Cup of Love (2016) - full transcript

Zoe Walker is a food scientist who's been sent to Colombia to design a coffee flavor that appeals to millennials. In the village of Salento, Zoe meets Diego Valdez, a local plantation owner who is reluctant to work with her at first, but allows Zoe to use his coffee beans so long as she helps him with the final harvest. As Zoe spends time working the land with Diego, romance begins to brew despite their very different roots. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Three hundred one...

three hundred two...

three hundred three...

three hundred four--

-[Man] Sorry.

Come on! Oh, no!



[Woman] Are you okay?

Sorry. Yes, I'm fine.

Aw, man!

[Man] Excuse me.
Excuse me, everyone.

The Flavor of the Year
is about to be announced.

Star Kreme-ers,
this is a pre-recorded message
from South by Southwest.

As you all know,
there is nothing more
synergy-inducing and cool

than corporations
and music coming together.

It was a huge success
this past--

[audio cracking]

It was a huge--

-[audio crackling]
-Damn it! You morons!

Just open the damn door.

[Segway wheels squeaking]

Hey, Mr. Gobbs.

The merger of science and food
has always inspired me.

It's what makes Star Kreme
the world's largest coffee
and donut company.

Now, as everyone knows,

every year,
we issue a new flavor,

from Pumpkin Fizz
to Green Tea Mocha Donut.

And today...

Today, I am proud to announce
our newest flavor to the family.


Zoe Walker's cinnamon bun
flavored mochaccino.



This is such an honor.

I never dreamed
this could be possible.

But after long hours in the lab
and extensive market analysis,

I can confidently say

that this is
statistically guaranteed

to be our most
popular flavor ever.


Okay, Kreme-ers,
back to creating.

-Mr. Gobbs, thank you so--
-Don't talk.

I learned many things
at that music festival,

like how Millennials
care about the story
behind their food.

The farm where
their kale is grown,

the Portland collective
where their bullshit
chia seed jam was made.

You see what I'm saying?

Oh. Well, uh...

I guess the story
for Cinnalicious is

that it was... made in a lab

and based on a focus group.

Exactly, which is
why it will fail.


I know things
have been difficult
since Carl left.

God, he was brilliant.

At stealing.

But since last year's
Carrot Cake Latte debacle...

Go back to work.
Back to work.

Star Kreme will not survive
another flop.

Don't worry, sir.

Cinnalicious is bound
to hit every demographic.

Not with freeze-dried
coffee crystals.

No, no, no, we're gonna use
real beans from a real farm.

Something natural,
something hand-picked.

But isn't that more expensive?

I want you to scout
the warehouses in Medellín.

I want you to find a company
that believes in its products.

Something interesting,
something real, something...

Look at me.

with a story behind it.

Yeah, sorry. You want
to send me to Colombia?

You impress me with this one,

and you could run your own lab.

I must ride now.

No, no.

[chuckles] I wish
I could just take my lab coat.

Oh, why not?



It's my turn now, asshole.

[Colombian music playing]

My family has been in Colombia
since the good old days,

and I can personally
assure Star Kreme

the largest quantities
for the lowest price.

But is there a story
behind this place
or the beans?

Well, you're not just looking
at Colombian beans.

Our company is
more of a loading dock.

We carry beans from all over,

Peru, Brazil, Venezuela.


There's a lot
of environmental damage
in those countries.

[chuckles] This is how
we can keep up with the demand
of companies such as Star Kreme.

Everyone wins.

Your test samples, as requested.

Thank you.

What is-- Is that mold?

I can assure you
our beans carry the same flavor

as any generic
grocery store brand.

We took the liberty
of brewing you some coffee.

-Thank you.

Aromatic quality...



What is that smell?

Must be the smell
of our wonderful coffee.

No, it's...
It's coming from outside.

Thank you.
We will be in touch.

Hang on.
You haven't even tasted it.

I don't need to.

[inhaling deeply]

[inhaling deeply]

I can almost taste it.

[inhaling deeply]

Where is it?

That is the most
intoxicating scent.

Would you like
your fortune read?


An old Turkish tradition.

I thought we were in Colombia.

Coffee, my dear, is everywhere.


Only drink from one side
of the cup.

I think I'm gonna need
to sit down.

That is incredible.

No, it's transcendent.

Make a wish.

My own lab.

Oh, my!

You're going to go
in a long, long journey.

Let me guess. Back to America?

Your wish will come true.

If you tell me
where to get these beans,
my wish really will come true.

Okay, but it's quite a story.


Deep in the jungle,

where the humming birds sing
and the jaguars sleep,
is a place.

Only here will you find
these treasured beans.

Many have come
seeking the black gold
for themselves,

but all have been turned away.

We are still talking
about coffee, aren't we?

Yes, the best coffee.

Organic, all-natural.

Straight from farm to cup.

"From farm to cup."
Gobbs will love that.

But the farm is in trouble.

It's been plagued
by death, ill-fortune...

lost love.

I can help. My company can help.

Great coffee and a great story.

But who? What? Where?

[speaking Spanish]

The Dancing Goat
Coffee Plantation...

in the heart of San Vicente.

San Vicente.

You will find Diego Valdez.

Diego Valdez.

Just one bus to San Vicente?

Uh... Uh... [speaking Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]

Oh, okay.

Watch out!




-Come on, Gobbs. Pick up.
-[telephone ringing]

[Gobbs on voicemail]
Leave a message to

-Hi, sir. Zoe Walker.

Um, I've had to extend
my trip a little longer, but--

[telephone beeping]

Of course.

[speaking Spanish]

Oh, San Vicente?

Sí, San Vicente.





Is anybody here?


You! Hey, excuse me.

Do you speak English?


[speaking Spanish]


I forgot how everything
closed so early in this town.

Oh! It's my first time here.

Uh, do you know
where the Dancing Goat is?

It's a coffee plantation.

They make the best coffee
I have ever tasted.

I'm a coffee buyer
from Star Kreme.

-Star Kreme?

You're not gonna like this,

but it's, um,
all the way up there.


No, you've gotta be kidding me.

-Up there?

And first, you have
to cross the river.


[Zoe] Oh!

Don't worry.
No piranhas at the moment.

Um, but-- Excuse me.

Is the bridge safe?

[speaking Spanish]


Come on.

Oh, wow! It's moving.

[Bridge Guard]
It's a bridge.

[breathing heavily]
Come on, Zoe.


Don't be ridiculous.



-[goats bleating]
-What the...

Oh, no! Um...

-[speaking Spanish]
-[telephone ringing]

-You have got to be kidding me.
-[speaking Spanish]

Hi, Mr. Gobbs.

-[Gobbs on telephone]
Hello? Zoe, hello?

-[speaking Spanish]

One moment, Mr. Gobbs.

No! Don't... No!

-[Gobbs on telephone]
Hello, Zoe?
-Oh, yes! Yes! Thank you.

[Bridge Guard]
You really should never run--

I have to get my phone!

It's over there.
It's over there.

[Gobbs on telephone]
Zoe? Hello? Are you
taking a shower or something?

Stay there. Stay there.

Yes! Oh, god! Damn it!

[Gobbs on telephone]

No. No, come here.

Come here. No!

[Gobbs on telephone]
You're really--

[indistinct Gobbs on telephone]


No! No!

Oh, no! Oh, god!

Why is it so warm?

Okay, where are you?

Come on.

Yes! Yes! Yes.

No! Aw, you gotta be kidding me.

When I get my own lab,

I'm gonna design water.

Water has already been invented.

And when I get my own lab,

it's gonna be air conditioned.

The Dancing Goat.

We're here.

-The Dancing Goat!

Thank you.

And thank you.

Let's buy some beans.



Is anybody here?

-[insect buzzing]


Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

No! No! No! [exclaims]


Oh, gross!

The shelter is in town.


I just got here.

Okay. Well, you can stay tonight
in the barn.

But the last mendigo
tried to steal our donkey,
so please don't get any ideas.

Believe me.
I don't wanna see a donkey...

Hey, I'm not homeless!

No, I've come to talk
to Diego Valdez.

Oh, sure.

And what do you want
with Diego Valdez?

Oh. Sorry.

I don't normally
look like this or--

[sniffs] Oh!

I don't smell like this either.

I'm Zoe Walker.

I'm a coffee buyer
from Star Kreme.

[speaking Spanish]


How did you get here before...

I left before you.

I took a plane.

You said I had to go
on a long journey.

Your fortune said
a long journey.

Tia, how could you bring
this American filisteo--

-Hey! my plantation?

Don't be so rude, Diego.

Hey, you're Diego Valdez?

Yeah. Yeah, and let me guess.

My aunt fed you
an El Dorado tale
about some magical plantation.

Normally, I would think
it was a scam...

but I tasted your coffee.

And it is the real deal,

so... So I came.

I would rather burn
this entire plantation
to the ground

than ever sell to you.

My nephew can be
a little dramatic.

Oh, my god! What have I done?


Your wish will come true.

Which way to the barn?

I can offer you a room
much better than the barn.

I really appreciate
you letting me stay here.

I'm sorry about Diego.

He has trouble with change.

But, you know, old ways
don't open new doors.


Is this Diego
and his little sister?

Well, I suppose
they do look alike,

but that's Olivia.

She grew up on the next farm.

Olivia was Diego's fiancée,

but that's all in the past.

I'm sorry.

No, things happen.

Listen, I really do want
to share your coffee
with the world,

but Diego seems pretty adamant.

Maybe I came on too strong.

I definitely wasn't
my most professional.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I let you settle in.

Maybe take a shower.

Oh, definitely.

Thank you.


Star Kreme! [scoffs]

More like Star Crap!

All the monstrosities
they come up with.

Hey, how about a Hot Dog Latte?

Wow! It sounds delicious, right?

Or a Waffle Macchiato?


Why not just serve flavored mud?

Oh, Tia.

Please, that nice girl
came all the way here
to buy from you,

and you turned her away. Please!

Nice girl?

Tia, who knows what junk
she wants to turn my beans into.

"Junk"? The only junk I hear
are the words coming
out of your mouth.

I'm very disappointed
with you, Diego.

You are a wonderful farmer...

but a pesimo empresario.

Yeah, you're always raving

how people nowadays
don't understand
the beauty of coffee.

This is your chance. Show her.

This is our last year, Diego.

I know that. You know that.

But it doesn't have to be
if you make this deal.

This girl, Zoe, is here,

and she can help us.


[speaking Spanish]

-Whoa! Oh, my god!

Don't you knock?

I suppose you've come
to send me to the barn.

Uh, no.

I thought you might be hungry.


This is sancocho de gallina,

chicken soup
with root vegetables,
my aunt's specialty.

Well... thank you.


And, uh, I also...

wanted to...

make a deal.

Look, you caught me
at a very difficult time.

I will sell my beans
to Star Kreme, but...

they're not to be used
in any asqueroso flavors.

They must be sold as-is.

You know,
not all flavors are bad.

I mean, if we only knew vanilla,

we wouldn't know
the joys of chocolate
or Rocky Road.

And I for one
would not wanna live
in a world without--

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

My family didn't toil
under the Colombian sun
for six generations

to make Rocky Road.

They did it to make coffee,

pure, unadulterated coffee,

and that's the only way
I will sell it.

Okay, fine.

Look, we really value
your beans,

and Star Kreme would be honored
to be a part of that.

No flavors.

Star Kreme would be honored,

because Star Kreme
really values my beans.

Mm-hmm. Values, appreciates,

We can have the trucks here
by tomorrow.

We haven't finished
the final harvest,

and roasting takes time.

Oh, no, don't worry about it.
We'll do the roasting ourselves.

Roasting is
the most important part.


I'll tell you what.

You can prove how much
Star Kreme appreciates,
values, adores my beans

by doing the final harvest
with me.

I must know my beans are
in the hands of someone

who understands
that coffee is not just
a simple beverage,

but an invitation to life. Hmm?


You will work from dawn to dusk.

You will pour
your sweat and blood
into the soil.


You will fall in love
with my beans.

Okay, and how long
does bean-love take?

Oh, a lifetime.

But realistically, a few days.

So, you may bring your trucks
once you have made
the perfect roast.

I will think about it.

Fine. Think about it.

But if you're in,
we start tomorrow.

6:00 a.m.

[rooster crowing]


Good morning.

So, do we have a deal?

We have a deal.

I will make the perfect roast...

or die trying.

This looks amazing. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Oh, my goodness! Mmm!

I'm detecting banana,

strawberry, and...


It has a high
pulp concentration

and yet a sherbet-like texture.

Do you always talk like that?

What is
this most delectable fruit?


Yeah, it's called cherimoya.

Mark Twain--
No, no, let me. Let me.

Mark Twain called it
"the most delicious fruit
known to man."

But, you know, I think it is
the most delicious fruit
known to donkeys.

I introduce myself.
My name is Jorge,

but everybody here
calls me Caturra.

And this... This is Peaberry.

Hi. I'm Zoe.



Zoe? What's that? A name?

No, we're gonna do something.

You call me Caturra,
and I'll call you...
Pelo Loco, okay?

-Okay, that sounds pretty.

That means "crazy hair".

-[Jorge laughs]

He's very cute.

No, no, Peaberry...

Peaberry is a woman.

-Oh, I am so sorry.

-How would you like
some cherimoya, Peaberry?
-Oh, come on.

-That's it.
-Oh, she loves it.

Yeah, she does.

Good girl.

I think that's enough.

Eat up.

[Diego] First, you need
to stand on the soil
and feel the plants' energy.

Okay, ready? Good.

You will pick the entire row.

Only the red cherries.

And tomorrow, you will pick
the whole row again.

What? Why?

The orange cherries
will be ripe tomorrow.

I'm sorry,

but this is not
an instant blend.

Quality takes time.

It sure does.

Hey, you're the girl from town.

And you're the coffee buyer.

She spent the night, I see.

Here comes trouble.

[speaking Spanish]

Don't call her mula.

What are you doing here, Olivia?

I just got back.

I thought that we could talk.

Well, uh...

I'm busy.
I'm buy right now
with my new worker,

and we were just about
to start picking.

I should go, uh...
make a phone call.

You guys should talk.

Hey, you know, you don't have
to show me where the phone is.

I'm sure I can
find it by myself.

Are you okay?

She thinks she can just
show up after years and what--

Oh! Who is this little fatty?

What? What?

Oh. That's, uh, Jorge.

No way!

Gosh! You guys
have known each other
for quite some time then, huh?

My parents cared for him.

Oh, they cared
for his pet as well.
That's Peaberry.

Oh, wow.

Your parents sound incredible.

They were.

Okay, uh, make it quick.

We've got a lot of work to do.

Hey, Diego.


I hope my presence
doesn't complicate anything
between you and Olivia.

Oh, it's already
pretty complicated.

[rotary phone dialing]

Need a phone from this century?

That would be great.

My room.


[both laughing]

What can I say?

Diego's parents
really loved coffee.

I gather they're not
around anymore.

Yes, they passed away years ago.


Diego and I are
the only Valdez left.

Ah, the memories still live on
in our hearts.

Oh, your phone!

Oh, wow!

Or do you prefer my computer?


Diego, come on. Don't avoid me.

I don't hear from you for years,

and then you just
suddenly show up.

I'm sorry.

It was wrong of me
the way I disappeared.

I don't know what happened
to you in London,

but you cannot
just come back here

and expect everything
to be the same.

I've moved on.

It's her...

the coffee buyer?

Her name is Zoe,

and she's not just helping me
with the harvest,

but she is going to share
my coffee with the world.

[Skype call ringing]

-[electronic music]
-Oh. Mr. Gobbs?

[Gobbs through computer]
What do you think?
It's called Moroccan Boy.

It's the hot
tan shade this year.

I was not aware of that.

[Gobbs through computer]
Where you been, yo?

Star Kreme-ers need to stay
in Star communication.

I know. I'm sorry.
I'm in the middle of nowhere.

But I have exactly
what we're looking for.

We have a great story.

The plantation is natural,
organic, and legendary.

[Zoe through computer]
It produces the highest-grade
quality coffee, farm to cup.

[Gobbs through computer]
What did you say?
Say that again. What was that?

"Farm to cup"?

Holy shizer! That's brilliant!
How much have you shipped?

Well, they're
very eco-conscious.

They wanna make sure
the people buying their coffee
really appreciate it.

We'll ship as soon
as I finish helping
with the harvest.

Ingenious approach. Zoe!

Zoe, Zoe, you are brilliant.

Everyone is gonna
want Cinnalicious now.

This is gonna be our... our...
our El Dorado!

About that, sir...

[Gobbs through computer]
You're not worried
about that lab, are you?

-How did you know?
-[Gobbs through computer]
I haven't forgotten.

You just make sure
nothing derails Cinnalicious.

I want those beans ASAP.

Gobbs out.


Sir? The--

Okay. Let's do this.

Man, this is going
to take forever.

Gee, I'm really loving the land.

Totally appreciating nature.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
[speaking Spanish]

It's all in the wrist.

Check it out.

My wrist technique is legendary.

I bet it is.

Do you want me to teach you?

It's very easy. Here, look.

You grab a bunch of beans,

you twist...

you push down
with your thumb.
You see?

And that's it.

I guess I could use some help.


Here, um... try that branch
right there.

Aw! Cute!
Look at the little frog.


I think he likes you.


God, that thing was, like,
the size of my pinky toe.
Don't worry.

That thing carries
enough poison on its skin
to kill 10 men.

How could you not have told me
that was poisonous?

I could have died.

I, uh, guess I forgot.

Forgot? That was crazy, Olivia.

Just the way you like it.

[speaking Spanish]

-[Peaberry braying]
-Why did you do that?


Come on. Peaberry!

No, no, no, no, no.
Peaberry, come on. Come here.

I am so sorry, Jorge.

I lost my best friend forever.

Okay, that's enough.

You, no more picking.

-And you...

What are you even doing here?

Take that basket off.


I'm just doing
what I'm good at.


Okay, if I'm not picking,
can I be roasting?

You will now learn to pulverize.

Come. Follow me.

Thanks for nothing.



Is this where you murder me?


Here is where I show you
the despulpadora.

You know, I feel really bad
about Peaberry.

And what is wrong with Olivia?

Donkeys are bred
to be with men.
She'll return.

And as for Olivia...

we have some issues.

I would like to apologize
for what happened there.

You know what?
Don't worry about it.
Let's just get through this.

What did you call this again?
The Dora the Explorer?

The despulpadora.


Excuse me.

Other farms use
a mechanical one,

but this is more selective.

You can actually see
which beans have been de-skinned
and which haven't, okay?

Watch it.

Oh, and it's a better workout
than CrossFit.

Ugh! Great.

Oh, hey, when am I
gonna be able to roast?

When you're ready.

All yours.

[straining] Oh, come on.

Why didn't I do more CrossFit?


A dart frog?

That was crazy, Olivia.

I don't trust her, Diego.

Trust? Oh, come on!

You tried to kill her.

Oh, come on.
Don't exaggerate.

Plus, I'm sure that Tia Juanita
has some medicine.

it's natural selection.


But you know I'm serious.

There is something up.

What's going on
between you and her?

How could you, Diego,

from the great Valdez family
sell to a company
like Star Kreme?

and I know that you prefer
to burn this whole plantation
to the ground.

Well... maybe
you don't know me anymore.

Where are you going?

At least give me a ride.


what happened to your motorbike?

I don't ride anymore.

That's not surprising.

What's that supposed to mean?

Let me remind you that
you always hated having fun.

Some things never change.

Well, our priorities
were always different.

Looks like your parents
got new gates.

Would you like to stop in?

I'm sure that my parents
would love to see you.

Maybe some other time.



Hey, wait.

It was good to see you.

I know.

[breathing heavily]

Every part of me is sore.

[sighs] I can't feel my limbs.

If only I could feel my heart.

Dinner will be ready
en un santiamén.

I don't understand.

In a jiffy.

Jorge, please.

I'm just gonna...
sit here for a while

and just... relax.

Diego, I don't want you
to lose focus.

When Olivia is around,
you don't think straight.

And why are you being
so hard on Zoe?

Putting her to work
in the fields?

She doesn't know the land
or what's dangerous.

I'm teaching her
to appreciate coffee

and protecting our legacy.

But maybe I don't have
to sell to Star Kreme.

Maybe Olivia's return
is for a reason.

Please, Diego, open your eyes.

You don't need Olivia that way.

Tia, how do I know
if I can trust Zoe?

I know Olivia.

Then you should know
not to trust her.

Okay, do you think Ama y Apa,
who dedicated their lives
to this place,

would want to get involved
with a glorified
fast food chain?

I think su papa y su mama would
want you to be your own man.

Dinner will be ready soon.

Dinner is ready.


Aw, man!

I gotta work out more.



Sleep well, scientist.


I have a cherimoya.



-[Jorge] No, it is I.

Sadly, it is only I.

I guess you were
looking for her too, huh?

Yeah. I'm gonna
tell you something

that maybe it could sound
a little bit crazy.

But even when I was with her,

I miss her.

Hey, I'm really sorry
about Peaberry.

No, no, no, it's not your fault.

It's Olivia.
She upsets everything.

What was I thinking,
coming here and farming?

I guess I was just so...


I was going to say driven.


Yeah, you're right.
I guess I was desperate.

I swore I would have
my own lab someday.

I just wanted to prove it.

Prove it to who?

To yourself or to someone else?

I don't know why
I let my ex get to me.

He's a liar.
He stole everything.

I know what it feels
to have your heart stolen.

Oh, no, no, no.
He stole my idea.

Ah! Ideas!

Ah, no, no, no. Don't worry.

You'll have more.

Okay, but lately...
Lately, I've just been stuck.

Look, you work hard
and with your heart.

That's something
that Olivia never did.

So, come on, Pelo Loco.

You're smart,
so use that.

Sorry. Zoe.

Where is everybody?



Buenos días.


What is all this?

Now, we don't have to waste time
lugging them downhill.


What do you think?

Not bad.

By the way,
do you have any more rope?

Yeah, sure.

Show me. [giggles]

Check this out.

What are you doing?

Wait for it.

Hey, be careful.
This ladder is old.

Just a little bit more.


Okay. There.

-Whoa! Hey. Hey. Hey.

Nice catch.

Um, my pleasure.


All right.

Not bad, huh?

It doesn't use any more energy,

it's still using
your grandfather's device,

it allows for the worker
to clean up a little bit.

Let's go.





So, we have pick,
pulverize, wash,

and now, rake.


No, when am I gonna
be able to roast?

Hey, in time. I promise.

[sighs] I liked it better
in the murder shed...

with the fan.

Some plantations use
a mechanical dryer.

But there is nothing better

than the beautiful
climbing sun, right?


-Here, you try.
-Thank you.

Yeah, start raking.

[exerting] Aw, man!
No wonder you're so ripped!

I mean, from
an observational standpoint,

your biceps are
in peak condition.

[laughs] Okay, uh... Just, uh,
continue raking while...

[breathing heavily]

Wait a minute!

Excuse me.


That's gotta be faster.

How do you do that?


Think like that.

Well, uh...

I guess I've always enjoyed
problem solving, being creative.

Just... I haven't had a big idea
in a long time.

What was your last big idea?

Well, I...

I invented the Glo-nut.

The what?

It's a colorful croissant-donut.

Well, that actually
sounds pretty good.


Everybody loves it.

You know what?

I think you're ready to roast.


Oh, it is so nice
and cool in here.

Not for long.

-No way.

You can't possibly
roast all those beans
on this tiny thing.

-Oh, no, actually--

we usually use the machine.

But my father learned
how to make the perfect roast
over a fire,

and his father before that.

Before he passed away,

we used to stand here
side by side together.

And he taught me
to make the perfect roast.

Well, I am going to try my best.


So, put in only a smidgen
of beans, okay?

A smidgen?

Compared to a sack...

it's like three dollops.

[shakes beans in pan]

Stir the beans until
you hear a "pop, pop, pop",

just like popcorn...

which also came from Colombia.

-No way.

Hey, by the way,
maybe Star Kreme wants
to make a Popcorn Cappuccino.

-Come on!

-What? No, I'm serious.
-No, you are not.

Ye-- Of course I'm not.


So, I guess Olivia
is not around today, huh?

I don't know.

You must have missed her.

Well, uh...

her absence caused
a lot of problems.

We were going to merge
our two farms together.

[clears throat] Oh, okay,
so, you keep stirring

until the beans turn the color
of soil after it rains, okay?

"The color of soil
after it rains"?
What does that even--

Hey, where are you going?

To bring you more beans.

Mama Tia!

So nice to see you.

How are you?

Is Diego home?

Don't you "Mama Tia" me.

You broke that boy's heart,

and I had
to put it back together.

I'm here to make amends.

I don't know where he is.

You do not know where he is.

Um, do you mind
if I step inside?


The color of soil
after it rains.

The color of soil
after it rains.

Yes! No.


I think.

-Uh-uh. Not quite.
-[exclaims] No!

No! I had it.

The ideal darkness,
the exact amount of oil.

What? What? Are you here
to poison me with
tiny little frogs again?

No, I came to apologize.


Here. Wet wipes?

No, thank you. I'm fine.

I had some great times
in this place.

We used to get so hot...

The trick is to take the pan off
as soon as you hear the popping.

Yeah, I know.

Of course, you're a scientist.

That's right. I am.

What is it that you do?

Do you cure cancer,

or do you design
space shuttles, or...

Flavors. I design flavors.

Look, I really appreciate
you taking time out of
your obviously hectic schedule

to come teach me
how to fry beans--

Roast. You are roasting--

Yeah, in a frying pan.

You know...

those are my beans
that you're handling.


'Cause, you see,
I'm pretty sure
they're Diego's beans,

and I have been handling
Diego's beans all day.


-[Zoe] Oh, my god!
-[Olivia] I should go.

What is wrong with you?

Come help me put this out.

You can handle it.
You're a scientist, right?

Ugh! Unbelievable!

What the hell?

-No. Hey, you know what?

On second thought,
I don't wanna know.

Because, you and I,
we're going out tonight,

and we're going to have fun.

Zoe, you ready?

Yeah, sure. Coming.

-[Diego] Zoe?




-There's a step there.
-Yeah, I know.

Hey, you look great.

Good. You look good.

Good and great. Goodly great.

Ready to see the real Colombia?

[music playing]


-Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
-[music stops]

Ladies and gentlemen,

the Tejo King has returned.

[cheering] [applause]

Diego, hey, it's good
to have you back.

We miss you.


Try it.

-The Diego shot.
-Oh, yeah.

-To fun.

Take your first taste
of aguardiente guaro,

and I'll tell you all about it.
Go ahead.


Now, we ready for some tejo?

-Any time. Let's go.
-Come on. Let's go.

Hey, come on.

[laughs] What in the world?

Come here.

I wanna show you something.

-Don't forget your beers.
-Oh, yeah.

-Can I have that one?

Well, of course.
-Thank you.


Watch this out.

Cover your ears.

-[all cheering]

-What just happened?
That was awesome!

-What just happened?
-Now, you try.


Give me this.

Hit the metal ring, okay?

Just hit...

Aw! Okay. Okay.

-You know me.
I never give up.


And so, to the Tejo King
and his queen.

Yes! Come.

That was so much fun.

-Yeah, right?

-[exclaims] Whoa!
-[all gasping]

You brought her to our place?

Excuse me? "Our place"?

This is the only bar
in town, Olivia.
[laughs nervously]

Did you know
she was gonna be here?

What? No. No, of course not.

I thought you were
working so hard that
you deserved a little fun,

because I'm a fun guy.


Do you really wanna
have fun, hmm?

-Come on, scientist.
You and me.
-Fun guy.

Let the tejo begin.

-[gun fires]
-Whoa! Whoa!

No! Whoa! Whoa! Is that safe?

Aw! Are you scared
of a little danger?

No way.

Everyone, look at this.


Time out.


Come on, baseball.
Don't let me down.

-You quit?

Just like Kobe.

Winner, almost by default...

-[gun firing]

Who's the queen of the night?

[music playing]

[music stops]

I didn't know you could dance.

All Colombians can dance.

-Okay, my ama taught me.
-Aw, that's so cute.

Diego, don't forget
the tradition.

It's gonna be nice.

I thought you would
hate harvesting,

but you really put
your heart into it.

Well, you know,
I'm actually happy
you're making me do it.

You work in a lab so long,
you forget where food
even comes from.

I was kind of hoping
that this experience would
help me find a new idea, though.

Hmm. Like the Glo-Nut.


I was engaged too,

but he stole my idea
and started a whole
Glo-Nut empire without me.

I've seen you work, Zoe.

The next big idea will come.

Hey, I've never seen
a scientist work so hard
at farming.

[both laugh]

You know, at first,
I just wanted to get
the hell out of there.

But I really appreciate
everything you've been
showing me.

I think we're making
some really good coffee

But honestly,

do you think Americans
will like the flavor?

Uh, yeah.

-Yeah, they'll like the flavors.

Hey, let's get out of here.
Come on.

[speaking Spanish]


Okay. From here, we walk.

It's not too far.

-You lead the way.

It's really nice
to see you so relaxed.

I was just thinking
the same about you.

[Diego] Careful.

Oh, wow!

It's beautiful.

I know you have
only a few more days here,

And I don't wanna
complicate anything for you.

-Come here.

Oh, my god.

-Oh, my god!
-Oh, my god!

That's one way to close a deal.

What the hell are
you doing here, Olivia?

I won tonight,
so I'm here to claim my prize.

I should, um...

I should go?

No, no, no. No. No.

If anyone should go, it's her.

Get out of my bed right now.

Diego. Diego, please.

Calm down.

I miss you.

And, uh, I understand now
that we belong together.

For years, you were
all I could think of,

but you cheated and left.

Now, I need to be
with someone who I can trust.

I thought that we could talk.

Yeah, talk.

Well, it's... It's late,
and it's very dark outside,

so maybe you can
give me a ride home.

You can have
the other guest room.

Okay. Fine.

I will sleep here.

-Hey, I'm sorry about that.
-No, I'm sorry.

No, you have nothing
to be sorry about.


it is getting late.


I had really fun tonight.

Me, too.

Oh, man! What am I doing?

[rooster crowing]


It's like my hangover
is having a hangover.


I cut up some
of your favorite fruit
this morning.

Thank you. Um...

I don't think I'm ready
to eat just yet.

Uh, can I please use
your computer again?

Of course. Of course.

[sighs exasperatedly]

[Skype call ringing]

There's my Kreme Queen.

What's up, ladies?

Sir, I have to talk to you.

Peep this, yo.

Cinnalicious, the taste
be so licious.

Grab a cup. Suck it down.

It's so hashtag licious.

Hashtag delicious?

For the drink, yo.

Can you believe
no one has used it yet?

Sir, we can't use these beans
for Cinnalicious.

The coffee farmer
who runs this place,

he's only selling to us
because he thinks we're selling
these beans as-is.

Now, these are hand-picked,
hand-split, hand-dried,
even hand-roasted beans, sir.

They're perfect.

And he didn't wanna see
such high quality be
bulldozed over

by one of our test-tube flavors.

No, but this is the flavor.

This is the Flavor of the Year.

Yeah, I'm sorry, sir,
but I have to agree with him.

We can't use these beans
for Cinnalicious.

I do wanna use them
for something else, though.

I'll go back to Medellín
and find some other beans
we can use,

but not these.

Absolutely not.
We launch next week.

We're already
running commercials
for these beans.

Oh! No! No! What have I done?

What if I don't get
these beans for Cinnalicious?

Then you're fired.


-I have to tell you something.
-I have to tell you something.

-You first.

Um, I wanted to apologize again
for what happened last night.

And say that...

I'm going to miss you.

I don't know
what the future holds.

I know we'll be far apart.

But whatever happens...

I'm glad to have met you,

and I really hope
we can work something out.

I really hope
we can work something out too.

Really, really hoping.


So, what is it
you wanted to tell me?

I am going to make
the perfect roast today.

[speaking Spanish]


I tell him.

I tell him not.

I tell him.

I tell him not.




The color of soil
after it rains.

The color of soil
after it rains.


Whoo! Diego!





-Jorge, is that--


You have been
quite the heart-breaker,
you know that?

I know someone
who is going to be
very, very excited to see you.

Caturra! Jorge!

Oh, yeah! Where is it?

Oh, Peaberry!

Oh, my baby!

I missed you so much.


I missed your hips.
Look at this!

My baby!
What's all that?

I finally made
the perfect roast.


Let me see.

Ah! Perfect!

-Thank you.

You know who is going
to be very proud?


Do you know where he is?

-Um, I think...
-Thank you.




Diego, I--

-[Zoe] Oh, my god!
-[Olivia] [mockingly]
Oh, my god!

I knew she couldn't be trusted.

So, this is what
my beans are destined for?

How could you lie to me?

I am so sorry.

I lied to you,

but I was going
to tell you the truth.

You're right.

Using your beans
in Cinnalicious
would be a travesty.

-But I think you should
do it anyway.

It'll save the farm.

Hopefully, I can talk them in
to selling the beans as-is,

or maybe you can find
another buyer,

but if not,
the Dancing Goat
will still be yours.

I know you don't want
that warehouse full of beans
to go to waste.

They're going to waste
right now.

Using them in Cinnalicious
is actually...
It's a good thing.

I'm just sorry
you had to find out this way.

I was going to tell you.

Say something.

Please, Diego, anything.

I don't need Star Kreme
to save this place.

We're getting married.

The engagement is back on.

We're going to merge
our two farms
as we always intended.


You should go.

I already called you a taxi.

Zoe? Zoe.

Juanita, I am so, so sorry.

No, don't...

We will miss you.

It's okay. It's okay.

[speaking Spanish]

[telephone ringing]

Hi, Mr. Gobbs.

I can't believe
you still have a landline.

Uh, sir...

I didn't get the deal.

[Gobbs on telephone]
I know.

I'm so, so sorry.

We had to push the launch
of Cinnalicious to source
another vendor.

Our entire advertising campaign
had to be scrapped.

You're fired.

Make sure you
turn in your badge.

Diego, Juanita, look.

Peaberry's not eating.

-What happened?
-I don't know
what's going on.



She's not eating?

[exclaiming in Spanish]

-I think she's pregnant.


She's pregnant.

-Oh, beauty.
-Oh, my baby.

Who did this to you?

Come on. Come on. Let's go.

Oh, my god. She's pregnant.

Eww, that ass is back.

-Stay away!
-I'm staying away.

Diego, change that face, huh?

I'm sorry she
hurt you like that.

Yeah, me too.

Now we just have to
look to the future.

You know, why don't we go
to my parents' house
to see the farm?

I'm sure they're gonna
love to see you.

Maybe I'll get a cat.

No. No.

I'm such an idiot.

No, I'm not an idiot.

I'm not an idiot.

Cherry skins.


So, do you like it?

Well, uh, your parents
have made a lot of changes.

Let the tour continue.

Look, now what we do
is we just drop the beans
into these driers,

and that's it.

Now we have time
to do other stuff.

Other stuff?


What other stuff?

Anything that we want.

We're not tied to
this place anymore.



The perfect roast.

Please work.
Please work.


You have barely said anything.

I've been thinking.

Mm-hmm, and?

And I think we are rushing this.

Why are you saying that?

Olivia, we cannot just pick up
where we left off.

Of course we can.
We will make it work.

The designer you left me for,
he dumped you.

Let's just say that
his preferred blend
was light and fruity.

Okay. Well, I don't want to be
anyone's second choice.

So, that's it?

What about the wedding?

What's going to happen
with the farm?

I've decided to sell
to Star Kreme.

For Cinnalicious?

You're not going to be able
to sleep at night.

They can use the beans
for whatever they want.
I don't care.

I can always grow more.

So you're finally sacrificing
the famous Valdez pride
for money?

You will never understand.

No way.


Oh, my gosh.



[speaking Spanish]

Tia, get Siri on your phone.

I need your lap pad
to scan myself a plane ticket.

What? None of what you said
was correct.

Tia, as you say,
people make mistakes.

Mine was to let Zoe go.


Okay, so...

Mmm, that button.

-This one?
-No, the other one.

No. Yeah.

By the way, where's Olivia?


-The warehouse is on fire!
Come on.


Our beans!




I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Tia.

Oh, my god!

I guess you cannot sell
to Star Kreme after all.

Olivia, what have you done?


Nothing. I'm very sad about it.

I want to help how ever I can.

Um, you know, uh, I still think
that I can save the farm.

Do you remember
what you gave me?

Of course I remember.

Well, you can give it

to your cell wife in jail!




All right.

Uh, security!

Give me five minutes.

What're you doing?
You were fired, remember?

I've come up
with a million-dollar idea.

Make that
a multimillion-dollar idea.


It's okay.

I... am listening.

-Taste this.
-Oh, no.

Last time a fired employee
gave me a drink,
I had dysentery for weeks.

No, thank you.
Lesson learned.

Believe me, if I wanted
to poison you, I wouldn't have
shown up in person.

Here, look.

All right, give me.




This is the best artisanal soda
I have ever tasted.

No, it's not just
an artisanal soda.

It's an artisanal energy drink.

-Wait a minute.
So you added caffeine?

It's all natural.

It's made from coffee cherries.

It turns out there's actually
more caffeine in the skin
than there is in the bean.

It is 100 percent organic.

That's brilliant.

Forget about turning in
your badge.

I will have your
new lab ready in no time.

I think this recipe is worth
a lot more than a new lab.

And the next flight to Medellín?


-Your plane ticket.

There's only a flight per day,
so don't miss it.

It lands at 2:00,
and then it leaves at 3:00
to Medellín.


I'm very proud of you, Diego.

And I know su papa
y su mama tambien.

Go find her.

My passport.

[exclaims in Spanish]

It's good to be back.


-I missed it.
-Missed what?


I cannot believe you're here.

I was about to fly and find you.

You were?

I ended it with Olivia.

I want to be with you.

I came to win you back.

I told Olivia
how I feel about you.

She burned down the warehouse.

-Oh, my god.

I was going to
sell to Star Kreme.

I didn't want you
to lose your job.

But now...

I have to sell the Dancing Goat.


No, no. What if I could...

What if I could pay you double
for your next harvest?

In advance.

Please, no jokes right now.

I am serious.

Now, you sell us
the coffee beans
and the cherry skins.

We're going into production
on the world's first ever
artisanal energy drink.

I named it Peaberry's Secret.

I love you.

I love you too.

I'm going to tell you something.

If you hurt her,

I'm gonna make longaniza
from you, okay?

I know it was you.