Curse II: The Bite (1989) - full transcript

After a young man is bitten on the hand by a radioactive snake, his hand changes into a lethal snake head, which attacks everyone he comes into contact with. Also, his body becomes filled with snakes. Now, he must prevent himself from hurting others. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[ Snake rattling ]

[ News radio playing in background ]

Hey, she ain't bad iookin'.

Is that your wife
or is that your girlfriend?

It's my girlfriend.

Do you know the best way to head out
to Albuquerque from here?

Well, you have to head back down
toward las cruces.

You have to take 25 north.

Oughtta take you about 4 hours.

Wouldn't it be better
if we just head on over here

to yellow sands
and take the 380 on over?

Yellow sands?

I don't know if I'd go anywhere
near yellow sands.

Why not?
It looks like it's half the distance.

Clark, make sure that there's
a “clean" motel room on the way.

I told you...

We're gonna make
in rio doso tonight.

Twelve even.

Hey, buddy, I wouldn't go
through that area if I was you.

There ain't a human being
for about a hundred miles.

Thanks for the advice.

I don't know what his problem is.
We're taking the shortcut.

Over the radio: The forecast...

[ Ominous music plays ]

[ Snake hissing ]


Yeah, this tire's history.

Need any help?

No, thanks.

Hey, what?

How about a story?

- Su re.
- Okay.

[ Birds chirping ]

I was having an incredible dream!

So was I.

It's called an ice-cold beer
and an air-conditioned motel room.

Come on!
Don't you wanna hear my story?

The suspense is killing me.


I was back in time,
in the stone age.

I know because I had on
one of those little animal-skin outfits.

Animal-skin outfits?

[ Laughing ]

There were dinosaurs
all over the place.

They ate constantly, Clark.

First, they started
with the tops of the trees,

and then they ate all the leaves
until the forest was completely bare.

So now I could be seen
'cause there's no more leaves to eat.

I was in deep shit!

Yeah, so... so, where was I?

Well, that's what I wanted to know.

See, there I was...

I was about to be dinner
for some dinosaur,

and you're off gathering berries
or something.

Gathering berries?

It's my dream.
I can put what I want in my dream.

Yeah, well, yeah.
Get to the good part. I mean...

You know, the part
about the tyrannosaurus Rex...

As it grabs you,
and you're kicking and screaming,

and it stripped off that little
animal-skin outfit of yours...

That sounds more like "king Kong".

My dream is more like...

"Beauty and the beast"!

So there I was, Clark,

I was being pursued
by this huge brontosaurus,

who, as it turns out,
was really just in love with me.

[ Snake rattling ]

Where was I?

[ Snake rattling continues ]

Lisa: You were the sex object.

[ Laughs ]

Lisa: But in the end,
it was you who saved my life.


[ Lisa rambles on ]

Lisa, don't move!

What? Why?

Just don't move!


Stay right there.

Hold steady.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Snake rattling ]

- You okay?
- No.

No? It's over.

[ Snake rattling ]

[Thud ]

[ Birds chirping ]

It's over.

I well, I hate how I love you j“

I can't place no one above you I

j“ but sometimes at night
when the feeling ain't right j“

j' and I know
that you're thinking about her I

j“ I miss your head on my pillow j'

I and the touch of your hand I

I and the squawks near the willows j'

j“ when I called you my man j'

j“ when I called you my man j'

I to think where did we go j“

I that was so hard to unwind j“

I that the passage of sin
through the bottle of time I

j“ I miss your head on my pillow j'

I and the touch of your hand I

I and the squawks near the willows j'

j“ when I called you my man j'

j“ when I called you my man j'

[ ominous music plays ]

My god!
What the hell is this on the road?

Jesus Christ!

Oh, my god!

What the fuck is that?

Clark! Clark!

Clark, do something!

- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know! I'm trying!


Son of a bitch, what the fuck is it?

My god!
What is that with all these snakes?

Here, too, there's blood everywhere!

I dunno.

Is it over?

I hope so.

Hope we don't run
into their relatives, either.

I've never seen anything like that.
Is it safe out here?

Yeah, it's safe.
As long we're in the Jeep, it's safe.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Horse whinneys ]


Anybody here?

Anybody here?

Just some gas.

I, uh, I'm running on a spare.
Looks like I'm gonna need a new one.

Two hundred dollars.

Two hundred dollars?

Don't you think you're a little high?

Another station right up the road.

About a hundred miles.

All right, you got it.

I just gave this guy two hundred bucks
to fix the damn flat.

Lisa: Ouch.

Let's just get it done
and get out of here.

All right by me.

What's going on around here?
Some kind of plague or something?


No, actually, I was talking about
all these snakes all over the place.

Where are they going?

Straight to hell, where they belong.

I think what you mean
is they're heading south, huh?

Nothing's the same
as it used to be around here.

Animals all know
they gotta get the hell out.

Don't know where to go...

Don't know where to stay...

They end up in the middle of the road.

Drop like flies.

Clark: Yeah.

Yeah, I think I know what you mean.

Uh, I just ran over about a hundred
snakes back down the road here.

I mean, they were all grouped together
on the road,

like some kind of mass exodus
or something.

Ain't god punishing the desert.

It's people,
tearin' up the heaven and the earth.

Testing bombs beneath our feet,
poisoning the air and the water.

Turning this place
into one big dumping ground.

Well, I guess, before too long
everything's gonna be extinct.

Almost everything.

The rest of the bastards,
the strong ones that survive...

They're different.

I'll kill them myself.

Looks like a nice dog.


She sure was.

- Sorry.
- Everybody's sorry.

Sorry bastards killed my dog.

Was she run over?


But didn't they have some kind
of an antidote or something like that?

Did that.

It was too late.

[ Clears his throat ] Thanks.

You got a bathroom around here?

Key says, "toilet".


[ Horse neighs ]

In here?

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Dog whimpering ]

[ Water dripping ]

[ Sound of chain ]

What the fuck was that?

[ Dog whimpering ]

Oh, shit.

What the hell you want?

I thought you said your dog was dead.

Said lots of things.

Get outta here.

[ Car engine revving ]

[ Growling ]

All right, lady.

Settle down now.

That a girl.

Look what I got, huh?

A nice treat for you, lady.

That a girl.

[ Growling ]

Doing better, huh?

Come on, girl, that's it.

[ Growling ]


[ Gunshot ]

Clark: Something weird's
going on around here.

I can... I can feel it.

Maybe I oughtta call the a.S.P.C.A.

Do you think he was mistreating it?

Clark: I didn't see it.

I didn't really get a look at it.
It was dark.

Well, that guy's whacked out.

Just forget about it.

The sooner we get out of this hellhole,
the better we're gonna be.

You can say that again.

[ Sighs ]
I just hope they have a tub.

Don't hold your breath.

Grab the birds there, will you?

Oh, birdies, what's wrong?
You carsick?

Hey, birdies!

Clark: Lisa... Lisa, get back!



Ow, goddamn!


Lisa: What happened?

Son-of-a-bitch bit me!

Oh, my god! Clark...

Clark: Where'd it go?
Did you see where it went?

Clark, we gotta get you to a hospital!

- Yeah, shit, it hurts.
- Hey, buddy, what's going on?

He got bit by a snake.

What if that thing's poisonous?

Excuse me, sir, but I'd get that taken
care of right away if I were you.

Them poisonous suckers can kill ya.

The thing you don't want
is for the bad blood to circulate.

Let me wrap this up for you.

See, nowadays, snakes got
some asskickin' venom in 'em!

Lord's testing his children.

Mean motherfuckers!

Mommy! Mommy!
I see it, it went that way!

- All: Where?
- There!

- Are you sure?
- What if it stayed in the car, Clark?

If our Heather said so, than it's true.

Come on, Mildred.
It's past Heather's bedtime.


Come on, it's probably
halfway to Phoenix by now.

Come on inside, good buddy.
Let's get this taken care of.

That's okay, I'll do it.

Hmm, the colubrid family.

Harry, you mean
you really know them?

That's the scientific name, Georgie.

Around here,
you call them "chicken snakes".


You don't have to worry much,
unless, of course, you're a chicken.

[ Laughs ]

Well, I guess I'm in the clear, then.

Nobody saw it.

What if it was a rattlesnake
or something?

Whew! I hate snakes!

You mean, a crotalinae.

Yes, whatever.

If he got bitten by a crotalinae,

or most of any of the snakes
around here,

this antidote will take care of it.

Don't worry, Lisa.

I'm not gonna croak
without putting up a fight.

A fight is right!

Oh, my god.

I just can't stand
seeing anybody suffer.

- Can I get you a drink or something?
- No, thanks.

How it works is that I inject you
with venom extract,

and your immune system
uses it to create antibodies.

- Like a vaccination.
- Exactly.

I'm giving your body some snake
to fight the snake venom with.

- Make a fist.
- Oh, my god, I can't look.

I just hate needles.

This shouldn't hurt.

At least not you.

There. You're fixed.

You should be okay now.

Well, what do I owe you, doc?

Just say that louder
so my mother should hear!

Doctor Harry Morton!
Eh, Georgie?


No, god didn't want
I should wear a white coat

and play golf on wednesdays.

You're not a doctor?

I'm a businessman...
Buying, selling, buying, mostly selling.

Customers just love giveaways.

Best advertising
a small budget could buy.

I'm Clark Newman, and this is Lisa.

- Oh...
- And I'm Georgie!

I'm the hotel clerk.
And you're my guests tonight.

So, how come you know so much
about snakes?

A traveling salesman from Brooklyn
who travels the dustbowl

should know from snakes,
eh, Georgie?

Right, Harry.

Watch this.



I refuse to ever get back
inside of that car again.

Oh, baby.

I bet that that snake is just waiting
for me to slide my bum

right into the front seat and... bang!

You heard what that little girl said.
She said she saw it running away.

Clark, when I was her age,
I lied like a rug.

Now, you don't think little Heather
would tell a lie, now, do ya?


That makes me feel
a whole lot better.

I can tell.

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna search
that car from top to bottom,

leaving no reptile left unturned.

[ Creature moving across the room ]

[ Snake's death squeals ]

What if it was in the bed
the whole time, Clark?

You know what?

Actually, I think it was probably curled
up inside your guitar, fast asleep.


You about ready to go?


Come on.

Okay, let's go.
We're gonna beat that train.

[ Woman screaming in Spanish ]

Viperidae crotalinae lachesis muta.

Or at least it looks like one.


Georgie, can't you see it's dead?

The bushmaster.

Largest poisonous snake
in the western hemisphere.

Western hemisphere?

What's it doin' here?

This is the western hemisphere,


Despite your ignorance,
you know you're half right?

The bushmaster belongs in the bush.
Some place tropical.

I wonder how it got here.

One thing's certain,
it sure didn't walk.


It's a mutant.

A what?

Georgie, you know how come
you'll never kill off cockroaches?

Because they mutate every time
you use a new insecticide.

They develop a tolerance,
learn to live with it, even.

Even human animals
change in a changing environment.

The law of the jungle.

[ Woman speaking Spanish ]

Maria, can't you see it's dead?

It's a bushmaster.

Mutant, schmutant!

I just wish I knew before
that this was the guilty party.

But, Harry,
what difference does it make now?

That lucky guy's alive
and kicking somewhere.

That's more than you can say for that.

His kind of luck
I wouldn't want in Vegas.

But, Harry,
you gave him an antidote.

I saw you do it. I'm a witness.


There were witnesses
when I gave that antidote.

"Jealous husband eats cheating wife."

"Love led one newlywed man
to murder his young bride

when he suspected
that she was cheating on him."

[ Sighs] God...

He probably couldn't stand the thought
of anybody else ever having her.

Don't you think that
that's just a little bit extreme?

[ Clark laughs ]

Not if he was totally in love with her,
it's not.

Clark, if he loved her,
how could he have done that to her?

It was easy.
It was either kill her or kill himself.

You see, in a way, eating her
was out of an act of love.

Have you ever felt that way?

What, hungry?



I never really cared for anybody
enough, actually.

'Till I met you.

You are jealous!

I just better not wake up
tomorrow morning

with a couple of bites
taken outta my behind.

I would commit hara-kiri before I'd
ever touch a single hair on your head,

and you can bank on that.

Harry: Assets?

Just a business,
and a little nest-egg for when I retire.

What do you mean,
I won't need it in jail?

"Dispensing medicine
without a license."

I was only trying to help!

What kind of a shyster lawyer
are you, Bernie?


He can't kick the bucket, Bernie.

You see, when I retire, it's gonna be
in Miami, and not sing-sing!

Harry: Breaker, breaker 1-9,
snake-eyes here.

I'm trying to locate a couple of kids
in a silver Jeep, heading south on 25,

last seen in las lunas
at smiley's motel.

Can any of you good buddies
out there help me?

10-4, over.

Roger, snake-eyes,
this is death wish.

Still owe you for them
bumper stickers.

Don't you worry,
always pay my debts.

Kids in the Jeep pass you
some bad checks or something?

Say the word, good buddy!
Make my incarnation!

Very thoughtful of you, death wish.

But I just need to find them,
not mutilate them.

It's a personal matter.

"Personal matter," my ass!

Harry Morton, where are you,
and what in hell's name are you up to?

Hey! This here is beef!

[ Laughing ]

How's you's two doin'?

[ Laughing ]

Hey, flo, from what I hear,

Harry's just about up to your juicy
pair 0' watermelons right about now.

Hey! Hang in there and have
a good time, you ol' ripper you!

[ Laughing ]

Beef, you old homewrecker!

Do me a favor, keep your eyes
peeled for that Jeep.

No plate number yet.

Now, don't you yell at me, flo.

I'm on 25 south, coming up
behind elephant butte reservoir.

Kitten, I thought you'd be up
north by now.

UN-hunh, I bet you did.

So you found yourself some sweet,

young warm thing in a Jeep
to keep you warm.

Harry: Flo, I can't explain now,
but you gotta understand.

This is my business.
I... I could lose my shirt.

Harry, you be a good little boy
and come on home to mama tonight.

She's got two jugs o' warm milk
and cookies hot outta the oven,

just waitin' for ya.

Save me somethin', huh, flo?

Will ya?

Over and out, big guy.

Oooh... whatever flo wants...

Flo gets!

Sure as shit, snake-eyes!

Got a silver Jeep headin' west on 60
down around pie-town.

Stay with 'em, beefy boy!
I'm on my way!

Death wish:
Got the car in my sights, snake.

Silver Jeep, south on 25.

Just passed truth or consequences.
You want me to pick 'em off?

Where? You sure?
What do they look like?

Passing 'em now.

Oh! False alarm, man!

Couple of ugly dudes!

And a real cute puppy, man.

My opinion, like euthanasia,
oughtta be illegal, man!

I don't feel like going out tonight.

Just wanna check-in
and get some rest.

Lisa: Hey, come on, baby,
the music's cookin'!

We'll have a great time.

Clark: My head is killing me.

It's gonna make you feel better.

I just know it!

Come on!

Hey, hey, come on.


How ya' doin', darlin'?

Come on, Jimmy.

Beer's gettin' warm.



Who wants beer?

[ Live country-music band playing ]

Wanna dance here, pretty girl?

I'm dying to!

Hey, bartender, you wanna give
my friend here another beer?

Just one song.

Don't worry,
I'll bring her right back to you.

I know you will.

[ Ominous music plays ]

Oh, I went wild!



[ Clark coughing ]

Ain't no use in hidin'!
I know you're in there!

Damn wife-beater!

You know, uh,
dancin', that ain't nothin'.

You wanna try slapping
somebody, mister?


Well, you come on outta there
and you try slappin' me for a while.

Listen here, city boy.

I'm warnin' ya',
you come outta here now!

Come on outta there now, boy!

Come on!

I warned you, city boy.

[ Clark coughing ]

I don't see no ashtray in here,
do you?

You know, most decent people,
they use an ashtray, but...

Well, I guess I ain't feeling
so decent today.

What happened to mister...

"I'd commit hara-kiri
before I'd touch a hair on your head"?


A couple of beers,
and you get all macho on me?

You know, Clark?
You don't own me!

You don't even know me!

What did you think,
that after a couple of weeks

that I would just drop everything,
and run away and be with you?

I've got plans!

Damn it! I don't need this!

I don't need anybody.

First thing tomorrow morning,
I want you to drop me off.

I don't care where it is!

All right, Harry, who is she?

The slut in the Jeep.

Nobody else could fill your shoes.

It's just...
My mind is some place else.

Tell me somethin' I don't know.

I'm in trouble.

I tried to help somebody out.

[ Scoffs ] Lesson number one.

It's every man for himself
in this country.

He got bitten by a snake.

If that snake is the snake I think
it is, I gave him the wrong antidote.

Unless I get to him fast,
that guy's a goner.

And what's worse,
he could sue the pants off of me!

If he finds you.

They got my sponge.

Why not let the police handle it?
That's what we pay 'em for.


Flo, my lawyer says
I'm liable for everything,

from negligence
to criminal manslaughter if he...

My only hope is to reach him
while he's still alive,

give him the right antidote and
convince him to settle out-of-court,

for which I will pay through the nose.

[ Honking ]

Honey, I gotta move my rig.

[ Birds chirping ]

You okay, flo?

I'm okay, babe.

It's him! Jesus h. Christ!

Hey, over here!

Over here!

Wait a minute! Stop!

Over here!

[ Flo laughing ]

Harry: Wait!

Wait! Stop!

184mhb. 184...

I'll catch a bus on the way to Tucson.

It's on the way.

I hate you.

[ Lisa moaning ]

Where are the birds?

Where are the birds?

I let 'em go.

You're kidding, right?

Oh, my god.

It's here. You lied to me.

It's been inside this goddamn car!

Clark, stop the car!

Stop it! Goddamn it!
Stop this goddamn car!

Shut up!

What the fuck is the matter with you?
Are you crazy?

License and registration.

What's your hurry?

I asked you a question.
What's your hurry?

If you wanna give me a ticket,
then, give it!


Ya know, with that kinda backtalk,

you's gonna get a helluva lot more
than just a ticket.

Tell me about your arm.
What happened to it?



I suppose, you wouldn't mind
taking that bandage off

and showing me your arm?

Show it to him, Clark.

Got a warrant?

Do I have a warrant?

Get your ass outta this car
right now, junior,

and open up the back.

Just show it to him.

Right fuckin' now!

I got a permit for that.

I got a permit for that!

Not for this state.
Not for my county.

I'm startin' to like this.

You know...

We're pretty close to the border here,
and I can smell drugs a mile away.

You stink of 'em.

Clark, just show it to him!

Lock him up.


Come on! Why?

All you had to do
was show me your arm.

It's a snake bite, all right?
That's it! It's a snake bite!

Of course, it is.

Lock him up.

Was there somethin'
you wanted to talk to me about?

Somethin' you wanna show me?
Share with me?

I'd be much obliged

if you'd meet me at the sheriff's
department in about an hour.

We'll have some tea.


Son, you look like an addict to me.

Nothin' that a couple of weeks behind
bars isn't gonna clean up, though.

Man: Hey, mack.
What's taking ya?

Mrs. Johnson's about ready
to bust loose.

Hey, Billy.

We picked up a narcotics addict
from out-of-state.

We're bringing him in.

Sheriff, he looks pretty bad.


Some people gotta learn
the hard way.

[ Gagging ]

Son, all you had to do
was show me your arm.

Billy, did I tell you what happened
to my deputy the other night?

It's a beaut.

Billy: I'm all ears.

Barney here on my night off decided
he was gonna clean up my county.


Yes, he decided to take the law into
his own itty-bitty Lily-white hands.

Clark: Oh, god!

Will you keep it down back there?
I'm trying to tell a story here!

[ Clark gagging ]

Sorry, Billy.

Anyhow, Barney decided
he was single-handedly

gonna shut down
Maggie's cathouse.

I don't know exactly what happened,

but somehow the ladies
got a hold of Barney's handcuffs

and handcuffed Barney
to his own dick!

Slipped right off...
When I calmed down.

Oh, shit, I don't know
how you got them...!

[Clark moaning in pain ]

Will you shut up!

I'll be talkin' to you later, Billy.

I'm gonna take a pee.

- Take a look at him.
- Yes, sir!

Still breathing?

It hurts.

Please, help me, please.

I'll show you my arm.

Bet you was wondering
what I was doing all of that time,

wasn't you, Barney, huh?


[ Coughing ]

Clark! They let you go?

How come?

I showed him my arm.

Oh, baby, you're like ice.

I gotta get you to a doctor.
Come on, we're going to a hospital.

No, no.
I'm not going to no doctor.

Clark, you're sick!

Honey, they'll help you!
Come on!

Breaker 1-9, this here's beef.

I just saw your Jeep 184mhb.

I didn't see the guy.
I think he's sleeping.

She's driving.

She's driving me right outta
my skull, Harry!

[ Laughing ]

Where are they, beef?

Headin' west on 10,
down around winslow exit.

Harry: They turned around!

What's in winslow?

Beef: Nothing, really.

Except a brand new hospital
full of real hot nurses.

Hey, beef.

I owe you a date
with Florence nightingale.

Over and out!

Ha! Ha!

Hello, Clark. I'm doctor marder.

How are you feeling?

Well, you don't have to answer.

I assume you're not feeling too great
if you ended up here.

I'm gonna give you a light sedative,
so you'll be more comfortable, okay?


Your girlfriend Lisa says that you've
been blacking out, convulsing.

She thinks it might have something
to do with a snake bite.

Why don't we have a look at the arm?

Lisa says that you're heading out
to California.

It's a beautiful state.

Can't beat the weather.

I'm sure you're gonna love it out there.

We took a trip out there.
I think it was last year.

Drove up the coast.
It's a spectacular drive.

Do it if you have the time.

I'm just gonna cut
through the gauze now.

Excuse me.
I'm looking for Mr. Newman.

Mr. Clark Newman who was bitten
by a snake, left hand.

Ah, yes, he's down the hall
in the examination room, on the left.

Thank you.

Extraordinary. Newman, Clark.

Male, age 23. Single.

Snakebite to the left hand.

In the web between the index finger
and thumb.

Symptoms: Loss of consciousness,
convulsing, fever, vomiting.

Diagnosis: The neurotoxins
contained in this venom

the immune system's t-cells,

replacing and invading the genetic
code of the patient's forearm,

modifying its structure.

Cause: Unknown.


Like some fungi,

this particular venom
must have symbiotic properties.

Infected by the neurotoxins,

the immune system's t-cells
do not die,

rather accept the foreign DNA
and allow it to replicate.

Antibodies produced by a previous
administration of an antidote

appear to have had neither adverse

nor beneficial effects
against neurotoxins of this order.

Clark, I'm gonna bring in a specialist.

But first I need to take
a blood sample.

Do you understand
what I'm saying to you?

Clark, I'm gonna do
whatever I can for you.

I promise.



[ Knocking on door ]

[ Knocking on door continues ]

Mr. Newman?

What the heck?

Mr. Newman!

Am I glad you're all right!

It's me, Harry.

The guy who saved your life!

I know you think maybe I could've
saved it better the first time,

but I promise you, this time
I'm really gonna save it.

Not that the last time I gave you
the wrong antidote,

just the no-frills one!

Unfortunately, you got bitten
by a brand-name snake.

I had a heck of a time finding you,
you know.

Two and a half days on the road.

Took a big loss.

But who needs money
when you got your health?

Which reminds me, I got a piece
of paper here my lawyer and I, uh...

We'd appreciate if you signed.

It's a release form.

Releasing me from any liability,
say, god forbid,

anything should happen to you,
as a result of the antidotes.

I got a pen here.
It's right here, Mr. Newman.

Oh, lady...

You need a doctor.

Catch you at a bad time, right?

If there's one thing a successful
salesman learns is timing.

So, I'll, um, catch you later.

I'll just set that right there.
You can sign it any...

I only just wanted to help.

You know, nowadays
you see somebody

lying in the middle of the street
bleeding to death,

it's better you should let him die.

'Cause if he lives and you helped him,
he can sue you and probably win!

I saw Lisa downstairs, I...

I didn't wanna bother her 'cause I...

Don't screw with me!

Don't screw with me.

I swear, I won't tell anybody,
if that's what you're worried about!

Oh, god!

[ Hospital pa system ]

Clark! Clark!



Clark, come on!


Clark, what did the doctor say?

Did she give you any medication?


Yeah, but I told you
not to bring me here!

What the fuck is the matter with you?

I was just trying to help!
Come on, talk to me!

What did I do?


Where are you going!?

Fill her up.

Oh, shit!

God never asks why one
of his children has done wrong.

I will not ask, either.

God only asks
if one is in need of help.

I am offering you my help.

Listen, I don't care what it takes.
I want it done.

So, what do you think?

Should I let you go?

Now, if I do...

You promise me you gonna stay
inside my county?

- I'd...
- Say what?

That'd be real smart.

'Cause if you leave my county,
I'm gonna find you.

And then I'm gonna find out
exactly what you've got.

See, the way I figure it,
he's going to contact you.

And when he does,
you're gonna contact me.

'Cause you're a real smart person.
Ain't ya?


I didn't hear you!

I said, sure.
I'll do what you want.

I just want to help.

Of course, you do.
'Cause you're a smart person.

I'll be seein' ya.

Woman: I'm sorry, ma 'am, but that's
all the information we can give you.

South El Paso.

Thanks, that's all I need to know.

I'm looking for Clark.

- Oh, you must be Lisa.
- Yes.

God bless you.

Clark is resting.

Ian, Lisa is here.

Come on, come on in.

Clark needs a doctor.
He's very sick.

The lord is always testing us,
but for every trial he brings a remedy.



Um, Lisa, sit.
Sit and break bread with us.

Clark needs to see a doctor.

In this family, we don't depend much
on doctors and such.

"Salvation is mine," sayeth the lord!
The balm of gilead.

It isn't right for a man
to tinker with glory.

Stick tubes in us,
fill us with drugs and chemicals.

Why, we don't even do that
to the land.

Why should we do it to ourselves?

Look. Clark has been very badly
wounded by a snake.

I'm sure that the two of you
have been very kind to Clark.

I don't know how to thank you.

But right now all I really want to do
is get Clark, so we can go. Okay?

Don't see what all the rush is.

Your man could do with a little rest.
Maybe you could, too.

There's no need for you
to leave before morning.

Mama, I want to see the hand.

Now, dear, do not shout.

If you ask nicely,
I'm sure he will show you.

When do I get to look
under the bandages?

Now, what is under the bandages,
it's the lord's business.

He already knows what is there
and how to take care of it.

Praise the lord.





It wasn't me.

I couldn't stop the thing.

I tried.

Oh, god, Lisa, help me.

I cut the thing off.

You cut off your hand?

It's not my hand!

It's a snake.

I'm never gonna let it hurt you, Lisa.

It's not gonna hurt anyone anymore.

You don't have to run away.

It's not you who did all those things.
You just said so yourself.

It's not your fault.

Tomorrow, we'll go to the police.
We'll explain everything.

They'll understand.

There must be something
that they can do to help us.

I believe you, Clark.

I know that they're gonna
believe you, too.

Just don't leave me.

I love you so much, Lisa.

Tell me again.

Come closer, and I'll show you.

Come here.

I love you.

And the lord asked,

"have you eaten the fruit of the tree

from which I commanded
you not to eat?"

Man said, "the woman
you gave me to be with

gave me fruit of the tree,
and I did eat."

The lord god said to the woman,
“what is this you have done?"

"The serpent tempted me,"
said the woman, "and I ate..."

[ Dispatch ]

We just received a second call
from Erickson's neighbors

confirming that a man fitting
the description of Clark Newman

was in the Erickson's house.

Flo: What is it, honey?

I'm a loser, flo.

I always wanted to be a doctor,
and here I am, a lousy salesman.

[ Scoffs ]


I couldn't even give someone
the right antidote.

Now, Harry, you did
what you thought was right!

I'm a shmuck. A coward.
I couldn't defend myself.

I passed out.

Harry Morton, you are not a coward.

Would a coward risk losing
his business, risk going to jail,

admitting this whole mess
to the police?

I don't know, flo.
I don't know who I am anymore.

I know who you are!


Would you like to get into something?


[ Screaming ]

[ Lisa screams ]

Lord, have mercy!

Oh! Oh!

[ Hissing ]



Clark! Clark, no!


[ Screaming ]

Come on!

[ Engine not starting ]


[ Screaming ]


[ Roaring ]

[ Hissing ]






Ahh! Ahh!




[ Crying ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming ]


[ Hissing ]






[ Lisa screaming ]

Silver Jeep, license 184mhb,
sighted leaving the Erickson's house,

presumably headed toward
construction site on coldwell road.


All units, proceed
to construction site on coldwell road.

[ Grunting ]

[ Crying ]

[ Weeping ]

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Sirens wailing ]

Who's got a rope?

I have a rope here, sheriff!

Sheriff: Let me have it.

Sheriff: Lady!

Grab a hold of this!

Are you on top of that rope?





[ gunshot ]


All right. All right.

You all right?