Custody (2023) - full transcript

Constable Siva is assigned to escort a witness from police custody to the courtroom. As a twist in the plot, Siva learns that the entire police department wants the witness dead and starts the real run.


Do you remember everything
you have learnt?

Yes, I do.

Do well in the exam.

By the time you come back in the evening,
your dad would bring you a big cake.

-But you should do your exam well.
-Okay, mom.

Happy birthday!
-Give your friends some chocolates, dear.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!
-Thank you very much.

Happy birthday!
-Thank you.

Hey, the bus is here.
-Happy birthday!

Give your other friends in the bus, okay?
-Okay, mom.

Bye, dear.

Bye! Bye!


[all]: Happy birthday to you!

-Put some sambar!
-Come! Come on!


Sir, buy at least one, sir.

My baby is hungry and crying.

Okay, give me one.


Watch out for the baby!


At the Morampudi junction near Rajahmundry,

toxic gas caught fire in a drainage
leading to a serious accident.

On behalf of the Opposition,
we strongly condemn this mishap.

This is an unforeseen accident.

I announce ex-gratia for the deceased.

The Hyderabad High Court has ordered
the government to hand over this case to CBI.

To consider this as a special case
and initiate fast track investigation,

…High Court also instructed the CBI.

Hail! CM Dakshayani!

Hail! CM Dakshayani!
Hail! CM Dakshayani!

Samaikyata Party’s Mahanadu
was a great success.

It witnessed large attendance of party
activists from all over the state.

Chief Minister Dakshayani is overjoyed
with the success of Mahanadu.

CM has stated that Mahanadu
has doubled her enthusiasm.

She expressed her gratitude to the
party activists who made it happen.

CM’s convoy has started.

Stall the public.
Set up barricades!

Hail! CM Dakshayani!
Hail! CM Dakshayani!

Hail! CM Dakshayani!
Hail! CM Dakshayani!

Side! Side!

Hail! CM Dakshayani!
Hail! CM Dakshayani!

Move! Move!

Give way!

Give way!

Hey! CM, man!

Hail! CM Dakshayani!
Hail! CM Dakshayani!

Hey! Move!

Come! Come!

Come on!
-Hey, stop! CM, man!


What are you doing?

Hey! How can you disrupt the convoy
for an ambulance?

Sir, when an ambulance comes through,
the way must be cleared, sir!

-Hey! CM, man!
-Sir, it’s a life, sir!

-Sir, it’s little girl, sir.

She is covered in blood.

So, would you stop the CM’s car?


Tell me.

Will you stop the CM’s car for that?

No, ma’am. Sorry.

You should stop.

CM’s life is never above
the life of a citizen.

Before blocking the road, don’t you check
if there are any emergency vehicles stuck?

Sorry, ma’am.

Check the girl’s condition
and keep me updated.

Okay, ma’am.



Yes, ma’am.
Constable Shiva, Sakinetipalli.

Good job, Shiva.

What you did is right.

You, me, and everyone else is here
to serve the public.

If it’s going to help the public,
don’t think twice to confront anyone.

Be it the CM or the PM.

Don’t worry. Hmm?

Hmm. Good.

“Head up high”

“Looking fly”

“Got the feel that
the world is mine”

“From the street
Dreaming big”

“Aint no longer dreaming
This legit!”

“For safety and security
it’s a symbol, this khaki”

“Even in mufti
my power knows no bounds”

“On duty round the clock
I am too smart to handle”

“A journey with lathi
Such a life is so lucky”

“Rose filled felicitations
For every day common service”

“Not needed, not at all needed”

“Patting my back when says the public
well-done or bravo”

“That will do
to keep me happy all through”

“Peace mantra is our slogan”

“We gel with the public in a jolly way”

“Giving up sleep, we stand guard”

“Your safety is our responsibility
that’s what we say”

“No matter what problems
Beckon us snapping their fingers”

“Like Lord Vishnu
we appear to say hello”

“No matter what time at night
there is a disturbance or fight”

“With wheels for our shoes
We say let’s go”

“It does exist
but never comes in our family time”

“The first wife of course
is what we wear as uniform!”

“This is every policeman’s life
same to same”

“We find no difficulty too hard”

“Head up high”

“Looking fly”

“Got the feel that
the world is mine”

“From the street
Dreaming big”

“Aint no longer dreaming
This legit!”

“Head up high”

“Looking fly”

“Got the feel that
the world is mine”

“From the street
Dreaming big”

“Aint no longer dreaming
This legit!”

Hey! Ouch!

Oh god! Wait!

I will come back and deal with you.

Sorry…sorry… sorry.

What sorry?

No. I mean, she is a lady driver.
She is just beginning to learn. Sorry.

What if she is a lady?
You think you can do anything and get away?

Brother! Do you know
what I would do if I were in your place?

What would you do?

I would say ‘It’s okay. It happens.’

And then leave.

Hey! You made a dent in my car.

And you are picking a fight with ladies.

If I demand money from you now,
would you pay?

Mm hmm.

-No? Then go.

Hey, what are you watching?

Get going! Move!

Super, baby.
-Who is super baby?

How many times should I tell you
not to let go of the clutch all of a sudden?

The traffic is too heavy.
I am scared.

Oh! Do you want a national holiday
because you are driving?

Start the vehicle.

Change the gear.

What’s wrong this time?

I was asked to stop.


Thanks, madam.

Don’t call me, madam.

Just Julie.

Is that important now?

Why did you get in as if
this were your own car?

Get down!

I waved my hand and Julie stopped the car.
So, I got in.

Stop bluffing.
I was just teaching her how to apply brake.


Then teach her how to offer lift.
That’s one job done.

You carry on, Julie. Let’s go.

Look to your right.

-There’s a car coming.

Hey! What is this box?

What have you brought?

Hey, lemon rice!

I am really hungry.
Is this fresh rice or left over rice?

-Why do you hit me?
-Baby, don’t fight.

Give it to me!

What are you both doing?

She is trying to show you how to drive
with a scuffle going on in the car.

That’s all. Carry on, Julie.

Why are you acting smart?
How long should I wait for you?

What is your problem now?

What is my problem?

When did you promise to come back
before you left town?

Hey, they deputed me for just a day.

But the CM insisted I stayed there.

-That’s why…

Just because the CM praised you,
you think you are superhuman?

And forget me?

-Hey! Don’t try to act funny.

How many days should I wait for you?

Why couldn’t you make a call?

-You have forgotten me.

Why would I?
-Don’t lie!

And why would I lie to you?

So, you two are lovers!

Not lovers, Julie.

Okay, okay, okay.
-Just friends.

Keep your eyes on the road.

Your class is over. Stop the car.
-Hey, careful!

-Okay, okay!

Stop to the side!

Your class is over.
You can go.

There’s still half on hour left, baby.

Enough for today. Leave now.

Will you cover the rest tomorrow?

Tomorrow is your day off.

But I am coming tomorrow, baby.

It’s my day off tomorrow.
Go now!

But why?

It’s my match tomorrow.

You didn’t tell me!


Who did you say it was?

It’s me!


Love between our school senior
and this driving school?



I went there to escape
my wedding torture at home

but he torments me
with his love proposal.

Too much of torture!

Enough for both.

Did you tell him about us?

That’s not a problem.

I don’t care for such things.

I am very open.

I have no doors!

How is it a problem for him?

It’s a problem for us.

You should have whacked that idiot.

Revathi loves Karthik.


discovering Mohan’s pure love for her,
she lived happily ever after with?

Mohan. Of course,
Karthik was dead.

But in our story…

You never know!

Hey, hey, hey!
What was he trying to say?

He was talking about the film ‘Mouna Ragam'.

Ignore that.

He said he will speak to my dad.

He knows my dad well.

That’s why please come and talk to my dad.

-Hey, are you nuts?

He tells you something
and you believe it.

Anyway, my SI exam date is declared.

I will meet him after the exam.

What was it, sweetheart?
SI exam?

First you said you must find a job.

Then you said wait until you took charge.

Now you talk about becoming an SI.

I can’t wait till you become
the President of India.

Hey, I have no issue talking to your dad.

But don’t you know your dad?

The moment I face him,
he brings up assets, status, caste, creed…

Hey! What is it?

Who are you marrying?
Me, right?

I tell you this.
Come and talk to my family.

Hey, please.


Hello, sir!

-Hello, Shiva! When did you come?
-Just now, sir.

I heard you had stopped the very CM’s car?

Shiva! It’s in the paper.
Along with your name!

-Not so much, sir.

I only stopped cars
to clear the ambulance.

But things took a different turn.

The SI asked you to meet him
as soon as you come.

Was expecting.
What does he say?

What, man?
I sent you for CM’s security.

And you stop the CM's car! Huh?

What is this, Shiva?

What is this?

I sent you for CM’s security.

And you stop HER car?

Every officer who praised you before CM,
is calling me and pulling me up!

‘Can’t you keep your station disciplined?’

Without even knowing the meaning of police,

they find their way into the force
under some quota!

We end up giving explanation
to everyone for all that you do!



One more complaint against you,

I will directly suspend you.



Is this the time to report to duty?

I will mark your leave. Go.

-Please mark leave for tomorrow also.

My uncle is in a serious condition.

-Seriously, bro.

That’s why these success celebrations
must go on not for three days…

but for ten days!

Surely, man.

Our CM has praised my son!

Do you know how happy I am?
-Of course!

That’s why this three-day celebration!

Shiva, your name is in the paper.

-You owe us a party.
-Okay, okay.

-Mom! Brother is here.

Neighbour’s evil eye…
Others’ evil eye,

All eyes are on you!

Let everyone’s evil eye be warded off.

I wish they also put your picture
in the paper.

The whole state would have known
how you had stopped the CM and saved a girl.

They publish all kinds of photos
except that.

I will ask them
to put a picture next time, okay?

I have an urgent matter to discuss.

Where is dad?

Shiva is super great.


Hey, Shiva!

I love you, Shiva. I love you.
-Hey, great!


I have something important to talk.
Please, come in.

If it’s important, it can wait.

Celebration is on going!

Hey, dad! Didn’t I say it’s important?

He is half the reason you are spoiled.
Come inside.

-Okay, let’s go.
-Celebration for three days.


-My son is serious.

-I am going.
-Go, go.

-You don’t drink but wait.
-Okay, I will wait. Okay.

Okay, I will wait.


I don’t know if what I am going to tell you
would make you angry but…

Hey, if you don’t know it yourself,
let’s talk tomorrow.

Dad, dad, dad!
I will tell you.

Sit down.

What is the matter?

Hey! Why do you care? Huh?

Why do you interfere
when grownups are talking?

Go into your room!
-Okay, son.

Huh! Dad, dad!
I didn’t mean you, dad.

Sit down, dad.
Please. Only for a minute. Sit.

Okay. What is it now?

Actually… I… went to Bapiraju school
to study, right?


Sorry, son.

I sent you there because their fee was low.

The problem is not about the fee.

If you keep disturbing me halfway,
I lose my flow.

Didn’t you bring me here midway?

Okay, okay, okay.
I will tell you.

The crux of the matter is…


My childhood… friend…

Oh! Revathi’s matter?




Who is she?

Dad! Brother has been in love
with a girl since school.

She is a very nice girl.

She is Driving Instructor
in Prem Driving School.

Wait a minute.

-Hey! Where are you going?
-Hey, wait!

That’s okay, son.

You wanted to tell me
something important.

What is that?

Mom, this is the girl.

What made you hesitate so much?

The girl looks like Goddess Lakshmi.

Not that song.

This song.

It’s my song.

Why don’t you let me sing?


“Love at first sight,
that’s how it happened”

“As soon as I set my eyes
I fell for the dainty girl”

“Drops of memories turn into showers”

“Won’t I love to get wet
in childhood memories?”

“Love at first sight,
that’s how it happened”

“As soon as I set my eyes
I fell for the dainty girl”

“Dewy-eyed with pearly teeth
I swooned at that smile”

“Those two plaits with colourful ribbons,

“As they scoop me out with a net,
I stand transfixed”

“She is the schoolmate
and then the soulmate”

“She is the schoolmate
and then the soulmate”

“She is the schoolmate
and then the soulmate”

“She has become a crayon
on the book of my dreams”

“Like a love bird she stayed in college”

“And promised me a hundred years
of togetherness”

“When someone like her becomes my wife”

“What other eminence can my favour be?”

“Shall I put you on a
tik-tok, tik-tok flight?”

“And show you my love story
on a large screen?”

“The fondness of the princess in palace”

“Shall I sing it for you like
the bewitched gardener?”

“Shall I put you on a
tik-tok, tik-tok flight?”

“And show you my love story
on a large screen?”


Keep this in the van.

You want to use the same van?

Hey, that’s wrong.
Withdraw your words.

This is Goddess Annapurna who feeds us.

You are super, nephew!
You said it all in a single word.

Your dad had come in the same van
to see your mom.

I asked him the same question.

And then he hit the roof
and preached me for an hour.

Where are you all going?


Where are you going?


Didn’t brother tell you last night?

Ramireddy’s daughter…


Love…you even said
the song was nice.

Hey, was it you in the song?


I took you to every location
and showed you, dad!


How many times did I warn you
not to tell me anything when I am drunk?


Where are you going anyway?


Whole of last night we were telling you
we would be going to see the girl for Shiva.


Sorry, let me get ready and come.

Ah, please do. Make it fast, dad.

By the way,
where did you see the girl?

Hey, Dharmaraju! You…
-Oh my!

-Ah…going. I am going.

In the middle of an engagement…


What is it, huh?

I am being humiliated
and you simply stand and watch!

As if you know nothing.


If it’s all me you want,
walk with me now.

I will take good care of you.

Or if you want your dad and ready to do
whatever he says, then marry that guy.

Leave me alone.

Let’s go.

Hey, do you think you can do anything
because you are a cop?

Why did you go to the temple yesterday and have
an altercation with Mr Reddy about his daughter?

No altercation, sir.

We both are in love.

I went with my parents to ask
for her hand.

Why did her father come to the station
to file a case?

Look! If I take his complaint
and raise an FIR,

I will have to arrest your entire family.

You know the rules.


I convinced him you won’t go
near his daughter again and sent him away.

How can you tell him that, sir?

Sir, that is my personal issue.

Why are you getting involved?

Did you just say personal?

Shall I write the FIR and arrest you
along with your parents?


Please don’t try to sound
as if you have done me a great favour.

I know very well why you support them.

What do you know? Huh?
What is it that you know?

-Don’t slip your tongue….
-Hey, hey…Sir, sir, sir!

Hey, go out now.

Don’t you know
how to talk to higher officials?

Sir, please go in, sir.

I will see.

Shiva, come here.

What was that temper, Shiva?

You were ready to catch him by the collar.

As if you will forget the girl just because
he promised them? Would she leave you? -Sir!

irrespective of who lodges the complaint,
let him take the same action.

How can justice be different
for rich and poor? Huh?


He has already gone inside.
Why do you want to draw him out?


Missed calls are meant only for you.

Go and talk.

Go and talk.

Why are you calling me again and again?

Why are you yelling?

I want to talk to you.

I am at the phone booth outside.
Come there.

You spoke enough at the temple.

I have a lot of work now.
I can’t come anywhere. Okay?

I have something very important
to discuss with you. please, come.

Hey! Why don’t you understand?

I have a lot of work. I
cannot come.

Why are you overdoing it?

Are you coming out now
or shall I come in?

Tell me.

Fine, I am coming.

Sir, I will have tea and come.

Okay, okay.

You can have breakfast too.



I have left home.

Come. Let’s get married.


Didn’t you tell me to walk away with you
dressed as I was?

I came away with nothing except
the churidar on me.

Come, let’s get married.

You can talk.
Now you talk.

When you were supposed to talk,
you kept mum.

Fine, I accept there were elders
there yesterday.

What did my parents do?

I trusted you and brought them.

Your people were insulting them and…

I had no idea, Shiva.


You knew nothing and yet you were there
with makeup and glowing, right?

I dressed up
because your parents were coming.

Who knows?

They proposed going to the temple.

That’s why I asked you
to come and talk.

I had no idea
they were all coming, Shiva.

What is it now?


For the issue created here,

they have arranged
my wedding tomorrow in Tirupati.

Tie the knot with me right now.

Hey! Don’t talk crazy.

Your dad lodged a complaint
against me and my family.

The SI is torturing me using it.

I can’t come anywhere now.

There is no time to think, Shiva.

I cannot live with someone else.

I don’t know what you would do.

But take me away.

Otherwise, I will meet my own fate.



I will figure out something by tonight.


Where is sir coming from?

I went to have tea.

Hmm. Nukaraju!

You wanted leave for some wedding, right?

You can go.
-The wedding is tomorrow, sir.

I am granting you two days leave.

You can go.
-Okay, sir.

Shiva, start the vehicle.

Did you hear?
Start the vehicle.

Go, go.

Take me to DSP’s office.

Okay, Rangappa. I will take care.

Where were you till now?

I was in class.
What happened?

Nothing. Go in.

Little further down,
take a right at the temple.

I will take care of everything, Mangalam.

Hear me out.
What is it, dear?

Nothing, dad.

Hey, Pinky, come here.

uncle carries the bride
in a basket to the dais.


What are you doing?
Come and start the vehicle.

Revathi, here. Have it.

I will come out and eat.

Not necessary.
Eat right here.

What is happening, mom?

Ask me if you want something.

Uh, Shiva!

You are here throughout the day.
Go to the station and attend to your duty.


You have done nothing today.

You were simply roaming with me.

Huh? Go. Go to the station.

I don’t know what you’d do.

But take me away.

Otherwise, I will meet my own fate.

Where are you, Shiva?

What, Shiva?
Did he have a game?

Sir, has Revathi called?

No. Why?

Sir, she is getting married
tomorrow in Tirupati.


Sir, if I go to her house alone,

…it would be a problem. Will you come along?
-Mani, sir. Bye. Let’s meet tomorrow.

We will go check on her and come. Please.
-Why won’t I come?

-Let’s go.

SI put me on night duty.

If I go out,
it might be a problem.

Let’s tell him
we were on night rounds.


Okay, sir. Let me change and come.

How are you less, Shiva?

If you get a promotion,
you will become an SI.

They don’t want an SI, sir.

They want a rich boy
from the same community.

As if money can make a family!
Crazy people!

Times have changed.

The couple should be happy and not…


Sir, sir, Mani sir!

I hope you are not hurt?

I am not.
Check who they are.

Hey, Raju!

Come without creating an issue.

Hey! Get lost!

Hey! Hey, stop!

Don’t create a problem and come with me.

Hey, let go!

Let go! Leave!

How dare you heckle a policeman?

-This does not concern you.
-Hey, let go! Go away!


Hey, you better come with me calmly.

Are you going to shoot me?

Hey, I am being kind. Listen to me.
-Hey, gun!

Let go! Let go, man!

Leave the gun!
-Leave it.

Hey! I said leave it.

Who are you, man?
-Leave it!

Can’t you hear? Hey!

Mani sir!


Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey! Stop! Stop!

-Hey! Stop!

-Stop right there.
-Hey, don’t. Don’t shoot.

Hey, I am from CBI. He is an accused.
-Hey, wait!

Police here!
-Don’t shoot.

Whatever you want to discuss,
come to the station and discuss

Come to the station and talk
-Hey, listen to me, drop the gun.

Drop the gun.
-Hey, I asked you to stop.

Hey, hey, hey! I’m CBI. He is the accused.
-Come to the station and talk.

Don’t shoot him.
Hey…Leave him!

Hey, no! Wait!

Hey, what are you doing?

Hey, you! What are you doing?

I am asking you.

Hey! Speak up!

Do you have a match box?

Call for you, madam!
-Who is it?

Raju’s younger brother Ravi

Rajendar is arrested by the CBI, madam.


Hey, eat a nice side dish.


Tell me.

What are you saying?

Brother! Police! Run!

Who is it?

I only asked for a side dish.

I have been looking for 44 hours.

For a side dish?

Central Bureau of Investigation.


I was drinking in peace!

Drop dead, idiot!

Do you have a matchbox?
-Brother, I don’t have one, brother.

How did you come to the party
without a match box, huh?


Do you have a matchbox?
-Get lost!

Oh, sorry, sorry. It’s ladies.

Do you have a matchbox, boss?

Match box…



How do they attend parties
without a matchbox?


Who is that?
Who put this in the way again?

Who is that again?

He has come again!

Hey! Drive to the place I tell you.


Which area?

Sir, let’s go to the hospital.

-It’s okay, Shiva.
-Hey, listen to me.

I am a CBI officer.
-Hey, stay calm for a while.

Don’t prattle like a madman.

Hello, Mani!
-What CBI?

Let’s move, sir!

Hey, Mani, listen to me.
-We can go to the hospital later.

Hey, hello!
-First inform the SI.

Hey! Don’t shout!

Brother, can you keep watch?
-Hey, I am a CBI…

-I will make a call to the SI. Hey! Shut up!
-Hey, listen to me.

Hey, listen to me. I am a CBI officer, man!
-Hey! Don’t shout!

Let me make a phone call.

If I get stuck here, it will be a problem.
-He is lying, Don’t listen to him.

Hey, shut up!

He gives some aunt’s number
and passes it off for CBI number.

Hey! shut up!
-Don’t listen to him.

This is all because of you. Hey, hello!

Hello, excuse me, hello! Hey! Shut up!

Shut up!
-You shut up!


Sir, Shiva speaking from the station.

Tell me, Shiva.

When Writer Mani
and I were on night rounds,

some two guys clipped us with a car, sir.

I hope no one was injured?

No, sir. No one.

Mani sir had a minor injury.

What did you do with the two?

They are in the lock up, sir.

One says he is from CBI.

The other says he knows the CM.

CM directly?

He doesn’t know MPs and MLAs?

They are heavily drunk.

Shall I write the FIR, sir?

I will see to it when I come tomorrow.

Take good care of them.
-Okay, sir.

Raju was caught by the CBI.
-When was this, madam?

Just now… 25 minutes ago.

-Where, madam?
-In Sakinetipalli area.

I don’t care what you do.

There should be no problem by morning.

Okay, madam.


Didn’t I ask you to stay in the room?
Where are you going?

I am going to the washroom.
You want me to do business in the room?

You are getting married tomorrow.

You must drink tonight.

Are you crazy?

The wedding is tomorrow.

And if I sit with you and drink now,
what will Revathi think of me?

She thinks I am a bloody drunkard?

You are a bad influence on society, man.
Just on temp…


-Tell me, Shiva.

SI sir says he will come tomorrow morning.

He said they should be
in the lock up till then.

Okay, Shiva!

I am leaving. I have some work.
Can you take care?

I will take care. Please, go ahead.


Don’t go!

Hey, listen to me.

Hey, I am CBI officer.

He is an accused.

I have to present him to the court.

Hey, let me make a call.

It will be a problem
if I get stuck here.

Reserve your stories for the SI tomorrow.

You get drunk and blabber.

Hey! Have you any sense?

You keep saying you will leave?

Are you even a policeman?

When you look into someone’s eyes,
don’t you know if he is a criminal?

Do you know
the number of murders he committed?

He threw a bomb at Kakinada station
and killed an SI.

Look up the old cases if you want.

You will know who Raj is.

it’s not Raj.


Hey, do you understand
what I am saying?

Four years ago, the gas leakage
at Morampudi junction, was not an accident!

He was behind it.

Not just that.

Forty innocent lives were lost in the blast.

Do you remember?

He was behind it!

Hey, not his number.

Try the one I gave you.

CM will definitely respond.

Then you will know about Raju.

Hey, this is my higher up, Varghese.

He is my Chief.
Take it.

Call him and let him know
we both are here.


He should be handed over
to the CBI court in two days.

We shouldn’t be staying here.

Hey, he has the government’s backing.

That’s why I am making a request.

Take this and call up my boss immediately.

Take it.

Please, go. Go.

Krishna! Krishna! Get up!

Hey! Krishna! Get up, son!


Wait, wait. You can’t come in.

He is my son, doctor.

He met with an accident.

Husband! He is our only son.
-Renu! Renu!

I can’t live without him.
-Don’t worry! Nothing will happen to him.



Uh, Mr Varghese?


Do you know any George?


Is George with you?

Who are you?

Er…No tension.

I am calling from Sakinetipalli
police station.

George is safe here.

We arrested him in drunk and drive case.


No, no, no!
What is your name?

Shiva. Constable Shiva.

Look here, Shiva.

I am Varghese.
CBI investigative Head.

It is not safe for George there.

Please give the phone to him.
Is Raju with him?

Yes. Raju is also here.




I will ask George to call you. Okay?



Tell me, sir.

The two guys hit you with their car?

-Where are they?
-Yes, sir! They are in lock up.

One of them is from CBI.

I have just confirmed.
-Okay, okay.

Sir, they are in lock up.

Hey, SP!

You have come here yourself?

Two minutes.
-Take your time!

Excuse me, sir.
What’s happening here, sir?

Sir, I am a CBI officer, sir.

I have arrested him legally, sir.

If you don’t trust me,
verify with my Chief, sir.

Hey! Hey!

Did you speak to him?
-Softly! Softly.

Don’t shout.

-Okay, sir. Yes, sir..


Do it, sir. Carry on, sir. Please.

Hey, call Varghese!


Vacate everyone.

No one should stay here.
-Okay, sir.


Constables! All of you leave.
-Gopal and Ramesh!

Subbarao! You also leave.

-What you need to do now…
-Sir, sir! One of them is from CBI.

-I just spoke to his boss.

I know what is to be done.
Go on.

-Take him away.

Come, Shiva.
-It’s not that, sir.

His Chief has also confirmed just now.
-No, Shiva. Let’s go. Come.

No, sir. You carry on. I will come.

Shiva, come with us, dear.

You go ahead, sir. I will come.

Please, carry on.
-Listen to me, son.

Shiva, this involves bigwigs.

Why do you want to invite headache?
Do you really need this?

Let’s go.
Come, Shiva.

Come, let’s go.

Have you reached the location?

Yes, sir.
I’m right here.

Both Raju and the CBI officer are here.

What is the CBI officer saying?

He wants to talk to his superior.

You know what is to be done, right?
-Yes, sir. I know.

Call me once the job is done.
-Okay, sir.

Hey, no one answers the phone!

Rangappa, come here.





Don’t! Down!




Why did you shoot me?

Hey! Catch him!






Hey, stop it!

Hey, Shiva!

Hey, Shiva, wait!
-Hey! Shiva…

Shiva! Don’t interfere into unwanted things.

Listen to me!

You will invite problems.
Listen to me.

Hey, Shiva, wait!

Hey! Hey, wait!
-Sir, what you are doing is wrong.

Shiva, open the gate!



Shiva, you are interfering
in the affairs of powerful people.

Open the gate, Shiva.


I say this out of concern.

Your entire family will face risk, Shiva!
-Hey, Shiva!

Hey, listen to me, man!

Hey, catch him!



Shiva! Come, pick up the guns.

Coming, sir!
-Come. Come, fast!

We must go to the hospital. Come.
-Come.Get up!

Come fast.

Let’s go.

Why did you shoot me instead of him?
Bloody hell!

Quick! Move!

Hey, Shiva! Take the guns.

Come! Come fast, Shiva!

Come! Make it fast!

Close that gate!

Come fast, Shiva!

There is no time.

Come, Shiva.
Come on!

Come! Come, come!
Come fast.



I want to talk to you.


Yuck. No.

I want to talk to you.

Talk to me?

-Yes, now.


Come over there.
-Okay, okay!


Revathi… my Revathi!

Where are you, my Revathi?

Vicco Vajradanti, Revathi…

Hey, hey! It’s time.
Where is the bottle?

It’s in the kitchen.
Drink from the kerosene bottle and die.

Revathi… my Revathi…

Where are you, my Revathi?



Can you… do me a small favour?

I’m willing to help you big favour!


No words are coming out.

Only air.

You are so cute!

-Sir, your cell phone.

What happened?

Did Raju’s men come?

No, sir. Only one guy.

One guy?

A constable from this station, sir.

Constable from the same station?

What the hell were you doing?

Do you have his photo?
-Yes, sir.

Do as I tell you.
You won’t have any problem.

-If you say no…

Hey, Shiva!

What are you doing at this hour?


Where have you brought me?

-Let’s go, dad.
-Let’s go, let’s go.

-Tell me!
-Brought you here for first aid.

Come. Come, Shiva.
Come, sir.

Please, check.

Is he a doctor?

I am a Mortuary van driver.

Hey! What’s happening, man?
-Hey, hey! Wait!

Hey, we need to do the first aid
and stop your bleeding.

Go ahead, sir.

Will he do it?

I will do it.
Turn the other way.

Sir, I hope the bleeding has stopped?

It will stop for a while.
Take him in the meantime.

Okay, dad. I will take care.
Let’s go, sir.

-Go ahead.

Is he your son?

Your son is taking a big risk
along with this CBI officer.

They will kill him.

-Tell him to leave me.
-This vehicle is not very safe.

Shiva, take our vehicle.

Leave this to me.

No matter how risky it gets,
hand him over where you should.

Hey, hey, hey!
What’s happening here?

This CBI officer is honest.

So is the cop.

Even the mortuary van driver is honest.

Bad vibrations all around.

You can’t even cross the district.

These two will be killed.

You will bring back your son’s body
in your own van.


One blow from me
and you will drop dead right here, scoundrel!

Carrying a dead body is nothing new
for me or my vehicle.

Please, carry on, sir.
-Hey, gentleman!

No, dad. Don’t take him seriously. Go on.
-Why are you getting excited out of context?

You scared me to death!


Cops will come home looking for me.

Take mom and sister and go away.

I will take care of that.

You go ahead.

Take care.

Where are we going?

To meet Shiva.

To Shiva?

I must give him a good dressing down.

Why? Can’t he dress himself?

No! I must hit him.
He should be shocked.

Okay. Let’s get him beaten.

Not get him beaten.

You must hit him yourself.

You must thrash him
until he begs you to leave him.

I can.

I can. But what if you develop sympathy
for him and change your stance?

Once I make a commitment,
I won’t even heed myself.


But there has been a lot of gap.

To fight?
-To fight solo…

Thirty is my minimum number to thrash.

This guy is all by himself.

Okay, fine. Crowd will gather
when I start beating him.

I will beat them up too
in the same breath.

But you stay away.

I may end up beating you
in all the excitement.

I am so lucky.

Come on, baby.
Let’s go on the bullet!

Br… Br….

This song sounds familiar.
Did you compose it?

I composed it in the bathroom this morning.
For Prasad.



You are central government.
I am state government.

You are legal.
I am illegal.

That’s the only difference.

Our jobs are the same.

Hey, I don’t work for politicians like you.


You work for politicians too.

Only you don’t see it.

Here’s another tune.

-‘You are too beautiful and I am too hasty’
-Hey, Shiva! Stop, stop. Hey, Shiva!

I think he has understood it.

-What happened, Shiva?
-That’s why he stopped the vehicle.

Go ahead, my boy.

Sir, I will be back in a minute.
-Shiva! What happened?

-Why did you stop the vehicle?
-I will be back in a minute.

-Remove the handcuffs.

Hey, shut up!

-Don’t talk!

Why didn’t you come when I was ready to elope?
-Listen to me.

Ah! I have heard enough.

But where are you going at this hour?

I should be asking you that.
What are you doing here at this hour?

Oh, that!
I ran away from home.

You ran away?

But where are you going
in a mortuary van?

Hey, Shiva!

There is no time. Make it fast.

Hey, hey! We don’t have time either.

He is a CBI officer.
Show some courtesy.

Sir! We don’t have time either.

Is this respect enough?

There is an accused in the van.

Something big happened.
Try to understand. Please.

I have a bigger problem.

It’s my wedding tomorrow with this guy.
-Of course.

Shall I marry him?

-Rooms also booked.
-Tell me. Shall I?

Okay, okay.

Come fast!
-Sir, sir!

Okay! You come along.

What do you mean?
Hey, hey, hey!


Who is this?

Sir, my love, sir.


A small problem at home.
She ran away.

Hi, sir.

Elbow cut… round cut.


My daughter has eloped.

Of course, she is eloping.

Uh… uh… has she eloped?

Very shocking.
Very embarrassing.

Just find where the girl is.

It doesn’t matter how or with whom.

Just find where.



She is not Parvathi, man.
She is Revathi.

I will get back to you, huh?

Look at her!

The girl left home trusting you.

You brought me trusting this guy.

At least now,
set me free and go home happy.

You are spot on, brother.

A criminal like you
is able to feel my pain.

This cop cannot.

Revathi, can you be quiet for a while?


How long have you been in love with him?

Brother…Actually I have been in love
since my school days.


Right from school days?

But very sad!

In a while, my men will kill you all.

Kill us?


Don’t you know the issue?

Your lover beat up the SI,
DSP and SP,

ruined the police station...

trusting this guy and brought me away.

SP and DSP?

Did you hit so many people for a stranger?

I have been in love with you
since we were small.

Why couldn’t you hit my dad
and abduct me?

Give me the address, sister.
I will do the job for you.

Revathi, don’t talk without knowing facts.

Stay quiet.

Till when?

Brother says we are going to be killed.

Does it mean I am going to die
before I could marry you?

Dear! Can you hold it?

Once this man is handed over,

I will personally get you both married.

-Sure, sure.


That’s the end!

All this is because of him.

A little longer
and my people will kill you.

They will take me away safely.

-Don’t trust him.

You called me brother
without even looking at my face.

Anyway, sister!

Rest in peace.

What are you saying, brother?

Hey, stop it.

He is trying to frighten you.
Don’t pay him attention.

Tell me if you are scared.
I will stop the vehicle right now.

-You can go your way.
-No! No!

I would rather die with you
than marry him.

Bad choice, sister.

You go that side!
I will go this way!

No one is here, sir!

Stop! Stop!
Get in! Get in quickly.

You don’t have to worry.

Take care, okay?

The CBI guy has to go to
the Bangalore CBI court with Raju.

He will definitely not use a police jeep.

He knows we will inform
all the police stations.

So, check all the vehicles on the route.

Have you ever seen
the person in the photo?

Since he is wounded,
they will definitely stop at a hospital.

Check every hospital.

If you come across any suspicious vehicle,
stop them and inform me.

Okay, sir.

We checked his house, sir.

His parents left home two hours ago.

He is also a cop.

Doesn’t he know that much?

His friends, relatives…
enquire everyone.

Sir, he has no kin except his uncle.

He too is absconding.

We enquired at the hospital
his dad works for, sir.

But no clue, sir.

I need to meet SI Rangappa.
Let me in!

Or call SI Rangappa here.

-Hey! What is the issue?
-Ramireddy here.

Local Sarpanch, Ramireddy!

Call the SI! Call the SI!

Mr Ramireddy, what happened?

Where is Shiva?
-He is not here.

He eloped with my daughter.
I am filing a kidnap case against him.

Raise an FIR against him right now.

Mr Ramireddy,
there is some other issue going on here.

He didn’t take Revathi with him.

Son-in-law! Son-in-law!

Hey, you! Can’t you hear?
Come. Tell him.

What should I tell him?

Tell sir what happened.

Constable Shiva who works in your station,
sir…took my Revathi, ouch!


I took her, sir.

I took her and left her.
I confess.

I was in love with Revathi
since my childhood, sir.

Those two were also in love, sir.

But that’s a different topic.

Mine was pure love, sir.

Our wedding was planned in Tirupathi, sir.

But last night,

Revathi looked at me…

and called me sir.
-Hey, son-in-law!

I thought the same, father-in-law.

She drew me close
and asked me to take her somewhere, sir.

I hoped we might get physical
and took her to Palem bridge, sir.

He appeared there, sir.

He came; he stopped; he spoke;
and escaped.

He came; he stopped; he spoke;
and escaped.

He came, he…
-Hey, come to the point.

Revathi is supposed to be with me
lively and glowing.

But she got into a mortuary van
and left with him like a dead body, sir!

These are not the times
for pure lovers, sir.


Pure love never dies.
Am I right, father-in-law?

I am always truly in love with her.

Was there anyone else
in the mortuary van?

Words don’t come out.

Only the air is passing.

-Trace the mortuary van.
-On it, sir.

-Enquire in the vicinity of Palem bridge.
-Okay, sir.

What happened?
-Sir, the radiator is overheated.

We need water.

-I will check in the shop and get it.
-Come back fast.

No, take your own time.

Hey! Your mouth…

You carry on, Shiva!

Tell me. Is there…

Sir, the mortuary van was seen on
Donakonda road a while ago, sir.

Proceeding. Over.

Brother! Let me take some water.
The radiator is overheated.

Please, take.

Shiva, long time no see?

Heard some criminal has escaped?

Have they sent you to catch him?

Nothing. The radiator is overheated.

I came for water.

Why are you using dad’s vehicle?

Uh, the jeep broke down.
So, I am using dad’s.

Constable Shiva has escaped
with criminal Raju.

If anyone finds him,
please alert the others.

Shiva, surrender!

This is in your best interest.
Surrender immediately. -Let go!



Shiva! Come fast. Come on!

What happened?
-Police sir.

They are almost here.
-Oh, my God!

Be quick.

Start the van, Shiva.

Make it fast, Shiva.
They are reaching.

-Fast, Shiva.
-Start the van, Shiva!

Hey, Shiva!
Watch your left.

Block the road. Block it.
They are here.

Block the north side!

Move it!



Hey! What are you doing?
-Stop the van!

-Let go!
-Let go!

-Hey, Raju! Let go.
-Hey, Raju! Let go!

Keep driving. Look ahead!
-Stop the van!

Hey, Shiva! Look ahead!

Shiva! Look ahead!

Hey, Shiva! Shiva!

Go the other side!

Check if there is a way out.
-Yes, sir. Let’s go!


You go this side!



Hey, partner!

It’s Raju!
It’s been long since I saw you.

It’s me… Raju!

Sorry, Raju!


Hey! Come, come!

Sir, what are you doing, sir?

Hey, wait.

Sir, what are you doing, sir?
Sir, open the door.

I can’t do it, Shiva.

I am hit.

Open the door.
I will take care.

You guys carry on.
-How can we do that without you, sir?

He should be in the Bangalore court
by tomorrow morning.

Get going.

Ah! Please open the door, sir.

Hey, if you were hit,

I would leave you and go.

There is no time to waste.
Get going, Shiva.

-Trust me, sir. Please open the door.
-Move! Hey!

Do you hear me?

I will become a baggage for you.

Hey! They are getting near.

It’s an order! Move! Move!

Go! It’s an order! Go!


My friend!

Can you hear me?

See where you have landed yourself?

You were a terror in the state.

Today you hide in a narrow lane.

How many times have I told you?

Not to roam in public
and not to go out of jurisdiction?

Did you pay heed?

Not the CBI got to you.

How many have we killed together?

See the irony.

I am forced to kill you.

What can I do?

It’s orders from above.

Don’t feel!

What is this, Raju?

How fearless you were?

Afraid of me,

you hide behind
after all a constable.

I want to see your frightened face.

Let me see your face.

Come out!


Not Raju…


As if I don’t it, partner!

Hey, Raju!

Hey, hey! No!

Hey, hey!

-It’s Raju, man!
-Hey, hey! Raju, stop!




Hey, hey! Let go!






-Hail! CM Dakshayani!
-Hail! CM Dakshayani!

-Hail! CM Dakshayani!
-Hail! CM Dakshayani!


-Namaste, madam

He is upstairs.
You can go.


Namaste, uncle.

Hmm. Please, come, dear.

How are you?

Are all your problems cleared?

They will be, uncle.

It took your dad and me a herculean effort
to launch this Party.

At a time when it was unthinkable for a local
party to exist against a national party,

we established our Party.

The trust in your dad...

and the sympathy for his death,

made you the CM.


because of the mistakes you have made,

the centre wants to use CBI
and close our Party.

Don’t worry.

I will step out of the court tomorrow
after proving my innocence.

How will you do that, huh?

They have your entire history.

It’s a report they have collected
for four years.

That is not sufficient.

The court needs proofs.

Is it?

That man… uh, who is that?

Uh, Raju?
-He won’t turn up.

He won’t exist.

After 24 hours,

no one can even prove a person
called Raju ever existed.

Don’t get me wrong.

Even if you lose,
it won’t hurt us.

But if a situation arises
when the Party might lose…

I know.

Party is most important for me too.

I will meet you after the court tomorrow.


the elections are round the corner.

Don’t make us look for another CM candidate.

-Hail! CM Dakshayani!
-Hail! CM Dakshayani!

What is happening, Nataraj?

I have killed the CBI officer, madam.

But Raju…

Has escaped with a constable
called Shiva, madam.

Damn! Are you not ashamed?

We are running short of time, Nataraj.

If Raju is caught,

you, me and everyone will be caught.

Look! You have time till tonight.

Use the entire police department
or do whatever you want.

Raju must die.

If the police department is not enough,

use the goons and all the party activists.

I want… Raju… dead!

I will take care of it, madam.

Why are you carrying that gun
with no bullets?



Can it be done, Shiva?

Evading all of them…

can it be done?

It can be. Come.

It won’t.

If you want to live happily together,

leave me and go.

I will take care of myself.

I will take care of all that.


Trying to be a hero?

Very difficult.

At least you tell him, sister.

To leave me and go.

You will be better off.

What are you looking at?

I really mean it.

You came for him despite knowing
how risky it is.

I understood how much you love him.

At least your love must win.

‘At least your love?’

So, do you have a love story too?

Where is she?

Tell me, brother.

That’s one side love.

Doesn’t the girl know?

You should have told her.

I wanted to. But I couldn’t.

-But unless you say it…
-Hey, Revathi!

Stay quiet for a while.

Brother, who is she?




The same CM who wanted to kill me.

Had I told her,
probably this wouldn’t happen.

You are super, brother.

Hey, he talks some rubbish
and you believe him.

Not rubbish. It’s true.

Yes, Shiva.

When he talks about her,
I saw true love in his eyes for her.

You have seen, right? Huh?

Have you? Super.

Now, shut up and walk.

First think how to get out of here safe.

That’s not possible.

With me,
you can’t even cross the district.

I thought he came to rescue me.


I will ask my younger brother to come.

I will take care of myself.

Take her and go.

I feel his words have a ring of truth, Shiva.

I have no faith that we will safely overcome
all these obstacles.

I have.

No matter what happens,

I won’t let go
until he is handed over to the court.

Hey! Drat!

Why do you keep repeating the same thing?
Have you no sense?

Leave me. Let go!


How many times should I tell you?

Don’t you have any sense?


Shiva! Stop it!



Why do you hit me
on the wound again and again?

Hey, wait. Wait, wait!

Shiva! Please!

Stop fighting!

What are you both fighting for?

Why are you so keen on responsibility
no one seems to care in your department?

He sounds logical.

Let’s leave him and go.

You are most important to me, Shiva.

How can you ask me to leave him?

Huh? How can you?

After knowing he killed my brother,
how can I leave him?


What did my brother do to you?

“Don’t you call us brothers
for we are far better friends”

“He is the light
And I am the shade”

“He is the step
And I am the support”

“Through times eternal
Our bonding shall stay as strong”

“Don’t you call us brothers
We will never agree, never ever”

“If you ask for the light of my life
I shall point towards him”

“Without him
I am so incomplete”

“Pleading with my mom
I am born as his kid brother”

“Asking God for his sake
I shall bring the month of spring”

“If there is a next life,
I shall be his big brother and keep him close”

“Don’t you call us brothers
for we are far better friends”

“He is the light
And I am the shade”

“He is the step
And I am the support”

“Through times eternal
Our bonding shall stay as strong”

“Don’t you call us brothers
We will never agree, never ever”

Half of it is mine.
-Chuck it, man.

You know better.

I want to become a cop.
An SI to be specific.

And I want to serve public.

Everything is falling into place just now.

Hey, Vishnu.

This serious acting doesn’t suit you, man.

Be the jolly guy that you are.

Hmm? Why this charade?

-Happy for you, man.
-Thank you.


Has Sirkanth come?
-Everybody is on the ground. Only we are late.

Shiva! Get your dad’s medicines
from the town.

Mom, dad work for a government hospital.

Can’t he get them there?
I have a match, mom.

Hey, you get these medicines only there.

All the time you are either on the roads,
or at the ground with all of them behind.

-No other job! Take this!

Mom! You could have told me yesterday.
I would have gone.

Hey! Look at my Sachin Tendulkar!
Get going.

Hey! Go to the ground.

I will buy medicines and come.
-Okay, man.

Hey, if we win the toss, choose batting.

-Okay. -Okay.

Hey, Vishnu…

Mom asked wants medicines
from the town for dad.

Go and get them. Okay?
-Hey, hey, hey!

Hey! Your sister-in-law is waiting for me.

We have to finalise the invitation.


So, your wedding is more important
than dad’s health.

Hey, are you senseless?

Hey, you are not even married!

And you have changed already?


-He is changing a lot.
-Stop it!

I don’t know how he is going to be
after the wedding. Watch out. -Shh…

Don’t fight. Either of you go get them.
-How could you do this?

There! She told you to get them.
Huh? Buy them quickly, okay?

Hey, hey, hey!

Your sister-in-law is waiting for me, man.
I have been telling you this.

Hey…Mr Vishnu!

You are the boss of the house after dad.

All responsibilities you take care, man.

Okay? Come on.

Hey! Let’s go!
-Hey, let’s go.

You are a silent killer, man!

You put me in a fix every time.

Hey, you won’t even win the toss.
-Okay, okay!

-Even if you do, you won’t be able to play.
-Okay, bye.

You will be duck out.
-Thank you. Thank you, man.

-Hey! Duck out is confirmed!


Hello, milk society…

Hey, milk booth!
It’s me.

Where are you?

Sorry, dear!

I must get tablets for dad.

I will drop them at home
and come immediately.


Believe me!
I will be there in no time.

Love you. Give me a kiss.

Fine. I know you won’t.

Hang up now.



Hey, come! Come fast!

Get down! Move! Quick.

Hey, kid! Come to me.
Come. Fast!

Hey, don’t be afraid.



Please take this boy.


Hey, Shiva!

There was a bomb blast
at Morampudi junction.

There are many casualties.

Hey, hey! Vishnu!

[indistinct voices]

-Go back.


Hey, step back!


-Wait, wait!


Madam, move aside!


Hey, move back
-Hey, wait!



Hello, don’t go! You are allowed to go!


Sir, sir, please step back.

Please go back!
Please, sir!

Come fast! Wait!


[Indistinct voices]

-Ambulance, come faster!

-Hurry up, hurry up!


Please wait!
Go back.


Vishnu! Vishnu!

Vishnu, speak, man.


Ambulance! Please put him in quickly.

Vishnu… Vishnu…
Vishnu, you will be fine.

Attend to him, nurse. Please.

You sent me and you escaped, huh?



Don’t say that, man.

Hey, don’t cry, man.

I was kidding.

Hey, nothing has happened to you!
-I said for fun.

If I am gone, it’s all you.

-Mom, dad, sister…

You must take care of them all.

Hey, hey! Brother,
don’t speak like that, brother. Please.

Trust me and have courage, brother.

Nothing has happened to you, brother.
Have courage, brother. Please.

What, man?

Where did this brother come from?


Because I am going to die?

Hey! Hey!

What makes you talk like this?

Are you crazy?

Who is going to die?
No one is going to die.

I am here. Be brave.

Bro, bro! Please, come fast, bro.

Go faster!

Your sister-in-law must be waiting for me.

It’s good that…

This happened before the wedding.

What are you saying, man?
Nothing is wrong with you.

We will go to the hospital in five minutes.

Everything will be fine.

I will take you back home.

Nothing will happen to you, man.

Hey, hey, hey!

Please, don’t cry.
-I had great dreams.

-Hey…please, don’t cry.
To become a policeman…S.I…

-Calm down, man.
-And serve the public until I die.

Hey, Vishnu!
You will certainly help them. Okay?

Listen to me.
You will certainly help them.

You will certainly help them.
-Okay, sir! Yes, sir!

Please wait for a minute!

Hey, hey, hey, what happened?
Why did you stop?

Clear the vehicles!

It’s emergency, brother!
We need to rush.

-Hey! Hey… hey, Vishnu!
-Please, brother!

Clear the vehicles and give us the way!
-Vishnu! Hey!

Nurse, he just spoke to me.

What happened?
-Let me check…

Vishnu! Vishnu!

Bro, make it fast, bro.

Bro, please make it fast, bro!
Please! Hey!


My brother died
and so I got his police job.

All that my brother wanted to do
as an ideal cop,

I started doing it for him.

For their own selfish motives,

they killed so many people
including my brother,

and made believe it was an accident.

The moment I discovered he is the reason
for my brother’s death,

I wanted to kill him.

But no one would know the truth then.

Every family of each victim
deserves the truth.

Let’s go.

Get up.

He is losing a lot of blood, Shiva.

You said the bullet is still lodged there.

It will get serious
if he is not treated at once.

Hmm, come on.

(Humming a tune)

‘I got a beautiful chance…’


Hey, girl?
Do you want a lift?

No. I want the car.

Hey, hey!

I wanted to take her
but she took off with my car. Damn!

He has come.
You can talk to him.


Tell me, Pandu.

Are you all okay?

We are all fine.

Any news about Shiva?

No, brother-in-law.

But wherever he is,
he will be safe, brother-in-law.

Be very alert till he comes back,

Ah! See you.

Hmm. Okay.

Here’s your money.


Hello! Guntur Sri Balaji Lodge…

Here. Take left.

There is a hospital here.
Take left.

Hey, stop, stop! Cops! Cops!

Revathi, reverse the car.
Slowly, reverse it.

Go straight.
Keep straight.

Hey, Revathi. Police, police!

Revathi, get into that house.
-This one?


Open the gate. Huh?

Go. Open the gate
and park the car inside.

Madam, madam, madam!
-Hey, who are you?

A bit of an emergency. Can we make a call, please?
-Why are you barging in? Who are you?

Tell me who you are!
-Can I make a call?

Philips! Someone barged into our house.

-Hey, girl! Why are you closing the door?
-Madam! Please. He is losing a lot of blood.

-Who are you all?
-Emergency. Please try to understand.

Hey! Who is it?
-Don’t you hear?

Please, madam.

Who are you all?

I am Shiva, sir.

I am a constable
from Sakinetipalli police station.

ID number 1302.

Sir, he is an accused.

He is in my custody.

Please, help, sir.
-What happened?

He is hit by a bullet, sir.

There is a lot of blood loss.

Can I make a call to the doctor, please?

When did this happen?
-Last night.

We could only give him first aid.

-Let’s take him into that room. Come.
-Thank you, sir.

Come. Come.

Do you know what you are doing?

Relax. You will be fine.

How did this happen?

During night duty at the station.

Sir, is everything okay?

Nothing to worry.

Two days of rest will do.

Sir, I have to hand him over to the CBI court
in Bangalore by tomorrow.

I have removed the bullet.

At least for six to eight hours,
I don’t see any problem.


Sir, Shiva here.


Where are you calling from?

They tried to kill George at the station.

George and I ran away with Raju, sir.

Okay. Give the phone to George.


George was killed by IG Nataraj.

He is now trying to kill us both, sir.

I don’t know what to do.

Raju also got shot, sir.

Where are you speaking from right now?

Sir, I am at an ex-servicemen’s house
in Thungaleru.

Stay right there.

I will send my team.

One Ms Ranjitha will come
and pick you up.

Okay, sir. I will wait.


I think Shiva has some
past connection with Raju.

That’s why…

he bashed up everyone at the station…

and took off with Raju.

What is this, sir?
You are so casual about it?

What action did you take?

We are looking for him, madam.

We will certainly catch him.

I want all details of this case.

Keep me updated.

Otherwise, you will be answerable to Delhi.

Do one thing.

Get a requisition from the Commissioner.

We will give you.

-One second!

Hello, sir?

Ranjitha, Shiva has just called me.

You wanted to meet Officer Nataraj
who is handling this case, right?

Yes, sir!

He has killed George.

I am right now with him, sir.

Oh, crap!


Let him not know
that we are aware of this.

Raju is with Shiva.

They are safe
in an ex-military officer’s house at Thungaleru.

-You must go quickly and pick them up.


Listen to me carefully.

Nataraj is a dangerous guy.

We are alone in this case.

Okay, sir!
Will take care!

-Bye, sir!

As you suggested,

I will get the request letter
from our commissioner, sir.


Thank you.

Then we must leave immediately.

Yes, we have to!

What, dear?

Here, dear.
These are some clothes. You can change.

There is a pair for your friend as well.

Ask him to change.

Thank you, aunty. Thank you.


Did you eat something?

No, aunty. I am famished.

We have been running since last night.

Oho! Okay, okay.

Change your clothes.

I will get dinner ready. Huh?
-Okay, okay.

Are you okay?

Do you want anything?
-Okay, sir!

Do you have a bidi, sir?

Err…It’s okay.
Forget it, sir.

Are you a doctor, sir?

No. Ex-Army officer.

So you must have liquor, sir?


Sir, it’s meant for body pains, right?

You are not a doctor
but how do you know all this?

We get trained in the Army.

For field emergency.

I wish the government taught us too, sir.

We have lots of emergencies as well.

How many would you have killed, sir?



Just to know the figure, sir.

What will you do with it?

Sir, you kill at the government’s orders
and so do I.

But you get medals
while I am called accused.

What sort of comparison is that?

I kill enemies to protect the country.

You kill innocents for useless politicians.

How can they be same?

Don’t justify your murders.

Sir, killing is killing, sir.

My victims have families.
But yours don’t?


You call it justice.
But everyone has feelings, sir.

The court will decide
what is fair or unfair.

Why entertain this guy, sir?

Hey, what was wrong with my question?

Whatever I ask he is…

Hey, wait.

Who is it?

We are sent by CBI Head, Mr Varghese.

I am Ranjitha.

Is there a Shiva inside?

It’s them, sir.

Sir, I am Ranjitha from CBI.

Shiva, main road is not that safe.

Five kilometres from here to the left,

you will find a path in the woods.

Take that.
You will be safe.

Hey! The vehicle’s approaching.
It’s heading in.

Move back!

Move back, man!
-Move, move.

Everybody! Stay down! Stay down!

Don’t move.
Bend down!

All of you stay here.
-Bend down!


What are you watching?

Hey, you go that side.

None of you want to become Raju?


You move only when ‘action’ is said.

Get going.


Shiva, these people can’t deal with them.

Remove my cuffs.

Hey, keep quiet.
They will take care.

Hey, listen to me.

Or they will kill everyone.

Unlock my handcuffs.

Shiva, uncuff me. I won’t go anywhere.

Open them.
Or they will kill everyone.






Who wants to be another Raju?

Come on!

Come on!




There is no one here.
They have escaped, sir!

Shiva, there is a truck.

Over there.

Come. Let’s go.

Every man I raised is trying to become Raju.

Every man I trust,
is trying to kill me.

Though no way connected,
you are trying to save me.

I will show what I am…
to the scoundrels.

What will you do?

Kill them?

How many will you kill?

They will keep coming.

Let them come!

They want you dead.

If you want to show what you are,
confess to the court.

If I do?

Will they be convicted?

They have CM behind them.

They will get out in the next moment.


CM or PM… how many times
did the court make them stand in the dock?


Come to the court
and try telling the truth for once.

For justice.

You can rectify all your mistakes.

Had I come from a nice family too,

would I have become this?

I would have known right from wrong.

I lived my life thinking
whatever I did was right.

I never….

Hey, we have reached.
Get the luggage down carefully.

Okay? Hmm?

Hey, Raju! Come.



How come you are here?

Mangalam aunty!

How did you come?

Mangalam aunty?

Who are all these people?

Uh, is the wedding here?

That’s why I am here.

But your dad said you are getting married
in Tirupati today?

Why are you here?
-Uh… that’s…

Revathi! Hmm!

That’s… uh…
-Tell me.

That’s…dad lied to you, aunty.

Hey, Raju! Raju!

Come. Come here.

Hey, let’s go. Come.

There are saris here and lots of jewellery.
There is everything.

First get ready.
-Aunty, please listen to me.


First get ready.

In the meantime,
I should ask your dad.

‘Why are you angry with me?’
-No, aunty.

What grave mistake did I make?
-No, no, no! Aunty!



Why are you angry with me?

What have I done?

Why would I be angry with you?

Nothing of that sort.

Don’t lie, brother.

Revathi has told me everything.


-Just now.


Here. At the wedding venue.

Why did you lie to me?

It wasn’t me who lied.
She is lying to you.

She ran away from her wedding.

Ran away?

Don’t let her move.
I am starting right away.

Revathi is found.

Let’s start!

Son-in-law! We are getting late.
Come fast!


Uh, uh.

Bi-lingual. Take good care.

I will take a leave!

Pay the bill!

Hey, wait. I am coming too.

Revathi! What have you done?

Aunt, please!

Hey, Raju! Come.

“O my sweet Rukmini,
full of heavenly beauty”

“Oh, my, how did you
come into this world so daintily?”

“No care for time and tide
Like a swishing wind”

“You come to my mind
And make me go mad”

“Crowd or not, no matter what
you spring at me and embrace”

“For all the caution the others give
for your infatuation”

“You shoo them away
with a gesture of dismissal”

“This youthful heart is totally cornered”

“For the love of you,
it got badly caught”

“This youthful heart is totally cornered”
-Please come. Sit.

“For the love of you,
it got badly caught”

Mangala, where is Revathi?

Hey, are you mad? Come.


She is in the room upstairs. Come.
-Hey, move.

“Naughty boy that you are
it’s not easy to bear you”

“With youthful beauty
you try to have a game”

Son-in-law! Come on!

“How can I pour out
my heart to you?”

“You tempt me with your gait
and make me go round you”

“All the eyes around
are on you and me”

“And yet you pay no heed”

“Let it be; let them see”

“And I drowned in your intoxication”
-Shiva! Look there.

“This youthful heart is totally cornered”

“For the love of you,
it got badly caught”

“This youthful heart is totally cornered”

“For the love of you,
it got badly caught”

Hey, he took her.

He took our girl.

Not again!

Not again, not again.

Be alert.
-Okay, sir.

Where is Raju?

I am wondering the same.

-He was here till a while ago.

I trusted him and left him.

Where is Raju?

Where could he have gone?

What is going on, Varghese?

Sir, I spoke to the military officer.

Constable Shiva will somehow
take Raju to the court.

Varghese, remember that this is a
very sensitive case involving a CM.

If he doesn’t show
in the court tomorrow,

it’s a big humiliation
for the department.

Yes, sir.

If we can depute
some extra forces …

How many more, Varghese?

Those who went are already dead.

Ranjitha is gone.

And so is George.

I am losing hope.

Wherever they are,
it’s imperative that we find them.

Know their location
as early as possible.

Okay, sir.

Hey, Shiva!

Where are you?

All because of you!

If you didn’t turn up in the middle of the journey,
none of this would have happened.

I know.

If I didn’t come, you would have
no problem in the first place.

But I would have been married to him.

You should have married him.

You should have. Please, go.

That would be one job done.


So, if I married him,
you would have no problem?

Is that it?

Stop the vehicle, Shiva.

Revathi, be quiet.

If you don’t stop the car, I will jump out.
-Hey, Revathi.

Don’t act crazy.
Close the door.

Let go of my hand.
-Revathi, close the door!

I said let of my hand!
Stop the vehicle!





That was not intentional.

Don’t you know?

This is my brother’s dream.

Become a cop.
Serve the public.

I became a cop
to make his dream come true.

Look at me now.

I bashed up the inspector,
any and every guy and took off with Raju.

Now I don’t know where he is.

How will I go back?

Will I still have my job?

Where are my parents?

I felt lost and I blurted out.

See, Shiva!

It’s your stubbornness
that I like most in you.

When you start something,
you won’t give up until it’s done.

It’s the same trust that made me
fall in love with you.

Not just this problem…

Any problem…

I will never leave you.

Sorry. Forgive me.

Nothing like that.

The moment you sat next to me,
all my anger had disappeared.


I am hungry.

I noticed a Paratha Dhaba on the way.

Shall we go?


Hey, Ravi.

It’s me.

Brother, tell me, brother.

How long will it take you?

It will take around 45 minutes
to one hour, brother.

Okay, fine.

There is a dais here.

Near the giant wheel.

I am right next to it.
Come over.

Okay, okay, brother.
I will be right there.

First, keep your anger aside
and think properly.

No point in thinking while angry.

He is injured, right?

He can’t have gone far.

There will be cops everywhere.

He will need help.

I am sure he will call his brother first.

Hmm… and?

Where do you think he will call him?

Welcome… hearty welcome.

We warmly invite you to Sri Sri Sri
Ambika Mother Goddess’s temple fair.

The temple Committee requests
the residents of the village

Bro! One more Paratha!

[indistinct voices]

Do you think we will find Raju here?

No guarantee he is here.

But there is no other option.
We got to look for him.

We will find him somewhere.

[song playing in speakers]

Hey! Raju!

-Look that side.
-Okay, okay.

Shiva! Over here.


Hey, Raju!



I trusted you and uncuffed you.

But you took advantage and fled!

Bloody wretch!

Listen to me.

-You don’t seem to understand.

-You can’t take me evading all the cops.
-Shiva, please.


If you take me with you, you will be dead.
Take her and go away.

Hey, where do you want me to go?

Where do you want me to go?
Back to the police whom I beat up?

Or to my dad whom I promised justice
for my brother’s death?

Huh? Tell me.

I will take you to the court
and hand you over.

Or I will die trying.


I know Raju and you are here.


Enough of your running.

They are here! What next!

Someone important to you
has come here to see you.


Bring Raju and take your person.

I am telling you. Listen to me.



-Shiva! Don’t go.

Ask Shiva to come with Raju.

I will consider this as his ignorance
and spare your son.

Otherwise… ask him to come!

-Hey, leave me man.

Listen to me.
Don’t listen to them.

Ask him to come!

Don’t come, Shiva.

Don’t come out!

The truth should come out.

Shiva! He won’t do anything.

Justice should be done to all those
who died with your brother.

Go away.

Hey, hey, hey! Shiva!

Your dad speaks like a mad man.

I am holding the gun point blank.

If I pull the trigger…He won’t do anything.
-Shiva! Ignore him!

If you want your dad bring Raju here.

Come on!
-He won’t do anything.

Don’t come, Shiva!
You promised me!

You promised on your uniform!

Hey! We made many such promises.

Shiva! Do you want your dad?

Or you want to take Raju to the court?

Please listen to me. He planned to kill us!
-Leave me.


I will count to ten.

What will you do?
Kill me? Huh? Kill me!

Hey, I will shoot you.

I will shoot you down!
-Shoot me, then!

My son, who hasn’t even seen life,
is fearlessly walking towards death…

why should I, who saw it all,
be afraid of death?

-Dad! Don’t. Please.
-Don’t believe him.


You shouldn’t be defeated because of me.
-Hey, Shiva!

Your dad is blabbering something.
-Let go of me. Dad…

If you don’t step out with him…
-Listen to me!



-Dad, dad…





Brother, come! Come fast!


Come, come fast!

Hurry up, hurry up!
Get in, get in!


Shiva, Shiva!

-Shiva, get in!


Revathi, leave me!

Revathi, leave me!

-Move, move fast!

“How could you leave me?
Dad, O dad!”

-Shiva, listen to me!

“Why have you gone away?
Dad, O dad!”

“Before my eyes and too early
is severed our deep attachment”

“In this bottomless grief
My world has come to an end”

“It’s time to part ways
and this moment feels so empty”

“O, How terrible this is!”

There is money in this bag.

Take it and live somewhere happily.

If you say, ‘No. I don’t want this money.

I want morality, justice, and honesty.’

They will first kill him.

Then they will kill you.

What are you staring at?

Killing his dad was never on my list.

It wasn’t my fault.

It was his fault.

How many times did I tell him?

‘Don’t come with me. Don’t.’

Did you listen?

At least you tell him.

That he should live with the others.
And to live so.


Take that money settle down somewhere.

Invite me to your wedding.

I will come, eat biryani and go.

They said whoever kills Raju
becomes the next Raju, brother.

Instead of some outsider,
isn’t it better I kill you?

After all I am your own brother.

Why did you stab me here then?

The liver is on the right.

You should have stabbed me here.


Shiva, no, Shiva. Don’t go.

Without even knowing where the liver is,

how can you become Raju?


-Let go.

-Revathi, let go!




Raju! Raju, come.



Let’s go.

Revathi! Revathi… Revathi!

Hey, Shiva!

Raju! Raju, come.

Raju, come.
Revathi, come.

Come! Let’s board the train.

Revathi! Get in!

Get in.

You kept saying…
Brother will come. Brother will come.

He has come.

What happened?

No one around you is fair to you.

Not even your own brother.

What did you say?

That I can’t even
step out of this village with you?

See how far we have come.

Truth wins.

It takes time.

But it wins.

You said my dad’s death won’t be
on your list.

Fine, it won’t.

But do you know why my dad died?


For truth to come out.

Stand on the side of justice and see.

Your very life will change.


Shiva, let go!
Shiva, leave!


Shiva, leave!
Shiva! Move aside!

Hey, Shiva! Leave me!
-Revathi, get the gun!


Revathi, Revathi, Revathi!

Go to the engine.
This train shouldn’t stop anywhere.

Do you get it?
-How could I, Shiva?

Revathi! You have a gun in your hand.
Use the gun if necessary.

Go to the engine immediately,
-But the train shouldn’t stop at any station.

Go, Revathi. Go!
-This train doesn’t have any stops.

Go, pack the bags.
Keep the camera safe!

Maintaining hundred.

Over, over.
-Keep your walkie there.

Right there.

Make it fast. Faster.
-Okay, okay.

-Get in!
-Get in!

Why do you stare? Faster.
-I am doing it, madam.

-Get in, come!
-Get in!

Let’s go!

Come, come!




Close it, close it.


Raju! Come.
Raju, get up. Up!

Raju! Come.
Let’s get to the engine.


Careful. Come!

Come, Raju. Get in.


Raju! Raju!

Raju! Come.

Raju! Raju…

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

Raju! Come, come.



Raju! What are you doing?

Raju, what are you up to? Raju?

Raju… no!





Hey, hey! Stop the train!



Why, man?


What, Raju?

Were you in my place,

you would do the same, won’t you?

Honestly, I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t make you suffer so much.

The moment I received the instructions,
I would kill you.

Do you have a matchbox?


Raju! Raju!


Hail! CM Dakshayani.

Hail! CM Dakshayani.

Hail! CM Dakshayani.

Your Honour!

Since the CBI has failed to present
witnesses at the arraignment,

it is evident that CM’s name
was maliciously drawn into the case.

Hence, I request Your Honour
to strike the case.

Your Honour!
The witness is here, Your Honour.

With your permission…


Shiva, ma’am.

My Lord!

I am Shiva.

A constable from Sakhinetipalli police station.
ID number 1302.

While CBI officer George and I were
bringing the witness, Raju, to the court,

IG Nataraj and a few police officials
killed both of them.

So, are you going to give witness
instead of Raju?

Who said I am going to?

Raju will do it himself.

But you just said he was killed.

Is he going to come back to life
and make a statement?

He will.

The train shouldn’t stop in between.
Go, Revathi!

Go to the engine. Go! Go!

Hey, this train is not going to stop anywhere.

Pack the luggage first.
Keep the camera safe inside.

Get down, first.
Let’s get off wherever the trains slows down.

What is this?

Sorry, ma’am, sorry.
Just a minute. Sorry.

Shiva! Is this okay?
-Uh, okay.


Greetings to you all.

I am Rajasekhar.


If I am not physically present there
and you are watching this video,

it can only mean the CM
has already got me killed.

I want to tell you lots of things.

A few years ago,

in the gas leak accident
at Morampudi junction,

nearly forty lives were lost.

But it was not accident.

It was a well-planned bomb blast to efface
the body of IAS Officer Radha Krishna.

Discovering the wrong doings of the CM
and her many illegal activities,

the IAS officer had confronted her.


Mr Natraj and I
placed his body in a car…

and blew it up at Morampudi junction.

It was also me who had brought the
low quality chemicals that caused it.

It was CM who told me to bring it.

I acted only on her instructions.

I have done many such things
at the CM’s behest.

This is my dying declaration.


The money I took from the party...

and the voice recordings of my conversations
with them are all kept in a safe place.

Shiva will hand them over to you.

Hey, brother! One minute.

There is something else.

The first time I saw CM,
I fell in love with her.

I don’t want to express it!

Revathi asked me to express my love.

Revathi, I have said it.

That’s all. That’s it.

After examining the contents of this case,

since Raju, marked as the main witness,
is not able to attend the court,

Raju’s dying declaration handed over by Shiva,
is accepted as the principal proof.

The CBI must collect all proofs
and other material from Shiva and act upon it.

The court orders CBI to this effect.

Also, the accused number one
in this case, Dakshayani,

and the accused number two,
IG Nataraj,

and the police officers
who cooperated with the accused…

should immediately be taken into
CBI’s custody for investigation.

The report must be submitted within 21 days
as ordered by this court.

The court is adjourned.

Thank you, Shiva.

You did a great job.

Thank you, sir.

If you want,

you can join CBI.
I can appoint you right away.

No, sir.

I prefer being a policeman.

This is my brother’s dream.

Hmm. Okay.

But you know… that our doors
are always open for you.


Thank you, sir.

All the best.

Good job, Shiva.

What you did is right.

You, me, and everyone else is here
only to serve the public.

If it is going to do them good,
you should confront anyone.

Be it the CM or the PM.

Shall we get married now?

Shiva, why don’t you marry Revathi
at least now?

Audiences are also waiting.

“Jagada Jagada Jagadam
we are ready for a battle”

Ragada Ragada Ragadam
We shall shake it all”

“Let a thousand lives come
We shall swallow death again and again”

“With this seething, raging poison
Our call is a drum beat”

“I am the king of the jungle
Sky’s the limit but I always be humble”

“Lot of people talk about this and that”

“ But…In the end they fumble”

“I go voice by the gate
Paps follow me as I am chilling on a break”

“Talk to me nice cuz this man don’t play man;
if goes left, then it’s a little late”

“Talk to me nice cuz
I can boost some enterprise”

“Rooms flare up when I jump on the mic”

“Walked on the yacht with a chica
on my right”

“The life I am living is a hella pretty sight”

“Hey, I am so fly, you know”

“Life’s going so high,
how’d you know?”

“You never thought
I could spit fires you know”

“I am making the whole cry, you know”

“Hey, I am so fly, you know”

“Life’s going so high, how’d you know?”

“You never thought
I could spit fires you know”

“Now the whole world knows
I am style you know…”