Cusp (2021) - full transcript

Three teenage girls open up about their intense emotional lives as they roam bonfire parties, childhood bedrooms, and fast food spots in the lazy days of a Texas summer. Struggling for agency in a world ruled by toxic masculinity, they rely on their friendships with one another to make the transition to the adult world. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
McDonald's app?

Ew, I look like ka-ka.

I can't even see right now.

I mean, and my fucking eyes
are on fire.

Get ready to close your eyes
and open them in a second.


Oh, no. I look like
a whole crackhead.

What's the distance
this hoe got?

Think I can hit this shit
from the tree?


This is how
we Texas boys get it.

- Damn.
- Whew!


They don't want
none of that shit.


Bro, he straight,

Vap, vap, vap, vap!

I want to see Brittney
shoot this hoe, bro.

- Bro, Brittney...
- She fly all the way back

She'd be like boom!


Chill! Okay!

It's too...

Whoa, Autumn!

Aww fuck!

The day's so long.

It's becoming summer.

I hope we're not just
walking around this whole bitch,

and they're not...

we've been going
the wrong way the whole time.

There is no normal.

There is no normal
in teenage years.

We're all confused.

I feel like what most girls
suffer from

is they feel like...

they're not seen.

Obviously, you're the only
person that can see

what's scarred in the inside.

Unless you tell someone, but

nobody really truly understands.

But anyways,
let's go. Come on.

I need another one.

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes life gets fucked up

Fucked up

That's why we get fucked up

Fucked up

I can still feel your touch

I still do those same drugs

Sometimes life gets fucked up

Fucked up

That's why we get fucked up

Fucked up

I can still feel your touch

I still do those same drugs

That we used to do

I was used to you

I was used to you

"What have
you been through?"

She asked me

Every fuckin' kind of abuse

If you love me too

You would give me you

Give me you

Lock me in your room

Don't tell me the truth

Everything you said

Everything you said

Stays inside my head

Stays inside my head

All the shit you said

All the blood I bled

Sometimes life gets fucked up

Fucked up

That's why we get fucked up

Fucked up

I can still feel your touch

I still do those same drugs

This is our
morning exercise.


At night we freakin' run.

- This is a freakin' hot spot,
- Oh freak!

Oh, come here!

I don't know how
better this can get.

I party every day,

and get drunk,

and gives you something to do.

Goddamn, that bitch got
an extra staring problem.

- She really...
- She's gonna piss me off.


I think
if I just hung out

with anyone for like five hours,

like a random person
I didn't know,

they'd want to be
my best friend.

That's what I think.

I think I'm a pretty awesome
person to hang out with, but.


we're gonna tell my mom

we're not drinking,

we're not drinking.

We're just going...

Okay, we're just going to...


With no drinking involved.

Does that sound good?

I never really
hung out with people my age.

I always hang out
with older people.


What's up?

- How're you doing?
- How you doing?

Pretty good.

But I feel like I'm mature
enough to be an adult.



No, I'm not there yet.

I'm still at the house.

I need to take a shower
and get ready.


Where are you at?

Shut the fuck up,

and get out of my room,
you little bitch. Get out.

I'm not scared of shit.

Quit chewing
with your mouth open.


A lot of guys think,
oh, she's new.

I can get up in there
real quick.

I don't want people to think
I'm easy to run over.

It's okay.


- Ow, fuck.
- Yeah.

Are you done?

Uh, personally,
I fucking hate teenagers.

Yes, I'm saying I hate myself.

I do things
a little bit different

than most people do.

Most girls just grab a beer
and blend in,

I'm very wise, and my head's
not up my ass.

And because of the things
that I've been through,

I think before I do things.

I just about never get drunk
when I'm going out to a party,

because I'm scared
something's gonna happen.

Like, someone's gonna
do something.

Boys, they listen
to their dick, not their head.

But not Dustin. I can trust him.

Whoa, oh God, there's trees!

Oh my God!

Hang on!

Oh Hell no!

Just hang on.

I'm sorry what?
Did you say

- you want to go harder?
- Dustin please!

My ass is ruined now.


Give this to Dustin.

She said, "Huh!"

Make a wish and blow it.

No, I gotta hold it.

Hold up,
In the truck?

I have to video it.

Roll down your window.

Put it right there.

My arm's not gonna go that way.

Just blow it!
Make your wish and blow!

He's throwing up.

I love you.

You're an asshole.

I love you.

Come here.

- No, kiss me. It's your fault.
- No, no, no, no!

You've got to kiss me now.


Don't lick me.

Ew, you're gross.

You're gross!

Dustin is just everything

He's comfortable with me.

he'll cry in front of me.

But that's not a bad thing,
that's not a bad thing.

When I was younger,

my mom would legit,
like, beat me up for crying.

Because crying is weak.

Ready, Aaloni?

Why are you hitting it
so close to my face?

Okay, no.

Go over there.

If I break a toenail,
I'll be mad.

If I break a nail or a toenail,
I'll be really mad.

Alright Mom,
you ready for this serve?

- Oh!
- Oh, shit okay!

Oh yeah buddy!

My mom,
she's my best friend.

Me and her are just alike.

I need you
to do me a favor.

Get this right here.

Oh my gosh, Mom.

Yeah, get it.

It's not ready to pop.

Yeah, it feels good though.


Oh, god this tool hurts.

Oh yeah.

Just don't slide it,
just push down.


Hey, it's life,
everybody gets zits,

even when you're fucking 41.

I don't. I have a great
skin routine.

Which you're fucking right on.

We were just talking about it.

Small p-p-Pena.

They never say it,

but I know I'm my moms favorite.

There's a lot of stuff
that I have done,

that she has not told my dad.

Pump the brakes.


All we did was kiss,
and that's...

Tell me the truth,
is he a good kisser?

He's a good kisser,

he's a great kisser.
- I thought...

I thought you didn't like tongue

He, okay, he didn't...


I didn't make out with him,

we did not make out

because you know
I don't like making out.

She's as big as Dalyncia.

Yeah, I could
beat her up myself.

Yesterday, I wish
I did fight her. I wish I did.

But I didn't want to get...

Wait, whoa, whoa,
whoa, back it up.

Pump the brakes.

What happened with your sister?

Show me what happened.

Come on.

Okay, how, okay, I'm you.

Talk shit.

She didn't say anything,
that's the thing.

And what did,
and what did you say?

I said you can step back.

And she didn't.

She walked up and I said,

I backed up,

and walked away.

- I woulda been like...
- Oh hold up,

let me tell you
how this happens.

No. I would have been like...

I told you to back up.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

That's just me personally.

No, no, no cuz there
was a teacher...

Come here. Come here.

Don't hurt me please.

I would have said,

"I'm gonna give you two seconds

to get the fuck
out of my face."

- Okay.
- Okay, that's tough.

And then she was like,
she's gonna probably be like,

- oh, but I didn't. And then...

And then that's when
you go like this.

Get the fuck out of my face.

And then she puts her arms
around your arms.

You got your lefty
because you're a lefty.

You're a lefty, right?
You're a lefty.


I had to be my left hand,

- I punch with my right hand.
- Okay, so you go like this?

Don't punch her in the face.

It tickles.

You gotta punch
at her fucking crotch.

Oh, no, no, no. No.

You gotta punch
her in the fucking crotch."

'cuz you can't leave no marks.

I swear to gosh.

I don't give warnings.

My warning is if you're gonna
keep talking shit,

you can talk your shit,

but once you step
in my face, that's it.

you're so much like me.

Can you get me
pizza now, please?

You know how to
test if your hair's healthy?

You take a strand of your hair,

and you wrap
your fingers around it,

and you just go like this.

And if it doesn't break,
it just, like, bounces,

you hair is healthy.

Blend that side in more.

Oh, my brother's mowing the lawn

that means we're getting
the pool up!

You know where
I'm gonna be this weekend?

With a cold beer and a blunt.



You have to pick some
stuff up before you mow.

Bye, I love you.

Y'all be careful.

Did you get your pizza rolls?


It's so hot...

That shirt is so cute.

Bro, you know, um,
Brian and Nikki broke up?


He basically raped her.

Are you serious?

Yeah. She said no.

And she was like
trying to scream,

and he covered her mouth
so she couldn't scream,

and then she said you have
10 seconds to get off me,

until we're done.

He wouldn't get off of her.

When did this happen?

Like last, the weekend
before this week.

She was like,
should I forgive him?

That's what I said,

I'd slid up and I was like
you shouldn't forgive him,

like what he did,
that's not okay.

And she was like, "He really
said he was going to change",

and I was like
"Well, his actions

- Every dude does that.
- Need to back up to his words."

Yeah I... I know!

I'd be like,

we're not having sex for
the next five fucking months,

and then we'll talk
about being back together.

That's funny, because
whenever he came over

to our house that one time,
and spent the night,

he tried doing shit with me.

Yeah, I know.
I heard about it.

I think you told me,
or someone I...

Yeah, he was trying
to do shit with me.

But then when I told him my age,

he was like,

and then he was like, "Oh, wait,

age doesn't matter,
it's just a number."

Dang, he really out here
raping kids.

Okay, so you're going
to that party Friday?

Ah, no!

Oh my God!

Noah, get back here
real quick. Push that hoe.


You should push
that hoe with me.

Hold on, I gotta put these
mother fuckers down.

That should be good right there.

Technically, 17 is
an adult in Texas.

Wait, you're 16, right now?

- Yeah.
- I'm three years older.

I'm 19.

Oh yeah, I fucking forgot.
Fuck you.

Can you come inside
with me, for a second?

I'm scared to go by myself.

Y'all look at me, I'm
to smash two thotties.

Shut up!

I hate you.

A what?

Double flip.

There ain't no Goddamn way.

Well that didn't work out...

Yo, I was walking out
of Walmart earlier,

and I swear to God,

I saw the biggest booty
bitch in the world, bro.

- I swear!
- I saw the biggest booty bitch

- Bro! Bro!
- Or the bitch with the biggest-

Bro, I seent it, bro,
with my eyes.

I swear. And then
I just turned around

I was like, "Damn!"

And then she turned around,

I was like,
"What's up little mama?

Ey, ey! duh duh duh!"

I was like, "Hold on! Hold on!"

Who else wants a line?

- Here!
- I'll take a line.

I do!

Does that
really bother you?


That one takes a while.

Hey, Brittney, Brittney,
Brittney, Brittney.

Brittney, how old are you?


Bro, hit it!

Yep. Nope.

What the fuck?

Oh shit.

- What up, girl?
- Oh she's drunk as fuck...

- I almost fucking fell.

Well, I have the video of...

Fuck, I gotta get my phone, bro.
- Okay, actually,

I don't know where
my phone's at right now.

I'm gonna go grab
my phone real quick

Who has my lighters?

Because I have a funny ass...

I gave it to you.
Didn't you come grab it?

I'm gonna go get my phone,
because I have a funny ass

Are you listening?

I'm listening.

And then, okay, so we were
on the way to Tony's

and she is not fucking
listening again.

I'm listening.

And then he took...

Bro he was fucked up.

My parents
always hated me

hanging out with older people.

Because they always told me,

"They don't wanna
be your friend.

They wanna fuck."

I never wanted to
lose my virginity.

But it just happened.

The whole time I was like,

fuck, what am I doing?

Okay, we're gonna say no.

One, two, three.


I just couldn't say no.

I don't really know why.

I just was so scared to say no.

Good morning America.

I need to charge my phone.


Do you have clothes that
need to be washed, dad?

The last few years,
it's been just me and my dad.

I grew up

with a really fucked up mom,

that fucked up all of us.

Shut up. Y'all are annoying.

We had this family friend,

my mom would let him watch me.

And she knew the things
that he would do to me,

but she didn't care.

My dad knew nothing about it but

my mom did, and she didn't care.


You think I should,

like, wash it with
whites specifically?

My mom is actually, um,

the reason why
I started therapy.

You know, back then, I didn't
think I was worth anything.

I hope Dustin stays
this weekend.

I'm gonna be really
upset if he doesn't.

I told Dustin everything

about me.

He makes me feel


I missed you even though I
saw you not even 24 hours ago.

You're Tinkerbell, that's why.

She has to have attention

at least...

once every hour.

Are you coming over tomorrow?


Depends, I think we might...

I might run out
to that trailer tomorrow.

Where's my juul?

I think it's under him.

Him? Mother fucker.


Better not smell like your ass.

Yeah, it better not.

You ain't gonna wanna
use it again.

Can you pluck my eyebrows?


Oh fuck, that one hurt bad.

Are you almost done?

Yeah on this side.

I think plucking hurts
worse than everything.

Oh my fucking God,

your hairs just don't
wanna come out.

Oh yeah mom let me ask you.

Ask me what?

So, you know how there's

part two to the party tomorrow?


Damien said he'll take me,

but I don't know if he will
because he's...

I don't know.


Can I go?

I have no problem with you
going with your brother,

it's your dad.

Okay, um...

Yes. Yes. Whew!

Loving you is like a fairytale

I just can't pick up
the phone again

This time I'll be on
my own my friend

One more time, I'm all
alone again

Sex with you is like
I'm dreaming and

I just want to hear
you scream again

Now you're gone,
I can't believe it

The time I spent with you
deceived me

I don't care
if you believe in me

I still wonder why
you're leaving me

I don't care...

Hey Tone!

If you believe in me

I'm still wondering...


No, bro

If I'm taking this the wrong way

I hope you know that you
can tell me whatever

You're thinking - it's when
you put me in the spotlight

- He's laughing.
- He's not gonna stop us.

Who's gunna stop us?

And if I'm taking this
the wrong way

I hope you know that you can

tell me whatever you're thinking

It's when you put me
in the spotlight

Fuck you,
leave me alone, dude!

When you put me in the spotlight

When the moon hits your skin

I can see you and him

Not you and me

But it's just you and me

When the sun shines above

Do a flip.


Cut the music!

Cut the music!

Hey! Y'all have to be quiet.

The cops are down the road

Everybody shut up.

Can they even
come down here?

Yes we should go, come on

They can't come...

We need to leave...

- No no no no no.
- Leave now! Party's over!

Party's over, leave now.

Where the fuck did Aaloni go?

After party!

Party's over!

Gotta get rolling.
Let's go!

- Yeah.
- Yeah, we should...

I am so tired.

You just said
you're so energetic.

I am but like I'm tired.

Like I just I don't know.

I don't know right now actually.

I bet.


Girls just don't
know how to say no.

They feel like
they're forced into it

I guess you can say.

They're scared to say no.


Guys are powerful.

Never happened to me.

That I can remember.

That's really bad.

You can always tell somebody no.

But they're still gonna do it.

Like guys have more
strength than us.

I tried to get up and
I was like, babe, no no no

and he was like
get yo ass back down here.

He kind of gave me no choice.

I mean no means go right?

It's a "no face no case"

Oh I can't do it
because you're a minor.

- But when were alone it's shh.
- That's what they all say.

Come in, come in, come in!

Turn around!

Go, throw it in! Go, go!


Way to turn it on 'em.

Way to turn!


You want to boo me again?

I'm gonna boo you in your
face and see what happens.

Dalyncia, stop,
she's going to kill you.

Do your finger thing.

Pass the ball!

No, not that!

Come on Yaccob!

You do what to do, Yaccob.
Good job, buddy.

He's so cute!


What's the score?

Two to one.

- So they're winning?
- We're losing.

They're winning.

Get that out of there.

Why was that called so late?

Good job, Yaccob!

Where's the whistle on that?

Where's the whistle in there?

Come on,
you've gotta be kidding me!

Uh oh he's go...
He flipped him off.

Chill out man, they're just kids

Uh oh.

I don't know where
he called the game,

When our kid fall down,
they don't call it!


How about you go back
over there?

Yeah, you need to mind
your own kid!

Alright well...
Why don't you fuck yourself?

Uh oh.

Hey how about you stop
cussing in front of my kids?

Why don't you? Why don't...

You don't see us cussing.
Do you see us cussing?

- You're with your children.
- Do you hear how he's talking?

Stop, stop.

It's okay.

Don't spray the truck,
I just washed it today.


Ooh, I made it!

I am eating, I don't want
to hear y'all sing that.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

You, I told you
a long time ago

get your ass in the shower.

It's already 8:30.

Half my life,

my dad was in the military,

so he was never around.

We have always just like,

grown to him being gone.

I just don't think
he understands that.

I'm not scared of him

but he feels like
this is his castle.

He should be the king,

and we're the peasants
of the castle.

Watch out Autumn,
I'll fight someone over a beer.

David's going to be like,
why are you drinking a beer?

- What?
- You're fucking up my wall, man

That was a lot!


Oh he's such a fucking asshole.


Dustin just ended it.



What are you doing tonight?


And I'm gonna get
really fucked up

because Dustin just fucking
broke up with me.

I literally feel like my heart
just got ripped out of my chest.

Aw, fuck.

See, just put
your hair in a ponytail.

Don't leave it down.

Like put it in a bun
or something.

I did put it
in a pony tail. It just...

Oh fucking Jesus Christ.


Okay while you're doing that,

I'm going to jump to this side.


Holy fuck!

Caden's like
any other teenage boy,

but like he's more respectful,

he's more loyal.

That's like the only
difference with boys.

When he'd try
and like hit on me,

he'd be like,
it sucks that you're...

I was 15 at the time.

So he'd be like
it sucks that you're 15.

And then just out of nowhere,

I don't know what happened.

I guess he just
woke up one morning

and just totally forgot
about my age.

- This one's a cute one.
- Hi!

You're so cute.

Since I'm with Caden,

I don't party every day,
like I used to.

I think he's pretty cute

There's never been a place

where's he's really needed
to protect me.

But I know if something
were to happen to me,

he'd kill a mother fucker.

I already know.

Caden's crazy.

Aw fuck!

You're gonna die
either way. Just stop.


Every time I get
a text, my heart drops

because I think it's Dustin.

Or hope that it's Dustin.

I honestly cannot tell you
a day that I have

gone without drinking or smoking

since me and Dustin
have broken up.

Which is not a good thing,

but I mean I don't know, like,

I don't know what else
I'm supposed to do


my way of coping was

me cutting.

It's scary being alone,
and it's scary thinking too.

Fuck I'm fucked.

Dang, my bed
used to be so low.



I'm really proud that you have

a really good attitude
about it, Michele,

you really do,

because at one time you were
like I'm not going to work.

But now you like the taste
of your own money.

Yes I do.

Because I haven't had a job
since I've been married.

Having this little job

again, makes me
independent a little bit,

but I'm loving my husband again.

Yes, like...

So that's what he calls you?

Yes, like,
he'll call me his sugar momma.

Hey, can you get me
some cigarettes,

hey we need this, this, and this

and I'm like okay. Okay. Okay.

It felt... it did feel good.

It did?

but that's the thing

I don't like him getting moody,
but I don't fight with him.


I don't like to see him
hurt and crying

because he has no one
to open up to

and he can only open up
to another

battle buddy.

You stuck it out

of the whole situation

Somehow, someway,
you figured things out.


But I know he just needs,
he needs to go take a shower

and just cry like a woman.

Just let it out.

I do love the fucking asshole,

because I'm not going
to trade a new asshole

for an old, you know,

If I'm gonna have an asshole

I might as well
keep the one I have.

Yeah, the grass is

not always greener on the-

You're right.

The grass is not always
greener on the other side.

My mom has been
through so much with my dad,

and, like, she forgives him.

I don't know.
Maybe I have to get over it.

I have no clothes here,
it's horrible.

All my clothes are at,
like, Autumn's house

and Caden's house.



I don't know, but I know
this one's mine!

Oh my fucking God.

I'm ready to leave already.

My parent's need to go
to counseling or something.

I swear to God,
we have problems.

My Dad said, "You haven't
been home in forever.

You better get your ass home
and no one be with you."

Just tell you parents
what I tell my parents,

"It's summer, Mom."

They'll just say,
"I don't give a fuck."

Like they just fucking said.

I have to spend family time,

but they're gonna be getting
fucking drunk as fuck.

And I'm gonna sit in my room

Why don't you just wait to leave

The whole fucking time.

Why don't you just
wait to go home

until they're already drunk?

Because they're gonna change
their mind when they're drunk.

Because my Dad told me
to get my ass home.

I hate how my parents, like,

they fuck up and do stuff,

and it's like,


you did something wrong

and then it's like,

brushes over.

But as soon as, like,
I do one little fucking thing,

the fucking world's finna end.

I'm not even fucking joking,


Oh my God, it pisses me off.

Like, yeah.

I made a friend that
doesn't make good choices,

I'm fucking sorry, dude.

but let's not like,

let's not bring up the fact

that you have friends
that molested me,

like, that's okay though.

Like, oh my fucking God.

That shit pisses me off.

"Make better friends."

You were friends with someone
for fucking 20 years

and he molested me,

shut the hell up
and don't talk to me

about my fucking friends.

Can I see that?

I want a time change
'til I'm 18-

and leave here,

and never see my parents again.

I swear to God, that's what
I'm doing when I'm 18.

I'm never, ever, ever,

ever, coming back here.

It literally happened
like five years ago.

That was my Dad's best friend.

My Dad knew him since
he was sixteen.

He trusted him.

Shows you can't trust everyone.

'Cuz I've known him
since I was born.

I didn't have nights where
I cried about it or anything.

I just went to court for it,

The only time I cried

was when like I lost the case,
and that was it.

I feel like
it's so far behind me,

it doesn't really affect me
no more.

No? Oof.

Uh, it's hot!

My elbow's gonna slip.

- Then fix it.

- Hm.

Ow, shit!

I would have smacked
my hand right here.

You better?


I just can't find
anything to wear.

I thought you said Friday?

Honestly, what's the point

of even having flavored condoms

if you don't suck dick
with a condom on?

When you take it off?

People are different and weird.



My Mom, she was like,

"I just want to ask,
do you want,

do you need to go
on birth control or what?"

I go, "Honestly Mom,

I think I should because

me and him have been
getting closer and

I'm not a virgin anymore."

And I was like,
"And it was in his car."

She was like,
"In the fucking car, Aaloni!

You lost your fucking virginity
in the fucking car?"

She's like, "That shit's
supposed to be more special.

What the fuck?"

And I just laughed about it,

but, yeah.

if I could take back

my virginity, I would.

For one,
I didn't want to lose it,

but he kind of, like,
forced that upon me

and two, I was not ready.

I told him, "No,"
literally four fucking times,

four times.

And I even pushed him
off of me twice,

and he still did it.

That's how I lost my virginity.

that's not your virginity.

He was like,

Then why didn't you
do something about it?"

I was like,
"Me saying no four times

and pushing you off of me,

what the fuck...

What is that,
what is that telling you?

You think I want it

if I'm pushing you off
and telling you no?"

Oh, okay.

Do I need to cry?

Do I need to punch you?

What the fuck?

I put all of the blame
on myself.

That's the first thing I did.

At that point, I loved him.

I guess you could say
I was high on love,

and then I was completely
oblivious to what was

happening in reality.

I was ignoring what was
actually happening.

Alright Brittney.

We gotta shoot
before it gets dark.

There's kinda bullets
all over the ground.

So how do I aim on it?

Really there's no fucking
aiming with this thing

because its not accurate,

you're supposed to aim,
all right, this,

just like that rifle
when you shot at the river,

you're supposed to put
this in between these two.

Put your finger on the trigger
when you're ready to shoot.

Push down.

I'm scared.

You have to squeeze
the trigger pretty hard.

Just don't pull back when
you squeeze the trigger.

- Ow!
- There you go!

Okay take it,
that is fucking hard.

Ow, that hurt my finger.

That's all I had in that one.



That fucking hurt my finger.

What did you do?
Did you have it up here?


This thing will come back and
hit your finger if you don't...

Yeah I did, I know now.

Okay. You want...

That fucking hurt.

Like right here.

I don't know,

I've never really
told a guy I loved him,

so, I don't know.

Neither one of us

have said it in person,
I don't think.

I think I have one time,
slipped it

and she just like totally
fucking ignored it, but...


- I, you never said that to me.
- She just waited until we're

as soon as I drop her off
I get an I love you text,

but that's it.

Ow, your freaking hat
poked me in the eye!

It wasn't just, like, a day,


it's just over time, like,

we basically already
live with each other, so...

I feel like she'll
probably live at her house

until she's, like, 18.

But she hates that, so,

I say she's moving in.

- Stop!
- It's like Cinderella.

- I got you.
- Let me go.

- Stop!
- Here.

We're kind of just
at his house the whole time,

unless his friends
want to hang out.

I just be the nice girlfriend.

It's actually worked
pretty well.

I feel like I have not
really done

anything to make him mad.

I mean, he's not like,

"No, you can't hang out
with your friends."

It's more like,

sometimes if it's a friend
he doesn't really like me with,

then he'll be like,
"Do what you want."

And I'm like,

"That's a no, like, that's,
you don't do that."

Okay, Caden's rushing me.

He's what?

He's rushing me.

I feel like you're
about to get yelled at.


Is this one better?


Oh, that hurt the fuck
out of my heart.

We're about to go on a walk.

Oh, where?

- Just a walk.
- Okay.


I coughed
and more smoke came out.

Are you good?

This the weed that
me and Dustin smoked

when he was tripping off.

Oh fuck, I need to
text Caden. Take this.

He said,
"What's taking you so long?"

Like he can't fucking track me.

I mean,
I don't know how to take that.

He said,
"I don't want to rush you,

but I have work in the morning."

Stay here then
and go back tomorrow.

I'm scared.
I feel like he's gonna get mad.

Just say,

I haven't hung out
with Autumn in a minute

which you haven't, and

I'm just gonna stay
here tonight if that's...

Or, or ask him.


Is it okay if I stay
at Autumn's?

Even though he doesn't
control you like that,

but you're still...

I know, like,
he's still gonna let me,

but he's still gonna be pissed.

Let you?
What you mean let you?

Like, he's not gonna tell me no,

I can't stay at Autumn's,

but he's still gonna
be mad that I left him.

He just knows that...
I'm gonna feel bad about it.

It's your call.

I did, I did a cartwheel
and you're gonna mess it up.

So, let's just see what kind
of ice cream cake they have.

Oh, that looks good.

Okay, so what do you want
me to write on there?

Happy Birthday Dalyncia
or Happy B-Day Dalyncia?

That looks good.


That hurts.

You're 13 years old!


You came out Mama's punani.

You just need to keep
your nose in the books

and do what you gotta do,

because you want to
make a lot of money, right?

- Maybe.
- Because you want to take care

of your Daddy and I, right?
- Yeah.

- Well, mostly you, but...


Don't be mean like that,
that's still your father.

I don't want you
to be depending on a man.

As your Mother,
I depend on your Dad.

Because Mommy was a fuck up.

I was a fuck up.

What does that mean? I forgot.

Can you just shut
your mouth, please?

I'm trying to learn!





I'm just gonna go change,
because Dad...

I'm just gonna go change
because Dad said,

- he said...
- Hurry up!

He said, "You're not my daughter
not with that on."


I can wear whatever
I want, I'm at home.

- Don't change.
- Okay.

Because he's a fucking dickhead,
that's why.

I just try to let it
roll off my back.


It's okay though.

He just made me so mad,
it just ruined my day,

but it's okay.

It's okay.

No, don't say nothing.

Don't say nothing.

Don't say nothing.

Don't say nothing.



You really hurt
Dalyncia's feelings,

because she was really
feeling herself and then...

I don't like when you guys

run around with
your belly button hanging o,

I'm sorry.

It is what it is.
I don't like that shit.

Okay, it's her birthday.

Let her feel, like,
comfortable with herself,

Don't tell me how to
act around my daughter.

Well, sometimes
you make us feel like crap

and I don't like that

and I don't like the way,
how she feels right now,

because that's my little sister

- and you making her feel bad.
- You're both my daughters.

Don't fucking talk to me
that way.

You act like she's going ou...

Stop fucking talking
to me like that!


Yeah, okay, exactly.

You wonder why
we don't like you and we wish...

I don't give a shit
if you don't like me.

Weren't our Dad!

We don't love you!

What's the fucking
Stop! Stop!

So, keep talking like that!


You shouldn't have
said anything! I told you.

No, I don't even care,

Dad's a fucking piece of shit!

And he stays making us
feel this way, Dalyncia!

It's your birthday.

You... it's not like
you're going out

and doing, like,
showing people off.

- No, you're staying home.
- But I told you!

I told you,

but he probably wasn't.
- I don't care!

You're still my little sister.

And that's a piece of shit
- Listen, listen!

Dad and he's never
- Stop!

Going to be there when
we're going through our worst.


Oh, my gosh.

Can't we just like..


Have you ever tried
Keystone before?

You want to try it?
- No.

You're a pussy.


He just doesn't drink beer.


So, whoever got the first...

Oh, is that that card game
where you drink?

- Yeah.
- Oh!

Happy birthday, dear

Happy Birthday to you!

Guys, I'm growing cleavage.

No, you're not.

I've barely got cleavage.

I'm growing tissue
like right here.

Oh, tissue. Okay

- Yeah.
- That's different.

I got Snapchat.

Okay, so-

Oh fuck me sideways.

He wants me to
send him booty pics for mon.

Would you do it?

- For money? Yeah.
- Yeah.

For McDonald's, yeah.

Uh, I'm gonna say, "I'll watch
you jerk off for 50 bucks."

I would never watch
a dude jerk off.

That's so gross.

Just answer it. Just answer it.


Someone say something.

Oh my God, that's disgusting.

Why was it so curved
like a U-turn?

Oh, my gosh.

I'm gonna throw up.

It was as bent
as the McDonald's sign.

No, stop, stop, stop.

Can I have some of your fries?


My fries in the moment.

- I don't regret this.

Mm, mm, mm, oh.

I'm not ready to
go back to school.

If there was a reset button
on painting,

I would definitely press it
right now.


Dad, I hate this painting.

- What happened?
- I don't like this painting.

Autumn, it looks beautiful.

It's too dark.

No, it's not.

This is dark.
I wanted it to be lighter.

Okay, so,

change up your mixture
and paint it again

if you're that unhappy
with it, but honestly...

I don't think I can do that


Because it's dry.

Okay, but you can
paint over paint.

You know?

Okay, but you can't put
bright paint over dark paint.

Yes you can.

It's beautiful, girl.

All you gotta do
is fix your boo boos

and take a damn bath, wow.


My mom...

She always bugs me
about being home more, but

I don't really care.

I come here for, like, a day,

and then I leave for about,
like, three or four,

and then I come back.

I leave for about three or four.
Come back for a day.

I don't understand
why I have to be home.

Like, I understand
they wanna see me,

and they don't wanna have to
worry about me being out,

but there's nothing for me
to do here.

I, like, literally hate
being home all day alone.

It scares me.

I hate being alone.

Me and Caden...

I think we're fixing
to get an apartment maybe.

Oh, you're moving out.

Well, it ain't happening.

You're not eighteen.

Okay, you didn't have
to come in here all nyeh nyeh.

I asked you, and I left
you alone about it,


Well, it ain't happening.

- Okay! I didn't
- So six months from now,

- ask again, did I?
- You can ask me again.

- No!
- Cuz it's not happening.

- Did I ask again? No.
- And if you try,

I'll call in the fucking cops.

- On what?
- That'll answer your question.

- On what?
- On you!

- For what?
- And Caden,

and whoever the fuck else
I have to.

You move out,
that's what's happening.

You know, if you
call the cops on me and Caden,

he'd go to freaking jail!

Yeah, so don't move out,
and you're fine.

Okay, then, if you
wanna be like that,

when I turn eighteen,
you won't hear from me again.

I'm serious!

She kicks me out
all the fucking time,

but when I wanna
live with my boyfriend,

it's a fucking problem?

That makes no fucking sense.

That shit pisses me off because

my mom was sixteen,
and my dad was nineteen

when they met each other, so

that's just not fucking fair
for her to say that.

What are they having
for dinner tonight?

Where are your parents at?
It's late.


Yeah, he said some shit
on fucking Cory's thing


I just don't do
anything like I used to do.

Hi, Mom.

So you never
replied to me,

and even my text messages
didn't get back.

Yeah, I was...

I just texted you
what I was doing.

Okay, well call soon.


Caden went to go mow grass.
I'm just at his house.

We're coming!

I'm a free
fucking woman.


Why the fuck would
you give it to me?

Uh-uh, Autumn's gonna burst.


Fuck, guys, I'm doing this.

Like, I'm so scared
I'm sobering up.

Please don't scream, that's one.


do not move.

And three,

nipple skin is really thick,

so I can't just go: one.

It's gonna be, like, one two.

So, we gotta
make the nipple hard.


Okay, this part, the clamps,

low key kinda hurt.

Not gonna lie to you.

Oh, I can't watch.

I'm scared.

Oh, bitch!

Okay, I'm gonna need
you to hold this

so I can get the needle.

I can't hold it.
I can't hold it.

I can't hold it.
I can't hold it.

Is there a way to...

Don't let that shit swing!

No, no that's not right!

Okay. Okay. Are you ready?

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

Oh fuck,
this fucking hurts.

Don't make me laugh
or shake. Okay?


Oh, I'm so scared.


This is the most...

I'm so scared.

In my whole life.

I don't want her
to scream or anything.

Please don't scream.

Do you wanna
bite on something?

Do you know
what you're doing?

I do know what I'm doing.
I just can't see.


Oh my God.

Oh my God. Oh my God.

- Don't-don't do that
- Sorry.

Because you're making me shaky.

Okay, one,

two, three.

Okay, now it got stuck.

It went through, I just have
to go all the way through now.

It's not going through.

What is wrong with your nipple?


Wait, what?

I see, it's poking right out.

Yeah, it's right there.

Do you have any idea
how, like, painful that looks?

You have to push
it through harder.

Okay, jut fucking push it.

I'm trying but it's

Okay, it went through.

There was so much blood.

It's okay.

Alright, well, let
Aaloni wash her hands.

Oh yeah.

You're putting beer on it?

You feel any different though?

I feel like I just
made a mistake.

But it's fine.
I make many of those.

It's cute.

I haven't rode a bike
in forever.

Your feet are tiny!

- Who, mine?
- Yes!

Aaloni, could you do a whee?

Maybe you should go
that high actually.


Now please!

I wish a lot
of things were different.

A lot of things.

But if it was different,

I wouldn't have
my four children.

I don't know
if I'm doing a good job.

I don't know
if I'm doing the right thing.

I hope.
I don't want them to hate m.

A lot gets held inside

without it being shown.

But when you're by yourself,

it comes out.

I just...

You can't be weak.

Well, you can...

You can. You can be weak,

but you can't be that weak
because everybody just human.

Mom, can I wash,
like, white color jeans?

They're not white,
but they're basically white.

Of course you can
those aren't white.

So what am I gonna wear?

All right. So, I got
a really cute outfit for you.

First day of school.

Aaloni, you know
what's cool though?

I had a little
growth spurt this summer.

This is it right here.

This is what I'm wearing
to school, guys.

Looks the comfiest.

I need a hair tie.

It's up there.

This is my hair tie.
I was looking for this.

Bye! Love you.

See ya!

Smile, don't say anything rude.

Life is good.

Love you. Have a good day!

Love you too, mom.

Love you too, mama.

Go back! No!

Most people are
afraid to be themselves.

I think if you were to know
that you were strong,

you'd have...
or people in general would

have a lot more confidence
in themselves

and confidence, confidence
can take you a long way.

I feel scared of
what might happen next.

Like, I know myself more,

but, like,

I'm only 16.

I have forever to go.

All I want... All I
want is-I want you to pick a...

I want you to hit it
at least ten times.

I mean, some of us
were raised tough.

So like, keep it in.

Don't cry.

Get knocked down.
Get back up.

Don't do anything fancy.


Trying to hold it in
doesn't really help me

because I'm still mad.

So that might
make it a little easier.

Keep your feet mobile.
Don't lean into it so much.

It'll pull you right back down.

But now I'm learning
I can be happy.

I can be sad.
I can be mad.

I can be anything on my own.

Alright. Two more times
each. Two more times each.



Fuck, Aaloni, please catch me!

I will!

Okay, last one.

These are better than sex.

But the sex I had
was pretty trash.

Yeah, I was gonna say...

I don't know if I
can ask you that question,

but I kind of want to ask.
Have you ever had sex?

Many times.

Okay. How does it work?


Man, I don't know what
the fuck goin' on lately, bro

Everybody actin'
all different and shit

Ain't nobody

nobody was talkin' to me
like a few months ago

And now everybody hittin'
my phone up and shit

I'm a mothafuckin' Schema boy

I'm a dreamer boy

I love a girl that don't
even fuckin' need a boy

Baby, I'm a beamer boy,
I need a beamer, boy

I want a Z3,
that's a two-seater boy

Okay, I pull my cash out,
shawty pass out

Take her ass out,
then I spaz out

Okay, yeah I hit that,
shawty, get back

I got death notes,
where my list at?

Yeah, I'm in my zone now,
I put my phone down

I'm on my own now,
I'm on my own now

Ya girl, she wanna
go down on a real one

I hit JGRXXN, like
"what's the deal bruh?"

You see me doin' shows
now, I'm a pro now

I got hoes now
and I got some dough now

But they don't wanna hear
that, they want that real shit

They want that drug talk,
that "I can't feel" shit

I'm never comin' home now,
all alone now

Can't let my bros down,
can't let my bros down

I feel like I'm a no one,
that's what they told me

I'ma show ya, baby,
I was chosen, aye

I'm a mothafuckin' Schema boy

I'm a dreamer boy

I love a girl that don't
even fuckin' need a boy

Baby, I'm a beamer boy,
I need a beamer, boy

I want a Z3,
that's a two-seater boy

Okay, I pull my cash out,
shawty pass out

Take her ass out,
then I spaz out

Okay, yeah I hit that,
shawty, get back

I got death notes,
where my list at?

Yeah, I'm in my zone now,
I'm a pro now

I got hoes now
and I got some dough now

But they don't wanna hear
that, they want that real shit

They want that drug talk,
that "I can't feel" shit


Beamer boy