Curious George: Cape Ahoy (2021) - full transcript

With help from a local fisherman, his niece and an adorable baby seal, George embarks on a quest in search of the long-lost shipwreck of legendary sea captain Trumpet Tooter. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It was a dark
and stormy night

out on the open sea.

The legendary ship,
The Shiny Cutlass,

was still in trouble.

Admiral Boggs was worried.

With a tangled topsail the ship

was bound to run aground.

The crew's only hope was...

Captain Trumpet-Tooter!

Nicely done, Trumpet-Tooter!

Ahoy! Pirates!

Using his trusty spyglass,

Trumpet Tooter spotted
the pirate ship.

If he didn't act fast,
it would surely catch them.


Our map!

What shall we do now?

didn't need a map.

A sailor goes
where the wind takes him.

But what if the wind takes us

straight into that?

Everything's getting wet.


Too much splashing.

Look, I-- I know how excited
you get by these

Trumpet-Tooter books,
but now it's bedtime.

The whale can wait.

We need a good night's sleep,

because tomorrow
is our vacation to Coddington.

Got a second, George?

These are my souvenirs
from when I went

to Coddington as a kid.


It was my favorite
vacation ever.

And I now want it
to be yours's too.

Ah! My napkin
from the Codfather restaurant.

Oh, best spaghetti
and codballs you'll ever have.


Cod light

from the Coddington Museum.

Pretty neat, huh?

And best of all...

Cod Fest.

The day when the whole town
becomes a carnival.

There are rides,
games, balloons.

Oh, and not only did
I put our whole schedule

on this handy-dandy card...

I programmed it into my watch.

I'm setting
the first alarm for dawn.

We'll get there early
and spend the day at the beach.

Okay, one more chapter,

just to help you sleep.

"The whale was headed straight

for Trumpet-Tooter.

But he knew...


what to do..."

Aah! George!

We slept through our alarm.

We are behind schedule.

Uh. Flip-flops!

Uh, beach toys.


George, the floatie doesn't need
to be inflated yet.

It's not going to fit.



* Racing along
don't ever care *

* Sun in your face
wind in your hair *

* Humming a song
and feeling so fine *

* What could go wrong *

* In the sweet
sweet summertime *

* Everything's cool
everything's fine *

* Don't need a nickel
to have a good time *

* The days are bright *

* As a shining new dime *

* It's all going right *

* In the sweet
sweet summertime *

* Curious delirious *

* There's just no way
you can be serious *

* It's such a great sensation *

* We're going on vacation *

* No need for worries *

* No frowns or frets *

* Wherever you are
is as good as it gets *

* Like a balloon *

* That's starting to climb *

* Happy today *

* In the sweet
sweet summertime *

* No clouds in sight *

* No sigh of rain *

* When things are so right,
no need to complain *

* Me and my pal *

* Rocking the rhythm in life *

* Everything's great
in the sweet summertime *

* Anticipating
that sweet sweet *

* Sweet summertime *

* What time is it? *

* Sweet summertime *

* What time is it? **

Hey, look.

We finally made it, George.

The Comfy Cod Bed
and Breakfast.

* Up and up *

* And down down down
down down down down down *

* And back up again *

* Up and up and up and up *

* And the ship sank down *

* Diddly-down
down down down down *

* And down down and up
and up and up *

Uh, uh.


Uh, uh. Ahoy!

I'm Captain Elmer.

Come in, come in.


Oh, here.

I made you

a welcome snack platter.

Uh, mini-marshmallows

with cheese balls?

Also a great bait for fish.


I'm sorta new at this

Bed and Breakfast stuff.

I'm usually a fisherman.


Never would have guessed.

Ooh, that's a hook remover.

Yeah, yeah.

Found it with my

trusty metal detector.

Along with all
these little treasures.

And there's more

where that came from.

The ocean's full of treasures,

mysteries, and adventures.

Ever work one of those before?

I knew straight-off

you were a sea monkey.


Now let's see how you cast.

This monkey's a natural.

Now reel it in.

Uh, take in the slack.

You hooked something.

Maybe it's a flounder.

Or a...

My niece Emma?

Hello, Hello.

Oh, sorry.

You must be the new guests.


and George.

I thought I'd make your guests
some healthy welcome smoothies.


A nice fried codfish

is what they're wanting.

Can't stop dreaming about cod,

can you, uncle?

You can take it from here,

Well, bye for now.

Oh! Time to check the schedule.


Oh, guess he runs
a tight ship, huh?

Well, your bedroom
is just this way.

Oh, hey look!

You can see
the lighthouse from here.


Hm. Yup.

Looks like we missed
everything on today's list.

But we'll find a way to squeeze

it all in tomorrow.

See you in the morning, George.

Huh. I wonder who that
is with Captain Elmer.

She looks familiar.

Uh, no, no, let me show you
just one more, Gertrude.

I-- I found it last Tuesday.


Looks historical, doesn't it?

Good enough for the museum?

Not even close.

Good day, Elmer.


Oh, hey, captain,

who was that?

Gertrude St. John.

Head of the Coddington Museum.

The museum?

George, we're going there
this afternoon.

Oh, I hope it hasn't
changed too much

since I was a kid.

What? Changed?

I don't know
if it's even been dusted.

But hey, how about a tour

of Coddington Bay

in the Happy Clam? Huh?

What do you say, George?

Would you like
to be my first mate?

Oh, uh, boat trip

is scheduled for tomorrow.

We're actually supposed
to be building

sand castles now.


Well, I guess if we move

this here, and this here...

we can squeeze
in a quick boat tour.

Oh, that's herring.

All fish love it.

Seals too!

Well, I think
the engine's in order, so...

Stand at the ready, helmsman!


I coulda sworn
I'd fixed this thing.

- No.
- It's okay, George.

We're still on time
for sand castles.

Permission to go ashore granted!

Oh, but, George,

if you're gonna
be my first mate,

you'll be needing this.

An official Bosun's whistle.


Well, keep practicing

and you'll get it plenty loud.


It gets louder?

I did not get enough

sleep last night.

Okay, let's get started
on that sand castle.

* Take a good look *

* At this extraordinary day *

* So many new things to do *

* Wonders and mysteries
are swimming your away *

* To open up
your eyes for you *

* And all of a sudden
there's a brand new sea *

* Shining under the sun *

* Something that
you've never ever seen *

* Looks like
a whole lot of fun *

* And it makes
you wanna bounce *

* Like big bunch of bubbles *

* Flap your flippers and fin *

* Down down down *

* Go your troubles *

* As a brand
new adventure begins *

* Just like wave on the ocean *

* Laughs when
it meets the sand *

* You might need
a newfangled notion *

* You might find *

* A newfangled friend *

* Just by keeping
your eyes wide open *

* You might win
the prize in the end *

* You'll find
a new kind of treasure *

* When you find *

* Your newfangled friend *

* You might find *

* A newfangled friend **





It's time to go to the museum.

George, if we don't stick
to the schedule,

we'll miss out on everything.

I don't remember Coddington

being so quiet.


They must all be out getting
ready for Codfest.

Well, hello there!

Name any animal, and Rocco,

balloon-artiste, shall make it.

Okay, if it's quick.

A seal!

Coming right up!


Oh, it's my trusty
fish-hook hat.

I used to be a fisherman,

but you know
with the cod being...


Okay, hold on.

This for the tail,

twist that,
two flippers,

and, here you go,

one seal!

That's a seal?

I'm still in training.

Oh, hello!

I'm Gwen!

Meets the Crumpet-Looter."

Yours for a dollar.

Here you go.


A pop-up Cod Cookbook.

Made it myself!


I bet you'll sell a hundred

of those at Cod Fest.

Come on, George,
the museum awaits.

Ah, Codfest.

If only.

Here we are, George,

The Coddington Museum!

Plenty of fish
for chowdah there, Sam.


You say you were here
as a child?

Ah, yes.


The boy who ruined

the Humpback Whale exhibit.

Just had to climb
over the barrier

to see what blubber feels like.

You can still see
your handprint.


I forgot all about that.

Is that what I think it is?

Are you a Trumpet-Tooter fan?

"A sailor goes
where the wind takes him!"

"Never mind the gale!

Climb the mizzenmast

and find us land!"

Oh, my!

What tales!

In fact...

Did you know
that Trumpet Tooter's ship

was once spotted
in Coddington Bay?

You mean

Trumpet-Tooter is real?

He is!

And so is his ship.

The Shiny Cutlass!

Legend has it that

pirates stole
the Shiny Cutlass

and then strayed off course
to Coddington...

They say a whale startled

one of the thieving pirates

and it caused him to drop

Trumpet-Tooter's spyglass,

somewhere in the Bay.

Has anyone tried
to look for it?

The story's probably
just a legend.

But it's fun
to think of Trumpet Tooter's

famous ship right here

in Coddington.

It had an extraordinary

A Hippocampus.

Half-horse, half-fish.

Trumpet-Tooter had it
on all his belongings.

Nice shell.


Do you still sell those codfish

snow globes in the gift shop?

Right this way.

Hey, have you thought of
updating some of your exhibits?

Think I'm stuck
in my ways, do you?

The Atlantic Cod!

Growing up
to 200 pounds.

That's a lot of fish sticks.

Your monkey is
in the cod school.

In the what?

The sign clearly states

"No Riding the Mechanical Cod."

Oh, dear.



I don't blame you.

Anybody raised by this one

is bound to become
a troublemaker.

I'll of course pay for any cod

and blubber damages.

Follow me to my office

where I will figure
out the damages.

Why don't you wait
for me here, George.

On second thought,

how about I meet you
back at the Comfy Cod, okay?



Well, a whole day

treasure-hunting and just

a horseshoe to show for it.


I guess Emma came
back to make more

healthy smoothies.


Hi, George.


* And the smoothie went down *

* Diddly down down *


Great Neptune's Knickers!



Hey, George!

Uh, did you bring
this seal here,

and make a fish-bait smoothie?

What do you have there?

Wow, the horses' heads
do look similar.

I found this washed up

on the beach years ago.

George, look.

Could this be
the lens cap

for Trumpet Tooter's spyglass?

If it is,

then maybe the spyglass itself

is still somewhere in the Bay!

Yes, George,

crazy amazing.

I always dreamed

of finding a truly amazing

treasure out there.

Where did you find this?

Well, where did you find it?

The lens cap was
hanging from that?

Well, that's a tracking device.

It tells scientists

where the seal goes.

And I bet I know

who put it there.


Come on.

We have to get to the COW!


The COW is our nickname

for the "Cape Ocean
Wildlife Institute."

I bet they glued the tracking

device on the seal pup.

Do we know that octopus?

So you're an octopus

and head scientist?

Well, we're short staffed,

which means I have a lot

of shoes to fill.

And tentacles.

Uh, so, Emma,

George found a seal

with a tracking device, uh...

Okay, uncle, uh, in a minute.

Yes, you're right,
it's lunchtime.

He did.

Every time I visit the seals,

I ring the bell
to call them over.

So now the seals ring the bell

when they want me.

Shall we feed them?

Just toss 'em into their mouths.

* You might find *

* A newfangled friend *

* Well it makes
you wanna bounce *

* Like a bunch of bubbles *

* Flap your flippers and fins *

* Down down down
go your troubles *

* As a brand new
adventure begins *

* Just like a wave
on the ocean *

* Laughs when it
meets the sand *

* You might need
a newfangled notion *

* When you find *

* Your newfangled friend **

Your little friend has a knack
with seals.

Oh, he sure does!

And he found a seal pup.

I think it's wearing

one of your tracking devices.

Wait, it was a seal pup?

A young seal?

Sure was!

He's still alone?

Okay, uncle.

Let's see what
this little guy's been up to.

And see
where's he's been.

So maybe we can find
that spyglass.

Uh, spyglass?

This line shows us

where the seal pup has been.


It looks like he's traveled

all over the cape.

That's terrible.

It's gonna take us years

to find Trumpet Tooter's

Okay, uncle.

Enough about the spyglass.

I think we need
to find the seal pup.

There's the seal pup now.


Heading to Seal Rock.

Oh, he's probably going
to his mother.

If I plug his location

into the satellite network,

then maybe we can see them both.

Yup, there's Seal Rock.

It's home to hundreds of seals.

Let's zoom in even closer.

We might be able
to spot the pup.

Good eye, George!

And that must be

the pup's mother.

Well, looks like she might be

tangled in some fishing line.

I don't know
how we can help, George.

When people approach,
the seals tend to panic

and flee into the water.

Some can even get hurt.


Ah, it's time for the early bird
dinner, George!

Tell you what, George.

I'll keep trying to think of
a way to help the seals

and if I do, I'll call you.


George, you are in for a treat!

A Cod burger from the one
and only Codfather Restaurant!

Or maybe we should
get the codballs.

Or the Codaroni and Cheese!

Ah, heck, let's get it all!

And here we are!

I-- I don't understand.



People came to the Codfather
for the cod,

but the cod aren't biting
like they used to.

Well, they better start biting.

Cod Fest is in two days!

Oh, but surely you've heard.

Cod Fest was canceled
a month ago.


I'm afraid you can't have
Cod Fest without cod.

It's in the name.

The cod's been overfished.

So for now, no one's fishing.

Hopefully, that'll bring
the cod back.

But-- but this is Coddington!

I mean... without Cod Fest,

why'd we even come here?

For the balloons!


when the going gets tough,

the tough get going...

To another town.

We'll leave in the morning.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I thought you knew
Cod Fest got the heave-ho.

Don't worry...

I-- I worked up a new schedule
last night.

Portotuna has a Tuna Carnival,

and it's just five hours north.

But-- but we're so close

to finding
Trumpet-Tooter's spyglass.

George, I promised you
a great vacation,

and that's what
we're gonna have!


I had high hopes for Coddington.

But it's just
not how I remembered it.

Emma will make sure the seal pup
and his mom are alright.

She doesn't need our help.

Hi! I need your help!

So, are you ready for your trip?

Yup, we're all packed,

and we'll still make
Portotuna by nightfall.

Huh? No-- no, I mean your trip
to Seal Rock on the Magellan.

Trip to where on the what?

Our research ship,
The Magellan.


Argh. George, the pedal!

Um, do I have time
to change my clothes first?

Sorry, Ted, we gotta go now.

* When the sun's in your eyes
and the wind's at your back *

* And the salty spray
is flyin' *

* There's a smile on your face
a skip in your step *

* And you know
there's no denying *

* The sea is always changing *

* She's ancient and she's new *

* You're bold and brave
as you sail each wave *

* With your hale
and hearty crew *

* Hey ho the wind does blow *

* It sets the seas in motion *

* Nothing's fine
as the briny brine *

* And a day out on the ocean *

* Sailing on the ocean *

* The sky above
is truly blue *

* The sea below is too *

* The fish's roof
is the sailor's floor *

* And so let's sing
this song once more *

* Hey ho the wind does blow *

* And if you take the notion *

* To spend some time
on the briny brine *

* You'll have fun
on the ocean *

* The mighty brine *

* The ocean *


George, are you okay?

It's best if we keep
those tanks secure.

They hold compressed air.

Air, George.

For breathing underwater.

It's okay, George.

Nothing got broken.


We're almost to Seal Rock.

Oh, wow.

Remember I told you

how the seals here panic

when humans get too close?


Well, George is so good
at entertaining seals

that I thought we could reach
the seal pup's mom

without scaring the seals
into the sea.

But it's gonna take
all three of us.

What size are you?

Uh, size?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother
to make a schedule at all.

That's the spirit!


If only I knew
where that Seal Pup was...

he could help us
find his mother.


I knew bringing you along
was a good idea.


You keep the seals entertained.

Ted and I
will follow the pup to its mom.

[whistling "Strauss'
The Blue Danube Waltz"]

That's one amazing monkey.

You have no idea.

Let's go.
Follow the pup!

This way. And try not to call
attention to yourself.

Yeah, how do I do that?

Act like a seal!


More flopping!

Oh, hi there, momma.

That fishing line's
bothering you, isn't it?

Don't worry,
we'll get this off you.

Uh, Emma?

I think they like
your herring smell.

That's good.

Keep them distracted.

Yeah, but there's a lot of them.

Okay. Come on! That tickles!

Oh, stop!

Oh! Oh! Careful.

Stop! Stop!


[George chattering the tune
of "The Blue Danube"]

We'll keep her
at the COW overnight

to make sure she heals okay.

But thanks to you two,
she's going to be fine.

Hey, watch your fish-tossing!


That'sa submersible.

It's an underwater vehicle.

I collect plant samples
on the sea floor with it.


Uh, George,

I don't think
you should be in there



We'll track 'em, catch 'em
and reel 'em back in...

I hope.


* My my oh wow *

* Look at where
you are right now *

* A place you never
thought you'd be *

* Right in the middle
of a mystery *

Let's quickly
fire up the sonar...

This will only take a second.


Don't panic. It's probably just
like driving a submarine.

I wish I knew
how to drive a submarine.


* Hey there ho there *

* Everywhere you go there *

* You're moving fast
and floating free *

* Right in the middle
of a mystery *

- Sorry!
- Ta-ta!



Let's go get 'em!

Hang on tight, guys.
Here we come!

* Everyday that dawns
is an open door *

What is that?

* To a world
that you never knew before *

* Everywhere you turn *

* There's something new
to understand *

* Nothing like your plan *

* Ain't that grand? *

Oh, dear, they're headed for the
edge of the continental shelf.

It's a mile drop
straight down!

We got this.

* All the mysteries *

* Full of curiosity *

Oh, boy!

* There's no better
place to be *

* Than right in the middle *

We can't stop!

* Smack-dab in the middle *


* Way down in the middle *

* Of a mystery *


Oh, wow!

I guess when the vehicle
gets too deep,

it triggers safety balloons.

Hah! Who knew?



What? What?

Oh, good.

Bet you guys
had an amazing adventure.

You saw a horse?

I know. A seahorse!

Boy, you are reallyexcited

to pack the car
and get to Portotuna, huh?

The museum?

Oh, no George,

Gertrude St. John
will never let us back in there!



You gorgeous simian!

Look at this!

Captain Elmer?

Well, since that spyglass
hasn't turned up yet,

I figured I just had
to show Gertrude the lens cap.

This certainly is
Trumpet Tooter's lens cap.

And I believe Trumpet-Tooter's
spyglass is out there too.

Oh, my God!

George, you're not saying

Trumpet Tooter's whole ship

is out there, are you?


You saw thisfigurehead?



We, um, did have a little
underwater adventure.

Is it possible the ship
actually sank here?

Well, the legend
only states that

after the ship
wandered into Coddington,

it was never seen again, so...

So the Shiny Cutlass

could very well be
at the bottom of our Bay!


if you're right about this...

Coddington will become
a destination again.

And thrive
'til the cod come back!

Do you think you could take us
to that same spot tomorrow?

Wait... Tomorrow?

But that would mean...

I guess it means

I don't need this schedule

because "This sailor goes
where the wind takes him!"

Let's go find a ship!

Oh, yeah. Of course...

Let's head out!


What are all
these people doing here?

Oh, guess word got around...

We may have made a few calls.

This is all for us?

Good luck, George!

You can do it!

Oh, my.

Look, George.
There's our buoy.

And that's near where you
spotted the hippocampus, right?


So are you boys ready
for another adventure?

This certainly
wasn't on the schedule.

Lead the way, George.

Gee, when you're not
in a runaway submersible,

it's actually
kind of nice down here.

Oh, I see something.

Is it the hippocampus?

The mythical

Well, it isa seahorse.

Sorry, George,
but this must be it.

There's nothing else
around here.

Come in,
Happy Clam.

Did you find the ship?

Negative. Just a towel.

Oh, it's okay, George.

Anyone can make a mistake.

You did everything you could.

It's time to say
goodbye to Coddington.

Poor Coddington.

* Wish I could find *

* Something better to say *

* This isn't the way
we wanted today *

* To end *

* Oh, it's hard *

* Saying goodbye *

* To a friend *

* Trying to smile
but it comes out sad *

Oh, George!

* After all
the fun times we had *

* To spend *

* It's so hard *

* Saying goodbye
to a friend *


* When summer is new *

* Everyday seems
to last and last *

* Then you turn around *

* And somehow
summer is passed *

* It all goes by so fast *

* And though it hurts
having to part *

* I know in my heart *

* We'll find ourselves here *

* Oh, yeah *

* But until then *

* Guess I'm saying goodbye
to a friend *

* And it's hard *

* Saying goodbye *

* To a friend **

Thanks again for your help
with the seals.

And sorry the shipwreck
didn't pan out.

At least you
gave us all

quite an adventure, George.

Thanks for everything!

Let's go, George!


What is it, George?

Okay, George,

we have a long drive

and it looks like

a storm's coming.




What is it?

Ah. Let me see.

It looks like
our seal pup

is ringing the buoy bell.

It sure seems
to want something.

You're right, George.
He needs our help!

Well... better safe than sorry!

Um, where did all those boats
come from?

When the alarm sounds,

all of Coddington comes running!

George, wanna take the helm?

Hold her steady.

Point the bow at the buoy.

Hey, you two!

Yes, George.

Something isgoing on
down there.

Let's drop a camera down
and take a look.

Right, George.

There they are.

Yes, George!
The whale needs our help.

Ahoy, Magellan!

This is the coast guard.

Everything okay?

A humpback whale is trapped
under a collapsed reef.

Oh, dad, it's a whale!

Oh, man.

He needs our help!

Copy that.

And I just wish
I knew what to do.

The whale can only hold
its breath for 45 minutes.

That's right.

Whales need to breathe air

like monkeys and people.

Wait, could we use
the submersible

to move the collapsed reef?

It's not strong enough.

And we're running out of time.

George, what are you doing?

Are you trying to give air
to the whale?

I'm afraid it doesn't
work that way!


Oh, no! George!


There she blows!

My word!

I've spent my life here

looking for a single piece
of treasure,

and this little monkey visits

and finds a 300-ton ship.


How do you do these things?

What do you say,

Good enough for the museum?

I can't believe
it's been a whole year, George.

- Gah!

Of course, I remember
your bosun whistle.

And your spyglass.

Yeah, that seal
was really something.

George, I so wanted you to have

the same Coddington vacation

I had when I was a kid.

That's right.

You created new adventures

for both of us.

Oh, we gotta go!

* Racing along *

* Don't ever care *

* Sun in your face *

* Wind in your hair *

* Humming a song *

* And feeling so fine *

* What could go wrong *

* In the sweet sweet
summertime *

* Everything cool
everything quiet *

* Don't need a nickel
to have a good time *

* The days are bright *

* As a shining new dime *

* It's all going right in
the sweet sweet summertime *

* Curious delirious *

* There's just no way
you can be serious *

* It's such a great sensation *

* We're going on vacation *

* Whoo *

* No need for worries
no frowns or frets *

* Wherever you walk is
as good as it gets *

* Like a balloon *

* That's starting to climb *

* Happy today in the sweet
sweet summertime *

* No clouds in sight
no sign of rain *

* When things are so right
no need to complain *

* Me and my pal rocking
the rhythm and rhyme *

* Everything's great
in the sweet summertime *

* Anticipating
that sweet sweet *

* Sweet summertime *

* What time is it? *

* Sweet summertime *

* What time is it? *

* Sweet summertime **

* My my oh wow *

* Look at where you are
right now *

* A place you never thought
you'd be *

* Right in the middle of
a mystery *

* Hey there ho there *

* Everywhere you go there *

* You're moving fast
and floating free *

* Right in the middle
of a mystery *

* Oh the mystery *

* It's as cool as cool can be *

* All the wonders you will see *

* Right in the middle *

* You're right in the middle *

* Of a mystery *

* Right in the middle *

* Everyday that dawns
is an open door *

* To a world
that you never knew before *

* Everywhere you turn *

* There's something new
to understand *

* Nothing like you think *

* Ain't that great? *

* My my oh yes *

* What comes next
you'd never guess *

* Happiness is yours for free *

* When you're right
in the middle *

* Of a mystery *

* Oh the mystery,
full of curiosity *

* There's no better place
to be *

* Than right in the middle *

* Smack-dab in the middle *

* Way down in the middle *

* Of a mystery *

* My my *

* Oh wow *

* You know you're right
in the middle *

* Of a mystery **