. I'll see you
in the morning. Bye.

Yeah, Johnny!

WOMAN: Pass the ball!Shoot!



Whoo! Whoo!

I'm riding with Mom.

I'm riding with Mom.
You rode with her last time.

You can both ride with Mom.
Dad doesn't mind, okay?

We got anything to eat
at home?Chili.


All right, well,
I'll see you there.

All right, get in the car.
Hey, wait a minute.

I have something
I want to tell you.

Um, Brody called
while the game was on.

Yeah, I noticed that.
Can't you keep that thing off
for a half-hour?

Uh, sorry, I thought I did,

but the Better Business
Bureau named me
Woman of the Year.


Well, that's good.

That's great.
You deserve that.
You worked really hard.


You gave away your lunch
again today?

What'd I do wrong?

It's too much mayo.
The bread's soggy. Yuck.


I traded
for Adam's cold pizza.



Ugh. Really.
The both of you.

JOHNNY: Cold pizza's the best!CLAIRE: Stop it.

JOHNNY: It is!

KIKI: Warm pizza's
way better, Johnny.

cold pizza's better.

Are we having company tonight?


[KNOCKING ON DOOR]There they are.

Howdy, neighbors!

ALL: Hey.

Hi, Claire.Hey, Alice.

CLAIRE: How's that kitchen?ALICE: Oh, don't ask.


Hi, Steve.
How are you?

How you doing, Dennis?Good to see you.

So, is your mother
getting any better?

Well, Rona says
she's holding her own.

If we were closer, I'd be able
to read her better, but...

[SIGHS] You know
my sister Rona.

Oh, mother and martyr
of the year.

Well, it doesn't matter,

because I get to go
to Seattle tomorrow

to open up the new store,
so I'll see her for myself.

Well, that's good!

[SIGHS] Cancer's hell.

What we went through
with my mother...

Listen, if you ever need
anyone to talk to.

Thanks, Alice.
You're the best.[CHUCKLES]

Let's go, guys!

Hey, Alice.Bye, Claire.
Mmm, thanks.

You call me.Okay.

Bye, Dennis.Bye.

STEVE: Let's go, guys.
You still have homework to do.

You gotta love Alice.

She really speaks her mind.

What's wrong?

I thought we said we weren't
going to have people over

on school nights anymore.

Well, they're redoing
their kitchen.

Bye!They didn't have
a place to eat.

All the restaurants
are closed?

[SIGHS] You know,
we make these agreements,

and then you just do
whatever you want.





Good night, moon.

Good night, stars.

Good night,
lightning bugs in jars.[SQUEALS]


I'm sorry I have to go
back to Seattle tomorrow,

but I'll be back
on Thursday,

and maybe

we could go to the circus
on Saturday!Yay! The circus.

CLAIRE: I'll ask Dad
to try to get tickets.

Can I go with you
to Seattle?

I haven't seen Nana
for almost a whole year.

I know, honey,
but I don't think so.

I mean, you have school
and practice...

Forget it.
Kids never get what they want.

Excuse me?

You get everything
that you want.

I didn't get the red bike
I really wanted for Christmas.

I got the blue one.

Oh! Write a letter to Santa.


It's 9:30.

Young man,
you're going to bed.

Good night. Come on.

Good night, Mom.Tuck down. Love you.

Good night, Dad.Good night, sweetie.

Good night, baby.

That was a good game
today, buddy. It was.

Thanks, Dad.It really was.

We need to talk.

Okay, I just have to call
Brody and ask him

what time he's gonna
pick me up tomorrow morning.



Hey, Brody.

Okay, I want to know
everything that he said.

DENNIS: Good night, Johnny.Good night, Dad.

No, he said that?

You gotta be kidding me.

Really? How did he know
we did that kind
of business last year?


Oh, my goodness.

Yeah. What else?


Really? Oh, cool.

And tomorrow,
is everything okay?

MAN: [ON TV] Are you sure
I can't change your mind?

Oh, I'm... I'm really
flattered, but...

MAN: Oh, come on, now.
You gotta eat, right?

it's just really unfortunate.
I... I already have plans.

MAN: Well, what about
the next night...

Sorry, another
early morning pickup.

MAN: All right, well, look.
How about I call you and...




I'm not doing very well
with all of this.

Look, I know you're upset
that I'm leaving again.

So am I.
I don't want to go.

But I've got obligations,

and it's a chance for me
to see my mom.

Come on, we've been
through this in therapy.

I take a business trip.
You get upset.

We fight. It's a pattern.

[SOFTLY] We're supposed
to be working on breaking
that pattern.

How can we work on it
when you keep
missing the sessions?

And I've told you
how sorry I am.

Yeah, that's true.
You have. [SIGHS]

Look [SCOFFS] we're not
gonna be able to solve
anything tonight,

and it's late...

And I really need to get
some sleep, so...

Can we talk about it
when I get back?


Sure. Fine.

Good night.

MAN ON TV: Yes, but short of your genius, you know?

Dennis Raphael on Willow.


Yeah, got another leak
under the sink.

Hey, big sis,
our plane arrives at 12:15,

so Brody and I'll just meet
you at the store, okay?

Bye. Love you. Kiss Mom![KIDS BICKERING]

I don't know, could be
either the water purifier

or the disposal or the sink.
You take your pick.

Apple, orange, banana?

No brown spots.

I want an orange, Mommy,
cut up, please.

Peel it yourself.

No, 3:00 is no good.
I gotta pick up my kids
at school.

It can wait till tomorrow.

That's great.
I'll see you then. Bye.

Okay, so you have your lunch?
You have your homework?BOTH: We got 'em!

Kiki, don't forget
these cupcakes, okay?

We made them
for the bake sale.

Oh, my God, I gotta go.
Brody will be here.

Griddle's too hot.

[SIGHING] No, it's not.

Morning!KIKI: Hi, Brody.

BRODY: Hey! Kiki, Kiki!

You get bigger and bigger.
What are you now, 27?

You're 50? What is that?

No, silly, I'm still nine.Nine years old.

Can you come
to one of my games, Brody?Sure.

You just let me know,
and I will be there.

Hi, Dennis.

Yo.You see the Celts
last night?

Yeah, finally in the zone
for a change.

Your griddle's too hot.

My griddle is not too hot.


Here, make
yourself useful, all right?

Here you go, kids.Here.

Our pancakes
are going like hot cakes.
Who wants 'em? Here.

Good morning.

If it isn't
the Woman of the Year!


Let me get
your bags, ma'am!

Hey, kids, I love you.

Love you.
I'll call you tonight, okay?Okay.

Can Brody go with us
to the circus?

Sure, if he wants to.

BRODY: Brody wants to.

Maybe I'll bring Stephanie

if the lovely ex-Mrs. Brody

will let me have her
on an off weekend.KIKI: Yeah!

DENNIS: What's this
about a circus?

I promised the kids

that when I got back,
we'd go.

JOHNNY: Can we?

I meant to ask you about
getting tickets last night,
but we got way off track.

[SIGHS]So, could you?

We gotta go! Come on.

Bye, honey.

Say hi to your mom
for me.

I will.
Love you. Love you.

Bye, hon. [SMOOCHES]

CLAIRE: Love you.

Bye, guys.Bye, Brody


CLAIRE: I love the location.

I really think it's great.


Tom, I don't know,
but do you think we should
lose this plant stand?

No, it's good.
I love those flowers.

Great lighting, Bella!
Thank you! You remembered!

You guys
did such an amazing job.

Thank you, thank you.
I love it.

Claire, do you remember me?
Bernice Matheson.

I was your mother's...

Bridge partner! Of course.
You know my sister Rona.

Yes, of course.
Hello, dear.

Hello, Mrs. Matheson.

It's so nice
for your mother

that one of you stayed home
with her.

Oh, good to see you.


What, did she come here
just to make me feel bad?

Oh, this is not...

I mean, she could have
at least mentioned the store.

Careers don't impress women
of that generation.Uh-huh.

Loyalty does.

What's that
supposed to mean, Rona?

Well, you know,
mothers stayed home

to take care
of their children,

and grown children
stayed home
to take care of their mothers.


Hello, hello? Everyone?

Folks, I'd like
to introduce you now

to the president,
the founder,

and the creative head
of Claire Raphael Designs.

She's my partner.
She's my friend.

She also signs the checks...
Claire Raphael.[AUDIENCE LAUGHS]


Where are you, Claire?
Come on up.

Come on! Come on!


I'm very happy to be here.

I must admit,
a little nervous.

Openings are like that,

but it does give me
great pleasure

to welcome you
to our new store,

which just happens to be
here in Seattle,

my mom and sister Rona's
adopted hometown.

And also to introduce to you

what we feel is a line
of innovative furniture

that will add grace, comfort,
and style to your home

for years to come.

I don't know how you do it.

I look like
I'm 150 years old.

No, you don't.
You look great.

You're just tired
from taking care of a husband,

three kids, and Mom
all by yourself.

I wish I was here
to help you more.

I wanted to talk to you
about that, actually.

Barney and I have
volunteered to chaperon

the kids' church camping trip,
and I need your help.

What do you need?

I need you to stay with mom
for two weeks.

End of next month.

Two weeks?

Brody could take care
of the business.

Dennis could take care
of the kids.

I can't be away from my family
for two more weeks, Rona.

I could hire Mom
a private duty nurse,

and it'll give you
some time off.

She doesn't want a nurse.
She wants us.

No, I know.



I'm sorry, I've never asked
anything of you before.

It's not that I don't
want to, Ro. I do.

I just can't be away
for two more weeks.

Dennis is all
over me as it is.

The timing is impossible.

Look... I'll stay
with her all day tomorrow.

I'll even sleep over
if she wants to.

I just really hoped
you could help me
on this one.

Mom, you're still
so beautiful.


Thank you, sweetheart.

My friend Elaine

says that your new store
is the best thing in Seattle.

I can't wait
for you to see it.

See what your encouragement
and your loan helped build.

I'm gonna leave
you two alone.

God knows
Mom sees enough of me.

Bye, dear.

All right.

I'll take a cab
back to the hotel.
I'll call you tonight.

Good night.[SOFTLY] Okay, bye.


[CHUCKLES] It's so good
to see you, honey.

How you doing, Mom?

Uh, it's hard.

I'm not able to do much
but lie here and think.

Like you,

I was always so busy.

It's frustrating.Mmm.

All the things I wanted to do
in life and didn't.

You did tons.

Starting way back
when Daddy died.

You were the one
who kept us afloat.

Oh, I chased my tail
is what I did...


Never could seem
to get ahead.


Oh, but you!

Tell me everything.

CLAIRE: And Kiki
is just amazing.

She got a full scholarship
into an art camp.



So, Dennis hasn't been
very happy lately.

I just feel that
he hasn't really tried hard

to get a new job.

I was always so fond
of Dennis.

You're lucky
he's such a good father.


You seem sad, dear.

No, I'm not sad at all.

I love my work,

and the kids
are just terrific.

And it's a godsend

that Dennis could, you know,
be able to stay home
all the time.

It's just that I...

[SIGHS] Well,

I just wish we could have
supported the family together.

In my day...

If a man didn't support
his family,

[SCOFFS] he felt
a complete failure!

Ignore her.

Ah, there you are!

Time for your radiation.

Oh, Claire.

You run on, dear.
I know you're tired
after your trip.

I usually just go to sleep
after supper.

You sure, Mom?


I'll call you
in the morning.

Fly safe, sweetheart.Okay.


Earth to Claire.

Where'd you go?

You remember
when you and Dennis started

at PaineWebber, and I
was pregnant with Johnny?

Oh, yeah, I was still married
to the lovely ex-Mrs. Brody.

Stop!We didn't have a pot
to pee in.

Didn't it seem that life
was a lot easier, then?

Yeah, 'cause
we didn't know nothin'.

Well, we knew
we were in love,

knew our parents
were healthy.

We knew we were
building a future.


Don't worry about your mom.

If she's anything
like her daughter,
she'll be just fine.

I need to get home,
back to basics...Wait, wait.


Touch my kids,
smell the laundry!

You know,
the farther I get away,

the more I realize
home is my anchor.

Come on! Let's go!

Hey! I'm home!

Kiki! Johnny!


Hi, there.
Where's the kids?

They're at my mom's. [SIGHS]

How come?

I didn't want them
here tonight.


Is this some kind
of romantic surprise?

That's a really great idea.

I'm gonna go take a shower.[DOORBELL RINGS]

I'll answer the door.

I'll meet you upstairs.


Claire Raphael?


What's this?

[READING] "Probate Family
Court, Suffolk division,

"Boston, Massachusetts."

"You are ordered as follows,
pending the hearing,

"or until further notice
of the court,

"it is ordered
that Dennis Raphael

"is to have
temporary custody of John
and Clara Kate Raphael.

"The wife, Claire Raphael,

"is to vacate
the marital premises."

What the hell is this,
some kind of joke

to drive home the fact
that you don't like
my working?

It's no joke.
I'm suing you for divorce.

The judge has given me

temporary custody
of the children

and ordered you
to move out tonight.


Come on, Dennis,
what is this?

For God's sake, Claire,
it's right there.

I'm suing you for divorce.
Why won't that register?

Because it isn't the way
two rational people

who have been married
for 15 years behave.

Dennis, people
talk to each other.

I've tried talking.

You can't be serious.I am.

I'm very serious.


Remember in couples therapy?
We promised each other,

we agreed that we wouldn't
make any radical moves?

This is not radical.
I've thought this through.

Since you've been
unwilling to hear me,

I had to resort to this.


Look, you want
a trial separation,

that's one thing, okay,

but what's this
about custody of the children

and an order to vacate?


This is my home. I live here.

A divorce?

You never said
that you wanted to talk
about a divorce.

You're not
a responsible mother.

Are you crazy?

What could you have
possibly said to a judge

to convince him that I'm not
a responsible mother?

Between your mother
and your work, you are
in a state of personal crisis.

The children are suffering.


[LAUGHS] Suffering? How?

How is that?

You're never here,
for one thing,

and when you are here,

you're so preoccupied
with your work
that you forget the kids!

Forget the kids?
Forget the kids?

What, Kiki's ballet lesson?
I lost track of time.

What about the little accident
where the children
were nearly killed?

I was hit by a man
having a heart attack,

for God's sake!

It wasn't my fault!





Yes, this is Dennis Raphael
on Willow.

We spoke earlier. Yep.

Yes, right away.
Thank you.

Then there's you and Brody

working all hours
of the night!

This is insane.

The only reason
why I started the business

was because
you stopped working!

Yes, with Brody!

We wouldn't have eaten
if he didn't help.

My God,

what have you become?

Why are you doing this?

I didn't do it.
You did it.

The court says
you gotta get out of here...

I don't care
what the court says.

[DOORBELL RINGS]I only care about my kids.

I need them,
and they need me.

DENNIS: Come on in.
She won't leave.

She's become violent,
breaking things.

You planned this.

You set me up,
you son of a bitch.

Can I see
that court order, ma'am?


You're gonna have to leave
the house right now.

You don't have a choice.

If you refuse,
I'm gonna have to arrest you.

Arrest me?

I haven't done
anything wrong.

Come on.

You have to go.
Now, ma'am.




Claire, I thought you were
safely anchored at home.

What's up?

I got home, and there was
a man with a court order

saying Dennis
wanted a divorce

and I had to leave the house.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
What are you talking about?

You're not making any sense.

Why does he want a divorce?
Why would he want to do that?

I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?No.

I was driving around.
I didn't know where to go.

No, that's all right.

Listen, why don't I just get
the keys to the car and
take you over there?



I didn't know who he was.

He was so cold
and shut down.



Keeping the kids from me.

He said that...All right, all right.

Just... Just come in.
Come on.

Did you know that
he was thinking about this?

I knew he was unhappy.

But I never thought...

Can he really do
this to me?

Can he throw me
out of my house?

Look, I gotta
call the kids.

No, wait, wait. I...

I'd rather that you talked
to my lawyer first.

I don't really want to talk
to your lawyer first.

You don't have to use him,
but he's very fair,

and I'm sure
he'll be able to tell you

what the deal is
with the kids,

and I'd feel better,
that's all.

I don't want
to jeopardize anything.

Carter, hi.
This is Nick Brody.

Listen, I'm so sorry
to call you at home,

but I'm here with my partner,
Claire Raphael,

and she's just been served
with an order to vacate,

and we just felt
she needed to talk
to somebody.

Sure, Nick,
but I'm cooking supper.

Oh, I'm sorry, but we won't
take that much of your time.

It's really been
a great shock to her.Uh-huh.

She came home and...So, she had no idea?

Yeah, it came
right out of the blue.

Her husband's name
is Dennis, and...

You know what?
I think it would be better
if you talked to her yourself.

CARTER: [ON PHONE] All right.Okay, just a minute.

this is Carter Petrie.

Hello, Carter.

Hi, Claire, I'm sorry to hear
about all this.

It's always a shock,
even when you
know it's coming.

Yeah, it is.

There really isn't much
we can do tonight,

but if you'll drop by
my office tomorrow morning,

we'll talk a little,
and we'll see where to start.

Well, actually,

maybe you could give me
some advice tonight.

Dennis took our children
to his mother's.

Can't I just go there
and tell them that I'm home?

Actually, no.
No, you can't see them.

You can certainly call them,

but it might be easier
if you told them you were
still out of town,

that way you wouldn't have
to explain anything tonight.

What's the lawyer's name
on the court order?

"Plaintiff's lawyer,
Phoebe Harris."


You try and get some rest,

and I will see you
tomorrow, all right?

Yeah. Bye. Bye.

What did he say?

He said that I can't
see the kids,

can't go to the house,
but I could call them.






Could I talk to the kids?

Kiki! It's your mom!

See, Grandma?
I told you she'd call.

Hi, Mom.
Can you come get us?

Grandma says
we have to go to bed at 8:00.


Why don't you get into bed
when she says

and then ask her to tell you
a story, okay, baby?

Is Johnny there?

Johnny, it's Mom!

Hi, Mom.

Where are you?

Hi, honey,
I'm in Seattle.

How was practice today?

It was okay.
When are you coming home?

Johnny, look...

Nana really needs me
for a little bit here, so...

So, I'm gonna stay,

but I'll call you



Good night.


Good night, Mom.
I love you.

I love you, too.



So this is
how it's gonna be...

I'm gonna have to lie
to my kids?


Claire, Carter Petrie.

Please, come in.

I know that Dennis
and I can work this out.

He doesn't really want
a divorce.

It's just an ill-conceived
emotional move.

Our counselor says that...

His papers don't
look ill-conceived.


He wants sole custody
of the children,

child support until they're
18, and maintenance.

That's what we used
to call alimony.

And he wants
half your business.

He claims that
with your business booming
and your mother ill,

you're too busy
for your family.

You've been gone
34 days of the last 90.

You've canceled appointments
at school.

You're seeing a therapist.
You've endangered
the children.

Ugh! He's talking
about that car crash
that wasn't my fault.

And the therapist
is seeing the both of us.

I don't believe this.
This isn't Dennis!


Has divorce
ever been discussed?

He's talked of separation,

but only when he's
discouraged about himself.

He's hired a very
tough lawyer.
That may explain it.

Although, I'm seeing
more and more of this
attitude from men who...

Whose spouses
are the breadwinners.

I don't know what you mean.
Men are asking for custody?

It could be some of the old,
"What's good for the goose
is good for the gander."

I see. You mean,

men are trying to get even
for the way they've been...Yes.

For the way they,
traditionally, were...

Taken to the cleaners.

The practice of the law,
as gender-neutral
as it tries to be,

still reflects the biases
in our society.


This judge,
in your case, for example,

the one Dennis's lawyer
has maneuvered us
into having to deal with,

is a conservative
Boston Catholic

who is not at all
sympathetic to working women.

Oh, great!

He thinks moms
belong in the home
and should not be working.

I am at home
as much as I can
and still support the family.

My husband doesn't bring in
any income at all.

Look, Dennis took on
most of the domestic side
once he lost his job,

[SIGHS] And I thought
he was happy doing it.

How does a judge
make a decision like this
after only hearing one side?

They do it all the time,

and my job

is to make sure
that he hears the other side.

When do I get to see
my children?

[SIGHS] We go before
the judge next week.

You'll be in violation
if you try to see
them before that.

Phone contact, that's all.



Hey, morning.


You up to talking?


Claire send you over here?

Oh, come on,
I love both you guys.
You know that.

What's going on?

My lawyer told me
not to talk to you.

Well, screw your lawyer.

Come on, Dennis.

We know each other
better than we know ourselves,

but, I've gotta tell you,
you've lost me
on this one, man.

I told Claire
it wasn't another woman.

Is it?


My lawyer told me
not to talk to you

because you are
Claire's partner

and you may end up telling
her everything that I say.

Well, that would
be good, right?

Come on,
you loved each other,
I know that.

I was there,
I introduced you.
I was your best man.

Yeah, you were there,
you were there. You saw it.

Well, Claire doesn't
think I work for
anything around here.

She thinks all I do
is sit around
and feel sorry for myself

while she's out busting
her ass for the family.

Yeah, she has busted her ass,
and you've done
your fair share

of sitting around and
feeling sorry for yourself.

I was fired.

And why you haven't lined
anything else up is
a mystery to me!

You're a bright guy!

You're smart.
You used to be driven.

You don't think I've tried
to set something else up?

You think I sit around here
and wait
for the phone to ring?

How would I know?
You don't talk to me anymore.

How could I? I don't see you
anymore since you
partnered with my wife.


Well, I know that Claire asked
you to partner with her first,

but something about
your ego comes to mind.

I run this house.
I run this house!

She doesn't think
it's important

that somebody be here
when the kids get home!

What are you talking about?

Claire was home for years.

And I've got a 10-year-old.
They don't need a nanny as
much as they need a chauffeur.

And this is ridiculous!
She takes care of them.

She feeds them.
She washes them.

She reads to them.
She loves them
as much as you do!

When she's here.

Claire does
what she can, Dennis.

We had no idea the business
was going to take off
the way it did.

Dennis, don't you want
to try to fix things up

before you tear apart
everything you've
worked for here?




Yep, yep,
sitting right here.

Okay, I'll bring
it right over. Thank you.

Gotta go.
Johnny left his math book.

Wait, wait, wait.


Let's go out
for a beer tonight.

All right? Let Claire
take care of the kids.

It'll be like old times.
We'll hash this out.

I can't do that, Brody.
It's none of your business.

It's not your marriage.

You stay out of it!


Hey, there's Claire!

[ALL: CLAPPING]MAN: All right, Claire.

Claire, congratulations
on your award.

We're so proud.
Woman of the year!

Thank you.

WOMAN: This is going to be
so good for business.

MAN: Oh, yeah.

Claire, there's a shipment
of Italian cotton at customs.

They say you have
to sign for it personally.

Betty, I have a personal thing
I need to deal with.



Hi, it's me.


Look, you made your point.
I got it, okay?

Do you...

[SIGHS] I'm sorry I was
so angry last night.

Do you think...

Do you think we could meet
somewhere and...

And you could tell me

what this is all about?

You know what
this is about, Claire,

and could you
please tell Brody
to stay the hell out of it?

Okay, so we'll...
We'll do it on the phone,
if you like.

Why don't you start
at the top of your list?

What, you want to have
like a meeting

so we can go over our goals
and objectives?

No, Dennis,
I just want to find out
what's bothering you

so we can work
on finding a solution,

something that...
Something that'll work
for all of us.

I'm not
an employee of yours, Claire.

Is that how you feel,
like an employee?

When did that start?

I don't want
to talk about it.

Well, I'm sorry,
you have to talk about it.

You just can't destroy
our lives and not
give me a reason.

I mean, what has changed
so much between us
that we can't work it out?

I don't have to
answer to you, Claire.

I don't have to
prove myself to you, Claire.

[YELLING] I don't have
to talk to you anymore!

Dennis, please,
don't go there...



Oh, God.

Here's our flag
for Fort Raphael.

Flag for Fort Raphael!

[MIMICS FANFARE]This is so neat, Daddy.

We did such a good job.
Can I sleep in it tonight?

No, because I am.

I said it first.

Who cares what you said?

Well, looks like there's
enough room for the both
of you in there,

so why don't you both
go get your sleeping bags?


This is so fun.
I can't wait
to show Mom this.

She'll love it.

KIKI: As soon as she gets
home, we'll show her.

Maybe she can sleep
with us, too.

I knew he was mad
that I invited you over
on a school night.

I also knew that
he was unhappy with himself.

Oh, come on, Claire,
in all the years
I've known you,

I have never seen you
play the naive card.

[CHUCKLES] What do you mean?

I mean that there is
something going on here

that you don't want
to look at,

something you've done,
you've said, you've not said.

Well, he says
that we make these decisions,

and then I just go off
and do whatever I want.

Do you?

Sometimes, sure.

He's jealous
of your business.

We couldn't have lived
without the business, Alice.

I know that but
it's done so well.

I mean, maybe it's
a little more
than threatening.

I can't do anything
about that!


I'm working as hard as I can
just to keep this thing going!

What am I supposed to do,
make it not threatening, too?

So, are we just
a little angry here?

Yes, I'm angry!

The bastard's
tearing up my life!

Hey, it's not just
your life, Claire.
It's his life, too.

Maybe he didn't feel like
he was in it.

He wasn't in it, Alice.

He quit on me.

He quit work.
He quit talk. He quit sex.

So, he's been
mad at you, too.

You've got to look
at your part in this.

For what, Alice?
What did I do?
Tell me what I did.

You did his job
better than he did.

You wrecked man and woman's
time-honored role.

You took over
the hunter and gatherer's job.

Look, if Dennis
evaporated tomorrow,
you'd go on.

Hell, I'd be mad
at you, too.

Oh, come here.



All right, Claire...

Our main objective here
is to make
a good impression on the judge

and to have
a good evaluator appointed.

It's the evaluator,
in most cases,
who decides who gets the kids.


I'll do all the talking.

You stay calm.



Your Honor,

as you've read,
my client was stunned

by the order issued
against her last Thursday.

She has led
an exemplary life.

She's strong
mentally and physically.

She's well-known
in her community.

She's respected
by her children's teachers,

by their pastor,
their doctor,
and their friends.

Her husband has never before
expressed an interest
in full-time parenting,

nor did he ever suggest to her
that she was an unfit mother.

She had no idea
that he was serious
about wanting a divorce.

Behind her back,
he came to this court

and presented evidence
purporting to show her
in a state of personal crisis.

The evidence to that effect
is filled with coincidence,

erroneous supposition,
even a few outright lies.

To put it bluntly,
he set her up.

Objection, Your Honor.

There's no proof of any setup.

And no proof against it.

Mr. Raphael deliberately
manipulated the situation

in order to
make his wife look bad.

We therefore request
that the order to
vacate be nullified

and the children
be returned to her care.

We're not here to try
this case, Counsel.

From what the father's
affidavit says,

the children are doing
quite well without her.

They don't even know
they're without me!

Mrs. Raphael,
this is a hearing.

Nothing you say has
any bearing since you have
not been put under oath.

In this proceeding,
your counsel speaks for you.

Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

Your Honor, we request that
she be put under oath.

Further, we would like
to bring in witnesses

to attest to
her diligence as a mother.

No time.

Since the parties disagree
on who shall have custody,

I'll name an evaluator who'll
prepare a recommendation.

Any requests?

Janice Goldman.John Eden, Your Honor.

John Eden it is.

He will study the behavior
and emotions
of the family relationships,

then make his recommendation.

How long will that be?

JUDGE: Mr. Petrie.

Remind your client
she may not speak
at this hearing!

Your Honor,
regarding temporary custody?

The children
will stay with their father.

Can the mother live
in the house until the
evaluator files his report?

Is that acceptable?

No, Your Honor. Mrs. Raphael
is clearly angry.

She became violent
at her home
the night she was served.

The police were called.

There's no telling what she
might do to her husband

or to the children.

I would never...

The order stands pending
the evaluator's report.

The father stays at home
with the children.

Mother travels anyway.
She'll find lodging
when she's in town.

CARTER: Visitation rights,

Wednesdays and Saturdays.

On the matter
of temporary support,

father will have
same access to funds
as he's had all along.

[GAVEL BANGS]Next case!

"No time."

This is my life, my children.
He says he has no time!

Carter, this is so unfair!

Fairness has little to do with
divorce proceedings, Claire.

Carter, it's always
good to see you.

My client says Mrs. Raphael
can see the children

on Wednesdays
after they
get home from school.

If she wants to pick up
a few of her things,

she can do so one hour
prior to that visitation.[CELL PHONE RINGS]


Claire? Yeah, Mom's
not doing so well.

They're giving her morphine
for the pain,

but she's going
in and out of consciousness.

Her vitals are unstable.

I think you should get here
as soon as possible.




Carter, I have to go.

My sister says
there's very little time left.


Your mom?

I have to go.

I'm sorry.

If I had known she was
this sick, I wouldn't
have left last week.

That's not what she wants.

She wants us
to live our lives.

It just feels like I...

I missed the signs
of so many things.
I... [SIGHS]


The guilt is overwhelming.


You didn't miss the signs.

Knowing you,
you probably saw them all

but hoped
they meant something else.

I knew Dennis was unhappy,
and I just kept
pushing it down so far.

I stopped feeling.

Do you still love him?


CLAIRE: Hello, Doctor.

How are we doing?

About the same.

How bad is it?

Well, with a will
as strong as hers,

she could
go on for weeks...

Even months.

It won't be for a while.






[WHISPERS] Listen to what, Ma?

It takes two.

One to talk,

and one to listen.

You'll find the way.

We all do.



Hey.How's your mom?

She's hanging in there.


You okay?

I promised myself
I wouldn't cry or scream.

Listen, I swear to God,

you're gonna be okay.
Your kids are gonna be okay.




Okay, what was that for?

I was remembering when
the lovely ex-Mrs. Brody
gave me the boot

and I went back
to get my things.

Where did you go after?

I went to a place
full of laughter and love,

a place
that was very comfortable,
very welcoming.

Where'd you go?

I went to your house,

Yours and Dennis's?

[WHISPERS] I remember.




I need you gone by 6:00.

I think it's time
we tell the kids.

Yeah, I suppose it is.


Is this for me?

It's got your name on it.

I guess I'll just go
and pack some of my things.

I do just fine
when you're gone,

then you walk
back into the house

and make me feel worthless
all over again.


I haven't said a thing.

You don't have to.

I want you to know
one thing.

I will never
give you the children.

I'll tell them
after you leave.

No, you won't.

I'll tell them while I'm here.






Where are you?I'm here!


Whoo! How are you?

How are you?
Oh, I missed
you guys so much.

How's Nana?

She's good.

She's fighting
this really hard.

And Aunt Rona says,
"Hello! Hello!"

How you been?Can we make some cookies?


You can make 'em but
you can't eat them
till after dinner.

JOHNNY: But Dad!

That's it, chief.

Come on, let's make them,
let's make them! Let's go!


Mom, I scored eight points

Dad said it was the best game
that I ever played.

Good for you.

I got to take the classroom
fish home for the weekend.

And it's still alive?


Come on, cookie makers...


I missed you.

Can you get a job
where you don't
have to go away?

Do you want to go
for a bike ride after this?


What are we having
for supper?

I don't know.

I'm not allowed to stay
for supper.


Your dad and I are...

In a difficult place.

We're going to...

Get a divorce.

And the judge says

that Dad is the one who's
gonna stay with you
for a while.

It's nobody's fault.

You're not gonna lose
either one of us, okay?

And we're both
here for you.

We both love you.

We're just gonna live
in different houses
from now on.

But we're both
still gonna be your parents.

We're both still
gonna do things together.




What are we doing?
What are we doing?

Johnny, Kiki!


Listen, we're
all gonna be okay.

JOHNNY: Go away!

Go away!

Why are you
getting a divorce?




CLAIRE: Johnny?

Johnny, open up.




Johnny, please open up.

I want to talk to you.



Mommy's got to go, Johnny.

Listen, it isn't always
gonna be like this.

The court just
needs time to figure out how
it's gonna arrange things.

How can a court decide
how to arrange things?
It doesn't even know us.

CLAIRE: It's the law.

And when two people
get a divorce,

they have to obey the laws.

I hate the laws.

I'll call you tonight

and tomorrow
before you go to school.

And I'll see you Saturday.

And I'll come
to your game Friday, okay?

We're gonna work it out.

I promise,
we're gonna work it out.

This is all Dad's fault.

Mommy? Mommy!

Come on, sweetie.[SOBBING]

She's got to go.

She's got to go.
She's got to go.

Johnny? Johnny.



Here, take it, take it!

Okay. Be careful.

Hurry up!


Oh, hi.

Excuse me, but how do you
rent a lighthouse?

Doesn't the lighthouse keeper
have to live here?

Well, not after they're

Did you see my ad?No.

No, I just came
out here to think.

I've been sort of [CHUCKLES]
decommissioned myself.

I need a place to live.

Well, take a look around
if you like.

My client's not due
for another 15 minutes.

Sure. Thanks.

It's a great place.



Mommy, Daddy and Johnny
are fighting bad.


JOHNNY: I don't want supper.

Leave me alone!


Leave me alone!

You are gonna sit down
and do as I say, young man!

[BANGING]Stop it.

It shouldn't be you
who gets the house.
Mom should.

She shouldn't
have to live in a hotel![BANGING]

Knock it off!

Kiki, supper!

Johnny, you got five seconds,
do you hear me?

You got five seconds
to get back in here!

Five seconds!

Honey, Kiki.

Honey, talk to me.
What's going on?

Kiki, come on, supper.

I don't want to eat supper.
I want you to come home.

I can't come home,

but I could talk
to you and Johnny on the phone
as long as you want.

Honey, maybe you should
put Daddy on the phone.

Kiki, I want you to put
the phone down and come
in here and eat supper.

Who are you talking to?Mom.

Claire, she'll call you
after supper, okay?

Dennis, what is
going on? It...



Oh, God.

Get this, I had to drive
Adam to school this morning.

He missed the bus again.

But when we got there,
he jumped out of the car,

and I rolled down the window,
and I yelled,
"I love you, Adam!"

He looked back at me
and went, "Good." [LAUGHS]

He's gone.


You know,
I still don't get how
Dennis can do this legally.

I'm wondering
if he really wants the kids,

or he's just using them
for protection.

From what?

For avoiding
getting on with his own life.

He wants to win.

Taking the kids and the money
would be winning.

He wants to hurt me.

He doesn't know
what he wants, Claire.

He's lost.

And this didn't
just happen overnight.

You two are on
totally different wavelengths.

Yeah, but we wanted it
to work.

whatever you wanted, you left
way behind in the dust.

Maybe it didn't
happen consciously,

but you've both chosen
to move beyond old dreams.

Thanks for meeting me here.

I can't stay inside anymore.

I just lose it.

CARTER: Fine. I'm happy
to be out myself.

So I've been reading
about this evaluation,

and the only thing
I want to make sure of

is that the kids
won't have to come to court.

They don't usually,

but the judge
may want to speak to them
in his chambers.

But what if he asks
them to choose
between Dennis and me?

That would be terrible
for them, Carter.

Isn't there some way
not to involve them?

There are
three ways, actually.

You can give
the kids to Dennis,

he can give them to you,

or you can agree
on joint custody.

Can the judge award
joint custody?Yes.

But if it's a nasty debate
and the case goes to trial,

the kids usually go
to the non-working parent,

to the one who stays at home
and takes care of them.

And the money
usually follows the kids.

I feel like
I'm being punished.

Well, you are, in a way.

Family law is still stuck
in a criminal view of divorce.

"Let's find out who killed
the marriage and punish them."

But we didn't
kill the marriage,
neither Dennis nor I.

The marriage just died.

Claire, it doesn't matter
what the truth is.

If you don't fight Dennis,
if you don't make him seem
like the bad guy somehow,

he could get the children
and child support
and maintenance.

Is that what you want?

I don't want any of this.

Unfortunately, marriage
is not like other contracts
in my experience.

As soon as one person
wants out,

it's over.


Tell me what to do, Carter.

You fight not to get
ruined financially,

and you fight to get
as much time with your kids
as you can.

You know the drill,

leave your name and message

after you hear the tone.
Don't hang up.[BEEP]

Hey, Alice? It's Claire.

Listen, pretty funny,
our accountant called today

to tell me
he had to stay neutral

because the last time he got
involved in a divorce case,
he got sued.

So, I fired him.


I knew you would enjoy that.


Okay, gotta go. Bye.


Claire, it's me.

The police are here.

I think you'd better
get over here right away.

The police?


Mom, they're taking
Johnny away!

Hi, baby.

Hi, Johnny.


Mrs. Raphael?


I'm Pat Jenkins.

I'm the county
juvenile officer.

Can we talk in the kitchen?

Yeah, sure.

Kate, go wait with Dad.


What on Earth happened?

Your son called
the county abuse hot line.

He's asked to be removed
from the home.

He claims that your husband's
abusing him.

My husband never hit Johnny,
ever, in his entire life.


Can I get a drink of water?

Yes, of course.
Help yourself.

Okay, what's this about?

I mean, what did you do?

I didn't do anything.

I assumed
you put him up to it.

Why would I do that?To prove
that I'm a bad father.

I had nothing to do
with this!

Did you say something?
Did you punish...

I didn't do anything, Claire.

Our son just calls
the police?

I find that hard to believe.

I think it was a child abuse
program at school
that gave him the idea.

A child abuse program, yeah.

We are both in trouble here.
They could take him
away from us.

That's exactly what
you were trying to do to me.

This has nothing to do
with that.

The court will say
we're unfit parents.

That's exactly what you told
the judge about me, Dennis.

Do you want them
to take Johnny away?

No, I don't want
any of this.


I wanted a husband,
I wanted a marriage,

I wanted a family!

And our son apparently feels
the same way!

I'm not sure
how to proceed here.

We've never had a child
ask for protection

when there's no charge
of physical abuse.


Does Johnny want to come
and live with me?

You're not taking him, Claire.

Living with me has
got to better than
a foster home, Dennis!

[SIGHS] Jesus Christ.

I mean, is that where
you would take my son?

If we take him into custody,

I don't know where
the judge will
put him exactly.

It could be a
detention center.

Can I go talk to Mom?

Is that why you did this?

To get your mom to come over?

I already told you
why I did it.

My dad is making me crazy.

He's making me wanna
break things.

You know, hurt people.

Like he hurt you?

Tell me how he hurt you.

Did he hit you?


So, he didn't
abuse you physically...

Is that right?

I can't stay here.

I can't.

You have to...Look, Johnny,
I may be wrong here,

but I get the feeling
that what you're trying to do

is get your folks
back together.

What is it you want here,

Do you want to go downtown?

Because if what
you want to do

is get the custody
order changed,

the juvenile judge,
he can't do that.

The only choice he can make

is to take you away
from both your parents.

Do you know what you want?

I don't want them
to fight over me.

I don't want to be the prize,

like, whoever wins
gets to take care of me.

I don't like
what Dad did to Mom,

to Kiki and me,
throwing her out like that.

But that wasn't your dad.
That was the judge.

Yeah, but it was Dad
who asked him to, wasn't it?

Go on.

I don't like it

that we're with you
more than Mom.

It should be the same.

And you should pick straws
or something for the house.

It shouldn't just go to Dad

because he thought
of it first.

It ought to be fair
is what I'm saying.

To both of you.

I think I better
call my lawyer.

If everybody
wants to call lawyers,

we might as well take Johnny
into protective custody now.

No, wait a minute. Wait.

Can't we find a solution
that keeps Johnny home?


I'm sorry.

It's Rona.


Hello, Rona?



What is it?


My mommy just died.


[SOFTLY] She just died.

I'm really sorry, Mom.

[SNIFFS] Thank you, Johnny.

I'm sorry that Daddy and I are
putting you through this.

I really am.


Was she sick long?

A while, yeah.

That must've been
tough on her,

having to go through all this
while her mom was dying.

Dad, I want to go
to Nana's funeral.

What does your mom say?

She said
she wants me to come,

but it was up to you
to let me go.

Do we have to ask
the judge's permission
for him to be with his mom?

No. Since you have custody,
you can make that decision.

If that's
what everybody wants,

we can all go home.

Come on.


Johnny says
he wants to go to the funeral.

I'd like that.

I don't want to be
by myself.

Can he come with me,
spend the night?


Can I spend the night, too?


Come on.

Are you okay to drive, ma'am?

CLAIRE: Yeah, sure.
We'll be fine.

Good night, Dad.

Good night, sweetie.

I'll see you.

Bye, Johnny.Bye, Dad.

Is this where you live now?Mmm-hmm.

I was hoping to
have it painted
before you got here, but...

It's so neat!

Thanks for not
being mad at me.

Thanks for not
being mad at me.

I love you, you know.

Love you more.

Thanks. [LAUGHS]



Mom, my room is the best!

Mine is better!


How 'bout if I make us
some vanilla milk?

I should make it.

I know you're sad
about your mom.

It's okay.

I like having
something to do.

We'll come with you.



Excuse me.

Hey, sailor,
you come here often?

I saw you come in before.

I thought maybe
you wanted to be by yourself.



Dennis, talk to me.

Come on.

I don't know
what's going on with me.

I'm, uh... [SIGHS]

I, uh... [SIGHS]

Yeah, well, we all go through
that sometimes, you know?

We all spend a little time
in the penalty box, you know?

You know when you asked me
why I hadn't put anything
together in business?

I didn't have
the guts to tell you.

Tell me what?

In the last couple of years,

I've been up
for three decent positions.

Big firms,
upper management...

All the perks.

I didn't know.WOMAN: Here you go, sir.

Yep. Thank you.

Lost them all...

Two to kids
nearly half my age

and one in negotiations
over what I was worth.

So, you pick yourself up,
and you go back out there.

What else can you do?
Come on.

No, I'm lost.

I think I'm afraid
to go back out there.

You know, when you and Claire
started to make it big,

the "Mr. Mom" thing
got comfortable.

And I thought I did it well,

even though every time
Claire came through the door,

she redid everything her way.

This may surprise you,

but for the first time
in my life,

I don't feel needed.

Not by Claire,
not by the kids.


And I don't like it.

And it's tearing me up.


"And all the animals cheered,
and after that,

"Hare never laughed
at Tortoise again."

I like it here.

I like it here, too.

Nobody else's mom
lives in a lighthouse.

Is that a good thing?

Yeah, it's cool.

I wish Nana
could've seen it.

I wish
you had known her better.

She would've loved it here.

Well, maybe once in a while,
Dad can live in the boathouse,

just sometimes.

Maybe he could go
to the funeral.

Me, too?

Mom wouldn't want him there.

JOHNNY: Would you?

Is he gonna be mad at me
for the rest of my life?No.


But I could ask him
to the funeral

if you want me to.

Is that okay?

Daddy and I are
your family,

and we'll still be your family
whether we're divorced or not.

And when somebody dies
in your family,

you need whoever's left.

A child charging his parent
with abuse,

trying to get
his custody changed?

I've never heard
of such a thing.

Why didn't you call me?

We could sue the county
on this, I'll bet.

Do you think
she put him up to it?

This could cost your wife
a fortune.

She didn't put him up to it.

I think all three of
them are pretty upset
with the way I...

We handled this.

Well, it's okay
for her to be upset.

Kids have nothing to do
with divorce.

Now, the first thing
we have to do

is get a restraining order
on that funeral trip.

Mr. Raphael,
for all you know,

she may be
planning on taking them
out of the country,

and you'll never see
them again.

Do we know for a fact
the mother's actually dead?

Now, that's
a little out of line.

[BEEPS]Jimmy, come on
in here for a sec.

Didn't you have a case
last year

where a kid tried to have
his own lawyer?

Look, stop it.

I've had it with this
vindictive, merciless crap.

All right?

There's been a death
in the family. We need
to show some respect.

I'm gonna go pick up Kiki

so that Claire and Johnny
can get to the airport.

I don't want you to do
another thing

until you hear from me.

Is that clear?



[SIGHS] Well, this is
quite a place.




Kiki wants to come
to the funeral.

I'm not surprised.

They want you to come also.

They do?

They need both of us.

What about you?

Won't that make you feel
uncomfortable having me there?


But I'm willing to try.
You want to come?

Of course I do.

Look at his face.
He looks so eager.

Oh, look at Mom.

She looks so beautiful.
She had some meat then.

Put those down there.
Use that one there.

No, no,
I already used those.

No, put that...
Use them. Okay, go.

I'm gonna go show Dad.


Oh, wow!

Oh, that's beautiful.
That's so nice.


I love it.
You got to frame it.

[GIGGLES] Thanks, Daddy.

Hey, who's winning?

I wonder who that is.


I'm gonna go
check into a motel.

There's a bedroom
over the garage
if you want it.

Okay. Thanks.

Okay, guys,
don't forget your homework.

I'm gonna go sleep
in the backyard.


Just checking to see
if you're paying attention.

Okay, so before Dad goes

and checks
into the backyard,

I wanted to thank you all
for being here.

It's okay, Mom.

We'll see you later.

Okay. Thanks.

Okay, come on... Homework.



I'm sorry about your mom.

I'd like to think if I
had known it was this close,

that I would've waited
on this whole thing,

but, you know, I'm not so sure
that I would've.


I wasn't thinking about you.

I wasn't thinking
about you either.

Why should you?
I let you down.

You didn't let me down.

Yes, I did.You didn't.

Yes, I did, Claire.

Do you know that I
was never happy selling
stocks and bonds,

no matter how much I tried
to convince myself otherwise?

You know that?

I got fired
for all the right reasons.

I was doing a lousy job.

It's not that I didn't want
another position.

I couldn't get one, Claire.

So I blamed you
for not being sympathetic.

I blamed you
for catching all the breaks.

I blamed you
for your success.

It wasn't just my success.

It was our success...
All of us.


I couldn't see it that way.

You know,

I know now that while
the business
means a lot to me,

it pales in comparison

in the way I feel
for you and the children.

I have to start over.

You know,

15 years,

we've built
so many good things.

I don't want to lose you.

I don't.


I can't breathe
when I'm with you, Claire.

I can't do anything

with you looking
over my shoulder.

It makes me feel...


I have to do this alone.

I still want the divorce.



the resurrection
and the life,"

sayeth the Lord.

"He that believeth in me,
though he were dead,

"yet shall he live.

"And whosoever liveth
and believeth in me

"shall never die."

In sure and certain hope

of the resurrection
to eternal life

through our Lord,
Jesus Christ,

we recommend to Almighty God

our sister Constance,

and we commit her body
to the ground,

earth to earth,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

The Lord bless her
and keep her.

The Lord make his face
to shine upon her

and be gracious unto her.

The Lord lift up
his countenance upon her

and give her peace.



JOHNNY: Come on, Nick,
over here. Pass it.

Dad, want to come play?


Certainly. Nick.

It's weird,
Dennis being here.

It's just the beginning
of weird.

We've got
birthdays, Christmas,


I'm sorry, Claire.

I really am.

And I'm sorry for being
so distant all these years.

It's just...
No matter what I do,

I never seem to stand as tall
in my shoes

as you look in yours.

Standing too tall in my shoes
just ended my marriage.

Wish you could stay here
a couple days...

To let this sink in.


I saw Mom every day.
I was ready for her death.

You weren't.

Forgive me, Rona,

for not being here
with you and Mom.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe.

Only if you invite me

to come see you get
your award.

I would love
for you to be there.


Well, I must say
that I'm pleased to see

that you're trying to settle
this through mediation.

But you do realize

that anything agreed here
must be approved by the court.

We're aware of that.
Can we start?

We both know
what would be fair.

Well, then perhaps
you should begin.

Let's start
with your business.

I'm not gonna make
any claim on that.

It's yours.


All right.

And I've asked my mother
for a loan until I get a job,

so I probably won't need
anything else from you

other than
my share of the house.

Take the house.

That would help a lot.

And the kids...

Well, I'm prepared to...


That's a responsibility
we should share.

I'd like that.

We're gonna try each of us
taking you a week at a time,

everything even.

And on your birthdays,
we'll both see you.

And you'll see both of us
on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Who will take us
to the doctor?

Whoever has you
when the appointment comes.

What if one of you
gets sick?

Will the other come
and take care of you?

We'll both do
what you need, okay?

And for the rest of it,

we'll just figure it out
as we go along.

You ready, guys?BOTH: Ready.



CLAIRE: I love you.JOHNNY: Bye, Mom.

See you.

ALL: Yeah!

DENNIS: All right, let's go.

WOMAN: Keep your head up!
Let's go!

Come on! Come on, let's go!

Go, go, go, break!

BOTH: Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!

Don't, Mom.
It upsets him.

It does?

No, it doesn't.
He likes hearing me up here.

DENNIS: Let's go, break!

That was last month, Mom.
Now he's embarrassed.

Who knew? [CHUCKLES]

Stay with him,
stay with him!

There's Sara.
Can I go see her?

Yeah, sure.

Hi, Sara!

Let's go, break, break!

CLAIRE: Come on!

Hi, Aunt Rona.

Hi, Sara.

Come on, Adam!

Come on, Blue! Let's go!

CLAIRE: Way to go!

DENNIS: Break, break, break!
Now, now, Johnny, take it!



All right!



Every year the Chamber
presents an award

to the local businessperson

who has
most successfully navigated

the dangerous waters
of commerce

and arrived with style
and substance

on the shores of survival.


A little hyperbole
goes a long way.

This year, that award goes
to the woman who has created

this world of beautiful
furniture in which we
now stand.

Ladies and gentlemen,
here she is,

Claire Raphael,
Woman of the Year.


Thank you very much.
You're very kind.

[ON MICROPHONE] Thank you.

The credit goes
to my friends and family.

They know who they are.

And I couldn't have
created this

if it wasn't for each and every one of you.

Thank you.

This has also been
an extraordinary team effort,

and we've made record sales
here in Boston this year.

And with our new branch
in Seattle doing so well,

I must say
that I am looking forward

to the brightest of futures.

So thank you all for coming.
I appreciate it.