Curse of Snakes Valley (1988) - full transcript

The trio of adventurous pals, a man who is a scientist, a fine lady and a former military pilot are in the Tibetian jungles looking for some mysterious vase that holds a metal container that is of no mundane origin.



Don't move, you Chink monkeys!


* Curse of Snakes Valley *

Thank you.


Look here! It's him!

The Pole that comes here since few months.

It's a famous professor.
He discovered valuable manuscripts at Sorbonne.

This one?

You won't be offended, Professor

if I invite you
for a glass of cognac?

And how do you know
I'm a professor

I recognized you on the cover right away.

I don't actually drink it.


Here are examples
confirming my hypothesis.

As the only one in the world

recognizes the supchothai pedigree
of monastic script.

Here you can see
these extremely complex ornaments

and careful, almost painterly
character shading.

Of course it was possible
only thanks to the high ...

It was possible
thanks to high-quality paper,

on which this record was created
at the end of the 13th century.

Next Please.

This drawing from the 15th century
presents a monk ...


What is this?
Where did it come from?



- Where did you get it from?
- I do not know.

- Where did you get it from ?!
- It was between your reproductions.

Whose is this?

I'm asking, where did it come from ?!

End for today.
I'll see you in a week.

I put this picture.

Where did you get it from?

I have been waiting for you thirty years.

For me? Why?

You are the only scientist in the world

who believes in existence of
prakrawanit culture and knows this language.

Are you ... ?

Where do you have it


This is the original.

Where did you get it from?
Science does not know this document.

This war booty from Indochina.

Yes! I'm sure.

This is almost a classic example
of a secret krumwanit languagee,

extinct culture from the prakrawani region

Thai monks used it,

guarding in monasteries
mysterious relics.

You know what?

Until now, I was considered a crazy
a believer in myths.

And now this document ...

For me it's priceless.
Confirms my theory.

You must read this document.

I need some time for this.

I would like to study it thoroughly
in the lab,

to determine
in what period it was created.

If you would like to visit me
on Sunday.


But the manuscript will stay with me.

Deng will see you out.

I'm sorry, you've been serving a long time
at Mr. Traven?

Professor, don't bother
asking questions.

Deng's tongue is torn out.


- There's a second manuscript inside!
- You have to remove it.

It's not so simple.
You would have to cut it.

It's very valuable
only you can decide.

I've already decided.

I have a very complicated equipment here
of my own construction.

Can you smell it?

Yes, it is a very intense fragrance.

You know, it's weird, Professor, but.

This smell!

This smell ...

It smells like jungle.

It's fear.
That's how fear smells.

The jungle then evaporates.

Can you read it

This is definitely the same script
as what on the external manuscript.

Take a look!

Oh, do you see here?

Similar ideograms occur.

Pal and dock have similar accents.

Co jest z tym swiatlem?

I'm sorry, I will call the porter.

- Ready.
- Thank you, Paul.



Hello! Central!

I am asking you ... Hello!


If the gentlemen remembered
some details,

please contact me.

I still can't believe it.
Venomous snakes in the center of Paris.

- Farewell.
- Goodbye.

- Do you need a ride?
- No, thanks, I'll walk.


- You drivin sharp.
- Sharp. Who are you?

- Inspector Borgo.
- I was looking for you.

Christine Jaubert, "France Soir".
What happened here?

How do you know
that something happen here?

You will allow
it will be my secret.

- Supposedly a man died? How?
- He was reparing the light. He fell off the ladder.



Please, give me back this film.
Can you hear

Doesn't matter.

Anyway you won't publish
these photographs.

Good evening, professor.

Good evening Mrs.

I'm waiting for you

No way!
I don't pass students at home.

But you were wrong!
I am not a student.

Christine Jaubert, "France Soir".

I wanted to ask
what happened at the university.

- I've got nothing to say.
- But you were a witness!

- Please ask the police.
- You must tell me!

I must nothing!



"Road to the Grotto of Might and Power
in the Valley of Thousand Snakes.

If you didn't die killed by my guards,

you good-bad, go.

Flat stone, snake's head.

Move, don't move.

- Three times khu ...
- Khuman.

A great treasure and a terrible weapon.

You will rule the world
if you liberate power and might.

Good-bad you will die.

A new life in the vessel of knowledge".

Most of the words in this text
is ambiguous.

Why didn't you translate
the words "khuman"?

Whit this
I had the most trouble.

This word has no equivalent
in any European language.

This is a secret monastery script.

The context shows

that khuman can be
secret element showing the way,

but also a serious obstacle
lurking for a daredevil.


What happened, Deng?

You will let me say goodbye.

isn't it puzzling

from the moment of
extracting the manuscript

snakes circling around us, are they attacking?

In the manuscript there is also talking about snakes.

The Valley of Thousand Snakes.

Professor, what would you say
if we went there together?


I'll give you a ride.

- I want to take a walk.
- I'll take a walk with you.

Listen, I want to ask you a favor.

Call immediately 2881225
and ask for Jan Tarnas.

Professor Jan Tarnas.
Okay? Well.


Thank you very much.

I'm here.

So you say professor

that it looked like
like snakes attacked the manuscript?


- Phone call to you.
- To me? Here?

I'm sorry, I'll be right back.

Someone did a joke to me.


Bernard Traven.
Born in 1926 in Marseille.

During the Indochina War

he served in aviation
in the helicopter squadron.

He distinguished himself in Laos.
Wounded twice.

From 1954 in Algeria.

In 1960 he retires
in the rank of major.

Then he appears in Congo.

The guy standing next to the president
of the Congo, that's Traven.

In the seventies
appears in Africa

alongside the emperor Bokasa.

Officially as an advisor,

and unofficially became famous for
illegal export of works of art.

All this time
he has been in Paris for longer periods.

He even has a home here.

In some circles he is known
as a collector of old manuscripts.

And the other one?

I only have this picture.

He is Polish.
Professor of Oriental Studies.

Since 3 months
on a government scholarship in France.

Unfortunately we don't know
what really connects him with Traven.

Apart from the passion for
old manuscripts, of course.


Please continue.

When this reporter
gave the material to the editor,

we routinely reviewed it.

We got interested in the photocopy
of Laotian document,

owned by Traven.

Apparently, when they were working on it
with this Pole,

this snake accident happened.

To the point.

The ornament looked strange
on this document.

It didn't fit in with the rest.

Our specialists have found

that is like a mapping
of perforated tape,

with the help of which
computer recording is being programmed.

They translated it into a language
understandable for our computers.

And what happened?

I'm listening.

What is it?

It's a cerium alloy structure
lanthanium and neodymium,

and such alloy can be obtained
only in a space vacuum environment.

As far as I know,

neither Russians nor Americans
did not carry out such tests.

This is getting interesting.

I would also like to draw attention to

that in the text of this document
there is a talk of some terrible weapon


Miss Jaubert, please don't come in!
The chief does not accept.

Did the secretary say
I'm busy?

I need to know,
what happened to my article.

With what material?

Story with snakes at the university.
It was supposed to be half a column for me.

I hear about it for the first time.

After all, my boss put it down
for the next issue

I do not know.
I'm not for issue planning.

- Please ask him.
- But he's not here!

Calm down, please.
The case will definitely be explained.

And besides, I'm really busy.

Miss Jaubert!

Miss Jaubert,
I understand your agitation.

I had an occasion to
take a look at your article.

- Curious.
- Did you see it?

- Yes.
- Where is it now?

- Maybe it's stuck somewhere.
- And who are you?

Let's agree that I represent
publishing house owners.

I have an interesting offer for you


I would advise you gentlemen
to go to building site of the steel mill

after visiting old monasteries,
it's near in Louangphrabang.

Of course.

Of course, if time allows us.

Mr. Jong, we have a request.

It's about help
in arranging transport for us.

We'd like to borrow a jeep

I'm very sorry.
You are late, gentlemen.

The only all-terrain vehicle
that our ministry has

put into service yesterday
for a journalist from Europe.

He came to do a series of reportages,

and there is no way to go to the jungle
in a passenger car.

And there are no car rentals here?
I will pay well.

I'm sorry.
We have too few cars.

I will gladly give you a guardian,
who will take care of you.

Our employee, Mr. Numi,
will accompany you.

Gentlemen, I hope

with nice company
the trip will be more pleasant for you.

Is that necessary?

Unforunataly yes.

Don't think gentlemen
we don't trust you.

We do it only for the care
of our guests.

One hundred thousand trangs
for renting a bus? Madness!

They will use every situation.
You have to get used to it.


O God!

- Do you know her?
- No, she knows me.

Please tell me how much do you want
for this piece of trash?

You must be kidding.

I am willing to pay well.

You may have it
on one condition.


- That we will go together.
- It's out of the question.

Then none of this.


Provided about the trip
you won't write a word.

You forgot
that I set the conditions.

Good morning. How can I help you.

- I wanted to send a telegram to Paris.
- Here you are.

Will send soon.

- Give me that lady's telegram text.
- It is impossible.

Please, let me go!

Not allowed.

So what?

She sent a telegram to the editor.
Tomorrow they are going to the monastery of Lerng Nochta.

It's far.

You will stay here
I'm going back to Paris.

And there were no roads here?

No, there used to be a jungle everywhere here

Only partisans knew about
the path trough it.

Just like my father.
He knew all the paths here.

Even to such monasteries
like the one in Lerng Nochta,

to which you want to get to.

And now? Does anyone know these paths?

Hey there! What happened to you

Good morning.

- You do not recognise me?
- No.

And now?

Knight G8, G7.

- F8, G7!
- And mat!

- Andrzej!
- Watch out, I'll get you dirty.

What are you doing here?

- How many years have we not seen each other?
- Well, fifteen years, I think.

What a surprise!

- Where are you going from and where?
- To the monastery in Lerng Nochta.

It's still a long way
but I live nearby.

Take me to the car.
I invite you to dinner and tea.

We have an invitation to dinner.

Wait, I will only take my things.

- Who is that?
- My friend, Russian.

- Did you know he would be here?
- Where from!

I don't like your contacts

Mr. Traven! Please hurry up,
the water will end soon.

I'm going.

When I was young
I was more interested in the east.

I read a lot about it.

Then I was interested in
Tibetan philosophy, yoga,

and now for almost a year
I work here in the middle of Asia.

And you know what?

I didn't see anything!

What are you doing here? Tourist?
Walking, staring, looking for something?




What happened?

Nothing, calm down.
Just a small adventure.

What are you staring at?


This is the latest invention
of our biochemists.

Paralyzes the snakes,

without causing any damage
to other creatures.

Professor, we could do with it
several such containers.

Couldn't buy from you?

I'm sorry but no.
We only have a few pieces left.

We will set up camp here.

You want to say,
this is the Lerng Nochte?

Where is the monastery then?

One and a half kilometers away,
but the car will not get there,

besides that it will be dark in a moment.


I brought it here at night.

I preferred Numi not to know

that we're going
not only to the monastery.

A gdzie jeszcze?

You'll find out on the spot.


He says there is no such valley.


Tell him

that we'll give them all the records
stolen from the temple,

on the condition that they show us the way
to the Valley of Might and Power.



He says nobody dared to
cross the border of this valley.

Let them give us a guide.


"We need these holy texts
like the sun and air. "

- He has to consult his brothers.
- Only fast.

If they disagree,
I will destroy these manuscripts.


They agree.
This monk will show us the way.


The old man asks how they will recover
holy texts, if we don't come back?

We will come back here.

For sure.






Not far away from here
the zone begins,

that no one ever reached.


Hold on.




Do you remember the manuscript?
Three times "Khuman".

I didn't translate then
exactly that word.

The monk said: "Khuman is something,
what goes up or down,

shows the way
and at the same time has destructive power".


This is the border of the Valley of Might and Power

Nothing there is subject to earthly laws

and no one can be sure there
of tomorrow.


We say that the further we go alone.

The first khuman indicates the valley.

Look what I found!

You're genious!
A case, please.

This is it!



- Everything OK?
- Fine. Drop the line.

We are coming down to you soon.




- No!
- What happened?

Wait, I'm going to you.

- What happened?
- Over there!



- Traven, help us!
- Traven!

Hold, there are gas containers there

Jesus Christ!. It doesn't work.

It does not work!

It was necessary to unprotect.

WHISPERING: Where did he get it from?

But Buturlin
didn't want to sell it to him.

It looks like

that the snakes guarded the underground
only at the entrance.

- Let's go.
- Wait!

They would set us up.

How on earth are there lasers in the temple ?!

Are you sure
this is a temple?

- How will we go further?
- Help me.

To the wall.

Now run!

Christine, what's going on there ?!
Stand up faster!

Look out!

Lasers was the second khuman.

Oh God!

This is the third khuman!

It goes to the manuscript.

Throw into the corridor!


This sarcophagus ...

In a moment I will start to believe

the aliens really visited
our planet.

This inscription reminds me of a manuscript.

"Power and strength is here."


Step aside.



Hold on!
I'll be right back to you.


There it is! I found the way out!




Traven, don't be stupid!

Traven, throw the line!

Here our paths diverge,

You thought I'd drag you down
back to Paris

You really were so naive?

I needed you only to
to get it!

You bastard! You son of a bitch!

Mr Traven!

You left your friends
In such a situation?

It's unworthy of an officer.

What's he saying?

If you take it from here,
the whole world is in danger of extinction.



Monk warns
there is good and evil in the amphora.

Wisdom and power.

He says they hid it here centuries ago
newcomers from distant stars.

If it opens,
misfortune will hang over the world.

That's why this amphora
must return to its place.

- Tell him I don't believe in fairy tales.
- These are not fairy tales.

And even if it were fairy tales,

this amphora is the property
of our nation.

I must give in to strength.

Here she is.

What happened between you and Traven
in the corridor?

- Nothing.
- Christine!

Traven lost the pilot's plate,
which he took out of the helicopter.

Guess whit what name.

"Captain Bernard Traven".

Why did he want to hide that he was here?

You think he stole the manuscript himself

I'm an idiot!

Traven gets rid of the witnesses.


You saved our lives.

These are your scriptures.
I return them according to the contract.

Andrei! See what happened here!

Run for help!

Take a gauze pad and come back here.
I run to them.



Jan, do you hear me?


- G8, G9. Mat.
- Ah, you crap!

Thank you.

- See you soon!
- Goodbye. Thank you!

Take care, Andrei.

- Hi!
- Keep well.

I got you!
I won't give you to anyone.

Anyone. I want to have you.

You're mine. Only mine!

I'm very tired.

But you will give me power and strength.

Will rule the world.

You will see!

- You came back at the last minute.
- Yes?

Your plane is leaving tomorrow
at five o'clock in the morning.

Here are the presents
from the airline.

Your friend, Mr. Traven, is upstairs.

He will kill you!


Let's run away from here! This is the
second murder in our presence.

Wait, I'll just take a picture.

Are you crazy ?! They will arrest us!

- Do you want to die in prison?
- Wait a second.

We will land in Paris
at 15.00 local time.

We wish you a pleasant journey.

The fourth khuman.

What will we do with it now?

We have the key in our hands
to rule over the world.

But what can you open with this key?

Please, here are the keys.

And documents.

- The car is over there in the parking lot.
- Thank you.

Here, I will come soon.


- Something happened?
- No.

- So what do you have to tell me?
- Unfortunately, nothing.

We've tried different ways
he refuses to answer.

Wait for me.

How are the trials going?

Look at this test.
There is a container hidden in the amphora.

- But what is it?
- We don't know that yet.

But the container is alloy of cerium,
lanthanum and neodymium.

In terrestrial conditions
you can't obtain it.

- We still don't know what's inside
- We must know that.

We can cut the amphora with a laser
and try this new drill.

Okay, try it.

Bring Tarnas to me!


Wake up!

Wake up, let's go!

Hello, Mr. Tarnas.

Who are you?
I protest against such methods.

You have already rested
after this tiring journey from Asia?

I demand to see the consul.

Calm down, please.

I want to apologize to you
for too abusive an invitation.

I was afraid
that you won't want to come alone.

Why not?

I love getting hit in
the head from strangers.

I see a sense of humor
doesn't leave you.

But to the point.
Please, sit down.

No! Here, Mr. Tarnas.

And listen to me carefully.

I represent a certain organization
or an association

which deals with research
from various fields,

and which are usually covered
in a strict secret.

We became interested in the discovery

which you have done
together with major Traven.

It seems to be because of your interest
Traven paid with his life.

These are the costs that are always there
you have to take it into account.

- You can already activate the recording?
- Good, you will start in a moment.

This is the last moment
when can you tell us that

what you didn't say.

- What's inside this amphora?
- I told you I don't know.

All I know is that opening it
may cause unpredictable consequences

Take a look.
There's a container in this amphora.

It's made of an alloy

which you can receive
only in a space vacuum environment.

You won't tell me
that Buddhist monks made it?

I don't know if the monks did it.

I can only tell you
what was in the old manuscripts.

There is talk about newcomers from space
They sheltered with this container.

But what can it be?
Don't you guess?

It's probably encoded
thousand years of knowledge of this civilization.

- We'll check it.
- Listen to me!

I will repeat to you the warning
of the old monk.

Bad hands can increase evil,
which lies in it

and bring destruction to the whole world.

Think about it

are we ready
to discover this secret.

Still, we will open this container.

But if inside
there is an explosive,

you will die with us.

Can we turn on recording?


start, Morineau.

Well it worked out.

I wonder what that is.

Be careful!

Hide your face! Immediately!

It burns like hell!


Don't touch it! Run away!

I'm announcing a biological alarm
of first degree.

Liquidate it immediately!

- But this is Breecher!
- It's not Breecher anymore.

How will you explain
these Breecher mutations?

Also found in the liquid
significant amounts of the substance

with hitherto unknown on Earth
genetic code.

Penetration of this substance
to the natural environment

would cause
biological imbalance

and creating monstrous mutants.

Now you appreciate the
military weight of this discovery?

This Polish professor
brought us a biological weapon,

of which you can only dream of.

If it got into wrong hands,

atomic blackmail
would be nothing against this weapon.

"You will rule the world,

if you can break free
might and power.

I'm sorry, what did you say?

It's a quote from a Thai manuscript
where it all began.

It is clear,
that after Breecher's death

we can't continue
experiments in Paris.

We are carrying over further research
to the lab on Mataiva Atoll.

You will personally take care of
transporting this amphora.

It's in this container.

Captain, look at this,
what's happening.

I'm calling base!
I repeat! I'm calling base!

Damn! The radio does not work.

- Leave me alone!
- It's me, Ivone.

- Ivone?
- You do not remember?

You are tired,
you should rest.


How could I forget?

It's because these nightmarish ...
A nightmarish trip.

This jungle, these monks, these snakes.

You dreamed about something.

You read too much
of these eastern manuscripts.

I remember.

I flew by plane,
then we landed, and then ...

I forgot what happened next!

There was no jungle
no monks,

no Asia, no snakes,
it was a dream.

Forget about it.

You must forget.

And you?

I was also in your dream?

It was a wonderful dream.

I dreamed of,
that I fell in love with you.


He doesn't remember anything.

Only the dead don't remember anything
and he is alive.

Thanks to you.

He thinks
that he fell asleep.

And wasn't that a dream?


Oh no! No more Asia!