Cura Brochero (2016) - full transcript

Córdoba, Argentina, 2013. Everyone gets ready to participate in Cura Brochero's beatification. Santiago is a 55-year-old independent producer who is about to make a film (with scarce funds) about Cura Brochero's life. Luciano is a 40-year-old actor who leads a miserable, hectic life marked by excesses and weaknesses. Their stories get intermingled when Luciano accepts, out of necessity, a proposal to take part in this movie project and is asked to play Cura José Gabriel Brochero. As the film develops, the life and personal examples of Brochero, The Cura Gaucho, will constantly exhort Luciano's current lifestyle and mindset to be revised, which leads to a crisis in his innermost nature that will force him to reconsider several aspects of his life. At the end of the movie, Luciano decides to take up the Spiritual Exercises recommended by Brochero as a means to change a person's life. The film, produced by Maranatha Civil Association, is a fiction movie that thoroughly narrates The Cura Gaucho's life resorting to Luciano and Santiago's stories. Through this "film within a film", the producer clearly shows us how the ideals and human values of great men like Brochero can transform and improve our lives. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
We were listening to
this beautiful song performed

as a tribute to our
beloved “Priest Brochero”

and we will soon be
celebrating his beatification.

In the town named after
him, Villa Cura Brochero.

Come in!

Excuse me

Hi Charly, how are you doing?

Well! Why are you working so early?

What's up?

I just kept on going last night...

I stayed here with Juan, he had
to finish editing some material...

what's that?

It's a picture a plastic artist gave us...

her name is Gladys Peralta

It's really good! What
are you going to do with it?

I don't know yet...

what have you got there?

Ah, this is a newspaper
clipping from Brochero's times. Listen:

I'm all ears...

“This man is just flesh and blood:

He gives Mass, hears confession,

helps people die with dignity, baptizes,

celebrates marriage...

And, however, he is an exception:

he practices the Gospel

You need a carpenter? He's a carpenter.

You need a farmhand? He's a farmhand.

He can tuck up his cassock anywhere,

take a shovel or a hoe
and make a public road

in 15 days,

helped by his parishioners...

Look at that! Can you believe this priest?

I got it Charly!

This movie should be
made the Brochero way...

with people's participation
and help, do you understand?

And that picture will be the gift...

You think so?

“In the year of the lord, eighteen forty

and on the 17th day of the month of March

solemnly baptize José
Gabriel del Rosario Brochero,

one day old,

legitimate son of Mr. Ignacio Brochero,

and Mrs. Petrona Dávila,

and his godparents

Manuel Antonio Ceballos

and Mrs. Josefa Dávila.

I, as parish priest of the
Santa Rosa de Río Primero parish,

Hey, any idea about who will be
starring in adult “Priest Brochero”?

Here I have several likely candidates.

But I know somebody who can play the leading
role very well, he's a very good actor...

but I don't know...

Why are you not sure?

Come in!

As I was telling you,

the guy is a little
complicated, troublesome,

I don't know, maybe he
can get us in trouble...

Thanks Mariana, bring Paula a coffee

No, thanks, I really gotta go.

Is he well-known?

Not so much

What's his name?

Luciano... I don't remember his last name.

I think his name is at the end of the list,

I can call him if you want
and we see what we can do...

OK, call him

Anyway, check everyone on the list.

Anyway, check everyone on the list.


I am Ignacio Brochero

and this is my son José Gabriel.

He's the fourth of seven children.

We' are coming from Villa
Santa Rosa de Río Primero.

So, what can I do for you?

Well, this son of mine has
decided to study to become a priest.

Our parish priest, Priest Villafañe,
finds him actively involved in church;

Well, listen. Here at the
seminary, we have a minimum fee

because this seminary is maintained
only with the support of churchgoers.

Well, Doctor, you know
I'm going through hard times,

we make a living working in the fields.

Harvest times are
sometimes good and sometimes bad...

but again,

if my son really feels God's calling,

we are ready to make
the effort and pay the fee.

If this young man is sure he
wants to stay, he can stay now

because classes will be soon starting.

Well son,

your wish has been fulfilled.

But you must study and make a great effort.

Maybe you don't become a priest,

but at least you will have
enough tools for a better future

and not be just a farmhand.

Yes, Sir. I'm staying

Ok, I'll leave you with the superintendent.

As I was telling you Luciano,

this is a movie and a documentary
all together about Priest Brochero.

Know him, don't you?


Brochero, the Gaucho Priest!

The one who rode his mule in the sierras...

and helped that region make progress.

And what? Am I supposed
to star in a “priest”?


But remember that
Brochero was not just any priest.

He was the priest of
the people, of the town.

He gave the serranos spiritual

and material blessings.

He built a school, roads. Got that?

Yeah, yeah... it looks like he
had a real entrepreneurial spirit.

Yeah... but I'd say he was more than that.

He was really concerned about people...

he made it out of love.

Where would the movie be shot?
He made it out of love.

Where would the movie be shot?

There, in Villa Cura Brochero

And how much is the pay?

Well, we don't have
that muchmoney for the movie,

remember that this is all on our own.

This is part of an evangelization project

and for these things, you know,

Come on! You're gonna tell me
the Church doesn't have money?

No, yeah, yeah, but
don't take it that way...

Look at Brochero for example. No,
yeah, but don't take it that way...

He had such an austere life

that he was even called an air carnation

because the guy seemed to live off nothing.

I don't “live off nothing”!

So, if the pay is not
good, I'm not interested.

Bye. A pleasure.

Ok, thank you for coming.

What are you doing!!

You scared me to death!

What are you peeking into?

Gabriel left with Dean Clara to Las Playas

What? They left to combat?


Well, yes, but to administer the
sacraments to those fallen in combat!

They say it's already more
than three hundred killed and that,

only from Chacho Peñaloza's army.

Yes, Paunero had many officers killed.

It seems that Chacho and
Felipe Varela got away alive

Chacho and his people should be killed!

La Rioja is a cave for thieves that
are threatening all neighboring provinces.

You think so?

They say Chacho is not mean;

he helps people that come to his place,

fixes marriages that are not going well

and helps difficult young people.

Bah! He is an ignorant, has no vision

and thinks the world ends in his own town;

in this way we will
never make any progress!

We need to turn to
Europe, everything is there!

Only in this way will
we be able to make it;

not just by watching the flatlands and those
savages that are with Varela and Chacho.

They say that Varela and Chacho were camping
with Santos Guayama and a clairvoyant,

that Indian Chumba...

A clairvoyant!

Who are their trusted
men at the Abrojal.

There they are!

Tell us what you saw

were there many dead?

Hey, answer!


Did they cut off your tongue?

Oh my God!

Why! Oh My God!

Who is it?

Me, dad, Diego.

I'm coming

wait, I'm looking for the keys...

It's ok... I just wanted to let you
know that mom pressed charges against you.

Against whom?

Against you dad.


She says you're not giving
her the money you had arranged...

But I told her to wait
for a couple of days.

Dad! that was six months ago

But she doesn't understand
that they will take away my benefit!

Go and tell her to drop the charges now!

No Dad, you know mom is very angry at you

and she is right somehow.

But, how do you know
she's right about it or not?

Do you have any idea
of what I'm going through?

Hey wait Dad, what's wrong
with you? Don't you take it on me...

You will never change. I
don't know why I'm here, bye!!!

No, Diego! Diego!

Hi Paula?

This is Luciano, do you remember me?

Listen, have you already hired
an actor for the Brochero role?

Spiritual exercises were
very important in Brochero's life,

since the time he was at the seminary...

You have to makeup. Then
we continue talking.

What were the exercises?

A religious practice of the church

to find out and know
what God's will in our life is

and thus reorder our lives accordingly.

Reorder your life!

That's what my wife tells me
to do, well, my ex-wife in fact!

And so, what happened? Did
Brochero do these exercises?

Sure! He did them at the seminary,

but it came the time when
he had to make the decision

and to ask the bishop
to ordain him as a priest,

and he was assaulted by doubts.

He started to feel what Saint
Ignatius calls “spiritual desolation...

Spiritual de-so-la-tion?

Yes, he felt he couldn't pray,

couldn't think, he was sad,

had nightmares...

In fact, he wasn't sure
about becoming a priest,

he felt it was too much for him.

He was desolated.

That's why he talked to Father Bustamante.

I'm very much afraid of becoming a priest.

And I wonder if I will be able
to be faithful to my vocation...

Look, son...

We're all sinners,

and we are full of limitations.


does great things with us small creatures.


the important thing, is
not that you preach great.

Try to love him,

and serve him, faithfully.

He will take care of the rest.

Good afternoon your
Excellence, you wanted to talk to me...

Yes, Father. Sit down, please.

You know that, when we ordain as priests,

we commit ourselves to
go where God wants us to go,

and that is a lifetime duty.

I remind you that
because, I have a new task for you.

You are going to the
west as soon as possible,

since the San Alberto
parish is without a parish priest.


In this map, is all this area you see here.

Get a local guide to help you.

They told me there are people who
can help you with this in the Abrojal.

It will be so, your Excellence.

May your Excellency bless me.

Take the map with you son.

May God bless you.


Yo are still asleep!

We're waiting for you here Luciano! Did you
forget we were traveling to Brochero “early”?

Okay okay, yes.

You guys have a coffee. I take a
shower and I'll be there right away.

Good afternoon Father! Looking for someone?

The parish priest left a few days ago...

Yes. I'm the new parish priest

I've just arrived from San Pedro.

My name is José Gabriel Brochero.

Pardon me! God bless you!

I'm Juan, I'm the church clerk.

The priest here left to
San Juan a few days ago.

I have the keys; you
want me to open the door?


Come in Father, let me help you.


Come in Father.

Excuse me.

This is the room. I leave your things here.

Thank you!

Well, as you know,

Bishop Arellano has decided to unify
the parishes of San Aberto and Tránsito.

And I've been committee here.

Welcome then! How was your trip?

A little bit tiring...

Well, this place is all a mess

but I'm gonna tell Palito to
come and give you a hand at the church

Who is Palito?

Palito is a young man
that wanted to become a priest

but got sick and had to leave the Seminary.

He's always willing to
help, he's a very good person.

Well Father, have a rest.

If you need anything, just call me,

I live in the house with
the big tree in the front.

Thank you. God bless you!

Thank you Father.

Excuse me Father.

Good morning.

I'm Palito.

Well, everybody call me
like that around here.

Yes.. how are you doing?
I've been told about you.

They tell me you can help me at the church.

Oh. Yes, Father!

Look, I brought you some "arrope"
and vegetables from Mr. Jose's orchard.

I'll leave them here.

It seems you've had a
good harvest around here.

Yes, many things are sown here.

But some people are
having trouble with the water,

The weather is very dry around here.

But the river is very close here.

You should build
irrigation channels, it's easy.

Excuse me.

Good morning, Irineo.

Good morning.

Father, meet Irineo
Altamirano, a very pious neighbor.

Welcome to our town, Father.

I wanted to meet you
and put me at your service,

for anything you need.

Thank you. I'm Gabriel Brochero.

I'm the new parish priest of Villa
del Tránsito and of the San Pedro Parish.

I heard you want to build
some irrigation channels, do you?

It seems the Father
knows about these things.

Yes, well, I did that in my home town.

We need to find out who needs
them and how to solve this, just that.

But you will have a lot
of things to do here,

you will also build irrigation channels?

Well, if I can be of any help...

Look, if we don't help each other,

we're calling ourselves Christians in vain.

Well, Father, I don't know
anything about irrigation channels...

but if I can be of any help, just tell me.

Count on me.

I've also noticed there
are very few schools.

Yes, there are only five
schools in the hole region.

And they are full.

Well, we have to ask the
government to build new ones.

We don't count for the government Father...

Well, I'm going to get myself
ready to celebrate Mass. See you later!

Please, tell the people there's a new
parish priest and that Mass starts at 7.

See you later Father!

See you!

My Inmaculate...

Good morning dear Father!

How are you doing?

I brought you this homemade
bread to have with the mate.

Thank you!

And Juana wants to talk to you.

How are you Juana?

You wanted to talk to me?

Juana wants to confess

Father, I don't know what
is it that I have to say...

What are you going to say? That you're married
to a man but you live with another one!

Is this a sin?

And.. Where's your husband?

He's hanging out with Santos Guayama

and sometimes comes home drunk and get...


and I don't want that anymore.

And Juan is good, he treats me well.

He helps me with my boy...

is that too bad Father?

Come here, daughter. Let's talk.

You can go, Josefa, I'll handle this.

Let's see...

do you know God loves you?

Ehhhhhhh... Father!!!

Open up!

Who are you?

Rafael Pereyra, at your service.

You are drunk,

that's not the way to come to church.

I'm not drunk... I'm happy, happy

What? Doesn't God have a place for me?

Go home and get some sleep and
come back tomorrow when you're sober

Are you telling me to go to bed?

I'm gonna go to bed
because Rafael wants to!

Just what I needed! Drunkards...

What am I going to do with these
people you have commended me Lord?

What am I going to do?

Hi Santiago!

Yeah, yeah. I'm coming, I
was having something cold.

Yes, I'm ok.

Okay, I'm coming.

Why on Earth did I get
to star in this priest! Me!

Excuse me, do you need
anything else? Don't listen to you!

No, no, don't listen to
me, I'm talking to myself.

Keep the change.

Thank you.

Father, I was looking for you.

How are you doing Irineo...

Very well
How are you doing Irineo...

Very well

I was coming back from visiting some
families and I stopped to cool off a little.

That's okay.

You look worried, any problem?

Oh, my friend! People
around here are have problems.

They have many needs, and I
don't know how to help them.

But you do a lot for these
people, what else can you do?

Well, to tell you the truth, an idea
has been going round my head for days.

What idea?

That things could get a lot better
if everybody did spiritual exercises.

Spiritual exercises? What's that?

What are these for?

To find God and everything else in Him.

But people have started to
attend Mass... even more than before!

Yes, but sometimes it seems that they do it
out of friendliness or because I help them.

And not because they have
discovered how much God loves them.

Otherwise they would change...

Look at Rafael Pereyra for example,

On Sundays he gets
dressed up and goes to church,

but the rest of the days,
he's always drunk...

And he is only one example.

Yeah, I know what you mean...

well, let's do those
exercises you say then!

Yes, but we have to travel to
Córdoba and it's an 8-day exercise.

To Córdoba!

It's like 14 days there
and back plus exercise days...

I find it hard...

Who around here might able to go?

Yes, I know...

but what if this was the road to
salvation for many and we're not doing it?

Don't you think it's worth trying?

Why don't you help me organize it?

I'll go around and invite people,

we make a group, get
the supplies we need...

What do you say?

I trust you Father.

If you think this is good
for us all, you can count on me!

Thank you friend.

We'll have to get right
down to it and get organized.

Rafael! Look at you,

I'm coming here with a
proposal for you and you're drunk!

I'm not drunk!

Oh really? Then, listen to me.

We have to travel to Córdoba
to do some spiritual exercises.

I'll take care of your family. Your life
has to change; you can't go on like this.

Now you're telling me
how to live my life too.

Yes, yes. You're living in sin!

I don't believe in God,
or the church you're in!

You bet! You can tell me that,

but tell HIM!

Come on, tell HIM! Let's see if you dare!

Come on Rafael... do it
for your kids, they need you.

Thing is I try... but I can't

Look at the brave man...
I knew you were weak!

Weak never! You don't know

And what do I have to do?

Don't drink anymore

But drinking is such a pleasure!

Ok, look, here's the deal

For sure you will propose
something I won't be able to achieve,

because it's always like this.

Look, this is gonna be as
hard for me as it is for you,

so you can see what it is like to
be strong enough to overcome a vice

You know I like sweets. so you can see what it
is like to be strong enough to overcome a vice

You know I like sweets.

Well, I promise I won't
have a sweet for two years.

Are you gonna do that for me?


And, who will take care
of my family while I'm away?

I will Rafael.

And when are we leaving?

Right now. Go get your
things so we can leave.

Hi! this is Diego. Leave a
message and I'll call you back later. bye

Diego, this is Dad,

I wanted to talk to you.
Well, call me when you hear this.


What do you want now? Are you
calling me again to insult me,

I'm sick of you being so
aggressive, don't call me again!

Hey, wait Diego, calm down...

I'm changing

You don't change anymore!

It's been years I've been waiting for you
to change, don't hurt me anymore please!

Give me a chance

Diego, Diego...

Waiter, a beer!

You sleep so well here...

Easy, I've only been
waiting for you for half an hour

Well, we could have met a little
closer to the Inn where we're staying!

You're right but the people that will lend us
the horses for the movie live around here.

That's a beautiful animal!

I like animals a lot...

what I most like about animals is
that they don't ask you for anything

and are good buddies and if you
give them food, that's enough for them

You live alone?

Yeah... I do now...

I separated a year ago

Got any children?

Yeah, one, Diego

but we don't get along very well.

You know, nobody seems to
understand the life I choose to live

I like acting, going
from one place to another,

being free... just like wild animals

Now that we're on the subject of animals,
that reminds me of an anecdote from Brochero

Yeah? What happened?

Some neighbors were
fighting over who a foal owner was...

and there was this Prudencio,
who was like a kind of mediator.

Brochero got the neighbors together
and told them to bring in their mares

and Prudencio brought in the foal
and put it in the middle of the mares;

the mare that was the foal's mother immediately
run to the foal and started cuddling him,

the other mare just stood there grazing.

It's obvious who the mother is.

Did you realize how
the mother recognized the foal?

How about you? When are
you going to do the same?

I don't have a mare or a foal

You are going to have a child with Edelmira
and you don't want to recognize the baby.

You see friend, that mare has recognized her
foal; you want to be less than that animal?

Marry Edelmira and take care of
that child you are both going to have.

When I come back here again,
I'll help you in any way possible.

Excuse me...

Let's see, Mrs. Zoraida, give me the list
of women who will be doing the exercises

It's 25, including me.

Well, I have asked everyone to cooperate...

Mercedez de Vásquez' husband
will bring in a cart full of pumpkins.

Then, this one... what was her name?

The short one? Romero's wife?

Vicenta Romero said she
would bring in two chickens.

Jacinta de Díaz will bring in two
bags of potatoes and... I'm missing one.

The one who would bring in the tomatoes.

Oh, yes, I was forgetting the one
bringing in the tomatoes, Mrs. Peralta

Well, I'll give this list to Palito;

he's in charge of everything.

Father, since I can't go,

I asked my people some
money for the expenses...

Mr. Iriarte's wife has a grocery store,

so she will bring in sugar, noodles...

Caña, Caña

and bottle of caña for the cold.

We are 23 women in total and we have collected
fifty five pesos Father. Here you have.

And here's the full list.

Here Mrs. Matilde

Thank you

I'll give this list to
Palito, so he takes care of what needs

to be bought and helps people
who can't bring in anything...

you've done a great job.

Now, we have to tell
everybody that on December 1,

they have to be here with the
mounts and winter clothing early morning.

We leave at 9 more or less.

“God's eternal love for man is
impregnated in all wonders of Creation.

Periodic season changes,

the richness of plant and animal life

and all the greatness and
the sublimeness of the Universe

preach that God loved man from eternity

and laid eyes of love
and predilection upon him”

We thank God for these days where we
will meet Him and become close to Him.

We are now returning home

and we ask you Lord to help us be instruments
of peace and love in our families

and give testimony of your presence in us.

I have visited the parish towns

and have noticed we're in need of chapels;

people have no place to meet
as a community and pray to God

that' why I'm asking
you to give a helping hand.

Altamirano and I have made
some progress in this respect...

Excuse me Father,

look, this is Panaholma,

this is where they told you
they needed a church, right?

Yes, that's right.

And a little bit more
to the south, in Las Rosas

they have donated a piece of
land for building one more church.

Well, I can take care
of that if you want Father.

Ok, great...

well, as for Nono and Panaholma,

we have to get people together,
get organized and create a committee

to be in charge of collecting the money
and materials to get the work started...

Father, now that you're
getting organized with all this...

Some neighbors found out that
you helped some people build a road;

so, they would like you to help them
build another one, they really need it.

They already got many materials and
offered to help in anything we need...

Yes! We need many roads.

Ah Father! There's somebody out there that
brought in some animals to collaborate...

You see?

God never turns his back on us...

Palito, please, take care of that, ok?

When I visit the town I'll
collect the things people will donate us

and then we have to sell
them and with that money,

Let's get started then!

I heard about your leg
Father. Is it any better?

Well, thank God, it was not serious.

But what was it then? The frost?

Yes, we were coming back from
Córdoba after doing the exercises,

and my feet got wet and with the cold,

my blood stopped circulating and
my feet got swollen. It was awful

And what did you do?

If it hadn't been for my
friends that acted quickly

and slaughtered a sheep

to heat my feet with its intestines, I
wouldn't be talking to you now!

Travelling to Córdoba at this
time of the year is complicated...

it's freezing everywhere.

Look Father, the exercises
are helping people a lot...

but traveling to Córdoba, Father, it's...

I wanted to talk precisely about that...

I have the solution!

The solution?

Yes! I want to build a
House of Exercises here!

Here Father?


But where are you going
to get the money from?

Where are you going to get everything?

The way we have done everything!

The way we built the roads, the churches...

we have to get
organized and create a committee.

But we're going to need a lot of people!

Yes, that's true. I already
talked to Dr. Aguirre a while ago...

I'm ready to do it.

I was thinking that we could take advantage
of the Virgin celebration to get started

because a lot of people
from everywhere are coming

that day and they can help us
start building the foundations...

I also thought that we could build
the house here, in the lot next to us.

Where are you going Father?

To visit the ranches and ask them to
help us with the building of the house

So, you're begging...

Something like that.

Can you imagine Palito?

A House of Exercises here in Tránsito
Can you imagine Palito?

A House of Exercises here in Tránsito

and not having to go
to Córdoba anymore?

And how long are you going to take?

Whatever it takes

Listen, if you're going far
away, take someone with you;

that animal may throw
you off and you'll get hurt

Well, then I'm going to ask
Mr. Pedro Miranda to come with me;

he knows all the roads to
San Luis, San Juan and La Rioja.

I'll be back on August 15 for
the Mary Most Pure celebration;

you take care of everything.

Yes, don't worry about anything Father.
Everything will be ready when you're back.

Hi Father! How was everything?

Hi Palito! I can't even sit down!

My butt hurts a lot after so much riding,

but the trip was ok,

everybody gave us something, even
the poorest gave us a goat or a sheep.

Please, get me some mallow leaves;
I'll boil them to have a sitz bath.

Yeah... right away

Excuse me.

Hello Father, how's it going?

How was your trip?


but my ass hurts a lot

How far did you go?

We went up to La Rioja
flatlands to collect animals and money.

Upon return, in Chancaní and San
Vicente, they gave us more animals...

they have all been too generous to us.

That's great Father!

And where did you put so many animals?

We left them at Mr. Juan
Pío Rodriguez so he sells them.

Good morning, how are you today Mr. Irineo?

Good morning, I'm fine.

Did you and Mr. Miranda
alone bring all those animals?

No, no, we hired two farmhands to help us.

Pay and meals took $50


Ok, let's see...

Here, have the $50 you spent,
I'll write it down in the expense book.


Ouch Palito, I can't get out of bed.

Just now!

Do me a favor,

tell Mr. Gallardo to come and show me the
changes in the drawings that I asked him to do.

Ah! And tell Mr. Altamirano to come too.


Oh Lord! Look at me, I can't even move.

Well, I guess you're even
having a worst time than me!

Father... you wanted to see us?

Yes, thank you for coming.

I won't be able to make it today.

So, please, Mr. Altamirano,
take care of organizing the work...

But before that, everybody
gets in the church

and says a Lord's Prayer
and five Hail Marys Most Pure.

Palito, take an animal and have it
cut to pieces to feed these people.

I think I'm clear about what you want;

a large patio with
galleries and rooms around the patio.

And for how many people?

Over a hundred...

No, that's not enough...

In the last trip to Córdoba,
we had almost three hundred men

exercises so, go figure...
We will double that number here!

So, please consider building
another patio and more rooms.

Yes, we can do that,

but I suggest building

this first part with the funds we have

available now and then we enlarge it...

what do you think?


Well, we have to get started, right?

Keep cool Father; the people
have already cleared up the lot.

Fidel has already started surveying the
lot and the workers are stringing the line

to soon start digging the foundation.

Many people are working there

I think it will be finished by midday.

Ok, ok.

Tell them that on Sunday after Mass,

we'll lay the first concrete block.

Everyone has to be there!

Yes, yes, sure Father. You rest now!

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
hallowed by Thy name, Thy kingdom come...

Let's sing hymns of praise!

Glory be to God and his
mother Virgin Mary Most Pure

In the Saint Exercises,

the Lord has taught me and you

that man must first lose his honour,

his goods or wealth and
his own life before losing God.

You are the heart of the family,

the source of your
children and husbands' virtue.

For this reason, I have
wanted to found a school for girls

that will guide them in
such a noble mission.



The Funes...

What's wrong with the Funes?

You don't wanna know what happened to them!

What happened to them?

Some rustlers of
Guayama broke into their house

and took away their
sheep and all their harvest!

Poor people!

Well, they're not so poor Father, eh?

Sharing a little would do them no harm

Well, but robbing them of
their stuff is not the solution

I'm coming there right away.

Ah! Mr. García's daughter asked me

if you could go see her father.

Mr. García? he one who's
isolated because of his leprosy?

They say it's contagious

Yes, I'm coming.

Get me some supplies

that that people are very poor.

Supplies? Where from?

From the cupboard, Palito.

Get me everything we have

We'll make do with some mate and tortilla;

as matter of fact, we're a little fat.

Well..I would put...

Well, Father, anyhow, that Santos
Guayama should be locked in, eh? Good bye!

If I was Guayama, a criminal,

and a priest comes to me
and tells me I have to change...

I'll shoot him

But at no time does Brochero tell
him what he has to do or judge him

Brochero wanted to help him

He wanted to help who?
Didn't Brochero help his people?

Well, yes, he also helped his town people
when they were sacked by Santos' rustlers

Yes, but Santos and his people got
it worse, so, here Santos is the victim

Guayama a victim?

I think you're getting it wrong

Come on, Brochero wanted
to shake off the problem,

he wanted to the hero,

he didn't care about that man's
life, he just cared about his parish.

No, Brochero, loved that
people and he also loved Santos...

Don't be so naive! Come
on! It's always the same...

people only want to shake off the problem,

they promise solutions, they give
you a subsidy or a handout and that's it.

They now have their conscience clear.

It's easy to judge people;

this is lazy, that is a
drunkard, a criminal, promiscuous,

and, what about the person?

What about his personal history?

No one really gets involved...

the only thing they're interested
in is that you stay away from them.

It's the same thing the priest wants
to do by shaking off Santos's problem.

He didn't understand who Brochero was!

He doesn't know him yet.

But, what intentions could he
have had? He only wanted to help...

Where's he gone now?

I'm sure he's in one of the
bars around. Want me to find him?

Yes, please! But not now, leave him
alone for now and we'll find him later.

Shall we continue?

Father, I'm sorry I'm coming at this time,

but Jaime is dying,

please come and see him.

Where does Jaime live?

In the ranch crossing the river.

Wait, I'll pick up my things and we go.

Yes, Father.

What's wrong?

Come in and light a candle

Why did you call me so
late? He's been dead for hours!

I don't know. He was alive when I left.

What does all this mean?

Forgive him Sir, forgive him!

What do I have to forgive?

This man wanted to kill you!

Kill me? Why? I haven't
done anything to him

He was dating this woman...

you told her not to live with a
man without getting married by church

so she left him.

And you're as guilty as him!

You're an abettor! You came for me!

Forgive me Father,
forgive me, he convinced me!

Ok, ok,

You must be the priest from Tránsito

that wants to take me to do the exercises!

No, Mr. Santos!

Let me explain this.

You think you're a Saint!

Now we'll see if you go to Heaven or Hell!

No, Mr. Santos.

No, no...

Did you know my brother is coming over?

I didn't know you had a brother,

does he live in Córdoba?

Yes, he works with the Jesuits Fathers.

He's a cabinetmaker, a wood carver.

Yesterday we were walking
by the river with Mr. Aguirre

and found a log and I kept it to do something
special so, your brother could help me with this.

What do you want to do with it?

A Christ! You think your brother can do it?

Yes! Of course! He's
very talented, he's good.

Well, tell him to come
see me when he comes.

And he can stay here if he wants;

I'll be away for a couple of days

Ah, he's going to love the idea.

And tell me Father, are
you thinking of going around?

No, no.

I'm going to find Santos Guayama

Father! He might kill you!
Don't you know he's a murderer?

I know he's been accused of killing people.

You think it's worth
risking your life for a criminal?

People like that don't change anymore.

Instead, here there are a lot of
people who want to be good people

and they will be left without their
master if something happened to you.

Think about it.

I have already thought about it.

Doesn't the Bible say that the good Shepherd goes find
the lost sheep even if he has to leave the rest alone?

Well, that's what I'm going to do.

Look, come here,

you see that tree?

Your brother who is a great artist could
make a beautiful carving out of that tree...


Of Jesus Christ

Well, just as that piece
of art is inside that tree,

God is inside every person,

but sin hides that God inside us.

Even though we can't see
it, all that beauty is inside.

God lives in every one of us,
no matter how much we have sinned;

and it's also alive in Santos Guayama
even if he doesn't want or accept Him...

that's why I want to help him.

I understand... Take
good care of you Father.

“I understand that becoming a
priest means working for the good

of your fellow man until the end of life,

fighting the soul's enemies...

Your soul's enemies are just like lions,

who fight lied down when they
cannot fight standing anymore”

What do we do with the priest?

Go see what he wants,

but if you notice
something weird, shoot him down.

Yes, sir

Manolo! Don't go alone

Whatever you say, sir

He's taking out a gun, shoot!

Don't shoot, don't shoot!

This is just my rosary.

You know it's dangerous to be around here.

Yes, I know. I'm looking for Santos Guayama

What do you want?

I want to talk to him

I've come by myself and unarmed.

Who's looking for me?

I'm the priest from
Tránsito, José Gabriel Brochero

And what do you want?

I want to talk to you

What do you want to talk to me about?

You guys go away

You think we do not
have anything to talk about,

but I think we have a lot in common

So what?

They told me you stand
up for what you believe

and you do it for your people

and for a cause you think is just and thus,

you have risked your life many times.

Yeah, that's right

Well, it seems we are just the same

In my case, I believe in Jesus Christ

and would do anything for
others to know and follow him

Do you understand?

I'm a warrior of Jesus Christ

and fight against evil for all people
to get to know how much God loves them.

And I'm also concerned about my people;

I want them to have everything they need

And I believe that Jesus Christ is the way.

So, you're a warrior.

And what do you want from me?

You want me to join your army?

Something like that... In fact,
we would have to ask God, right?

He was the one who made me walk 80 leagues “risking
my life” to search for this sheep he so much loves.

I am that sheep?

And tell me, did you walk 80
leagues from Tránsito to help me?

Yes, and I would do
many more things to help you.

And, how are you going to help me?

Haven't you thought
about changing your life?

It's not that easy you know...

don't you know that I
have a price on my head?

What if I just got you a reprieve?

You can't! you don't
know what you're saying,

I'm wanted for murder, robbery and
I don't know how many more charges;

besides, I have a debt that if don't pay, I'm a
dead man, they won't condone this debt so easily!


but suppose I foot the bill
for you and get you a reprieve;

would you change your life?

And what's the point in
doing this? What do you want?

What do I want?

I want to please God

You are crazy!

I don't want anything for me, Mr. Santos.

I love God and want to fulfil God's will.

God loves you and I want to help you,

believe me, I just want to help you.

And what do you want me to do?

We are building a House of
Spiritual Exercises in Tránsito

And that? What's that?

People go there and stay for 8
days to meet God and get to know Him.

I don't know... If you're going to talk about morals
and God all day, I don't think that could help me.

Look Mr. Santos,

God made us free, free
to follow him or not,

but one can't choose what one doesn't know.

You already know what the life you're having offers
you, where it took you and where it may take you.

What I'm offering you
is to know another way,

the way God has planned for you.

Come, do the spiritual exercises and
if after that you don't want to continue,

you're free to go back to this life.

Will I be free after that?

Here's the deal. I commit myself to foot
the bill for you and to get you a reprieve,

but in return, you and your men have
to come and do the spiritual exercises.

What do you say?

The truth is, I'm tired of
this life, always carrying a gun

even for sleeping,

not having a house, going from one place to another
and even stealing for getting something to eat...

Well, get me that reprieve and I'll go to see
that thing of the exercises with my men.

Deal, Mr. Santos

Now come, get something to eat
and get a rest before going home

Father, look at this!

This telegram is not enough!

Why? You don't trust Roca?

Roca? Come on Mr Brochero...

didn't you tell me that you were at ”The Beaches”
administering the sacraments to the dead?

Roca wasn't there?

Wasn't he in charge of
those who killed us like flies?

What can we do then Mr. Santos?

The only thing that has value is the reprieve.
Without the reprieve, I won't leave the flatlands.

What about you?

Your facial expression
tells me it's bad news.

They say he was in jail and they
found him dead in his cell at dawn

No, no! Was it a setup?

Poor Santos!

Santiago... one question,

did Santos ever go to do the exercises?

No, he didn't but Gaucho Seco did.

Gaucho Seco? Another rustler?

Yes, he and three more bandits.

So, di it all end with shots being fired?

No, no. We should have been there to see it all, but they say
that Brochero separated them to be able to control them,

but anyhow, now and again,
some would just leave for a drink...

Yeah.. I can figure it out

But since Brochero knew what he was doing,

he spoke to the priest that preached

there and told him to exaggerate
when he spoke about Hell to scare them.

But it didn't work.

But no one believes that.

I don't get you Luciano.

I mean that no one's going to change his
life even if you threaten them with that...

that thing of Hell and
fire are hard to believe.

Ahhh, the thing is that the concept
of Hell is now seen in a different way.

People were really afraid of
Hell before, so they tried not to sin

Not to sin!

You really believe all this?

You're so naive!

You really think people change
their life just like in movies,

that a few nice words
will change the world?

The story of the priest
riding in the sierras

may be very nice but nobody
knows what living in hell is...

What were they talking about?

I don't know... I'm worried
about “whom” they were talking about

Luciano, we are waiting
for you to continue shooting

Santi, there are a couple of
things I would like to talk to you about

Why are you speaking in such
a low voice if no one's listening?

It's just that I don't want
the guys to know about this.


We're having some
problems with the catering service


What is it?

Luciano fell down the mule!

What? What happened?

They were rehearsing and
he fell down, he lost balance

Ooops! If he lost balance, I
guess how drunk he may have been

But, how did you let him ride
like this? Where are they now?

He went to hospital with
Juan to get an x-ray done

Well, I'm going to the hospital.

Paula, would you please take
care of the rest of the team?

Yeah, easy man

And how long will he be in hospital?

What did the doctors say?

Luciano will be ok

and he will suffer no
long term physical damages.

He really hit hard, so he
will have to rest for 10 days.

10 days! We will miss the beatification!

I don't know. It doesn't matter,
what matters is that Luciano is ok.

However, he's angry
with the Production Manager.

Why? I'll call him now.

No, wait. He doesn't want
to talk to anyone right now.

We'll talk to him
tomorrow when he's calmed down.

We're all invited on September 14, at 10 am

in Cura Brochero to
participate in the beatification

of this exemplary priest,
José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero,

who reminds us all of our vocation.

You are all invited to
participate with your prayers.

Very close to Falda del
Cañete, a miracle occurred

after a very tragic
accident where three people died.

Nicolás, an 11-month
old baby saved his life,

and this inexplicable fact for science
has become known as Brocheros' miracle.

Good afternoon, this is Diego. Leave
your message and I'll call you back. Bye

Luciano, Luciano, Luciano, are you ok?

Luciano, what's wrong? Are you ok?

Yeah, yes. What are you
doing here? Who let you in?

The building doorman gave me the keys.
I've been knocking for a while. Are you ok?

Yeah. I'm sorry, I took some pills for
sleeping. That's why I didn't hear the door.

Listen, have you had lunch already?


Ok, look, I bought you lunch

and I brought you a book they gave
me You can read it when you feel ok

Look at you...

Why don't you let us take care of you, ah?

We can take turns and stay with you,
bring you anything you need, ok? Come on...

Yes. Ok. I really need help.

Thank you...

Get some sleep now.

Is Luciano here already?

At this time? He never gets here early

Hi! How are you today?

Luciano! You really look good!

Hi Luciano.. how are you doing?

I'm ok! Shall we start filming?

Yeah! Let's get started!

I'm going to change clothes

“Jesus invites us softly,

with sweet words

to follow Him and remain under his care.

Our health and life,

our heart's strength, our soul's joy
and heaven's hope are in the Holy Cross”

Brochero got infected with leprosy,

blind, alone, isolated, because
people didn't want to get infected.

Ouch! Poor guy!

In the final take, he gives the
Virgin Mass, as he did daily, by heart.

And? Is that a happy ending?

Well, it's the life of a man that
wanted to become a Saint, a friend of God

With Friends like that,
I'd rather be alone!

We are used to happy endings Luciano
because we want to avoid pain at all cost

Yes! Absolutely!

Well, but that's absurd,

because pain as well as
joy are part of life.

Even a pregnant woman knows she has to go through
a lot of pain to hold her child in her arms.

It's a natural process.

And... How did Brochero
go through all this?

Brochero went through that
moment as any other moment in his life;

with a lot of faith and dedication.

He trusted that that was good for his
purification and for everybody's good.

Sometimes Luciano, we have to go
through darkness to reach the light,

even if we're afraid to,
believe me, it's a necessary step.

God is the only one who gives us
the courage to do it, we're not alone.

That's what this take says...

This is what gives sense to
Brochero's final sacrifice...

He died the way he lived.

His life's engine was his love for God and his
people, who were the flock God had commended him...

What a man, huh?

A great man.. And we're
called to be like him

To become Saints?

Let's go?

“You see Yaniz,

how “Chesche” is now,

this energetic and spirited horse.

But it's a great favor God our Lord

has done me at freeing me from an active
life and giving me this passive life;

I mean,

God gives me the task of living the end

end of my life and praying for men past,

present and yet to
come until the end of times”

“I have been able to see
that I'm going to live forever

in my serranos' hearts”,

said Priest Brochero.

And, indeed, today there are more

than 200 thousand people,
from everywhere that

have come to celebrate the
Gaucho priest's beatification.

José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero,

a diocesan priest,

a pastor according to the heart of Christ,

a minister of the word of God,

a witness of Christ's love for the poor,

be beatified and from now on called Blessed