Cure (1997) - full transcript

A wave of gruesome murders is sweeping Tokyo. The only connection is a bloody X carved into the neck of each of the victims. In each case, the murderer is found near the victim and remembers nothing of the crime. Detective Takabe and psychologist Sakuma are called in to figure out the connection, but their investigation goes nowhere. An odd young man is arrested near the scene of the latest murder, who has a strange effect on everyone who comes into contact with him. Detective Takabe starts a series of interrogations to determine the man's connection with the killings. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

"Once upon a time...

in a forest lived a man
and his beautiful daughter.

One day...

a golden carriage drawn by six horses
stopped before their house.

Out of the carriage stepped a king.

'Would you give me your daughter
to be my wife?' he asked the man.

Delighted, the man agreed.

Truth be told,
the king was very handsome...

his only flaw being his beard,
which was blue.

Apart from this, there was no fault
to be found with him."



Enough of the book.
Let's talk about something else.

Yes, please.

- Feeling all right?
- Yes.

I know how...

the story ends.

In the end,
the daughter kills Bluebeard.

- You are?
- Takabe, from headquarters.

Thank you for coming.

Mr. Takabe,
do you want to see the cleaner...

- who found the body?
- No.

A prostitute. Something like this
was bound to happen someday.

- I'm Takabe.
- Yasukawa, from the precinct.

Find anything?


If it was this Kuwano guy,
he took off in the raw.

And he left us his ID.

Excuse me.

She was struck with a blunt object,
but she died from loss of blood.

It wouldn't have taken long.

Both carotid arteries
have been neatly severed.

Have you ever seen wounds
like this before?


I see.

But the perp is no ordinary character.

You don't have to go this far
just to kill someone.

The suspect may have
a motorcycle or a bicycle.

Check all the service roads.
I'm on my way.

I'm going to check out his neighborhood.
You want to come?

Takabe, here.

Then there was blood everywhere.

Lots of it.

Sakuma, this came
from the Shibaura Precinct.

And then...

I looked at her face...

He looks okay to me.

They've requested a psychiatrist.

What's the point?

So he's like the rest?

Yep. Admits intent,
then says afterwards he was stunned.

The devil made them do it
is all I can guess.

Three cases in two months.

What's going on?

The media don't know?

No. We haven't released any details.

No TV or book plots like this?

None. We checked.

There've been no leaks, either.

Unless you've said something
in one of your lectures.

Give me a break!

The perps aren't related in any way,
and they're all perfectly rational.

- So it just happened.
- "Just happened"?

People like to think
a crime has some meaning.

But most of them don't.

So somebody "just happened"
to do this?

Where is this?

Shirasato Beach.

Where is it?

Shirasato Beach.


Shirasato, in Chiba.

Shirasato? Where's that?

Where are you going?



What's the date?

February 26th.

Where is this?

I just told you!

When was that?

Just over there.

Eh, do you know who I am?


I don't know who I am.

You what?

Help me.


I don't remember anything!

Could he use a drink?

No, coffee's fine.


What's that sound out there?

The waves.

It's so quiet.

'Mamiya' is written here.
Could that be your name?

I don't know.

You could be 'Mr. Mamiya.'


That's fine.
Mamiya can be my name.

It probably is.

Maybe we should ask the police.

No. No police.

Why not?

Then let's talk some more.

Perhaps your family, your work.

First tell me about yourself.


I teach elementary school,
and I'm married. That's it.

Where's your wife?

Sleeping upstairs.

Why is she doing that?

She has a cold.

Who does?

Mr. Mamiya.

Who's that?

You, Mr. Mamiya.

Well, I've told you about me.
Now you tell me about you.

About me?


Doesn't the name Mamiya
bring back anything?


Why were you on the beach?


Shirasato Beach.

I don't know
what you're talking about!

Okay, let's talk about
something else then.

I want to hear about you.

I've already told you.


I don't remember.

I teach school.
There's just me and my wife.

What does your wife do?

Nothing. She's a housewife.

Who is?

My wife.

Oh, the woman in the pink negligee...

You saw her?

I don't remember anything.
You do.

Tell me more about your wife.

I'll be right back.

Hello. Could you give me a minute?

Bunch of idiots!

What did I do wrong?

I do things my way!

What? Go to hell!

Damn right I'm mad!
Stop fucking around, you dumb shit!

Sorry to keep you.

Here we are.

There you go.

Good. Thanks.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Takabe, one moment.


Sorry. Did I wake you?

I'll do that.

No, I will...

No, I feel good today.

Where's the opener?


- I poured you some beer.
- Thanks.

How's work? Busy?

Yeah. How about you?

Me? I just did nothing all day long.


When this case is over,
let's take a trip somewhere.

Oh, that's all right...

No, I'd like to go somewhere.

We're definitely going.
You decide where.


I'll leave that up to you.
Okinawa, Hokkaido, anywhere.

From one extreme to the other.

You decide.

All right.

The victim is...

Tomoko Hanaoka, 26,
the suspect's wife.

Her carotid arteries were out.

'Suspect teaches elementary school.
Committed to his work, a good teacher.'

'High school classmates,
married two years.

'Neighbors describe them
as a fine couple.

'No trouble with debt or anything.'

The devil made him do it?

Mr. Hanaoka...

last night you killed
your wife Tomoko.

Is that correct?

Mr. Hanaoka?

You sliced her open with a knife...

from throat to chest.


Why did you kill her like that?

I don't know. Why did I do it?

Did you read some novel
or see some movie like that?

Did someone talk to you?


I see.

Did you hate your wife?

Things weren't going well
between you, were they?

No, that's not true.

Then isn't it strange?

What is it, Mr. Hanaoka?

I remember everything.

I killed Tomoko.
At the time it just seemed...

the natural thing to do.

- Was there a quarrel?
- No.

It's weird. You murdered
your wife for no reason?

That's right.
There was no reason.

But I killed her!
I killed Tomoko!

Mr. Hanaoka, crying won't help.

I'm going to keep on asking you
until you tell me.

- I'm sure this is hard for you...
- That's enough, Takabe.

- No.
- That's enough.

Take him.

He's not lying.
He remembers everything.

Chances are he's completely sane.

Hey! Stop that!

Would a person out someone up like that
because the devil made them do it?

What if they all had some similar
trauma in their childhoods?

It lies suppressed for years,
then they explode.

Could that happen?

Since when did you become a shrink?

I've been reading up.
You know, my wife...

Don't laugh. Beginners' books.

Don't believe everything you read.

Well, it's in a book.

No one can understand
what motivates a criminal...

sometimes not even the criminal.

No one understands.

You're getting in too deep.

No. All I want is to find words
that will explain the crimes.

That's my job.

Yeah, I guess so.

How is your wife, by the way?

She's going to the hospital
you recommended.

She's a lot better.


At least, it seems that way.

I don't know if she really is.

Thank you very much.

That's all right.

- I might have to come again.
- You might?

Could you contact this officer
if someone else moves in?

- All right.
- Give him your number.

Hey, you!
What are you doing up there?

You'll get hurt! Come down!

I'm coming up!

Damn fool!

Name, address
and particulars unknown.

He appears to be in his late 20s.

Yes, I know that.

All right, thank you.

Well, the station is looking
for information on you...

but if you yourself don't know...

The computer has nothing either.

Don't worry.
Tomorrow we'll get you to a hospital.

Have some tea.

Is this your place?

No, it's a police box.

You're a cop?


Why am I talking to you?

I want to ask you some questions.

About me?

Do you remember standing on that roof?

What about coming
to this police box with me?

Is this a police box?


Who are you?

Oh, boy!

Okay, enough.

May I smoke?


You can't smoke here!

That's okay.


I'm on duty.



Oh, thanks.

I'll go do my rounds.

It must be hard work.


I'm sleepy.

I'm gonna sleep a bit.


Mr. Oida.

Look at this.

You hear me, don't you?


You know what I'd like?

I'd like to hear about you.


Tell me.

I think it's the flu.

Does your throat hurt?

A little.

Lower your trousers
and lie down, please.


Lower your trousers and lie down.


That's good enough.

Raise your knees a bit.

You're not shy, are you!

Your lymph glands are a bit swollen.

Fine, thank you.

What do you want at this hour?

Sorry. This won't take long.

Ten minutes, and that's all!


you don't think it might be
some kind of hypnosis, do you?


You know, someone looks
at a flashing light...

then does whatever
someone else tells them?

'Hypnotic suggestion.'

Is it possible?
What do you think?

You're the only one I dare ask.


Got some new evidence?

Just an idea.

Hypnotism itself is
a very common technique.

But even if you manage
to hypnotize someone...

you can't change
their basic moral sense.

A person who thinks murder is evil
won't kill anyone...

under hypnotic suggestion.

Could you induce someone to cut
in that 'X' pattern?

It would take forever to get
a suggestion like that into place.

It's impossible?

I didn't say that...

if the hypnotist was a genius.

But why would someone do that?

I don't know.

A thrill killing?
Some thrill that'd be!

You said yourself that no one knows
what motivates a criminal.

Mr. Oida, do you know where the stuff
for the Ward Office is?

The right-hand shelf.

Yeah, here it is.

Like I said.

Be right back.

Come in.

Sorry I'm late.

That's all right.
Did something happen?

I got lost.



Did you come another way?

I don't know. Suddenly I just
didn't know where I was.

How did you get here, then?

I don't know.

Suddenly I was in front
of the hospital.

Well, it all worked out
for the best.

You got here.


That book...

It's 'Bluebeard'.
Do you remember it?

No, I've never seen it before.

There's nothing physically wrong.

Just a sprained ankle.
Nothing to worry about.

So how's your memory?

Tomorrow we'll move you to a hospital
with a proper psychiatric department.


How far back do you remember?

I remember talking to you.

Any worries?

Worries? About what?

You're quite calm.

You're the one with worries.


May I smoke?

There's no smoking here.

I see.

What do you mean, I have worries?

Eh, what?

I forget.


Doctor, can I tell you something?


All the things that
used to be inside me...

now they're all outside.


I can see all of the things
inside you, Doctor.

But the inside of me...

is empty.

Don't look at me.

Now you tell me about yourself.

About me? What about me?

Why you became a doctor.


You're just a woman.
Why did you become a doctor?

Just a woman?

That's what people said, isn't it?

They did, didn't they?

Think back.

Remember exactly how you felt.

Just a woman.

Woman is a lower life form
than man. Isn't she?

See? Now you remember.

When you were in medical school...

you dissected a corpse, didn't you?

The first corpse you'd ever seen.

It was a man, wasn't it?

Think back.

You'd never seen a naked man before.

You took your scalpel
and out into him.

It made you feel good, didn't it?

Didn't it?

Think back.

You wanted to be a surgeon...

but you weren't sure you could,
and you ended up a GP.


What you really wanted to do
was cut a man open.

You shot him in the head.

Wasn't that enough?

Is there a reason why you cut
into the dead man with a knife?


He was someone I didn't like.


Many reasons.

It's been three years since
he was transferred to our box.

I put up with him all the time.

Finally I couldn't stand it anymore.

But to kill him?


Detective, you've never
killed anyone, have you?

That's how you get when you hate
someone from the bottom of your heart.

So it was an angry impulse?

No. I was completely calm.

Isn't that a bit strange?

Yes, it definitely is strange.

May I?

I'm Sakuma, a psychiatrist.

Officer Oida, do you remember
seeing anything shiny?

For example...

something like this?


Were you talking to anyone
before the crime?


Is that true? Try to remember.

Do you think you could
stop doing that, please?

Keep going.

Don't stop!

You did talk to someone, didn't you?

We know you did.
Look at the light.

No. No one.

Yes, you did. Who was it?

What was his name?

I didn't!

- Enough!
- Mr. Oida.

You must have seen a light like this.

Was anyone there?

Someone told you to do this,
didn't they?

Who was it?

There might have been someone there.

- Was there?
- I don't know!

Of course you know.
Who was it?

Tell me his name, please.

- His name?
- Yes, his name. What was his name?

He... didn't have a name.

What do you mean?
Mr. Oida, look at the light!

That's enough!

Excuse me. I'm thirsty.

It is hypnosis!

We can't be sure of that.

But that wasn't normal!

I decide what's normal.

Stop traumatizing people.

Sakuma, we're not counseling this man,
we're interrogating him!

- Don't move!
- But...

Just stay there.

Mr. Oida? Mr. Oida?

What was that you just did?

Just now? Nothing.

What's that motion
you're making with your hand?


I don't know.

Nothing in particular.

Tell me about what you just did.

I was just thinking
of Officer Tamura.

That's all.

Nothing more than that.

How long will this go on?


Mr. Takabe!

What are you doing?

Another murder. The restrooms
in Chuo Park. Get over there.

There was a report of a suspicious
person at Shiomicho Hospital.

Oida took him in there.

- Amnesia?
- Apparently.

- Where is he?
- He's not in his room.

- So where is he?
- They say he hasn't left.

I know you're here.

Step out here, please.

- Where?
- Here.

I don't know where "here" is.

Well, then, I'll have to come to you.

Where are you?

Come out.

Who are you?



A police officer.

Do you understand my question?

I've got some questions to ask you.

I want to hear about you.

I ask the questions! You answer!

Who are you?

Where are you?

- Who are you?
- A detective!

Stop screwing around!


I forget.

Address? Age? Occupation?

Don't know.

When were you checked in?


The hospital.

Shiomicho Hospital.

You saw Dr. Miyajima.


We're going in circles!

Have you ever met
any of these people?

I don't remember.

How about this person?

I don't know.

This is you.

It looks like me.

So now we're sure of one thing.

That's you. All right?

I don't know him.

So this is me?

Who are you?

A detective. How about these?


- Do you like these?
- No.

If you don't like them,
why do you have them?

It's my job.


What's your job?

Right now, asking you questions.


You're an important source
of information.

Me? Why?

We found your fingerprints
at the Hanaoka house.

Whether you remember or not,
you know him.

Oh, is that what you mean?

You know a lot, Detective.

Not what's inside your head.

My head?


Your attitude
isn't helping you at all.


Right. I want you to try
and remember from the beginning.

You admit you were
in Shiomicho Hospital?

What's wrong?
Why are you raising your voice?

Because you won't answer.

- Why?
- Answer my questions.

May I smoke?

- No!
- Takabe.



Tell me more about yourself.

After you talk.

Stop it! Leave him alone!

I need to examine him...

but I see clear symptoms
of typical psychosis.

Don't get into it with him.

You'll just get angry.

Hey, you all right?

Yeah. I'm all right.

I went out to the convenience store,
and I got lost.

I see.

We'll need toothbrushes.

We will, won't we?

What if we stay at a hotel...

where they don't give you one?

I'll do the shopping, okay?

You're tired.

You don't have to do
everything for me.

We don't have to take a trip, either.

We'll take that trip. Definitely.

My next holiday.

For sure.


Impound all that guy's stuff.

But he's a witness, not a suspect.

I don't care. The works.

What's that?

A scar from a burn.
Not very old.

Possibly caused
by contact with metal.

Something round and hot.

Round and hot.

This way.

No one's home.

- Do you have the key?
- Yeah.

Is Mr. Mamiya
in some kind of trouble?

That's what I'm here to find out.

I see. Well, it's all yours.

Excuse me.

When did you last see Mr. Mamiya?

About six months ago, maybe.

I don't come out here much.

He paid a year's rent in advance.

I'll be downstairs if you need me.










Sakuma, I've found out
who our man is.

Kunihiko Mamiya.

A psychology student
up until three years ago.

His professors said he hardly
showed up for classes.

Yeah, just like you.

Then he was a live-in part-timer
at a junkyard in Kawasaki.

That's probably where he got burned.

Vanished six months ago.

No, I don't know what he was doing.

Have you ever heard of 'Mesmer'?

Okay. Tell me when I get back.

What's wrong?
What happened?

Don't scare me like that!
Are you ill?

Why are you home now?

It's nothing.

He's ill. I've moved him
to the hospital.

- On whose authority?
- My own.

- Are you trying to take him away from me?
- That's right.

It's dangerous to let you
keep talking to that man.

You bastard!

- Hey! What about Mesmer?
- I'll ask him!

No one's supposed to see him.

Open up.


What's wrong?
Your hands are shaking.

I found out.

Your name is Mamiya Kunihiko.

Is that right?

Mamiya, who is this man
called Mesmer?



At the university
you studied about Mesmer...

and hypnotic suggestion.


Whether you remember or not...

I'm going to have you arraigned
on charges of incitement to murder.

It's over.

You saw your wife dead, didn't you?

Your wife is ill, isn't she?

Is it hard caring for her at home?

Where did you hear about that?

The other detective told me.

Does it bother you,
talking about your wife?

Anyway, there'll be lots of time.

You can't get out of here.

It's you who wants out.

I know what you did.

Tell me whatever you like.
That's why you came, isn't it?

You planted hypnotic suggestions
in those people's minds.

It's hard to be a detective
with a crazy wife.

shut up!

You do it by keeping your work
and your home life completely separate.

How did you do it?

The detective or the husband...

which is the real you?

How did you hypnotize them?

Neither one is the real you.

There is no real you.

Your wife knows that, too.

How did you hypnotize them?


You're right.

My wife is a burden. I know.
You don't have to tell me!

I'm a detective.

I've been taught never to show
emotion, even with my family.

And this is the result!

I don't understand her.

She doesn't understand
what I go through.

I know it's my fault
that it's that way. So what?

What else could you do?

That's right!
What other way is there?


You think this is how
I wanted to end up?

We should all relax, enjoy ourselves,
lead peaceful lives.

But society isn't like that!

Oh, so society's to blame...

It's people like you.

It's guys like you who have
my head about to split open!

Lunatics like you have it easy
while citizens like me go through hell.

I spend my whole life
taking care of that wife of mine!

If it weren't for you...

things would be fine
with my wife and me.

Her I can forgive...

but you I can't.

You're amazing.

You like that? Hearing me talk?



Now it's your turn.
I want the whole story.

All of it.

What's wrong?

Can't talk without your lighter?


You're amazing, you are.

The water will make you calm.

It will make you happy, empty.

You'll be born again, just like me.

Are you all right?

Was it you?

Did you tell him about me?

Oh, well, you know,
he keeps asking all these questions...

Mesmer was an 18th-century
Austrian doctor...

the first man to study hypnosis.

It wasn't recognized then
as a medical treatment.

They saw it as fakery, magic...

or witchcraft.


There's still a lot
we don't know about Mesmer.

Some say he really did study
magic and alchemy.

And Mamiya's doing that?


If so...

the diagnosis would be simple.

He'd simply be a megalomaniac.

But that's not it.

He has definitely lost his memory,
but otherwise he's not abnormal.

But he's also a man
with a very complex personality.

I see. Okay.


Don't talk to him.

You don't know what could happen.

Don't get in too deep.

I know.


Mr. Mamiya, could you tell us
your name or date of birth?

Anything you remember.


Do you remember
anything about yourself?


Mr. Mamiya...

are you aware of the situation
you are in at present?

I mean the charges against you.

Who are you?

Fujiwara, from headquarters.

Well, Mr. Mamiya?

Do you understand
why you're here now?


Don't ask questions, answer them.

What questions?

Mr. Mamiya...

incitement to murder
can carry the death penalty.

Do you understand that?

Is that your boss?


That must be a drag.

Mr. Mamiya, answer my question.

Who are you?

Fujiwara. Headquarters.


- Are you being smart?
- Who are you?

Takabe, what's wrong with this man?

- I'm asking who you are.
- Answer my question!

All right, I'll ask you again.


Who are you?

What exactly do you mean?

You think about that.

I'm very sorry!

You must understand, he has amnesia.

What a bunch.

They don't understand, do they?

About me...

or about you.

Detective, do you hear my voice?

You do, don't you?

That proves you're a special person.

You knew that from the start.

So did I.

You're different from them.

You're someone...

who can understand
what I'm really saying.

Take him away.

Will Okinawa be warm?

Let's eat lots of good food.

What do you want to eat?

Fumie, we're not going to Okinawa.

I know.

The sea there must be beautiful.

Just until my work settles down.

I understand.

I'll take her bag.

Shall we go?

Thank you, Doctor.

Mr. Takabe.

It's not good to work too hard.

You look sicker than your wife to me.

I'm sorry, I don't have the tag.
I wonder where it went.

A week ago, wasn't it?


Mr. Takabe?

One moment, please.

I'm sorry, sir, but it's not here.

That can't be.

Maybe you took it somewhere else?


Or you gave it to your wife.


May I take your plate?





No, I'm not busy.


I want to show you something.


A film on hypnotherapy.
The university put it on video.

The oldest material
on hypnotism in Japan.

It probably dates from the end
of the 19th century.

Watch the man's hand.

You have to look closely.
See? There.

You see what looks like an X?

- That's it?
- Yeah.

What does it mean?

Her name was Suzu Murakawa.
She was treated for hysteria.

That's all that's recorded.

Police records say...

she was arrested
for the murder of her son in 1898.

She seems to have killed him...

by carving the shape
of a cross into his neck.

That's all we know.

Did Mamiya see this film?

I don't know.

There's not much chance
even medical students would see it.

But even if he had...

that still wouldn't
explain his actions.

Who's this man in the film?


We do know, however, why he
didn't show his face to the camera.

You know what they called
hypnotism in Japan back then?

'Soul conjuring.'

Like clairvoyance, spiritualism...
that sort of thing.

The authorities in any age
always suppress occultism...

and the Meiji government back then
would have suppressed this technique.

It would only have been performed
in secret ceremonies.





So what is Mamiya, then?

What's your guess? Tell me.

A missionary.

A missionary?

Sent to propagate the ceremony.

Sorry, I was just imagining things.

What am I saying?

Don't take me seriously.

I'm a little tired.

Let's call it a day.

Now I'm getting in too deep!

Sakuma, what's that?

Oh, that?

I just thought it might
help me to think.

About what?


I don't know.

You met Mamiya, didn't you?


Yes, you did.

It's weird.

I don't remember.

Mamiya Kunihiko's
whereabouts unknown.

Earlier reports of him near
Kawasaki Station were inaccurate.

In the absence
of further information...

the search area is being widened
from Tokyo and Saitama...

to the entire Kanto plain.


One moment, please.

Mr. Takabe, it's for you.


I see.

We're on our way.

Dr. Sakuma's body has been
taken to the hospital.

It was probably suicide.
He strangled himself.

He'd cuffed himself to that pipe...

strange as that sounds.

So you've come, Detective.

Why did you let me escape?

You know why?

By letting me escape,
you could learn my true secret.

All by yourself.

You didn't have to, though.

Anyone who wants to meet
his true self is bound to come here.

It's fate.

Remember now?

Do you remember everything?

You do?

This is the end for you, too.

Fearsome... heart of...

His... healing hand.

...road of healing...
...not along...

Take sword...

A man...but dew.

Heal, O... water-grass!
..., O winter...

...falls. . .snow.

That...heal...snow. hand...heal.

Shall I bring your coffee?


All right.
Bring the car around.

Here you are.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.














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