Curse of the Swamp Creature (1966) - full transcript

Deep in the rural swamps of Texas the mad Dr. Simond Trent is conducting experiments on the local swamp people in an attempt to discover the secret of evolution. When a party of oil surveyors comes upon his isolated laboratory he decides to take the final step and turn one of them into a grotesque amphibious creature.

Live, breathe!

I'm looking for my brother.

I know he's here.

Where is he?

You're looking for your brother.

Then join your brother.

Feed him to the alligators.

You seem to have forgotten
that I want no visitors.

No one must enter the swamp.

Whoever attempts to enter the swamp

they get by the quicksand.

I want you to stop them,

my work must be protected.

Keep all strangers out of my swamp.

Hi, Frenchie, Scotch.

Some weather.


Mr. West, this is Brenda Simmons.

Nice to meet you, Mr. West.

Call me Driscoll.

You look lonely.

And you can cure that?

I can try.

Sometimes the cures are
worse than the illness.

What brings you to
this part of the world?

Business, just business.

And what business are you in?

I'm the bookkeeper.

I work in the motel office.

I see.

You look like a bookkeeper.

I should have guessed.

That's one thing about the
oil business.

What's that?

You meet so many interesting people.

I bet you do.

Do you live around here?

I live,
I have a place down the road.

When I was driving in,

I didn't see many places.

Well it's off the road.

Well, I think I'll call it a night.

Ready for another drink, Mr. West?

I believe not.

I'll tell you what,
this time it's on the house.

Well, in that case.

Where's all your business?

It comes and goes with the fish.

Right now even the cats are gone.

It sure is nice to meet someone

who's doing something besides fishing.

I bet.

What makes you think there's
oil backup in the swamps?

Did I say I thought there
was oil backup in the swamps?

No, not exactly.

Will you excuse me please?



Get out of there.

What are you doing, Boy?

I'm just using the phone.

It looks like it.

Come on punk,
your girlfriend wants you.

Man, you shouldn't have
tried to get rough with me.

I don't play games.

Come on over here Baby.

I need your help.

The slob tried to get rough.

I knew Ritchie was stupid,
but not that..

Ah, dumb kid.

I need your help, Baby.

Can I depend on you?

You always do.

What happened?

He busted in here
and tried to get tough.

What do we do now?

Well, we fix it so as it
looks like he checked out.

The swamps don't tell tales.

Don't be any more stupid
than you already are.

Wallets can be identified.

You're gonna call me
stupid once too many times.

Just do what she says, stupid.

Now there is one point.

West was expecting a geologist,

some guy named Rogers

who was going into the swamps
with him.

And that's trouble.

Isn't it?

Say hello to Mrs. West

Mrs. West?

Sure, don't I look like Mrs. West?

Yeah, you sure do.

What do you mean?

We have the maps, right?


Mr. West can't be here, right?


So we send his wife.

Hey Baby, that's thinking.

We just play dumb and let
Mr. Rogers find the oil.

It'll work, let's get going.

Well, what about the body?

Remember that stump cutter

that they use to clean
out the swamps with?

Rabbit knows how to use that thing.

Get Rabbit.

And clue him in.

I am now Mrs. West.

Want a room?

Uh uh.

My name's Barry Rogers.

I have a reservation.

Oh sure.

Want to fill out this card?

Is there a Driscoll
West registered here?

I don't know.

You can ask Frenchie when he
gets back.


Yeah, he runs the place.


How 'bout a drink?


We'll take care of your luggage.

He's here.

Mr. Rogers.


I'm Frenchie.

We were wondering when you'd
get here.

Just got in.

Mrs. West was worried.

Mrs. West?


Well that's odd.

I agree,
there ain't many women oil men.

Is Mr. West with her?

Nope, guess he couldn't make it.

So he sent the old lady

and one of his helpers instead.

Old lady, huh?

Well not old,

kind of nice if you
want to know the truth.

I wouldn't mind taking
a camping trip with her.

Well, this isn't exactly
gonna be a camping trip.

Yeah well, she wanted
to get an early start.

She got a boat and a guide
all set.

I'd like to see Mrs. West.

Where is she?

I think she's back in the office.

You're in room 10.

Your luggage is already in there.


Oh, Mrs. West, this is Mr. Rogers.

Hello, Mr. Rogers.

Nice to meet you, Mrs. West.

Same here.

I was told Mr. West wouldn't
be here.

That's rather surprising.

Not really, he's very busy.

I didn't get that impression.

Well, he sent one of his assistants.

I just came along to watch.

He tried to talk me out of it,

but I wouldn't hear of it.

Well, this isn't gonna
be much fun for a woman.

I'll manage.

I'd like to get an early
start in the morning

if that's all right with you.

Fine, you're the boss.

Not really, it's all in your hands.

See you about six?

Oh, you do have the right clothes?

Oh sure.

This has got to be the
strangest job

I've ever been on.

Wait till you get into the swamps.

See you in the morning.

Keep your fingers crossed, Baby.

If we find that oil,

we can clear out of this
stinking trap.

Yeah, well don't count on it.

Are you sure Ritchie
doesn't know about us?

As we both know,

Ritchie doesn't know much of anything.

We'll have to take care of him.

See you in a few days.

Make sure.


Good morning.

Barry, this is Rabbit Simms,
our guide

and back there, Ritchie.

Hi, nice to know you.

I'll take your pack.

Thank you.


Am I?

We can stop on the way

and have our last meal with humanity.


He gets seconds in
coffee while we do the work?

Yeah, that's
what a college education

does for you.

Just the same,

I don't like the way she
looks at him.

Keep your shirt on, lover boy.

They'll be down soon enough.

So how'd you get
pulled in on all of this?

Oh, Frenchie lined me up,

said there might be some easy
money in it.

But I don't think so.

I don't think so either.

You know, I never been up in the swamps,

least not as far as we're going.

Oh I don't look forward
to going into these swamps.

I know too many that went
in and never came out.

Yeah, same here.

You know I'm all right

till I have to get out of the boat.

Well, if we come out of
this with all of our marbles

we're gonna be mighty lucky.

You know a couple of weeks ago,

one of the Creole boys told me

that someone wanted him
to take some supplies

back up in his swamps.

He was smart, he didn't do it.

I don't blame him either.


You know,
I've been hearing more and more

that there's somebody's
been living up in the swamps

and I don't mean the natives.

So what?

So nothing.

All I'm saying is there's
some mighty strange things

been going on.

Looks like it ought to get us there.

Oh yeah,
it'll get us there all right.

Only trouble is if we get out,
we may not get back.

I'm glad you questioned my
work, Tom.

If I hadn't questioned my
teacher's work,

I wouldn't be here today.

Yes, Sir.

A man has to find the answers right?

Of course.

But it gets to be,

well Sir, in med school,
we used animals.

The best study of man is man himself.

It's as simple as that.

Now this isn't an ivory tower,

but back to your laboratory,

I want to see your work tonight.

I've had about enough.

I'm the one who says when
someone has had enough.

Tom, I can see now

this work is going to be too
much for you.

Somebody's coming here.

Are you sure?

Yes, they started into
the swamp this morning.

Your drum idea has proved
itself again.


I wonder what they're doing
around here.

Well, it's highly unlikely

that they'll find my little retreat,

but if they do, I must play
the good host, mustn't I?

Well this is as
far as we can go by boat.

From here on in,
we do it the hard way.

I forgot to tell you

that we may have some visitors.

Simond, you're kidding?


Valjean told me this afternoon

that some intruders had been spotted.


All right, not intruders, visitors.

Oh I hope they do come.

I haven't seen anyone
for such a long time.


Sit down.

I want to talk to you.

I know that you've been under
a strain for a long time.

I know that you don't understand

or appreciate my work.

But if we do have visitors,

you mustn't let them know

that we have problems.

After all what goes on here

is my business and your business.

Do we understand each other?



Doctor, I've mastered it.

Look at that.

I agree.

That gill transplant is
as fine as any I can do.

Very good.

Do you believe that we
could do the gill transplant

on other animals

as well as we did it on the crocodiles?


Doctor, I was thinking,

just the work that you've
done with the crocodiles

and taking them back along
the evolutionary path

and making them into fish

would be enough to win you
world acclaim.

Yes, but acclaim, that's nothing.

To create life,

to move it at will up and
down the evolutionary path,

that's something.

Something I don't think
you quite appreciate, Tom.

That's all for tonight, Tom.


Good night.

You're ready.


The sound of my voice is your master.

Get up.

Get up!

The world awaits you as my
first citizen.


No, everything was
functioning perfectly.

What happened this time?

What is it?

I'm frightened.

I can't sleep too good

and I think I hear snakes crawling.

It's just your imagination,
Mrs. West.

But Barry,
I'm not used to all this.

I told you this was
gonna be a rough trip.

But you could make it so much easier.

Now go back and get some rest,
Mrs. West.

Congestion, acute congestion.

Well I can remedy that, my friend.

The next time I will not fail.

Listen, there go the drums again.

We should be there by now.

Please be right.

I can't go much further.

Let's take another
look at those maps, Rabbit.

I can't keep the folks
controlled much longer, Doctor,

they're getting curious.

Who are they?

That is the last boy's father.

He heard his son had been
seen here.

I couldn't stop him from coming.

I'll talk to him.

Valjean tells me that you
believe your son is here.

The doctor would like to help you.

Your son is not here.

He has not been here.

Do you understand?

We have not seen your son here.

My son was seen here.

We are poor,
but not blind in the swamps.

The word is out to look for
the boy.

He's trouble.

Is there something I can do
for you, Old Man?

My son is gone.

I just wanted to see the
man who brought evil to us.

I pay you well to keep things
like this from happening.

Maybe I should get
somebody else for the job.

I do my best, Doc..

Your best is not enough.

I won't tolerate one more mistake.


How many times must you be told?

Get your hands off of me.

Get to your room!

Can't you do a simple job?

I just told you, idiot.

Get up and get inside.

Get out of here.

Leave me alone.

You're going to listen to me.

You killed Tom.

Tom is not dead.

Now you listen.

Tom is not dead.

He volunteered for the final experiment.

Oh, that's a lie.

He'd never volunteer for that.

Who'd want to be turned into
one of your pet monsters?

Don't you ever say that.

You've always been too
young and too stupid

to understand my work.

Oh, no, not stupid,

just too wise to condone what
you've done.

I'm afraid, My Dear,

that you're going to be put
me in a very pad position.

Then why don't you kill me
right now?

Kill you?

I have no intention of
killing you.

Good, I see you've been
instructing Tracker

in the proper method of guarding.

Will there be anything else, Doctor?

No, that's all.

Well Tracker, you've failed me again.

One more slip up and
I'll have to dismiss you.

Is that clear?

Mura, Mura, it's time,
time for gathering.

Prepare, send the word,

see that I'm not disturbed.

I must ready myself.

Hello Thomas.

At last you're going to
contribute to science.

Everyone has its place
in the field of research.

Tom, Tom, are you listening?

Nod your head if you are.

You're doing fine, fine.

You're strong.

You can stay under water indefinitely.

You're almost bulletproof.

I'm envious of you, Tom.

Hmm, are you hungry?

How clumsy of me,
let me get you a snack.

Here boy, here.

Tracker, Tracker.

Can you hear me?

Tracker, please help me.

I've got to get away.

I'm going to go crazy

if I have to stay locked up
here anymore.

You're the only one that can
help me.

Tracker, Tracker, can you hear me?

Look, I know that he doesn't
treat you

any better than he does me.

We could both get away tonight.

Oh Tracker, please, please
listen to me, help me.


Well Tracker, I'm glad to
see you're still on the job.

Those intruders are worrying me.

Go and find them.

I can't afford to have
them snooping around here

unless I know exactly where
they are.


perhaps it would be best

if you brought them here.

Yes, Sir.

Well Darling, still using
that vivid imagination of yours?

Don't worry.

Everything will be much
better very soon.

Very soon.

You're ready to come off the preserver

and make your debut in
the world of humans.

My beautiful indestructible
fish man.

You will obey all my commands.

You will obey all my commands.

I am your master.

You will live when I say live

and you will die when I say die.

Obedience is the key to survival.

Obedience is the key to survival.

What is it?


Good, Marcie.

Have them wait in the living room.

I'll be there in a moment.

Hey, this is quite a layout.

Would you believe it?

Look at the crazy fan.

Yeah, this is all right.

What's a doctor doing way out here?

Can't imagine,

unless he's taking care of
the natives around here.

Dr. Livingston, I presume.

Well, not quite.

Although sometimes I do feel
like it.

I'm Dr. Simond Trent.

I'm Brenda West.

Well I seldom meet such
beauty in the swamps.

Why thank you, Doctor.

This is Barry Rogers, my geologist.


This is Ritchie.


And that's Rabbit, our guide.

It's a pleasure, Doc.

Please sit down, sit down.

What a surprise and a
pleasant one.

Marcie is bringing us some refreshments.

Sounds wonderful.

So what brings you
to this forsaken area?

Oh, don't misunderstand me,

I love the swamps, they're my life.

To be truthful doctor,
we're looking for oil.


That's it.

Well, how can you look
for oil without equipment,

seismographs, drilling equipment?

Well, it's not easy.

Actually, we're trying to
find surface indications.

Well, if there's any oil
around here,

I'd be very surprised.

Sorry, you're geologist, Barry?

That's right.

We have a great deal in common.

You're looking for the result
of the evolutionary process

and I'm investigating
the evolution process.

It isn't often that I have a chance

to talk to someone of a
scientific band.

You work here alone?

For the most part.

Well my wife is with me,
but she's not well.

She contracted a fever in the tropics,

which she's never quite
recovered from.

Well, that's unfortunate.

There's nothing can be done?


Well, it's good to have company.

I can't send you out
into the swamps tonight.

May I invite you to
spend the night with us?

We don't want to impose.


Don't be silly.

Now we only have one guestroom,

that's for you Brenda.

And we can put some cots
in here for the men.

Well, anything's better
than that cold, cold ground.

Now, let me show you my pride
and joy, an indoor shower.

It's the only one for 50 miles.

And I have my own little
power plant.

Come along, come along.

The cistern on the roof is full.

When you want to shower,
pull the chain.

It works, that's what counts.

That's my wife's room.

She walks in her sleep
when the fever hits her,

so I keep the door
locked from the outside.

Well she could very easily
wander into the swamps.


Yes, Dear?

Who's with you?

She just finished her nap.

We have company here.

I'd like for you to meet them.

We'll be in the living room.

Why don't you dress for dinner?

What are you working on?

Are you familiar with the
Oceana theory of evolution?

Uh huh,

seems to me it's something
about land life from the sea.

That's the theory.

Specifically what makes
it important in my mind

is that it deals with the
evolution of man

from the reptiles.

For example, sea creatures,
simple land creatures,

snake-like reptiles,
alligator-like reptiles, dinosaurs,

and somewhere along the line, man.

You mean man hasn't descended
from the apes

but from snakes?

Ritchie that's it in a nutshell.

I happen to believe in the
basic theory.

The swamps provide me

with all the necessary forms
of life to investigate,

alligators, snakes, fish, so forth.

Good evening.

You look lovely, darling.

Thank you.

This is Barry, Ritchie, Rabbit.

Gentlemen, my wife.

How do you do?

Mrs. West is taking
her shower before dinner.

If I seem like a poor hostess,

it's just that I've forgotten.

You see, we haven't had any
visitors in over a year.

Will you excuse me?

I'll go see how Marcie's doing.

You certainly have a lovely
wife, Doctor.

Yes, yes she is.

But I'm afraid she made a bad
bargain when she married me.

I've taken her to the
farthest corners of the earth,

the most remote places

and she's suffered for it.

If at times she seems to be preoccupied,

you must excuse her.

There they go again.

Man, I'll be glad when we get
out of here.

Yeah, me too.

I don't like it.

That old doctor's sure
got a fine looking wife.

I noticed.

I noticed you noticed.

Guess who?


What's up?

You smoke?

You work for the doctor?

What's your job?

You sure are a talkative fella.

What's all the drumming about?

Say man, what's all the
drumming about?

When there's something to be done,

all the folks get together.

They talk it over?

They do more than talk it over.

You ever heard of snake magic?


These people worship snakes.

They have this dance.

What about it?

That's all.

What kind of dance?

It's not my place to tell you
about it.

Let's go see.

Can't do that.

Why not?

If they caught us,
it would be bad.

Well, I'll take the chance

You take the chance.

Count me out.

Wandering around out there
at night.

Come on,
let's go see this snake dance.

What's that thing with the
spears in it?

That's your friend.

What friend?

The doctor.

Dr. Trent?

They killed him?

Looks like it.

What for?

What's going on?

Well, I'm about ready for bed.

Didn't realize how tired I was.

I suppose you want to get
started early in the morning?

Well there's no use holding
off the inevitable, Mrs. West.

So early?

But don't let me be selfish.

I could keep you up all night.

I just can't tell you how
wonderful it is

to have people around again.

Can I get you anything before bed?

No, nothing for me, thank you.

I don't believe so.

Goodnight Barry.

Goodnight, Mrs. West.

Hope the drums don't keep you awake.

Nothing could keep me awake.

Barry, I've been wanting to
talk to you.

What can I do for you?

I'm in trouble.

My husband,

my husband is insane.

Now, Mrs. Trent.

Please listen to me.

I know that it seems like a
wild accusation, but it's true.

I find your story hard to believe

Hard to believe?

Then why don't you go in
there and see for yourself?

Look, I can't just walk in there.

If the doctor wants to
take me in, all right.

He'd never allow that.

Things have gone too far already.

I don't see what I can do.

After all, I can't interfere
in his business.

I'd hoped you would help.

There is no one else.

Poor Tom.

You believed in his work.

This is your reward.

What have you?

You fool, you stupid fool.

Do you know what you've done?

You killed him.


Always the meddler.

Oh no!

No, not in here, no.

Simond, let me out!

Simond, let me out of here!

Perhaps in there
you won't cause trouble

until I deal with you.

This is the evil one.

See before you the evil doctor

that has brought such
shame and suffering to us.

She did it, Tom.

She turned off the preserver
machine before you were ready.

Everything was going beautifully.

For the first time
everything was controlled.

Live Tom, live.







It's finished.

You've succeeded.

He's dead.

You mean it's dead.

Goodbye Tom.

Let me out, Simond.

I can't stand it much longer,
let me out!

You're a perfect subject for
the new derivatives.

My dear Mrs. West,

I believe you will be an
instantaneous transmutation.

We dedicate this symbol
of our people of our lands.

The evil spirit of the
doctor is now afraid.

Our strong magic will destroy.

You must become the
instrument of revenge.

Go, do what you will,
you are protected.

Go, go!

I have work to do now.

Stay away from the river.

And watch out for the quicksand.

Yeah, I have a little work in
mind, too.

I've been watching you dance.

Be good, baby, there's
nobody here but us chickens.

Help me.

It's quicksand.

Help me please.

Help me.

I won't hurt you.

Help me, please.

I won't hurt you.

Help me, please.

Help me.

Help me.



What is it?

Simond, open the door!

What's going on?

Get up.

Get up.

Hear me, my enemies are here.

Get up, obey me!

There are enemies to be destroyed.



Simond, what's happening out there?

What's happening, Simond?

Let me out!

Mrs. Trent!

Let me out of here!

Open the door.

I don't know what's going on here

but there's a crowd out there
that's in a killing mood.

We gotta get out of here.

It's Simond, he's insane.

He's creating monsters.

Kill them!

Kill them!

Brenda, Brenda it's me,
it's me, Pat.

You mustn't go on.

I know, I know that it was Simond

that did this thing to you.

Brenda, you mustn't listen to him.

Look at yourself.

You were a beautiful girl, Brenda.

He's destroyed you

like he's destroyed everything
else that he's touched.

Don't listen to her.

Don't listen to her.

She hates you.

She hates you because you
have more power that she does

and she hates me.

Kill her, kill her.

You mustn't listen to him.

He's only using you.

You must stop, Brenda.

Please, look at what he's
done to you.

Look at what he's done,

he's destroyed you, Brenda.

You must stop.

No, no.

Somebody help me.

No, no please.

Please no!

No, help, help, help!

Thanks again, Rogers.

We have your statement and your address.

We'll be in touch.