Curse of the Blind Dead (2020) - full transcript

In the 14th century, a group of Satan worshipers, the Knight Templars, is captured during a ritual and brutally murdered by the locals. Just before the execution, the Knights swear to ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
By your supreme power,
offer us this gift

as your faithful
incarnation and grant us

the protection we are due.

May your blood become ours.

Let it may become
inflamed with every stroke

of the dagger and
inspire in us each day

the faith that we
profess to you now.

Here they are,
they'll all escape!

She has the mark!

Come on, kill her.

He, too, is cursed.

Take them out here!

Death to the pagans!

Burn them at a stake!


Stained by the sin
of apostacy against

Jesus Christ our Lord.

Charged with the detestable
crime of idolatry

with execrable
clandestine rites.

Abhorring all humanity.

You have honored an order
suppressed in perpetuity.

A vile coven of sodomites,
rapists, and alchemists.

For this, and other
unspeakable abominations,

you will be condemned by fire.

Entrusting you to the
tribunal of the lord.

You shall burn nothing
but our garments.

No flame can
incinerate our faith.

The order is immortal!

We will always return.

Therefore, we shall
burn out your eyes

so that no light will lead
you from the darkness.

Do it.

Open your hearts, my brothers.

Our mission has ended.

But others who share
our faith will rise

and carry it forward.

Bring the devil's spawn
and we may purify it.

Oh, you shallow fools.

The child's sacrifice
would've protected us.

You cannot stop the apocalypse.

The light and the darkness
will bind together once more

and then he shall rise
from the netherworld.

What are you
waiting for, Buggs?

You're scared of the
words of a madman!

I confide them
onto thee, oh Lord.

The Army
opened fire to quell

the riots that for weeks
have been spreading

across various cities.

News of a
birth in the suburbs.

It is the first this year.

The boy is healthy and is
already three months old.

A sign of hope for a city that-

Help each other
and remain united.

Faith only through faith.

We have declared
a state of emergency

and they're willing to
intervene with force.

Let it be the reaction
defend the nation

to this decision.

The presents should this
progress made in recent years.

Now that
negotiations have broken

down between the countries,

the nightmare of a
nuclear war has returned.

Today we should talk about
the possibility that-

If you are
receiving this message,

seek refuge as soon as possible.

I repeat.

Find a safe place and do
not use contaminated water

for any reason.

Should any signs or blemishes
appear on your skin,

this must be indicted to
the emergency authorities

by hanging a white cloth or
handkerchief outside your home.


Sky seem lighter to you?

Today, outlines in the clouds.

Do you see it?

No, it's just like
every other day.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm
just a little restless.

Like father, like
daughter, like child, huh?

Is it a garnet or not?

Eh, I'll tell you what.


You wanna rest here tonight?

Still nothing?

You know, I found some
red berries over there

and I thought to myself, "Who
knows if you can eat them?"

Better not.

They were similar to the
one we had in the camp.

All right.

That's enough for today.

Don't worry, they
were disgusting.


You ate 'em?


I had the same reaction.

Okay, look...

You know, we're near here
somewhere in this direction.

Day or two we should reach it.

That's what the voice said.

Yeah, well, that's
what the voice said.


Do you think we're safe?

Well, we haven't seen a trace
of anybody in a long time.

If anybody wants
to join our party,

they get this for dessert.

We're not moving.

You can take what
you want, okay?

We ain't gonna stop, right?

You want the jacket.

Okay, it's yours.





What do you want?

We ain't got nothing else.




Lily, it's okay.

It's all right,
you're all right.

Wake up, huh?

Come on.

Open your eyes.

- Oh my god.
- She's still breathing.

What do you want?

We can take care of her.

Just come with us.

Last time there
were more of them.

Let's go, bring the woman.

She's my daughter.

Okay, take care of her.

We'll get your stuff.

No need to be afraid.

I'm Kain.

Where am I?

You're safe.

Your father's waiting for you.

The signal came from
nearby, I'm telling ya.

Now, you were out hunting.

How far did you go?

Did you find a outpost or a
village, anything like that?

No, we don't know.

I don't think so.

There is nothing out there.


Hey, hey, hey.

They saved us.

You look better already.

It was a woman.

When it comes to medicine,
Lynn knows her stuff.


The water bottle?

Our water is
boiled and filtered.

It's definitely
purer than yours.

Leave us.

For our maestro
hospitality is of upmost

importance for new arrivals.

This evening he will be
happy to hear your story.

As I was saying, today
is a special day for us.

Yeah, well, I'll be
pleased to meet him.


If there's
anything you need.

Okay, they're not
savages, but um,

it's a small population and
they call this their fortress.

You know why?

No scavengers have been
able to bust into it.

Do you trust these people?


Trust 'em?

I don't trust anyone,
Lily, you know that.

You think these
people are strange?

They've been living
here for years.

Ever since the world went crazy.

Of course they're strange.

They got this guide or something,
it's like an organization,

and it's allowed them to
survive all this time.

You know, everybody tries
to find a way to survive.

Do you trust me?

You? No, you're still weak.

Look, they got food,
water, free food.

They asked us to
say, no obligation.

So I figured we'd
just stick around

and we get back our
strength, our stamina,

and then I'll talk to
their leader and maybe

he can give us some information.

And then we leave
again tomorrow.

Why can't we
just talk to him today?

No, we can't. He's in a...

He's in kind of a place you...

Are you sure?

God damn it.

We're dead, Lily.

You, me, the baby.

Let's just allow ourselves
some time to live again.


Jesus, this world
has gone crazy.

He makes some
strange speeches.

If you ask me, he's the one
who got his daughter pregnant.

In any case, he's
completely off his rocker.

He's looking at us.

Yeah, they say this
maestro of theirs,

he's always lived here.

Even before the ruin.

You believe that?

I believe I'm hungry.

Thank you.


One night I appeared
to you all in a dream.

Come to me, I told you,
for have I have found

the way of salvation and
I christened this place

in the name of our lord

as Augustus did with
his temple to Jupiter.

We are the chosen people.

Another year has past and
the glow of our rebirth

shows no sign of darkening.

Though incarnated in this
food that today we honor.

It is always and only our faith
that passes from our lips.

The lord loves us and in
order to continue our mission

he has presented us
with two new brothers.

The girl is hungry.

Let us eat.

Uh, maestro, we-

- I have spent
much time in prayer

so that you would come here.

So many words expressed that
I've exhausted them all.

Allow me to replenish them.

The beginning of a
new civilization.

Is that what the broadcast said?

So, you were saying the radio
belonged to a scavenger.

No, it wasn't his, but
he had it when he died.

Maestro Abel, I
understand your confusion,

but we've come a
long way traveling

trying to find this outpost.

From now we are now,
I think it's just

a couple of days more,
a couple of days.

So, I'd like to know if you
have any information for us.

Lynn, show them.

No tongue, no taste.

Such a shame.

You see, Michael,
you are my brother.

You became so the moment
you were led to me.

I'm the elder here
and it is my duty

to protect you from

I will have told
you I was born here.

Well, I know this land
and I can tell you

that out there
you'll find nothing.

Nothing but the
death and devastation

that have already
touched your family.

Paradise you seek for your
daughter is within these walls.

In lands made fertile by
the grace of our lord.

How vast is your land?

I mean, you can't
control all of it.

Your father lacks
judgment, Lily.

You are the hope
of the new world

and he wants to
put you in danger.

Let me see.

Forgive us, we
didn't mean to offend.

We didn't mean to offend.

We appreciate your
hospital, it's uh,

our hurry is just impatience.

Look at this beautiful
face of your daughter.

It's dirty, it's worn out.

Yet inside there something
extraordinary's emerging.

We may not look like much, but
it is from here that humanity

will rise again whether
you believe it or not.

Your arrival was a divine sign.

Yeah, well, I stopped believing
in God a long time ago.

I'm surprised that
someone like you

dares make fun of our religion.

We believe in something we
can feel, perceive, and see.

Whilst you believe in a
place you've never seen

guided by a voice you
can no longer hear.

Dad, Dad, Dad.

Michael, beautiful
stories are ones

that have a happy ending.

You told me one today
and it did not have

the ending I desired.

The world comes to an end.

He sent me Lily, and I
cannot risk losing her.

Don't just sit there, we
must prepare everything.

The world we knew has ended.

But do not despair.

Today is the dawn of a new era

and we have the chosen one.

Maestro, the mother has
announced their arrival.

Has the birthing begun?

The stench this place emanates.

Day by day it has seeped
into the stone itself.

But you won't be here long,
I can assure you that.

I'll kill you, huh.

I'll fucking kill you.

Where's my daughter?

A woman possessing
the gift of life

and you want to take
her away from us.

I would never have allowed it.

Come closer, both of you, huh?

Both of ya.

It's an ancient smell.

Exuding all the history
of my ancestors.

For centuries, the same
devotion, the same rights,

the same emulation.

You wouldn't understand.

What'd you do with her, huh?

You're important
to us, Michael.

You will support our community,
you and your daughter,

who I'm sure will
appreciate your decision.

Go to the mother.

The moment has arrived.

Yes, my lord.

I must leave you, brother.

But don't despair.

Very soon I will
take you inside me.

Hey, come back.

Go ahead.


Hey, come here.




What have you done to her?

You stupid girl.

Stop whining.



Can you help us?

Why won't they feed us?

You have to give
up on a little water

if you want the plant to bud.

Protection is repaid
with sacrifice.

The creature keeps us
alive and in return

it just wants its babies.

We mothers shall provide them.

That has always been the way.

You're out of your mind.

She does not have our luck.

Her mouth is as
dry as her breast.

But she's perfect for
satisfying the community.

But children, children
make you beautiful.

Children sweeten the heart.

My dear girl, don't fight it.

Everything will be much easier.


Don't fight.

The day of the dark
night has arrived.

The ancient prophecies
shall be fulfilled.

The world will come to an end

and the Lord will come
amongst us humble servants

and lead us to a new life.

And before he's coming,
we've been granted

the honor of satiating
him once more.

Oh Lord, I invoke you on this
night of solemn sacrifice.

From the ashes I
call your emissaries.

Scourged by the
injustice of the ignorant

and the infidels so that
through your intervention

they may come to collect
the gift we offer you.

Her body is your body.

Make her your devoted servant.

The fervent vessel for
your sacred passage.

Here is the legitimate son.

His limbs spawn the foundation
of your divine impudence.

The purity of his
blood shall temper

the blades of the emissaries
to protect our fortress!

Open the gates of fire and
free your rightful knights

from the darkness in
which they were chained!

May nothing impede
their enterprise!

His will shall be done.

What is it?

I don't know.

What are you looking at? Pray!

I implore you.

Accept our unworthy gift.

It is his wish.

The lord has sent us
another woman, we can still-

We're not scared.

What are they doing?

- Let's get out of here!
- No, no, no, no, no.

- No, no, no.
- Move!

Somebody help me!


Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

Help me!




Don't touch me.

Let me go!

Do you know where my father is?

I'm your servant.

I've served our lord.

I'm the great priest!

The ritu...

The ritual has not
been completed.

There was another
pregnant woman.

We can still offer
her to the glory of-

Take me to my daughter.

Not so loud.

They can't see us,
but they can hear us.

What the fuck
are those things?

The ceremony was interrupted.

Things you don't understand.

Yeah? Well, understand this.

I want you to take me
to Lily, you understand?

We have to get out of here.

I have the keys, so unless
you want to die here...

They're coming.

Let me tell you this.

You take me to her and we leave

because I know where to go.

I know there's
nothing out there.

We have to escape,
we have no choice.

Take me to her or I'm
gonna fucking kill you

like a dog, do you
understand that?


I'll show you, but
we have to hurry.

My father, is he alive?

Where are we going?

Wait, the backpack with the guy-

What are you doing?
It could be...

What? Let me go!


She's there.


They've already been here.

There's nothing more than
you can do for your daughter.

Oh, enough with
this bullshit, huh.

Where's my daughter?

Stop it!

Can't you see what's happening?

You can't understand.

You can't.

What'd you do with her?

Do you...

The child was still born.

Now they just want to punish us.

What the fuck is
he talking about?

Your daughter is marked.

But we can still make it.


Lily's still alive
and nobody's leaving

until I find her!

You're crazy.

You've seen it
with your own eyes.

You can't stop them.


Lynn, you're still alive.

It's blocked.


You know my daughter,
I've seen you with her.

- I saw you-
- Stop!

Tell me.

She's captured.

I'm sorry.

We get off to get out of here
while we still have time.

No, no, I'm staying here.

You do what you
want, but I am leaving.

You coming with me?

Die if you want.

You saw them and you
know where they go.






Take me to her.

Take me to her.


Get away from her, you bastard!


Wait here.

Lily, go.



You son of a bi-


So, we arrived.

There's nothing!


I'm tired of walking.


Don't hurt me.


Please help me.

Who are you?


Did Abel send you
here to kill me?

We left the sect.

We want to start again.

And start a community.

The grand epidemic,
it decimated us.

This place is no different
to anywhere else.

We have never been safe.

Then they attacked us.

The earth is not dead.

Whoever can hear this
message, join me at Paradise.

Latitude 45.768.

Those who survived,

they went back with them
to worship their god

just to stay alive.

My father believed
that if we got here.

There's nothing here.

We hoped.

But that madman was right.

Now there's nothing
else but them.


They're all dead.

So, this is the dawning
of a new humanity.

You have the mark.

You, you are the mother.

No, they disappeared.

You have the mark.

They will come back
to claim their child.

You cannot escape them.

That you are baring is
no longer your child.

- Longitude 9.563.
- You.

The land
here is still alive.

And them.

- We have water, food.
- Are the future.

- To save them.
- Join us.


- Be their mother.
- This radio signal

is powered by a
renewable energy source

and will continue to
be transmitted in loop.

We are here to welcome you.

Who's there?

My baby!

My baby!


My baby. My baby!

My baby.

My baby.