Curse of the Puppet Master (1998) - full transcript

Robert "Tank" begins to work for Dr. Magrew sculpting a puppet for the Doctor to bring to life using the work of Andre Toulon. Robert begins to fall in love with the Doctors daughter, Jane. Unbeknownst to Robert, the Doctor is trying to create a "perfect race" of puppet humans. Jane discovers a "matt puppet" which is from his first assistant. She comes back just in time to see her father, cut up by the puppets, has succeeded in putting a living human, Robert, into the puppet he carved.





- Don't look at me that way.

You know this
isn't what I intended.

It'll be different next time.

You'll see. I swear.

It'll be different.














MAGREW: So, what kinds of
things are they teaching young
girls in college these days?

JANE: Oh, just a lot
of useless stuff.

Well, that's good.

This way I feel like I'm
not wasting my money.

The practical things
you ought to be able
to learn on your own.

Another Magrew
goes to college.

Why it sure has a
nice ring about it.

- It's good to be home.
- Mmm.

How's the gang?

Oh, same as ever.

And Matt?

Matt, well, uh...


Matt left.

- He left? Why?
- Mmm.

I don't know. He told me his
dad was ill and he wanted
to go home and help out.

But for some reason when
he told me, it didn't seem
to ring true with me.

I just didn't feel it
was my place to ask
him the real reasons.

- I always thought he was
happy working for us.
- Hmm.

Well, sometimes people change.

And you never can predict,

quite how.

Hey, what do you say
we go for a ride?



Hey, Tank!

Hey, Tank, customer! Come on!

- Hello.
- Hey, Tank.

Look at me when
you talk to me.

I'm, uh...

- I'm sorry, Joey...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You're doing it again.

Uh, sorry.


Sorry, sorry, sorry.
What the fuck's the
matter with you?


JOEY: I'm a customer
here, you're gonna
fucking ignore me?

- No, no. (STUTTERING) It's...
- Hey, hey, hey. I said look at
me when you talk to me!

- Sorry.
-(SNICKERS) Did you hear
that, guys? He's sorry.

-(MOCKING) Oh sorry.
Little baby's sorry!
- Poor baby.

Okay, guys. Come on, Joey.

- Fill her up?


I'll be with you
folks in just a sec.

Hey, Tank. You got a customer.
Why don't you wait on me?

- Okay, I'm doin' it.
- No, no, no, no, no.

You're not doing
nothing that I can see,

except standing here
like a fucking moron.

All right, Joey.
(STUTTERING) I'm gonna do it.




Hey, why don't you
check my tires now
that you're down there?

Why don't you leave him alone?

- Why don't you mind your
own business, bitch?
- What did you say?

- MAGREW: No, no, no.
- You want some
of this too, Grandpa?

- Grandpa?
- Yeah.

As a matter of fact, I do.
Come on, give me a little
something of that, tough guy.

- You better watch it.
- I better watch it?

Why what do you wanna do?
You wanna take a swing at me?

You wanna try to
knock me down?

You wanna call my daughter
names, come on. Come on!

- (MOCKING) Listen, grandpa!
- Grandpa.

- Yeah.
- I ain't your cheap
white trash grandpa,

you understand me?

Now, you get in your car!
You and your friends,
get in your car

and get out of here,
you hear me?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
What's going on here, now?

Tank, get your backside
up off the ground!

I'm not gonna have these boys
making flippant remarks to my
daughter, understand me?

No, sir. I won't have it!

Now, go ahead,
get out of here!

You're gonna do something
about it, old man? Huh?

Yeah, I do wanna do something
about it. Come on, I sure do.

- Hey, okay, come on!
- Never mind that!

Let's turn the
volume down here!

Tank, take care of these
people. Now move it!

Now. Let's have some
civilization around here.

Come on now, boys.
Here we go. Come on.

- It'd better be premium.
- Oh, come on! You know it is.

I ain't done with you, Tank.

Aw, come on, get
busy, Tank! Come on!

Yes, sir.

Did you do this?

- Yes, ma'am.
(STAMMERING) I'm sorry.
- Well, why are you sorry?

You do this by yourself?

Yes, ma'am.

It's good.

They say man's half
angel half animal.

But you wonder about
some folks if they have
any angel in them at all.

Don't get yourself in a
state about it. I mean,

kids use worse language
at college all the time.

Well, thank you, honey, that
makes me feel a whole
lot better. (LAUGHING)

JANE: Hey.

Hey, take a look at this.

He did it.

Tank, wake up and
do the windows.

Yes, sir.

See you later, Tank.

- See ya.

Come over here, boy.

Yes, sir?

How long did it
take you to do this?

Couple days.
Ain't finished yet.

You do it all by yourself?

Yes, sir.

What's your name, boy?

Folks call me Tank.

No, no. I don't wanna
know what folks call you.

What's your name?

Robert. Robert Winsley.

Well, Robert Winsley,

this is my daughter, Jane.
She's fresh back from college.

Ma'am, uh, miss.

Hey, Robert.

I'm Dr. Magrew.

I'm not a real doctor,
it's an honorary title.


How much they pay you
around here, Robert?

Pay me? Uh, $30 a week.

I run the marvel show out on
Route 23. You know about it?

Uh, no, sir.

Ha. I guess that's my fault.

I don't have much of
a way with publicity.

But I could pay you $35
a week, if you wanna
come out and work for me.

Doing what sort of work?

This sort of work, Robert.

What do you say?


MAGREW: Robert?

Welcome to The
House of Marvels.

That's Little Sparky, the
world's first electric chair.

Over there we have
Hotep, King of the Nile.

And that's Mogo,
the Beast Man.

I picked him up at
the traveling show.

Is that for real?

For real as man's
capacity to dream.

It's an old gorilla skin
stretched over a wood frame.

- Thank you, my dear.
- Wait'll you see the
rest of the guys.

- The guys?
- Yeah, they're through
here, come on.

Where are they?

Well, I was trying to tell
you, with Matt gone that
I'd just decided...

Oh! I hate it when you
lock them up. It's not fair.

- Honey, you know I do it
for their own protection.
- I know.

Come on. They're down in the
workshop. I'll introduce you.
Locked up by this cruel man.

- You have something locked up?
- No, no, no. But go on, be
prepared for a big surprise.

Hi, Pinhead.
Oh, did you miss me?

Here, let me introduce
you to Robert.

Is that for real?

Yeah, we call this
fellow Pinhead.

I mean upstairs it's all
just bunkin', but these
are the real marvels.

See that mean lookin' fellow
there, we call him Blade.

- Don't shake his hand.

- Fellow next to him is
called Six-Shooter.

- And that's Jester.

- And that lovely lady
is Leech Woman.

- Why "Leech Woman"?
- Well, hope that you never
find out. (CHUCKLES)

And this is Tunneler, aptly
named. (SNICKERS)

There are no strings.

That's right, Robert.

Not on these puppets.

So, how do you like your room?

- Hmm? Oh, it's, uh...
It's fine. Thank you, sir.
- Good.

- Here you go.
- Thank you, miss.

You know you're gonna
have to start calling
me Jane sometime soon.

For these blessings that
we are about to receive,

- Lord, truly make us thankful.
- Hmm?



do they eat?

No, son. (CHUCKLES)

I don't understand.

I just don't understand
how puppets can live.

You know, Robert,
I don't understand
how anything be alive.

A man, a tree, a fish, but,

you know, I guess when the
miracle is commonplace enough,
people just don't question it.

But, how do you make them?

Well, I have a confession
to make. I didn't make them,

- I bought them at an
auction years ago.

They came in an old trunk
and when I took them, well,

-they were the same
then as they are now.

See, I've tried to
duplicate that process,

but I've never been able
to make a living puppet.

I've come close. Heaven
knows I've come close.

I can't say I like the way
they're staring at me.

Oh, don't be fooled by
the way they look.

They're really gentle.

You know, Robert, when
I hired you, I needed
help with the show.

But I did have another
reason in mind.


You see, I wanna
carve a living puppet
just like these.

And you have a special skill.

And I need you to
carve me a miracle.

Will you help me?

Yes, sir, I will. I'll help.

Clear away now. Clear away!

Hey, there.

Aren't you that big old boy
that works at the gas station?

Uh, yes, sir, I was.
I started working here.

How'd you get mixed up
with this old coot?

I'm sorry?

Heh. Skip it, skip it.

Where's Magrew?

Um, I'm not sure,
I think he may be in...

Don't you worry.
We'll find him.

We're not gonna get any
answers out of this dummy.


Solid oak, guys, solid oak.
Pass it around.





Fastest six guns in the West,

Give him a hand,
ladies and gentlemen.

He's only a puppet,
but he loves applause.


Step right up,
ladies and gentlemen.

One of the many marvels
of The House of Marvels.
Take a look at them.

- Ooh!
- Wow!

Take a look at them.
One of the many marvels
at The House of Marvels.

Go ahead, step right up.

Take a closer look
if you want.


Someplace quiet.

You wanna take care of
things for a while?

Why? What's wrong?

Oh, nothing wrong, darling.
We ain't here
to arrest nobody.

Oh, my.

What a nasty looking booger.

Well, I guess folks will pay
to see just about anything.



SHERIFF: So who all you got
living in this place?

Um, myself,

my daughter and the young boy
selling tickets in the booth.

He lives here?

Yeah, that's right.
That's my new assistant.

What about the other boy?

What other boy?

What other boy do you think
I'm talking about?

Oh, Matt Dairy.

There you go. Looks like
you do all the time.

What about him?

Well, he left about
two weeks ago.

He told me his dad was sick
and that he was
going home to help out.

Do tell, do tell.

Well, it's funny,

on account of him
not having a pa,

and his ma,
she's a bit worried.

Him not showing up or
calling or nothing.

Yeah, I know.

- You do?
- Yeah, I do.

Oh, I guess that's because
Mrs. Dairy gave you a call
a couple of days ago.

Well, after she called you,
she gave me a call.

Yeah, that's right, I spoke
with her.

I told her what
I just told you.

It's obvious that Matt
must have lied to me
for some reason.

What reason would that be?

Honestly, Sheriff,
I don't know.


Well, heaven knows
we all like a little honesty.

Look, Sheriff, if you're
implying that I had
anything to do with...

I'm not implying
one sweet little thing.

Just since your
former assistant seemed to

drop clean off
the face of the world,

and you being the
last living soul to see
him before the plunge,

I just felt it was my duty
to come and talk to you.

He told me he was leaving
because his dad was sick.

He packed his bags and he
went off to the bus station.

- On foot?
- That's right.

Didn't drive him?

How could I, Sheriff,
if he was on foot?

You trying to be funny,


I got a disappeared boy,
that's serious business.

Look, I'm not trying
to make light of it.

I'm sorry,
I just can't help you.

I don't know what
could have happened.

I see.

Bobby, take out your pad.

Write this down.

Mr. Magrew don't know what
could have happened to
poor little Matt Dairy.

Well, since you're so sure,

I guess that pretty much
settles our business
here for now.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Well, that makes three of us.

But don't you worry,

before you're done, you may
end up being real helpful.

I gotta think on it a bit.

Tell you though, if I come up
with something, I'll be sure
to stroll on back.


Okay, it's a deal.

It's just terrible,
what happened to Matt.

It's so scary to think you
could just vanish,

and no one will ever know
what happened to you.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
No, no, don't be upset.

You know, I'm sure he's fine.

I mean, he didn't have
any money, did he?

Well, what reason would anyone
have for hurting him?

Here are the raw materials.

Hard, fine grain.

No knots, no flaws,
perfect wood.

I've never seen wood like it.

What is it?

Very exotic. Very expensive.

And here, here are
the tools you'll need.

Study them.
Learn what each one can do.

444 pieces.

Each piece must be
cut precisely to scale.

Like the inner gears
of a wooden clock,

there can be no flaws,
no mistakes,

in size, dimension or shape.

Otherwise, the puppet cannot
be properly assembled.

All this would be wasted.

What will it look like
when it's finished?

You'll learn that
in good time, son.

I don't understand,
I mean what's the secret?

These are just pieces of wood.

No matter how
perfect I carve them,

they'll still just be
pieces of wood.

How can putting them
together make them live?

You want to know the secret of
how to make a dead thing live?

You put your soul into it.

You put everything you have
into this carving,

and you have my word,

it will live.

When do you think
you can begin?

Right now.

Have you seen his work?

Yeah, I've seen it.
I can't tell how good it is,
it's all in pieces.

This boy's
a real artist, yes, sir.

Better than Matt?

Matt did carving for you too?

Oh, yeah, he did work for us.

I'd show it to you, except
that he took it with him.

His work was good.
He was a natural.
But you're better.

His work had quality.
But yours?

Yours has perfection.

After all, that's what
we're striving for, isn't it?



We're trying
to create perfection.

Take a look at
Blade over there.

He never tires, never hungers,
knows no fear, tells no lies.

Feels no pain, has no secrets.

And what is man, except
at being at war with himself?

But not Blade, mmm-mmm.

He has no hidden motives,
no secret self.

He's purely and perfectly
what he is.

In fact, I think the world
would be a better place
if we were all like him.

But he doesn't talk.

Which only
supports my position.

Oh, let me shut myself up.

All right, now go upstairs
and go to bed.

- No, no, I'm fine.
- No.



Hey, how you doing?

The house is on fire.

I'm naked.

I just think it's a lot.

- Robert!

Oh, I'm sorry.

No, no.
It's okay, it's all right.

I was just trying to
get your attention.

Just throw that in
the scrap pile, would you?

Robert, it's not broken.

Well, it's not perfect.
I can't use it.

It's got blood all over it.

What did you want?

Well, hell, I was coming down
to tell you that you
were working too hard.

I just ended up making
more work for you.
I was just being stupid.

No, no, it's my fault.

Come on, let me
take a look at it.

- It's fine.
- Come on, just hold it steady.

You have big hands.

It comes with the rest of me.

You don't talk much, do you?

Not that much to say, I guess.

Well, where are you from?

Who are your folks?

I come from Witherspoon.
Ain't got no folks.

Come from the orphanage,
to the gas station, to here.

That's about all.

Ain't been no place,

got no brains for school
or nothing like that.

Oh, come one.
Brains are the most
overrated organ that there is.

You know, college is full
of kids with brains who will
never amount to anything.

They'll never be worth a damn.

You know, Robert,
there's a way of being smart

that doesn't have anything
to do with brains.

Like you.

You've got woodsman
in your hands.

Don't you understand?

Your hands can do things
that people with brains
only dream of.

You know, you've been here
almost a month and you haven't
called me by my first name.

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry, just say it.



You know, I really need
to get back to my room.

I don't want to fall asleep
in here and have my daddy
walk in on us in the morning.

Somehow, I don't think
he'd understand.

I understand.


- What? What's wrong?





Well, I'm going to
take advantage of a luxury.

I'm going to read
the Sunday paper.

I had a dream
about you last night.

I was still in college,

and you were my teacher,
or I was yours, I don't know,
it was kind of confusing.

I liked the way you
kissed me the other day.

I've, um...

I've got to get back to work.

Hey, Robert.


I've got to go run
an errand in Tunning.
You want to go with me?

Sure, okay.

JANE: You need some sunlight,
boy, you're pale as a ghost.

So what do we
have to get in Tunning?


I'm sorry?

Oh, nothing at all.

Well, I don't have
anything to do all day.

I, uh, well... I lied to you.

Well, I thought that you
might need a little break,

and since I knew you wouldn't
take one voluntarily,
I decided to force you.

Yeah, I kind of thought
you'd like to go driving.

- Do you?
- I like it.

You know, I thought we could
go spend some time
there by the lake.

Just hang out for a while.

I'd like that too.

JANE: You know, I wanted
to show you something.

Well, I've never shown it
to anyone else before.

- What is it?
- It's a secret.

Wait a second, it's, um...

Oh, down though here.

You know, I used to come
here when I was a little girl,

and I was playing around
one day and I found this
clearing in the woods,

and it was so beautiful.

It was like a scene out of
a fairy tale, or something,

and I used to come here
to be by myself.

Never told anyone else
about it, not even my dad.

I don't know if anyone else
even knows that it's here.

I want to show you.
Come on, I'll take you there.

I haven't been here
since I went away to...

Someone must've buried
garbage over here.

Dogs dug it up.

Oh, why did they
have to go and do that?

Looks like they were
burning something.

Just leave it alone, will you?

Look at this, it's a...


Well, well, well,
look what we have here.

You on your way to grandma's
house, little girl?

- Out of my way.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Cut it out.
What's your problem, anyway?

You know what?
You're my problem.

And people like you!

They're can't be anything
good in this world without
you destroying it.

Whoa, what's this?
Where's this coming from?

You know you have
a real problem, little girl,

'cause I'm being
perfectly nice.

I'm not raising my voice,
I'm not doing anything.

And you come out
with this stuff,
like I'm some kind of a...

Incredible Hulk.

Like what?

She said you were trying
to destroy the world,
and stuff.

Jesus Christ, what
a fucking retard.

Hey, hey, hey,
I said cut it out!

You're being very rude.

'Cause I'm, like, trying
to have a conversation here.

- I don't want to have
a conversation with you.
- No?

- Or anyone like you.
- Oh, what am I like?

Hey, hey!
Again, you're pushing me.

And what the hell's
your problem, anyway?
You like being pushed?

- You like that?
- Get your hands off me!
Quit it!


Ooh, you liked that,
didn't you?

Maybe you need
a good spanking.

You guys, please,
just leave me alone.

Oh, well, being that
you asked so nice,


Jane, you okay?

Yeah, Robert, I'm fine.
Let's just go.

No, no, no.
I don't remember telling you
you could go anywhere.

Come on, guys.

And I don't remember
saying anything to you, Tank.

From how I'm looking at it,
this is none of your business.

Anyone here think this
is any of Tank's business?

- I don't.
- Mmm-mmm.

- Nope.
- Guess it's unanimous.

So, get the fuck out of here.

Me and Little Red Riding Hood
are kind of on a little date.

Just leave her alone.

What'd you say?
I couldn't hear.
What'd you say?

I said leave her alone.

Or what?
What are you gonna do?

Just leave.

Are you gonna punch me? Huh?
Yeah? You gonna kick me?

Slap me to teach
me a lesson, huh?
You big fucking dummy.


Oh, what was he?
Your knight in shining armor?

Beep, beep. Yeah!

Hey, Tank, what do you say

me and Little Red Riding Hood
give you a lesson
in adult education?

This is all an act, isn't it?

The more they struggle,
that means they want you
to be their man.

- Show 'em who's boss.
- Fuck you!

Jesus Christ, what language.

Get the fuck off me.

- Robert.
- Billy, get him off!


Jesus, you okay?

(GASPING) Yeah, I'm fine.
Come on.

It's all right.
Let's go, I'll drive.

You didn't do anything wrong.
Robert, if it weren't
for you...

But you don't understand.

When I had him up against
the car, it didn't have
anything to do with you.

It didn't even really have
anything to do with him.

I just lost control.

It was like I was strangling
everything that ever wronged
me since I was born.

- I could've killed him.
- Small loss, if you ask me.

But I could've
killed somebody!
I could have.

- I was that close.
- Robert, you're a decent man.

I know from experience
that there aren't a lot
of guys like you out there.

I hope you don't ever change.

- I'm going to bed.
- Good night, dear.

You wanna know
why you're unhappy, Robert?

- Sir?
- You're at war with yourself.

You do your best
on the outside to be
this meek, gentle boy.

But you're different
on the inside.

Yes, sir, I guess I am.

There's another self inside.
A truer, more natural self.

A creature of violence
with no fear,
with no conscience.

A killer.

You spend your whole life
battling the self
that lives inside.

And what happened today,
though just for a moment,

you lost that battle.

The real you,
the true you came out.

No, sir.
I won't say you're wrong,

but if it is true,
all I can say is

I'd rather die than have
it come out again.

Hey, get the hell out of here!

Keep it down, honey.
We don't want to wake
the house, do we?


What the hell?

Go, go!

Robert, get her in the house.

Go on, get her in there now.

He tried to save me,
that's why he's dead.

- Come on inside.
- No, we can't
just leave him here.

- No, I'll do it.
- Robert!

- We cannot just leave
him here in the dirt.
- We won't.

We won't. Now come on.


MAGREW: We have work to do.

You hold on, okay.
I'll make you whole again.
Just hold on.

You want it, bitch?
What are you gonna do now?

You don't have your fucking
ape man and your fucking
puppets now, do you?

What are you gonna do?
Yeah, you better get out
of my fucking face.


That's right. Do it, bitch!

I said, do it.

Yeah, that's right.
Oh, yeah, you like that,
don't you?


Somebody came to see you.

Pinhead? Pinhead!

Is he all right?
Are you really all right?

Yeah, he's all right.
Actually better than before.

His parts were
a bit worn, so...

That was so brave of you.
You are my hero,
do you know that?

- Oh, Robert, I...
- No, no.

I'm just glad he's all right.

- I'll see you in the morning.
- Robert, wait.

I'm glad you're
not angry anymore.

Robert, I was angry with you.

But I had no right to be.

I wanted that boy to suffer.

I wanted you
to make that boy suffer.

I should've just let you
finish him on the path.

- Maybe I should have.
- No!

You were right
and I was wrong.

Any fool in this world
can be a destroyer.

Only a very few
can be creators.

Don't trade one for the other.

And don't let me
or anyone else make you.

You can stay if you want.

- Yeah?

- Honey?
- Daddy, come on in.

I just wanted to talk
to you about...

- Pinhead.
- Robert did it.

He put him back together.
He brought him back.

- That's amazing.
- It's a miracle.

His hands can do miracles.

You really think
a great deal of him,
don't you, honey?


I love him.

I see.

You know, I'm not
a little girl anymore.

No, I know, honey.

I just don't want to see
you get hurt, that's all.

Do you really think
that Robert would hurt me?

No, I don't mean it that way.

It's just that sometimes
these things don't last.

You see, you can give
your heart to somebody,

and then they're
just not there.

Are you talking about Mom?

No, I'm not talking
about your mother.

Look, Daddy, I know
that anything can happen,

that any of us
can be dead tomorrow.
I can't let that...

I'm talking about Robert.

I'm talking about
a temporary situation.

I'm talking about a situation
that can't go on indefinitely.
Don't you understand?

No! Daddy, I...

Don't you see?
Robert is almost
through with the puppet.

Well, what if he is?

I mean, that doesn't change
the way that we feel
about one another.

- What, are you gonna fire him?
- No, I wasn't going to do
anything like that.

'Cause I want you to know
it doesn't make any difference
to me whether or not you do.

With his talent
he can go anywhere.

Honey, please,
you're not listening to me.

Well, then tell me,
what are you trying to say?

I'm trying to say...

I'm trying to say
that you're young
and that he's young.

And as you said,
anything can happen.

I mean, if he were to leave...

I'm just trying to say...

I'm trying to say
I don't want you to be
too attached to him.

I don't want you to get
too attached to him.
I don't want you to get hurt.

Oh, please.

Please understand.

Everything I'm saying,
I'm saying for your own good.

Good night.

Good night, honey.

Hey, Robert, lunch break!

Hey, you look pale as a ghost.


I'm almost there.


I'm almost there.


Daddy, come out here!

Yes, hi, Dr. Carroll. No, no,
I'm fine, thank you.

I was calling about Robert.
He's been a bit
tired lately.

Feverish, delirious.

He's quite ill.

It's all right, Robert.
It's all right. Just rest.

Yes, thank you, Doctor.

What did the doctor say?

He's coming over.

That would be great,
Dr. Carroll, thank you. I
certainly appreciate that.

He said not to worry.

There's a bit of influenza
going around this summer.

Lots of people have
come down with it.

A big, strong boy like Robert,
he should have no problems
pulling through this at all.

When's he coming?

He'll be here this afternoon.

Don't you worry.

Oh, blast it. Oh, I forgot
all about it. It's Friday.

What? What's wrong?

Well, Tommy Berke is
shipping us that mermaid
that we ordered.

- Mermaid?
- Yes, yes, yes, you remember.

I told you all about it.
The stuffed mermaid.

It'll be at the Brewster
shipping office today.


Well, we got the show tomorrow
and the weekend's here...

I think I should stay with
Robert until the doctor comes.

- Well, I could...
- Could, you, honey?

I know it would mean that
you wouldn't be getting
back until late tonight.

No, no, I mean,
I could, you know...

I know. I know you want
to be here with Robert.

But just in case anything
should happen, and I don't
think anything will happen.

But just in case something
should happen, I think it

would be better if
I were here with him.

Good. Good, you better hurry.

Drive carefully, take
a sweater with you,
it'll be cold tonight.

Robert, you just rest.

I'll be back soon, all right?

Daddy will take care of you.



Doctor, boy's a bit ripe.

Yeah, I figure three,
maybe four days.

I'll know closer when
I get him on the slab.

What's the quick and dirty?

Well, you can take your pick.

Multiple lethal stab wounds.

One hand ground nearly off.

His head peeled clear
back to the skull.

In case you're curious, that
was all done ante mortem,
that's before death.

Do tell.

So, all in all,

I guess we can pretty
well rule out suicide.

Well, well, well.

The three musketeers are here.


What is it, Art Cooney?


Let's take a
little stroll, Art.

Just chat for a bit.

Now, Art, we know that
you and Joey are like
two balls in a sack.

When'd you see him last?


You know, I don't
rightly recall.

You don't?


When's the last time you
remember seeing him,
try it that way.

All right, I'll try.

Nope. I'm sorry, nothing
comes to mind.

You don't say.

It all just sort of blurs
together, you know?

I mean, sometimes I just can't
remember a single thing

about nothing.

Oh, that's really too bad.

Here. Tell you what, why
don't we try something?

Maybe help you out a bit.

Now, I want you... Well, here.

I want you to look
at this refrigerator.

Look at this dot right there.

- Concentrate.
- All right.

- You lookin'?
- I'm lookin'.

- You sure?
- I'm looking right at it.


Ahhh! Jesus.

Maybe that'll help
your memory, you little
shit stain, huh?

Sunday! Sunday, Jesus!

Tell me all about it.

He got into a fight with Tank
down by the lake, all right?

Last time I saw him, he said
he was gonna pay him a visit.

He and that girl he was with.

What girl?


I don't know her name.
Magrew's daughter.

You know, the old man
who runs that freak show
out on Lovejoy.

So, he said he was gonna
go over there and you
haven't seen him since?

I swear to God,
I haven't seen him, okay?

God... I think you
broke my nose.

Don't worry about it, son.

It'll give you
a little character.




I'm sorry to have waken you.

This would have been a lot
easier if you'd stayed asleep.

I'm... I'm sick...

I know you are.

You're like most men.
Sick in the soul.

You spend your whole life
struggling to be something
different than you are.

I want you to relax now.

Please believe,
I mean you no harm.

Soon, you will be new.

There will be no more
conflicts, no more tearing
yourself up inside.

You will be one thing.

The true thing that you are.


No, don't worry about her.

I know about you two,
but I'm not angry.

That was in the past.

But now, we must
look to your future.

Brilliant work.

Brilliant work, Robert.

Okay, Magrew.

Cut out the hide-and-seek.

If I gotta dig you out
like a tick, it's gonna
be worse for ya.

Let's go.

Where are you, Magrew?


I'm over here.

Well, well, well.
Looky here.

We got a little something
to talk about.

Like what happened to
Joey Carp the other night.

What do you bet I take a look
around, I might find something

Oh, come on. You're not gonna
make me come and get you?

Kill them.















CLERK: Well, I don't know
what to tell you, lady.

Do you want to
check the manifest?

Like I say, if we got, we
ain't got no reason to keep.

Don't make no money that way.

I just don't understand,
my father was sure
it would be here.

Thomas Berke Rarities?

Well, I would certainly be the
last person to say it ain't
so, but it ain't so.


You may be the first of
a new race of beings.

A superior race.

You may not understand
what I'm doing,

but in the long run,

it's for your own good.

And his.

His? No, no...

Dr. Magrew, please.

What are you doing?

Robert, I know this
may be painful.

But try to relax.


It's necessary.

Don't fight.

Accept what's coming.



Please, don't. Please.

Can I use your phone?

Local call?

No, I'll pay.

Well, tell you what. Make
it simple for both of us,
reverse the charges.





I'm sorry,
there's still no answer.

Well, could you...

Never mind, thank you.

You're welcome.

Now I'm really worried.
I wonder if Daddy had to take
Robert to the hospital.

Uh, I got him.

Who, my father?

No, Tommy Berke. Wait.

Yeah, want to talk to her?
Right. Hold on.

Hello, Mr. Berke?

Hey, there, Miss Magrew.

Yeah, I was just
talking to this man...

I don't know nothing
about no mermaids.

I ain't talk to your daddy
in around six months.

I ain't had no mermaid
in almost a year!

Well, are you sure?

Yeah, I am. I'm sure.

Well, I just don't understand.

I mean, my father
was very specific.

Why on earth would he send
me to pick up a shipment
he never ordered?

I really couldn't say, now.

Yeah, yeah.
All right, all right,
thank you, Mr. Berke.










I did it!


No, please.

See, you don't understand.

Please. Please, don't
you understand?

It can't be stopped now.

It's too late!



You don't understand...

All I've done,
I've done for you...


Don't make me
hurt you. Please.


What are you doing?

I beg you.

All that I've done...

All that I've created...

(SOBBING) I've done it
for you.

No! No! Ahhh!

No, please! Ahhh!



Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, what
have you done?

You see?

I did it.

I did it.

Robert, no!