Curtiz (2018) - full transcript

As America prepares to enter WW2, Hungarian film director Michael Curtiz grapples with political intervention and a dysfunctional relationship with his estranged daughter amid the troubled production of Casablanca in 1942.

We interrupt this program to bring you
a special news bulletin.

The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor,
Hawaii, by air,

President Roosevelt has just announced.

The attack also was made
on all naval and military activities

on the principal island of Oahu.

We take you now to Washington.

The details are not available,
they will be in a few minutes.

The White House
is now giving out a statement.

Yesterday, December 7th, 1941...

a date which will live in infamy.

The United States of America

was suddenly and deliberately attacked

by naval and air forces
of the Empire of Japan.

As Commander in Chief
of the Army and Navy,

I have directed that all measures
be taken for our defense.

But always will our whole nation

remember the character
of the onslaught against us.

No matter how long it may take us

to overcome this premeditated invasion,

the American people
in their righteous might

will win through to absolute victory.

We need to change the title!

What's wrong with the title?

It doesn't sound like a war film.

Since when are we making a war film?

Things change, Hal.

Not when we're 22 days into a shoot,
they don't.

Besides, you don't get Oscars
for making war pictures.

Mr. Wallis, I'm not gonna tell you
how to shoot your movie.

It's Mr. Johnson, isn't it?

He's from the government, Hal.

This is the most devastating conflict
the world has known.

If we don't defeat this enemy,
there'll be no hiding anywhere.

I bet they just gobble up
that kinda talk in Texas, huh?

Do you know how many films
we're gonna make this year?

Thanks to those Nips,
we're down to twenty.

Or less.

At this rate, we'll gpnna be making
Baby Ruth radio spots for KFWB.

Self preservation, Hal.

The Epsteins have a great idea.

I don't want it great. I want it Tuesday!

Fine, Hal. Tell me the idea.

A woman, torn by her love for two men,

must choose between her heart
and her head.

Women are choosing now?
That's it, that's your great idea?

You're an idealist, Mr. Wallis.
And idealism only works in peace time.



You're wrong.

People don't need reminding of war,
they need to escape it.

That's why this movie is important.

It's not to pack these boys off
and ship 'em away to Europe.

That's not what the public wants.

Well, maybe it's what the audience needs,
Mr. Wallis.

How do you think your audience will
feel about characters like Victor Laszlo?

-What's wrong with Victor?
-A political refugee?

You saw the newsreel.
We can't afford to let our guard down.

Victor Laszlo is real.

He has integrity, and he has flaws.
Just like we all do.

Americans don't have flaws, Mr. Wallis.
Not in war time.

And then there's this French officer
who sleeps with a married woman.

To escape the war.
Renault is a complicated character...

Un-complicate him.

The French are our allies, Mr. Wallis,

which means this Renoir,
or whatever his name is,

makes different choices. Better choices.

The last time I checked, Jack,
we weren't in the business of propaganda.

This is a movie about hope,

about complex people
trying to survive in trying times.

This film needs to be
the collective embodiment

of our nation's character.
Much more than the vision of just one man!

I'm told you have a personal relationship
with Mr. Curtiz?

Gentlemen, what is this?

Mr. Curtiz is Hungarian, is he not?

Sure he is. And so is Joe Pasternak
and Peter Lorre and William Fox

and Bela Lugosi and Leslie Howard.
What of it?

He still has family in Europe.
Presumably sympathetic to the Axis.

Come on, Jack!
He's earned you four Oscar nominations!

And he didn't win any.

He gave you Errol Flynn and Bette Davis.

How can I forget...

He practically eats and shits films!

He's gotta shit stars and stripes
from now on, Mr. Wallis. Can he do that?

That's a lotta loyalty from a guy
who's more interested in chasing skirt

than finishing a movie.

I'll talk to him, Jack.

You should do that.

It's important to know
where people's allegiances lie.

Don't you agree?

And Hal! I want a hit!

And hits have better titles!


Pull again!

It's about time to open the letter, right?

Give me a break, Sakall.

-Don't you even want to know what it says?
-I said pull!

I already know what it says.

You can't expect her to leave Hungary
while her husband is in prison.

I can expect her to fight.
To want to live.

Well, my friend, you still need to learn
a thing or two about love.

How can I get him out of prison?
If he's not already dead.

You're a powerful man,
use your connections.

It's time to do something real
with all your money!

You did it before. You brought your
daughter and ex-wife to the States.

How about the film?

The title is shit.

It needs to be one word.

LikeYankee Doodle Dandy?

That's a good title!

How's his aim?

Lousy, nothing changes.

What's this?

It's what happens
when you don't wrap a picture on time.

"Will this picture help win the war?

Does the picture tell the truth
or will the young people of today

have reason to say they were misled
by propaganda?"

What's this piece of crap?

Dear Mr. Wallis, the man who put
the "W" in Warner Brothers.

Did Mr. Warner make a fool of you again?
Do you never learn?

-We just can't afford any more...

...distractions, Mike.

-Where do you put an Oscar?
-Above your fireplace, darling.

Won't it... Won't it melt?

Do you really think Warner will
let you accept an Oscar this time?

Party pooper!

-Why don't you tell them, Mike?
-Tell us what?

Go on. He doesn't have an ending.

-That's right.

So what are you going to do?

Haven't you done enough of that?

So how would you do it? Come on, tell me.

I want to know how you would all do it.

Oh, God.

Come on, let's pretend the film can be
about anything, what should it be?


The bravest one, speaking up first.


Only a lady thinks with the body.
Who else?

I'm not very good at these kinda games,
but... Love! I love a good romance.

Think bigger.

How about loyalty.


What's to sacrifice?

The trick, my love,
is learning that for yourself.


Someone should remind all these Nips
that you take on Uncle Sam,

you pay a price, right?

They're not all bad, Lucas.
Who's left anyway?

They've been all rounded up,
sent to those god awful camps.

-Best place for them!
-Hear! Hear!

You are against the war?

I'm against the slaughter
of millions of lives, yes.

I've heard that they're sending
morse codes

through their hoehandles
and their funny little hats.

And that there's millions of them
still in the country.

-Oh, Louise, for Christ's sake...
-It's true!

Well, at least they're easy to spot!

Well, I don't see any here.

Just an old Hungarian waiting to strike.

So, honey, when are you Hungarians
going to declare war on us?

Any minute now,
if you don't change the subject.

I'm telling you, we really need
to show all these people

-what happens when you screw with America.
-You could always enlist, Lucas.

We just keep sending more people to die,

Why don't we just line them up
and shoot them all here?

It's practically the same thing.

We have to fight to end the war
in Europe.

Otherwise it's gonna come over here!

Well, we have enough problems of our own.

Like what?

Look at all those families living in
the dust bowl, that have lost everything.

That's why we have to give them
something to hope for.

Don't... don't you think?

Are you sure this boy is your son?

You've survived the drought,

now it's off to the Western Front
for you lucky people.

-What a great adventure!
-Save the people that want to be saved.

It's not that simple.
Not everyone can get out.

You got out. You just left.

It wasn't that difficult, was it?

Maybe your sister
just doesn't want to be saved.

You don't know anything about her!

Well, all I know is no film
ever changed the course of history.

But you can try.

-Thank you for the lovely dinner, Hal!
-Oh, you're welcome!

Do they actually speak French
in Casablanca?

"Ten people who speak make more noise
than ten thousand who are silent."

-Was that French?
-Supposed to be...


Are you coming?


Will you be home tonight?


Is there anything else for tonight, sir?

How old are you?

I'm 23, sir.

Do you like what you do?


You are not a very good liar.

Why do something you don't like?

What choice do I have?

You could leave.

That's not a choice.

What do you think about the war?

I try not to think about it.

Why's that?

Because there is nothing
someone like me can do about it.

Merci, monsieur!

I told you, the auditions
have finished for today.

But I was recommended by Mr. Thomson!

Mr. Thomson could be Jesus Christ
and it won't change a thing. Goodbye!

Excuse me...

I'm not gonna repeat it.


Kitty who?

I'm here to see Mr. Curtiz.

You are not going to find my name there.

If you don't have an appointment,
there's not much I can do for you.

-What's your name?

Jeffrey, have you ever needed someone's
help but you couldn't tell them why?


Something so important
they left their home for?

When all they wanted
was someone to make a phone call.

-Look, Miss...
-If you don't let me in, Mr. Curtiz...

...will not be happy!

Is he ever happy?


Mr. Curtiz, sorry to bother you. You have
a lady guest at Gate 3, can I let her in?

My hands are full.

Yeah... That was a bit my doing.


But this one, however, insists
on staying here until you meet her.

Put her on.

You're hard to reach.

Who is this?

You already forgot your Hungarian?

I asked you a question. Who is this?

You know exactly who this is.

Get out! Whoever you are.


This is a movie studio.
You can't just wait around.

That's the next best way to see him.

You didn't hear that from me!

What are you looking at? Get back to work.

Good day, Mr. Curtiz!
What will it be this morning?

Save your energy!

Mr. Curtiz!

Here's the new prop master.

-What's your name?
-Gołąb, sir.

Gołąb, like pigeon?

Be careful, boy,
we love shooting birds here.

So this is where the magic happens?

Magic happens on the casting couch.

Nice title. Simple.

And quite appropriate
with this heatwave we're having.

Mr. Curtiz, I was wondering when you were
planning on returning the questionnaire.

Oh. You wanted me to write on it?

That's the idea.

I was never much of a writer.

We have a common interest to remind
the citizens of this great country

how important the war is.

So that it instills the virtues
of courage and honor...

And our young boys step up
for that smorgasbord in Europe...

The questionnaire helps ensure we're
all unified, aiming at the same target.

I am not a politician, I make movies.

And as I said,

I'm not much of a writer either.

Well, I'm glad to see
the war has inspired you.

Mr. Curtiz, why don't you sit down?
Make us all feel more at ease.

I stand.

-Apparently he thinks better that way.
-Everyone has their quirks I guess.

I have a question. Victor Laszlo...

is that really someone
we want in our country?

You have a problem with Europeans
fighting on your side?

As long as he is on our side, Mr. Curtiz.

-We're debating nationalities now?

-What have you got?
-You tell us.

You want me to finish this film,
then give me the pages to work with.

-Mike, you got to give us a direction.
-How many directions do you need?

Ilsa chooses Rick, the American.
That's one.

Or she chooses Victor Laszlo,
that's another.

The refugee? No.

Ilsa is married to the refugee.
I thought our characters didn't cheat?

They make better choices.

We'd... We'd also like to know more
about the conflict

between the German character
and the French man.

You could consider getting rid of
the enemy, just as an option.

At least from Casablanca.




Just finish the fucking thing
and bring me whatever you have!

Devil up, devil up!

What the hell is devil up?

What if Rick executes the refugee
and runs away with Ilsa?

I tell you what will happen.

Wallis will execute you both.

Then what?

Like this, they are at the airport,
and Rick pulls her close...

-But Rick doesn't want to pull her close.
-Don't talk to me while I'm interrupting!

Rick pulls her close and whispers:

"Let's go back to Paris, my darling."

But you can't harm the other guy.

People want drama!

We can give you drama:
Rick stays in Casablanca alone.

And Ilsa leaves.


That's the worst idea ever.

Across the Pacific, Stage 5!

Atlantic Ferry, Stage 20!

Desperate Journey, Stage 4!

Always in My Heart, Stage 9!

The Male Animal, Stage 17!

Lady Gangster, Stage 24!

Murder in the Big House, Stage 11!

You Can't Escape Forever, Stage 2!

"She's coming back.
I know she's coming back.

If it's December 1941 in Casablanca,
what time is it in New York?

I bet they're asleep in New York.
I bet they're asleep all over America.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns
in all the world

she walks into mine."

You were supposed to hire actors.

A puppy-dog-faced alcoholic
as our leading man,

a Swedish playing a Norwegian.

What is this? A comedy?

We could have had anyone.

Where is Reagan?

Serving, like everyone else.


He told me he was going
to make America great again.

Slim pickings, Mike.

Look at him!
Who falls for a man like that?

Conrad Veidt. That's an actor.

A Nazi playing a Nazi.

He's German, Mike. But if anyone can get
the Nazi out of him, I'm sure it's you!

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

Amelia Earhart is not the only woman
who smokes, you know?

It's the 20th century, after all.

I apologize, Miss.
That was not my intention.


First time on set?

Someone once told me a trick
to hiding your apprehension

is to pinch the skin between your thumb
and index finger, like this...

-Thanks for the tip!
-Alright! Come on, let's go!

You're gonna do fine. I'm sure of it!

-Well, we will see.
-Let me take that for you.

See you around, Mister.

From the government committee.

My heart is beating so fast!

Don't talk!


Welcome to Hollywoodland!

Watch your step.

Here you are!

Just stay here! Alright?

Quiet please!

Camera rolling!




What the hell is that?!


Yes, you!

Please look!

You know what that huge metal thing
over there is?

It's called a camera.

-Where are you from?

How are you? Everything good?

Camera. Same in English. Understood?

So, you don't look at it anymore!


Where are you sitting,
you fucking fathead?!

Are you also Italian?

How do you say idiot in Italian?
Does anybody know?



Let's go again!

Quiet please!

Camera rolling!


Six o'clock in my room.

And dress in something red. I like red.

Any problems with the time?

Or you don't like the color?

You don't know who I am, do you?

You're turning your back on me again?

You should be grateful.

You have a nice flat, enough money.
What else do you want?

I've given you everything! Everything!

Get security in here!

Mom is sick! She's in hospital.


Which hospital?

In New York.

St. Mary's.

I'm not here to ask you for anything.

Pull yourself together!

Are we doing this scene?

Yeah, okay!

Mr. Curtiz! Miss Bergman
complained about the sudden heat.

She asked for more fans, and something
cooler to wear for her scene.

Tell Miss Bergman
this is Africa not Norway.

Sweden, sir. She's from Sweden.

Same difference.

Is this funny?

Just tell her to imagine the cold!

She's an actress or isn't she,
for fuck's sake?!

What was that about?


Somebody give Bogey a box to stand on!

Yes, Mr. Curtiz!

Do you know what they say about him?

He's a ruthless son of a bitch
but a very kind guy at the same time.

Can we start this goddamn scene,
my darling?

You're a quick learner.

I'm no movie critic but you're good.

I may have even caught
a glimpse of your shoulder.

My father has some artistic genes.

Well, I think it's a crime the director
is not putting you on camera.

-Maybe you should talk to him about that.
-You overestimate my influence.

But I do think it's of national importance

that the American public
get to see more of your talents.

National importance?

People need something to feel good about,

what with everything that's going on.
Don't you agree?


You got some more scenes to show
the American public your talents?

The American public will find me
at the bar.

-Not now.

-Have you seen this?

The prisoners have been released.

-So what?
-Now you can get them out.

-What if I can't? This was just pure luck.
-You almost got everyone out.

Sure. I get her to New York
then she appears here.


Your daughter?

Who else?

What didn't she understand

about me putting this entire
fucking country between us?

And Bess? She knows, right?

I don't owe anyone anything.

Fine. I'll call the Ambassador.

Now you're talking!

You have to get your sister out of Europe.

You're the great Michael Curtiz,
aren't you?

Misi, come on!


-Would you give this to him?
-Of course!

Apparently I'm good for something
after all.

Without you, darling,
he'd be half the man he is.

Who's that?



The young girl your friend is looking at.

Nobody. Some extra.

I haven't seen her before.

Looking through the window is harmless,

And when does he ever leave it at that?

Send some flowers to this address.

-Something cheap.
-Got it!


Send here instead.


Get me the Ambassador on the phone.

Devil up!

Ambassador, flowers, Manhattan,
ambassador, flowers, Manhattan...

Dutch and American submarines
came into new action

on enemy naval forces and transport.

Japanese troops capture Lashio, Burma
and cut off the streets of Burma,

forcing the allies into
a mass rescue airlift.

In other news, Germany announced
the introduction of the Jewish star today

to be worn by all Jews in
the Netherlands, Belgium and France...

We're almost done, Mr. Veidt.

I don't really get that.
How can you sort them out?

You mean, the jews from the non-Jews?

Does someone look like a Jew?
Or is it the way they talk, or what?

Who knows?!

How do I look?

Like a fine actor, sir.

"Rick, Rick! This is Major Heinrich
Strasser from the Third Reich!"

"How do you do, Mr. Rick?"

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Don't bow! What are you thinking?!

I beg your pardon?

Let Rick and that French slime bow.

You are the one in charge at this bar.

Get your back straight
and look down at them.

Make them cower!

They're circus monkeys, drunks and pricks

that you Germans
can crush under your thumb.

Do you get it?


-Is that wise?

To make the German so powerful,
compared to Bogart.

In case you are not paying attention,
they are.

-The Committee won't like it.
-It sounds like you don't like it.

This was always supposed to be about hope,


Hope for what?

That it's possible to escape the Nazis!

But it's not.

Then hell! What are we doing here?

Don't look at me like that.

You let them onto our set.

We are shooting history now, not a film.

So fuck hope!

Fuck you!

And I hope that your sister
will make it out of Europe!

Why the hell did you think I was ill?
PS: I still hate tulips.

No big moves, just pretend you're talking,
and don't eat the props!

Camera rolling!



What are you drawing?

Space adventures?

Looks like someone wants to escape?

Who doesn't?


I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
Aren't you?

I'm not.

I wanna make movies, but my father insists
on me climbing the career ladder.

Starting from here.

Is he in the movie industry too?

The boss himself.

Lucas. And you?

Never mind.

"We are very honored tonight, Rick.
Major Strasser is one of the reasons

the Third Reich enjoys the reputation
it has today."

"You repeat Third Reich as though
you expected there to be others."

"Well, personally, Major,
I will take what comes."

You gotta cut this Sakall guy from
your script. He doesn't bring anything.

We can't cut Sakall.

Curtiz did 19 takes
of one single shot with him!

He's precise, what can I say?

We're not cutting him!
And in the future, Mr. Johnson,

should you have any more
of your creative ideas,

you go through me first, not the writers.

This isn't about authority, Mr. Wallis.

This is about Curtiz's
personal connections

and how they affect the timing
of our release date.

Casablanca has to be in theaters
right away.

Think of this as a munitions factory.

Would it be reasonable to take 19 attempts
to craft a single bullet?

So, suggestions?

We could combine a few scenes.

The set of Rick's café is done already,
so we can't touch that.

How about the airport?

We could survive without it.

So be it.
Planes are the symbol of fear anyway.

Oh! Good day, Mr. Curtiz!

Yeah, tell me about it.

Interesting choice of bar.


What are you drinking?

Unless you want apple juice
I suggest you drink mine.


Never seen a girl drink scotch before.

Then you're drinking
in all the wrong places.

Can I tell you a secret?
I'm not much of a drinker.

I won't hold it against you.

-Does it wear off?

The novelty.

Oh, this! I don't mean this.

Then what?

Because we're close... to the end.

You sound like you're looking forward
to that.

With this film we're gonna win the war.

-This film?
-It's Newton's Law.


Objects in motion tend to stay in motion
unless acted upon by an external force.

It's physics.

Everyone owes an allegiance
to their country.

We're going to remind them of that.

Do you feel that way about Nazis?

Don't they feel allegiance
to their country?

Well, that's not the same thing.

We're the good guys, remember?

So, what's he like to work for, Curtiz?

He's supposed to be a genius.

What's he really like?

You don't like him very much, do you?

I don't understand him.

You know what they say about that?

People fear what they don't understand.

I don't fear him.

All that talent, and he wastes it
on women and booze.

Are you any different?

I am a boring gentleman, Miss.

Maybe he's happy like that...

Maybe all men need a little incentive.

Well... it's getting too late...

It's all this war talk, isn't it?
I get carried away.

Scout's honor, no more battle chat.

I have an early call tomorrow.

Good night.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

How's your mother?

I've never shot a gun before.

You just point and shoot.

I sent her some flowers.

Happy to hear she's better now.

I could have said I was pregnant.

Does it really matter?

Or that I needed money
to finish my dance studies.

Does it even matter to you?

He's a nice boy, your son.

Not my son.

My wife's son.

Why didn't you stay in New York?

Why did you bring us to New York?

Why not here, to you?

How could you think it was enough for us?

Why didn't you wanna see me?

Why didn't you tell Mom that it's over?

Why did she have to find out herself?

Why did nineteen years
have to pass this way?



Aren't you hungry?

What's written there?

"The plane lands.
The lovers are ready to leave."

Sure. Lands.

How about:
"The plane lands in endless fog..."

that way we don't recognize
it's just a shitty paper plane.

Didn't that government guy say no planes?

Do you see one here?


Because: "Planes are a symbol of fear,
Mr. Curtiz..."

I just shit in my pants.

So the question is,
who be inside the plane?

Let's say, Ilsa and Rick, heated by love,
they cut each other in half to fit in,

then they take off.

Bingo. Write it down.

Mr. Curtiz, what's the next scene?

Whichever you prefer to see:

the paper plane scene?
Or any of the still unwritten ones?


I said no airplanes!

Frankly, Mr. Wallis,
the committee is very concerned

about the progress of this picture.

You're behind schedule,
you're over budget.

We wanna know do you have any good news?

This is Hollywood. Films go over budget.

Not this one. Not in wartime!

And will someone tell me
how this goddamn film ends?

How would you like it to end?


Isn't that what we're here to discuss,

Look, I have an idea I think you'll like.

Rick slaughters all the immigrants
in the café,

then grows some extraordinary biceps
and goes off to kill Nazis.

Sound good?

We don't intend to terminate
the German character.

Our duty is to turn this picture
into a compass.

-Point it in the right direction!
-And what direction is that?

Get rid of the German character.
Send him back to Europe.

You could trick him, bribe him,
blackmail him...

You could show how weak he is!

Defeat him somehow. Figure it out!

None of these people are soldiers.

They're ordinary people,
caught in northern Africa,

trying to do their best to avoid
getting their heads blown off!

These characters don't exactly
inspire loyalty, do they?

Hardly surprising with that German
looming over them all!

He's making our boy Bogart
look like a mumbling idiot half the time.

This is ridiculous.
Mike, are you gonna listen to this?

Look what happened at Pearl Harbor.

We have to know who the enemies are...
It has to be clear.

This is a picture about hope, Mike.

You out of anyone should feel this way!

You almost sound like
you believe that crap.

Let me be as clear as I can be.

I don't give a shit about your immigrants.

Because if Hitler wins this war,

unless we can colonize the moon,
then we're all gonna be on the run.

At least we can all sleep at night knowing
what practical men run this country.


We had something, Mike! We really did.

Miss! A quick word, if I may?

-You don't approve?
-Does it matter what I think?

What you think is entirely relevant.

For example, if someone were
to harbor anti-American views,

that is someone we would
want to know about.

Don't you agree?

Everyone has a right to their opinion.

I'm sorry.
We no longer need your assistance here.

It's important to know
we're all in this together.

We can't afford to have any bad apples.

I'm sure you understand.

Oh, and Miss!

I'd be careful who you share
those opinions with.

There are a lot of patriots out there
and they are passionate.

About what?

About being patriots.

"She's coming back.
I know she's coming back.

If it's December 1941 in Casablanca..."

Where are my poodles?

Here, here, here and here.

I want poodles in all these places.

Where's the prop master?


When was the last time
when you did something for the first time?

Are you the prop master
or am I the prop master?

Are you the director or am I the director?

Who brings the poodles?
I bring the poodles?

You bring the poodles!

What color would you like, sir?

We shoot in black and white, you idiot!

Why does it take so long
to make five poodles?

I don't understand.

Dumb greenhorn prop guys
ruin my scene.

Stupid, stupid,

stupid immigrants!

Mrs. Curtiz. Can I help you?

Where is everyone?

Soundstage two today, the train station.

Would you like me to call
Mr. Curtiz for you?

No, thank you. That's alright.

-Excuse me, sir.
-What now?

She is cold this time, or what the fuck?

Miss Bergman is hungry.

We haven't had a break for ages.

Apple and aspirin over there.
Bon appétit!

What did he say?

Don't tell me he said no again!

Your poodles, sir.

-What the hell are these?
-Your poodles.

This one, sir, is the property
of Governor Harris,

Princess Amethyst III.

Fuck me.

I'll flip my shit right now...

Isn't it supposed to rain in this scene?

You think he meant puddles?


What are you talking about?
I speak five different languages!

And all equally bad.

Very funny, Sakall.

Peter Lorre! It's been a long time,
brother. How are things?

What was that?

And he needs to work on his Hungarian.

What's this?

A totally new scene!
You little rascal!

Rehearsal, come on.

"Thank you very much!

Have a drink with us. To celebrate
our leaving for America tomorrow!"

"Thank you very much!

I thought you would ask me
so I brought a good brandy..."

"I thought you would ask me
so I brought the good brandy...

and a third glass."

Thank you very much, guys, it's so real!

I know what these fellows feel,

I was seasick for three long weeks
when I came to America.

-You are too happy for them.
-Of course I am happy!

I cheer for them
as they are leaving for America.

You forget something, my friend.

Your character will never get to America.

You're stuck on the doorstep of the
promised land never to be invited in.

But because you're a good soul,
you drink with them.

-What watch?
-Ten watch.

Such much?

Let's have a short break.

Misi, what happens to Ilsa in the end?

Every time Ilsa tries to reach Rick,
he pushes her away.

She can't get through to him.

Maybe he likes being a loner.

But maybe he needs to put away his pride,

at least once in his life.

He doesn't owe anyone anything.

In this case?

Ilsa has no choice. She grabs a gun.

She walks over to Rick.

She's thought about this moment
over and over,

what she will say to him when they meet.

All she wants is this man, to see her.
Who she really is.

To make him curious about her.

They're here together again.
That's all what matters.

Ilsa's waiting for Rick
to ask her to stay?


Maybe for something else.

Well, as soon as you figure it out,
you'll have your ending.

What do you think that was all about?

I like the gun.

Did they get that at Macy's?

Seriously? Look at it.

-It's tiny.
-That's... proper tiny.

It looks phony. You can tell it's phony.

This is not going to work.


Quiet, please!

Camera rolling!



"If you don't help us,
Victor Laszlo will never get out of here.

Help us and I will stay with you."

Not good enough!

-If you don't help us...
-Victor Laszlo dies!

-You are my last hope.
-No! You are "our" last hope.

Give it a little emphasis, you know?

Miss Bergman, say "Casablanca" for us.

-Are you seriously writing it now?

I don't believe it!

Would you be so kind?

OK, then.

"Oh, Richard, I'm sorry, but...
but you, you are our last hope.

If you don't help us,
Victor Laszlo will die in Casablanca."

It's shit!

How dare you?
You don't have the right to...

Mademoiselle, stop screaming!

I meant the scene, not you.

Let it go, Ingrid. It's not worth it.

What's the next scene?

Rick wants Ilsa to go back to his place

You know.

-We're going to film two versions.

In the first one she leaves
with Victor Laszlo,

in the second one she stays with Rick.

Whichever is better
makes it into the final cut.

Maybe she could finally give Rick
a proper explanation.

Even an acknowledgement. Maybe.


Let's get this over with.

Get out.

I said get out!

-Do you love your country?
-Which one?

That kind of talk can get you
in a lot of trouble.

I'm a man without a country, Mr. Johnson.

And I don't owe anyone anything,
if that's what you mean.

Sure you do!

You owe us your unconditional loyalty.

Isn't that how orphans are supposed
to treat the good people

who took them into their homes?

I said no planes but you did it anyway.

I said no more Sakall and you keep him in.

I said reduce the Nazi's influence,
and you turn him into a fucking hero!

This is war time, Mr. Curtiz, and in war
there are only two sides: us and them.

There can't be any uncertainty
which side you're standing on,

or people will ask questions.

Questions lead to actions.

We have more than our fare share
of bullies in government, Mr. Curtiz,

and I would hate to see them
take too much of an interest in you.

All I want is a film
worthy of our soldiers

fighting the war of our generation.
So you have a choice to make.

I don't understand...

You still have a choice to make,
Mr. Curtiz!

Us or them.

What's your name, son?

Jean-Michel, sir, Mr. Curtiz.

You want to be an actor?

Oui!That's why I came to America.


Now show me your position.

Is he in frame?

-Yes, Mr. Curtiz!

A little to the right then.

-Don't you want to be an actor?
-Oui, sir!


An itsy-bitsy more!

Little more...


He's still in.

One last step.

What a tragedy, boy!

I did everything I could
to make you an actor.

But as you can see,
you're out of the frame.

-Excusez moi...
-Get back where you came from.

Get back!

Who else is in a funny mood?

-I'm sorry.
-Not now!

It's the Ambassador again.
He's on hold.


We are sorry to say
that she's dissappeared.

My sister has disappeared?

-What does that mean?
-She's not in Budapest.

There are others you can speak with
who might know something...

This is a difficult time, Mr. Curtiz.

How much money will it take to continue?

It's not a question of money.

-I understand it is very difficult, but...
-I don't think you do.

Yes, sir. My apologies, sir...

Good day!

Oh, Mike! Can we check that song
"Die Wacht Am Rhein"?


You know it by heart, don't you?

Rehearsal! We need some music here.


Come on!

You're all Germans, aren't you?

Let's hear...

...all your beautiful Nazi voices!

Come on!

I can't hear you singing!

Come on!

I can't hear you singing! Come on!

Who the hell do you think you are, huh?!

Come on, huh?!
Shoot me, shoot me, you son of a bitch!

What are you waiting for? Come on!

Come on!

Stop it! Stop!

Nobody is killing anyone,
not here, not on my picture!

Conrad, Mike! Out!

I said out!


I left Germany...

to get away from this.

I don't have to take this.

And what will my children say
if they ever watch this film?

What will my family think of me?

-No, no. Don't even start, Hal!

This isn't a matter of money.
Not this time.

Is that what you think of us?
All Germans are Nazis?

What do you want us to do?

Do your job right.

Am I the evil here? Good.

Then kill me.
Shoot me in my head, finish me!

There has to be another solution.
I promise you, Conrad.

I'll think of something.
But for now...

just finish the scene. Okay?


What are you doing?

Getting it out of him.

Just as you asked.

How long have we been working together?

Fifteen years this week.

We're finished here.
We've had some good times.

But I can't risk this whole thing
falling apart because of your pride.

But you don't care about this, do you?

I just don't like being told how to direct
by a pen pusher.

-Same time tomorrow.
-As you wish, Mr. Warner.

They just wanna help.

That's a lie.

Let's call it an alternative fact.

I need you to be a team player
at this point, Mike.

Are you being one?

-Mike, these OWI people...
-They have a name now?

Office of War Information, yes.

Then you could start by telling them
who I am.

Who are you, Mike?

Do you remember what you said to me
when you arrived here?

You said you wanted to be the greatest
director in the history of cinema.

And I made it happen.

You're no household name.

Long after you and I are six feet under,
your name will be forgotten.

Do you know why?

Because it's my name on the poster,
not yours.

If you want to be memorable,
you have to do something memorable!

Not shadowfighting in Sherwood forest,

or those endless crane shots
and funny angles.

You think you're creating
some kind of legacy here?

Dollars and cents
make this world go round.

You give me that, I give you your poster.
Until then, you're nothing.

Oh, and Mike!

Happy anniversary!

For those of you who don't know the story,

it was 15 years ago that
the great genius of European cinema,

who wanted to transform American cinema,

stepped off a boat and onto American soil.

Picture the scene:

the dock at Ellis Island was teeming
with thousands of people,

all of them just hoping for a glimpse... the 4th of July fireworks!

Quite an entrance, eh, Mike?

And now, 15 years and 68 pictures later,

people still don't know who you are.

Hey, come on! Mike!

Was it all you hoped it would be? America?

He really thought they were there for him?

Here's looking at you!

For 15 years of friendship and turmoil

in the trenches of Tinseltown!

And to 15 more!

-We need some music, please!
-Come on guys.


They told me not to say anything.

I told them it won't be so hard
as I barely see you anymore.

This is ridiculous.

Just try and enjoy it, Michael.

Some of these people actually care...

Hal, hello, my silly dear! How are you?

Terrific. Considering.

-Considering what?
-Well, we still don't have a picture.

-You know him, Hal.
-All too well.

But it's never been
quite like this before.

He's here! Mr. Curtiz!

What's she like, this actress...

Come on, you can tell us!

They say she's a real acrobat!

Pretty flexible, I hear!

Gentlemen, do you mind?

Mike, just a second, please.

Have you considered my suggestion?

I won't kill a German in my film.

Even those assholes
would shit their pants if I did that.

We're in the same boat, Mike.
And Europe is sinking.

Why don't we help each other
put on the lifevest?

I understand you were a soldier,
you fought in the Great War.

What happened since then?


But no country should change
a man's character. Right?

-Mr. Johnson!

I hear...
I hear there will be dancing soon.

Is that so?

I wondered if you would
save a dance for me?

Well... that depends.

The 20th century. I know...

Pardon me.

Excuse me, Bess?

You must be very proud.

Do I know you?

I'm Kitty.

Ah! Kitty. Of course!

I've heard a lot about you. Kitty.

How courageous of you! The way
you've kicked all those doors open.

All the way to a role inCasablanca.

Whatever it takes, right?

So what did you do before?

I was a dancer in Hungary.
Then in New York.

Oh, so you're not only a dancer,
but you've exotic origin.

And how did you get to New York?

-My father paid for me.
-What a kind gesture!

He must love you very much.

So what's your plan?

What do you mean?

Come on, darling!
Being coy doesn't suit you.

So what's your plan, hm?

A speaking role?

Or a nice little flat on the beach?

This was the plan. I don't...

There are so many others like you.

They start off hoping that a great
director takes them under his wing,

nurtures their talent,
fools around with them for a while,

but it always ends exactly the same way.

Let me give you some advice,
Kitty, right?

Just don't wait for that to happen to you.

Or just keep doing what your kind do best.

Get fucked.

Just not by my husband.

Is that true?

Dinner is escaping!

No one ever tell you
it's rude not to finish a dance?

I didn't realize we started.

We can start right here.

If you don't mind,
I would like to be alone right now.

What did you say to her?

Free access to the studio, hm?

I am done ignoring your girls!

Goddamit, Bess!

She's my daughter!

Finish what you started!

Good night, Mr. Johnson.

Please, let me go.

This is how you like it?
This is what Curtiz does for you?


No! Get your hands off me!

Get your hands off me!

I don't think I made myself clear!


No, please stop!



I wouldn't do that...

Are you alright?

She didn't know about me!

You didn't tell anyone about me!


-Mike! Listen...

I'm done!

Now Voyager, Stage 7.

Hey, Billy!
How are you doing this morning?

George Washington Slept Here,
Stage 14...

Where were you?

I've been looking for you everywhere.

Mom was right.

You are an asshole.

Come! Let's go!

We get on a plane.

Like in the last 19 years?

You arrived in my life too early.

And you left too early from mine.

I didn't answer your letters,

because I'm not much of a writer.

I brought you here to America... show you that I cared.

I didn't want to see you, because...

I was wrong.

But 19 years passed and maybe
that's enough for a man to change, right?

What about your film?

Quiet please!

Camera rolling!


How about the man takes
the girl to a new world...

...where they might be able
to start again.

Because he owes her that.

That sounds like a happy end.

Sakall, you're leaving?

My job is done here.
Unless you want to write me a bigger part.

That was his task.

With Mike the dames always win in the end.


You really think that?

Then I don't know who has bigger problems,
you or him.

You don't know who she is, do you?

Goodbye, Hal.

Good luck!

"Dear Misi!

I hope you get this letter on time.

I beg you to help us.

I don't know what it is,
but it's not what it seems.

They want something else from us.

Money will not save us.

They look at us, Jews,
like some kind of leper.

I've never been so afraid, Misi.

They say that they are building a wall.

Get us out of here!


I've seen that look before.

You know, my father also fought
in the Great War.

I remember the day
my mother opened her letter.

Back then the President himself
signed them.

We have a chance to accomplish
something significant.

Hey, he's not supposed to be here!

I have our ending!

We are going to end the war.

Rick's not going to America.

He used to turn his back on everything.

But there's a war out there.

He won't run after her.

He won't get on that plane.

He's going to stay.

He's going to stay, and endure,
so he can save as many as possible.


You want patriotism?

Who is more patriotic than Victor Laszlo,

who wants to get to America and
gather allies to defend his own country?

You wanted war?

Then show them what
we are really capable of.

Shoot the Nazi!

Mr. Curtiz,

a quick word if I may.

If you have something to say,
say it in front of them.

Mr. Curtiz, I'm afraid...

Questions lead to actions, Mr. Johnson.

By waging war on me
you're waging war on America.

I'm quite sure America
does not support raping young girls,


Get off my set!

You ready to make history, Bogey?

My pleasure.

Mr. Veidt, reaction, gun shot?


-Quiet please, right away!



Play it again.