Curse of the Black Widow (1977) - full transcript

Tony Franciosa plays a detective who's on the trail of a murderer whose mutilated and predominantly male victims are found encased in silken cocoons. He eventually tracks the killer's path to Los Angeles, where he discovers her true identity - a woman who was bitten by black widow spiders as a child, ...but that's only the beginning of the story. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Footsteps on a quiet city street)

What do you do huh? Forgive me, I don't like to impose.

well we didn't expect you back so soon. i seem to 
be having trouble getting my car... oh well. mr chapel

yes be happy to. thank you

oh yeah oh yeah

which one's yours?

i would prefer not to drive home alone. uh 
look lady i'm i'm waiting for a special person...

i uh i'm sorry but uh just 
help you out with your car

now where's your car?

(Dramatic Music)


(Dramatic Music)

oh my god. look at his chest... what the hell was that?

i don't know. i don't know.

what's the big secret? one of you guys 
gonna let us get some pictures? no

secrets probably no pictures either. looks like 
somebody gave him a hug with a pair of pickaxes

uh someone said that the higbee 
was here when it happened. he's in the bar.

all right man let's get him out of here

make a break for it hey come on come 
on come on man pull yourself together

we're gonna have to talk to the cops pretty soon

hey lieutenant it probably won't disturb you very

much but you're dormant you know 
they're violating our civil rights

service all right carlo you're first well i uh i'm 
not absolutely sure i saw anything at all you know

yeah when i saw something i 
didn't know what it was but

it was moving fast as hell right up over the top 
of that cliff what's something big something a

little something can you describe it no i can't i 
didn't see it that well i'll tell you this gully

nobody i know could climb a cliff that high not 
unless there was some kind of freako human fly

is that the best you can do for me that's 
it hey carlo yeah the stefan lady uh

is valerie stefan can you describe her well yeah 
i mean some fox you know dark eyes dark hair

had kind of like uh a european accent or something 
you know she came on to frank right away and the

next thing you know boom hey kelly what's going 
on that's not your garden-variety stiff out there

something very strange did that

be you still have the investigator's 
license yeah sure you want to keep it

call him carlo yeah yeah if you 
see this valerie stefan lady around

call me you got it right i got it

you mean you're not absolutely 
sure that you saw something

i saw the look on your face carl i 
don't want to talk about anymore right

yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow 
of death i fear no evil for thou art with me thy

rod and i staff they comfort me surely goodness 
and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life

and i will dwell in the house 
of the lord forever amen

lee i promised all god drive up to the would you 
like to come along it might be good to get away

no i don't think so because of olga i just don't 
feel comfortable at what cliff since mother died

you're wrong about ogden 
she really loves both of us

maybe another time all right


hey listen i didn't know you 
girls were allowed to advertise


on out of there right warned you what are you 
trying to do in there grow pineapple lady stay

away from that thermometer i break your stockings 
doctors say i have to stay warm for my health

look at that thermostat it's a bear 85 degrees and 
the sun is shining hey don't touch the thermometer

i got permission from superintendent 
yeah but you don't got permission from me

there 65 just like the president said igb stick 
your head in an ice cube i'm gonna get your whole

bum operation out of here one of these days 
i'm gonna push that guy down the stairs decent

happiness perhaps have some caffeine oh that's 
what i need you have a visitor inside no kid

really hello mr higby that's right i'm lee 
lockridge i'd like to talk to you why certainly

lee lockridge well you're the girl that frank 
chatham was waiting for the other night aren't you

his fiancee that's right i'm 
very sorry please have a seat

oh let me get this rubbish out of the way for you 
our landlady's very efficient lately ah there we

are oh incidentally would you like some coffee 
no thank you what can i do for you miss lockridge

i'd like to hire you well i'm very flattered 
but uh you see the police are very nervous

about this case and when they get nervous i um 
think twice about getting involved mr higbee

our lieutenant [ __ ] came to see me he 
asked me some very upsetting questions

but i thought they were supposed to 
be concentrating on that girl that um

uh valerie steffen why are they picking 
on you well first of all i don't think

they believed me when i told them 
why i didn't meet frank that night

why didn't you meet him i was 
driving up from san diego and

the fall got so thick i had to pull over to 
the side of the road and sleep in the car

i suppose you've been reading the papers 
you mean about that cruise a few years ago

when your husband disappeared overboard

well i'm afraid it didn't help appearances that 
frank chatham was there also he was escorting my

sister your sister there was nothing between 
frank and i until long after my husband died

the point is none of this ugliness is going 
to stop until after they find frank's murderer

and frankly i don't think i 
can go through all that again

will you help me

how can i turn you down

olga it's me

laura oh i'm so sorry but frank is she took 
it very hard at first but she's better now

do they know what happened not yet no i worry 
about you laura there's no need to all go

oh maybe not but you know i was thinking it 
would be wonderful if you were to move here

no i mean it laura i want to take care of you 
and then you could watch jennifer growing up

if i lived here if i was 
with jennifer all the time

it would be impossible not to tell her the truth

maybe you should

grandma you didn't tell me at lara was coming

oh wait laura i'm so glad you're here um 
and i'm glad to see you very very glad

when we were your age and 
your grandma was our nanny

your aunt lee and i used to come here all the 
time but it's so scary well it wasn't scary then

and whenever i got in trouble or i was feeling 
afraid and lonely i'd come down here and look at

the lake for hours and you know something 
your grandmother always knew where i was

she'd come down and we'd sit over there 
by the lake and talk until the sunset

aunt laura how come i call you aunt you 
couldn't have really been my mother's sister

no but we were very close i wish i remembered 
her never never forget sweetheart no matter

what you call me but i love you as 
much as anyone in the whole wide world

you must have gone all the way to the point passed 
way past then i know your aunt laura wants to rest

and i also know that i will need some help in 
the kitchen laura why don't you rest all right i


i've come to see you again

i just wanted to make sure you're all right

here you go clyde read the 
bad news oh fanny you sure

are looking good this morning i'm glad you like it

hey what do you say rags they got you busy huh 
do we have an appointment higbee nope i'll have

a bite while we talk go away he'd be come on busy 
i don't know let me take a second rags i got to

find out what put those holes in chatham's 
chest chatham mm-hmm i never heard of him

oh don't be cute isn't out of curiosity i got a 
client congratulations oh well i don't think that

miss lockridge would appreciate your terrific 
sense of humor gully you know that the lady is

very upset she's got a right to find out what 
happened to the guy that she was gonna marry

and incidentally you coming around suggesting 
she's a suspect i never said she was a suspect

well what do you call trying to make some 
connection between what happened to her husband on

that boat and what happened to chatham a couple of 
nights ago what is that what's that chopped liver

hey wait a minute since one of the rules changed 
you do not ask me questions oh come on gully what

what are you guys trying to hide all right 
hey this is the way it's gonna be you're gonna

tell your client miss lockridge that you're very 
satisfied with the progress the police are making

you're not gonna say anything about any cover-up

and you forget just forget 
yourself frank chatham's body

or or i'm going to have you 
jail for obstructing justice

obstructing justice what are you talking about 
what have you become some kind of fascist

do you know that we got democratic yesterday 
believe me on this one on this one i can do it

you can uh just leave that 
donut here on your way out


so hi mike hi hank i was just 
tucking in one of our friends oh

listen hank i got to talk to you about 
something i want to talk to you about

uh hank i i'd like to talk to you about the guy 
who was killed in the palisades the other night

mark i don't think you should get involved 
in that uh but i'm already involved hank

hey hank dang tell me what's what's going on

come on come on tell me what's going on you always 
know where the bodies are buried oh i'm sorry

mark you know how i feel about you i know 
i know hank and that's why i'm asking

all right but i could get in a lot of 
trouble you know gully he's such an animal

november 12 1975 terence 
douglas stockbroker century city

those chest wounds they look like what 
frank chatham had them they certainly do

february 3rd 1975 peter molsman airline executive 
marina del rey and here october 23rd 1974

jester bliss architect malibu yeah so the guy's 
got a track record hey what's the big deal

i still don't understand all the hush-hush mark 
that's the lab report on mr bliss it's what they

found in the bodies and something else in each 
case the bodies were completely drained of blood

yeah yeah hello what who's this carlo 
mark listen i heard you were working

for uh lee lockridge on this chatham thing 
right yeah yeah that's right uh the lady

valerie steffen she's here with me right now now 
louie stefan she's she's there with you right now

i was closed in the place she just showed up she 
wants me to take her to the police what are you

waiting for get it down there hey i don't want to 
get involved mark how about if i just bring her

over to your place and you take her down there 
come on carlo come on what are you afraid of

hey carlo hey color this is your old buddy higbee 
talking you can tell me i'm bringing her over


hey hey valerie


hey give me the keys ready please come on i 
don't understand what you're doing hey come on

wait a minute

hey this is crazy


come on

i never did like this job not from the beginning i 
hate animals the damn things don't like me either

hell i never even had a dog on my own yeah yeah 
mr oaks but uh can you please tell us what you saw

nothing i mean just that poor guy laying there

believe me i didn't hang around 
looking for what did that

all right mr oaks thanks you've been a great help

do you mean that that's all yeah

why don't you uh check out your cages or 
something oh yeah i better check my cages

hey gully forget it i happen to 
know about the other three killings

hey tom you didn't have to tell me i got my 
own sauces kelly i want to know what's going on

hey gully you know you haven't got any right 
to cover up like this you understand that

i'm gonna stay on this thing and i'm gonna 
find out what you're scared of do you hear me

if connie finds out about this call i'm gonna 
really take it in here all right rex you know

it's four in the morning yeah okay listen 
henry i don't want to go into the uh details

but i don't agree with the way connie's handling 
this welcome to the club um a couple years ago

after one of the killings there was a guy who 
said he saw something nobody uh took him seriously

what do you say well uh i don't 
want to go into that not now um

uh wait a minute yeah yeah i've got it okay 
uh the guy is an ex-heavyweight his name is

marion sykes how do i find him that's 
liable to be a problem he uh is a wino

find a guy and listen to what he has to 
say and then come and talk to me all right

where have you been i was 
looking for you all morning

i was worried oh flaps and here i thought 
you were doing it just for the money

any action no you want some coffee no no i don't 
want any coffee is kuzad in i got to talk to him

yeah cozart's in i caught him sneaking up on the 
thermostat twice this morning oh oh listen about

that mog report did your chemist friend get it 
back to you you got to be patient i'm getting

it for free that's right that's right patience 
patience is a virtue so why don't you call him now

excuse me i'm sorry i didn't mean to 
interrupt let me deal with the ladies face

yeah there you go leech i hope you fry yourself 
on that heater cozart what are you mad at me for

i'm the one who got you off remember come 
on charlene no gratitude rigby yeah that's

the trouble with this business hey listen class 
lesser people you have to put up i know i know

well you didn't come in here to eat an octopus 
you want something right i'm looking for a guy

he's a whiter i hate the disillusion you 
hate me but i don't know every juicer in

town oh hey laszlo do you think that i'd 
come to you for any run-of-the-mill juices

what's the matter with you you're crazy 
now this guy was a he was an ex-heavyweight

some kind of small-time celebrity a 
long time back his name's marion sykes

does anything my belt what about popeye popeye 
uh-huh that's a name i came up with down on

skid row this morning that's all i could come up 
with popeye popeye can you help me well i should

help a guy who's not interested in my health 
oh come on laszlo oh i'd be sorry gonna cost

you're a sweetheart

he flaps poor old lancelot was freezing to death

back there so i turned the heat 
up a little bit you watched me

hey mister who are you looking for hiya 
sweetheart i'm looking for a man by the

name of popeye you know where i can find him 
sure i'll tell him you're here okay thank you

hi somebody's here to see you

it's just a few minutes just a few minutes of your 
time that's all you don't set me down here cozad

that's the guy who sent me down here hey popeye 
will you let's get out of here leave me alone hey

it's happened again

yeah at least twice in the last week and guess 
what the police they covering it up all over again

well nobody believed me the last time 
well join me between me what did you see

i saw a spider what you heard me 
mister i saw a spider a giant spider

come on rags come on a giant spider now 
maybe some kind of homicidal spider psycho

a freak out bug man or something but really 
do you know how spider feeds no why should i

permit me to enlighten you a spider 
either stuns or kills its victim

and then drains off all the bodily fluids lovely 
spiders have fangs mark and when they attack

they sink them into their victim and inject their 
poison now just imagine a spider large enough

and those chest wounds could be caused by 
its fangs oh rex rex i'm out of my mind

no no no that that's all right it's 
okay an ape size spider fine fine

now tell me something what about this valerie lady 
what about her uh she's its keeper right that's

a notion i'd be happy to accept you know mark 
there's uh been some pretty strange legends down

through history about spiders giant spiders and 
uh uh myths about women who turn into these things

i know please don't tell me you think 
this thing is valerie stefan and drag

no that is unnatural just listen all


the chinese tell of an enchanting woman who 
appeared to travelers when they were lost

and took them to a cave to rest

while they slept she would transform herself 
into a giant spider sting them wrap them in

her web and feed on them at her leisure and 
and there's others mark and there's some north

american indians who had similar beliefs 
it's all in here it's quite an education

what's callie say about this you 
kidding he says i'm out of my mind

i'll tell you something rags if you 
really believe this thing you better

start thinking about letting people 
know about it forget it no chance

will you tell me something why did you 
send me out on that wild goose chase

because maybe gully's right 
maybe i am out of my mind


mark higley private investigator you know 
if i were a client i would have hung up

i'm sorry but your staff was out doing other 
things listen you know how hot that maniac

kozad has it in here well you just hang in there 
darling just think cool what's happening ah well

lee lockridge called a little while ago she 
sounded pretty upset seems that conte's visit

her about uh carlo's death get back to her flaps 
and tell her i'll drop by her house later okay

all right listen one other thing i got 
the analysis back from my friend at usc

he doesn't know what it is exactly what do you 
mean exactly well he says the closest that uh

it comes to is all right get this you 
ready the venom of a black widow spider

you're not laughing i know


hi lee listen i'm sorry i 
didn't get back to you sooner

i've been kind of busy i can't believe 
it about the carlo yeah i know i know

oh this is quite a place you've got here 
thank you your own private ocean huh

listen lee why don't you put something on 
we'll take a walk on the beach and talk

okay good i'll get a swim all right


i'm sorry i shouted it's just something i feel 
very strongly about i know they look kind of

scary but they're really harmless we get them out 
here at the beach all the time they're everywhere

anyway i'm sure it was much more 
frightening than you were i doubt that

listen why don't we take out for 
a walk probably need some air

that's a neat trick you did with that spider 
i'm not really i've never been afraid of them

uh-huh what are you gonna do 
with it let him go he'll watch

come on big daddy

what did connie want lee he wanted to know where 
i was last night uh-huh what did you say to him

well i told him the truth i was home 
you should see the way you looked at me

you know lee connie may be a little 
rough around the edges but he's no fool

i just can't figure out why 
he keeps coming back to you

look there's something i should have told 
you before about my husband's disappearance

what's that it wasn't in the papers 
but there was a shipboard investigation

there was a passenger who said he saw my 
husband that night a dark attractive woman

he said they were in each other's arms oh no wait 
wait a minute you're not saying that he thinks

this valerie stefan was there too and anyway 
what's that got to do with you i don't know i

don't know if that woman didn't exist they made 
a search of the ship and they didn't find anyone

that lady is beginning to get on my 
nerves you found anything yet i don't know

i've got a couple of things i'm running down

it's been pretty rough on you hasn't it

i'll live hey listen lee i've got an idea 
i've just about finished everything i got

to do today and i could really use a few laughs 
why don't we have a couple of drinks some dinner

and we'll forget valerie stefan and everything 
okay what do you say you're on okay let's go


hi laura how are you i'm good mark this is 
my sister laura well how do you do laura

hello nice to meet you nice to meet you say jeff 
wallace jeff hello it's a pleasure mr president

this is mark higby the private 
investigator i mentioned

oh it's been a long time since we 
were all together at this place

this used to be sort of a hangout of ours a few 
years ago uh-huh laura let's dance not right now

it's too fast i bet lisa likes to move no thank 
you jack come on i'm not gonna take no for an

answer have fun kitties

i knew lee had a sister but i thought you were 
twins oh well yes but fraternal not identical oh

we still fit together pretty well don't we

jeff i don't want that i do it's been a long time


thank you for the evening mark i'm 
sorry i'm gonna cut it so sure i

guess everything just kind of caught 
up oh that's all right i'm sorry too

i'll ask you in another well whatever it was 
it sure happened fast on that dance floor

good night

jim leave me alone now why don't i believe you 
i swear to god i'll tell laura i doubt that

hey take it easy


i'm gonna fix myself a drink

where can i get you get out of here hey 
come on it's early i said get out of here

suit yourself you know this isn't the 
only place in town i can get a drink

i've got a client involved in this thing huh 
i'm telling you it's all right would you just

hey gully i got a call from the 
lock bridges let him in thanks

what's happened here

it's like wallace found something 
waiting for him when he got home

excuse me

rex what was all that stuff i'll tell 
you what i think it is what spider silk

i think we better have a talk with our friend

the way it looks to me uh whatever it was tried 
to drag the body away when it was interrupted

you know what that stuff wrapped all 
around the body was don't you save

your breath i'm a believer what 
are you gonna do about it gully

what am i supposed to do about it well i think 
you tell the people at least let them know

what's going on out there hey that's a great idea 
really that's a great idea why don't i hold a i

want to hold a press conference and tell them 
there's a big spider out there killing people

and i'll issue all my men giant cans of rage and 
send them out after it that'll do to me they'll

put me away someplace they'll put me on weaving 
so i don't hurt anybody no he'd be the lid stays

on this one now if i hear one word on the street 
about any giant spiders only would have come all

right all right but at least maybe now you'll get 
off lee lockwood's case get off lee lagrish's case

inside of one week two fiancees or lockridge 
sisters had their chests ripped out forget

about carlo i don't know where he fits in and 
throw out that poor sap of her husband who maybe

fell off the boat no hick b even admitting that i 
don't know what the connection with the spider is

i'm not going to get off lee lockwood's 
case in fact i'm adding assisted to it

the uh mark huh what something else 
you gotta know what else could that be

well uh this is a wallace with a gun nut uh 
it's a crack shot we took uh six bullets out

of the wall in there so well there's six 
big fat slugs from a 44 magnum i had to be

fired at point-blank range well there wasn't a 
trace of blood or flesh or bone on any of them

now what i can't get over about the like rich 
girls is all those terrible tragedies in their

lives did i show you the red hourglass on the 
stomach hey if you don't get rid of that thing

i'm taking a walk do you understand i can cost 
me 12 bucks see that's how you can tell it's a

girl see that and look at that look at that 
eight eyes a black widow has eight eyes yuck

yeah now listen to this here hold it hold it 
just take it just take it put it down over

there that's it now some northern california 
indians believed it was a curse of some kind

transmitted down through the female line it 
may lie dormant for years until triggered

by a certain kind of spider venom once 
bitten by the spider the woman periodically

but only during the cycle of the full moon makes 
the transformation into an incredibly large spider

higby i'll i'll humor you up to a 
point but i i just can't swallow that

you know at least it explains valerie steffen

higby you want to hear what i got on the lock 
ridges hmm yeah yeah let me hear the tragedies

all right it all started when the girls were born 
actually before the father was paul lockridge

financier and flying freak he was killed when 
his plane crashed in the sierras in 1947.

the mother was aboard but survived she 
was pregnant at the time gave birth to

the girls alone in the mountains it was two days 
before they were found by an indian guide wow

anything else uh nothing until 1965 
mrs lockwood decided to live in italy

and she died in rome wow the details are 
a little foggy about that foggy what do

you mean foggy well uh no cause of death was 
indicated and there was a closed casket service

why i don't know you know everything 
else that's happened since then

but uh nothing nothing to link either 
girl to any of the earlier murders

and there was nothing to tie 
them to the spider thing either

no darling there's nothing to tie 
them to the spider thing either mwah

wait a minute what what are you looking for

look higbee i don't really buy yakakamemi indian 
maiden legend right but if you're looking for

connection try this doctors said it was almost 
a miracle that mrs lockridge's infant daughter

survived their ordeal not only did they suffer 
from exposure but hospital sources said one of

the babies was so severely bitten by insects 
that she remained comatose for almost a week

which one it doesn't say what kind 
of insects doesn't say that either

does it say where that plane crashed 
uh near a place called keto ridge

uh it's up above sacramento i think

so when are you leaving



ah i'm afraid the records you need were 
lost when the old wing burned in 58 mr higby

the paper said something about an 
indian who found the plane crash

well that was before my time but i know the 
lock ridges owned some vineyards and a winery

out on bald knob road do you have to know if the 
vineyards are still there well they're abandoned

now but i hear there's an old indian who used 
to work for them who still lives on the place

much obliged to you mr summers i'd be 
careful if i were going out there mr higby

really why is that well the old fella has been 
known to take a pot shot or two at hunters or

fishermen who try to use the place hmm i see 
well i'll be very careful thank you very much





hello anybody there


hey listen if anybody's around 
all i want to do is talk hello

i fell the spiders i sent these spiders 
away what actually i suspected was your

acrobatic entry into their home that 
shook them down from the ceiling

who are you my name is aspar silvado

you're the indian who worked for the lockwoods

that's very perceptive now let 
me guess what you do for a living

you're a private investigator

nothing to it mr higby now what are 
you doing here didn't you see the signs

i i i i was looking for you why well i 
was working for one of the lockridge girls

i came here to find out more about the 
plane crash that killed their father

mr soldado you're the one who found the 
mother and the two babies aren't you

yes well now the newspaper said one of the babies 
was severely bitten by insects that's right

the child almost died i i know this 
may sound a little strange to you but

i need to know what kind of insects 
technically spiders are not insects they're

arachnids you were bitten by spiders are you sure 
of that yes mr soldado this is very very important

could you tell me which of the babies was 
bitten oh i'm sorry mr higby i don't know

they were day-old infants i never saw 
them after they were taken to the hospital

we are talking of old legends aren't we

yes the spider woman a woman who sometimes 
in moments of great stress takes the form of

a giant spider and kills that's right that's 
exactly right that's it it's quite colorful

oh well i understand you might not really 
believe it who said i don't believe but what

i don't understand is how a sophisticated city 
dweller like you seems to have a good reason

good reason i know

one thing uh the books i've read have 
been rather vague about what happens

to these things i mean what did they do 
do they die of all they hate you what

the legend says they are virtually indestructible 
in the form of a spider nothing can kill them

nothing nothing mr higby except




you scared me i scared you you know you 
almost gave me a cardiac will you stop

yelling at me i'm not yelling at 
you i'm not your leader i am not

what are you doing here anyway i didn't want 
to miss you i came up i fell asleep i'm sorry

listen mark you're really not gonna like 
this i think lee lockridge is the one

what do you mean lee lockridge is 
the one i listen when you left here

no offense but uh i really didn't think 
you were operating with a uh full deck

huh so then i got the mulling over the full 
moon and i whipped out the almanac i started

checking out the dates against those of the 
earliest killings and you know something they

all conformed to the cycle of the full moon from 
the husband on the boat right down to the murders

last week yeah but all that does is just confirm 
the legend that's all look then i started checking

out the date very closely and i realized something 
lee traveled and laura didn't so higly the only

time the murders occurred is when lee was in 
town so what does that prove laura was here too

all right now if laura's the culprit it 
would seem to me there would have been

a couple of murders while lee was out of town no

all right flapsy since you've got it all figured 
out you tell me what about valerie steffen

who's she did you see the three faces of eve 
the what the movie the three faces of eve

oh yeah yeah all right let's imagine 
now we have here a split personality

puts on disguises and goes after her victims

which brings me to my final detail 
tonight is the last night of the full


hello laura it's mark higby i want to talk to you 
about lee why what's wrong has something happened

to her no no no nothing's happened what is it 
then when was the last time you talked to her

tonight uh-huh well tell me did she uh did 
she seem all right was she upset or anything

she was a bit nervous she said she wanted 
to see me she wanted to see you what about

she didn't explain she said she felt that we ought 
to be together tonight and she was driving up here

to woodcliff

laura i want to ask you something 
now this happens to be very important

how much do you know about your 
father's death in that plane crash

only what our mother told us why well 
the report said that before help came

one of the babies now it was either you or 
lee was severely bitten by insects spiders

do you know which one of you it was

laura do you know which one

yes well who was it you were me

it was lee lee tell me something laura 
when's the last time you talked to her

about an hour ago i want you to get out of 
there right away now what are you talking about

are you saying i should be afraid of my own 
sister just get out of there i want you to

check into a motel anything do anything but get 
out of there before lee arrives why but please

don't ask me to explain just do it it's just for 
tonight tomorrow everything's going to be okay

all right i will good we'll talk tomorrow

get your thing flaps we're going up there 
i thought she said she was living i know

but i don't believe her


oh please please




laura i'm here



who is it i thought i heard somebody

who's in there who is it who are you mama

it's lee

lee is at school and that's a that italian 
boy why did she do it why did laura kill him

it's your fault oh your fault 
who are you who is that person

laura sent me there are so many things

she never had the courage to say 
to you she's such a little coward

mother there is love to you more than didn't 
you mrs lockery stop it but who had to take

care of you all these years who had to hide your 
insanities who are you not your precious lee

you always got what you wanted you always took 
everything stop it do you remember enrollment

when laura was dating that uh young italian gianni

and you took him away from her she had to prove to 
him that she was still attractive clumsily i admit

but it worked

better than she bargained for

then silly girl got myself raped and pregnant 
and of course i had to kill him for her



wake up jennifer

whose car is this grandma it's your 
aunt liz oh good i can't wait to see her

where's everybody grandma i don't know but 
it's very late i'd like you to go right to bed

where could they have gone grandma 
yeah maybe they went for a walk

i wanted to tell them about 
the movie tell them what

uh you uh put on your nightgown brush your 
teeth and i'll be in the kitchen good night okay


all right i can't protect you anymore






okay yes darling everything's gonna be all right

i'm sorry i know you are i know you are

where's jennifer

she's asleep she's alright

i'm so tired

laura laura where is lee

i don't know did valerie hurt her too

i don't know

i don't remember i try to stop 
valerie but she won't let me

can't we go somewhere where she'll never 
find me oh yes of course of course we can

i wish that i could just go to sleep

you can go to sleep just close your eyes

i'm gonna take care of you

you can fool laura alger dear but not me

pigbee you've been given any thought 
to what we're going to do if that thing

turns up i've been trying not to it's a comfort

higbee higbee i know that is that 
the lady in the clippings the mother

mrs lockridge uh-huh but i thought 
you said she was dead she is now

jennifer honey do you have any idea where your 
grandmother might have gone to look for them it's

kind of important well i'm not sure but she might 
have gone to the boathouse by the lake will you

find my grandma of course i will right now mark 
it's okay it's okay the sheriff should be here

real quick flaps i want you to call connie and i 
want you to tell him what's going on okay uh-huh

um you never remember well i don't 
know what good it'll do but thanks

careful huh flabsy i'm really touched







oh god



it's going to be all right





standard that's some story but i got one question 
what's that what am i supposed to put my report

gully that's your problem i guess there 
it is come on rags let's get out of here

hello hi hi what have we here well 
i got mucho goodies for a hungry man

tell me is that satisfactory 
hello mr higby hi jennifer

she seems to be adjusting i think so she's going 
back to school and she's making new friends

she still has a nightmare now and then 
but less and less how are you doing

i just pretend the whole thing never 
happened sometimes it even works

all right milady i didn't come here to talk 
i came here to eat oh shall we jennifer

time to eat can i have just one more 
dip all right honey but make it quick

she's growing up so fast

you know it's funny she doesn't really resemble 
her but sometimes she reminds me so much of


(Dramatic Music)