Curse of the Blue Lights (1988) - full transcript

A group of teenagers battle a horde of zombies and evil creatures that live underneath a graveyard. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- What the hell?

Oh, no!


Ah, let me go!

Oh, Oh, please!

No, don't! Don't! No!

No, don't!

- Hey, Ken, do you think
you'll be able to fix your car?

- Yeah, I think it's the starter.

It's been acting up lately.

- Too bad cars always have to act up

when you want to use 'em.

If this thing was in better shape,

we'd be heading for Tyler,

but I just don't trust her
since I threw that rod.

Sure hate to miss that movie, though.

- We'll go to Tyler next weekend, babe.

- Same thing every weekend.

- Ah, come on, Sandy.

You love it here.

None of that big city crime.

You didn't like living with your sister

when your parents moved.

No, give me a handsome guy
and blue lights any time.

- [Ken] Hey, you know the
place is haunted, don't you?

- What?
- Yeah, yeah, haunted.

- What? Where?

- Blue Lights! Yeah, it is.

- And that's what you probably tell

all us urban hicks who move in.

- No, really, it's haunted.

Everybody’s known about that for years.

No, really, Sandy.

There was a train wreck down by the river

about 100 years ago or so,
and there was this one man

that rode on the caboose of one
of these trains that stopped

and accidentally hung up
the wrong signal lantern.

He used blue glass instead of red glass

and the other train hit him.

Just like that.

- No, but it is haunted, Sandy. For real.

But I think that the blue lights

are supposed to be from a UFO.

- Yeah, UFO.

- No, Alice is right.

Really, really, she is.

I talked to this guy who was around

during the A-Bomb tests
in the '50s and, well,

he was with his girlfriend one late night,

and they saw about 50 of those blue lights

down cruising the riverbed.

Well, you know, it was like
a fleet of 'em or something.

- You GUYS-

- No, we're not shitting ya.
- No.

- Oh, hey, I know this guy

who saw this big burn
spot down by the river.

And someone had said that's
where the UFO had landed.

- Who told you that?

- All I know is every weekend
it's the same old thing.

- [Alice] Look out!

- What was that?

- Huh?

- I don't know.

- Wow.

- We have returned after
all these many years

to finish that which we had begun.

I, Loath, leader of the Ghoul Clan, Quan,

have come to finish my
birthright of long ago.

With Bor and Forn,

workers of the darkness.

Our time here shall be well-spent.

Before the fourth moon of Udar sets,

he shall be among us again.


It is begun.

Muldoon will arrive soon.

But the [indistinct] shall
know us too.

Theirs shall be the
death of life itself...

and the dawn of darkness!

And our reign!

The Muldoon and the discs
shall be ours tonight. Here.

Bring it to me before this night ends.

They shall be combined.

As it was before, it shall be again.

Go, away with you!

♪ Won't you take away my pain? ♪

- [Sandy] Ouch, you're on my hair!

- [Ken] I'm sorry, how's this?

- [Radio DJ] Great song by the Zoo Boys-.

At the top of the hour,
here's Dudley's favorite man,

Rob Randell.

- [Rob] Thanks, Dick.

Sheriff's authorities reported
the mysterious disappearance

of Homer Jenks, a South
Wilkinsburg County farmer.

Jenks' wife discovered their dog --

- [Alice] You two ought to try doing this

in the front seat some time.

I think I'm gonna have to
have this steering wheel

surgically removed.

- [Rob] Dudley's weather show signs

that fall is certainly here.

We can expect Saturday's
high up to only 70.

Tonight should be a cool one at 50.

Now, back to the Western
Valley's favorite music radio.


♪ And I want you to stay
from the night 'til the day ♪

- That bastard!

What a lucky dog Max is
being able to drive up

in such a honey.

- Must be nice to have rich parents

who'll buy anything you want, huh?

- Well, cretins, here's
Max's fine new machine.

Look, but don't touch.

- What'd you guys have to do?

- Tow this thing out here, or what?

- Shit.

This rot will bury anything in Dudley.

In the entire county.

- Fine car, Max.

I like antiques.

- Antiques?

Okay, this car is a classic.

And both you dorks know it.

Look, I'll take on anything
in the county that...

Does everybody see that?

- Yeah, what the hell is it?

- You guys don't think those
old stories are true, do you?

- Oh, no.

- What the hell is it?

- It looks like they're
on this side of the river.

Pretty close, don't you think?

- [Max] I don't know what they are.

Let's find out.

Yeah, I'm gonna get my gun.

- What is it?

It isn't another joke you country boys

are playing on me, is it?

- Hell no.

We're gonna find out exactly what it is.

- You still see 'em?

Are they still out there?

- What are you gonna do with that?

- Protection, man.

Look, I'm not taking any chances.

- Well, just don't shoot yourself...or us.

- [Ken] You and Alice wait here,

lock the doors, and
wait until we get back.

- You're crazy if you
think I'm gonna stay here

while you guys leave.

- Me neither, we're going with you.

- Damn it, Sam!

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Quit your fooling, Sam.

- [Ken] Could you put
that damn gun away, Max?

Jesus, you're gonna hurt somebody.

- [Paul] Good going, Slick.

You probably shot Sam.

Great, they're gone now.

You idiots scared 'em off
with your circus performance.

- [Max] Hey, maybe I got it.

Did you ever stop to think that

you know I could have killed it.

- [Bob] Yeah, and I'm Bob Dylan.

- [Ken] Hey, check it out guys.

- What is it, a statue or something?

- Well, it sure isn't a rock.

This thing's been alive.

It looks petrified.

- Look, there's more to it, see?

It's like a statue of some sort.

- [Alice] Ugh'-

- [Sandy] Who could have
created such a horrid thing?

- I wonder who would've buried
such a big thing up here?

- And why?

- Hey, look, if the rain
wouldn't have railroaded

down the Scully, we never
would've found this thing.

- Yeah, you mean I
never would've found it.

- Oh, gross.

- [Bob] I never thought
that old story was true.

- What story?

- The Muldoon Man.

- Muldoon Man?

- Yeah, he was some kind of
missing link or something.

Gramps told me that when
he was a little kid,

an archeologist named
Muldoon found the remains

of this ancient statue, or creature,

that ruled the Earth a long time ago.

- Come on, missing link?

This is a lot of trouble
to go to for a joke, Ken.

Wouldn't it have been
easier just to go to Tyler?

Where's the punchline, guys?

I almost believed you.

- This isn't a joke, Sandy.

I've never seen this before.

What happened to this Muldoon guy?

- He was ruined.

He later killed himself.

Tatum's Greatest Circus took the thing.

They were gonna tour the world with it

and the night they opened,
a massive tent fire erupted.

Hundreds of people were killed.

It's the last thing we knew
of it that I can remember.

- Bob's right, I heard about him.

The Muldoon Man.

I thought it was just a story.

- Well, look. Obviously,
this is not just a story.

- Hey, I got an idea.

Let's get a truck and get
this thing out of here

before someone else takes it.

- Yeah.
- We can get my dad's.

My house is the closest.

- [Paul] Okay.

- Wow, look, there's
something written on it.

- All right, everybody, let's
just cover this thing up.

We don't want any of those
other jerks that are parked

up there to come down here
and stumble onto this thing

before we can get it out of here.

- If all this is true,
we should just leave it.

Cover it up and forget it.

- Are you kidding?

We'll be heroes for finding this thing.

- Yeah, there might be some
major bucks involved too.

As long as you can keep your mouse shut.

- We can't just leave
it here, can we, Sandy?

- Shit, Dudley Do Right's
on the prowl again.

- If you get another ticket,
you'll lose your license,

WON'T you?

- Almost.


- Well, Paul, what is it tonight?

Is there a race I don't know about?

Or is that lead foot of yours
still giving you trouble?

- Officer Fox, I've been watching
my speed real good lately.

I just forgot after finding
the thing -- the Muldoon Man.

- The Muldoon what?

What is this thing?

What are you talking about, boy?

- We were out at Blue Lights

and we found this big,
ugly statue, or creature.

Well, I guess it was alive
once, but now it's stone.

- The Muldoon Man, officer.

You know, the one that caused
that fire 100 years ago.

- Paul's telling you the truth.

We were just going to get my dad's pickup

so we can haul it back to town.

- Now, let me get this right.

You guys are going to get a
truck to cart away a statue

of some thing?

- It's sort of a statue.

It's a rock, it's the
remains of an ancient thing.

- Do you kids really think
I'm gonna buy this one?

- Old Mrs. Harrison told me
about the Muldoon Man, officer.

There was this creature
that ruled the Earth

long before any other
living things existed.

Paul's telling you the truth.

- He is.

Bob, Max and Sam are back
there waiting for us right now

to get the pickup so we can load it up.

Why don't you come back with
us so we can show it to you?

- Sir, we all saw it, really.

We did find this thing

down by the side of the
riverbank, just sticking out.

- You lead the way, boy, but don't speed.

But there'd better be a hell
of a thing for me to see

when we get there, or you got
yourself another ticket, kid.

- Shit, I knew it.

I knew it was too good to be true.

You scare off these love birds

so we can keep this thing
quiet and keep it to ourselves.

And then these dorks bring
the cops back with 'em.


Nice going, asshole!

You can't even get a
truck without bringing

back the brass bands, can you?

- Screw you, he was gonna
give me another ticket.

- All right, all right.

Which way to this thing of yours?

- It's over here.

- [Officer] Better be
something worth looking at

after all this.

Been quite a while since
I've been down here.

- Oh, it's down here all right, sir.

Follow me.

The thing's buried right over here.

- Where?

- It was right here, I swear it!

- [Alice] It was here, sir.

We all saw it.

- Yeah, it was big.

It was 10 feet tall, at least.

- Quiet.


All I see is a hole in the ground.

- This is where the thing was buried.

See, look! Look how big it is!

Look at the outline.

- All I know is you kids
thought you could make a fool

out of Fox.

Well, Paul, you just screwed yourself.

I hope it was worth it.

You know, I've seen some people
come up with some good ones

to get out of tickets before,
but this is one for the books.

- What?

- Next thing I know, you'll be telling me

you saw those damn blue lights.

- But we...

Nothing, officer, nothing.

- I ought to run you all in for the hassle

you put me through tonight.

You know, I ought to run
your asses in for this.

Now, I want you all out of here.

I'll be back in a while
and I want you all gone.

- Wait a minute, look at this.

I took this off the chest of the thing.

Now do you believe us?

- Kid, I don't know what
the hell this thing is.

All I know is I don't
have time to be chasing

around a missing statue,
or a missing link,

or a missing anything around here

with a bunch of kids who've
probably been drinking.

I got plenty of other
things I gotta be doing.

- For sure.

- Great!

One more ticket and I get
my license suspended again.

Damn it!

- It's okay, Paul. I can drive you.

- Over here!

Someone must have taken it

and dragged it right through here.

- Look, I'm gonna get my gun
and we're gonna follow 'em.

We're gonna get this damn thing back.

- Leave your gun in the car.

- Yeah, you almost shot
us once already tonight.

- Yeah, and scared off
those blue lights too.

- Uh Oh.

- Oh my God.

They're taking it into
Sunny Hills Cemetery.

- Must be taking 'em into the crypt.

What do you think, should we go for it?

- [Sandy] Oh, god.

- [Paul] Holy shit.

Took it down the steps.

- [Alice] God.

- [Sandy] Sorry, Ken, I can't see a thing.

- What, Sandy? What is it?

- [Paul] What the hell is this?

- Get off my foot, Paul.

- I'm not on your foot, Alice.

- Wait, wait.

Did you guys hear that?

- Yeah, it's coming from up there.

Not too far ahead, either.

- Without the disc, we have nothing!

I should have sent you
both to [indistinct].

Nearly a century and you're
both still as bumbling as ever!

Cthulhu should have fed
upon your grizzle long ago!

Where did these humans,

these flay gates, go with the disc?

And how, pray tell, are
you going to retrieve it?

- Well, we thought...

- Speak up!

Before I myself devour
your miserable carcass!

- The young humans who took
the disc are known to us.

- We saw them through the trees!

Oh, we can never forget their faces.

- You know Muldoon cannot
live again without the disc.

Our work here is as servants!

What will your plan be, boy?

- On the eve, Forn and I...

- See to it, you craw's meat.

We are discovered.

If Muldoon cannot be raised
again, then you two will pay!

Bring me their hides, or the
flats will be used on you.

- Hurry up, you two!

What is that smell?

- [Paul] Come on!

- [Max] Come on!

- [Bob] Get up, get up!

- Come on, you son of a bitch, come on!

- Come on, start this
piece of shit, will ya?

- Look!

- Screw it, I got room!

- Come with us!

- [Ken] Go, go!

- [Max] Go!

- If you guys would've
waited one more minute,

they'd have caught us all.

- Shit, guess who.

- Gotta quit meeting like this.

Okay, out of the car.

Come on, all of ya.

Out of the car and let
me have your keys, boy.

- [Max] Crazy?

Are you crazy?

- Look while you're getting out.

Lock them up.

- [Alice] What?

- [Max] These creatures
are following us, sir.

These things.

- [Paul] One of 'em almost
got us right back there.

- What have you guys been
smoking or sniffing here tonight?

You know, I thought I smelled
something funny earlier.

You're lucky your daddy
and me is good friends.

Hey, none of you gonna be
doing any more driving tonight.

Country's not safe with any
of you behind the wheel.

- Well, we're telling the truth, damn it.

Look, these creatures
chased us from a tunnel

and a crypt over at Sunny Hill.

They were dissolving this body.

- Sure, kid.


- You guys all have a nice night now.

I think the night air
will do you some good.

Night now.

- This is great.

What are we gonna do, walk?

Nobody's gonna believe tonight-.

- I wouldn't believe if I hadn't seen it.

- I did see it and I
still don't believe it.

- Look, all I know is
we just can't let 'em

get a hold of this disc, or
who knows what they'll do.

Well, I'm gonna get my ass out of here.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

- Wait, hey! Why don't we
stick together, go to my place.

I don't think it's safe
being out here alone.

- [Paul] No, no.

- Nah, I'm gonna go on home.

I know a shortcut down here.

- Really, I'll be all right.

- [Alice] Are you sure?

- Yeah, I'll be okay.

My dad would beat the shit out of me

if I didn't get home again tonight.

Besides, my house isn't
that much further than Ken's

if I cut across the field.

Come on, guys, I'll be all right.

See ya.

- Later days.
- Bye.

- I'll see you, man.
- He's nuts.

- So what is it this time, Fox?


Oh my god!


What the -- stop!

No, no!

- There's something written on it.

It doesn't look like any
language I've ever seen.

- [Paul] God knows what it is,

or what it means if those things want it.

- All I know is that they want it real bad

for that creature or whatever it is.

- Did you guys know that Max
never made it home last night?

Neither did Bob, I was just over there.

We're all gonna die.
- Oh, no, we're not.

- All of us that saw that
thing, we're all gonna die!

- [Loath] still have the disc.

No yawls will sleep 'til
your deed is punished.

Boy, your life will end soon.

And the disc will be mine.

- Look!

The cup! It's filling with blood.

- Sam, duck!

Grab that thing, don't let go!

That's it.

We have to control the
disc, or it controls us.

- We've gotta do something,
or we're all dead!

We've got to do something.

But what?

- Well, I don't know.

There has to be somebody with the answers.

But who knows about this kind of stuff?

- I know someone who can help us.

She's supposed to be a witch.

- Oh, geez.

Sam, you gotta be shitting us.

There's no such thing as a witch.

- Yeah, there aren't
supposed to be ugly dudes

running around in tunnels

underneath Sunny Hills
Cemetery, either, but they are.

Maybe there are witches, too.

Who is she?

- She's got a place near Somerville Road

that does palm readings,
horoscopes, that kind of stuff.

She scares the shit out of me.

- I guess it's better than nothing.

Not much better.

- Well, as long as we have this,

we might as well fight fire with fire.

- Master Loath, I caught
the boy known as Bob.

- Good. Good work, Forn.

Your fine deeds, first with the farmer

and then the flay gate
named Max, and now this,

brings you my goodwill.

Extra meat for you at the night's meal.

- Should I finish him, master?

I could snap the neck and choke him,

and then proceed with
Muldoon's next feeding.

- Wait.

Was he injured in the chase?

- No, my Lord.

I snatched him quickly as
he passed through the park.

I used a post I pulled from
the roadside to bash his head.

He fell quickly.

I think he is not too badly damaged.

Would you prefer the flay
gate suffer torture first?

Possibly the rag, or maybe the body cage?

- No.

- The white liquid, which
was oozing from his head,

seems to have stopped.

What about a rat feeding, master?

Would this give you pleasure?

- Dear Forn, I have not a pet, have I?

- No, master.

Not since the craw vulture died.

- Perhaps I will indulge myself.

- Yes, my king.

What Will it be?

Another vulture, or an owl?

A ram, sire?

Or maybe an ass with great
spines dangling from its snout.

What will it be, Master?

What will it be under the
influence of your dark power?

- You seek my help?

What is it you need of me,
nonbelievers to the one?

How came this into your possession?

- Found it on the chest of this creature.

This petrified monster we
found out at Blue Lights.

We --

- Blue Lights an evil
place, you found it there?


- It...

It was down the slope toward the river.

Must have eroded out of the bank,

until they took it, that is.

- Who?

Who took the thing?

- These ghouls or
goblins with green faces.

They looked bizarre.

They had these huge hands all gnarled up,

like tree bark or something.

And they had these incredible warts

all over their deformed faces.

We followed 'em to Sunny Hills
and through a passageway,

from a crypt to a chamber
below the Ward mansion.

- What saw you there?

- They were dissolving a body

to pump into the stone creature.

- You unfortunates.

You poor unfortunates.

The Fates send down to the darkest moon!

Down unto hell and in foulest bloom!

You hold the key which
bridges our world with others,

minioned by things older and more perverse

than any of your darkest fears.

It waits for a chance to enter our realm,

reigned forever over mankind.

We are lost, unless...

- Unless what?

- I will help you.

You must gather things known to me

from which a potion I shall make.

A potion such that no human
may drink or he shall die.

This witch schools love,

but which is no less
lethal to them than to us.

Beware, it must be followed exactly.

Or worse things will happen.

- [Sam] Damn it, Paul, we
shouldn't have split up.

Ken knows better.

- [Paul] Relax, he went to
check out the other side

of the graveyard.

He can take care of himself.

- Bullshit, I bet that noise scared him.

I bet he's in the car right now.

- There, there's some.

Watch your step.

- Just wanna get the hell out of here.

- [Paul] Could you hurry it up?

What's the matter?

Just get it!

- It broke my knife.

Hang on, I'll get it.

- Paul.

- No, no!

Stop! No, stop!



Stop, don't fall, no!
- Hang on!

- Stop, help!
- Hang onto me!

Come on, hold onto me.
- Stop!

Stop, no, no, no, please!




- Feel the sins of the beast sent down.

Check grimmer and select to him.

Steal the meat that comes to him.

Keep these friendly humans
safe from these ghouls

and seal their fate!

Take these with you.

Another entry must be found,

for the ghouls can smell the potion

vast distances in the night.

And one thing more.

For this to work and your own safety,

you must pour it down Bor's throat

as he lies sleeping in the night.

Hear me now, good friends,

those that were among us
and have now been taken

are no more.

They are now ghouls.

Or ghouls' food they have become.

Ignore these visions, for
they only can bring you harm.

- I want you to keep this.

Like you said, we can't
let 'em get a hold of it.

- Though nonbelievers,

your destiny and that of the disc are one.

Alone you must keep the
ancient ghoul clan disc,

for you have been bequeathed.

It is yours 'til either
you or they must die.

Muldoon once struck by sun's
rays invincible becomes.

If it takes your last drop of blood,

you must not let the disc be taken.

The unspeakable horrors which will occur

if the disc is taken,
the evil it will evoke,

I cannot foretell.

Just note that to die would be preferable

to their fervent use of that possession.

- How can we get close
enough to use this thing?

How are we supposed to get in there?

- This I will do for you.

Through this mirror, a
pair can seek the evil

in a mansion's chamber.

Appearing in an instant there

while your ladies may wait safely here.

- I don't want you to leave

and I don't wanna stay here without you.

I wanna go with you.

- No, you'll both be more safe here.

Lord knows what we'll run into out there.

- We should go too.

- No, Ken's right, Alice.

You better stay here with
Sandy, safe until we get back.

I don't know about this.

- Well, she got us through.

It'll probably work.

- If we can get it down their
throats before they wake up.

- It's true.

- Oh.

It's Max!

Oh my God.

- Good, we found him.

- Wait, it might be one of them.

- You assholes!

Damn, I thought you guys
would never get here-.

This place is like a nightmare.

- You feeling okay, Sam?

- No, I'm not feeling okay.

Damn it, I'm scared!

If they come back, we're dead!

You don't believe me?

Look, I'm okay now, but if
they come back, we're all gone.

Hurry up, hurry UP!

God, I thought you two
were some of the zombies

they keep here in the house.

The ghouls are asleep now.

- Where are they sleeping?

- Down in the the chamber,
the one we saw 'em in earlier.

This place gives me the willies.

Do you know they've
eaten lots of the corpses

out of the graveyard?

Did you know that
they're dissolving bodies

to feed into that Muldoon whatever --

- It's okay, Sam.

We got something to give 'em.

Something that's gonna kill 'em!

Let's get out of here.
- Show us the way right now.

- I don't like this place
and I don't like her.

- I know, shh!

- [Sam] Where's the big one?

- [Paul] I don't see
him, think it's a trap?

- Trap, trap, we gotta try.

Maybe we can get a couple
of 'em, even up the odds.

- Yeah.

- Alice.

Alice, they've got her.

- No.

Back, you! Back!

- Your light lied to me!

Now they have their way with me!

- What are we gonna do?

- She's got us trapped.

I heard her lock the door.

Damn it, Ken, where are you?

- Before I lay me down...

Two nice young girls I now shall eat.

- You coming, Alice?

- I'm glad you followed me through.

Thought I was gonna be
stuck in here by myself.

- Let's just find the guys.

- Which door do we take?

- This one.

Should we open this one?

- I don't want to.

No telling what's behind this one.

- Then we could go back down the hallway

to open one of those doors.

- Where could the guys be?

- I know, I wanna get out
of here soon as we can too.

- Well, what do you think?

We go through it, or
back down the hallway?

- The hallway.
- Yeah, the hallway.

Shit, we're safe but we're trapped.

At least we're not still
out there with him.

- Shit.

- We're gonna have company real soon!

- I don't want to die!

- They don't have us yet!

- Leave the females.

They are for Loath!

- When did they go through?

How long ago?

- Girls long they have not been.

The disc will soon be theirs.

This I have foreseen.

The Muldoon Man will return soon.

This too I know!

Evil is near..-I told you so.

Save your lives.

You soon must go.

- How?

How do we stop the Muldoon Man?

- Paul, you killed me.


We have the disc now!

And there's nothing you can do to stop us.

You Will all die!

You will all die.

- The girls.

Paul, we gotta get the girls out somehow.

- All right, maybe there's
something around here we can use.

- Paul.

Score one for our side.

I think we just found the great equalizer.

- We have come at last to
this place, this gathering.

Forn, loyal servant to me
all these many centuries,

brought down in life by
the flay gate adventurers.

Forn, keeper of my yawls
for my cavern of wants.

Not since the sun warms have
I felt a loss so deeply.

You always relished the
revenge that will be ours.

Farewell, clear evil one.

You will be missed.

- Goodbye, dear brother.

- [Ken] Just turned up
too late, that's all.

- [Paul] Quick, hide your sword.

- Kinda late for a stroll, ain't it, boys?

- No, we thought we'd take a
walk down by the bike trail.

- Bike trail, huh?

- Yeah, do a little running, you know.

Get the kinks out.

- You guys don't know
nothing about what's happened

to a number of your friends, do you?

Sam Wheeler, Bob Bassett, Max Jones.

- Bob's missing?
- Max and Sam too?

- Well, just you two watch your step.

Something funny's been
going on around here.

First Farmer Jenks, then Captain
Urkel, and now these boys.

- We plan to.

- Have a nice night, officer.

- Once of little beauty, this
creature transformed her life.

What a good companion he will be for me.

For his name of Bob

I will abide.

So...they have come back.

We will kill you all.

Disc, Oh, this disc from long ago

of our ancient ghoul clan,
remnant of lofty logs of lost.

Down through antiquity,
your immense powers

bring a legacy of timeless vapors.


From the cradle of time, I beseech you,

mighty empirical disc.

Bring forth your messengers of doom.

Evoke your legions near this place

to kill the flay gate interlopers.

- [Paul] And you thought
we were gonna have trouble

getting in here.

Shit, you see 'em?

- Yeah, just keep heading for the mansion.

- [Sandy] Leave her alone!

- Your fairness and
beauty will be the cause,

the force, behind Muldoon's reawakening.

We're approaching dawn's
rays and this beauty

will help Muldoon to live
forever as it was written.

Restoring the dark people of long ago.

Your bones will rekindle his blood.

Your spirit will be dominated by him.

There is no need or reason
to fight, it will be done.

Your friends will be dispatched soon

by my minions of death.

There is no hope for you now.

When your beings have dissolved,
the precious droplets,

those treasured fluids which
are now yours will be his,

and then his life will return forever!

- [Sandy] Ken!

Thank God you've come!

- Away with you!

Your doom will be sealed if you interfere.

Yawls will have even more
human flesh this time.

You meddling humans' time has come!

Muldoon shall have a mighty feast!

- This time, young flay gate,

you will not survive!

- No!

- You have not won.

See, see?

We have won, your doom is sealed!

So the darkness has returned.

Your kind shall perish
from this small planet,

disappearing into the
mists of time!

Muldoon Man, you have come.

Now, let us bring the prophecy to life!

Kill them!

- Wait, men!



Cease fire, cease fire!

Those kids are ours!

- My leg, I can't get it free.

I think it's broken.

- It's not over for us yet, Sandy.

- Raise your guns!

Okay, men.


Cease fire, cease fire!

Son of a bitch.

♪ Hey little girl, just duck in a while ♪

♪ Hey little girl, just duck in a while ♪

♪ Hey little girl, lots of love in you ♪

- [Radio Host] This
one's for all you lovers

up at Blue Lights.

You're rocking and rolling with KZKU.

♪ You're not safe, but you dance ♪

♪ As good as one man takes ♪

♪ Sitting round and round ♪

- Hey.

Paul, what's the matter?

- Oh, no. Look, Ken.

♪ Those that fly while you stare ♪

- What the hell is that?

- Looks like they're on
this side of the river.

Pretty close, don't you think?

- I don't know what they are.

But let's find out.

- [Girlfriends] Let's not!

- [Sandy] Ken, nothing
ever happens in Dudley

and I love it that way.

♪ By my side ♪