Curse of the Bermuda Triangle (2020) - full transcript

The team investigates a variety of mysteries and attempts to determine whether these stories of strange mishaps are purely coincidence, or if there's an explanation - scientific or supernatural - hidden beneath the surface. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I'm gonna show
you something.

This thing starts circling
the boat.

Uso stands for unidentified
submerged objects.

Is that like a ufo
that goes underwater?

Bara: There are actually
hundreds of documented cases

of encounters
in the bermuda triangle.

Man: You've had tons of people

You've got boats missing,
plane missing.

This is a very eerie place.

Dave: There's definitely
something supernatural going on

in the bermuda triangle.

We need to figure out
why people are disappearing.

What the hell is that?

Mike: I don't know
if it's manmade or not,

but just to find
something like this

is mysterious.

The hair on the back of my neck
is standing up.

Looky here, looky here,
look here.

We don't really
know what it is,

but we know
it's not natural.

Diver one,
come back to the surface.

Diver one,
I'm telling you,

this is not really cool
down here.

Narrator: More planes, ships,
and people disappear

in the bermuda triangle
than anywhere else on earth.

Some blame nature's wrath.

But others suspect
a more sinister force.

you ready to get wet?

Now four veteran
bermuda triangle investigators

will brave these treacherous
waters in search of the truth.

All right, we're over the mark.
Let her go!

There's something weird
down there, brother.

What is that?

15 feet.
We're getting close.

Four fearless men hell-bent
on finally unlocking the secrets

hidden beneath the most
perilous waters on earth.

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Dave: It's hot down there.

I got pants on.
I'm not really happy about this.

Narrator: 4:00 p.M.,

the triangle research
and investigation group,

or trig team,

is launching
their latest investigation

into one of the most
perplexing phenomena

reported inside
the bermuda triangle,

one that could be responsible
for disappearances of boats,

planes, and people throughout
the deadly stretch of ocean.

Dave: All right, moe. What do
we got going on today?

What do you guys know
about usos?

That's unidentified
submerged objects.

Is that like a ufo
that goes underwater?

Kind of.
So why don't they just call it

a ufo that's underwater?

A uso is an unidentified
submerged object.

Some people believe
they're from space.

Some people believe
they're from atlantis.

And in the bermuda triangle,
people see a whole lot of usos.

I was down
at the dock office,

and the dock master
happened to tell me

about this guy, tony,

who witnessed
some sort of uso.

Now, I don't know a lot
of the details,

but I did ask around
about him,

and everybody
seemed to think

that he was pretty reliable,

At the least,
it's a good start.

It's a good start.

Unidentified submerged objects

have been reported by thousands
of witnesses in the triangle,

with most describing glowing
or metallic objects

that are circular
or oblong in shape.

But far from being
a mere curiosity,

many experts believe usos
are behind the disappearances

that have made the bermuda
triangle so notorious.

1971, a supersonic phantom ii
air force jet

flown by top gun pilot
harry romero

vanishes off the coast
of florida.

Additional phantom iis
are scrambled to the area

and spot a strange
oblong object

in the water
where the jet disappeared.

But by the time
a nearby coast guard cutter

arrives on scene,

there is no sign of the object

or the missing phantom ii.

In 2016, veteran boat captain
tony roberts

witnessed a uso

- You must be tony.
- Yeah.

Captain moe.
Nice to meet you.

Narrator: The event took place
at key biscayne,

near the western tip
of the bermuda triangle.

It's an area that's home
to dozens of shipwrecks

dating back to the 1870s.

We've heard you got
some crazy story to tell us.

Tony: Yeah, I do.
So I was running a charter,

you know, just doing
a regular sunset sail.

I was up in the tower,
and all of a sudden,

I feel the boat
start listing to the port side.

And I'm trying to figure out
what's going on.

I see everybody on the boat

pushed over to the left
kind of looking over.

And I looked over the side,
and I see there's a light.

It's lit up.


This thing starts circling
the boat.

How far away from the boat
did it get?

I would say 30 foot around.
Around the boat.

Like it was measuring,
like, the area.

And I'm looking down.

These people are trying
to see what's going on.

And all of a sudden,
it's gone.

The light shuts off,
and it's gone.

Was this a biological movement?
Maybe an animal?

Or was it
a mechanical movement?

It's not like a fish swims.
You know what I mean?

It does...
It's not making different moves.

Circling your boat.
Circling the boat.

I'm gonna...
I'm gonna show you something.

- You have pictures?
- Yeah, I have pictures.

Why didn't we just start
with that?

Show us the pictures.

All right.

Oh, my. That is some kind
of a light, isn't it?

Look at that.
How big is it?

The whole thing could be
as big as 6 to 10 feet.

The whole thing,
meaning the light?

The light,
and it had...

If you look at it,
it had what could be a tail.

Chuck: The pictures that I was
looking at,

it had an extended tail.

It wasn't anything
that I recognized as biologic.

It's also nothing that
I would recognize as mechanical.

I couldn't explain what it was.

Tony: See? And it was, like,
getting brighter and darker,

brighter and darker.

Well, look, we got pictures.
You got coordinates?

I do.

I saved the coordinates
because I thought

it was the weirdest thing
I'd ever seen.

Moe: Go ahead
and read it off to me here.

All right. 24-68...

Dave: Hearing the description
of tony's uso incident,

I don't think
it could have been a fish.

I don't think it could
have been a submarine.

Could be the military
doing dive excursions.

It could be
an underwater drone.

Good luck, guys.
Yeah, right on.

Dave: Other explanations
are what everybody's afraid of,

that there is a higher being
up there checking us out.

We're not always the top
of the food chain.

Narrator: The first recorded
uso sighting

in the bermuda triangle

was made by
christopher columbus,

who reported strange lights
in the water on his journey

to the new world.

But some encounters
have been far more menacing.

March 2000,
the greek cargo ship leader I

is passing near bermuda

when it is struck
by an unidentified object

later described by crew members
as metallic in appearance.

The impact is so severe
that the 770-foot-long ship

sinks in less than 60 seconds,

and nearly half the 31-man crew

goes missing in the
still-unexplained incidents.

Chuck: I'll jump in the boat.
You guys hand me the gear.

Got it.

Dave: I got chuck's extra leg.

- Ahh!
- Smells like a dead tuna.

Narrator: 7:00 a.M...
Today, the trig team

will search the area
of the bermuda triangle

where their witness
spotted the uso.

Moe: I think we got everything,

Narrator: Ship engineer
mike still

is looking for answers.

The bermuda triangle
is notorious for boats

and airplanes
going down all the time.

Could it be a uso
or related to a uso?

That's what
we're trying to find out.

Turn us loose.

If we found
something today,

it would be mind-boggling
and cool as hell

at the same time.

Jacques cousteau would probably
pat us on our back

if he was still alive.

Dave: A lot of experts believe
that usos are sinking ships

and abducting people
in the bermuda triangle.

If we can get
to the bottom of this,

we might be able to prevent
some of that from happening.

I mean, maybe we'll find a uso,

maybe we'll find some
kind of evidence of it.

We're just looking
for something,

because if it was seen there,
it had to leave a trace.

Narrator: 8:30 a.M...

Captain moe and the trig team
approach key biscayne,

near the western
tip of the bermuda triangle.

The area is home to dozens
of unexplained shipwrecks

and the location of their
witness's uso encounter.

The team is on a mission
to determine

if the two are related.

There are more
than 200 sightings

of unidentified
submerged objects

in the triangle every year.

Some believe
they are alien craft.

But former navy rescue swimmer
chuck meier

has his own theory.

Chuck: Unidentified
submerged objects...

Having worked with
the military,

having actually held
a tsi clearance,

my opinion this is
all military-grade hardware...

Underwater drones,
underwater robots.

Until I get some really
hard evidence,

that's where my opinion
is gonna stay.

This is something
military grade.

Dave: Chuck likes to say

everything that's unidentified
is military.

I mean, that's his go-to.

"Might be underwater
military thing.

Might be in a flying
military thing."

for me, I believe
there's definitely

something supernatural going on
in the bermuda triangle.

Narrator: While many dispute
the theory

that usos
are military in origin,

most experts agree
that sightings are particularly

common near military bases
or vessels.

In a 2009 interview, russian
rear admiral yury beketov

confirmed frequent encounters
with usos

in the bermuda triangle,

and described using sonar
to track the underwater objects

moving at speeds up
to 250 miles an hour,

speeds that are impossible
for any known manmade craft,

civilian or military.

Moe: Okay, guys, this was
the general area

that our eyewitness
talked about.

See if you find
anything strange,

any anomalies
in the bottom contour.

Saw a lighted object
that disappeared.

So it must have been down
deep for it to disappear.

But in this depth
of water, nothing could fit

underneath a boat.

Chuck: We're three feet,

You know that, right?
I know it.


You can't even fit something
under a boat

in three foot of water.

Narrator: To hunt for evidence
of unidentified submerged objects,

the team will conduct
a grid pattern search

using a cutting-edge
side-scan sonar.

This device is capable
of creating a detailed map

of the ocean floor

in three feet of water
or 300.

Mike: I'm just watching
a 3-d.

So it's sand and hard bottom
right here.

And I'm looking for
any kind of metal object

of any kind
or anything like that.

You know, something
that looks different.

Oh, here we go.

10, 11, 13, 14, 15.

look how far that goes out.

14, 21, 22.

It's just dropping
straight off to the bottom.

Chuck: So we were out there
doing a sonar search.

Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Then all of a sudden, wham!

We get a sharp drop off,
goes all the way down.

28, 29, 30, 31.

Straight off.

That got me really,
really excited.

Yeah, that is insane.
Just drops off like...

All right, we're starting
to come up

the other side here.

Here's the other wall
coming right up.

Came right back up
the wall,

we're up,
back up in three feet of water.

Chuck: We just found a hole
in the ocean.

You couldn't explain it.

It literally was just, like,
a shaft going straight down

in the middle
of a six-foot flat.

Nowhere have I seen that
in all my years under the water.

You want to turn around,
take another look?

Yeah, definitely.

Narrator: The team has
discovered what appears to be

a 30-foot deep hole
or shaft in the ocean floor.

Repeated passes
from other angles indicate

that it is approximately
45-feet long

by 45-feet wide
with straight edges

and a flat bottom.

I think
it's time to get wet.

Chuck: Being an amputee
and a prosthetic user,

I can still do pretty much
everything that I did before.

In 2003, went overseas
to a fine place called baghdad.

I hit a 155-pound ied,

and it blew my truck up.

I knew that life had changed
instantly for me,

but just kept going.

Together: One, two, three.

Stick together.
Safe dive.

I hear you loud and clear.

Chuck: So when we got
in the water,

everything was
pretty much normal.

And then when we reached
the ledge, straight down, bam!

At this time, I can't wrap
my head around what this is.

I'm describing it
as a hot knife through butter.

That's how sharp the edges are.

I copy.
Straight up and down.

I don't know
if it's manmade or not,

but just to find something
like this is pretty mysterious.

You know, out on the middle
of the ocean.

Maybe some place to hide.

What it looked like to me
was it looked like

somebody actually cut out
a big square hunk of planet.

Who knows? It could be a project
of some kind. A tunnel, a mine.

But it's definitely
not put there by nature.

Nature doesn't do that.

Diver one,
come back to the surface.

You've made it to the bottom.

Narrator: 4:45 p.M...

The triangle research
and investigation group

has discovered
a bizarre 30-foot shaft

that appears to have been
excavated from the ocean floor

at the location
of a 2016 uso sighting.

I think it was a uso
hiding spot,

to be honest with you.

So we decided to put up
a trail cam

because it's the best way to see

if anything's coming in
and out of there.

Roger that.

Here we go. They're back.

He's just gonna walk over.

There's something weird
down there, brother.

- Yeah?
- I ain't seen it before.

Dave: Definitely,
definitely not act of nature.

It looks like
a cheese cutter

just came down
and just hacked it off.

Dave: It was definitely
not nature.

Nature didn't make it.
It had to be something made...

Manmade, alien made.

Something else made this.

It's literally
like a square here.

You go about
40, 50 feet,

and there's another square.

And nature
don't do that.

Not in a straight line.
No, no, no.

So literally something
could disappear up in there.

- We did.
- Yeah.

But, gentlemen,
if you wanted to find something,

that's what we wanted
to find.

That's... that's insane.

Nice dive, guys.

Chuck: What do you think it
would take to construct

something like that?
It would be quite an endeavor.

Narrator: 10:00 a.M...
For the past three days,

the trig team has been
researching possible

for the underwater shaft,

and they're still on the hunt
for answers.

Would definitely have to have
a serious barge out there

with some sort of
a backhoe.

You're talking about
busting through limestone.

A couple of days ago,
we went out,

put an underwater trail cam
into the shaft

that we located.

But when we went out to
retrieve it and view the video,

all we saw was bubbles
and fish.

Back in the day,
you know,

of course,
they used to use dynamite.

But dynamite wouldn't leave you
squared-off shaft.

That being said,

that's part
of the investigation.

You don't get what you want.
You get what you get.

Today, we're gonna meet
with a guy named mike bara,

who's a bermuda triangle

Hey, mike.
How are you?

And see if he can give us

that might result
in a lead.

So we met this witness
up in biscayne bay,

and he said he saw some lights
circling around his boat.

We went to the location,
dove the spot,

and location was that
we found of a shaft

that goes down
into the bedrock.

Right in the same area

where this guy
witnessed this light.


It's almost
as if you guys found

some sort of operational
facilities under the water

where these unidentified
submerged objects,

these usos,
operate from.

What do people think
these things are?

So there's all kinds
of theories.

There are people that think
that there are alien bases

operating in
the bermuda triangle.

The other possibility is that
the lost continent of atlantis,

the ancient civilization,

is actually somewhere
in the bermuda triangle.

And in fact, that these usos
are, like,

defense forces,

defense devices
that still exist,

that are just making sure you're
not there to cause any trouble.

One of the things that mike
told us was possible theory

is atlantis
is in the bermuda triangle.

I don't know if I could put
a whole lot of stock

in that explanation.
I mean, I find it kind of hard

to believe
that an ancient civilization

has technology that's jacking
with us today.

So what you think about
the military being a solution

to some
of these questions?

Because one thing I know
that the military does

is they don't divulge
their secrets a whole lot.

I think that's interesting.

However, if you were
in the military

and you had this technology,
are you gonna show it off

by buzzing around somebody's
fishing trawler

in the middle
of biscayne bay?

Chuck's theories on these usos
is that they're military.

But mike had a real valid point

that the military likes
to keep their things secret.

So running out around
a dinner cruise

just isn't really
keeping it secret.

That's almost taunting.

It also doesn't explain
christopher columbus.

We did not have this military
technology back in those days.

And there are other reports
from many other ships

through the years
when we clearly did

not have that type
of technology at the time.

So I have a tendency to think
that the root source

of these encounters
has got to be something alien.

Oh, wow.

The question is,
what's the purpose of it all?

So we had a good meeting
with mike.

I mean, and he gave us a lot of
useful information about usos.

Most of them don't seem
that credible to me.

So I don't know
if we're any closer

to finding the answer
than we were before.

We just got
to keep investigating.

Mike: 64.

Chuck: 64.
86, 49, 67.

Dancing lights.

That's bermuda.
Give me another one.

Saturday, 3:15 p.M...

Two miles south of bimini.
Swarm of small lights.

The team has crowdsourced
reports of usos

from the internet,
news sources, and social media.

Now, mike and chuck
are creating a heat map

in hopes of finding a new area
for the team to investigate.

What I did is we crowdsourced
a bunch of uso sightings.

Michael's reading
the places off to me,

and I'm putting the pinpricks
on the map.

And this gives us
a visual representation

of where somebody
had witnessed something

that we can't explain
right now.

I think a lot of these
are military technology.

Andros island.
I've been there,

big military installations here,
a lot of submarine activity.

So I can tell you why
I dismissed andros island.

Andros island is a military
testing facility where they...

It's called all-tech,
where they test drive

all submarines and anything
that comes out of a submarine,

so we can take that off
the grid sheet.

A whole lot of hotspots
in the florida keys.

Every entity, agency
that has ever existed

within the
united states army,

navy, air force, marines,
coast guard, they live here.

One up here in bermuda.

I don't know
that I can explain those.

That's the tip
of the bermuda triangle.

What this tells me is
that's our next check on the map

that we need
to go investigate.

All right. You put any stock
in the bermuda triangle stories?

Oh, yeah.
Those stories are real, man.

Believe it or not,
they are real.

Narrator: Bermuda...

The triangle research
and investigation group

has traveled to this
isolated island

at the northern tip
of the bermuda triangle

to continue their investigation.

They've identified
five witnesses who reported

unidentified submerged objects
off the island's coast.

And mike and chuck are on
their way to interview

one of them.

This is a very eerie,
eerie place.

So many shipwrecks
around here,

it's just a lot of mystery
with this place, man.

You know, we call them strange
encounters of the bermuda kind.

Chuck: So we tracked down
one of the witnesses

that reported a uso
off the coast of bermuda.

He's going to give us
a firsthand account

and a description
of what he witnessed.

You must be kairi?

Hey, yes.
What's happening?

If it has the same

as the ones in florida,

well, we might have
the same entity

or might have
the same craft.

I'm very interested in seeing
what he has to say.

So you hit us up on
on the internet?

I mean, we came a long way.

We're ready
to hear a story.

Well, I'd say about
seven months ago,

me and my brother
and my nephew

went fishing.
The water was nice and calm.

But we happen to run
into a bump.

Big bang.
Hit the bottom of the boat.

At first, I thought I ran
into a rock or something.

I'd say about 30 seconds later,
I see a white object

floating about
10 meters off the boat.

It's a big, glowing, white type
of looking object.

All right. You're saying big,
glowing, and white.

How big?

About two and a half feet.

All right. So two and
a half feet to three feet.

And it's coming close
to the boat.

I'd say about three meters
away from the boat.

Tips on.

I've never seen
an object like this.

You know what I mean?

Chuck: My first impression
of kairi,

his information
seemed reliable.

How is the weather conditions
that day?

- Was it calm, rough?
- It was pretty calm.

It wasn't like today
what you see here now.

Chuck: I can't tell you
what he saw,

but I can tell you
he believes

he saw something
that he can't describe.

Do you think this was
a machine or was it an animal?

I would go towards a machine,
but it was in the water,

so I can't really...

Did it swim like a fish
that you've ever seen?

It wasn't a dolphin or a whale?

No, no.

So you've experienced
what's known as a uso,

and other people have seen
the same thing that you have.


There were some pretty
significant similarities

between kairi's story
and tony's story.

Tony saw an orb circling
his boat.

Kairi's statement...

There was an orb
circling his boat.

They couldn't identify it
as anything biologic.

They both said
it was glowing,

and then it disappeared.

Two people
who've never met each other,

one at one end of the bermuda
triangle, and the other one

at the other end
of the bermuda triangle

having a similar experience.

That speaks volumes.

It's possible that usos
could be

the reason we have a whole lot
of missing ships and wrecks

in the bermuda triangle.

Narrator: 9:00 a.M... The team
has secured a local boat,

and today they will search
the uso hot zone

five miles
off the coast of bermuda.

So today we're heading out
to check out the uso sightings.

This particular area
that we're heading to,

there's been quite a few.

So for us,
this is real exciting.

We're hopefully gonna find out
why so many people

have seen sightings of uso
in this particular spot.

Chuck: So the uso search
in florida was kind of cool.

I mean, we found a cool shaft.

Still unexplained.
I still don't know what it is.

But the crowdsourced intel
that we have coming in shows

that there are more
of these sightings in bermuda

than was in florida.

So the opportunity
to go up there

and possibly find something,

yeah, that's great.

A home run would be
any evidence,

actual physical evidence
of something

that I can't explain...
A uso.

That, to me,


Moe: We're presently just off
the coast of bermuda.

We've started
our expanded circle grid

using our bottom finder.

This is the area
where the usos were sighted,

and the conditions
are basically normal.

Even though
it's absolutely beautiful,

it's a very strange place.

Chuck: Mike and moe
are a real good team

because they've been looking
at sonar screens and readings

for years and years.

They can tell you what a school
of fish looks like,

what wrecks on the bottom
look like.

Here we've got something.
Look at this.

Look at this.

It's when they scratch
their head

or rub their beard
in a certain way...

Hey, guys, I think
we found something here.

Come on, check this out.

That you know that we've got
something different

and something worth looking at.

- Oh, yeah. Look at that.
- Look at this.

Dave: There's definitely
something down there.

Moe: Here we got something.
Look at this.

That's a lot of fish
on something here.

Hey, guys, come on,
check this out.

Narrator: 12:15 p.M...

The triangle research
and investigation group

is in the uso hot zone

at the northern tip
of the bermuda triangle,

and they've just gotten a hit
on their sonar.

- What'd you find?
- Check that out, dave.

Oh, yeah. Look at that.
Look at this.

Moe: Well, about 90 minutes
into our sonar search,

we hit a mark.

Looked like a massive object
sitting on the bottom.

Definitely was made out
of something other than coral.

And look
how you've got gaps.

- Oh, yeah. Look at that.
- Look at this.

Dave: There's definitely
something down there.

It's structure.

Let's drive back
over that.

Chuck: We were asking ourselves,

"wouldn't it be great
if this was a uso?

Wouldn't this be great
if it it led us to a uso?"

so we needed to get in there
as soon as we could.

Diver two's at the bottom.

Sandy bottom, copy.

What are you seeing, diver two?
Talk to us.

You're saying
it's a vessel.

Chuck: It took us a couple
of minutes to get orientated,

but when we did,
we saw a big boat.

There was no real growth
on it.

There was no corals.

So that gave me
some kind of indicator

that it hadn't been
down that long.

Now I'm looking for other
indicators of how did it sink.

Maybe it was sunk by a uso.

Diver one, diver two,
let's keep an eye on your air.

Let's not go past 500 psi.

Mike: The worst-case scenario
when you're in the wreck,

your gear gets caught up

and then you run out air.

Go ahead, diver one.

Roger that.

That certainly
could be a problem.

Chuck: The hole that I found
in the bottom

looked like it was placed there.

Once you put a hole
in the bottom of a boat,

it effectively becomes
a submarine.

People have done this in the
past to create fishing spots.

It's structure on the bottom.
And what does structure do?

It creates a house
for biologics to sit at.

Not the dive
we were looking for.

Not what
we're looking for.

All right, come on up.

Did it make me mad
that it wasn't anything

that had to do
with our actual investigation?

I'd be lying to you
if I told you it didn't,

but we're still in the area.

This area has
a whole lot of sightings.

You have to keep going on.

Look at the peaks.

I think that's fish,


Moe: You know, the trick
to investigating

these sort of occurrences
is perseverance.

We still have plenty of time
and plenty of water to search,

so we still believe that we're
gonna find something here.

Here we go. Looky here.
Looky here, look here.

Wow. Check this out, moe.
Look at that.

26, 27, 28, 29,
30, 31.

- Look how deep that went.
- Sheer drop off.

Oh, yes.
It went from 18 feet down to 50.

Let me get set up
and we'll drive back over it.

But look, so you can tell
there's a hole underneath here.

The water's clear enough.

You should be able
to see it from the top.

Coming straight up
the other side.

We come over the edge... bam.

Bottom drops out 90 degrees.

Hit the wall, comes back up.

This looks like the exact same
thing that we have in florida.

All the depths
seem to be right.

That's a coincidence.

Narrator: Like the shaft
off key biscayne,

this hole is 45-feet wide
in 45-feet long,

but it lies
in 18 feet of water.

Dave: It's just like florida.

A shaft
in the middle of the ocean.

I don't exactly understand
what this means,

but I know that
there's two of them

in two different places
that look exactly the same.

I instantly am like,
"I'm getting in the water."

3... 2... 1.

Moe: 3... 2... 1.

Roger that.
Safe dive.

Narrator: 6:00 p.M...

After a day
of searching the uso hot zone,

the triangle research
and investigation group

has found an anomaly
on the ocean floor,

eerily similar to the one
they discovered 1,000 miles away

on the other end
of the bermuda triangle.

Copy. Do your best
and report back what you see.

Chuck: Swimming to this shaft
was very similar to the way

we did it down in florida.

Peeked our hear over the side,
looked straight down,

and followed the wall
all the way to the bottom.

Bam. There we were again.

Is there any sort
of other rock formations at all?

Straight up and down,

You know, if something
dug it out,

it's hard telling
exactly why

somebody would say, "hey,
let's put a hole right there."

so, you know, is it natural?
That's still undetermined.

And then on top of that,
the debris

from actually being made,
like, it

should have rock piles
or some sort.

But there's no debris.

Copy, straight down.

Dave: I'm looking at chuck.
He's looking at me.

We're getting
a little spooked out.

It just seemed manmade
in a place

where man wouldn't make it.

It looked so familiar.

Here they come.

Yeah. Tell us about it.
Nice job.

Come on up, man.
Come on. Come on. Come on.


Back up. Chest up.

So we went over the side.

Same size, same wall,
same size of cutout.

It's the same thing.

So do you feel like it
tells us anything

about the uso sightings?

It definitely gives a lot
of credibility to it.

It's either the government
made it and didn't tell anybody

or somebody or something else
made it and didn't tell anybody.

If I was a uso,
I would hide me in there.

Narrator: Monday, 4:00 p.M...

The trig team has returned
to their home base in florida,

and they've arranged for
marine scientist julie cheon

to examine footage
of the bizarre uso shafts.

Chuck: All right. So we just
got back from an investigation,

and we found two
different anomalies

that are almost
exactly the same.

Chuck: We've spent the last week
doing these

uso shaft investigations,

and today I want to try
to beat it to death

with a little science.

So we're gonna meet
with a marine scientist,

show her some videos,
have somebody look at it

from a different perspective,
if you will.

We don't know what they are.

But what we're running into

is something
that looks like this.

It's 45 wide, 45 long,
and 30 foot deep

all the way down
to the bottom.


Does that make any sense
to you?

Not just a random square
like that.

That shape
is pretty distinctive.

How far away is it
from any landmass?

In the middle of nowhere.
There's nothing around it.

It's very odd.

What I'm gonna show you now
is I'm gonna show you

the florida shaft.

Okay, great.

So you do have
marine life in there,

both animals and plants,
but that's not unusual

on either natural
or manmade excavations.

Yeah, the vertical walls
are just...

They're so up and down,
it seems so intentional.

I can't totally rule out
a natural formation,

but it's very similar to
the constructed areas I've seen.

I was thinking if anyone
knows what these shafts are,

it's gonna be the scientists.

This is a scientist,
someone that studies this stuff,

does this stuff on a daily,
weekly basis,

and she couldn't come up
with an answer for us.

That's atypical for anything
that I see in nature in general.

This is a huge deal
finding these two shafts

that are very similar.

It's a pattern
and it's spooky.

Chuck: And here's
the bermuda shaft.

Okay, great.

This was roughly
the same dimensions?

45, 45, and 30.

Not even roughly...
45, 45, and 30 foot deep,

and here's...
That is amazing.

If you were to make
one of these holes,

how would you actually make it?
Would you use dynamite

or some kind of
heavy operated equipment?

What I've seen them do is use
the heavy operator equipment,

which would be more conducive
to the straight vertical edges

that you're seeing there.

Those flats
that we're going on,

they're so shallow that
to get the barge on that flat,

it would bottom out before
we can even get on top of it.

Now, that's
a great point.

And, you know, just getting
the equipment out there

to create something
like this,

you know, the challenges with
that would be very difficult.

So one of julie's statements
was to build

a structure or shaft
like that,

it would be
a big construction project.

That, to me, would be something
that would cost a lot of money,

and it would definitely
be something

that people would notice.

But this is not natural.

I've never seen anything
in nature like it.

And of course, this leads up
to the next question...

Who has the ability
to build something like this?

And what's it for?

We've got two
different witnesses

at two different locations

that are reporting
unidentified submerged objects,

and then we have these.

Do you think they have anything
to do with each other?

Well, that's probably outside
of my area of expertise.

But when you come up
with two objects

that are shaped like this
in the middle of nowhere

with the same dimensions,
with no reasonable explanation,

it certainly begs the question
of what is going on here.

We showed her the videos,

and she said that they had to be
built by someone or something.

It wasn't something
that happened overnight.

They're enormous.

So in the beginning of this
whole adventure,

I was of the mind-set
that most of these sightings

were gonna be military,

and I can't say that
I've changed my mind a whole lot

if I was the military
and I wanted to hide a uso,

this is the place
that I would do it.

Dave: Well, if we found two,

there's probably more
out there.

I mean, think about it.

You know, one. Eh.
Two's a coincidence.

what do we call that?

An act of war.

You're a.

No matter how you put it,
this is an awesome find.

We saw two different shafts.

We have two different witnesses.

We have pictures of a uso.

We're searching out
uso sightings,

and we're finding similarities
in different parts of the world.

There has to be some connection

that relates right back
to the bermuda triangle,

something, because it's not
a coincidence.