Curse of the Slasher Nurse (2017) - full transcript

A group of friends head out to a friend's cabin in the woods for a weekend of drinking and partying. In a secluded paradise, the friends start to unwind and it looks like it's going to be a weekend they'll never forget. But when a scary story about a deranged psychopathic woman dressed in a nurses outfit becomes more than just fiction, they'll have to fight to make it out alive.

(slow piano music ♪)

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] I got
it for my birthday yesterday

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] It's so
cool. I've been taking lots
of cool pictures with it.

Aeron: That's cool.
Can it record videos?

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] Yeah. See?

Aeron: I know what we can do.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] What?

Aeron: We can make a movie.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN]
What kind of movie?

Aeron: A scary movie.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] Okay
and I'll be the killer

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] Here
let's use this one instead.

Anneke: But what's
wrong with this one.

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] It
looks too fake. You want
our movie to be good, right?

Anneke: Yeah, but this
one's really sharp.

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] If you want
to be a good actress you have to
learn how to do your own stunts

Aeron: And if you're
too scared to be the
killer then I'll be it.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] No.
I'm the killer. I can do it.

(music darkens ♪)

Kea: So I need to
be down in the shed?

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN]
Yep cause I'm gonna be
hiding behind the door.

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] And action!






Nurse Ryann: Hey Anneke

Anneke: Hi

Anneke: Hi.

Nurse Ryann: Hi.

Nurse Ryann: Oh,
what do you got?

Nurse Ryann: What is
that a picture of?

Anneke: Just a drawing.

Nurse Ryann: Yeah?

Nurse Ryann: Well,
it's really pretty.

Anneke: Thanks.

Nurse Ryann: Hey Anneke.

(child like piano music ♪)

Nurse Ryann: I don't think
I can come back anymore.

Anneke: Why? Nurse
Ryann: I don't...

Nurse Ryann: Well

Nurse Ryann: Other
kids need my help now.

Nurse Ryann: But

Nurse Ryann: I'll
try to come visit.

Anneke: Promise?

Nurse Ryann: Yeah. I promise.

(tense music builds ♪)

Nurse Lourenzo: Nurse Ryann!

Nurse Lourenzo: What the hell
do you think you're doing?

Nurse Ryann: I just
wanted to say goodbye

Nurse Ryann: One last time.

Nurse Lourenzo: This is why
you don't work here anymore.

Nurse Lourenzo: You
can't follow the rules.

Nurse Lourenzo: This is
why you're not employed.

Nurse Ryann: I just wanted to
check on her one last time.

Nurse Lourenzo:
You need to leave.

Nurse Lourenzo: Where the
hell are these orderlies?

Nurse Lourenzo: Patient
visiting hours are over.

Nurse Ryann: She's not just a
patient. Her name is Anneke.

Nurse Lourenzo: [LAUGHS]

Nurse Lourenzo: Her
name is murderer.

Nurse Lourenzo: Get out

Nurse Ryann: No.

Nurse Lourenzo: Orderlies! Where
the fuck are these orderlies?


Orderly 1: See I told
you it was room 23.

Orderly 2: You know I'm
terrible with prime numbers.

Nurse Lourenzo: What the
hell took you guys so long?

Orderly 2: This is a huge
place. So many hallways

Nurse Lourenzo: I don't

Orderly 2: So many stairs.

Nurse Lourenzo: I don't care!

Orderly 1: I cramp easy.

Nurse Lourenzo: I need you
to escort this one out now.

Orderly 1: Which one? The
tall one or the short one?

Nurse Lourenzo: The fuck?
The big one you idiot!

Orderly 1: Okay. Well,
who gets the big one?

Orderly 2: Well, you
know I'm scared of that
creepy little girl man.

Orderly 1: Rock,
paper, scissors. Ready?

Both: Rock, paper,
scissors, shoot!

Orderly 1: Rock!
Nothing beats rock.

Orderly 2: [SIGH]

Orderly 2: You
let me down again.

Orderly 1: Come on.
You're coming with me.

Nurse Ryann: [CRYING]
Goodbye Anneke.

Orderly 1: No! Come on!

Orderly 1: I'm running
out of patience here.

Nurse Ryann: I'm sorry Anneke!

Nurse Ryann: I'm sorry!

Orderly 1: Come on!

Nurse Ryann: I'm sorry!

Nurse Lourenzo: Serious?
It got lost?

Orderly 2: It's a huge place.

Nurse Lourenzo: You
worked here for ten years.

Orderly 2: It's gonna quick
ten years. Can I say that?

Nurse Lourenzo: Are you
fucking drunk today?

Orderly 2: A little high.

Orderly 2: A little high.

Nurse Lourenzo: What are these?

Anneke: Pictures.

Nurse Lourenzo: Of what?

Anneke: My family.


Nurse Lourenzo: Your family?
You don't have a family.

Nurse Lourenzo: You wanna know
why you don't have a family?

Nurse Lourenzo: Because
you killed them.

Orderly 2: [GASP]

Nurse Lourenzo: You
sick little shit.

Nurse Lourenzo: Take her
downstairs for her treatment.

Orderly 2: I have
to take the killer?

Nurse Lourenzo: Yeah.

Orderly 2: I don't know if
I'm ready for that. I don't
really get paid that much.

Nurse Lourenzo: Take her!

Anneke: No. Please.

Orderly 2: All
right little girl.

Anneke: Please.

Orderly 2: Hello kitty.

Orderly 2: Let's go.

Anneke: [YELLS] No! Please!

Orderly 2: You're
coming with me.

Anneke: No!


Orderly 2: Come on little girl.

Anneke: [SCREAM]

Orderly: [YELLS] Ahh! My shins!

Orderly 2: Oww.



(soft music ♪)

Front Desk: [OVER WALKIE
TALKIE] Front desk to rear exit.
How's it going down there?

CORY: Hey, this is rear
exit. Everything's nice
and quiet down here.

Front Desk: [OVER WALKIE
TALKIE] Of course it's
nice and quiet down there.

Front Desk: [OVER WALKIE
TALKIE] You work in a
basement. What do you expect?

Cory: Man, fuck you.

Front Desk: [OVER WALKIE
TALKIE] How's the scenery?

Cory: I gotta say you
oversold it to me when
you told me about the job.

Front Desk: [OVER WALKIE
TALKIE] How'd I oversell it?

Front Desk: [OVER WALKIE
TALKIE] I mean, you
got a desk, didn't you?

Cory: Fuck off man.
This is rear exit out.

Front Desk: [OVER WALKIE
TALKIE] Front exit out.


Nurse Lourenzo: Night checks.


Nurse Lourenzo: Lights out.

Nurse Lourenzo: What the fuck?


Anneke: [GRUNT]

Nurse Lourenzo: [COUGHING]

Nurse Lourenzo: Security!

Nurse Lourenzo: Security!








[Damzon Blaze
peforming "Let Me Be"]

♪ My life ♪

♪ Has never been set in stone ♪

♪ And when I die ♪

♪ Suppose I'll be all alone ♪

♪ Cause I am me ♪

♪ I've always been who I am ♪

♪ But what others see ♪

♪ They just don't understand ♪

Kaos: I can't believe
we came all this way.

Kaos: And you forgot the tickets
to Shadow Woods Metal Fest.

Kaos- We're gonna miss
Sadistic Vision play.

Kaos- And I told you to
fill up the truck with gas
before we left the house.

Tapia: How much gas do we have?

Kaos: We're almost out.

Tapia: There's a gas
station up here. Pull up.

Kaos: Alright.

Tapia: So what the fuck's
wrong with you? Why are you

Tapia: Wh...wh...why
are you so mad?

Kaos: Because you left the ticket at home cause you were
on your phone texting that
motherfucker Paul A. Jack.

Tapia: I wasn't even
talking to Paul.

Tapia: I was talking to my mom.

Kaos: That's bullshit.

Kaos: I don't believe that.

Kaos: You don't have to talk
to him all day long everyday.


Tapia: He's just a friend

Tapia: I can talk to him
if I want to, ya know?

Kaos: You don't have to talk
to him all the goddamn time.

Tapia: [SIGHS]

Tapia: Well, he's my friend.
I like to talk to him. You
can't tell me what to do.

Kaos: You can talk
to him at work

Tapia: Well, we got enough gas
money to get there and back?

Kaos: I got enough for gas.

Tapia: Alright, well.

Tapia: I don't know what to say.

Kaos: This is fucking
bullshit, though.

Tapia: [SIGHS]

Tapia: Alright, dude, you're
being a dick. Just...get out.

Kaos: Fuck you.

Tapia: Fuck you!


Kaos: Fuck you!


(ominous music ♪)

Tapia: [SIGH] Fucking asshole.


Kaos: What the fuck?


Kaos: [OFFSCREEN] Ugh!


Tapia: Kaos!

Tapia: What are you doing?

Tapia: hey!

Tapia: hey!

Tapia: What the fuck!

Tapia: Fuck dude! Come on!

Tapia: What the fuck?

Tapia: Oh, fucking God.

Tapia: Hey, hey.

Tapia: Hey.

Tapia: Hey.

Tapia: [CRIES]

Tapia: [YELLS] Help!

Tapia: Shit.

Tapia: Fuck, buddy.

Tapia: Fuck.

Tapia: [YELLS] Help!

Tapia: Oh, shit!

Tapia: [GASP]

Tapia: Dude,
stay...stay with me.

Tapia: [YELLS] Help!

Tapia: [YELLS] Help!


Tapia: [CRIES] Oh, fuck.

Tapia: Fuck!

(Suspenseful music ♪)

Tapia: Oh, fuck.









(slow ominous music ♪)



(slow piano music ♪)



Aeron: Hello?

Aeron: Hello?

Aeron: Is anyone there?

Aeron: Hello?

Aeron: [GASP]

Aeron: [GASP]

Aeron: [GASP]

Aeron: [EXHALES]

(slow piano music)

Aeron: Mom?

Aeron: Dad?




Aeron: [GASP]


Det. Johnson: Well,
what did y'all find out?

Det. Richards: The orderly says
she was like this this morning
when he was doing his rounds.

Det. Richards: Something
happened last night.

Det. Johnson: Which...what
patients room is this?

Det. Richards: Anneke
Mitchell, 24, admitted in
2002 for killing her mother.

Det. Johnson: Missing?

Det. Richards: Yeah,
she's not here.

Det. Johnson: Well, I guess we have our suspect.
This woman must have been
left here to bleed out.

Det. Richards: She didn't
put much up of a fight.

Det. Richards: Judging
by the smell of the
alcohol on her body.

Det. Johnson: She was drunk,
but you're wrong. She was
definitely putting up a fight.

Det. Richards: What
makes you say that?

Det. Richards: How the
hell did I miss that?

Det. Johnson: You say
there was another body?

Det. Richards: Yeah,
in the basement.

Det. Johnson: Okay, I want to
talk to the orderly as well.

Det. Richards: This is where
they found the second victim.

Det. Johnson: But
where's the body?

Det. Richards: I had
them take it off already.

Det. Johnson: What kind of police work is
that? How can I have an
investigation without a body?



Orderly 1: Gentlemen,
what can I do for ya?

Det. Richards: Why don't
you go ahead and tell us
what happened this morning.

Orderly 1: Alright,
well I got here at 9:15

Orderly 1: No, 8:00. I got here
at 8:00 as I do every morning.

Orderly 1: I'm always on
time eight o'clock sharp.
So I got here at 8:00.

Orderly 1: Umm.

Orderly 1: I thought something was a little strange when I didn't hear nurse Lorenzo
yelling and calling for
me which she always does.

Orderly 1: Uhh, so I thought
that was strange and then I
came down about 9:15, no 8:15.

Orderly 1: I came down her at...

Det. Richards: Alright, hold
on. What is it 9:15 or 8:15?

Det. Richards: Get it
exact. You're confusing me.

Orderly 1: 8:15. It was
definitely 8:15. So I came down
here at 8:15 as I said before

Orderly 1: Umm. And I noticed

Orderly 1: Uhh

Orderly 1: Cory was laying
on the floor and I was like
"Man, get up you lazy bum."

Orderly 1: "You know
we got work to do."

Orderly 1: And then
I saw the blood

Orderly 1: and you know,
naturally I went upstairs
to find nurse Lorenzo

Orderly 1: and she was
nowhere to be found.

Orderly 1: So,
know, my IBS starts acting
up. I have to use the bathroom

Orderly: and I promptly give
the cops a call after that.

Det. Richards: You gonna
use the bathroom before
you call the cops?

Orderly 1: IBS, man. [GRUNT]

Det. Johnson: So, when did you
find nurse Lourenzo's body?

Orderly 1: Nurse Lorenzo's body?

Orderly 1: Well...

Orderly 1: After I came down
after my 25 minute, you know,
release? My IBS, you know?

Orderly 1: Uhh

Orderly 1: I started looking for her cause you
know, I went to her first
when I saw Cory's body.

Orderly 1: And I, you know,
I walked into a patient's
room and there she was.

Orderly 1: What a shift.


Det. Richards: Exactly
what time did you find
nurse Lourenzo's body?

Orderly 1: Well, not in
time because she was dead.

Det. Richards:
That's not a joke.

Det. Richards: This is serious

Dr. Taylor: Please stop
talking to the imbecile.

Dr. Taylor: [GRUNT]

Dr. Taylor: Back to work
with you. Go clean the
toilets or something.

Dr. Taylor: [GRUNT]

Det. Johnson: And who are you?

Dr. Taylor: I'm Dr. Taylor,
the head psychiatrist
in this facility.

Det. Richards: What can you
tell me about this patient?

Dr. Taylor: You need to
catch her immediately.

Dr. Taylor: [GRUNTS]

Dr. Taylor: She's
unpredictable and dangerous.

Det. Johnson: Do you know
where she would have gone?

Dr. Taylor: She hasn't
spoken in years.

Dr. Taylor: But there was
one nurse she was close to.

Dr. Taylor: You might
want to try to find her.



Ms. Moran: Hello?

Det. Richards: Hi,
is this Ms. Moran?

Ms. Moran: yeah

Ms. Moran: Can I help you?

Det. Richards: This is detective
Richards with the OCPD.

Det. Richards: I was told
that you was a nurse for
Blueridge Psychiatric Facility?

Ms. Moran: Yeah, I worked
there about 15 years ago.

Det. Richards: Ms. Moran, do you
remember a patient that you had?

Det. Richards: A little
girl named Anneke Mitchell.

Ms. Moran: Yeah.

Ms. Moran: I remember Anneke.

Ms. Moran: She was
a very special girl.

Det. Richards: Well it
appears that she's escaped
and consider very dangerous.

Det. Richards: Is there
anywhere that she could be
going or targeting somebody?

Ms. Moran: Yeah.

Ms. Moran: She umm

Ms. Moran: She used to always
talk about another girl.

Ms. Moran: [OVER PHONE] I think
her name was Aeron Warden.

Ms. Moran: She was...


Ms. Moran: Ahh! Uh!

Ms. Moran: Ahh!

Det. Richards: Hello? Ms. Moran?

Det. Richards: Hello? Damn it!


Aeron: Hey Emma.


Aeron: Oh.

Amber: Woah, what the hell?

Aeron: I'm so sorry I
didn't mean to run into you.

Aeron: I just...I thought...I
thought I saw something.

Amber: It's fine. What'd
you think you saw?

Aeron: I thought I saw a
woman but it doesn't matter.
It's it's not important.

Aeron: Again, I'm so sorry.

Amber: It's fine. [LAUGHS]

Amber: Well, I'm Amber.

Aeron: I'm Aeron.

Amber: Good to meet ya.

Aeron: It's nice
to meet you too.

Amber: [LAUGHS]

Amber: But I got to be
honest, you looked a
little freaked out man.

Aeron: Sorry, I guess I just
spooked myself out being the
only one in the store and all.

Amber: But there's
somebody up there?

Aeron: Hey, Emma.

Aeron: Was there a
woman in white here?

Emma: No, honey. There's
nobody in here but you two.

Aeron: Guess I'm
just going insane.

Amber: Look, I'm new in town.

Amber: So, maybe we
should go hang out?

Aeron: Sounds like a plan.

[The Max performing
"This Is My Rock'n'Roll"]

♪ Here ♪

♪ we go ♪

♪ again ♪

♪ Living the fine line ♪

♪ Between the unreal and
what's called reality ♪

♪ I'm done ♪

♪ I'm out ♪

♪ I'm free ♪

♪ I'm taking the long road ♪

♪ Home tonight so I
can get my head on ♪

♪ It's a long way ♪

♪ When you're staring down the
mouth of a long neck bottle ♪

♪ With arms raised ♪

♪ I'm screaming at
the top of my lungs ♪

♪ Get me out of here ♪

♪ Shake my heart, sing
another song to me ♪

♪ I'm just a child
of a Generation Z ♪

♪ Whao ♪

♪ This is my rock and roll! ♪

♪ I'm not dumb but I
can not understand ♪

♪ How am I, am I supposed
to take a stand? ♪

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ This is my rock and roll! ♪

♪ This is my rock and roll! ♪


Skitz: What up cuz?

Josh: What's up man?
I'm here to re up.

Skitz: Yeah, shit
come inside man.

[Negativity peforming
"Free Style 1"]


Skitz: Oh shit, have a seat man.

Skitz: Shit man, you
out of weed again?

Skitz: Man, you
were just here dawg.

Josh: I know man but

Josh: I'm going out of
town this weekend. I
need some extra supplies.

Josh: Plus I was seeing
if you had any X on you.

Skitz: X? I ain't think
you fuck with that shit.

Josh: I don't but I'm
picking some up for Andrea.

Skitz: Andrea?

Josh: Yeah, I'm going up
to a cabin this weekend
with Andrea and Aeron.

Skitz: Oh, you partying
with Andrea and Aeron?
You lucky motherfucker.

Josh: Yep and I'm supposed
to be meeting them now so
if we can hurry this up

Josh: I still have to go
home and shave so they can
have a place to sit tonight.

Skitz: Yeah, I got you man.

Jenny: Skitz, I thought you
were coming back to bed, baby?

Skitz: In a minute baby. Daddy's
taking care of some business.

Skitz: Why don't you get me
and my homie some sandwiches?

Skitz: Josh, you hungry?

Josh: Nah man but
who the hell is this?

Skitz: Oh, shit. Hoe, this
is Josh. Josh, this is hoe.

Jenny: Hey, I'm Jenny.

Josh: Hi.

Skitz: Fuck it, bring
us a couple shots.

Jenny: Yes, daddy.

Josh: Skitz? What the fuck
is Skitz and why do you have
a naked bitch serving you?

Skitz: Skits N' Gravy.
That's my new rapper name.

Skitz: Shit and that's
just one of my hoes.

Josh: Rapper? I was here like
4 days ago. Since when did
you become a fucking rapper?

Skitz: Shit, the other day.

Skitz: I got the image.
I got me the drugs.

Skitz: So I became a
rapper. I recorded a mix
tape and got me a hoe.

Josh: I'm pretty sure that's
not how any of it works.

Josh: [LAUGHS]

Josh: Nice shirt.

Skitz: Hoe, tell this nigga
about my rapping skills.

Jenny: Ha. Skitz N' Gravy? He's
the best rapper I've ever heard.

Jenny: Way better than Eminem.

Josh: It kind of feels like
you paid her to say that.

Jenny: Yeah.

Skitz: Bitch, what is this?

Skitz: I thought I asked
for shots of Patron?

Jenny: Can't give you
what you ain't got.

Jenny: You ain't got no Patron.

Skitz: Well then take
your bum ass down to
the motherfuckin' store.

Jenny: Bitch I ain't your
mama. You can do your
own grocery shopping.

Skitz: Don't make me
go gangsta on yo ass.

Skitz: Hoe does what hoes told.
Don't make Skitz smack a bitch.

Jenny: Motherfucker!


Jenny: I ain't you servant and if you touch me, I'll
beat you with that dildo
that you like up your ass.

Josh: Dildo?

Skitz: Ahh, bitch that hurt.

Jenny? What'd you call me?

Skitz: Nothing, just take your motherfuckin' ass
back to bedroom before
I cancel that check.

Jenny: Motherfucker, you
ain't even a real rapper. Your
shit ain't even on iTunes.

[Negativity performing
"Net Thugz"]

Josh: So, what about this dildo?

Skitz: I don't know man.
That bitch is crazy.

Skitz: Here man. Fuckin'
take this. Fuckin' no charge.

Josh: You sure man?

Skitz: Yeah man, fuckin'...give
that to Andrea and tell
her who it's from, dawg.

Skitz: For real.

Josh: Appreciate it man but


Josh: have a good
night with that dildo.

Josh: Later man.

Josh: Later hoe.

Jenny: Bye hun.

Jenny: Skitz, why's
this check post dated?

Skitz: Chill baby. You
know the money's good.

Jenny: Yeah, like
6 months from now.

Skitz: Shit, I just gotta
hustle a couple mixtapes
then you know I'm good.

Skitz: So, whatever.

Jenny: Uh huh. Yeah, that's
right. I'm out nigga.

Skitz: Shit. I gotta
sell a bunch of mixtapes.
That's all I gotta do.



Josh: Well, hello
there beautiful.

Aeron: Cut the shit
Josh. We've been waiting
here for over an hour.

Josh: Well it's uh,
lovely to see you too.

Aeron: I'm serious, Josh.
You made us all stand
around here and wait

Aeron: when you knew what time
you're supposed to be here.

Josh: Okay, I'm sorry. Geez,
don't throw a titty tantrum.

Josh: It's not like this whole
thing wasn't thrown together
at the last minute anyway

Josh: I had some shit
to do first Aeron.

Aeron: You made us all
wait around to you go
buy weed didn't you?

Josh: Yes the fuck I did Aeron and as soon as I
get done hate fucking
all this anger out of you

Josh: we can smoke some so
you can chill the fuck out.

Josh: You know, maybe? Chill
the fuck out a little bit?

Aeron: Uh. You're such a child.

Josh: Nuh uh!

Josh: What the fuck is
Rita Repulsa doing here?

Aeron: Because she's my friend
and this whole camping thing
wouldn't work without her

Aeron: cause it's her
family's land. So be nice.

Josh: I'm always nice,
Aeron. I just wish I'd
of known she was coming.

Josh: I'd of brought her a
gift but I left all my fucking
holy water at the house.

Robert: Josh?

Robert: Dude, Josh?

Josh: Fuck no. What
is he doing here?

Robert: Hey! What's up, bro?

Robert: Ah, it's
good to see you man.

Josh: What the fuck
are you doing here?

Robert: Oh, Travis
invited me man.

Josh: Why?

Robert: Oh, dude cause like he wants see if I could bring all
that cool like extra camping
equipment and stuff man.

Robert: I got all this
cool stuff like we can
go hunting for Bigfoot.

Robert: Do you believe
in Bigfoot you do?

Josh: Dude, dude, dude,
dude, dude. Wait a minute.

Josh: We were in the middle of a private conversation,
so if you could go fuck off
over there for a minute.

Robert: Oh dude. My bad, man.

Josh: Yeah.

Robert: Did you want me jus
wait over there for a minute?

Josh: Yes. Go over there. Fuck
off. I'll be there, never.

Robert: Okay, I'll
be over there man.

Josh: Okay. Go ahead.

Robert: Alright, man.

Josh: Take care.

Robert: Right over there.

Josh: Yes.

Josh: Travis really invited him?

Aeron: Yeah.

Josh: What the hell for?
He's not coming with us.

Aeron: He's already here,
I'm not gonna uninvite him.

Josh: Well, it's a good
thing a problem because
I'm not riding with him.

Aeron: Actually, Amber says
that you can't bring your bike.
The roads there are too bad.

Josh: What the fuck Aeron? Well, then I'm riding with
you cause I'm not riding with
Grizzly Adams over there.

Aeron: Amber's riding with me and the last thing I need
is for you to piss her off
before we even get there.

Josh: Why can't she
ride with Robert?

Aeron: Because she's my friend

Aeron: and I'm not gonna stick
her in a vehicle with a bunch
of people she barely knows.

Josh: I am NOT riding
with Captain Insano.

Kara: Aeron, wait!

Kara: Please don't go.

Aeron: I'm just going
for the weekend.

Aeron: I'll be back on Sunday.

Kara: But I don't
want you to go.

Kara: I had a bad dream
that you got lost in the
woods lost in the woods.

Aeron: Lost in the woods?

Kara: Yeah, you were
running and it was dark
and you never came back.

Aeron: It's not
that kind of trip.

Aeron: I'll be back on Sunday.

Kara: But I don't
want you to go.

Aeron: I won't get
lost. I promise.

Kara: Okay.


[Skyrocket Down performing
"Tied To Your Roots"]

Robert: So guys, I'm not
saying the Bigfoot is real

Robert: I mean, the idea that such a creature could
go for so long without being
discovered by scientists

Robert: That's a pretty
outlandish thing to think

Robert: He'd have to be endangered to say the least
because you know if he had
a decent sized population

Robert: there's no way that, you know, by now scientists
and the forest rangers and
stuff wouldn't discovered him.

Robert: But, if bigfoot did have the intelligence level in
order to knowingly avoid human
contact in human populated areas

Robert: and also to camouflage himself in his surroundings and possibly even to bury
you know the dead members
of his Bigfoot family

Robert: I'm just saying guys,
I think I'd like to meet him.

Josh: Hey Robert.

Robert: Yeah, what's up dude?

Josh: Will you please shut
the fuck up about Bigfoot?

Josh: You've been babble for
20 minutes. Nobody gives a
fuck. Just give it a break.

Robert: Sorry man.

Robert: I'm just saying though,
what do you think he eats?

Josh: God damn it
Robert! Shut the fuck up!

Robert: Josh, I'm sorry
dude. I'll try to stop
talking about Bigfoot man.

Robert: I was just sitting here trying to think
about I don't know maybe
he's like a carnivore...


Josh: Why? Why did
you invite him?

Josh: Do you have any idea
how close I am to veering
this fucking truck into a tree

Josh: and playing the
odds that either he or
I will be the casualty?

Travis: I'm sorry, man.
Look, it's gonna be fine.

Travis: Robert's not that bad
of a guy. He's just been in
the car like way too long.

Robert: Dude, Josh when
we get there tonight

Robert: We can go ahead and we
can go UFO spotting as well man.

Robert: Look, you know,
Bigfoot might not be real
but you got to be crazy...


Josh: Then why the fuck
is that dick face the
only one I want to kill?

Travis: He was the only one
of us with camping supplies.

Josh: Heh.

Josh: Now the truth comes out Travis. Has it
set you free? Cause it
hasn't done shit for me.

Josh: Why the fuck do we need
camping supplies anyway? We're
going to a goddamn cabin.

Travis: Aeron said there
was a bunch of cool places
you could camp at night.

Travis: I don't know.

Josh: It sounds to me like
the cabin's small as fuck.

Josh: How much you wanna
bet there's not enough
room for everybody?

Travis: I don't know.

Travis: I think she just want
to be able to camp outside
like if it's nice enough.

Josh: You motherfuckers can camp outside if you want to
but Josh's ass is staying
in the small ass cabin.

Josh: I'll be sure to show
you my dick from the window.

Travis: Fine by me. I'll
just be snuggling between
Andrea and Aeron for warmth.

Josh: The fuck you will. You
wanna wake Andrea up and see
what she has to say about it?

Travis: No.

Josh: Look man, I only came on this stupid trip
for two reasons: to get
fucked and get fucked up.

Josh: The only person who's going to be getting their dick
wet with Aeron's gonna be me.
So you can leave it alone.

Travis: I didn't think
you two were together.

Josh: We're not but we will be.

Josh: And if I play my
cards right, I might have a
different girl each night.

Travis: Wait, you're going
to mess with Aeron and Amber?

Josh: Fuck no, not Amber. That
bitch is cold. Even I know
a lost cause when I see one.

Josh: She's probably
a fuckin dyke anyway.

Josh: Look, either way, I
don't trust her so you should
hide your weed around her.

Travis: Who's the other girl?

Josh: What's that?

Travis: You said
different girl each night.
Who's the other girl?

Josh: Exactly.

Travis: What?

Josh: That's right.

Travis: What's right?

Josh: Have you lost
weight, Travis?

Travis: What? No!
I'm asking who...

Josh: It's Aeron man. Come on.
You're getting us sidetracked.

Travis: Uhh, sorry.

[Skyrocket Down performing
"Angel Wings With Bullet Holes"]

Josh: You're forgiven.
Look man, I've had a thing
for Aeron for awhile now.

Josh: The fact that she
invited me out this weekend
tells me all I need to know.

Travis: What's that?

Josh: Well, she can only have
invited me for two reasons and
she doesn't smoke weed so...

Travis: What if there
was no reason? What if
she just invited you?

Josh: People don't just
invite you for no reason.

Josh: They invite you cause
you either have something
they need or you're useful.

Travis: That's not true.
Aeron invited me just
cause she wanted to.

Travis: Aeron doesn't
use people like that.

Josh: Oh, then who's idea was it
to invite Robert for his gear?

Travis: That was my idea.

Travis: When Aeron invited me to go camping she asked if I had
any tents and I said no but I
knew where we could g..ah, shit!

Josh: [LAUGHS]

Josh: You got used man.

Robert: Whoa, Josh. Dude,
you and me aren't going
after the same girl, are we?

Josh: Robert, I swear to God if you cock block me this weekend
dude, I will pistol whip the
fucking beard off your face.

Robert: Whoa, whoa!

Robert: Bro, dude. Nothing
wrong a little bit of
healthy competition, man.

Robert: I mean I had my eye on
the girl for a while too, man.

Robert: You know, it's no surprise, you know, judging
as you know, you and me are
so alike you know what I mean?

Robert: Great minds
think alike, bro.

Robert: That's it.
Give me my fucking gun.

Josh: Robert, if you say one
more fucking word dude, I will
blow your goddamn head off.

Amber: You alright?
You look tired.

Aeron: Yeah, I just...I
haven't been sleeping well.

Amber: Why not?

Aeron: I just..I keep having these dreams like, it's like I
wake up and there's...there's
this woman in my house.

Aeron: But it's like two
seconds later she's not there.

Amber: Do you recognize her?

Aeron: No. I mean, she doesn't look like anybody
that I know. She's just
there and then she's gone.

Amber: Sounds like
you're dreaming.

Aeron: I mean, it feels
like I'm awake but at the
same time I don't know.

Amber: That's kind of weird.

Aeron: Lil' bit.

Amber: [LAUGHS]

Aeron: So, this place is
completely secluded? Like,
no other cabins around?

Amber: Not within
screaming distance.

Aeron: And it's
your family's land?

Amber: It's my uncle's. He
likes to go hunting and fishing.

Amber: But he doesn't really use it that much so
he rents it out and I get
to use it whenever I want.

Aeron: So, do you use it often?

Amber: I used to come up here
a lot when I was younger but I
haven't been up here in years.

Aeron: Well, thanks for letting me invite everyone.
I know you don't really know
them but they're cool people.

Amber: It's cool. I trust
your taste in friends.

Aeron: So, what do
you think of Josh?

Amber: Except that one.

Aeron: Okay, what's the
real reason you hate him?

Amber: Honestly, I think he's
trash and I don't see how you
guys even hang out with him.

Aeron: Come on, now. He's
not trash. He just has an
aggressive personality.

Aeron: You just gotta
get to know him.

Amber: I don't believe
that but to each their own.

Eric: Dude, you're
fucking crazy.

Eric: There's no way in hell that Superman could be Hulk. There's no way. That
would never fucking happen
in a million fuckin' years.

Robert: Nah, hold up dude. I really think that, okay, I
think Superman can definitely
beat the Hulk. Okay?

Robert: He's got the whole rack of superpowers man. He's got
the not just super-strength,
he's got the ice breath.

Robert: He's got the heat vision, he's got like
super strength and speed.
You know, he can fly.

Robert: He could just pick Hulk up, fly through space and fly
all the way to the Sun and just
drop Hulk into the Sun, dude.

Eric: Dude, dude.
You're fucking stupid.

Eric: Okay, look. The
Hulk is just as strong as
Superman, if not stronger.

Eric: And if he flies to the Sun, it would take him who knows
how fucking long, even with the
speed, and Hulk would break out.

Eric: And there's no fucking way that he would win because doomsday killed
Superman and doomsday and
Hulk are kind of similar so.

Eric: Your arguments
fucking flawed man.

Eric: The fucking Hulk
would whoop his ass.

Eric: End of fucking

Robert: Nah, man, I
mean, know what?

Robert: Okay. Okay, umm.

Robert: To be continued. Josh, dude. Could you umm,
pull over dude? I gotta
use the organic latrine.

Eric: Let this dumbass out.

Robert: If you know what I mean.

Josh: Can't it fucking wait,
dude. We're almost there.

Robert: No can do maestro. I
got an unusually small bladder.

Josh: It's a shame you don't
have a smaller fucking mouth.

Robert: As a matter of fact...

Josh: Just fucking go.
Get the fuck out of the
truck. Eric: Go man!

Josh: Go!

Robert: ...not umm,
proportionate, uh.


Josh: Is he gone?

Robert: Wait!


Eric: Thank you, God.

Josh: Eh, he'll find
his fucking way.

Robert: [SIGH]

Robert: Well.

Robert: It appears that Hulk
has defeated Superman after all.

Robert: But that sir,
was not a fair fight.

Robert: [SIGH]

Robert: Just have to
call my brother up.

Robert: Hey, bro. Hello?

Paul: What do you want, Robert?

Robert: Dude, uh,
I need a favor.

Paul: [SIGH] And what is that?

Robert: Uh, can you come get me?

Paul: What?

Robert: I...

Paul: No, I'm not
coming to pick you up.

Robert: Come on, dude.

Paul: I thought you said you
were going camping or something?

Robert: Yeah, dude, I
still am. I just need
you to come pick me up.

Paul: [LAUGHS] You got
left again, didn't you?

Robert: Shut up, dude.
It's not like last time.

Paul: Man, you are such a loser.

Robert: No, I'm not!

Paul: I told you nobody
wanted to hear that
bullshit about Bigfoot.

Robert: Look, dude...

Paul: Only an idiot goes
into the forest looking
for a fictional creature.

Robert: Fictional? Dude, you play Pokemon Go.
That's literally what
you do all the time.

Paul: Well, at least I don't get left on the side
of the road because no one
can stand to be around me.

Robert: Look dude, are you
coming to get me or not?

Paul: Hmm...

Paul: Not?

Robert: Uh. Dude!

Robert: Try something else.

Robert: Call dad.

Robert's Dad: Hey Robbie.

Robert: Hey Dad,
can you pick me up?

Robert's Dad: Come pick you up?

Robert: Yeah?

Robert's Dad: Why?
Where are you?

Robert: I'm on the
side of the road.

Robert's Dad: Side of
the road? Well, what the
hell are you doing there?

Robert: I got left.

Robert's Dad: Left?
Robbie, not again.

Robert's Dad: What are
you doing to these people?

Robert: I didn't do anything.

Robert's Dad: People don't
leave someone on the side of
the road for no reason Rob.

Robert: That's what happened.

Robert's Dad: Well, I'm sorry
but I can't come get you, son.

Robert: Why not?

Robert's Dad: Robbie, I'm
afraid if I keep picking you
up off the side of the road

Robert's Dad: that's where
you'll keep ending up.

Robert's Dad: Sorry,
son. Maybe you'll learn
from this experience.

Robert: Wait.

Robert: But dad.

Robert: Aww.

[Suspenseful music]

Robert: [SIGH]

Robert: Well, I guess I couldn't
ask for a nicer late afternoon
to go on a nice long walk.

Robert: Who the fuck am I
kidding man? This shit sucks.

Robert: Man.


Robert: If Hulk was walk beside me man, his green ass
would just be walking. I wish
I could fly like Superman.

Robert: Superman's
definitely better.

Robert: Huh?



Robert: Uh, hi. Hello.

Robert: Umm. Uh, do you
need some assistance?
I'm fine. I...I...I don't

Robert: That's a...that
that that's pretty cool
mask. Are you a nurse?

Robert: [LAUGH] Hopefully
you don't want to get
a Children's Hospital.


Robert: Whoa, whoa! Now, I
know most gentlemen aren't
intimidated by a strong female

Robert: especially an attractive one. But I, you know, consider
myself a gentleman, an
advocate of women's rights and

Robert: social justice and...

Robert: So, if I guess if you
don't mind, I'm just gonna

Robert: go ahead and start...

Robert: Start uh.

Robert: [YELLING]


Robert: [YELLS]


[The Max performing "Dancin
All Around The Room"]

♪ Good times they will come ♪

♪ But if you're
drowning in a sorrow ♪

♪ Chances are that come
tomorrow they won't ♪

♪ And peace you'll
surely know ♪

♪ But if you're
battling a demon ♪

♪ Then the wishes that
you're dreaming won't grow ♪

♪ Let's forget about
drowning and demons ♪

♪ And think about
livin' and singin' ♪

Amber: Alright, this is it.

Eric: Dude, this
is fucking awesome.

Eric: Time to crank out some
jams and fucking party, right?

Travis: No. You're gonna
help me unpack first.

Eric: Fine.

Eric: I'll get the beer.

Eric: Fine. Fine.

Eric: I'll be in the cabin
partying. See you later. Peace.

Fuckin' useless.

Travis: Hey, uh, get
a hand with all this?

Aeron: She's actually gonna
take me and show me the lake.

Travis: Okay...

Amber: You can put the stuff
in the living room for now.

Travis: Josh, a hand?

Fuck off t-bag.

Travis: [MUMBLES] You fuck off.

Josh: What'd you say, bitch?

Travis: Nothing!

Travis: Andrea? A little help?

Andrea: I'm gonna
go unpack our stuff.

Travis: But all of our
stuff's right here!

[Joe Becker
performing "Lullaby"]

Aeron: Where are you taking me?

Amber: It's a surprise.

Aeron: Why are we
jumping a locked fence?

Aeron: We're not
trespassing, are we?

Amber: Quit being a
scaredy cat and come on.

Aeron: Are you
sure this is okay?

Aeron: I'm not sure about this.

Amber: It's cool, dude. I
used to do this all the time.

Amber: Alright, this is it.

Aeron: Oh, wow.
This is beautiful.

Amber: This is my
favorite spot. I used to
come here all the time.

Aeron: Why'd you stop
coming down here?

Amber: Well, uh, after my
mom left, my dad kind of
quit doing stuff with us.

Aeron: That's terrible.
I'm sorry to hear that.

Amber: It's fine. It's
in the past. I'm over it.

Aeron: Thanks for
bringing me though.

Aeron: Well listen,
I have something I...

John Boy: [OFF SCREEN]
Well, well, well.
What do we have here?

John Boy: What's a couple of
girls like y'all doing out here?

Amber: Who the fuck are you?

John Boy: Oh, pardon
me. My name is John. You
can call me Johnny Boy.

John: What about y'all?

Aeron: I'm Aeron and
this is Amber and we're
staying in a cabin up here.

John Boy: Oh, is that so?

Amber: Yeah, it is John.

John Boy: Well, maybe I'll
come up and visit you sometime.
I can be real friendly.

Amber: We're not looking
for friends asshole
so you can move along.

John Boy: Well there's no
reason to get rude miss.

John Boy:I just came over
to introduce myself seeing
how this is my land and all.

Amber: The fuck are
you talking about? This
is Mr. Hodder's land.

John Boy: Was.

John Boy: Mr.Hodder's been
dead about seven years now.

John Boy: This is my land now.

Amber: Well, we were
just leaving anyway.

John Boy: Well, the law says
I can shoot trespassers.

John Boy: Friends
aren't trespassers.

John Boy: So you can
either be my friend or not.

Amber: Are you threatening
us you piece of shit?

Come on Amber, let's go.


Amber: You can go back to
fucking your farm animals,
you hillbilly fuck.

John Boy: Yeah, just go.
You're not welcome here.

John Boy: Tramp.


Det. Johnson: Richard,
I got a hold of that
Aeron girl's family.

Det. Johnson: Her father told
me that she and her friends went
up to the cabin this weekend.

Det. Richards: Okay, send
me the address. I'm gonna
go ahead and head up there.

Det. Richards: I got
a call from CCPD.

Det. Richards: They found nurse Moran's body on
the side of 15. I don't
want to take any chances,

Det. Johnson: Okay and I finally
tracked down Anneke's father.

Det. Johnson: Mr. Mitchell.

Det. Johnson: Okay,
I'm here now. I'll see
if he knows anything.

Det. Richards: Alright.
Keep me posted.



Det. Johnson: Mr. Mitchell?
I'm detective Johnson.

Det. Johnson: I'd like to talk
to you about your daughter.

Mr. Mitchell: What do you want?

Det. Johnson: Mr.
Mitchell, it's taken me a
while to track you down.

Det. Johnson: There wasn't an
address for you at the hospital.

Mr. Mitchell: Why are
you telling me this?

Det. Johnson: Excuse me?

Mr. Mitchell: There's a
reason the hospital didn't
have no address on me.

Mr. Mitchell: When I dropped
her off at the hospital

Mr. Mitchell: I gave all rights to the state so as
far as I'm concerned this
has nothing to do with me.

Det. Johnson: I understand.
I just wanted to know if

Det. Johnson: Was wondering if
you knew where she might be?

Mr. Mitchell: Oh, I know
exactly where she's headed.

Det. Johnson: You do? Where?

Mr. Mitchell: This made it
pretty clear. You can keep it.

Det. Johnson: What is this?

Mr. Mitchell: Just watch it.

Det. Johnson: Where
did you get this?

Mr. Mitchell: My daughter
hand-delivered it to
me a couple days ago.

Det. Johnson: I thought you
said you haven't seen her?

Mr. Mitchell: There ain't
no saving that girl.

Mr. Mitchell: After
watching that video,
she's got what is coming.






John Boy: Who the fuck are you?

John Boy: What are you doing
here? What do you want?



John Boy: Get the
fuck away from me!

John Boy: Help!

John Boy: Help!




Josh: What's up man?

Eric: What's going on?
What do you want to drink?

Josh: Uh, you don't
have my poison buddy.

Eric: Whatever man. More for me.

Andrea: Hey, you have
a cigarette I can get?

Eric: Yeah, sure.

Andrea: Thanks.

Andrea: You mind if I
talk to Josh for a minute?

Yeah, sure. I don't
care. Go ahead.

Josh: I think she
means leave genius.

Eric: Why the fuck do I
gotta leave? I was here
first. You just got here.

Josh: Dude, just fucking go.

Eric: Whatever. Fuckin' asshole.

Eric: I don't get
no fucking respect.

Eric: Stupid ass motherfucker.

Josh: Bitch, bitch, bitch.
That's all you ever are.

Josh: So, what's up sugar tits?

Andrea: You got my
special package?

Josh: Have I ever
disappointed yet?

Andrea: No.

Andrea: Thanks.
What do I owe ya?

Josh: Uh. Consider it a gift
for now but I'll be taking
it out of your ass later.

Andrea: Looking forward to it.

Josh: You know, speaking of
that, you haven't told anybody
about us yet, have you?

Andrea: Of course not.

Andrea: Good. I'd like to
keep that between us for now.

Andrea: Okay.

Josh: I'll talk to you later.

Josh: Hey Eric, you done
with your cigarette yet?

Eric: Yeah.

Josh: You can have
your seat back.

Eric: Fuck you, asshole.

Josh: Bitch.

Travis: You know Josh


Travis: you could've at
least grabbed something.

Travis: At least her
got the fucking beer.

Josh: Hey man, I'm the protector. I'm the
only one here with a
fucking gun right now.

Josh: We're out in the middle of fucking nowhere
with who knows what lurking
around every corner.

Josh: I gotta to keep my
hands free. You wanna get
attacked by a bear or something

Travis: I guess
that makes sense.

Josh: Yeah, it does.

Amber: There aren't
any bears out here.

Josh: Nobody told me you
were a wild life expert.

Amber: I know how to spot a pig.

Josh: Well, good for you farmer
Fran but maybe if you had
your field plowed more often

Josh: you would be such a
nagging bitch all the time.

Amber: Fuck you.

Aeron: Travis, you didn't
have to get in everything. I
could have gotten my stuff.

Travis: Nah, it's cool. I
don't care. I got it all.

Aeron: Are you sure?

Travis: Yeah, no. I don't mind.
I just had to give Josh shit
cause he wouldn't grab anything.

Josh: Protector.

Aeron: Well, thank you, Travis.
You're a true gentleman.

Travis: Don't worry about it.

Travis: But this place
is kind of small and
there's only one bedroom.

Amber: Yeah, you guys are
gonna have to make do.

Amber: Umm, we've got a couch
and there's a blow-up mattress

Amber: so you're just gonna
have to pick a spot to crash.

Travis: I'm just saying,
I think me and Andrea
should get the bedroom.

Josh: Fuck that just because
you're a couple doesn't
mean you get bedroom.

Travis: We are the only
ones here that share a bed.

Josh: Uh, just because you two are the only two here
that are a couple doesn't
mean you get to bed.

Aeron: Actually, it's
Amber's cabin so I feel
like she should get the bed

Aeron: and to save room, I'll
just share the bed with her.

Amber: No, that's okay,
I'll just take the couch.

Aeron: Okay, whatever.

Amber: I enjoy everybody
fighting over it anyway.

Aeron: You guys figured out.

Josh: [OFF SCREEN] Travis, can
I talk to you for a second?

Travis [OFF SCREEN] Sure.

Josh: Shut the door.

Travis: Alright.


Josh: Dude, don't
fuck me this weekend.

Travis: Dude, you're not
the one I'm trying to fuck.

Josh: You're already a couple
you can do this any time.

Josh: I'm trying to get laid this weekend and I
can't do it on the air
mattress in the living room.

Travis: It's okay, we can share.

Josh: I'm not interested in
an orgy with you, Travis.

Travis: No.

Travis: Whenever we're
not using the bedroom,
you use the bedroom.

Travis: Just put a fucking
sock on the door or something.

Travis: But we get
the bedroom at night.

Josh: Alright dude. But when opportunity strikes,
I need to come if you
know what I'm saying.

Josh: Write that shit down.

Travis: [LAUGHS]

[The Max performing
"I Need A Friend"]

Travis: Eric, what the
fuck are you drinking?

Eric: It's Graffiti House man.
Old Bust Head. It's good shit.

Travis: What the fuck
is Graffiti House?

Josh: Sounds like some
Mexican ass piss water to me.

Eric: No man, it's good. It's a
local brewery. IPA. It'll really
fuck you up. It's very good.

Travis: Let me try that shit.

Travis: How the fuck
do you drink that shit?

Eric: Well, first you got
to wash the sand out of
your pussy, you bitch.

Eric: That's how
a real man drinks.

Josh: Yeah Nick. Are
your fish flaps foamy?

Josh: You gotta get in there and
wash that shit. Eric: [LAUGHS]
Oh! Right on, dude. Oh, shit.

Josh: Bitch.

Eric: Mhmm.

Andrea: Hey, where's Robert at?

Aeron: Yeah, where
is Robert, Josh?

Josh: [LAUGHS] Fuck. I forgot.
I kicked his ass out with his
dick hanging out his pants.

Eric and Nick: [LAUGHS]

Andrea: You just left him
on the side of the road?

Josh: Well, you would
know if you weren't asleep
the entire fucking time.

Aeron: What the fuck,
Josh. Go get him.

Amber: Well, this is a shocker.

Amber: I think I'm getting
to know him pretty well.

Josh: You should shut
your fucking trap, bitch.

Amber: The fuck you gonna do?

Aeron: Amber, not now.

Aeron: Josh, go get him!

Travis: [LAUGHS]

Andrea: Stop, Travis!
That's not funny.

Andrea: That's fucked
up. Go get him.

Josh: Will everyone
chill the fuck out?

Josh: Where the fuck
did this Robert fan
club come from anyway?

Josh: It's funny. The only ones that are bitching didn't
have to ride with him the
entire miserable ride here.

Aeron: Josh.

Josh: What? Look, ask
Eric and Travis. He's only
about a mile down the road.

Josh: If he's not here within
the next hour or so, I'll go
pick his ass up. End of story.

Andrea: What if he gets lost?

Josh: Then he's a fucking
idiot cause he knows he's only
about a mile from the cabin.

Josh: Now, can we move the
fuck on from this already?

Josh: Thank you.


Josh: Where's Travis
and Andrea at?

Amber: In the
bedroom, dick face.

[The Max performing
"Wasted Love"]

Josh: Hey, Eric.

Josh: You wanna play
some drinking games, man?

Eric: Yeah man. Sure, why
not? It's about fucking
time we do something.

Josh: You, uh, mind
seeing if, uh, Travis
and Andrea want to play?

Eric: I guess so, man. Why not?


Travis: [YELLS]
Eric! What the fuck!

Eric: Oh, shit man! I'm
sorry, dude. Do you want to
play some drinking games?

Travis: [YELLS] Does it look like I wanna play a drinking
game? I'm gonna shove a
beer pong ball up your ass.

Eric: I'm sorry, man.

Travis: Get...shut
the fucking door!

Eric: Okay! Shit.

Travis: [OFF SCREEN] Not
with you in here, dumbass!

Eric: My bad. My bad.
My bad. Fuckin'...God.

Aeron: So, we're all hanging
around the cabin in the middle
of the woods, far from ear shot

Aeron: you guys want to tell
some scary ghost stories?

Eric: Nah, fuck that. We're not a bunch of Boy
Scouts. Let's play some,
uh, drinking games instead.

Travis: What kind
of drinking games?

Eric: Alright, let me think.
I say, we play "I've never".

Josh: Fuck yeah, I'm down.

Andrea: That sounds like fun.

Eric: Okay, I'll go first. I've
never shaved my pubes before.

Josh: Fresh shaved this morning.

Eric: Eww, Josh.

Travis: Eric, you'd have to grow
pubes to be able to shave them.

Eric: Fuck you, Travis. My balls
are way hairier than yours.

Travis: You would know.
You've seen them up close.

Eric: Bullshit. I wouldn't
go anywhere near you balls.

Travis: Aww, she's bashful.

Group: [LAUGHS]

Travis: Don't worry, girl. You
know you give the best handjob.

Travis: Besides, it looks
huge in those little hands.

Eric: You do realize you're
saying you would let a
guy jerk you off, right?

Travis: I'm just saying. With enough alcohol and some
poor lighting, you could pass
for seventeen year old girl.

Group: [LAUGHS]

Josh: You know, he
does have a point.

Travis: What?

Travis: She told me she was 18!

Josh: So Aeron, why didn't you
drink? I know you're no Demi
Mooreing it down there, are you?

Aeron: I don't want
to play right now. Can
we do something else?

Travis: I got a story to tell.

Eric: No one wants to
hear your fucking stupid
ghost stories, Travis.

Travis: No. It's not bullshit,
man. I read it on Facebook
so you know it's true.

Travis: Apparently, some
mental hospital around here
had some patient escape.

Eric: So what? An old man in
a wheel chair broke out of a
hospital. Watch the fuck out!

Travis: No, it was a woman.

Travis: She got committed years
ago for like killing a couple
people or something like that

Travis: and a couple months
ago she just flipped the fuck
out and killed two orderlies.

Andrea: Oh my God. Seriously?

Travis: Yeah, I mean the
article didn't say much.

Travis: But I read into the comments. Apparently,
they didn't even know what
happened until the next day.

Travis: All they
found was her eye.

Eric: Dude, you're completely
full of shit. That's the
dumbest story I've ever heard.

Aeron: Can we
change the subject?

Travis: Look, I'm just
saying. It's a true story.

Josh: It sounds like a load
of bullshit to me, Travis. But
I got a real story for you.

Josh: It's about a guy
who wears one glove.

Josh: He's got a really
fucked face and he likes to
chase around little children.

Amber: Freddy Krueger?

Josh: Fuck no, I'm talking
about Michael Jackson. That
motherfucker's scary as shit.

Eric: [LAUGHS] Right. Fuck
Travis, you're a terrible liar.

Travis: Look, I'm just trying
to warn you guys. Okay?

Travis: One of those lunatics escaped and now
there's a bloodthirsty
killer on the loose.

Aeron: You know, you're a
dick, Travis. You should
call people stuff like that.

Travis: What the fuck did I say?

Andrea: Aeron's
brother killed himself.

Travis: I didn't know
what I was saying was
gonna piss anybody off.


Josh: What the fuck does Moe have to do with Travis's lame
ass story and Aeron getting
upset in the first place?

Travis: Dude, I swear I'm
not making this shit up.

Travis: True story.

Andrea: Probably the part
where you called them lunatics.

Andrea: That was pretty messed up. You don't
know who has family with
mental health issues.

Josh: Who gives a shit, anyway?
I'm tired of tiptoeing around
everybody's fucking feelings.

Josh: Call it what it is. If
they don't like it, they can
eat a bowl of fucking dicks.

Josh: Just make sure
you save some for Amber.

Eric: [LAUGHS]

Travis: No, I...I see her
point. Probably shouldn't
have said anything.

Travis: Probably wasn't cool.

Josh: Travis, will you
shut the fuck up and
grow a pair for once?


Travis: Alright. I'm gonna
go for a walk. Give Aeron
some time to cool off.

Travis: If I find Robert'ss
dumb ass out there I'll
send him back to the cabin.

Andrea: Yeah, go find Robert.

Josh: [CHOKES]


Josh: Fuck!

Josh: Dude, I was
supposed to go get him.

Eric: Who gives a fuck?

Eric: Fuck him, right?

Josh: Fuck him.



Amber: gonna tell
me what that was about?

Aeron: Nothing, I just don't like hearing people say stuff
like that. Not everyone with
a mental issue is a monster.

Amber: Do you know somebody
with a mental issue?

Aeron: Sometimes I just feel
responsible for what happened.

Amber: What do you mean?

Josh: Hey Aeron, are you
okay? Look, I'm sorry
about what Travis said.

Josh: I told him he needs to
put a filter on it next time.

Aeron: Yeah, I'm fine.
We were just getting
ready to come back in.

Josh: Well, good. Let's
go inside. Don't let that
prick ruin your time.

Amber: Fuck you.

Amber: [WHISPERS] Fuck you.

Andrea: Josh, can you come
talk to me for a second?

Josh: [SIGHS]

Josh: I'll be back.

Josh: Look, what is it? You
know I'm busy right now.

Andrea: Sorry Josh. I just wanted to see if you
wanted to take some of
this X with me, you see?

Andrea: And I can
repay your for it.

Josh: I'm gonna take
a raincheck on that.

Josh: But maybe Eric
will be interested.

Andrea: You know she's
not into you, right?

Josh: Look, if you say
anything about us I will
fucking end you, bitch.

Josh: Sorry about that.

Josh: What the fuck is this?

Aeron: What's wrong?

Josh: I'm going for two
fucking seconds and the
bitch jumps in my grave?

Amber: I didn't know
we had assigned seats.

Josh: This is bullshit.
You need to get the fuck
up before I jerk you up.

Amber: I fucking dare
you! Aeron: Josh!

Josh: Bitch, I will lay
you the fuck out and not
think twice about it.

Aeron: Josh, what's
your problem?

Amber: His problem is
he's trying to fuck you.

Amber: That's his problem.

Josh: You fucking cunt!

Aeron: Josh, what the
hell is wrong with you?

Amber: Takes a real
piece of shit to put
his hands on a woman.

Josh: You two fucking cunts are
in this together, aren't you?

Aeron: What the hell
are you talking about?

Josh: They know. They've been
trying to fuck shit up for
me for this whole weekend

Josh: and I'm
fucking sick of it.

Aeron: If you're referring to
you and Andrea, I already know.

Aeron: She told me awhile ago
and I told her she should stop

Aeron: because
she's with Travis.

Josh: What about you and me?

Aeron: You're more
like a brother to me.

Josh: Your brother?

Josh: Are you fucking
kidding me? I'm not
your fucking brother.

Aeron: Yeah, but you're
the closest thing
I have left to him.

Josh: We were friends,
that doesn't make me him.

Josh: So why do I get stuck in
the friend zone just because
your brother offed himself?

Amber: Josh, that's enough.

Aeron: He was high. He wouldn't
have done it if he wasn't.

Josh: Oh, I see you
still blame me for him
doing drugs, don't you?

Aeron: Did I say
that? No. Just stop!

Josh: Look, I've been doing
drugs a lot longer than he
has and I didn't off myself.

Josh: He was just fucking weak.

Josh: Oh, pull up a
chair, enjoy the show.
You can shit on me next.

Aeron: Just stop.

Josh: Look

Josh: He swallowed a fucking bullet because he hated his
life. The drugs were just
here to cushion the blow.

Aeron: I can't do
this. Excuse me.


Amber: You sorry son of a bitch!

Josh: Fuck her. She
knew what this was.

Amber: Yeah and now
she knows who you are.

Josh: Good. I sure as hell
wasn't trying to hide it.

Josh: Now, you can get the fuck
out of my face, you dyke bitch.

Eric: Whoa Josh. Come on, man.

Josh: Fuck you, man. Moe's
dead. That's not my problem.

Josh: I'm over it.

Amber: Get the fuck out of here.

Josh: Fuck you. You wanna
be a thigh diver with her
in the bedroom, go for it.

I'm grabbing Travis and Bobo and
getting the fuck out of here.

Amber: Go to hell.

Josh: Fuck you!

Amber: Go!

Josh: Fuck you.

Amber: Goodbye!

Amber: Fuck you!




Josh: Stupid bitch. I don't
know why I'm wasting my time.

Josh: Should've been
fucking Jenny anyway.

Josh: Travis, you better
answer your fucking phone.


Josh: Travis, I just heard
your phone, you dick.

Josh: Don't hit the
hater button on me. Where
are you, motherfucker?

Josh: Travis, this isn't
funny. I'm getting the
fuck out of here, dude.

Josh: Look dude,
did Aeron call you?

Josh: Give me the fucking keys
and I'll drive myself home. I'm
not in the mood for this shit.

Josh: You know I can just
call your phone again.

Josh: When I find you, I'm gonna
put my foot in your ass, Travis.

Josh: Travis.

Josh: Man, fuck you, Travis.


Josh: The fuck is this shit?

Josh: Travis, seriously.
This is what you've been
doing the whole time?

Josh: Who the fuck'd
you convince to come out
here dressed like this?

Josh: Who the fuck are you?

Josh: You know Travis, there's only one problem
with your little friend.
She's kind of hot.

Josh: Hey, Travis. Hope you
don't mind, but uh, this one's
going home with me tonight.

Josh: Do you know
where Travis is?

Josh: Where the fuck is he?

Josh: I don't mind him watching,
but we can either do this here
or take it back to my place.

Josh: It's up to you.

Josh: Travis is that way?

Josh: Come on, bitch.


[Adam Robertson
performing "Black Dog"]

Andrea: Is she alright?

Amber: She'll be fine.

Eric: I guess we ain't gonna see
Travis and Robert anymore. Does
anybody wanna shotgun a beer?


Travis: What'd I miss?


Eric: Find Robert?

Travis: No, but then again, I
really wasn't looking that hard.

Eric: Oh well, who cares?

Eric: What about Josh? Did you
see Josh out there anywhere?

Travis: No, why?

Amber: Well, basically he was being a douchebag, said
some fucked up shit to Aeron
and then stormed out of here.

Travis: Got it. Sorry i asked.

Amber: What are you doing?

Eric: Stroking my
majestic beard.

Amber: It's weird.

Eric: It's possibly the
softest beard in all the world.
Would you like to touch it?

Amber: I'm gonna pass.

Eric: Suit yourself.

Travis: Don't even
look over here, Eric.

Eric: You couldn't pay
me enough to let you put
your hands on my face.

Travis: Talking about Andrea.

Eric: Oh, she can
pet me anytime.


Eric: You know this
cabin is full of anger.

Eric: We're supposed
to just be hanging out,
having fun, drinking beer.

Eric: You guys are a
bunch of fucking haters.

Amber: Calm down, Bilbo.

Eric: Wait a minute, damn
it. I'm not a hobbit. Does
it look like I got big feet?

Travis: Looks like someone's
got a Napoleon complex.

Eric: Fuck you, Travis.

Amber: Let's leave
the little guy alone.

I'm not little. I'm just slightly below average
height. Little...little is
fucking offensive to my people

Aeron: It's okay, Eric. I
think short guys are cute.

Eric: I'll be your
little whatever the
fuck you want me to be.

Aeron: You don't think Josh
will be coming back, do you?

Eric: Yeah? J...Josh?

Amber: I wouldn't
hold my breath.

(child like piano music♪)

Josh: What the fuck?

Josh: [GRUNT]

Josh: Bitch, you better
let me fucking go.

Josh: Let me the fuck up.

Josh: Bitch, I'm not fucking
playing. Let me the fuck up.

Josh: Fuck.

Josh: Bitch. What the
fuck am I doing in here?

Josh: You better let
me the fuck up, bitch.

Josh: Bitch, I will break your
face if you don't let me out
of here. Let me the fuck up!

Josh: Bitch, let me the fuck up.

Josh: What are you doing?

What are you doing?


Josh: Put that shit down.

Josh: This is real
fucking funny. Let me up.


Josh: [SCREAMS] Help!

Josh: [YELLS] Ah!


Josh: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Josh: Alright.

Josh: You win.

Josh: Stop!


Josh: Ah.

Josh: Ahh!

Josh: [HOLLARS] Ahh! Ahh!


Josh: Bitch!


Josh: I'll kill you, bitch!


[2 Ton Death Machine
performing 'Red Queen"]














Josh: What the fuck is that?




Josh: Let me the fuck up!

Josh: Oh, fuck!

Josh: [YELLS] Fuck!

Josh: No! You stupid
bitch! Let me the fuck up!

Josh: I'm gonna fuckin'...


Josh: [CHOKING] Uh!

Josh: Uhh!

Josh: [GASP]

Josh: [YELLS] Ahh!




Josh: [YELLS] Ah!

Josh: [YELLS] Ahh uh!





Josh: [LAUGHS] Awe,
you fucking bitch.

Josh: Hehe heh. That's
alright, you can keep
it. I got another one.


Josh: Heh. I know where those
fingers have been, bitch.

Josh: Heh.

Josh: Will you just
fucking kill me already?


Josh: [YELLS] Bitch,
I was playing!

Josh: Stop playing! Quit
playing! Quit playing!

Josh: You playing! Why
you playing? Why you
playing? You playing.



Josh: [SCREAMS] Ahh!




[Skyrocket Down performing
"Sick, Dizzy, Love Loss"]


Travis: So, you wanna go back
to the bedroom and finish
what we started earlier?

Andrea: I'm not doing it
in the cabin again after
what happened earlier.

Travis: They already fucking
know. What's the difference?

Andrea: No.

Travis: [WHISPERS] Come on, I've got blue balls this
fucking big. Besides, you got
to fulfill your womanly duties.

Andrea: Womanly duties?
I'll break your dick off
and beat you with it.

Travis: Fine. Let's go to
the fucking woods then.

Andrea: No, I'm not laying my
bare ass naked on the ground.

Travis: Fine. We can go out
there and you can blow me.

Andrea: What's in it for me?

Travis: I'll give
you a back rub.

Andrea: Fine.

Travis: I can't find
my fucking phone.

Andrea: Where'd you put it?

Travis: I don't know.

Andrea: Just find it later.


Amber: Where are you guys going?

Travis: Take a little walk.

Andrea: Just wanna
stretch my legs.

Eric: Have fun having sex.



Travis: Hey, babe!

Travis: How about right here?

Andrea: Sure, that
looks romantic.

Travis: Look, we have plenty of
time for romance this weekend.

Travis: Right now, I
just need to get a nut.

Andrea: Fine.

Travis: After you.

Travis: Looks good to me.

Travis: Need to kiss first?

Andrea: No.

Travis: Cuddle?

Andrea: Fuck you.

Travis: Wait. Wait.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Andrea: What?

Travis: Take out your tits.

Andrea: What? No!

Travis: Come on,
I love your tits!

Andrea: I'm not taking my tits
out just to give you a blowjob.

Travis: Don't be that way!

Andrea: What way? I'm about
to leave you out here with
your dick in your hand.

Travis: I'm a visual
person, okay? It's gonna
go a lot faster if you do.

Travis: How long do you
want to be out here?

Andrea: Fine.

Travis: Yes!

Travis: Ladies.


Travis: Oh, yeah.

Travis: Yeah.

Travis: Like that.

Travis: Faster.

Travis:, too fast!

Travis: Too fast. Slower.

Travis: Slower.

Travis: Too slow.


Travis: Less teeth!

Travis: More teeth.

Travis: Yeah, more teeth.

Travis: Eye contact.

Travis: More of it. Too
much. Getting freaky.

Travis: Nope.

Travis: Yeah.

(suspenseful music♪)

Travis: [OFF SCREEN]
Cradle. Cradle!

Travis: [OFF SCREEN]
Light fingers.

Travis: [OFF SCREEN]
Cup em. No. Like...

Travis: [OFF SCREEN] Like you
want them to stay put, but
you're not trying to hurt them.

Travis: [OFF SCREEN] Do the
thing I showed you in the video.

Travis: [OFF SCREEN]
The thumb thing!

Travis: [OFF SCREEN] That one!

Andrea: Do you wanna
just do it yourself?

Travis: Sorry.



Travis: [YELLS] Ahh!

Travis: Oh, fuck!

Travis: Oww, what the fuck!

Travis: Oww.
gotta be kidding me!

Travis: [YELLS]
Ahh! What the fuck!

Travis: Oh, shit! What
the fuck is this shit?

Travis: Oh, God damn, you
gotta be kidding . What
the fuck is going on?


Eric: Well, this sucks.
There's nobody fuckin left.

Aeron: Umm, hello?
We're still here.

Eric: Stuck in a cab with two girls. What the fuck
are we going to do? Have
a make over or something?

Amber; Oh, no. What am
I going to do alone in
a cabin with two girls?

Eric: I know, right?
It's fucking lame.

Amber: [LAUGHS]

Amber: Yeah, let's do it.

Aeron: Hey Eric, we could all
get in the hot tub together.

Eric: Nah, I don't
like hot tubs.

Aeron: So, you don't
want to get in the hot
tub with me and Amber?

Eric: Fuck no. It's too cold
out there and I don't have
any swimming trunks anyways

Amber: you don't need any of
that to get in the hot tub.

Eric: That's just
stupid. I'm not getting
in a hot tub in jeans.

Amber: Would you rather
get in the bed instead?

Eric: Why the fuck do I want to
go to sleep? I'm trying party.

Aeron: He's not getting
it. Let me try Amber.

Aeron: Hey Eric, do you
want to have a threesome
with me and Amber?

Eric: A what?

Amber: Sex dummy. Do you want
to have sex with me and Aeron?

Eric: For real? Hell yeah!

Aeron: Okay. Go get in the bedroom, take all your
clothes off. Amber and I
are gonna freshen up first.

Eric: Okay. I'll go get ready.


Eric: Awesome.
Getting laid tonight.

Eric: Fuck yeah.

Aeron: That was too perfect.

Amber: [LAUGHS] That's what
he gets for calling us lame.

Aeron: We should take a picture.

Amber: Oh my God, if we go in there and he's doing
like a sexy pose, [LAUGHS]
I'm gonna lose my shit.

Aeron: Let's go
smoke while we wait.

Amber: Alright.



Eric: What the fuck is that?

Eric: Hey man, come on.

Eric: Come on, man. I'm
trying to get laid. Get
the fuck out of here.




Amber: Get your camera.

Amber: Eric.

Aeron: [YELLS] Eric!


Amber: Don't go in there.

Aeron: He's hurt.
We have to help him.

Amber: No. Dude, he's dead.

Aeron: Wha...he was just...he
was...who...who would do this?

Amber: I think Josh is
a pretty good guess.

Aeron: No, Josh is an
asshole but Josh wouldn't
do something like this.

Amber: Dude, you don't think it's weird that Eric winds up
dead after you pretend like
you're gonna sleep with him?

Amber: You don't think
he was watching us?

Aeron: We're the only ones here.

Amber: What?

Aeron: Why hasn't anyone come
back? What if they're all dead?

Amber: [OFF SCREEN] Dude.


Amber: Alright, so I've
checked all the rooms,
whoever it was is gone.

Aeron: So, what do we do?

Amber: We need to get
to a safe spot where
we can call the police.

Aeron: What if they're
still out there?

Amber: You stay here, I'll go to
the truck and try to get help.

Aeron: I don't think we should
split up. We should both go.

Amber: Dude, it's safer in here. You don't know what's
out there. If we both go,
we could both be dead.

Amber: Just trust me, Aeron.

Aeron: Okay, just be careful.






Anneke: I got it yesterday for my birthday. It's so
cool. I've been taking
lots of pictures with it.

Aeron: That's cool.
Can it record videos?




Det. Richards: Police. Open up.


Det. Richards: Hang in
there. I'm a cop, I'm
gonna get you some help.

This is officer Richards. I need
help at 142 Springwood Drive.

Det. Richards: Quick. I need
backup and an ambulance.

Det. Richards: Just
hang in there with me.

Det. Richards: I'm gonna
have a look around.













Det. Richards: Why
you doing this?

Det. Richards: Why
you doing this?

Det. Richards: Anneke.

Det. Richards: Why
are you doing this?

Det. Richards: You
don't have to do this.

Det. Richards: Come on
now. I can help you.
Why are you doing this?

Det. Richards:
Anneke, come on now.

Det. Richards: You ain't got
to do this. Why you doing this?






Det. Richards: [GRUNT]

Det. Richards: [HEAVY BREATHING]


Det. Richards: Hello?
Detective Richards.

Det. Johnson: Richards, there's
two of them. She has a sister.

Det. Richards: A sister?



Aeron: We can make a movie.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN]
What kind of movie?

Aeron: A scary movie.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] Okay,
and I'll be the killer.

Aeron: I'll be the hero.

Aeron: We need
more people though.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] Okay,
I'll ask my mom and sister.

Anneke's Mom: What am
I doing again, baby?

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN]
I'm the killer and I
kill you with the knife.

Lily/Amber: Oh, can I be in it?

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] Sure,
you can be one of the victims.

Lily/Amber: Okay.

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] Yeah and I'm
the survivor girl. I get to stop
the evil killer and be a hero.

Anneke's Mom: That's very
heroic of you, Aeron.

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] Mom, you're
supposed to be rooting for me.

Anneke's Mom: How can I root
for you if you're the killer?

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] I...

Anneke: [OFF SCREEN] I
could be the good guy.

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] Here.
Let's use this one instead.

Anneke: Why can't
we use this one?

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] It looks
too fake. Do you want our
movie to be good or not?

Anneke: Yeah but this
one's really sharp.

Aeron: [OFF SCREEN] If you're
too scared to do it, I'll do it.

Anneke: No, I'm the
killer I can do it.

Lily/Amber: [OFF SCREEN]
Can I hold the camera?

No, I'm filming.



Aeron: [SCREAMS]

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it ♪

♪ I will come and I
will sleep beside you ♪

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it ♪

♪ I will come when I
am deep inside you ♪

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it ♪

♪ I will keep your eyes
since you can't see me ♪

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it ♪

♪ I can't wait to see
how your skin fits me ♪

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it ♪

♪ I will come and I
will sleep beside you ♪

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it I ♪

♪ I will come when I
am deep inside you ♪

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it ♪

♪ I will keep your eyes
since you can't see me ♪

♪ When you're dead ♪

♪ You don't know it ♪

♪ I can't wait to see
how your skin fits me ♪

[Greg Brown performing
'Bridge of Sighs"]


Amber: You don't want to
go in there. He's dead.

Eric: [OFF SCREEN] No, I'm not!
I need to go to the hospital!

Amber: He's dead.