Curveball (2020) - full transcript

CURVEBALL tells the grotesque, at times even surreal, true story of how the Iraq war was started based on nothing but fake intelligence and the involvement of the German government and the German secret service.

What is truth?

It's an illusion, of course.

But what do we become if we
stop searching for truth?


Forget it.

Hey, let's move on.




No, that.


You're kid.


Well, this just
seems a little fast.

No, yes.

That makes sense,

I understand what
you're saying, but,


Okay, yeah.


No, no!

Can't hear you.

Goddamn it.

Yeah, all right.

I will let everybody know.

We're done.

What do you mean?

It's over, we're going home.


Have you remembered
the blue boxes?


And are they in
alphabetical order?

Yes, they are.

- Are you sure?
- Are you fucking kidding me?

'Cause they don't
look like they are.

They need to be in
alphabetical order every time.


Thank you.

Come on.


I can't believe it's
our last night in Iraq.


You're gonna be home,

drinking a German beer,

fucking your German life.

Les, I,

I don't have a wife.

Are you fucking with me?

Why did you say that you did?

I didn't want you to think

that I was looking for somebody.


all right.

So, you thought I
would wanna marry you.

Is that it?


I thought you'd run away.

Can I use your shower?

Of course.

milzbrand in German.

Technically easy to produce.

The dyed spores can
survive for decades.

They could be in the air
you're breathing right now.

In the fabric of your recently

imported Middle
Eastern bedsheets.

You inhale,

the spores germinate
in your lungs

and you'll be

rotting alive, basically.

Hello, bio-warfare.

So, what is this all about?


Hello Retzlaff.

Good day Dr. Wolf.

You desert fox.


Please, sit down.

Has Retzlaff filled
you in already?

No, not yet.

Good, let's start.

Okay, so Dr. Wolf,

right now, no secret service
has informants in Iraq.

As soon as the weapons
inspections are over,

the CIA leaves with
their pens down, right?


That's one way of putting it.

Britain and Israel
also have no people there

but we just got our
hands on someone.

And we'd like to
hear your thoughts

as an Iraq expert.


Are you an expert on Iraq?

I'm an expert in bio-weapons.

Retzlaff, he was
there for three years.

Do you doubt his capability?

Well, there's an
informant I recruited

who's implying he was involved

in an Iraq chemical
weapons program

or something similar.

I see, and you
got him from Iraq?


From the refugee processing
center in Tsundarf

Mmm, from a refugee center.


He's applied for
political asylum

and claims to be a chemical
engineer from Baghdad.

He worked for the government

in a building called LCDC.

Does that ring any bells?

ACDC, like the rock band?

I can see you're an
expert as you may as well.

Guys, let's just
watch the video.

Retzlaff, do you have the tape?

No need, I can sum it up.

Retzlaff, the doctor
needs to see for himself.

Ms. Smith!

play the video.

It's just boring descriptions.


Let's just watch the video.

Thank you.

Go ahead Retzlaff, talk.

Okay. This is the central
refugee processing center

in Tsundarf.

He arrived two months ago.

This is his room with six bunks.

That's him?

Yes, Rafid Alwan.

His asylum procedure will
take three to five years.

During which he can't
walk or leave the area

and he knows this.

Which means if
he works with us

he will be one
very happy schmuck.


Exactly, this is his
initial interrogation.

Where are you from?

My name is Alwan Rafid Ginave.

I am born in Baghdad,
Iraq, 3rd of June, 1968.

Mr. Alwan, what
is your profession?

Your job?

I am a chemical engineer.

I have a diploma from
Baghdad university.

And where did you work?

I worked at LCDC.

LCDC. What exactly is that?

Where is it?

It is.

He says it's
for design of chemicals.

A red building in Baghdad.

Could you pause for a second.

We have verified the existence
of this red building.

It's here,

but it is called El
Caratt and not ACDC.


LCDC sounds Arabic, but it's
an English abbreviation.

May I?

C E D C.

Chemical engineering
and design center.

And that's been in El
Caratt since the 1980s.

It's director used to
be a doctor Riha Tahar,

also known as Dr. Germ.

I would say our informant
is claiming to be an insider

from Saddam's bio
weapons program.



I'll start cresting
him tomorrow.


Maybe that should be done

by someone with knowledge
of biochemistry in Iraq.

Wait a minute,

he's my contact.

Yes, but you have no idea
what he's talking about.

Yeah, but listen-

- Dr. Wolf, from now on,
you'll be the case officer.


Retzlaff here will
show you the ropes


End of discussion.

He has no idea.

He's department 4, he
belongs behind a desk.

I'm the case officer.

Don't insult me here like that.

I've made my decision, yeah?

The doctor will do it
with or without you

Fine, whatever.

I guess anyone can play
James Bond here now.

What a joke.

See doctor.

I'm surrounded by fools,

people who'll do
anything to get ahead.

But you, you are different.

You want to go back to Iraq?

Don't you?

I read your reports.

You're absolutely right.

The Yanks let Saddam
off far too easy, okay?

Let me tell you, the chancellery

is not opposed to your position,

but for something to happen,

they need proper proof.

I can check out this Iraqi

but to be honest,
I'm a bit skeptical.

The stories they tried
to tell us in Iraq

were unbelievable.

You, be skeptical?

Doctor, we're
together on this one.

Do you know where the box is

with all my school stuff in it?

No idea.

Isn't it time we got
rid of mom's things.

I'm on it.

Okay, I'll be off then.

Wait, how's college?

We're on semester
break right now.

How have you been,
any new mission?

I can't talk about it.

You know that.

Are you dating anyone?

What about the American woman?

The one from Iraq.


She's in America.

Haven't heard from her in ages.

All good.

I'd better get going.


We'll have tea another time.



Last can.

Then someone will
have to fetch some more.

Very demeaning
to a case officer.

I know, which is
why I can't do it.

I'm sorry, I don't
know the English words.

No, no, no, no.

Let's wait for the translation.


It's a really technical term.

Something like
kernel improvement.

Kernel improvement?


Kernel improvement.

Seed purification?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Seed purification.

So what you're saying
is that you worked

at Java Nadar factory
doing seed purification.

Tell me exactly
what you did there.

You know, after the sanctions,

our people were suffering.

So we have to increase,

we have to make more of the,

the result of the


Agricultural results

Mr. Alwan, it's
common knowledge,

everybody knows
that your government

used seed purification

as a cover for something else.

How'd you know?

I was there.

So what did you really do there?

This is ridiculous,
you're wasting our time.

Java Nadiff was a bad place.

Okay, no man should do this.


What's bad about
seed purification?

He means anthrax.

I know.


You are saying that you
worked with anthrax germs?

I am an engineer.

Okay, I build the mission.

I maintain, maintain machines.

What kind of machines?

Who is listening here?

Where did you find this?

What is this?

Nobody's listening.

You're at a safe place here.


Go on.

I maintain diaphragm pumps.

What kind of diaphragms pumps?

Look, it's a horrible weapon.

It's a horrible weapon.

It's very dangerous.

Okay, I see accident.

I see people die.

You witnessed an accident
with biological material?

I'm sorry.

He came to look.

He came to, to watch,

to see the people die
and, and he laughed.

Who, who came?

Rafid, you have to tell us
more about this accident.

Do you know the Mukhabarat?

Iraqi secret service,
of course, why?

They listen to everything.

They know everything.

I need protection.

I need good protection.

I cannot go back to Asurai Time.

They are everywhere, everywhere.


We'll protect you.

We'll get you out
of Asiland Heim.

We'll get you out
of the refugee center.

Mind telling me how?

A car would do that,

an apartment, a new identity.

An apartment.

Where's that supposed
to come from?

Retzlaff, I'm sure
department one will manage.

Are you taking the sofa inside

or are you already
on your lunch break?

Okay, both rooms.

I need the kitchen
and the living room

with Alwan.

The other way round or
he will be facing the wall


Living room.

Can I?

Do you like it?

It's beautiful.

Rafid, we need proof
of what you're saying.

We need the names of the
people who have been there.

Names of the victims, anything.

I'm sorry Dr. Wolf,

I want to help you.

Let me ask you, what happens
to me when we are finished?

If I go back to Iraq, I'm dead.

I need the German passport.

German passport.



You can forget it.

He's concerned
about his safety.

Naturalization is a
bureaucratic nightmare.

Plus we'd have to
bare our assets all,

just for an
unverified informant.

No, we'll have to
find another way.

All of you, we need evidence.

He told us about that
bio-weapon accident.

It really can't be that hard

to get testimony to corroborate.

I've reached out to my
contacts at MI6 in London.

There's someone who used to
be a very good source for us.

Certain Dr. Latiff.

He's in Dubai right now.

Dr. Basal Latiff?

We've checked him.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. Yeah.

He just parrots the
official Iraqi position.

All bio-weapons
programs ceased in 1993.

Information is worthless.

Why wasn't I told?

it was in the
last report, here.

Read it.

And if we talked to MI6,

it must be all through Geta.

Oh dear God.

This really is an
absolute catastrophe.

At some point I'll
have to hit the brakes

or we look like
complete barbarians.

Wolf, I'm giving
you one more week.

Then I'll need to see results.

Mr. Schatz,
about that accident

anthrax exposure.

You don't get it just as bad.

If we found some
antibodies in his blood,

it will prove conclusively

that he worked
with the pathogens.


We could do an antibody test.

Come with me.


That sounds promising.

In there, why didn't
you mention this before?

The only ones able to do
precise tests are the Americans.

Well this sucks.

The chancellor, he
wants to impress

the yanks with our work.

We can't ask them for help.

Definitely not.

Besides, once the U.S
has direct access,

we're thrown out.

It's always the same.

I have a contact at the CIA.

An expert in bio-weapons,
we met in Iraq.

I could try to get
it done quietly.


This is the German bakery,

I have some fresh marshmallows.

If you do not
yet have a ticket for tomorrow

we would kindly ask
you to collect one from

the detention office today.

How are you?

what have you been doing?

What have I been doing?

Writing reports, enrichment,

fishing for trout
in the Patelmic,

coming to grips with
the fact that the rest

of the world doesn't really
care about bio weapons.


How did you do that?

I'm not like you.

I can change my priorities.

So, what's up?

Les, I need a favor.

We have an informant from Iraq

who claims to have witnessed
an anthrax accident.

We want his blood
tested for antibodies.

That guy came to you.



How do you know this isn't
old Saddam fucking with you?

Why would he?

What if he has no weapons?


What if he doesn't want the rest

of us to know how
weak he really is?

Interesting theory.

Why are you asking
me like this anyway?

Why not just go through
the official channels,

send the guy over?

I can't.


My boss fears that
you won't give him back.

Well, I can't just
walk into the office

and ask them to
test a vial of blood

for anthrax antibodies.

What am I supposed to tell them?


It's for my new boyfriend.

I cannot put my job on the
line for this, I'm sorry.

Oh my God.

You're like a dog with a bone.

So, can you please do it?


Anything else you
want to say to me

after two years of
complete silence?

Otherwise, I have
things I gotta do.


My contact can't get
the antibody test done,

not without an official request.

So we're screwed then.

An official request won't work.

I know it's been
a week now but

I thought I could maybe
crack the Iraqi myself,

pay him a private visit.

Try the emotional approach.

Emotional, huh?

Sounds very bold
for you Dr. Wolf.

What? Why?

All right, go for it.


Dr. Wolf.

How are you?

I'm fine, thank you.

Good to see you.

You want to join me?

Yes, of course.

Please sit.

It's beautiful, huh?

Yes. Yes.

Do you like your neighborhood?


What's wrong?

I miss my wife Dr. Wolf.


You have a wife?

Yeah, I had.

She's gone.

Have you seen this before?

It's called "rodeln."


"Rodeln," yeah.

You want to try?



No, no.

This is for children.

No, no, no, no.

It's for grownups too.





Hold on.

What are you doing?

No, no, Dr. Wolf.

Excuse me.

My friend over
here, he's from Iraq

and he's never been
sledding before.

Do you think we could
borrow your sled?

Okay, you sit down.

- Here.
- Yes.

- Take this.
- Yes.

- Okay?
- Yes, yes.

And then straight down.


Dr. Wolf, I'm too big.

I'm too big, I'm too
big, I'm too big.

No, trust me

- I'm a man.
- Dr. Wolf!

Dr. Wolf!


One, one, one more.


That was quite good.


Is, what is?


Yes, yes.

Feels so nice,
thank you doctor.

You know, you, you are a
real friend to me doctor.

Thank you.

You're a friend
too Rafid, you know?

But I need your help.

Of course doctor, anything.

I need some proof of what
you've been telling me.

Like, did they buy
any special materials

or substances from
another country?

Or a name.

I want to help you

and give you this
information doctor

but I told you before
I need protection.

Rafid, please trust me.

I trust you when I get
the German passport, doctor.

If you tell me
something to confirm that

Saddam is still making anthrax,

then I'll get your passport.


I promise.

Okay, I trust you doctor.

Okay, wait.

You remember how the UN people
always look for bio-weapons

in Iraq and they
never find anything.

No they didn't.

Of course not.

Now look,

you have the water tanks.


And then you have the tanks
for the active material,

the nutrition
broth, the visilos.

From there, they go
into the mixing tank

for bleeding and processing.


And finally, to
the storage tank

for the finished anthrax agent.



Now look, you take everything

and put on huge trucks.

It's moving around all the time.

Never in the same
place, all over Iraq.

When it's finished, they go
to Java Nadav and unload.

But we've been to Java Nadav,

there was nothing there.

Of course not because
when you come, they move.


This is Java Nadav,
north of Baghdad.

Here in this building,

trucks are loaded and
unloaded, 40 toners.

They enter here,

go up the road,


then drive into the building.

Right now, seven of these trucks

are on the move in Iraq.

I find your story
entirely plausible.

This is just great.

Absolutely amazing.

Write it up.

The report is complete

but shouldn't we wait
for a validation.

For what?

Just hearing the word
wait brings me down.

Doctor, listen to your
gut, your intuition.

Do you trust your source or not?

Dog and his bone.

Yes, yes, yes,

yes, yes, yes,


Desert Fox isn't good
enough for you Dr. Wolf.

So we used to be the
doormat of the CIA

for the longest time.

Not anymore.

Thank you Dr. Wolf.

Here, from MI6.

Exceptional source.

Most side, provide
additional information.

From the CIA,
potential game changer.

They've even given
him his own code name,


Oh, thank you.


And suddenly I'm getting calls

from all the Intel agencies.

So, and get this,

chancellor Gerhard
Schroder sends his regard.

They want those Stazi
files from the yanks.

So now they think they have
an ace up their sleeve.

To you.


The whole business will
open doors for all of us.

Now, be honest.

Where do you see
yourself in a year?


Go ahead.

Think big.

You could get a top post.

You know, I want
to go back to Iraq

But there's nothing
to drink there, doctor.


You know, I,

I don't think Saddam wants
to use anthrax there,

he wants to use it
here in the west.

One terrorist with
a spray bottle

could wipe out an entire city.

Everyone would inhale it
like pollen in spring.

It starts out like a flu.

Difficulty breathing, fever.

Hey, there's people
eating over here.

Wheezing, your brain swells,

the lymph nodes in your lungs
burst like rotten tomatoes,

you cough up blood.

Organs fail next.

Treatment is ineffective.

The outcome is
almost always fatal.

Doctor, I'm so
glad I'm not you.

Hey Schatz.

Hi Ernst.

Don't lie to me,

you can't get passports for us.

When did I lie to you?

I never lied to you.

You don't know the risk
I'm taking for you.

Pause it.

Did he just say he
was taking a risk?


Okay, carry on.

A generation shaped by Vietnam

must remember the
lessons of Vietnam.

When America uses
force in the world,

the cause must be just,

the goal must be clear

and the victory must
be overwhelming.

You want to drink something?


They have diet
coke here, right?


Excuse me, over here.

I wanna try currywurst.


Yeah. That's like a
thing here, isn't it?


All right.

Well then I'm in
Berlin, I wanna try it.


I'll be hoping when I go home.

Hello. We would
like a cola light

and two currywurst, please.


So I'm glad you called.

What brings you to Berlin?

I'm here and I'm,
like a delegation thing.

It's classified.

Yeah, but.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What about Iraq?

They say the Bush family might

want to finish some
business down there.

Yeah, maybe.

I think they're still
like sorting things out.

I read your report.


Yeah, congratulations.

You must be quite the celebrity

over at the BND now.

Les, I want to go back there

and just find those trucks.

That's all I want.

I tested that blood vial.


The one you gave me.

I had it checked for
anthrax antibodies.



They either, he wasn't there

or the whole thing
didn't happen.


But maybe it was there
and wasn't exposed.


Yeah, maybe.

I mean that proves nothing.

No, it doesn't.


So, have fun.

Oh my God.


This is disgusting.


Looks like an anthrax accident.

It tastes like one too.


Oh my god.

It's my phone.

Are you gonna get it?


This is Schatz.

The Iraqi's gone.

He hasn't been home
in more than a week.

We're launching a man hunt.

And where are you?

Get your ass here now!

Go, get outta here,

it sounds important.


Rafid, if you're not
coming home at night

you have to tell us, okay?

This is Germany.

Not coming home,
it's not normal.


Here, drink.

Come on.

You are our most
important informant.

You know that?


And we still need your help.

You need my help?

You'll get your passport.

I promise.

What? What's wrong?

No, no. Rafid,
what's going on?

Rafid, come on.

Someone's coming.


I don't know him,
man with a cap.

Close the door,
close the door.

Notebooks, slips
of paper, et cetera.

All the classic
hiding places, yeah.

Mr. Schatz, come here please.

We can call off
the man hunt then.


You know what this
is, this building?

I know nothing.

No passports, I know nothing.


And a bottle of
champagne to go with it?

What's this?

Mind telling me what's going on.

Java Nadaf, I've already gone

over the building plans
with him at length.

But definitely
not this picture.

This is from October, 1993.

So the exact time his trucks

were supposed to have
been going there,

big 40 toners with
semi trailers.

Now then, look at
this wall right here.

Solid, made of stone.

How exactly is a truck
supposed to get in there?

Tell me, you were there.

It's a fake.

A satellite photo
from the CIA is a fake?

Highly unlikely.

Oh, and by the way,

the blood test you asked

your friend of the
CIA to have done,

the Americans sent us
the results yesterday.

No verifiable contact
with biological agents.

The only thing of note was
a 0.14 blood alcohol level.

Yeah, but,

this just means he
wasn't infected.

It proves nothing.

Come on, there's more.

Sit over there.

There you go.

We found it in his apartment.

That prints out of your report

from the 1998 UNs
commission in Iraq,

freely available on the web.

He's marked the passages.

Production of biological agents
might have been transferred

to mobile units like trucks.

He literally fed
you your own idea.

For God's sake, you must
have thought about that.

I just thought we were right.

I had to pass it up the chain.

As you can imagine, the
chancellery was not amused.

They expect hit to row.

You'll have to tough this out.

I'm suspending you for now.

He's admitted it.

It's all made up.

There are no trucks.

Lets go guys.
Lets go, move it.

Right here, right here.

Just stay right here.

Here it comes.

Tonight we are a
country awakened to danger

and called to defend freedom.

Our grief has turned to anger

and anger to resolution.

Whether we bring our
enemies to justice

or bring justice to our enemies,

justice will be done.

How to
change the filter.

It's a particularly tight fit.

Cynical but true.

At Harry Reignar, the
technical wholesalers,

the anthrax attack in USA
has caused growing demand

for special safety devices.

Fear is great for business.

It's become
clear recently

to the major
insurance companies.

The first
anthrax attacks

have now occurred in Germany.

Four weeks after the
first cases in the USA,

the pathogens have been
discovered in mail items


Initial tests were positive.

The governments of
the effected states

are awaiting further reports.

A crisis committee will meet

at the chancellery tonight.

Rudolphdas job center.

This is the federal
intelligence service

you're calling
after office hours.

Please leave a message.

Yeah. Auf Wolf here.

Dr. Wolf, formerly of department
three biological warfare.

Could you pass on
that I'm available.

I've just seen the news about,

about these anthrax incidents.

Maybe my expertise
could be of use.


Good morning.


I'm sorry, it's a
little bit of a mess.

It's okay, don't
worry about it.

Doc, it's okay.

Just put it, put
it, put it down.

Okay? Just put it down.

It's okay.

I miss you.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it,

we're all having a tough time.

Oh, I forgot.

How did you get along?

Okay, because I
know we are gonna

catch the bastards
that did this.

Did you know
somebody in the towers?

I'm sorry.

Look, I am prepping
a new mission to Iraq

and I need you to help
me with something.

Of course, anything.

You still in touch
with Curveball?


Well, he,

he invites me from
time to time but,

I'm not going.

Well, I'm not working
there anymore so.

You didn't know.

No. Why what happened?

Well, they needed somebody
to put the blame on.

Sorry, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Blame for what?

Didn't you read
the burn notice?

No. What burn notice?

There's been a burn
notice on Curveball

On Curveball, who wrote it?

The BND.

I mean they, they threw me out.

There must be a burn notice.

Curveball's story is a lie.

There are no trucks.

Says who?

He himself admitted it.


But what about, what
about your evidence?

You guys seemed
pretty convinced.


Here, that's all we got.

His drawing.

This is the evidence.

That's a joke.

No it's not.

Okay, look,

I would just feel
better if I knew

that you were keeping
an eye on him, okay?

I think Curveball might
be a piece of the puzzle.

Do you know something
about Curveball I don't know?

Someone might know
something we both don't know.

Dr. Wolf, you came.

This means you're
not angry anymore.

Maybe a little bit.

Eid Mubarak.

Yes, please come in, come in.

Take off your jacket.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


Come, come, come,
come, come, come, come.

Everyone, please.

This is my very special guest,

Dr. Wolf from the
German secret service.

Yes, yes, applause.

Sit down Dr. Wolf.

I'll get you a drink, okay?

You secret service?

We are colleagues.

Oh, really?

Which country?


My wife told me to spy out

the secret ingredient
in biryani.



Rafid, don't tell anybody
about the BND, never.


You can never know
who spies for Saddam.

These are all friends.

It doesn't matter.

Think of the Mukhabarat.

Stop worrying.

Dr. Wolf, they can
do nothing anymore.

Now I am German, I am safe.

To you.

Excuse me? What?

What do you mean German?

Yes, yes.

No more Iraq, no

It's a good picture, huh?



Because of you.

You promised it to me

and now I have it.

Doctor, thank you.

This man, hey,

this man, he get me
a German passport.

Would you leave us please?

Do you understand?

Out, out, we need
to have a word.

Doctor, why are you?

Who gave you the passport?

I don't know, Retzlaff?


After last time when we met I-

- So, I lost my job and
you got your passport?

You lose? I didn't
know you lost your,

I am sorry.

Are you taking my passport?

I don't give a shit
about your passport.

All I want to
do doctor is live

a normal life like a normal man.



Rafid, I don't take
your passport, okay?


I promise.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I just have a
question for you.

An important question.

And you have to be honest.

Have you ever
worked with anthrax?

Doctor please.

Is there anything you
know about bio-weapons?


No more talking Dr. Wolf.

Now we take a drink, I
have to check on the meat.

Please come join me.


Why did you give Rafid
Alwan a German passport?

Why did you fire me

and make him employee
of the month?

Calm down Wolf.

Who let you in here anyway?

Why in the hell does
the CIA still believe

Curveball is an active source.

Take it easy now doctor,

Schatz is your man.

We kept quiet about
shutting down the Iraqi

because that's
what Schatz wanted.

And believe me, I didn't
feel right about it.

So the burn notice
wasn't sent upstairs?

What burn notice?

Wolf, you may not have heard,

but Schatz is
promoted to Berlin.

Do you think he'd be promoted

if they knew how the Iraqi
fucked us over like that?

What does that mean?

I'm sorry sir,
I can't help you.

- You have to-
- Make a request, of course.

Schatz, Schatz, Schatz!

We need to talk about Curveball,

right now!

I am not leaving.

For God's sake.

You can't make a
scene like that.

Why do the Yanks
still think Curveball

is an active source?

Why don't they know the
trucks are not real?

No, what makes you say that?

A few days ago, I had
a visit from the CIA.

They wanted my help
to get to Rafid Alwan,

imagine that.

They have no idea this
whole Curveball thing

is a total bullshit.

The yanks tried to get
to the Iraqi through you?



Mr. Schatz,

you forced me to quit
my job because of this.

But to the outside, you
swept it under the rug.

Does the government
still believe

Saddam is still building
bio-weapons trucks?

Why is there no burn notice?

Because of your fucking career?

Calm down, okay?

And just to be clear,

everyone knows it's bullshit,

all the way to the top.


So why don't the other
secret services know?

Does that also
come from the top?

These are political decisions.

You can't understand
the ramifications.

Right, of course.

So you wouldn't mind or care

if I informed the
press then, hmm?

You know what your problem is?

You can't get over your
own failure, can you huh?

Don't ever forget that
it was your report

that the Iraqi used

and that it's your signature
on the Curveball file,

not mine.


Oh, and remember, the
whole matter is top secret.

If you tell anybody about it,

you'll be committing treason.

There are a number
of terrorist states

pursuing weapons of
mass destruction,

Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria,

to name but a few,

but no terrorist
state poses a greater

or more immediate threat to
the security of our people

and the stability of the world

than the regime of
Saddam Hussein in Iraq.



Don't worry, it's me.


You still have a key?

I was going to
leave it here anyways.

No, no, keep it.

Who knows?



How are things?

Pretty good.

Lots of free time.

And you, why didn't you call?

This was a spontaneous idea.

I'm invited to a new
year's eve party,

it's just around the corner.

Oh, okay.

I thought I'd drop by.


Are you expecting visitors?


Who would come to visit me here?

All right.

All right.

Come on.

What the hell?

Dr. Wold.


Come in.

Thank you.

Can you close the door please?

Close the door, close the door.

What's going on?

This your wife?

This is my daughter Meg.

Meg, this is Mr. Alwan.

Very nice to-

- Rafid, Rafid.


What's going on?

The Iraqi Secret
Police want to kill me.

They would think I'm a traitor,

they came to kill me.

Please calm down.


Come with me.

Come with me for
a second please.

Meg, I'm sorry.

Informants don't usually come to

the homes of
intelligence personnel.

Papa, he mentioned the
Iraqi Secret Service.

What's going on?

Meg, Meg, he's exaggerating.

Okay? I'll calm him down.

Come with me.

I can call the police for you.

Meg, please.

The man is paranoid, okay?

I'll take care of him.

Don't you worry.

Okay, just go to your
new year's eve party.

Dr. Wolf.

Rafid, I'm coming!


Please don't tell
anyone about this.

I'm sorry.

I don't know
anything about you.


Rafid, she's gone.

I don't want my daughter
involved in this.

The Mukhabarat come
to my house doctor

and they want to take me.

So I run.


But I don't know where to go.

Of course.

You'll have to calm down.

All right? Sit down.

Can you hide me please?

Of course.


Did somebody follow you?

I took the bus for two hours

and then I walk for
a very long time.

I think no.


But you have to calm down.


Yes, of course, yes.

Do you have a drink, maybe?

Of course.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

You are my only real
friend Dr. Wolf.

I have to piss.






Oh, thank God.

Where are you?

I'm on the road, what's up?

They kidnapped Curveball.

I think it's the Iraqi's.

I'm tailing them now.


Tell me what you know

They have a black van.

They just left the A95 heading

Heading towards what?

I have no idea
what you're saying.

Can you spell it?

Oh God, yeah okay.

It's O B E I A M.

It's the highway from Munich
going Southwest, okay?


Maybe they bring
him to Switzerland,

I don't know.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Yeah. Okay.

All right.

Listen, listen to me.

We are gonna take care of this.


I will send somebody right now.

Okay, but don't you
want me to follow?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Do not put yourself
in danger, okay?

These fucking
Iraqis are animals,

you know that.

I gotta get to work
on this, all right?

But go home.

Get some sleep.

I will call you, okay?

- Take care.
- Okay.

Okay, yeah.

What's he doing?

Slowing down.

The car is stopping.


Mann, he's waking up.

Should we put him out again?


No, I'll talk to him.

Good morning Mr. Alwan.

Who are you?

We're the good
guys, don't worry,

we work for the US government


Jerry, get some water.

Mr. Alwan, I have
something here that will

make you feel much better.


Yeah, yeah, yeah,

for your head, take it.

It's good?


I'm really sorry we had
to pick you up like this.

The Germans were making
such a fuss about you.

The Germans?

The Germans didn't
want us to meet you.


No, they told us you
don't like Americans.

No, no, I like.

Yeah? Good.

The US government has a
very good offer for you.



Have you ever thought about
living in the United States?


Damn it!

Mr. Alwan, you feeling good?


We want everything to be as
natural as possible, okay?

So just tell us your
story in your own words,

just as you are.

What do you want
me to say, I'm sorry?

I am gonna ask you
some questions about Iraq

and about the
anthrax trucks, okay?


Just tell us what
you told the Germans.

You know, it's been
so long time ago so,

I don't remember exactly how.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, that's okay.

We actually have
something for you.

This is a summary of your
past statements, okay?

This is what we wanna hear.

You want to take a
minute to look at it

before we start recording?


Okay, all right. Take your time.

I'm sorry, can I ask?

You know everything I say.

Yeah, yes we do.

Why you want to
make a video with me?

We are going to broadcast it.

You want?

We're going to put
it on TV, television.


Rafid, do you
like Saddam Hussein?

He is the president of Iraq.

Mmmhmm, yeah he is.

But is he a good president
or is he a cruel dictator?



What happens to people
who disagree with Saddam?

Are they free to
say what they want?

- No, no, no.
- No, no.

Be a good thing if someone
were to get rid of Saddam.

You want to get rid of, but
you cannot get rid of Saddam.


Because Saddam has
much power, you know?

The army, the secret police,
the Republican guard.

And you don't think the
United States could win in Iraq.

I don't know.

But the more people that
are with us in that struggle,

the better the
chances are, right?

And that's why we wanna
make this video with you.

We need everyone to know

that Saddam has terrible weapons

and that it is very important

that we take those
away from him.



Sorry for the interruption.

Somebody is approaching
the premises.

Oh Jesus Christ.

Hang tight guys,

I'll be right back.

Dog with a bone.

Rafid is under
German authority.

You kidnapped a German source.

No, we didn't kidnap him,

we borrowed him.


Man, I'm just doing
my job here, okay?

Question is what are you doing?

I thought you were retired.

What do you want from him?

What do we want?

Come on, he's a
fucking one trick pony.

We want the anthrax story.

But why?

It's a proven fake,
you know it's not true.

Jesus Christ.

You are so stuck on the truth.

Truth doesn't matter.

Justice, justice matters.

And that
gives you the right

to twist the facts?

We make the facts.

Go home.

Mr. Alwan, before we go on,

I'm gonna need you to
swear that the testimony

you're about to
give is the truth

the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth.

To do?

I need you to swear.

Ah, to God.

Even better,
whomever you like.


Hey, come back!



Rafid, come on!

Sit down.

Okay, okay.

Let's go, let's go!



What do we do?

What should we do?

Take the van, go find 'em.


Are you okay?


We made it.

Are you sure?


Yes, we escaped the CIA.

Go, push harder!



- No.
- What?

Doesn't work

Okay, let's try again.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on!


Watch out, watch out!



We lost him.

Ah, shit.

All right.

Come back, we'll regroup here.

Let's move out.

Hook up the satellite
feed for me.


Sir, we lost the asset.

It didn't work out

but I think I might
have a viable plan B.

Yeah, we're sending it now.

What do we do now?

We can't go home.

We need a hotel.

Oh fuck.



Come on, you can't be serious.

I have the right
to call a lawyer.

Tell me why we're
being held here.

Hello? What's going on here?

Talk to me.

Good God boys.

It is new years.

Normal people are
with their families.

Yeah, you should
file a complaint

so the CIA can only abduct
sources on working days.

Oh right, the humor expert.

I remember.

Rafid, wake up.

It's time to go home.

Go home.


That's it?

You can't take him home.

The Yanks know where he lives.

Don't worry doctor.

He'll get a new place.

Dr. Wolf,

what about you?

Right? What about me?

Other colleagues here
will call you a cab.

Oh no, Dr. Wolf!

The story works.

Can you clean it up a bit?

You don't think
it's too simple?

Simple is perfect.

People love simple stuff.

are urged to speak

for not more than seven minutes.

The purpose of this
meeting is to hear

a presentation by
the United States.

I call now on the distinguished

Secretary of State of the
United States of America,

his excellency,
Mr. Colin Powell.

Thank you Mr. President.

Mr. President, Mr.
Secretary General,

distinguished colleagues,

this is important day for us all

as we review the
situation with respect

to Iraq and its
disarmament obligations

under UN security
council resolution 1441.

Let me take you inside
that intelligence file

and share with you what we
know from eyewitness accounts.

We have first hand descriptions
of biological weapons

factories on wheels
and on rails.

The trucks and train
cars are easily moved

and are designed to evade
detection by inspectors.

Ladies and gentlemen, these
are sophisticated facilities.

For example, they can produce
anthrax and botulinum toxin.

In fact, they can produce
enough dry biological agent

in a single month
to kill thousands

upon thousands of people.

The description
our sources gave us

of the technical
features required

by such facilities
are highly detailed

and extremely accurate

as these drawings based
on their description show.

Papa what's the matter?


We know how they

And we know a great deal

about the platforms on
which they were mounted.

The source was an eyewitness,

an Iraqi chemical
engineer who supervised

one of these facilities.

He actually was present during

biological agent
production runs.

He was also at the site
when an accident occurred.

It's Prime Minister
Fischer, say something please!

This defective
is currently hiding

in another country with
a certain knowledge

that Saddam Hussein
will kill him

if he finds him.

So, do you remember the
Iraqi from New Year's Eve?

They're talking about him.

The story is fake.

Are you sure?

Yes, of course, I know it.

The United States will
not and cannot run that

risk to the American people.

Leaving Saddam
Hussein in possession

of weapons of mass destruction
for a few more months.

You must go to the press.

Hello? Is
your father at home?



Dr. Wolf, come with us please.

You will be working for

a sports shoe
manufacturer in Munich.

Here, but you don't
really have to go there.

It's just for, it's
just on paper paper.

So you don't have to go to work.

You'll get 3000 euros
every month without work.

I mean, that's not bad, huh?

For me?


You have to sign here.

I don't have to work?


So what I have to do?

Nothing, you do nothing

Just keep out of sight please.

No talking with journalists,

no talking with anyone.




If you talk, we
take it all away.


Hello Dr. Wolf,
the desert fox.

How are you feeling?

Like shit.

And you?

You two, wait outside, yeah?

Please, sit down.

What do you want?

Did you watch the UN meeting?

Wouldn't have happened
if Curveball was burned.

Then you don't know the Yanks.

We can't admit that one
of our own sources was

a lying scammer who was
bullshitting us for two years.

I see, and why not?

Doctor, try to see
the political context.

There's going to be a war.

Chancellor Schröder
clearly stated that Germany

is against the war.

But that's also the
problem, you see?

What? I don't get it.

We're working our butts
off to limit the damage.

What damage?

To transatlantic relations.

The US is starting
a war based on a lie

and you're worried about
transatlantic relations?

Doctor, the Yanks are
starting a war anyway,

whether we like it or not.

So, you have to
look to the future.

What happens after the war, huh?

And what if the Yanks
do find something?

Where will that leave us, huh?

You said yourself
that these bio-weapons

are somewhere in Iraq.

Now come and sit down.

Here, your new job description,

if you want it.

Top salary.

You're still the best

bio-weapons expert
in the service.

Sooner or later,

people will be
needed down there.

People who know where to look.

I'd feel a lot safer if
you were one of them.

And I'm not

the only one in the building

who thinks that.


what is truth?

Yes, an illusion.

But what do we become

if we stop searching for truth?

Why have laws on news reports?

Why have elections?

The truth disappears

and nobody seems to care.