Curious George Swings Into Spring (2013) - full transcript

In the middle of spring cleaning at the apartment building, some pipes burst, so the Doorman must send a reluctant Hundley off the country with George and the Man in the Big Yellow Hat. Hundley is forlorn, so George decides the mutt needs a case of spring fever. Try as George might, he doesn't succeed in infecting his friend. As a big day of hot-air balloon races arrives, Hundley discovers his roots, and it just might lead to his having a good time in spite of being homesick.






NARRATOR: You know that spring
is here when the leaves
start growing on trees.

The sun feels warmer.




And a little monkey dances
on his balcony at sunrise.



I think you have
spring fever, George.


Well, you're excited because
spring is here.


Um, what's spring?

Ah, you know what?
Let's get outside
and I'll show you.


And where are you boys headed
on this beautiful day?

I'm taking George
to the park
to explain spring.

I can explain it right here.

Spring is one
of the four seasons.
Remember summer?

remembered summer.


NARRATOR: And Hundley did too.


Then came fall. Remember?





Then it was winter.



Well, now it's spring!
Does that explain it
for you, George?


Oh. Well, I guess the best way
to learn is experience.
See you soon.

Enjoy the park!





NARRATOR: Hundley already
knew what spring meant.

Some new mess
George hadn't learned
how to make yet.

Can you see the changes
that tell you it's spring?


See, all around it's
green and warm!



The ice and snow
have gone away

The sun stays longer
every day

You don't need your coat,
just a T-shirt and jeans

The trees get leaves
and the grass turns green

Because spring brings things
that make me sing

The snow clouds
run and hide

Yeah, because spring brings
things that make me sing

I've got to get outside

Let's get outside

Now, the view outside was
white and brown

But things are changing
all around

You see the butterflies
putting on a show

Were caterpillars
just a week ago

And see, in spring you'll
see the buzzing bees

And squirrels and birds
up in the trees

And if you look real hard
and your luck comes through

You just might see
a monkey, too

Because spring brings things
that make me sing

The snow clouds run and hide

Yeah, because spring brings
things that make me sing

I've got to get outside

Let's get outside

Let's get outside

Let's get outside

Do you have spring fever?

Betsy thinks that's why you're
running around by yourself
being crazy.

Oh, I'm not by myself.
I'm with George.

Geor... Well, he was
right, uh, here.

It's okay. There's no law
against being crazy
without a monkey.

Aunt Margret always says,
"You're having fun,
that's what counts."


If you're looking for Charkie,
she ran that way.

Thanks! Charkie!

Happy spring fever!

Oh... Ooh! (CHUCKLES)

Hey, can you believe
all the new spring things,


NARRATOR: All the way home,
George couldn't stop thinking

about taking Hundley
to the park.

He didn't want his best dog
friend to miss all the fun.



I've never seen you guys
playing in the lobby before.

Spring fever?


That's when spring comes
and all you want
to do is play.


NARRATOR: Hundley would
never allow himself
to have spring fever.


That's undignified.

We're not playing.
We're polishing the railings.

Faster, Hundley.


We want to win the Mayor's
Spring Cleaning Prize,

for the springiest,
cleaniest building.

And we have some stiff
competition from Lydia,
across the alley.

Come on, I'll show ya.



Hi, hi, there!


Oh. You're cleaning with
simple rags and mops.

Don't you want to win?

Wow. Lydia's got some
ultramodern equipment.


Technology is no match for
a doorman with a plan
and a dachshund...

I hope.

We better work extra hard
to be extra clean, Hundley.



You've been working hard,
Hundley. Take a break.

Hundley spent a long time
looking at ankles.

That's why
he liked the roof.

Standing up here
was like being
the tallest dog in the world.


Hiya, George!

George hoped, now that Hundley
was finished cleaning...


...he'd want to
go to the park.



Hundley isn't interested in
anything else until we win
that spring cleaning prize.


NARRATOR: Cleaning this whole
building would take
a long time.


NARRATOR: But maybe Hundley
could go to the park sooner

if George helped
with the cleaning!


Now, where could a cleaning
monkey do the most good?



NARRATOR: Not all questions
are hard to answer.




NARRATOR: The Doorman
and Hundley were sure
gonna be surprised

when they saw
what a monkey could do.


Now, let's get to work
on the basement.


Oh, gee, that's not right.



That's not smoke.
That's steam.

Yeah. I have a building
full of steam.
Can you do anything?

Why don't we get
any normal calls?

Do we even do steam?
Who does steam?


Relax, everyone.
I'm a plumber.
I do steam.

He must've been trying to
steam clean the entire place.

He is so competitive.


This broom fell
against the handle.


George, you did it?


You deserve
a thank you,


Steam blasted the dirt away
and uncovered some bad pipes.

They need to be replaced from
here all the way to the roof.

That'll make a mess!

Can't it wait
till after the contest?

I take it that's a no?

I have to turn off
all the water.

Yep, everyone has to
get out of the building
for a few days.


Hope to see you later.

Bye, Hundley.

Bye-bye now.



It's lucky everyone
could find places to stay
on such short notice.

Almost everyone.
I can't find anywhere
that will allow


D-A-C-S... Wait, what?



I can't find anywhere
for Hundley.




Hey, yeah!
Hundley can come with us
to the country house.

We have plenty of room.

How would you like to go to
the country for a few days
with your buddy George?


But I have to stick
around here. You'll be
going without me.


DOORMAN: Don't forget
Hundley's pillow.

I promise I'll bring
you home as soon
as the pipe's fixed.


Then we'll have time to clean
up and win that contest!


I hope.

Whoa. That shouldn't happen.
This job may be bigger
than I thought.

Uh... By bigger,
you mean take longer?



NARRATOR: The only thing
George knew that was
powerful enough

to cheer up someone that sad

was spring fever.


NARRATOR: Of course!
If George taught him
to love spring,

Hundley would catch
spring fever and be happy.


George was going to make
this a trip Hundley would
never forget.


To get started,
George thought he'd explain

what the man
taught him about how
things change in spring.


Birds make nests
for their eggs.

Horses have their foals.

are everywhere.


Hundley thought George had
the worst case of spring fever
he'd ever seen.

Hundley would never
let himself get spring fever
like that.

It was too undignified.


See, guys? Right there
is where the Spring Balloon
Rally's gonna be.


You know, George.
Every spring, people
fly balloons

representing all the stuff
that's grown around here.

Oh! Uh-huh.



NARRATOR: Getting Hundley
interested in spring things

was going to be
a real challenge.

Okay, we're here!

BILL: Hey, you guys!


Who's that?

Hi, Bill. That's Hundley.



NARRATOR: George thought
Hundley would like
to see Bill's bunnies.

Who doesn't enjoy
seeing bunnies?



So, these were bunnies?

They didn't seem
to do too much.



Hey, would you please join
the Balloon Rally
organizing team?

So far it's just me and Allie.

You and Allie? Isn't she four?

I'm five.

And I won the contest.

She won a contest to be the
rally starter and now she
thinks she's in charge.


I'm more than happy
to help out.

George, you want to help me?
I'm looking for
Harold Mandelbrot.


Bill's bunny,
Harold Mandelbrot.

She always forgets
a simple bunny name.

No one name's a bunny
Harold Mandelbrot.

It's Herbert Nenninger.


Harold! Ha...

Oops, I mean, Herbie!



ALLIE: Herbie!



Hey, you found him!
Yippee! (LAUGHS)

You're great!
Great job, Hundley.



What a good nose job!

I don't think you mean
nose job.

He did the job with his nose.
What else would you call it?



NARRATOR: Hundley obviously
wouldn't be happy till
he had spring fever.

George had to make him
love spring, and fast.

No one plans like a monkey.

So George made a list
of fun country spring things.

He'd take Hundley
to see these things,

and then Hundley would
surely learn to love spring.


George's plan had to work.


Or Hundley might never move
from his pillow.


Sweet dreams, fellas.


Good night, buddy.


NARRATOR: In the morning,
George showed Hundley
the blooming green hills...


...which, during winter, had
been brown with snow on top.

BILL: Hey!


Hey, you guys.


I guess a city kid
and a city dog don't get
a lot of canoe rides, huh?



NARRATOR: Not wanting
to be alone in the country,
Hundley went along.



City kids wouldn't know this,
but in spring the river is

fast and cold because
melted snow flows down
from the hills.





George? Whoa...

Oh! Ah!

George, you should never stand
in a canoe, because...


That might happen.


It's too early in the season
to go swimming, guys.
That water is cold.



NARRATOR: Maybe it was
best to move onto the next
item on George's list.


George knew birds
flew by after spending
the winter down south.

Hundley loved birds.

Success was assured.







I never thought of you
as a rough and tumble
country dog, Hundley,

but you're fitting
right in, aren't you?



NARRATOR: This wasn't going
well and George had just
one item left on his list.

Surely this would
make Hundley love spring.



George explained how the buds
came in spring
and then became flowers.


And he was excited
to introduce Hundley
to his friend, Jumpy.

But Jumpy did not know
what to think of this
long, low city dog.







Oh, boy.


none of the things
on George's list

had made Hundley love spring.


Hello? Hold on.

Hundley, it's for you.

DOORMAN: Hundley. Hi.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Hmm. You know,
I called to say hi...
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

He is sure happy to hear
your voice.

Is the work done

Um, no. The job was
bigger than he thought,

and then it got
even bigger.

MAN: Okay, I'll let him know.


Lost my wrench.

Could you go downstairs
and get me another?


He is cleaning
that building in ways I've
never even heard of.

Uh, it's not time to go
home yet, Hundley. Sorry.


Hey, do you want to
visit a real farm?

I'm going to
the Renkins' anyway.

The whole town is
expecting big things
from the balloons

and I have to check
with all the balloon entrants.


But first, a bath.


These are the balloons
that represent our town.

Oh, they're great!

My favorite is the brain!
The giant flying brain
should lead the rally!

That's not a brain,
it's a cauliflower.

Oh. Well, then the egg
should lead,

followed by the chicken,
because chickens come
from eggs.

You mean the chicken should
come first, because eggs
come from chickens.


Which came first,
the chicken or the egg?


I suppose it would
also depend on
the local weather conditions

and of course changes in
barometric pressure...

NARRATOR: George wanted
Hundley to see the way
the farm changed in spring.

Look out the window
as the sunlight
pours into the room

See all the smiles
upon the faces

With everything in bloom

Nothing can stop me
from heading out the door
to take it in

With a grin


When it's all brand new

So many things to learn
So many things to do

The possibilities
endlessly fall into view

When it's all brand new

NARRATOR: George pointed out
that the bigger animals
all started small

and that he and Hundley
started small too.

Thinking back
to when I was so little
Crawling across the floor

So many things
would make me wonder

I wanted to explore

My brain was itching
They say I'm full of curiosity

And I agree


When it's all brand new



So many things to learn
So many things to do

The possibilities
endlessly fall into view


When it's all brand new



George, Hundley,
we need to go,
more balloon plans to check.


This here balloon is
a tribute to fish.

Naturally, I'll be
piloting the real one.


Ha! We wrote a song for Allie
to sing with us when she
starts the rally.

Ooh! I'd like to sing a song.


Sea bass and cod
Sea bass and cod

I caught myself a scrod
with my trusty old rod

Flounder, tuna, herring
Yes, we are declaring

We love every fish

That is spectacularly fishy.

Uh... Thanks.
We'll let you know.

Come on, we have
a lot more people
and balloon plans to see.


I brought fish crackers
and juice.

ALL: Fish crackers!



It took all day to see
everyone's balloon plans.

How long will it take us
to decide an order?

Here's a proper balloon order.
Animals first, then fruits
and vegetables,

then the rest.

The order should be funny.

Funny is not proper.
You're the deciding vote,
funny or proper?


Funny, say funny, funny.
Proper. Proper.

You know, we'll work it out.

Meanwhile, Allie, why don't
you work on learning that song
the Quints wrote for you?

Okay, proper is fine
as long as I don't have
to sing about fish.

Oh, and this balloon
goes first.



Hey, guys. Good job.

Should we show
Hundley which is first?

ALLIE: No, make it a surprise.


I saw all that water before.
Is your basement flooded?

No. We drained the water okay,

but I put some crates next
to the hot furnace to dry.

Big mistake.

They were crates
of unpopped popcorn.


(SIGHS) Some people need
to learn the hazards
of improper popcorn storage.

I know someone who could use
all that popcorn.

Gee, you'd do that?

Well, just because we are
in competition doesn't mean
I'm not a good neighbor.

Thanks, Lydia.

You know, I think
you're gonna win,

unless the judges really like
that fresh popcorn smell.

Well, who knows? They might.

Hey, where's Stew?


Why don't we get
any normal calls?

DOORMAN: Uh-huh.


Okay. Bye.

It's not time to go home yet.


He said he made a deal
with local movie theaters to
take all the popcorn away.


I don't know what
that means, either.


NARRATOR: George had showed
Hundley everything.

And he still hadn't
caught spring fever.



NARRATOR: But the balloon
rally was tomorrow.


George was sure Hundley
would have fun there.

What could possibly ruin
a balloon rally?

The balloons will all
take off from here,
then land in town.


Allie, as official
rally starter,

you get to step on
this pedal and start
the rally.

It opens the rings so all the
balloons can rise at once.

Like this? Oops.
No, not now.


It's okay, Allie.
But if the balloons
had been full of hot air,

they'd have taken off
and we couldn't get them back.


So how do we get them back
when they do fly?


Pilots! Balloons need pilots
to fly them and bring them
back to Earth.

Oh. I get it.

Allie, did you want to show
Hundley that surprise?

Oh, yeah. Come on, guys.

In honor of Hundley,
the lead balloon is...

Take a look.

Hey! Where's the
wiener dog balloon?


I'm going to get it as soon
as I'm done here.


Who is this handsome
young man?

That's Hundley.
He's our lobby dog
from the city.

Ooh. Why, you should be proud
just to be a dachshund,

but to have a good job, too,
you are a diamond of a dog.



Ms. Teckel, we inflate
the balloons in an hour.
Time's running out.

Okay. Who wants to come to
my farm to get the balloon?



Never been to
a dachshund farm before?

NARRATOR: Hundley figured
it was about time
a dachshund ran a farm.

Yes, sir! I will, sir!

A dachshund farm is a normal
farm where we also raise dogs.


Come here, doggies.

NARRATOR: It was a like
a swarm of Hundleys!

Tails don't lie.
Hundley was very happy.

Hey, Dad.
Meet George and Hundley.


Hey, I thought you forgot
about our doxie balloon.

Doesn't look like much now,
but wait till it's full
of hot air.


Are the dogs ready, Dad?
We're almost done rehearsing.

Come on, guys.
You'll like this.

We're putting on a show in
town once the balloons land.



Here we go

Everybody do
the dachshund dance

All we ask is give it a chance

You might find
it's all you wanna do

Get low,
real close to the ground

Shake and shimmy
and then fall down

You'll laugh
until your face is blue

We have a high degree
of personality

Everybody sing!
We are the wiener dogs

Stomping our feet
and strutting by
Waging our tails way up high

We are the wiener dogs

Flapping our ears
and having fun

That's why wieners
are number one

Oh, yes we are

Want to watch
from the roof?


Well, we're short, long,
brown and sleek

But inside we're all unique

Not every doxie is the same

Some are fast
and some are slow

Some can jump,
others, no

But we're all held
in high acclaim

We have a high degree
of individuality

George, Hundley, I'm leaving.
Dad'll bring you over later.




We are the wiener dogs

Stomping our feet
and strutting by
Waging our tails way up high

We are the wiener dogs

Flapping our ears
and having fun

That's why wieners
are number one

We are the wiener dogs

That doxie is number one

We are the wiener dogs

That there doxie is number one

We are the wiener dogs

Hey, we're all number one


I said number one



NARRATOR: George was sure
this was the greatest
thing Hundley ever saw.


He must've gone down
to meet the dogs.

Looks great, Dad.

Oh, I have to go
hook up the balloon now.


You guys can't come
with me. Sorry.

There had to be a way
out of this tangle. Somehow.

Hundley was relieved
he'd escaped from
that floppy balloon.

And then he wasn't.

This was very undignified.

Hundley had to get back
to the dachshund farm.

But which way was it?

He wasn't going to get
anywhere standing still,

so he took a guess.


Uh-uh. Hmm.

There had to be some way
a monkey could pick out

one Hundley in a sea
of wiener dogs.




Not one dog came over
to clean up the mess.

Hundley wasn't here.

Where would he go?

That lobby dog could never
survive in the country!



To find his way,
Hundley needed a good view.

And the highest hill would
have the best view.


The air was different here.
It smelled like a clean lobby.

Except even cleaner.

Now here were some
very organized,
hardworking animals.

If monkeys were like that,

it would be easy to keep
a neat lobby.


The time comes when a monkey
has to ask himself,

"If I were a dachshund,
where would I go?"

And then he'll go
the wrong way...


...because a monkey's
not a dachshund.

Hundley's stomach told him
it was hungry.

But there was no
food out here.

Or was there?

Maybe meeting that wild
nut-flinger was a good thing.



All George ever wanted to do
was help Hundley enjoy spring.

And now he was gone.

A city dog,
alone in the country.

Poor Hundley
must be terrified.


Hundley had never been alone
in the country before.

It was so quiet.

The animals were so different.




This was really nice.

Okay, everyone.
Just another minute.


I guess having stuff
in proper order doesn't mean
it can't be fun.

I'm glad you finally
think like me.

I don't. I think the balloons
are so much fun

that even a
lot of rules couldn't
make them boring.

You'll grow up and see
that it's important to
do things properly.

Oh, I hope not.

Wow. Awesome
blowfish, Mr. Quint.

Why thank you, Allie.
Hit it, Quints.

Sea bass and cod

Sea bass and cod

Please don't sing till after
pictures have been taken.

ALL: Okay.

Hi. Dad will bring George
and Hundley later.

They were having fun,
so I didn't want
to drag them away.

Ah. Good to hear
Hundley's happy.

He doesn't enjoy
the great outdoors.


NARRATOR: Was it possible
Hundley had spring fever?

It was undignified. So what?

The road he was on
led George right
to the balloon rally.




NARRATOR: That looked like
a good perch for spotting
a short dog.


I can't get the balloons
and people in the picture
if they keep rising.

We're not rising. Are we?



There's no way
to get them back.

This isn't proper.
How could they take off
with nobody in them?

Somehow the mic stand
was on the pedal.

But stepping on the pedal
was my job.

Hey, is that George?



Oh, no. George!
What happened?


Oh, boy, all those balloons.

ALLIE: And no pilots!


Well, then he'd have
to pilot them himself.


What is he doing?

NARRATOR: Now that they
were tied together,

George was the proud pilot
of all the balloons.


NARRATOR: Except he didn't
know anything about being
a balloon pilot,

and he had no idea
where he was going.

We can't just stand here
and let George get blown away.

But there's nothing
anyone can do.

Hey, guys. I couldn't find
George and Hundley.

Hundley! Oh, no! He must be
up there with George!

Can I borrow your truck?

Okay. Why?

I've got to do something
and I'm gonna follow
those balloons

until I figure out what!

Wait till I unhitch
the doggies.


Flounder, blowfish, conger

Off in the wild blue yonder

Farewell to our fish

NARRATOR: Hundley reached
a high spot like he planned,

but couldn't see the farm.


He was hopelessly lost.

From this high up, he could
never spot a little monkey
or tiny dachshunds.

On the other hand, a giant,
flying dachshund was
very easy to spot.



NARRATOR: My, that looked
a lot like Hundley.

It was Hundley!


Come on, balloons.
Where are you?


What is that?
Sounds like the engine!

No, not from the engine.

It's from the back.


Sorry, dogs,
you're coming with me!




It was a long way down.

But it was the best view
a short-legged wiener dog
ever had.



They were heading home!

George thought someone
there had to be able to
help get them down.

(GASPS) There they are.

Hang in there, guys.

DOORMAN: Great news.

You can bring
Hundley back to the city now.

Ha. Funny you should say that.

Hundley and George are headed
to the city right now.

Just go to the roof
and look towards the bridge.

I'm on the roof.
Towards the bridge?


Wow. Hundley and George
are in those balloons?

They must be having fun.

Who's driving
that many balloons?



I'm on my way.
Don't lose sight
of those balloons!

Don't worry.
Nothing could make me
take my eyes off them.


Sorry. My canopy
took off like a kite.

Hey! This might make
a perfect balloon trap!

Will you help me?
Of course.

What's a balloon trap?



Is that a pig?

No. It's a flying pig,

NARRATOR: George tried
to ask people if they
knew how to stop balloons.

Oh, wave to the flying
monkey, kids!

They just smiled and waved.





Get ready!

I don't think two of us are
strong enough to stop
all those balloons!

How can I help?

LYDIA: Grab a rope.
We've got this high enough

that the dog face will pass
into the canopy.

Oh, gee, there's Hundley.
Duck down, boy!

In the basket, George!

We'll save you, Hundley boy!

We got it!
Or it's got us!

I think we stopped it!



Oh, Hundley, you're safe.

I'm so glad you're home.


Oh, hey, buddy.
Wow. What a day.


We couldn't have done it
without you, Lydia!

Why, I always say, there's
nothing a doorperson can't do

with a plan and a lot
of duct tape.

I always say that, too!




MAN: Yup, it's beautiful!

NARRATOR: Everyone came
from the country, thrilled
to get their balloons back.

But no one was
more thrilled than Hundley.

He was back with the Doorman
and on the job.

Mr. Mayor! Does one of those
balloons belong to you?

No, I'm awarding
the cleaniest, springiest
building prize.

We won? Whoo!

Oh, Hundley.
We won. We did it.

And I couldn't have done it
without my neighbor and
good friend, Lydia.


Best balloon rally ever!

Let's do it the same way
next year!


Ready to fly your kite
and give a farewell
to the spring balloons?




had been wrong.

Spring didn't bring a mess
in the lobby.

Instead, it brought new things
he never would have seen
without George.

I'll cover for you.

Take a break if you want.




He's flying it! Go, Hundley!

NARRATOR: Spring turned out
to be everything George
hoped it would be,

for himself and Hundley,

and this was
just the beginning.

When it's all brand new

Yeah so many things to learn
So many things to do

The possibilities
endlessly fall into view

Ooh, when it's all brand new

When it's all brand new

When it's all brand new

When it's all brand new