Curtis (2020) - full transcript

A former basketball star, suffering from mental illness, is triggered down a dark path when he discovers his championship ring is missing. But even with the help of a young boy in the neighborhood to find it, he finds himself stuck in a time warp and forced to come to grips with life as it is now.

Yo! Yo, wake up.
Bro, wake up.

You good?

You all right?

Come on, let me help you up.

Ah, shit.

God damn.
What happened?

why are you sitting out here in the dark?

Baby, tell me what's wrong?

I'm no good, Ma.

I just ain't no good.

What are you talking about?

My ring, Ma, it's gone.

Curtis, you need to take
your medicine.

Take it. I don't have time for
this tonight, you understand?

You still think
I'm the greatest?

Always baby, always.

Let me get you some water.

- Come on, man, you go first.
- Bet, uh, Ernie.

- Come on, man
- Bro, Ernie.

I get Reef.

- Hey.
- Uh... Chris.

Could've gotten me.

- Come on, big dawg.
- Oh yeah, it's over now.

Uh... Cam, come on, man.

Come on, Charles,
let's get it.

Ugh... Ooh, Keewan

Oh, yeah. Easy.

Let me go.

Actually, first round.

Yo! I'm supposed to
be playing this game.

Somebody pick you up?

- No.
- All right. Then go sit your ass down.

You said I could play this
game, so I'm playing.

Look, man,
you got next game.

You said that last time.

Look Dre, you're the weakest
nigga out here.

Did you really expect
somebody to pick you up?

You're trash.

And get outta my face.

- Wait, what he doing, bro?
- Right here, bro.

Get his ass!

And kick his ass.


Yo, where'd you learn
to shoot like that?

My name's Dre.

My bad.

What's yours?

What's your name?


Yo, Uh, I was wondering if you
could teach me how to shoot.

Curtis, did you hear me?

I know you?

Yeah, I'm Dre.

I was asking if you could
teach me how to shoot.

I can't teach nobody
how to be great.

I don't even have my ring.

You mean the one that guy
stole from you?


I know you?

Yeah, I was at the store
when that guy punched you.

He took your ring.

Nah, nah.

It's right here
in this neighborhood.

It's in these streets.

I gotta find it.
They stole my dreams.

I can't keep talking to you about this.
They might hear me.

Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

I could help you
find your ring.

If I help you find your ring,
you help me with basketball.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Don't ever mention
my ring around here.

Slow down, slow down.

You should be
out there, man.

Where's your mate?

Look, you're supposed
to get all the free stuff.

Yeah, Yeah.

Oh, oh,
he used to scuffle with that.

He could hardly
make a free throw.

Yeah, yeah.

I don't know what he
did, how he ever got in there.

Boy, no.
He had me good.

Boy, he'd tear the whole back
board down once he'd get up there.

Shit. I invented Larry Bird shot.
He got it from me.

John shot,
that's mine, too.

And Magic? He stole my pass.
You hear me?

- Yeah right, Curt.
- Shit

I hit the shot that won
the city championship.

I had the ball
with five seconds left.

I knew it was on me. I made my move.
I pushed past my man.

Then he fell down.
And I looked up at the Ref.

No call, no foul.

Then I turned around.

I made my move,
three seconds, two seconds.


Y'all know what to do.

Short, short, short.

You on my team?

Where are you
going, Curtis?

- Trying to get home before them people find me.
- What people?

Stable's full of people. They're trying
to kill me, because I'm the greatest.

They want to
steal my powers.

Curtis, come
get in the car.

Come on, Curtis,
get in the car.

They might find me
with you.

I'm not going to keep doing this
every other night. You understand me?

Come get in the car.
Nobody's going to do anything to you.

Let's go home where it's safe.

Are you sure it's safe?

I'm sure.

I think you know what
everyone's been talking about.

It's too hot to be at school.
What y'all doing here?

Summer school.

You wouldn't happen to have a few
dollars where I could get a beer, huh?

Well, you wouldn't happen
to have one on you, huh?

- No, man. Sorry.
- Wait.

Were y'all there when I hit the
shot that won the city championship?

Everybody was there.
They carried me off on their shoulders.

All I can hear them yelling is, "Curtis
Johnson. You the best ever." You hear me?

The best ever!

I would like to see your visitor's pass.

You got a visitor's pass, bro?
I'm talking to you.

Come on man.
You can't be here, man.

That's me right there!

I don't care who it
is, you can't be here.

I hit the shot that won
the city championship.

- That's my ring.
- C'mon, let's go.

I was guarding on the tour.

I should be making millions,
you hear me?

They stole everything I had.
I was the greatest!

You hear me?
The greatest!

Ms. Johnson?

I'mma take care of business.
Know what I'm saying?

Okay, now take
care of this.

How about I give you $20?

You come down here
and play with my $20.

I don't want you to get
that start to see.

I want...
I want to get you started.

- I know.
- Or I wouldn't have let you play with my money.

I may let you... I might let
you put your own money in there.

After you pay me off.

Y'all beginners.

Y'all fold out of the game
and win.

Does that make you feel good?
You should've held?

I didn't want to put one dollar
and I put a 20 in there. I quit.

At Greek town,
I went in there.

I put $40
in the machine.

Before I walked
out of there,

I had 700 something dollars,
because I win the bonus.

And when I win the bonus,

I'm lying about like
"Yeah, baby!"

And I was so happy, man.
I always be happy when I'm getting money.

And I ain't giving it
all out.

You gonna play with my money,
because that is beginner's luck

to play with somebody
else's money to win.

We might
take you up on that.

But when we lose,
we gotta pay him interest.

Nah, he not gonna ask y'all for
nothing until the end of the month.

Yeah, with interest.

But then, you know, that's the one-time
fee you got to pay every month.

- Oh, okay.
- Curtis, you hear that?

Think you might want
a go, Curtis?

Curtis, you might want a go?

You ever
been to the hospital?


You mean for
when you're sick?

I saw things
that ain't right,

things that's evil.

They had me tied down.

Roaches coming
out of my hair.

Bugs coming
out of my mouth.

And that's where
they want to send me.

You think I belong in there?

What do you do? Drugs?

Smoke a little weed
once in a while.

Drink my beer.

Then, no.

Well, will you
help me find my ring?

If you help me
with basketball.

Dre, what'd I tell you
about coming in here?


What did I tell you?

But why can't I
be in here?

Because I said so.

That's why.

Now, get the fuck out.

How many more of these
I gotta do?






Man, we already
looked here. Twice.

We need to start looking
around the neighborhood.

Didn't you say my ring
was stolen at the store?


Well, ain't this
the store?

No. Your ring
was stolen at the store.

So, we have to find
the car the guy was in.

You really don't remember
that guy punching you?

I died and came back
a many a times.

I don't remember
that either.

What do you
keep looking at?

He follows me
everywhere I go.

He's the only friend I got.

Yeah, you saw it.
Did you see?

Oh, crap.


Curtis, come on.


What are you doing...

Oh, crap.

Well, this is the car.

I'm gonna get this barber shop.
You know what I mean?


That could be
a money maker.


Hey, that's him.

Come on.

I ain't gonna make money
like that.

Hey, yo.

- Man, like I was saying...
- You stole my ring.


Uh, we're looking
for his ring.

The one you took from him.

No, you stole it.

Wanting my powers
for yourself.

Million dollar man.

Yeah, I remember you.

Well, can we get it back?

Do he got the money for that
big ass scratch on my car?

That's what I thought.

Like I was saying...

I'll burn a match
in my hand for it.

I don't feel no pain.

Look, man,
I got a business I'm trying to run.

I ain't got time
to be playing games.

What do you want for it?

Car right there,
I want it spotless.

Both inside and out.

If it ain't right,
I ain't got shit for y'all.



Curtis Johnson?

Do I know you?

Man, I played against you
in the city championship.

- Come on.
- What? What?

Okay. What?

Tell him about the shot.

Tell him I was
one of the greatest.

Man, he carried his
team to championships.

The man had
so much charisma.

He could dribble.

He could pass.

And there was no question
he could shoot.

One game he backed me
all the way down...

He was one of the best.

Best I've ever seen.

That's crazy.



Curtis, where
are you going?

Curtis, we're not done yet.

You'll did that.

Where's the ring?

The ring?

Yeah, we came here
for the ring.

I don't got it.

What do you mean
you don't have it?

So you're telling me we did
all that work for nothing?

I thought
you'll wanted money.

We came here
for the ring, so...

Where is it?

Pawnshop over
on Grand River.

Take it or leave it.


Yo. Yo!

Why'd you leave me?

You have my ring?


Answer the question.

Why'd you leave me?

They told me
I had to leave.

Who told you?

You got any money?


What's it taste like?

- What?
- The beer.

Like rubber.

Liquid rubber.

Then why do you drink it?

Because I can't eat it.

You're funny, coach.

Coach? Coach?

Who's coach?

That's you, coach.

I ain't never been a coach.

I'm a player, baby.

The greatest.

It was five seconds left.

The championship
was on the line.

The whole damn city
was in the gym.

Were you there?

I had the ball.

I knew it was on me.

I pushed past my man.

He fell on.

I looked up at the ref.

No call, no foul.

I pushed past them.
Three, two, one.

Then, I pulled up from deep.



The game over. The whole crowd
said, "You're the greatest."

You're the greatest.

Hey, yo, coach.

What's this?

You said you were thirsty.

Why you ain't
get me a beer?

Coach, I ain't old enough
to get you no beer.

So, you really
don't have my ring?

Nope, but he told me
who does.

So, this is where
my ring is?


Is that it?


That's it.

That's it.

Uh... Excuse me.
Can we see this one, please?

Right there.

It's $100.

Can we get
any kind of deal on it?

Hundred bucks.
It's the deal.

Hold on.

Yes, who is this?

Coach, I don't have $100.

But this is my ring.

I know, but...

He's not gonna let us
just take it.

We gotta pay.

All right,
let me call you back.

Um... Okay, so,
what we want to do here?

Want to do it or no?

Look, this is his ring.

Somebody stole it from him.

Uh, $100.

Look, we can't get
any kind of discount on it?

Listen, man,
that's the price.

You either buy it
or you don't.

- Motherfucker. Stop.
- Wait, Curtis.


Take that
fucking ring off now.

Take that fucking ring off.

Don't make me
ask you again.

Shoot me in the hand.


I don't feel no pain.

Shoot me in the hand.

But this ring is all I got.

You just put
that ring down.


If you leave, I promise
he won't make it out.

Now get out of my store.

No, no! Get out!

I told you,
I want you in here ever again.

Do you hear
what I'm saying?

- I... I want to make a trade.
- What is that?

It's my brother's.

Get out.

Coach, coach.

I told you we'd get it.

Hey, coach.

See you tomorrow, right?

Hey, you know what? I might even treat you
guys to a double hamburger or something.

- Yup.
- Are you really?

Well, you know you are. I ain't
saying I was gonna feed you a meal.

I said a hamburger.

You know, eat my damn condiment
on the plate.

All of you wanna come with me
everytime we eat them.

You want to come out with me every time,
as long as I'm playing. I get more money...

What fingers
you shooting with?

- I don't know. All of them.
- Everybody have a different shot.

Either you are using these two
fingers, or these two fingers.

That's where you get your
follow through at, okay?

You see, you're still not
shooting it right.

You got the ball wrapped
around your hand like that.

That's not the way I'm
showing you how to do it.

You got to put...
use your fingers

with the follow through, okay?
Now shoot it again.

So, what, you tired?

No, there's no point.
I ain't getting no better.

So why you out here if you
don't want to be the greatest?

Me, I was God on the court.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
You hear me?

It was five seconds left
on the clock.

The game was on the line.

The whole city
was in the gym.

- Were you there?
- Stop, please.

I had the ball.
I knew it was on me.

I made my move.

My man fell down.

Then I looked up
at the ref.

No call, no foul.

Then I pushed past my man.

Three, two, one.

- King.
- Are you done?

- Here, give me the ball.
- Or what?

You're not no champion.
You're not the greatest.

- You're not even a ballplayer.
- And who are you?

You're just some junkie, roaming around
telling people what you did 20 years ago.

- Get up. Get up, look in the mirror.
- No.

Look in the mirror.

Look in the mirror.

It's time to go, sir.

Sir? Are you coherent? Sir.


Hey, what's going on over here?
How you doing, buddy?

Everything okay?

I need you to
stand up for me.

I need you to
stand up for me.

- Come on. Stand. Stand up for me.
- For what?

It's time to go.
Come on.

- Where am I going?
- Listen, don't worry about it.

We gonna get you the help. You turn
around, put your hands behind your back.

Put your hands
behind your back.

- Now, come on, sir.
- Are you gonna start?

- You could have it.
- Calm down.

You can have it what
you want it to be.

- Let's go. Go.
- Curtis, you need to go with them.

They'll take you back
to the hospital.

I can't help you anymore.

- Yes?
- Hi.

Um, is coach here?

You got the wrong house.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I meant, is Curtis here.

He's not.

Oh, do you know
when he'll be back?



If he put a little bit
more stride into what he's doing,

- he'd be a better player.
- He's going at a good pace now.

He's kind of good.
He dribbles pretty good.

You do
something like that.

I feel I've been a failed...
You tell my face.

I'm feeling so wobbly.

I'm pretty sure they do got
them at the Nike stores.

I got them
at Nordstrom.

Uh-huh. They probably
got these at Nordstrom, too.

Curtis, you sure you don't wanna
go to the basketball court?

Plus, I got a surprise
for you.

Curtis, look.



- Do you understand why you're here?
- It's God's punishment.

No baby, you're here
so they could help you.

Can't nobody helped me
but God himself,

and that used to be me.

When my father
first got sick,

sometimes he didn't know
where he was.

I would drive by his house and he will be
outside waiting for me to take him home.

He'll say, "Janice, take me home.
I'm tired of this damn place."

I would drive him all way
to the airport,

turn around,
and come back to the same house.

Man would fuss while we
driving all the way out there.

Then one day he made a mark
on the hole in the wall,

so he knew when he came back,
he hadn't been anywhere.

When he did, he didn't
fuss, he didn't yell.

He just didn't ask
to go home again.

I don't know

if he accepted the fact
that he was at home,

or he accepted the fact

that he was never
going home again.

Either way,

he made a choice.

I'm the greatest.

I'm the greatest.
I got this.

I'm the greatest.

I'm a great...

I'm the greatest.

What are you
looking at, Curtis?

The fuck is wrong with you?

Want some beer?

It's hot out here.

You the only friend I got.

We've been together
for a long time.

Remember back when
we was in school,

in fourth grade?

Remember that little girl that
used to sit in front you, Carol?

Yeah, that was
the good old days.

Yeah, that was
the good old days.

Boy, we had some
good times together.


- Oye.
- Yo.

- Hurry up, man, come on.
- Yeah, yeah, all right.

We're all trying
to leave early,

which is always good.

Bro, I'm about to bust
your ass next time.

Hey, I'm not

Lebron better
than Kobe Hands down.

Bro, you can't hoop, bro.

For real, bro.

- How many rings Kobe got?
- How many rings Lebron got?

- But it don't make a difference.
- It do, bro.

- That's the whole purpose.
- What's wrong with this man, bro?

No, bro.
It's not true, bro.

Not true.

Now that's definitely not
happening, believe that.

Yo, coach.

Coach, you eat
anything today?

If I ate anything,
it wouldn't be today.

Adam ate off the tree,

and God punished him,

and then a war began.

I was God at one time.

But I lost the war.

in the tree of life,

my plum fell off and rotted.

I see you still got
that ring, coach.

Tell me again
how you got that.

How I got what?

Your ring, coach.

Tell me about how you make
that shot, man, remember?

You know something, coach?

I used to think

you taught me
how to play basketball.


you didn't.

You taught me
how to believe in myself.

No matter what, coach.

No matter what.

I don't know nothing
about no basketball.

Do I know you?


Guess not.

You're always broke.

I want you to come see me
play sometime, coach.

I'd appreciate it.

Yo, wait up.

- Pass.
- Pass.

Yo, we got game point.
We got game point.


Don't I know you?

Dude, what the fuck
you doing, man?

Yo. Relax, bro.

- He good.
- Aye ball out bro, ball out.

Yeah, check up.

Where you going?

Come here.

Don't I know you?


Don't I know you?



Don't I know you?

What you lookin at, Curtis?

But you knew that though.

Hey yo,
give me a minute, bro.


Yo coach, you good, man?

Yo, coach. Coach.

- Hey yo, J.
- Yo.

- You still hooping?
- Yeah, bro.