Curse of the Oily Man (1956) - full transcript

A deformed hunchback gets a second chance in life, but it is abruptly taken away when he accidentally kills a man.

The Curse of the Oily Man

Tualang Three Village - 1901

I have been searching him since dawn. Was he hiding here?

Si Bongkok?

I have not seen him since morning.

Thank you for your kindness.

He is gone nowehere to be found. Lets split and find his trail!

Search him!

(Knocking sound on door)

Why Si Bongkok, people are chasing you in this rainy night?

Bang Selamat..

Please let me in and stay here..

Until the sun rise..

Come in, come in Si Bongkok.

Change your clothes.

I ask you to stay with me, but you refuse.

Now, I did told you the truth, right?

It is true Bang Selamat..

The villagers are disgusted by my look.

My hut was burned to ashes.

Tomorrow, before sunrise I will leave far away.

From a taunting society.

Why went insane before it is is your fate?

Go as far as you can but a taunter will always taunt.

Let it all to God Almighty.

Indeed Bang Selamat.

I am dropping off my intentions.

Good, sip the coffee I made for you then get some rest and sleep.

(Flute music)

Batik cloths, batik cloths, batik cloths. Cheap batik cloths.

Bang Selamat!

Do you have new pattern?

New pattern?

I only brought old ones.

Old pattern? The old one is outdated,

make some new pattern Bang Selamat.

(Flute music continues)

(Drum music)

Bang Selamat,why is the gloomy face?

Old pattern batik are dislikeable now,

but there is nothing I can do. I am no batik artist.

I can’t even dra-


You did all of this?

How shocking. Despite your flaw lies a great talent inside you..

I am so proud of you.

(Trumpet sound and music)

(Bongkok and Bang Selamat are working)

Cheap new pattern batik cloths! Cheap new batik cloths!

Come,buy and wear them. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Come,cheap new pattern batik cloths! Cheap new batik cloths!

Come,buy and wear them. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Come,cheap new pattern batik cloths!

Pick your choice. Don't hesitate to buy!

First come, first serve,

or you will regret until Judgement Day!

Cheap new batik cloths! Cheap new batik cloths!

Bang Selamat, the new batik cloths are sold out?

Why wait until everything sold out? Please, do come tomorrow.

Si Bongkok! Si Bongkok our bisnes was tremendous!

Our bisnes was tremen-

Not an ordinary songkok..

A handmade Bugis songkok..

Not an ordinary hunchback..

God gifted talent, a hunchback painter..

(Music starts)

(Young men start singing)

Hey friends! Yes..

Who’s the fairest of them all?

One who’s in blue baju kurung with stripes!

Hey friends! Yes..

Why the village elder’s daughter is the fairest among them all?

Because she is washing clothes by riverside!

Hey friends!Yes!

Why village elder’s daughter smile is the sweetest?

Because she rolls her eyes at us!


O dear young and sweet Afida,

I am half dying, crazy of you.

Come here my life,my love.

Come –

Thief! Come back here!

Stealing our boat,come back! Thief!

Give back our sampan you thief!

(Boys mocking and cheering)

Wait. Now look!

Chase him!

Chase him! Chase Si Bongkok!

Oh, hiding yourself here?

Please, leave me alone..

Have mercy on me..I have nothing against you.

Dont worry, we wont hurt you. It’s just a little teasing.

Seize him!


Hunchback! Hunchback!

Please..Don’t torture me..

I didn't do anything wrong..

Please have some mercy on me..

Please pity me. I am sorry if I did anything wrong..


Please have some mercy on me..

Throw more! Throw some mo -

Why did you slap me?

You are barbaric.

How could you make Si Bongkok suffer like this?

Did he do any wrong to you?

What relation you have with this monster?

Your lover?

If he is, does that have anything to do with you?


Friends! Yes..

Why can’t Buyong keep his mouth shut?

He has a goofy face!

Friends! Yes..

Why Buyong have not guts to fight back?

Catch him! Sampan thief!

Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

May God bless you abundantly..

(Melancholy music)

(Cheerful music)

Bang Selamat I’m going out for a while.

You may go, but be quick.

(Youth Art Night of North District)

Assembling the dance, o dance, I offer my salute..(sounded from far away)

Fit and fast, o love, the movements go..(sounded from far away)

In high regard I hold, o my how high,
the pure arts..

True heritage, o true, o motherland..

The swaying style, o style, of a woman’s moves..

With the dance, o love, of the three tualang trees..

In high regard I hold, o my how high, the arts..

Cherished by my country, o country, o til the end of time..

Steps in rhythm, o poetry, together in motion..

The banishing styles, o love, of the warrior princesses..

Hands a-clap clap, o hand, a gesture of bravery..

Fearless, o love, in defending oneself..

For all young men of the village,

for tonight it it has been 3 years

of our annual Youth Art Night of Tualang Tiga village.

It is a hometown pride

when I see our youth are practising their talents together.

In this year hopefully, may the youth of Tualang Tiga village

be the Art Night Champion of North District!

As usual, it is time to give your gifts to inspirational

Art Youth of Tualang Three Village's leader, Miss Afida!

Gift from admirable youth.

Gift from silat youth.

Gift from art youth.

Gift from carpentry youth.

Gift from fisherman youth.

Chieftain! Chieftain!

What is the punshiment for criminal
in this village?

Listen here my friend!

We unforbid him to stay here. But we are not keeping a snake in the grass!

Remember who brought such shame to Tualang Tiga village? His father!

Who started the quarrel with Desa Purba village? His father!

And who killed the chief’s brother? His father!

To an extent, chief was almost hurt by Bongkok’s father!

Now! What punishment shall we do?

Death! Death! Death!

That is too cruel for him father, please lessen his punishment..

Patient young men. Patient.

In this matter it is his father faults, not Si Bongkok.

As the village elder,let me decide this fairly.

Si Bongkok, leave this village as the sunrise.

Yes Si Bongkok, my father’s word is true.

I cant stand myself to see you were always tortured by them.

(Beauty and the Beast)

(Music starts)

(Windy and stormy rain)

(Singing voices)

Where all the people has gone?

Please come.

Hey Si Bongkok, do not feel anxious. Come here.

Free your heart from worry.You are now in a safe place.

Who are you, O unseen voice? Show yourself!

Show yourself..

What wrongdoings have I done to led me here?

We are caring duties toward God (Glorified and Exalted be He),

to serve your pure intentions.

Si Bongkok, be grateful to God, the most Gracious, most Compassionate..

Who are you, o clergyman?

Where am I now?

You are now in Bunian world, for I am the elder.

The book is filled with magical wish, but you only get to choose one.

How to be beautiful!

How to be beautiful! If a man born ugly, there is way to be beautiful

by following conditions in this book.

Bath your self with water from Arc of Prohet Nuh Alahisalam.

Water from Arc of Prohet Nuh Alahisalam..

Don’t be arrogant and envious of other.

Never take life of another human.

If you break the rules, you will be doomed.

Water from Arc of Prophet Nuh Alaihi Salam..Water from Arc of Prophet Nuh..

Such beautiful Bunian palace..

Sweet charming Princess Bunian..

Such beautiful Bunian palace..

Sweet charming Princess Bunian..

I feel so weak to leave you my love..

You have charmed me..

Moon drop onto hand..

Dear Princess of Bunian..

Moon drop onto hand..

Dear Princess of Bunian..

Do you want to listen to this?

You are so beautiful nothing even compare in this world.

You want to listen to mine?


You are the only man who had ever charmed me.

Do you want to hear more?

From this moment, I’ll change your name to Teruna Impian.

Now rest your eyes, O charming lads.

Tomorrow we’ll meet again.

(Gong sound)

Now it is time for you to leave.

Before you we part, I want you to remember.

You shall never kill another human beings.

Yes, I promise.

Chieftain, let me take Princess Bunian to my world.

It is impposible,fish can never live on the land.

If so, let me stay here so I can be together with her.

If I let you stay here, I am going to break my promise.

I promised you only one wish and you choose beauty.

Therefore, you can’t choose Princess Bunian.

I have lost you my lady. If I only knew, I would not change my look.

It was destined, for different world has separate our love.

Will we ever meet again?

Yes, if our world merge as one.

Who are you, young man?

Have not you recognized me?

Si Bongkok!

Yes, I am Si Bongkok. you become so beautiful?

It’s a long story. Whenever I have free time, I will tell you all about it.

Bang Selamat?

Why are you keeping all of this? No one buys it anymore?

Yes, villagers won’t buy it anymore, because the pattern is old.


I left this place only for three days, and all of these became old cloths?

Three days? No, you have been gone for three years.

Bang Selamat,lets make a new one,right now.

Bongkok? Bongkok!

Our batik cloths sold well Bongkok!

We sold well!

Praise to God..


Si Bongkok, you are my source helper..

Who is this beautiful alluring lady?

She is Princess Bunian, whom I told you about.

Princess Bunian?

Tonight I will hand my sketch to Art Youth of Tualang Three Village’s leader


Yes, Afida.Is anything wrong Bang Selamat?

Afida is engaged to Buyong.

O pan lid..

O clever dancing pan lid..

A child dance, a child sway..

A crown prince..

O pan lid..

O clever dancing pan lid..

A child dancing..

A child crown prince dancing..

Torn cloth..

Give to us those torn cloth..

To wipe..To wipe the tears..

Torn cloth..

Give to us those torn cloth..

To wipe..To wipe the tears..

I am the the chieftain of Tualang Three..

Dear villagers.

I come in peace. I come with no other intention, only to give this

to leader of Art Youth of Tualang Three Village.

Please, accept my humble gift O Afida.

How do you know my name?

Since you helped me long time ago, you are always in my heart.

(The Beauty and Young Man)

Si Bongkok?

Indeed, I am Si Bongkok.

Yes I am Si Bongkok!

I am Si Bongkok who you forbid to set foot on this land!

But now! I am worshipped and honoured by you like a king!

Why? Because I am no longer hideous?

Because I wear beautiful clothes?

Are you an honest human?

You are all coward! Insolent to weaker human!

True, Buyong killed my father.

Your father rejected my marriage proposal.

Your marriage proposal is not valid.

Give me a reason?!

Because my father never liked you.

Now, what you wish Si Bongkok?

I want to take Afida from Tualang Three Village

I will go with you with my hopes high.

Over my dead body Bongkok!

I am not afraid at all!


Don’t touch me!

Don't mess with us or you'll ultimately regret it.

Afida! Afida...

I am disappointed..I am disappointed..

(The Beauty and The Painter)


Death is preferred to disappointment.

You, murderer..

(Thunder strikes)

You broke the rules. From now on, you will pay for it and

your beauty will never be seen again by other human as punishment.

01:09:45,600 --> 01:09:46,900


Bang Selamat?!

Bang Selamat? Bang Selamat?

Hey young man, why are you sad?

Who are you?

How can you see me?

I am friend, I want to offer my help.

But, where are you?

Here. I am here.On a tree.

I know you want to be human again just like me.

I will help you for free.

Yes, I want to be human again. But, who are you?

All right, if you want to know..Do you recognize me?


Indeed, I am Satan

and I can give you anything you want, as long you fulfill all my conditions.

01:13:25,600 --> 01:13:26,000
All right.

Good. Now wear this ring. You will be more powerful from any human.

Don’t forget, 21 virgins within a week. After that, you will be a delightful man.

Wear the ring.

Now, you will be known as the Oily Man

(Woman singing)

We are back..

Welcome home..

Catch a lot of fish?

Not so much. It was stormy weather last night.

The sun is so high up..

A calf die stranded..

I looked for you so long my love..

Only now I get..

(Woman screaming)

Women stay here! Lets go!

Who screamed just now?

I dont know, it might be the singer.

That’s Fatimah voice!

You stay here! All right.

Fatimah? Fatimah?

Weird,Fatimah’s face is marked with oil too.

Where is Saadiah?



Yes, thank you.

Look, so much delicacies made by the girls.So nice of them.

Isn’t that right Usman?

Thank you.

Many thanks you to come joining us tonight.

Same goes to you.

Chieftain,our village is cursed.

3 women from our village was raped and their faces was marked with oil.

Marked with oil?

Oily Man perhaps?

Impposible,there no Oily Man inside our village.

We lost him. He is gone!

Curse has fallen upon our village.

The women became victim.

Oily Man has gone on a rampage.

I ask of you on your own freewill.

Gather young courageous warrior and guard our village.

To cleanse Tualang Tree village from shame.

Chase him!

I saw the oily man fell here.

Yes,he is gone nowhere to be found.

That is a test. Later you will be fine.

How many girls?



Two days.

Excellent! Don’t waste time, go and find more. Move!

Oh God.. Why..

Why I am ill-fated dear God..

Peace be upon you

And peace be upon you..

How is chieftain condition?

I'm worried, he is getting weaker.

Take this incantation water. Give him to drink this.

Thank you,please come in.

Usman, why bad luck has fall upon our village?

Chieftain, don’t think too much.God willing, our village will be safe.

It is true chieftain.

Chieftain is at home?

Speak slowly, don't let him hear you.What is it Ali?

More women become victims.

Oily man is rampaging.

Oily Man..

Oily Man..Where is he! Where is..


Lift him..

After falling, the ladder falls upon you.

Dear friend of Tualang Three village. Our fate is getting worse..

Oily Man is rampaging.

Chieftain of Tualang Three is now rest in peace.

I ask of you, people of Tualang Three Village.

Together we restore Tualang Three Village to recover as much as we can.

Anything else, lets put our trust in Allah.

Are you willing to do so?

Yes we are!!

O Allah dear God,save Tualang Three village.

Keep us away from distress.

Help us to deal with emergency.

Help us for we are helpless.

Of blessing from prayer

"There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God."

After him! Chase him!

Bunian Elder!

Go! Go away from here! Go!

I will go after I capture you... inside here.


Stop grieving now, for the Oily Man is no longer free.

Praise to God. I am leaving you a reminder,

dear villagers of Tualang Three

If you insult other creature, you lose happiness and disaster follows..

You are leaderless.

As replacement,

you are now responsible

to lead this historical Tualang Three village.

The end.