Cult Girls (2019) - full transcript

Dalia and her two young sisters grow up in a pagan apocalyptic cult led by an ancient Baltic goddess of death and reincarnation. On the night of an important cult ritual, a police raid rescues Dalia as cult members flee with her two sisters. Years later, as the guilt eats away at her, Dalia finds a potential link to the cult through a prominent and despised black metal artist sequestered in the woods. Dalia journeys to find her sisters but her quest for the truth becomes a descent into Hell. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
She's still traumatized.

She'll find refuge
in our Lord Jesus Christ.


She's practicing
divine elimination.

Do not mortals have
heart service on earth?

Are not their days like
those of hired laborers?

Like a slave longing
for the evening shadows

or a hired laborer
waiting to be paid?

So I have been allotted
months of futility,

and nights of misery
have been assigned to me.

My body is clothed
with worms and scabs,

my skin is broken and festering.

Dalia, that's enough reading
of the holy book for tonight.

The poor child has
been through a lot.

She was lucky to make it
out of that place alive.

In this report,

we examine the
Golden Path movement.

The Cult has recently
grown in strength,

with reports of
hundreds of followers

living at their
compound property.

The cult's leader is an
Eastern European immigrant

who calls herself RAGANA.

RAGANA, she's our true leader.

She's a very powerful deity.

In Lithuanian the words ragas
menulio, the moon's horn,

they describe our lady's
relationship to the moon.

According to reports,

RAGANA fled her Baltic
homeland in order to

escape religious persecution.

We practice an
elemental form of paganism.

We feel that the human race
has lost its connection

to the mother earth.

Ragana's disciples believe

she is a powerful witch,
who is the reincarnation

of an ancient Baltic goddess
of death and regeneration.

Local authorities
have stated that

they will maintain surveillance

over the Golden Path
compound property.

Another ceremony tomorrow.

I'm scared.

Just go to sleep Marija,
we've all got to get some rest.

You know we won't
sleep for three days

once the ritual begins.

But what happens if
you two are chosen?

I'll be left all by myself.

Don't worry Marija.

We'll always stay together,
I'll make sure of that.

No matter what happens, I'll
come looking for you both.

I swear.

The Golden Path child
has now become a woman.

She will not rest until she
finds her missing sisters.

Her heart is full of sorrow
and her mind is unsettled.

She tells herself,
when I know the truth,

be it life or death, then
I least I will be free.


Come my child.

Come forth into the
wisdom of the dark.

The light has trapped you
in its secrets for too long.


Come to me.

This place is hell to me!

The devil in this bottle,
I'm hungry!

And the devil in my head.

Let's drink to the
future, my friend.

They're here!

Yeah, sorry we're late folks,

just another religious
extremist attack downtown.

Had to go the long way around.

Yeah come on.

I'm starving, Mr.

Yeah get some of
this tucker boys!

Everything sorted, Dalia?

All good, Johnny.

Could I grab a piece of bread?

Yeah mate, tuck in.

Cheers mate.

Thanks folks.

You're welcome.

You don't need to use your
manners around me guys, you know.

You alright?

Then that one's for me then.

Cheers bud.

Let's drink to
the future, my friends.

I'm living on borrowed time.

What about the scooter?

And the devil don't mind.

Shut up.

Hey, thanks for your
help today, Dalia.

It's hard to find good
people these days,

everyone's always in
it for themselves.

No one gives a fuck anymore.

Well, it's the least I can do.

I mean, these
people need our help

and the Catholic Services
got me the position

as soon as I left the orphanage.

Catholic Services?

Oh, what a joke!

Yeah, well, I'm glad
to be out of that place.

They tried to make me act
like them and talk like them,

but at the end of
it, I'm just me.

Yeah, you're an angel Dalia

I don't know
about that, Johnny.


Leave that, I'll fix that.

You get going.

You sure?

Yeah, yeah.

Alright well,
see you next week.

Oh well.

Come here.



Stay safe, yeah?

We have long suffered through
ignorance, lust and greed.

The world's churches
battle around us,

and innocent people die.

The Earth's resources
are drying up

and soon there
will be more wars.

The apocalypse is at hand.

We must return to
the natural ways.

We will rise from the
ashes and rule the earth.

Who has not seen the
gates of the dead?

The saviors will come,

one after the other,

as they are needed, to
achieve the ultimate goal.

You know the law.

No man talks directly
to the holy mother.

You are violating my brood.

But we must do what
we can to survive.

Go on, start the preparations
for another ceremony.

Sleepwalk, children,
into the valley of death.

I scarith thee with dreams

and terrify thee with visions.

Are you okay?

The path will give me strength.

The path will give me strength.

But courage, my brood.

I guide you down
the Golden Path.

I guide you to eternity.

No, no, no, no!

Joe, Joe, come on.


Through their abrasive
sound, chaotic live show

and well-publicized
criminal convictions,

SORAT have spread their
message of fear and hate

across the world.

At the center of this
storm of controversy

is lead singer Moloch.

Some say the most
despised man in Europe.

Moloch was charged
with church arson

and torture-like violence
and sentenced to prison.

It was his second
incarceration for violent acts.

Exiled from his country
after numerous death threats,

I have traveled to a
secret forest location,

to interview who many refer
to the most evil man alive.

I'm standing here outside
Moloch's secret bunker

deep in the woods.

We are the first journalists
to have ventured out here.

I'm quite honored to be
interviewing the man himself,

but to be honest I am
also a little nervous.

Christianity is based
on nothing but lies

and false promises.

Every trace of it
must be destroyed.

Our goal is to spread
the word of Satan.

SORAT spread fear,

and I use that fear to
get my ideas across.

Tom, Tom, the piper's son,

stole a pig and away he run.

The pig was eat
and Tom was beat.

And Tom went roaring
down the street.

Tom is Touum,

the god of the sunset.

The pig refers to the
evening sacrifice,

and some say that it is
Hathor, the lady of the West.

This verse is likely
does not standalone;

it is part of a
long forgotten epic.

But this stanza says
too much and too little

to just be on its own.

How to solve the
mystery of the pig

and who ate it?

To be chosen to share the
love of god is a great honor.

Together we will build an
army of beautiful maidens.

Holy Mother!

Young Dalia.

Yes Auntie?

Your time to become
the chosen one is close.

Yes Auntie, that is
the duty of all maidens.

But things are not
really as they seem.

Terrible things happen to the
girls that are taken away.

You must escape, you
must leave tonight.

You're lying.

I can't leave this
place, this is our home.


I won't leave my sisters!

The disciples may be stained
with filth and inequity,

but the essence of the Golden
Path remains always pure.

But to dwell in
the mortal world,

even with the aim
of supplanting it,

one must have the means.

The selling of sin
yields much treasure.

Depravity buys holiness.

Why are you following me?

The tattoo on your wrist.

You're one of those
girls aren't you?

I remember seeing
it on the news.

That one was one majorly
fucked up operation.

This way.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Move, move, move.

Move, move.

Prepare to fire.

My brood,

how can you escape me?

No, RAGANA, no!

Quick, run!

Come here, girls.



I'll find you,
I promise I will.


Hold your fire,
there's kids in there.

Let's go.

Move, move, move.

This way, into the building.

Oh, my God!

Get those kids out now!


You need medical attention.

No, keep driving.

It is my fate.

I do hope you can
take good care of her.

We'll teach her
the ways of Christ.

She'll learn to speak like
us, in our holy tongue.

She'll find refuge in
our Lord Jesus Christ.

You haven't
exactly moved on, have you?

I made a vow with my
sisters to never leave them,

so, I have to find out
what's happened to them.

Why don't you
just go to the cops?

No way.

They just make things worse.

I don't trust them and
they think I'm mad anyway.

So what are you gonna do?

I need to find Moloch.

He knows something.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I
love my black metal and all,

but he's one scary guy.

We have to go there.

I know you wanna go, but
it's not gonna be easy.

I'm leaving in the morning.


I'll take you.

You can sleep over there.

Are you okay?

The Golden Path, they
always haunt my dreams.

And not just my dreams.

You do realize it's
a three to four hour

trek through this forest.

I say we rest up for the night

and continue on in the morning.


I need to find Moloch.

I need to find out what's
happened to my sisters.

They've been in trouble.

But it's gonna be dark soon.

I mean, how are we gonna
see where we're going?

I said we need to keep moving.


I thought you said
you knew the way?


They've been in trouble.

How far are we?

Why does he live
out here anyway?

Well, Black Metal has a
deep connection with nature.

You know, the wild
and harsh wilderness,

forests, mountains,
winter storms, blizzards.

See, Moloch grew up
in extreme isolation,

he doesn't need the
company of other humans.

He never has, and I
guess he never will.

Another glorious
day in great outdoors.

I've been expecting you.

How did you know
we were coming?

A raven told me.

I was told by the label guys

that a heroic black metal
fan would be escorting

a young, vicious lady out here.

They also told me you're
interested in my prison time

and the company I
was forced to keep.


I've always
wanted to meet you.

I'm Sam.

It's a pleasure to
meet you, young lady.

It's a rare treat to see
such a beautiful maiden

in these harsh woods.

You poor girl.

I can feel the
pain of your past.

You must let it go
and move forward.

Please come inside.

Please, sit down.

Would you like some wine?


To be in control, you
must know your tools.

The Magic Cup has the
understanding of the magician.

This cup is full of bitterness,
of alcohol, of intoxication.

Thought is the
blood of the mind.

All thoughts must be
offered up as sacrifice.

Only the simple can
withstand the sword.

This weapon is
entirely destructive;

it divides Satan against Satan.

Please, I have to know
what's happened to my sisters?

Please tell me why were they
taken away by that witch.


Then let's start
from the beginning

and try to solve the
riddle of the lost sheep.

The sheep represents the flock.

We represent the God.

The individual struggling
against the followers.

Our purpose is to burn
every trace of Christianity.

We demand revenge from
the Christian armies

who attacked us a
thousand years ago,

killing our folk and
destroying our sacred ways.

Eventually I was
sentenced to jail.

They were both members
of the Golden Path.

They were convicted of murder,

drug trafficking
and prostitution.

They were talkers.

Used to shoot meth.

Couldn't keep their mouth shut.

Told me the full story
of the Golden Path

and of a small group that
escaped the raid with RAGANA.

Your sisters were a
part of that group.

My death will
no more be an absolute end,

than my birth a new beginning.

After her death, the
remaining cult members

moved back to Europe,
the motherland.

The Golden Path
followers live with hope

that RAGANA will be
resurrected one day.

That an apocalypse will
signal their life back.

The girls were moved
about like sheep.

The Golden Path traded in flesh
and existed only in shadows.

But in the ecstasy of a ritual,

the girls managed to escape.

Finally they were free.

But is the prisoner
ever truly free?

Revenge beckoned from
their darkened minds.

Too much wine, boy?

Yeah, excuse me for a second.

Why don't you go outside?


Don't you want to hear
more about your sisters?

Don't you want to hear
more about your sisters?

The Golden Path knew that
no ever truly escapes.

Marija traveled to Germany,

her newfound freedom
brought little relief.

All she could focus
on was finding

her former captors
to exact revenge.

My brood, how can you escape me?

I'll find you,
I promise I will.

As the Golden Path
grew thin with new recruits,

the members resorted to
kidnapping girls off the streets.

The Golden Path
had long been involved

in the trade of female flesh.

I knew she was in trouble.

I couldn't help her.

It is time to be
at one with nature.

I couldn't help her.

I couldn't help her.

I couldn't help her.

Let's go.

I couldn't help her.

Who are you?

You should be
asking yourself, Sam.

Who are you?


What do you mean?

You cannot hide
from the truth, Sam.

Your self-hate makes
you who you are.

Where's Sam?

He has found what he wants.

I can't believe I let them go.

I promised I'd look after them.

It's not your fault.

There is nothing you could do.

Come here.

She's at peace now.

Repeat after me.

It's not my fault.

It's not my fault.

There is hope.

Your other sister, she showed
the courage of a leader.

She survived.

She has become a powerful woman.


Laima is alive.


Much to the disgust
of my cellmates,

she's the reason
they were caught.

Clever girl, that one.

Laima traveled
back to Lithuania;

the last European country to
be converted to Christianity.

The pagan beliefs were
still very strong there.

This was the
birthplace of RAGANA.

The Golden Path
were active there.

The cult had set up
underground clubs

where the girls were kept.

Laima knew that
all she had to do

was to find a working girl
that could gain her entry

into the secret club.

The Golden Path
were in search of girls

that were pure blood.

These girls still
followed the pagan beliefs

and were not corrupted
by Christianity.

If they were young mothers
they were considered

to be even more powerful
for use in rituals.

We survived.

She got her revenge.

We are no longer sheep.

It was part of the plan.

In order to complete
your rebirth,

we must destroy all traces
of our former selves.

As a sign of cleansing

we must remove all our clothes

and offer our body
to the sacred winds.

To cleanse my past

in the winds

of death and change.

Go my child.


You stay away from her.

It's too late.

She now has the knowledge.

Knowledge is the power.

She is close now.

Are you okay?

Yeah, but Marija is dead

and Laima got her revenge.

The girl got freed and
reunited with her daughter.

We're free.

They can't touch us anymore.

No, Sam!

She's coming.

Sam, where are you?

Sleepwalk, children,
into the valley of death.

I scareth thee with dreams
and terrify thee with visions.


You are now the holy mother.

What are you talking about?

You helped me once.

But that was too late.

Are you okay?

The path will give me strength.

The path will give me strength.

Flesh is weak,
but spirit is invincible.

RAGANA can never die.

In you she lives.

And so will she live
after you're gone.