Curse of Aurore (2020) - full transcript

A thumb drive from the dark web reveals disturbing footage documenting three American filmmakers on a script writing trip to rural Quebec. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hey guys, welcome back.

I'm Casey Nolan
with MindSeed TV,

the YouTube channel
for all things

horror and scary related.

Now, as some of you may know,

we've opened up cursed
items here on the channel,

we've done our own
paranormal investigations,

and we've even opened
up the infamous

dark web mystery boxes.

For those of you watching
this the first time,

there are people on the dark web

who put items into
boxes and sell them

and they're called
mystery boxes.

Now, nobody knows
what kind of items

that these boxes are
going to contain,

but each one that
I've opened up here

on the channel in the
past has contained

very disturbing things.

Some of these items that
I've found inside these boxes

were so compelling to be
evidence of crime scenes

that I actually had to
turn them into authorities.

Last year, I opened
up a very interesting

and disturbing
box that contained

all sorts of strange
items inside.

I found leaves, blankets,

and all sorts of
other weird stuff.

There were tarot cards,

a beanie with a hole in it,

and even a little bag
containing a girl's hair

that looked like it had
been ripped from her scalp.

It had blood still in the hair

and maybe what was even a
piece of skin attached to it.

I still don't know what any
of these things actually mean,

but the reason that I'm
revisiting it today in this video

is because this doll right here,

which I found inside the box,

had a USB drive
attached to its neck.

Now, I believe that whatever
is on this USB drive

might contain some
of the answers

as to what all those items
meant inside the box.

However, when it comes
to these USB drives,

you never know who is
sending this to you

and if it might have a
virus or something on it,

so you have to be really careful

when plugging this into
your home computer.

Luckily, I was able to
pick up a burner laptop,

and we're going to go ahead
and plug this in today

and actually see what's
on this thumb drive.

But before we do, I
would like to mention,

you never know what you're
really going to get.

And sometimes you might
see things on here

that your eyes just
can't take back.

So with that being said,

let's go ahead and
take a look today.

Fingers crossed.

Here we go.


pronounced "dang-er".

Yes, you are
the international

- man of dan-gér.
- I know 'em all.

That's right,
we're gonna be fine.

Oh, you are so polité.


You don't have to
film everything.

Have you met me or...

Wish I hadn't.

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, okay.


kinda empty.

Alright, this
is Kev-Mo in Canada.

Is it Québec?

I think so, yeah.

- It's cold.
- If you pronounce...

Oh, here she is,

writer, actress, producer,

Miss Lena Carpenter.

Lena: Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Welcome to Canada!

- Hello, hello!
- Is that a cane?

- Oh careful, careful.
- I'm sorry.

No, it's fine, it's fine.

- You're here!
- Yeah.

Well, hug me later,
I got the camera.

Okay, do I look okay?

You look great, yes.

- Are we doing this?
- We are doing this.


What is all
this with the leg?

Just new fashion.

We're good, I'll tell
you about it in the car.

- Hey, come on.
- Should you even

be driving a car?

Yeah, I got here.

No, I'd
like not to die so maybe...

Okay, you can drive.

- Thank you, okay.
- How about that?

You're the soccer mom.

If you guys need to make
any phone calls though,

you gotta do it now
'cause it's a dead zone

'til we get there.

Dead zone.

We are getting deeper
into the Québec countryside.

- Ooh la la.
- That's right.

I cannot believe you
guys are here right now.

Kevin, I've been telling
Aaron to come up here

for probably, what, 10 years?

- Something like that?
- Yeah.

- And here you are.
- And here I am.

In the flesh.

- I'm stoked.
- Lena: Me too, this is it.

We're doing it.

So what exactly
happened with your leg?

Oh, yeah.

So you know how I came up
here a couple weeks ago?

I told my mom I was
gonna fix up the house

a little bit while I'm here.

- Yeah.
- Don't tell me

you fell off a ladder.


- You, what?
- Actually, no.

Well okay, let me explain.

So there was a leak in one
of the bedrooms upstairs,

so I got up on a ladder
and I was patching it up

and I mean, yeah.

I fucking fell off
the ladder, dude.

Fuck, Lena, is it broken?

No, it's not broken.

It's just a torn ACL.

- A torn ACL?
- Yeah.

That's so bad.

My brother tore his ACL
once playing football

and he couldn't
walk for six weeks.

Well obviously
this isn't that bad

'cause I'm walking.

Limping, but I'm walking, okay?

And don't be pissed, Aaron,

because this isn't gonna stop us

from writing the
fucking script, dude.

Yeah, I find that
hard to believe.

Why didn't you
tell us about this?

Well 'cause...

It doesn't matter.

Look at
all this nothing.

Ooh, a detour, that's exciting.

Ooh, want to go
down that spooky road?

- Nope.
- Kind of.

we can film down there.

midnight we'll be back.

I really
did miss you guys.

We finished our feature
a whole fucking year ago.

I really have a good feeling
that we're gonna sell it.

I mean, I've had how
many conversations now?

- Four, 10,
- LENA: Four conversations

- 30.
- With sale reps.

I know, feels like 30.

And they're all telling
me that our film

is highly marketable.

I just feel good about it.

I think something's
gonna happen.

Yeah, I hope so.

I mean, you spend three fucking
years working on a feature

and until it sells,

it doesn't even exist.

exactly why we need

to get started ASAP up here.

♪ Kev-Mo in Canada ♪

Oh, those are some
beautiful Betty Davis eyes

you just gave me, oh yeah.

Hey, how's
your new gig going?

Uh... It's going.

I'm already thinking
about switching careers.

- Seriously?
- Maybe professional sports.

Is it that bad?

I sit in a windowless
office for 12 hours a day, so.

Well, you'll
love it up here.

I mean, there's
tons of fresh air.

- It's true.
- Chilly air.

Plenty of windows.

I mean,
just think of it like

you're paying your dues.

It's just a starting point.

I know, I'd just
rather be doing this

with you guys all the time.

Aw, did you hear that?

If only
you paid money.

Here it is, you
guys, moment of truth.

Your first legit Québec poutine.

- I'm going in.
- Oh my gosh.

- I'm going in.
- Yeah, you are.

Yeah you are, do it, do it.

Look at that, look
at those curds.

- Perfect bite.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, what do we think?

It's pretty fucking good.

Yeah, of course.

- A little sweet.
- Yeah.

- A little savory.
- Yeah.

Perfect stoner food.

I agree.

Yeah it's,
but wait, no, no, no.

Take just one cheese
and eat it because

- it squeaks in your mouth.
- One cheese.

- Yeah, just...
- What do you mean it squeaks?

Just do it, you'll see.

Enjoy the squeak.

Am I right?

I get it.

It's weird.

deliciously weird?

It's squeaking, yeah.

It's squeaking.

alright, save me
some, I'm starving.

Have as
much as you want.

Okay, okay, mmm.

So do you
miss California at all?

I mean,
yeah, I miss you guys.

I miss working on a project.

But North Carolina is beautiful

and it beats the LA smog, so.

And the LA earthquakes.

Oh my God,
yeah, you guys just had

a really big one, right?

Yeah, guess where I was?

- LAX.
- No you weren't.

Yeah, I was at the terminal
about to get on a flight

and people started freaking out.

It was like... trapped in a box.

Oh my God,
that's a nightmare.

I mean, LAX any day is a
nightmare but on earthquake day.

It was scary,
my first big one.

- Your first big one?
- Yeah.

Aren't you like
85 years old or something?

Yeah, I'm 85 exactly, yeah.

Yeah, I don't
think there's earthquakes

up here though, so you
guys should be good.

- There's one good thing.
- Might get some snow.

But... um...


So what happened
with you and Mark?

I don't know.

Nothing, I guess.

He's still in LA and I'm
in North Carolina, so.

So, like, that's it?


Told you guys
if we got up far enough,

you'll see the snow.

Is that
what this is?

Alright so, tomorrow.

I want to take you
guys to a couple

different location

There's the church
and the cemetery.

Well, we still
don't have a script yet.

We're still figuring
out the story.

Didn't you read
the stuff I sent you?

Yeah, does it
include a script 'cause...

Dude, did you read
the stuff I sent you?

Neither of you read
the stuff I sent you?

We read some
of it, we just didn't...

Okay, okay, so.

In 1920, there was a
little girl here, okay?

Her name was Aurore.

They call her the child martyr.

Aurore l'enfant martyre.

Because she was
murdered by her parents

- at 11 years old.
- Jesus, shut up.

Yeah, yeah.

And I guess they
were abusing her

pretty severely
her entire life and

they found her, someone
found her in her bedroom,

being eaten by rats on a pile

- of her own excrement.
- Fuck.

I don't remember that part.

Yeah, no, it was,
it's gross and sad and

it was a really big story
obviously when it happened.

It's still talked about today.

So if you were to
ask any of the locals

about Aurore l'enfant martyre,

they know exactly who she is.

Yeah, it's interesting,
it's fucked up, it's tragic,

but that's the history, not
the script we're writing.

Okay, so.

alright, so what I'm
thinking is that we do

sort of a modern day
something haunting

that has to do with Aurore.

- Okay, we could...
- Oh my God, oh my God!

This is too creepy
'cause right now...

Jesus, you scared me.

I'm sorry.

- This is the sign.
- And there she is.

Fortierville, this is
the town where she died.

- Okay
- Right here, see?

- Alright.
- Creepy.

I get goosebumps when
I come through here.

But my family's cottage is just,

it's kind of the next town
over, so we're almost there.

Hope it's
not that far 'cause...

So just past that
kinda green house to the left.

See the one with
the stones on it?

- Oh yeah.
- That's my family's

- heritage house.
- Ooh.

It's been in our
family for over 100 years.

Cool little place.

creepy, to be honest.

I can't wait for
you guys to see the inside.

Come on.

Come on in, my dears.

This is the living room.

Yeah, cool,
how about the bathroom?

Oh, go.

Oh wait, wait,
shoes, shoes, shoes.

- Okay, are you shooting?
- Sure am.

alright, so this is
obviously the kitchen.

See how low the counters
are for my little relatives?

Yeah, I see how

normal sized the counters are

for your normal sized relatives.

Don't be mean.

There he is, hey.

Why are you filming me?

we're taking the tour.


Bathroom's nice.


Maybe want to not go
in there for a few hours.

Oh, gross.

I feel like that's kind of,

there's not a whole
lot going on down here.

- Hmm, yeah.
- It's kinda small.

I guess it is
smaller than I thought.


I bet you
hear that a lot though.

What's with all
the crucifixes?

Say what now?

The crucifixes, why are
there so many crosses?

Well, I mean,
everybody's Catholic here.

I mean, you gotta have a
Jesus when you walk in.

Come here, come here,
I want you to see this.


So these old houses all
have these hatches in them.

It keeps the heat down
when no one's upstairs

and they are heavy as fuck.

- See if you can lift it.
- So you're saying,

saying I can't do it?

I mean, I just kinda
want to see if you can

'cause my four foot
great-grandmother can.

Come on, channel your
inner four foot grandmother.

Do it!

He's got it, come on.

Seems like it's gonna
open and then it doesn't.

Oh, he thought
he was so strong

- but he's not.
- Come on, LA Fitness.

Do it, yeah, alright!

Okay, okay, see at the top
there's these little latches?

To lock?

- Yeah.
- Yep, just.

Okay, so this is what my
family calls the pink room.

- Ooh.
- So pretty.

Why do you
call it the pink room?

One of you
guys can sleep in here

if you want to.


I'm good, actually.


I'm definitely getting creepy
little girl vibes in here.

Well, I like the pink.

It matches my vibrator.

- Oh my God.
- Ew, really?

- Don't shame me.
- Really?

I'm gonna
check out this...

- Oh.
- Giant closet.

So Kevin just
found "Closet-Land".

- Okay.
- You gotta see this.

Go on in.

What do you
mean "ClosetLand"?

It's like a
maze to other rooms.

- Really?
- Yeah, seriously.

- You coming?
- Dude, light.

We need your light.

nice to be needed.

- Okay.
- Yeah, keeps going.

- Interested.
- Yeah, we have...

- Oh, there we go.
- Old magazines

and old jewelry.

It's my
great-grandmother's stuff.

- It's a Bible or something.
- Cool, dope.

- Did he just take that?
- I think so.


You're sleeping
in the closet, dude.

What the fuck?

- Oh boy.
- Aaron.

What's up?

Will you be my
wedding videographer?

- Don't fuck another
- For me and my

Lamp dude.
- groovy boo

She is pretty.

This is definitely my room.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Is that cool with you, Aaron?

totally cool with it.

- Alright.
- Yes.

- Comfy?
- Looks good on him.

- A little light reading.
- You should be careful

with that book.

I don't think it is
a book actually, Lena.

Turns out it is...

a place to hold...

- Yeah, that's...
- A bag of hair!

I was trying to say that.

So this is from my
great-grandmother's wake.


Before my time, but these
were the candles they burned

and this is...


A bag of her actual hair

- Not good.
- That they wanted to keep.

So my family's weird.

- Yep.
- No, no, if I had hair,

I would keep it in a book.

But maybe that's
why you shouldn't

just take things, Kevin.

- Dude.
- I don't even,

I'm speechless,
it's a bag of hair.

You still
want to take this room?

Yes, but please
remove the book.

No, you're sleeping
with that hair.

I'm putting it
under your pillow.

But look, it takes you
back to where we started.

So you don't have to
come through the closets.

- Oh, okay.
- Yeah, so.

- I see now.
- Safe land out here, Kevin.

- Yeah, got it.
- So yeah.

That's pretty much upstairs.

But who wants to see
the creepy basement?

- Creepy basement!
- Creepy basement!

Let's do it, let's
do it, come on.

Alright, be very
careful going down.

They're old rickety stairs.

I think you need
to be careful going down.

I think your mom
needs to be careful going down.

- Whoa.
- Spooky!

That was unnecessary.

Come on, pussies.

Get down here.

Watch your head when
you get down though.


Super low ceilings.

somebody's necklace.

It's not a necklace,
it's a rosary.

What is a rosary?

You don't know
what a rosary is?

It's Catholic prayer beads.

Oh well, I'm a Jew,
so that's probably why.

This could be a
cool spot to film something.


Once we actually have

something to film.

Dudes, I don't know.

Kind of getting
weird, freaky vibes.

Are you scared, Kevin?

And it's freezing cold.

- Yeah, it's a basement.
- I'm just uncomfortable.

He's uncomfortable.

Oh, that's
totally normal.

- What?
- I don't know.

Why do you have that?

I don't know.

People don't come
up here very often.

This little room...

Oh, is it your
family's secret torture room?


This is where my

used to keep her
homemade jarred goods.

heads, probably.

Yeah, maybe it is a
torture chamber, Kevin.

Want to go in there?

No, you could
not pay me enough money

to sit in that chair.

He's gone, he's just done.

You want to go in there, Aaron?

Oh no, I think
you should ask Kevin again.

He seemed to be on the brink...

- Kevin.
- Of changing his mind.

Are you okay, dude?

Yeah, cool
little home office.

What's wrong with him?

How's he sleeping like that?

I know, really.

Oh, wait.

All we had to do is
film him and he stopped.

Keep filming.

You and I can
finally go to sleep.


Oh, did you hear that?

No, hear what?


Yeah, either
I'm really, really high

or the wind just stopped.

No, it stopped.

Here, hold this.

What is it?

There's people over here.

- Really?
- Yeah, it's weird.

Check it out.

- I don't see any...
- No, right here.

The neighbor's house.

Whoa, that's weird.

Do you
think they're having

Bible study or something?

It's one
in the morning.

- Christ!
- Oh dude.

Fuck, Aaron.

You suck at sleeping.

What's going on?

- Oh my God.
- There's people


What are you doing?

There's people.


Get up.

I don't see anything.

They're gone.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

That's so weird,
they were just right there.


We were filming
you snoring, by the way.


Fuck you guys.

Let's go, come on. It's cold.

Get ready to
practice your French.


What is he saying?

I don't really know.

Yo, dude.

They got milk in bags.

It's the
metric system, man.

There's three bags to a gallon.

Oh look at
that, 3%, 10%, 15%.

- They got 35%.
- Oh my gosh.

That's almost half.

Delight Loukoum?

Canadian beer...

- -is free.
- What?

Kevin, what the
fuck are you doing?


Pardon, put it back, man.

It's an
entire aisle dedicated

to preservative
packed mini cakes.

actually look amazing.

Okay, okay.

We should stop.

you look so domestic.

Aaron, I look "bro-mestic".

Okay, guys.

So I want you to be
intimately familiar

with the story here.


So this little girl,
that's Aurore, the martyr.

- Got it, okay.
- Okay, got it?

This is the very
happy family photo.

Not creepy at all, yeah.

- Great.
- Okay.

And we have Telesphore Gagnon.

Okay, he's the father.

And we have Marie-Anne
Houde, the stepmother.

And these guys were cousins.


A lot of that went on up here.

So fucking messed up.


Kevin: Who wants more wine?

Oh yes, thank you.

- Aaron?
- I'm good, thanks.

Perfect, thank you, thank you.

- That's it?
- Yeah, yeah.

So basically, terrible people.

Especially this woman,
Marie-Anne Houde.

She's the original
evil stepmother.

She would burn Aurore
with the fire poker

and starve her
and shit just, ow.

basically pure evil.

- Yeah.
- Like Kev-Mo.

Yeah, so after Aurore
dies, there's this trial.

And Telesphore gets
sentenced to life

and Marie-Anne gets
sentenced to hanging.

- Right, yeah.
- Right, yeah.

Yeah, except that
both of them end up

getting released
for various reasons

and get to live out their days.

- Just free people.
- Yep, yeah.

Oh, so there's never
any real justice for Aurore.


None, not at all.

So alright, what I'm,

I'm thinking about this from
kind of a spiritual standpoint

and it's like...

Unfinished business.

Absolutely, yes, yes.

And so I think that's the
foundation for the script.

Alright, yeah,
I want to hear more.

But first, I gotta piss.

So glad this shit
is legal up here.

I know, and it's good too.

Oh yes.

- Alright, Aaron.
- Yep.

Whoa, my God, dude.


Every time.

Are you okay?

- Such a lightweight.
- What is happening to you?

- You want more?
- Of course.

I just had an
idea for a story idea.

Oh my God.

- Someone's really high.
- Kevin, Kevin,

take the camera.

that kind of idea?

- Yep, yep, yep.
- Someone's high.

- This is it, this is it.
- Alright.

No, no.

Yes, yes, I am high, but
that's not the point.



100 years. Since
the death of Aurore.

A child is murdered
by her parents

who are possessed
by evil spirits.


Like the
evil spirits of

Mary Anne and Telesphore Gagnon?

- Sure, yep, them.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Yep, them.
- Alright, alright.

I'm okay with that.
I think it's good.

Cool, shut the
gate. We're done.

Roll credits.

Yes. Invite friends and
family to the screening

so we have people in the seats.

I have an
idea, I have an idea.

I have an idea.

Alright, so.

Like he said, 100 years
after Aurore died.

Why are you laughing?

Sounds derivative.

I feel like I've
heard this one before.

There's children going
missing here, now though again,

and because of a copycat killer.

A coffee cup killer.

What, cup?

No, no,
wait, I got one.

- I didn't say coffee cup.
- You say coffee

cup killer?

remember that idea

that we had awhile ago?

Wait, which one?

Which one?

The one
where it was like

a cult town?

Oh yeah.

And they were
harvesting human bodies.

That's good though.

about the lady that

we saw today at that store.

She would make the
best cult person.

What did you just say?

Did you say cult person?

Aaron: What is that?

What is a cult person?

I don't know.

Kevin: Yo, deal with it.

I'll get it.

Fix it, fix it.

direct the music.

Knobs within knobs.

- Come on.
- Okay.

That thing's dead.

Sorry, I tried.

Calling it.

- Come on, man.
- I did not promise

the technology in this
house would be very good.

We need "tune-age",

- come on!
- Stream something!

Oh, okay.

Okay, hold on, let me
pull something up here.


- Oh.
- Try AM.

I think the wifi
is dead, you guys.


I'm gonna reset the router.

You know one of us
can do that, right?

Yeah but it's
fine, I'm right here.

All: Oh fuck!

You gotta
be kidding me.

Are you
serious right now?

What the fuck?

What? What happened?

I think it just locked
when it fell down.

- No.
- Does that happen often?

You can't lock it from inside.

And no, this has never happened.


Oh, actually, that
was really easy.

- Alright.
- It just opened?

- What the fuck?
- That's really weird.

You got the latch okay?

Yes, there you go.

Can you check
to see if there's

a window open or something,

or maybe a draft blew it closed.

I don't know why
this would do that.

Yeah, sure, I'll go be
the hero and check it out.

- Thank you, Aaron.
- Alone, by myself.

Freaked out.

- What was that?
- What the fuck?



It's not funny.

Did you
find something?

What the hell?

Aaron, come on.

- Aaron!
- Aaron!

Come on!


- Aaron
- Kevin: Fuck!

- Aaron!
- God.

Fuck you guys.

Dude, I'm too
high for this shit.

Not one
of you assholes

even asked if I was okay.

The one
scene, that one permit,

would've cost more
than the entire film.

So we had to go guerrilla.

Just one actor, DP,
director, that's it.

- Wow.
- You get the shot?

We got a shot.

I mean, the director
wasn't totally happy but...

See that's why shooting
here is gonna be so awesome.

It's not like LA where you
need a permit for everything.

I feel like we'll just be
able to roll up to a place

and just go.

That's great.

Here's our first
location, my friends.

- This is the church.
- Yeah, this is what

we're gonna check out.

So you can just go
into this parking lot

right here to the right.

And yeah.

This church is
over 100 years old.

Yeah, I can
tell by the phone booth

in front of it.

Is it locked?

I don't know.

It's not locked.

- Let's go to church.
- Yeah.

Churches are friendly,
welcoming places.

Here we go.

It's warm at least.

Oh, don't slam
the door on the camera.


Check out all the local art.

Wood carvings.

That's cool.

Isn't it beautiful though?

It is, yeah.

Must be
a lot of farmers.

Aaron: Oh, wow.

Yeah, you gotta
look at the ceilings.

- Wow.
- So nice.

Stations of the Cross.

Some things are universal.

En francais.

Oh, I speak English.

Oh, Okay. Good.

Well we're here because
we're looking to film

here in the church at some
point in the near future.

Hold on a second, hold on.

I think this is
someone I'm related to.

priest's watching us.


He's over there.

So much for
filming everywhere.

He can't say anything.

I mean, we're
paying our respects.

Fucking freezing.

I want you guys to see if
you can find Aurore's grave.

I'm not gonna tell
you where it is.

You'll know, you'll
know when you'll see it.

Wonder if they're
related to our friend Aurore.


And no one ever heard
from Kev-Mo again.

I remember my
first Mail Hot account.

I'm a Mail G guy myself.

Oh shit.



Oh, you found it.

It's amazing
that she died 100 years ago

and people still leave
her all these toys.

I think
I know this girl.



Oh my God!

Hey, Kevin, it's
nice to meet you.


It's okay, my
English is not so bad.

- Oh, okay, good.
- Mine too.

We would like to
do a film about Aurore.


You know, my uncle lives at
the house where she died.

For real?

- Yeah.
- Seriously?

Yeah, it's not that far away.

Oh my God, do you think
you could give us directions

so we could check it out?

- Sure.
- Let me get a pen.

Aaron: Poor little guy.

I bet he used to have a
whole bunch of fly friends.

And they all abandoned him

'cause they'd rather
be smoking pot.

Snow day.

See, this is kinda
more what I was expecting.

Shit happens fast up here.

Camera likes you.

Thank you, Aaron.

It's so cold.

Do I look like an angel?

Do you see that?

- Don't break it, don't ruin it.
- Sorry, sorry.

- Did you get this?
- It's beautiful.

Just created art.

Yeah, just looks
like a bunch of white stuff.

There's no
lake out here, is there?

That we're walking
on and we're gonna...

Yeah, you're
on one right now.

- Oh yeah, very funny.
- You don't hear the cracking?

It's snowing.

I don't know what to do.

Such a
baby, so sensitive.

never felt more alone.

Hey, hey, don't
run with the camera.

- I'm not.
- He's frolicking.

How do you tell
if someone from LA is cold?

I don't know,
Aaron, how do you tell?

Oh, he'll tell you.

How far are we
allowed to go this way?

Our property
ends at the tree line.

And then the rest of that
belongs to a farmer, I think.

Get some air, dude.

- Let's get some air.
- Oh my God.

You guys are so cute together.

Almost looks like you're
standing in front of,

on a lake that's frozen.


- An old, cool house.
- It's all sunken in.

I would not want
to get lost out there.

Always a shame
that the moon never looks

as good as it does in real life.

It's so pretty tonight.

I heard there's a
streetlight around here.

That flickers every
night at the same time.

Not around here, I
don't see any streetlights.

- I know.
- Much less a haunted one.

I feel like
maybe we went too far.

Well, if you
want me to turn around,

tell me to turn around.

I don't know.

Keep going for now, I guess.

So I got
a burning question.

Are all priests assholes?


Yeah, I'm kinda weirded
by the Catholic church.

Never liked going much as a kid.

It's not my scene except
for the Latin chants.

You know what, you guys,
this is definitely not right.

Whoa, there's a snow twister.

Look at that.

you getting this?

Hell yeah I am.

That thing is awesome.

It looks like a ghost.

I feel like we
went too far for sure.

She said it was just

- a couple of miles.
- I'm down to go home.

Let's turn around.

this might take awhile

because somebody
rented a minivan.

Yeah, be super
careful with these

ditches on both sides.

Yeah, precious cargo.

Don't worry, Kev.

Look at this cornfield.

Baby on board.

Watch the ice, man.

Easier to
watch the not ice.

- Alright, here we go.
- How do people even

live out here?

The only
thing that I care about

is that we don't get lost
in the middle of nowhere

on a freezing night.

Holy fuck, Aaron!

Oh my God.

Are you
fucking kidding me, Lena?

There was a girl.

- You almost hit her.
- I didn't see shit.


I don't know.


I'm not messing, you
guys, there was a girl.

Save it.

- Son of a bitch.
- Are we stuck?

- Dude, where are you going?
- Aaron.


- What is he doing?
- Fuck!

Raging out.

Really, really, really
sorry, you guys.

You always take it
too fucking far, Lena.

Just fucking
relax, I have triple A.

They don't have
triple A up here, man.

And we don't
have reception, so.

God Damn it

Great, so.

It's dark and I'm
freezing my nuts off and

I have to go to the
fucking bathroom

and we're just
stuck in this ditch?

- I swear, I saw something.
- Can we just find a way

to go home, please?


There's a house
down here, alright?

We'll just, we can
ask for help, alright?


I'm not going alone, come on.

This is how
people get murdered.

You're not
gonna get murdered.

You can't
promise me that.

Come on!

Do not wanna
walk down this road.

She's fucking stubborn.

We should just let her...

Come on, we can't
let her go alone.

- Goddammit.
- Come on!

Okay, please be home.

My toes are just
gonna crack off.

Weird red lights.

Oh, goddammit.

Smells weird.

Kinda like incense
or something?

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

We got in an accident

You don't speak English, okay.

- So we slid on the ice.
- We need help.


Heard him
say "anglais", I think.



Oui, can I help you?

Okay, thank you.

So we slipped just
down here on the ice.

We went into a ditch

- kind of thing.
- We need a tow truck.

Oh, tow truck, oui.

- Come inside, yes please.
- Okay, thank you so much.

Thank you, thank you.

Yes, come in, come in.

Benoit's cousin Marc
has a tow truck.

Wow, really?

You alright?

He's gonna see if he
can get the tow truck.

Oh my God.

- That was Benoit.
- That's amazing, thank you.

Hey, what's up, Kevin.

Oh, the American, yes.

You are the
filmmakers obviously.

Oh we're famous, huh?

Well I don't know
about the States,

but around here,
people pay attention.

What are you filming?


Well, we're thinking about
doing a horror movie.

Maybe a local haunting story.

- How exciting, yeah.
- Thanks. We're excited.

into that stuff, huh?

Yes, I do enjoy it.

I'm a bit of a, how
you say, spiritualist.


Yes, as you can see,

I do tarot card
readings for my friends.


happened to you?

Oh, just
stupid, minor injury.

Oh well please, sit down.

Well speaking of hauntings,

we have had a few
here in Sainte-Sophie.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Has anyone ever seen a
girl walking in your field?

Come on, Lena.

I know what I saw, you guys.

Because when we were driving,

I swear I saw this little girl,

and we've been researching
Aurore l'enfant martyre.

Let me stop you there.

Aurore's story is...

What is the word?


The people in this
town don't like

when people make fantasy of
a tragedy

Oh, we definitely
don't want to make light of it.

Oh no, not at all.

It's a nice fire.

I'm quite certain

there are no little girls

running around in my field
in the middle of November.

Lena: Oh, okay.

Hey, can
I use your bathroom?

Yes, through the
kitchen to the right.

I'd be happy to do a card
reading for you, if you'd like.

- Really?
- Yeah, please.

I would love that.

- Be my guest.
- Thank you.

I guess
it's what we're doing.

That's super cool.

And what exactly do
you hope to get out of this?

Go with it, Aaron.

- Inspiration.
- Please.

I need some quiet.

Okay, sorry.

You can take
your jacket off, Kev-Mo.

What would you like to know?


I don't know.

Will our movie sell?


The film that we
finished, will we sell it?

Tarot cannot tell
us everything but

let's see what the
cards have to say.

This card means the world.

Facing this way, it means
completion, fulfillment.

Yes, we are aware
we finished the movie.


Well, death doesn't
always mean death.

Sometimes it means
a new beginning.

New movie?

New beginning?

Is it always so bleak?

More new
beginnings maybe?

Tarot is not a game.

I thought it was
just one death card in a deck.

What is it?

That's fucked.

What does that mean?


Nice guy.

What'd he say?

He said to be careful

and then I think something
about maybe don't be stupid.

These roads suck.

We already got in
one accident too many tonight.

Yep, no more
ditches, no more ditches.

Drive slowly, please.

Check it out.

Languages of
the Dead, what is that?

Nabbed us
a little "souvie".

You stole from them?

- Why would you do that?
- Kev.

They just helped us.

We're writing
a horror script.

I thought it'd be useful.

You can't
just take things, dude.

It was the only
book they had in English.

Kevin, really?

- I don't read French.
- Fuck, Kevin.

Get your shit together.

Fuck you, Aaron.

No good?

She pulled
three death cards.

Oh my God,
please don't tell me

you're still
thinking about that.

Was kind of fucked up.


So what, you die three times?

Is that what you believe,
like we're a fucking cat

with nine lives or something?

There's three of us, Aaron.

- Three death cards.
- Don't say that.

Don't fall
for her bullshit, Kev.

Lena, seriously, we're not
here to do tarot card readings

and chase the
ghosts in your head.

You didn't think
that was good inspiration

for what we're doing?

Because when we shoot this,

I'm thinking that we...

Why don't
you just direct this?

Here we go.

That's not fair, Aaron, you
know I don't want to direct.

Yeah, you always
say that and then

you always try anyway.

So maybe this time,
you should just write

and direct what you want.

Are you fucking
joking right now?

You clearly
don't trust my judgment.

It's the Lena show
every fucking time.

And I'm tired of it.

Hey, I got an idea.

Why don't you guys
just fuck already?

Turn off the fucking camera.

she's super pissed.

Yeah, you certainly
didn't help things, did you?

When are you
gonna get your shit together

and just tell her how you feel?

You really think
she would want to,

you're fucking
filming me right now?

Whoa, the church
looks awesome at night, dude.

What the fuck?

Another one a.m. meeting.


Aaron, they have candles

Holy shit, I wonder if they
do this every single night.

- Aaron.
- Hmm?

Dude, are
you even listening?

I'm booking an
early flight back.

You're doing what?

I'm not into any of
this, to be honest.

Feels like a waste of time.

Holy shit, man,
you're not into any of this?

It's so cool up here.




Is your
leg okay? Come on.

- It's fine, I fell on my ass.
- Let me get you up.

We heard it.

Put the
camera away, Kevin.


Hey, guys.

- What's up?
- Hey.

Having a little solo
Lena party in here?

Yes, I'm
celebrating, you guys.


You should be too.

Uh-huh, and what
is the occasion?

You were right.

About everything, all of it.

None of it matters, none of it.

You were right.

- Wow.
- Look.

I'm sorry, hey, I'm sorry.

For what I said before.

I was frustrated and
a bit out of line.

But I don't think all
of this is worthless.

I don't.

But it is.

It's all worthless.

It's total bullshit.

I mean, we've been
doing this forever and

no one cares.

And I'm not in my
twenties anymore.

Which is fine.

But now I got this
thing with my leg.

I'm like the crazy old
lady at the nursing home.

Come on, Lena, stop.

You know you're crazy talented.

So very nice.

You're very sweet.

And even if that were true...

it doesn't matter,

because nobody cares and
no one sees our shit,

and we're all talented
but no one sees it so,

it doesn't matter.

This doesn't sound like you.



And I don't want to be the
fucking girl who cries.


Maybe I have felt like
a failure all this time.

And I felt like it was my duty

to keep you guys

happy and living the dream.

But no one sees our shit
and we work so fucking hard.

And we spend so
much fucking money.

And no one sees it
and no one cares.


I'm here because I
believe in you, alright?

I believe in us.

Always have, I mean,

we do really great
work together.


Yeah, yeah.

I'm proud of the work we do.

We all should be proud.


I thought you hated it up here.

It's not that bad.

Not that bad.

Come on, it frickin'
rules up here, man.

I'm digging the whole
spooky town history stuff.



So you guys don't
want to leave?

I'm not going anywhere.

Yeah, we're in
it 'til the end.

I'm sorry, you guys.

I'm an asshole, I'm sorry.

- No, no.
- You know what?

Let's get you to bed

and we'll talk about
it more in the morning.

- Okay.
- You ready?

- Yeah.
- Help me out, Kevin

You got it, alright, alright.

- You good?
- Fuck, I'm gonna puke.

Okay, okay, it's okay

It's okay

And the secret to
a good quiche is,

and they don't tell you
this in most recipes,

is you don't want
to beat the eggs.

You getting this, Kev-Mo?

What's the difference?

Good question.

The difference is you don't
want any air in the custard.

You want to gently stir the eggs

into a smooth, even consistency.

What's going on?

What will emerge from...

Oh my God.

It's so bright in here.

- Oh my God.
- Good morning.

It's a
horrible monster.

Looking beautiful as ever.

Ya know, I actually
feel pretty good today.

Yeah, me too.

Ya know, I wanted more
wine last night but...

Oh, I wanted
more wine last night.

Fuck you guys.


Lena: Oh my God, go away.

Hey Lena,
could you get the door?

Are you serious right now?

Oh my God, why are
you filming this?

This is what I do.

This is bad, okay.


- Hey, it's Chantal.
- Chantal.


How did you like
my uncle's house?


Actually, we didn't find it.

I can take you there.

My Uncle Gagnon is very kind.

Did you
just say Gagnon?

Oh, I did not tell you?

Yeah, Gagnon.

Aurore would have
been my great-aunt.

Oh, you're related.


Do you think he
would show us the house?

Oui, I can ask.


Hey Chantal,
you like quiche?


Come on, come on.

You hear that, Aaron?

- You have a fan.
- Cool, two more hours.


What's up
with people today?

What do you mean?

I'm getting beer.

Pay for it, Kevin.

watching you, dude.

So what's
Chantal's story?

What do you mean?

I don't know,
she seemed pretty cool.

And you know Kevin's
kinda lonely, so.

Kev Mo needs to get...

I'm starting
to get the feeling

nobody wants us here.

This book is
really interesting.

See, I
did a good thing.

I just got to this part

where it talks about
spiritual possession.

Like exorcism shit?

This is fucked up.

It says,

"In the early 1600s,

villagers used to take part

in a sacrificial blood
transferring ritual

in order to keep
people's spirits away."

I mean, you gotta see this.


Oh shit, like a human sacrifice.

what it looks like.

Human sacrifice?

It's like having
a literal blood bath.

Sounds awesome.

that's not weird.

you guys gonna eat

the sandwiches I made you?

Oh, you
made sandwiches?

Oh yeah, I'm starving.


And where
exactly are we going?

To see a

haunted streetlight.

- Hmm.
- Uh-huh.

This one
looks pretty scary.

So it's not
far, just to the right.


- Huh
- KEVIN: It's cold. What?

Guys, guys.

Another late night gathering.

Aaron: Shit!

Are they still looking?

- Yes.
- I don't know.


Just the way they were
looking at us though...

Yeah, but you have
the camera in their face, dude.

I'm just
saying, it's weird.

I'm not, it's not a problem

- we need to solve.
- Yeah, it was weird.

Okay so apparently,


every night at
approximately 1:15 a.m.,

Uh huh.

this light flickers.

You know there's
any number of reasons

why a light would flicker?

You know
there's any number of reasons?

Aaron, could be really
great motivation, okay?

So chill out.

yeah, totally.

Yep, you're right, it's haunted.

Do you guys know
what time it is?



That gives
us about 17 minutes.

Sorry it's cold.

Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.

- Spooky streetlights.
- The light is flickering.

Yes, I'm sure
you see a lot of things.

Hand it over, man.

it's almost showtime.

If this does happen,

I'm gonna get freaked.

This is so stupid,


Seven seconds.

You see, nothing.

Can we just wait one
more second, come on.


Alright, no ghost,
let's get outta here.


I'm cold, I'm tired.

Wrong way, Lena.

What are you doing?


What the fuck?

What is this?

Could be
cars coming, Lena.

- Come on!
- You guys.

You know
you're injured, right?


I mean...

how many chances do
you get in a lifetime

to sit in the middle
of the fucking road

and watch the
stars with a "jay"?

You're just
gonna get cold and wet.

I don't know that this is...

Yeah, and I'm gunna
have fun while doing it.

Shit, yep,
this is happening.

Sounds cool.

Come on, Aaron.

No way I'm lying
in the middle of a road

with this camera.

Uh-huh, wah.

You're not gonna
get hurt, it's fine.

Yeah, I'll just
film you idiots from here.

Or maybe 10 feet back.

See the stars, dude?

- Yes.
- So peaceful up here.

You can see the stars

with that streetlight above you?

Aaron, shut up.

Is Kevin asleep?



Hey, buddy?

How can
you sleep, man?

Are you really asleep, dude?

wake your ass up!

He's so cute.

Kev, I'm pretty cold though.

Oh shit,
alright, guys.

Car coming.


wake up, come on.


- Kev, you're messing, right?
- Seriously, come on.

You're messing.

- Kevin.
- Fuck, Aaron.

shit, shit, shit,

- shit, shit, shit.
- Kev. Dude!

Shit, shit shit shit

Okay, okay, okay.

Careful, slippery.

Okay, okay.

- Kev, Kev, come on.
- Kevin, come on, come on.

- Shit, Kevin, come on.
- Dude,

If you're fucking
messing, oh my God.

- Alright, just pull him up.
- Oh shit, shit, okay.

- I got him, I got him.
- No, I can,

Jesus Christ,
it's coming, Aaron!

Fuck, oh fuck.

Aaron, hurry, come on.

Fuck, that was sick.

- Yeah.
- What happened?

What the fuck

- was that, Kevin?
- Oh my God!

I think I passed out.

Aaron, you okay, dude?

Jesus, Lena,

are you trying to get us killed?

That weed is strong.

By the way, how
is this my fault, Aaron?

Wow, it's
beautiful here.

Sure is.

- Cool house.
- Well guys,

this is the house
where Aurore died.

I could die
at a place like this.

You almost

- did last night.
- Hey guys!

Hey, Chantal!

He'll be here in a minute.

- Okay.
- Come in, come in.

- It's so cold outside.
- Thank you.

Kevin, did you
see the ass of your coat?

Is that from dragging
you across the road?

Yep, watch your step.

- Thank you, thanks.
- Hey Kevin!

Chantal, ah, you remember me.

Yeah, I do.

Hey Aaron, with the camera.


Nice to meet you.

Is he cool
with the camera?

It's okay, no problem.

Thank you so much.

- Thank you.
- Don't stay there.

- Come in, come in.
- Okay, wow, thanks.

This place

is amazing.

Please, have a seat.

Well, thank you so much for

having us at your home.

We appreciate it.


Can we maybe just start
with his relation to Aurore?

Telesphore was
his great-uncle.

Did he know him?

He knew him when he was
alive, but he was very young.



What was he like,
do you remember?

Yeah, too young to remember.



Can you ask him what it's like

to be a Gagnon?


Do you
know what he's...

It's a curse!

The Gagnon name.


The house is haunted.

For real?


Sometimes the crucifix
falls off the wall.




He doesn't want you
to think he's crazy.

Oh, no, no.

Would he mind showing
us the crucifix?

It was Telesphore's room.

That's crazy.

It's the crucifix
that falls off the wall.

There's a
lot of bugs and flies...


Okay, it's not that
the crucifix bother him,

it's the scratching
sound in the other room.

Scratching sounds?



He said it's Aurore's
room where she died

and now it's always locked.

At night he hears...

During the night he
hears scratchings sounds.

Has he checked
for rodents or raccoons or?


He asked for an exterminator.

Didn't work and he
make come a priest.

- A priest?
- Yeah, to bless the room.

And this is a few years ago now

and since then, it's closed.

didn't work, huh?


Let's go in.

- No problem.
- We can pay.

How much?

It's okay, thank
you for showing us.

Okay, let's have some tea.

- Alright, Alright.
- Thank you, wow.

I'm sorry!

I'll fix it, I will
fix it, I will fix it!

Oh my God!

What the fuck
were you thinking, dude?

I was trying to get
a glimpse inside that room.

So you ripped the
rosary off the doorknob?

I don't get what
your issue is, man.

If there's ghosts
here, I want to see them.

I wasn't trying to
break the thing.

I was trying to take it.

Oh, that makes
it so much better.

Dude, you need help.

Seriously, I think
you might be a klepto.

Yeah, and you
managed to make enemies

with the one family
we need help from

for our fucking film.

Stop the car!


Oh fuck.

I saw somebody.

Alright, I think
it's about here.

"Seriously, I think you

might be a klepto."

"I'm not a klepto"

Yeah, and you managed

to make enemies

with the one family
we need help from

for our fucking film."

Stop the car!

Did you see it?

- No, I saw nothing.
- Alright, go back.

Go back, back, back, yes.

- Oh my God.
- Okay.

- Okay, I see it too.
- That's her.

You guys, that's
the girl I saw before.



Well first
of all, I see it too.

But it could be a stump.

- A stump?
- Yeah.

a fucking stump.

there's a face there.

Or a
smudge on the window.

There's a face.

Let's go
to after we break.

Hang on.

- Gone, okay.
- Yeah, that's after.

- She was there.
- Go back to when

- she was there.
- I'm doing that, see?

So it could be a
smudge on the window

interacting with
the environment.

Okay, sure.

Give a
fucking break, man.

That's a girl.

No, it's a foreground...

Are you serious, Aaron?

- Foreground, background.
- You're just denying

what's on the screen right now.

I'm not denying
it, I hear you,

I just think we tend to

see what we want to see or think

- what we want to think.
- Fuck that supposed to mean?

You think I want to
see a girl in the road?

Yeah, I don't want
to see this shit, Aaron.

What the fuck is that?

Alright, have
fun, play with it.

Play with it?

- I'm gonna go lay down.
- Aaron!

No, I'm tired of
talking about it.

- You saw this.
- I'm tired in general.

- Walking away.
- You're tired.

- Yep.
- Take a nappie.

- Yep, this timezone's a dick.
- Alright. Amazing.

- Long day.
- Seriously?

Hard day.

There's not enough wine

for whatever the fuck
is going on right now.

Oh Kevin, you didn't.

Kevin, this is the biggest
dick move you've ever made.

- We're taking it back.
- Fuck that.

- Dude.
- Kevin!

We're taking it back
right now, come on.

I took this for a reason.

And that is?

Okay, I was reading the
Languages of the Dead.

Yeah, the other
thing that you stole.

Just listen, please.

Fucking leg is killing me.

There's a part in that
book that talks about

communicating with the dead.

Yeah, I'm aware.

It's called Languages
of the Dead.


So then you also know that

it talks about
communicating with the dead

through use of a icon thing.

Yeah, like a talisman
or some bullshit.

You know it better than I do.

We could try to talk
to Aurore using that.

I mean, think about it.

We may not even have
to write our script.

We could maybe just film what's
happening here around us.

For real.

And voila, as they say.

And that's our film.

Just gotta get Aaron on board.


Did we leave this shit on?

- Cued up?
- Yeah.


Alright, here we go.



You gotta
come down here, man.




I have full body chills.

Give me the thing.

Don't let him see it.


Hey. you guys haven't moved.

What are you baking?

Pepperoni pizza.

Okay, Aaron, you
need to see this.

- Okay.
- Check it out.

Okay, so.

We've been looking
at all the footage

that we shot since
the day we got here.


Okay, so
just watch the grave.


Is that a face?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, like...

It's there.

Then it's not there.

Okay so then, remember
the night we got high?

Just watch the cross.


Kevin: "Are you okay?"


That's a
fucking rotation.

- I mean...
- Back to what it did.

- Does it go back?
- No, I mean,

it turns like that
and then it stays.

Okay, sorry.

Show the last one.

Did I shoot all these?

Yeah. Alright.

What am I looking at?

So, the mirror.

"Fucking messed up".


Oh, fuck!

- I mean...
- Dude.

There's a face.

a presence here

and we captured it, man.

Aaron, you captured it.

What am I looking at?

You guys are messing with me.

Yeah, okay,
we edited this in here.


I don't know what
to say to this.

This is fucking crazy.

This is our
real footage, man.

And it's gold.

I think it's watching us, now.

- Don't say that!
- I'm sorry.

You realize this
is our film now, right?

Wait, what?

Okay, so Kevin and
I have been talking.


And Aaron,
look, we have legit

paranormal activity on camera.


This is it, this is our film.

All we have to do
is shoot everything

that happens from this point on.

So just film and hope
we catch something.


Why wouldn't we?

We already have, dude.

And maybe we
go a little deeper.

Go deeper?

The only place I want
to go right now is home.

This is fucking crazy,
this is fucked up!

Aaron, I'm
thinking that this

spirit or presence or whatever
it is could be Aurore.

And we should try to
communicate with her.

Communicate with her,
you fucking psychopath.

Dude, we
have a whole book about

talking to spirits
and dead people.

Really, you're
into this, Kevin?

This is
potentially huge for us.

I think you're scared.

Yeah, I'm fucking scared!

That's the appropriate response!

You know what?

You're getting a
little crazy right now.

I'm crazy.

We have all this footage

that you just saw with
your own eyes, okay?

Whatever, whoever is here,

you saw it, okay?

And we should try to
communicate with it.

I don't understand
you guys, this is,

where are you going?

This is fucking bull.

Dude, come on.

Really, Kev-Mo?

You're on board with this?

What do you mean, man?

We've been waiting for
something that's gonna sell.

- Come on, you guys!
- Jesus.

Hey, can
you hit the light?

Yeah, let me
just start by saying

this is the worst fucking idea

you guys have ever had.

Can you not be a dick, please?

I'm here, aren't I?

Let's just do this.


Oh, I'm fine here.

- Someone has to shoot this.
- Okay, fine.

Here we go.

Do you have the rosary?

How did,

- is that from Aurore's house?
- Can you not worry

about this right now, please?

got to be fucking

kidding me.


You ready?

We're here in peace.

Is there a presence here
with us in this house?

Did you
just, guys did you...

What the fuck?


Is there someone in this room?

We. Are. Friends.


Try French.

Oh, okay.

Do you smell that?

Yeah, it smells like smoke.


I just smell the candles.

Oh fuck, the pizza.

Alright, I'm
done with this shit.

Kev, can you blow those out?

Son of a bitch!

Burnt to a crisp!


Really, Lena?

Dude, you
always do this.

I don't want
to fight with you, Lena.

Why does every fucking thing
have to be an argument?

None of you brought the camera?

You guys trying
to burn the house down?



You look so sad.

I think I got one
bite of actual food

because we are
ghost hunters now.

So much smoke.

If you guys
are still hungry,

I can make scrambled
eggs or something.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Anything's better
than this shit.

I won't say no.



I thought you said

they don't get earthquakes here.

We don't!


Well, first time for
everything, I guess.

Holy fuck!

Jesus fuck!

Which one of
you stole my book?

That was me, I'm sorry.

I took this too.

I don't know what the
hell's wrong with me.

Is that
from the Gagnon house?


Put it away!

Is there something
you're not telling us?

You should not have taken it.

Dude, what's
going on with you?

I don't know, my back
feels like it's burning.

Is there something there?

Holy fuck,
what did you do?

- I didn't do anything.
- Let me look.

What is it?

You have
communicated with a spirit,

but it is not Aurore.

- Whatever is here is too big.
- Fuck!

Lena: Kev, Kev, Kev?

- Oh my God, Kevin!
- Calm down, calm down

- Something's happening!
- Oh my God, okay.

- What's going on? Kevin?
- It's okay, it's okay.

- What's happening?
- Kevin. It's okay.

Lena: Oh my God!

What's happening to him?

- Keep filming it.
- Okay, okay, I'm filming.

Film it! Film it!


- Oh fuck!
- Marie-Anne Houde?

He has been marked.

- What?
- Oh Jesus, fuck.

We gotta get him to a hospital!

It's okay. It's okay, breathe.

- It's too late.
- Too late?

They will be coming for him.

What! Who's coming for me!

What are you
fucking talking about!

Only they
can put an end to this.

- I'm so sorry.
- Wait, wait, no!

Wait! Where you going? Wait!

- It's okay, it's okay.
- Oh fuck.

It's okay, it's okay.

Fuck. Fuck.

What the fuck?

What is this?

What is this?

May God have mercy on you.

Have mercy on... what?

Is this some kinda joke?

Where are you going!

Oh my God, oh
my God, Kev, it's okay.

What do you want!


It's okay, Kevin.

What the fuck?

What are they saying?

I don't know, I
don't know these words.

Aaron, get in the house!

Get in the house!

Kevin, where's Kevin?

- Kevin?
- Kevin!

Lena: Fuck!

Oh my God, Kevin, Kevin!


Kevin, Kevin, Kevin!

- Come on, Kevin!
- Fuck!

Aaron, is he up there!


Did you find him!


Check the basement.

Shit, shit, come on.

Turn off the light.


- Kevin!
- Kev-Mo, come on!

It's not fucking funny!



- Aaron, Aaron...
- Still out there?

Aaron, Aaron, Aaron,
Aaron, Aaron, Aaron!

I don't know what
the fuck is going on!

It's okay.

- What the fuck?
- Aaron. Wait, wait, wait.

Get your coat, we have to
go out the back, come on.

Jesus, what
are they doing to him?

Oh my God!


Oh my God, I think
my battery's running out.

My leg hurts so much.

Fuck, why can't
we hear him anymore?

I'm losing
my shit, Aaron.

I know,
I know, come on.

We can find him,
we're gonna be okay.

I heard
him, I heard him.

- Kevin, Kevin!
- Okay. Okay

a farm over there.

- Kevin!
- Kevin!

Aaron, I
hear the chanting.

What are we gonna do?

Oh my God, Aaron.


- Fuck.
- Shit, shit.


Kevin, we're coming.


It stopped.

We have to go to the police.

- Lena?
- Oh fuck!

- Jesus Christ.
- Oh my God, Chantal, Chantal.

We need someone
to call the police.

Kevin is missing,
we can't find him.

- We need help.
- It's okay, it's okay.

You don't need to
be scared anymore.

- What?
- Okay.

Your friend is here.

What do
you fucking mean?

Where! Where is he?

He's inside,
don't worry about it.


- Kevin.
- Okay?

- Kevin, Kevin.
- Jesus Christ.

What did they do?

- Why did they take him?
- Chantal!

Can you tell us?

- Chantal?
- Fuck.

Aaron, Aaron,
I don't like this.

It's okay, alright?

what's happening?

- Lena, Lena.
- Aaron, Aaron.

Whatever happens.

Jesus Christ, they're
chanting again.

Chantal, what is this?

Why won't
you talk to us?

Tell us
what's happening?

What do
you fucking mean?

Tell us
what's going on.


- It's time now.
- Time for what?

Aaron, Aaron,

hold my hand.

Oh my god.

Oh, holy fuck!

- Kevin!
- Lena! Lena!

Lena, Lena, we
have to get out of here!

Aaron, they got Kevin!

We have
to get outta here!

I'm so sorry!

No! No! It's okay!

- I should have never...
- No. No. It's okay

Lena! No! Lena!


This is exactly the
reason that I stopped

doing dark web mystery
boxes here on the channel.

This is murder evidence.

I'm gonna have to turn
this into the authorities.

I really don't have any
choice at this point.

You saw what I saw.

If any of you
recognize the people

from this thumb drive,

feel free to shoot us a
DM here at Mind Seed TV

I'm out, I'm over it, I'm done.

I'll catch you guys next time.