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A damaged young woman is looking forward to moving to a beautiful new home, but the spirit of a deranged nun wants her to stay right where she is. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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I have a picture in Amityville.

I see your death as real.

We see the same demon.

Mother, who is that?

The devil in your painting,
It is real.

This incident occurred in 1952.

Monastery of St. Carta, Romania.

(God ends here)

Are we here that's a good decision?
/ You have no choice.

Will the relic save us?

Believe me, sister.


Take this, this demon ...
need the body to be free.

For God's sake, don't let go.
You know what you have to do /
I can not

Then God can't.

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Father, I'm sorry to do this.

Forgive me God.

Oh, my God!

Vatican City

Pastor Burke? /

So, when was the last time you came here?
Six? Seven years ago?

I take a short break
until the war ends.

I'm glad you came back here again.

Pastor Burke.
Please sit.

We receive news, there is a nun
hang yourself in a monastery in the mountains of Romania.

Suicide is a heavy sin.

That does not prevent us from reuniting.

The news does not make us argue
about our faith in the church.

You didn't tell me.

Why did you say that?

Are we at the Vatican?

Here, we don't hide anything.

In this travel document, there is
narahubung found the nun.

At the Monastery in the village
small named Bierta.

You want to talk
with him first.

We have submitted someone
to help your work there.

Since then, access is
limited to you.

He is also familiar with the place.

- London, England -
I survived several attacks.

But nobody scares me.

But I hope, there are monsters
who smells it.

Then, the wind changes ...

And .... ROAARR

Save yourself ...

Mother said that dinosaur
nothing, it's all fake?

It's like a magic trick, right?

Do you trust penguins, koala bears? / Yes

They are also not in the Bible.

The Bible is like a letter
God's love for us.

But that doesn't matter
we can't ask.

The magic of his creation.

But Mother ... said ... / Wait a minute,
there is something on your nose.


I'm also surprised like you.

I haven't even taken my oath. / He
already know that. He waits for you in the park.

And change your clothes. This is an official visit.

It took several days to come here.

You're recommended because of you
familiar with the place.

That place? / Yes, Romania.

I haven't even been there.

Is it true? / Certainly
There is a mistake.

I appologies because
your visit here is in vain

That is not important.

Every decision taken
The Vatican must have its purpose.

Surely they have a reason why choose you.

Biertan, Romania

What is wrong?


An angry father or husband?

Usually between two, if
there is a young man and woman

Beautiful, don't usually come in the morning.

Sorry sir, but we don't know yet.

Oh, then let's get acquainted.

My name is Frenchie.

Everyone knows.

Mr., we come here because
The nun you found.

How are you ??
Are you a priest ??

And she's a nun.

Forgive my words sister.

I don't know, I never saw
a nurse came out of her place.

Not until now.

Excuse me.



Far away?

Not that, but how long.

May I ask? Why are you there?

I send quarterly needs.

It looks like the monastery
have certain rules.

His village, for several centuries.
Can you take us there?

I don't know, Pastor.

Is there anyone else in the village?

Everyone seems to assume
the monastery doesn't exist.

If I talk about things
that, then I have a problem.

Okay, you will take us.

Sorry, Pastor ... But ...
/ Please.


You take a plane from
Rome, take the bus here.

Now I'm afraid, you're on
medieval. Here in Romania

Now you have to ride a horse.


Postman duty, middle letter L


You're a smart nurse.

You are like a Frenchman,
but live in Romania.

I'm actually French-Canadian, but don't
tell anyone. Doesn't sound romantic

I came here looking for gold, but after seeing
its inhabitants, it looks like I'm destined here.

So I helped them.
As much as possible.

That's a very noble act.

I know.

Sorry sister, how long
are you a nun?

I am not yet a nun.
I'm still learning.

He hasn't even taken it yet
his temporary oath. / While?

I don't even know, there is an oath
while being a nun.

Temporary vows will help me
lead a life as a nun.

When is the nurse? Or will it?

What is wrong?

All right?

We walk there.

His horse can't get there.

Maybe you should find a new horse.

This is not his horse, Pastor.

But he was afraid of what was ahead.

People here say this place is damned.
And the horses agree.

If I can ask, pastor.
Why did the church send you?

The church wants to investigate strange events.

Related to the greatness of God.

Or what is often called
hunt for miracles.

but we come here because
suicide incident ..

Yes, but that's only part of it
our little investigation

I also have an assignment from the Vatican
to make sure the area is still there.

Gosh. / I can say
my opinion now, Pastor.

Is it affected by the war?

That's right. There's a story
big behind it all.

I tried to find other information about
This castle, but there is no data in this village.

Residents just spit, when they call it.


Yes, everyone.

Past custom.

The cross that surrounds the Monastery is functioning
to keep the demon inside, not outside.

Already trying to contact someone else
when you found the body of the nun?

Already, but no one responded.
Then there is a storage area.

That was made in the early 19th century.

Franchie, when you find
the body, what are you doing?

I moved, to guard
the body of the element.

Where did you move it, boy?

To the ice room. Where am I
save shipping items.

After I found his body, I thought ...

Maybe moving it will help ...
Preserve it?

You first.

I have to talk one more thing Pastor ..

I left it like that.

What do you mean?

He left me in position
supine, not sitting like that.

Where is the case like the body position
changing from supine to sitting?

Yes, Pastor, but I found him already
died, pastor. / You don't help.


Pastor, what is that?

This is a kind of key.

That's the door for the people
nun picks up things.

So he doesn't need to leave the castle.

We must bury it properly.

It is there when people
afraid of being buried alive,

If you are very lucky, that can happen, you
just need to ring the bell,

For people to know,
they make mistakes.

I think being here is a mistake.

That's where I found his body.

How could it be? That
it's been a few weeks.

I told you, this place ... what
the opposite of magic, Pastor?


Forgive us, for not
excuse me first.


What do you want?

I'm Pastor Burke, this is Sister Irene.

Are you the head nurse here?


You haven't taken your oath?

Not yet, / Why are you here Pastor?

We come here because
Rome wants to investigate

about death
happened lately.

Death lately?

One of your sisters.

That depends, with the rope on the neck ...


And do you think it's good to bury him?

Can you ... Get out for a moment?

You also have to go with him.

Do you want to talk
about the nun?

I promise you security.
I want to talk with

the nuns. So that
I can help.

I can't give you what you are looking for.

Afraid, the leader cannot accept that

They will send troops
diplomatic unfriendly.

Yes, Pastor, however, gate
will be closed at night.

followed by the silence of the night
ends in the morning.

Come back tomorrow, and you
will find the way.

Here is a lodge, you
may stay there.


Why can't we talk
with the sisters now?

Wait until morning.

Here is the rule of silence at night
until morning. We must respect.

You should worry about yourself.
Or you will walk at night.

It's better to come out than here, Pastor. / We will
alright kid, come back in a few days.

That's enough to find
what we need to look for.

Yes, pastor.



I take this.


You mention hunting
miracle before?

Is that what makes you stop?


It's like, the choice of the church to ...

Look at different views.

So you know Bishop Forke?

How are you? / Because of her
who helped me when I was young

I have a picture
bad when I was a girl.

My father believes that I'm crazy.

Even worse, liar.

But when the church saw me,
he finally met me.

What picture do you see?

There are many..

Nothing is the same.

But all ends the same.

That is?

Maria shows the way.

What's the Pastor?

I think about the same incident.

During the war I was there.

I was sent to investigate
boy who has vision.

Unlike your case, me
believe and I evaluate

I assume he is possessed.

I do it according to church rules.

Oh, my God,


what are they doing?

Is it successful?

The church thinks so, they are
believe the devil is out.

But you don't?

Help me, Pastor ..

Daniel was seriously injured
after the expulsion.

Forgive me.

He died after that.

I think, I'm too
excited at that time.

That is a puzzle.

Pastor ...


Anyone, help me ...

Please ... Sister Irene .. Please ...




I am here.

Pastor? / Sister? Sister Irene!
/ I can hear you.

I'm here, my God, thank you.


Thank you, thank you sister.

How can you get there?

The evil forces suppress this place.

Maybe the book can help illuminate.

There is more blood. How could it be?

That is a puzzle.

Nun's head?

As promised,
We want to talk to the nuns.

It's like, invitation
enter that we receive.

I will look for the abbot.

Take this,

Find what you can get
about this, this is very important.

Sister, be careful.






We can't stop
pray, even for a second.

This helps prevent
the devil for centuries.

This prayer helps maintain this place.

I'm sorry, it's been annoying. / Sister Rose is praying
and someone is behind him to replace.

I'm Sister Oana, we have
know you will come.

Follow me.

"Black bear"


One more round.

I told Luca at home.

Why did you close the mirror? / That
it's a tradition if someone dies.

You close the mirror so the brother doesn't
see the reflection, and become a ghost.

Someone died?

Did you not hear? Lucas's younger brother committed suicide.

I can't believe him, he's still small.

12 years, hang yourself on the farm.

Hanged oneself? Why?

Like grass
burned, turned to ash.

That's because of that place, the monastery.

The devil came out and poisoned us.

2 people you are transferring, who are they?

A priest and nun.

Are they still there?

Yes, I picked him up tomorrow.

You found a body there? / Yes

I'm sure you'll find 2 more.

Get down to earth, every monster
fear, burn the sky.

Devil creature, name ...



Sister Irene?

The death of Sister Victoria is
the worst tragedy for us.

But we still feel his presence.
Among us, he is very obedient.

Excuse me, sister.

Sister Vic ...

Sorry, we maintain privacy very much. We
shouldn't talk about it.

We appreciate that.

Can you tell the history of this monastery?

Built by DUke, in the Middle Ages.

He performs rituals,

And he calls beings from hell.

He opened the gate so that creatures
evil can walk between us.

The church attacked Kastel.

He closed the gate, with ancient relics.

There is blood from Jesus Christ.

The church cleanses this castle, and rituals
prayer begins to secure the monastery.

For centuries.

And the devil is trapped until there is
the bomb about the monastery.

The devil has another way
to open the gate.

Sister Oana, last night, in the castle.
I saw a nurse.

He feels like he is impure.

Do you see it too?

I saw him walking
in the hall at night.

He looks like us, but it's not wrong
one of us. He feels impure.

He is disguised like us, for
knowing our weaknesses.

He is disguised so that he is
can kill us all.

What I'm afraid of, if he shows up
the sign the portal opens again.

That caused the nurse
Victoria sinned.

Sister Oana, Sister Ruth has finished praying.

It's time for you to pray.

You haven't taken your oath?
/ Not yet

Then this is not the place for you.

So go now.

He can't, the gate is closed.

When is the gate opened? / In the morning.
You have to stay here.

Sister Irene?

Good night sister.
/ Sister wait ..

Sister Victoria holds
this is when he dies.

Do you know what the key is?


Now sorry, I have to go pray.

You won't find
another entrance, Pastor.

Nun's head?

What is your purpose?

I'm afraid, something is wrong here.

Like other places, this monastery
have a long history.

Not everything is good, but we bury it.

Sister, I saw it
holding a key.

It's too late, Pastor.
Sister Irene is gone.



Sister Irene ,, Maria shows the direction

Who are you?

May God protect you.

Sister Oana?

God ends here.

Oh, my God.

Shut up

The devil is getting stronger. You
must go to the Chapel.

Only a saving prayer tonight.

Go now..

Sister Oana?

How long am I like this, Pastor?

How long?

Daniel, I'm sorry.

Why don't you help me !!

We must pray. Now!

Whatever happens, still look
forward. And don't stop praying.


This door is used for taking sisters
needs, so there is no need to leave the castle.

Oh, my God. Frenchie.

I thought you needed help.


Next time, use a rifle.

This is used for
emergencies, Pastor.

Sister Sister Irene.

That's Pastor Burke.



Thank God, Pastor!
/ Are you okay Sister?


What happened?

We are praying. Everyone, together.

Only this ritual can
inhibit the Devil.

Who prays?

Everyone ... another nurse ...

They were here, they prayed
with me when we are attacked.

The sisters tried to tell me.
/ Sight ..

Like reality ...

There is nothing left..

We must purify this place Pastor ..

It turns out this place is not sacred.


What should we do?

Take the cross in my sister's bag,
sprinkle holy water.

Here, hurry up.

Hold his legs.

I thought it was an emergency.

We are late.

The devil is free.

No, if the devil is free, he is
must possess other people.

Sister Victoria surely
the last nurse here.

You know what to do. / No..

So does God ...

That's not suicide.

It's a sacrifice.

So that the devil doesn't take his body.

I don't know anything, but it seems
the investigation is complete. So,

Let's get out of here.

We can't just leave.
/ Come on ...

Why not?

We must close the gate.

To enter the demon.

The gate has a mechanism, but
we can close it with a relic.

The Blood of Christ.


Jesus Christ?

Did the nurse tell her the place?

This monastery has been found
there is a tunnel.

I guess I know where the tunnel is.

Then, let's go there.

Pastor, before doing that,

I want to take my oath.

Are you serious?

My vision, I know
it's a gift from God.

And I'm ready to devote my life.

Sister, that's a noble act.

Embarrassing, but ...

With my power. On behalf of the church,

I accept your oath.

There is nothing here.
It should be here.

They told me,
this is the key to relics

May be anywhere in this castle.

It is here.

You don't see her sister?


Maria shows the way.

Blood from God


The holiest.

Only the true bride of God
who can hold this.


What is that, we shouldn't
pray, or do something?

There is time to pray or act.

Now it's time to act.

I still feel the need to pray, Pastor.

God ends here.

We have to look everywhere,
to find the gate.


Sister Irene!



Frenchie, please help me

Of course.

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No..! / You failed, like you
disappoint everyone in your life!

Tomorrow, all citizens will bear
as a result. Frenchmen!

I'm French-Canadian.




Sister Irene!

Sister Irene!


If you don't mind, consider it
it's just a kiss of life.

Call it like that ... / Frenchie,

What is your real name?


Thank you for
save me Maurice ..

You are welcome.

Everything has passed.


I think this land is no longer holy.

Now it's holy.

Will you stay? / Or me
must leave Romania.

My father is a tomato farmer.

Maybe I'll farm.

It sounds boring to
explorers like you.

Seems like

- 20 years later -
Expulsion can be very

dangerous. Not just for
victim, but anyone.
- Wakefield, Massachusetts -

Maurice Theriault, his friend called him Frenchie.

Previously he was a farmer, no
graduate school, and when possessed ...

He can speak Latin.

And not only that, a sign appears
inverted cross on his body.

That is three signs of demonic activity.

Investment, pressure, and possession.

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